The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 2, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1924
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. T H 1'- HUTCH T N S O N N E W S . TUESDAY? DECEMBER 2, 1924 Today's Markets-Grain, Stock, Produce DECLINE N WHEAT TODAY RANGE OF OPTIONS Furnished By Grain Marketing Co. 810 Roiabauoh-Wiley Bul'dlng Heavy Selling Causes Drop of More than a Cent on Some Deliveries. | i.r. l! - II- avy M'llinu of hoiisrs v.-Uh (.-.'lKtcrn IPII to a sharp hn-u'i prices trtdiiy, 'It-spiti Cltlrji;i(,. nit ttiM par coniH!*. 1 ! inn ill wlii'at Mtvnyfh uhi<h (It** ''luiua! twtrlkT Prciisuii' of r.i'\> (rnp Ar.nont inr- ,\hi*ai nt I.ivfM '„innl was iHod UK a ii'..f-nn fur K"Hit)tr. Tho rlu^i- was itiist.'Ulfil a! \ \\v nr\ dccliiio lo r v' inn; .*].:iL , »i $ I .-"»2 r, ii .'Hid May m $1. ("lil.-avn. lift', l!.— Witli nffi rinp; -'•;>] i >In'lit senfed advance in i' today ail-T ;.n <-;irly derlinc initial M-thji'.-K.-: lwi'i* anni'l^d hi a dttwnt (iMI in unotat ioiirf at Itui'iio^ \ ir.-.- nr.t wis !i--t r'iidiro: ivcotit. n>i-Ti- ili.ii :!P- .\rL-rii! ilir "Tap had I.I-.-II it-.1 u. *t !>y t ruvt. ("ninpciili .,,lt j.. .-. ),.;:• .-v,-r, ;c. !M • npjdv and • i" Ml Mid rii-!!!Ni^.-'iitllS V,«M'i> l'i.::,-n III• d as litilli.-h. Tin- npf iiinj; Ii «»r<% V. li r.tii^fii troiii • N tu 1 \'»t: loua-r. wjih I>.-.-. $!.:•:! io ?l..".^Vs .Hid .May M ii!*'* to i.i -' :,,J H, was i'dlnwcd hy an upturn to well alifivo yesterday's fini^ii and then :-o:in'iiiiiiM of a portion. forii and n:tt« par.illclod tlm ac- tt<Mt wit.-a-. T'lijiilry off<-riu^s m In airvn v.wo livht. Af 1 (.• r mil i,t T «<- diM iino. May in' Si -J' * i , :hr iorn mnrktd ::..nns. In.-i cart of tint day \\ it n-r-ponsh i} to •t : jruia .\!'f:untina. firm, at tho sarin' 1 mi.-li io '; ,t: higher, * AT CHICAGO. Wheat, Open Hlch Low T< il.'y°V .'l |_y l'»C •! . 1 1 .>••!•» l.M'i 1 M a v. 1 .«•••» 1 hi*, 1 1 i.'ii .Iiil; . . I 1 J' i 1.1.1 1 ID 1 II-','i Corn. 1 . 1 i::' ; . 1 I Is. 1 '.I'.- 1.tills Mil v. , !.:''"•. \.:•!•>, i.n', i 21'» i.;i July. . 1 21'; l.jsi. l.L'n;, 1 22-'* J.-- 0*lt!,. M»>'. :>•• 1 1 'i^-"-. . 7,7 ."• ^ ^ H -''•'( . ..M-.Ti, .:.7 ' ..',','-, r» 7 . "i i Rye. 1 i...-. . I.:-.;I I :n l ,<i'i Mac. . i :n:ii i :i7'.. i I .-;:i-', ].ii7-'-» .Inly. . i.ri>., l.2a\ i i.:.'.'-j AT KANSAS CITV. Wheat. M:iv .luly I ; •."*lo.».-,l — 1 IV, l.lS-'i 1 I.1 1.51'a I-''-' 1 !.»:. I.Wt>, I.M l.W Corn. I li"'--. 1 "7 ; -, l.i'7< I III', l.ll'» I lll'n I.Ill' I.IV, l.ll 'v l.liS CHECK UPWARD STOCKS TREND Reaction Follows Early Rise and Selling Orders From Professionals. .\"» York. Ii .-c. »--Sti«-k i>i i> i [minted upwiinl ilurlnc tli" first ; llllli 111' |||||:|.V'H session lltlil thc-iil sliplicil liack Willi tlie vdliinio of i entry showini; n mnrkeil liilllnc off.! Thirty issues im-lnilini; several linn-tilvlrl>'iitl iniyinir rails, totirliecl i lo|i«. SellltiK ni'ili'l'sj pfofessional j tlmry i 1(. n .- I.n: . 1 :;,'•', . i:t.i'i J'»•••-> *m <\i «.-.• Forcifln Exchange. * 'York. Hoc. 2.- V'nreii;n i" firni: iiuiiliitlona In eenls of . .1-, (I -lijhi huriim I'.e ii-- mini,-l .Ir .ftKli! p I"" I ii.'..'I il ;. . iesl'T.liiy'S oay ' ,i S : till t" May :.s I" -il .( I: ifle a'!' l-rovisiolls '•' I t'-lll!' lo->' ' HUTCHINSON GRAIN 1 iiniiliiimeil t" 'i.-'' :,•>'., aiol Liter ilioyv. IUHH-. ,-re 1 inner rellerl int L tin; hoc aiarki-l. City Cash. lie,-. :•• -will'A'r-- 1iI,is. Mi ears; U-. lower; No. •il 1.1!ti l.i.'.i; No. " dark Kansas ,i- I'liy, rk i inl ;M-l'-'o I- No o 1.' 11 UN No iiiisei! •> -yi.iii'o l. ll.l'l'.'i Me; No. II YK II Mil. IN \l'l-'! S1.4I 1 . v .i si i;-'jsi i.'ii;; No. ^ veil ^.-,1 io |e I«'IT; No. :: whit'- ,w ifl.i'S-'a l-'iS^-; ilo l.i'7'-a; No. 17 i, ; No. : ,1 mi.teil '^e liiiile r, :: while Tole. st.:;;. I-:Y-S-'O n: ii r.sw i." new IH24 eaine larj'.ely l'rom I]'M«li:rsv. wlin aeleil on Ilic thai the li'i'liniriil i-onililion of tin ni.irket warranted a further reae- llon. Kales a|)|iro.\iinnteil 1.500,1)00 shares. Tiii'ven 1'i'ieo movements ••hnriu - .- lerlzed the mi'Vi-mi'iil of today's nloeli mailtel, ehtuiKes an -l rule liiylns of it ir.-H-tlonal nalnre. Till) fllst sale of C. S. Steel emit- mon was a block of U.-'UH shares i i h „. 1( I at I Hi, off 'sr. Heaviness also wo.- I.UK \\m..H; noUi<1 , n |h(> s , ,..,„, iHsm , S| xew A'ork Central anil netlilehcm Sleol. V. S. Iteally common itdvitnccil two points, tin', preferred otto nntl Htul- son ami Mnnhattun loucliod a new 11121 top nt 2«, up 1U- A few weak spots developed during the early trading, Loose-Wiles Biscuit breaking three points, Otis Steel preferred two, Frisco common 1% und Air Kedtiction and Austin Nichols :i pcinl'each. This selliiiR apparently had little effect, elsewhere the market soon Uenr.eil upward nmler the leadership of the roulhwestern rails. l T . S. Henliy common extetded its ^;ain to Z% points, the tireferred to Mi and Hudson and Manhnttan io 2 1 -!!. Aichiio,. touched a new 11)21 | top at 117 and "Katy" nt 2!)"(,, ! other new hU;hs Ineludiim Amor- j icun Tohacco (new) Iteynolds to- i hacco "11," V'niversnl Pipe preferred, Allis-t.'hatuiers preferred ' and Ktippenheimer, Soul hern | Pacific. City Southern. I Wahash preferred "A." FatiKeis I Players and several other issues ; advanced a point or more. Foreign . exchanges epened strong, tieniand J sterling risine, ?i of a cent to 1'-i. and French francs selling Kansas City Produce. I i 1 '?', "•"'''>• 5Vi cents. » i-c'c ir 1 * !ln main price movement coo- ICaiisas tity. IK'i:. "•-W'''" i tinned inward throughout thh ewer; fi4St", seiei t« I morning with buying .stimulated P.HTTF.It FAT-ilc higher, 41e | b favohrllM( , traiIe }[1( . WHt wni ,„ in . V'C'l-l'liR -I uchanged, t cream. , ,., ut( ,, d addlt , ontt , gasoline price in- ery -tk-'ii oOc; packing --t. UH j creases, resumption of operations : hy more textile mills, publication Sales oT hard and one to three cents lower and only fair demand. Sellers holding above, offers. Receipts ot wheat, here today: 21 cars; corn, 7; kaffir and mllo, la. fine week ago X> cars and one year ago. 22 cars. Hecelpls at various other lerinitials: Sallna. 7S; Wichita. 28; Kansas City. S'.l;. SI. Louts, fil; Omaha, :!2; Chicago. -II; Minneapolis, 2r,5; Unlink, :S !i2; Winnipeg. 1 jus. Sal basis t hen today. Kansas City: Mr 3 .lark ileum- ar 2 Imi-il .ir lini.l ar ban! v. evil .ITS 2 haul , ar II h.-iril 7.7 ar :: liai.i i,7 .ir ;: hurii r,7 •ar ;i har.l .... f,T •ar e-i|il C' V. (-.) I •ar loiffir (2 willtv) '.:u llaffir (4 uliite. ar katfir 1 1 while! -.5 I I i: '.7 12.2s -.S 11.72 l.t in ! 1.7.7 1*47 1, l!"-'- I.t2 '.-i 1-", OS 1.7.1 J.iui eiiii'.-i' I.;..; l.C'J PRODUCE MARKETS New change Ureal Hrilnln demand- 4 .(11 .. cables 4. tic ,'. France demand 7i.47 1 i; cables Itnlv deinand -l.r!4-"}i; ejihles I.";'",. ilelgitmi demand ...02 I i; cables ,"..u:i. (lernianv demand 2-1.SI. Holland' demand -10.:i2. Switzerland demand 10."2. Greece, demand l^fl 1 ,-:. Poland demand 10 >-',. Czecho-Slovakla demand ".',.00 1 Call Money. N.'w York. I)ec. .2.--('all money firm: liigl :I 1 L-; low ^: ruling rate ;',; closing hid :'.i..i.: tifl'ereil at y : ^i; lust loan IP/.:; call loans acainst. acceptances 2'j; time loans firm; mixed eollaleral fJO-lH) days .'P/i'.'it 3; four-six months :iVi<G '3% 1 prime commcrelal paper l!',s. LIBERTY BONDS. Final prices quoted by the IUc- Xaghten Loan company today were: 'Jnit i'; 1st 2lnl t'.',' 3rd •!«,' Ith bulk desirable ISO to llllo pound averages $ti.<M)(fi. 9.817; light lights 2 I''-IIMIC higher; packing sows nioslly,'; S.S"., stock pigs strong: .Vii.OOii /n .SO. SHKKP -HeeelplK S.OOO: Ininhs 'steady to strong; best fed lots iSll.r.n; I'nliirnilo Sit.40; mttlves I SI l.'i"'o II."•<: clippers $12 .01'; 1 sheet, sieady; odd lots ewes rang- j lug ilnwnwaril front ?.S.0O. Chicarjo Livestock. ! Chi. ami. !)..(•. 2.- IKKiS -lie, celptii .is.. 00; rnlrly active: mostly ! Ilic higher than Monday's best I prii c... or I", io 2ac hlvther than J yie.ier.lay's unfiling: underweight j 2.V., .Mi,- up; big packers Inactive; | lop jri MI. ) CA'l TI.K - Keceipls 17,000; on- I derlone fairly nelive: all classes fully neady; hulk fed steers ot !.|iiulity anil condition lo sell nt | $10 .ot. and below; demand most active for highly finished yearlings: some prime offerings held nl SH.iui. KHF.F.P— nocelpls 21 ,000; fat hunbs nenernlly steady; undertone weak: hulk Inl natives and fed westerns llFi.OinH ir.25: fat sheep and feeding lambs steady; liandy- welghls fut owes ?7.7IVJ7S.fifl. Wichita Livestock. Wichila, Kan., Hee. 2. —HOGS— Hecelpls SOU; '.'.ilc higher; top Jli.20; hulk $S.OI)(ii'.l.ltl. CATTLE—Receipts son including 2IH) calves; aelive and strong to 2 .7c higher on all classes; beef steers $5.7.7?! S. 00; beef cows and heifers S;i .2ri5<; hulls $2 .ri0f(i> I.""; veal calves J'.t.r.tKu s .00; stockers and feeders ?::..70ii.i.'.fi0. Santa Fe Would Cut Out Two More Trains ..Sino.svn: .. 101. l-:',2 .. 10i.27-:i2 .. int. 2-:i2 .. I'll.17-32 .. 1(12. .. lOii.ti-::: LIVESTOCK MARKET packing 22c." POULTRY — Cuchanced: P.'e; roosters 12c; springs 22c; iiroiiers 2:1c. .MlI.(i M.M'/.i: I., l.iil.-d •-ah s i i. mark •fl.lHi'i 1.72. > mi the Kansas City elay were as follows; Wheat. •2 ,-u I af.: I at l.u4; 1 il I. so; 1 ..i i • ; 1 at I...,!; I at. l.-lG'.i, No. 1 hard, 1 ill 1..". I at l.lli; 1 at l.-IS 1 ;-:i;n|i'., 1.47. lo 1.52. 2 Hard: -'. at a' 1.72; 1 al ].:. l.eli; 1 at I.4.V Smutty: 1.12;. Hard: 1 at at l.M; 1 a- 1.1 •I Hard: I ,-u l.'.'i. -'. Hard: 1 a! 1.4 1. 2 Red: 1 a I l.S:.; 1 :; R.-d: l at LW.'- 1 Mixed: 2 al 1.4a; 2 Mixed: I al 1..7-".: :; .Mixed: 1 at 1..7I. i .Mixed: 1 at 1.7.1 riiltx- N,,. 2 White, :.: at l.uS .',). :t Whit"—;: at .1,07. .7,2; 2 nl 7.52 -. 1 at i.:.ii'(.; 10 1.4.7 1 a. .7,7: 1 at l.f.2 ; 1 at 1.47. 1 at 1.4s. 2 at LI!'. 2 at Chicago Produce. Chicago. Dec. 2. —POULTRY A1.1VF. - Insettled; fowls l-IViti, 2tic; ."].rings 2lc; roosters M 1 turkeys 2'ic; geese 17c: dllcli ilUTTBR—Lower; creamery ex Iras -IS'iic; stiind.'mls -ITjc; extra firsts 44(ii47c. KOCiS— Higher; firsts 4Siff."'5c; ordinary firsts e.71'/ 10c; relrigcrator extras '.17«i o7'-ic: firsts 2,''4i! of a report showing business failures to lie the smallest for thai month iu four years and freight loadings in excess of I,000.000 cars fur I he week ended November 22. Bullish demonstra.- " Hons were most effective in rails, i,s lie- shipping and public utilities, Krle Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City, Dec. 2.—CATTLK — Receipts 14,000: calves 3,000; plow; better grades of Ted steers and yearlings scarce, steady lo strong; short feds about steady; top yearlings $1200; bulk fed steers and yearlings of vnluo to sell from $7.23fi 9.50; early sales she stock steady; hulls dull; calves steady to strong; practical top on veals $!I .0(1; few up to $11.25: Blockers and feeders slow, steady; hulk $5.00ftfi.75; choice yearlings late Monday J7.40-'i.7.50; stock cows and heifers dull, weak, $2.75 (ii-4.50; calves steady $5.00@G."o.. HOOS—Receipts 12,000; very uneven IS0140c higher; mostly 25'.)' 35c; 'higher lhan Monday's aver- iNovomber i age; shipper top $11.40; packer top - '"' "' $'J.25; bulk of sales ?S.S0@fi.3O; Topeka. -Kan., Dec. 2—Competition of bus lines Is threatening removal ot two more railway trains, according to an application filed with the public utilities commission today. Tho Santa Fe asked for authority to discontinue trains 45 and -111 between Wichita and Pratt, com. plaining (hnt two bus lines running parallel had caused the trains to operate at a loss. The petition slated that trains 117 and CS would handle the traffic, and rural delivery service would not be hampered UNDERWOOD WOULD KEEP MUSCLE SHOALS Ford County Loses Fight For Cheaper Type of Bridge Topeka, Knn.. Dee. 2. —The stnte highway commission today declined to sanction I he building: of steel joist bridge III Ford county, on the Calinonhall Highway, utnler plans not approved by tho slate engineers. .1. \V. Shean, chairman ot the Ford county commissioners, showed bids of $10,200 for tho steel lypn bridge and $0ti,7tl0 for the typo approved by the stale highway officials. Federal aid cannot be grunted on a project without approval of the state commission. The Ford county commissioners were advised Ibc-y might seek an Interpretation of the law In the supreme court. SEEK CONFIRMATION OF RECESS APPOINTMENTS. Washington, Dec. 2. —Several score of nominations, many of them covering appointments made during ihe recess of congress, were sent to the Capitol today by Pros- idonl Coolldge. The nominations included those uf Howard M. Gore of West Virginia, lo ho secretary of agriculture; Wilbur .1. t'arr. New York and .lohn Van A. Mac Murray. New Jersey, assistant secretaries of state; .lames Rockwell Sheffield. New York, ambassador lo Mexico: and h'dgnr A. llancrofi. Illinois, luuhtissnih.r to .Japan. D'Abornon, Hrltlsh amhiissntlnr to Merlin signed ror Ruglnnd and Or. Friedrloli Sthnmer, Gorman am- hassiidor io England and Dr. Von .Schubert representing the German finance ministry, signed for Gorman v. "BassaSfltsi -Ada— Leviathan Finishes a Stormy Passage New York, Dec. 2.—Fifteen persons weie injured In a storm which buffeted the sleanishl|i Levlnthali throughout, most, of her passage across the Atlantic, H was leavned today when the big liner arrived from Southampton, 21 hours overdue. Tim Leviathan suffered Roverely, reaching: port with many portholes smashed and with considerable damage lo her lower decks. Cap tain Herbert Hartley reporled that he had kept, tho bridge throughout tho entire trip with I ho exception nt ot,ie lilght. It. was the worst passage of .his career, lie said. MEXICAN VOLCANO SHOWS ACTIVITY. (Ity The Associated Press) Mexico City, Dec. 2.—Incessant activity has been noted recently In tho crater of tho volcano Popo­ catepetl, the majestic peak, which dominates the capital and the valley of Mexico, from a height ot nearly lS.fitlO feet. Scientific observers say the continuous explosions occurring in Popocatepetl, at the rate of about a dozen u mlnnte, do not result iu disastrous eruptions. ASSEMBLE FOR CHURCH FEDERATION MEETING Atlanta, Cl.-i., Dec. 2.— Delegalloir* from all sections of Iho Failed Sinles and from foreign count Ires were arriving in Atlanta lo.lay for the opening tomorrow of the nuiid- renuinl meeting of the Federal Council of Churches. The sessions will conlinue tliroueh December o and will he marked with discus- 1 sions of importance to Churchmen, 1 according to officials. Chief among these subjects will he on what the churches can do to "get rid ot war and to get international justice and peace. first preferred, Paltlmore and Ohio preferred, Marine Common | and preferred and the American ; \Yaterworks issues being added io ! the list of new 1024 highs. U. s. - Realty extended Its gain to li}* ..... points. U. S. Distributing pre— — t ferred movedup uveand Universal Chicago Potato Market. , ripp preferred, U. S. Industrial Chicago. Dec. 2.---POTATOFS— ! Alcohol, Remlngtot Typewriter Farlv morning trailing limited, • second preferred. International slightly heller feeling; Minnesota Harvester and Malhleson Alkali sacked" round whites mostly around | sold 2 to 2!i poi.ts above last so,nine. ' night's closing quotations. Call j money opened nt 3 per cent. i NEW YORK STOCKS. P.yporuit hy .lainis L. Iteiiniitt & I C"., S'"l Kontbaugh-Uiiey building, by win, from New York. Clnso Washington. Dec. 2.—Senator L'nderwood. Democrat, Alabama, today presented a new plan for the opera I Ion of Muscle Shoals. He would dedicate the property J been to national defense, provide for either government or private operation for the production of nitrogen for explosives and fertilizer and call tor the construction of dam No. 3. Called by Illness. Charles Colby of the Russel Grain company went to Sterling this morning, called by tho serious illness ot his mother. ANGLO-GERMAN TREATY AGREEMENT REACHED illy The Associate! Press! London. Dec. 2. —Tho Anglo- Oermuu commercial treaty will lie signed today, it was announced shortly after noon. An agreement by which the 20 per cent reparation tax. which has been the sticking point In the negotiations, has placed in anoiher category, was reached this morning after the German delegates had communicated with Berlin. Labor Officials Confer. Mexico City, Doc. 2.—The American Federation of Labor delegation has begun a conference 'Willi the Mexican regional federation to study the possibility of establishing an interchange of workers between the two coiini-ies. TOO LATE Tu CLASSIFY SMALL Kqiu'ty In 5 rermi bungalow Tor wile. Consider light car. (121 Wesl 12th. COMMERCIAL TREATY FOR BRITAIN-GERMANY. <lly The Associated Press) London, Dec. 2.— The Anglo-German commercial treaty was signed at 4 this afternoon. Foreicn Secretary Chamberlain and Lord I-'i'l: .SAl.!-:—0 room house. mirage, water, light.* nntl gas. JU''' eieiti. luil- aii,-e SI.", jM-r on.. Tela! ere.-,; Slain). A.lilr. ss K-12 ear,. N,.»«. )\ A .\ TKP—While woman cuelt, 11)11*1 li.. able to give r.-feri-N.-e anil eeek in fnsi class hotel; slc-mlv enit'levne-iit. Hjiinimmil Hotel, Sep).- City, kan. D' : jj : rilj_ltei.-|jing rcMj7nsT~~*~2i 1 w. .an. l'K.SHiAi'iUi-; ./nuv ro ,. m , ,ic W iv~Ve ; :-.' oriit.-il; heat nn.l light ruriiish.-n: e.inv.lil.ntly al'l'tv Hi-nrrelv anil Siyjnney, .|K;I.\ ,\- M,,,,',, '•M': ^IWa^l^.ST^V^TXJTJivirvvoh 21 pigs. U. M. ilflim, U-l, Uiitelini. .ion. l'HONK 44011 AND CALL 'Kill! CLA.SSII'TKU; AIJ IlKP'l. CK \il7;7l' 11I.IN1.I A-12-7 I;.I:--I c-ii.-i 1-71-11- 2 .1 -1 «> — ;i lv-ll- 2 L-ll- 1 .M-1I--2 (l-ll-l AD RKPUBH I'-'.l—l f-ll-l 'Ml- -I 11-10- I -Hl-2 ' •I'-ll—2 \ -7—1 X - II — 1 \v-ii-;i J'he ^ anil I'm- IKIUHI mil nut Ho refll'oiiHil.le lor rruire than one Incorrect iiiMiilkin uf any advertisement onlerd fn. mine than one time, terrors not the fDUlt of ihu iiilverttsers which clearly lessen lh<) leal vulue of the uiHeiilH-iueilt will t-e rectified only by Duhlicatlon without extia choree ivlthln 1-iVK days iifl't-r lli.«L 'rlton, No republication will bo niaile whun the t.'itur ilii.-s mil materliiily nrlecl thr, o; ,'e .pi 11 • ,,,p -ea"! '" I nil -e -aPtrns LEGAL N01 1CE_ 7T^i"t™Mi71isii..7r ITe'c'T." i!i2^rT"~vi , Tio I luli'liitiseil N.-us) Notice To Contraclors. Ill,Is will I'D received by Hie Hoard n( .•,,nilliisi,iiu-is ot tie- C'Ky OT I Inl, bins,.a. at I he I'ily Clerk's orflro Up lo .'1:111 |Hi. l-'rlilae, lleertiiei- II, i:-2l for lb- i-elislrili-ilou of water* .-VI lee ell S.-v.-lllii Ave. Hast from Main lo Walnut, s, v.-nlU Ave. West irelo .Main te .M.iinee niui Maplo Sir,.! fi.iio 'I'lilril ie .sixth. IJirlibug she. Is raa> I., obbi in-,1 at the orncii ,.|" tlie t'il;. l-aighie.-i-. \V,,vk I., li- il-nii in ar.. nrflanee wllh the plans ami speeifiii.tions el' the City lliigineer on file in the Cleric's oflice. A certified cheek for $100,011 must • i\ecomi<miy each bid. Tho Board reserved the right to reject any and att bids. KD MKTZ, City Clerk. Lril Intnnttuvd and read Nov. *5, ltl2-i, 1'iist puMi.-iHMl iJi-c. 1st, rtESOLUTtON. WJli'IUl'AS. it is nt'cr.«sary to corir stiiii't .".inilnry BPUITM in Otty ot IltiirldiiHiMi to pri»iii'>tc the naith anii K^niM-al w.'U'ar.' of th - i n liatiir.ints t\HTi*ni* ami tu |u'u\ j.V t>i>n^l';t HU4 UtxIiiK ttl.sirii 1.-4 fit ani ior said «?.nj« taiy ^'•^Vl'^.s; new. 1 IvrffuV'; UK IT Ki;SOI,Vi;i> !Jy tl.o i.e-ard or v'tmimisslnnt'iH f>r Ilia City 01 MiiU'hnison, ICan.^ioi: That a satilt«ry Newer laf'-rnt i>9 I'onstturtt-d to \w known as ,S;ini f 'jry *.»-r Lateral No. Vis, L.-Kinntn,? at mnnholr- at th'.> intcrsootifjii uf Uf.v li.'twtM.n 'Diirteunth anU I't >R UKNT—Modern slct'Pitiji y>fi\\ tint Mnt-.T heat; close In; -tltJ l-'irft W.VNTKIJ— yu-n io cut wmul mi Hliarrn. Vern Wajrn.-r, 1 mtle K;i^t, north ino'kintj htojs". 1 mttr l'j < JurtH-* Wiricln'st^r i»uiiip Mini; sij- Tin.M ii .vv; 4i;> .TiLstln-. Plumt* Kui: KALI-:—ii" K»ats. Phorit ^iftcred KaanGn mult MARKET GOSSIP No. 2 Yellow Yellow ui l.'iS'-j; .M. '. o. 2 Mixed—1 al, J.07 20 at l .ni '.i... No. 2 1.07.; ti a DAI'S. KAFIR 1.: Mixed-• li al LO.')';', 1.04'..; I at 1.04. 2 While—I nt 1.4. : 2 While, smutty, l.r.r,. l-'oreign buyers of wheat are now! , showing n tendency to re-sell wheat; ', While- I 2 .Mixed -I a I l.f, MILD: 2 Yellow 1 Yellow- 2 at 1.7 Winnipeg Markets. I )ec. w heat : 1.7,7 '-j Ma;, wheni: l.tke'i,. .Inly w heat: .1.02. M inneapoii Dec. wheat; 1.7,' May wheat : 1.7, Markets. LOCAL MARKETS Sunflower Produce. Heavy hens. Hie; light hen.-'. 12c; springs Die; stags 12c; Leghorns and blacks, all weights Lie: old rooaters 7e; turkey.-. No. 1 20c; No. 2 12c; old lotus l.'.c; ducks li'c; .oese Sc. L'GC.S -Fresh, per dort. 10c. Locat Grain. WHIOAT—(tjuoted by Wiu. Kellj Mill wheat $1.33. SHORTS— $ 1.G7!. DltAN- $1.:il. Swift &. Co. IHl'fTKRFAT—No. 1 In.-; No. 2 • c. niri'TKU -Creaniery KGC1S- Fresh, ,T5c. 43c. Morgan, an elevator (.peral-J^STEKf-S:^^ '! or nl. Nekoma and oilier Rush coun-! cole Fuel & Iron i.'o ,!ty towns, was a board of trade yls- 1 c^ 11 ;;^^^ ;;;;; ! nor today, culling on Ld \\ haleu i , lu i r suata tiieel 'local grain dealer. He said thniiiis-eut Xorihern Dre Rush county wheat is pretty well: !^Si u ^ l ,7V, , \"V r .*,^,t, lon '';;; illt-sled with the llesslnn fly. 1 y J, u,,.,.! ^ orl ', r'rererri-11'!'.! ; CiU'liir.S: Ainu Sineliiii^- & Kefliilnir ., An.Li -'iiHla (.'epp-.r Co .'.illahan /.hie ,v Lead previously purchased becniue of; rhino ("opjier Co eonceslion nt Kuropean seaboards. | cbi'." f ^''i;',",^).'^ •••;';;• They are for ihe time ignoring Iu- 1 ifi.-piraiion Copper" ".1 ture wants in the press of relieving: Cupper <-»w»iion. lia^S'-^iieV-:::::::::::::::' i iill.S: The let-up iu export demand is Sinclair C'erisollililted not being particularly felt hera. j JJ«j|j ,i j;' 11 . )li J ll( C u j Some local grain men representing j i-an-Amn Cit it' 'i'raiis ''A"' : exporters are t'-inporarllv out of' Pan-Amu i',t Tranu "l-i" J the miirket but olhers are still buy.; ^^^^^ •::::::[" | inc. Many exporters contracted , c r ,,,i,.|, ^. | ship spare at a premium and can-• Itoyal Don.-h i not arturd to pay demurrage which | s^,n,c lr u'Vii'r'of N"J '!!"!!! ; means the space must be filled. | s-aniliiril oil of Cuiif' 1 s ell Union oil i The .lourual of Commerce, ob-! '','? : ,'' ,s ,",','V" i; ,. , ... , ,,,,,,, \\ hue J-.aitl" () IK Iv 'serves that it is early to kill the i itAlf.lti.AriS: ; winter wheal, crop" tint continues A T & s 1-" lo slate that whereas prospecls j l™*™™ ,* c ^'° ;;; were never better four weeks ago, liy thev are poor as ever known lU'Creat Northern Hy this season today. I ^"'somhen,' '.'.'.V.'.'. ~ • Louisville & Nash'v'uie'!!!!! Arlhiir Taylor, a fanner living i Mo Paciiic. Coinmon near Lamed, was iu Hutchinson | ^"y 1 ';':;!,',',';..,, 1 ''" 1 '"'" 11 today mid declares that moat Paw-j ; NorllK . r ' u |,' iu .i»J ' I!".'."",!'. ni-o county wheat is Jnfesled with: Pennsylvania ity Il-stlnn fly. The need for niolsliire i ]!;',','.'""£,,'„*', ',',;. was temporarily alleviated last, Moiitlierii' Ity .'...'-'.'.'.'.'.','.'. week when a light anow fell, wet-Si I, ie s F fly ting tho surface well. I S' > ',' ,1 ''' , , r .'' 1 i,f ln ,,,. lt ' v i Laura i acita; i.y — I Mi iTt HtS: Eliminate Noise I ^S^KOR^uio,-.•;:::::::: In Plane Flights! v."^ Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Dec. 2.—HAY— Receipts 70 car.-; unchanged. TIMOTHY —No. 1 flli.ijU.ffl7.00; standard, $15.00,, 15.50; No. 2 ii". :.n'u l -i.r .o; No. :;. $12.004/13.00. PH.MK IF No. 1, $12.0.J(li'12.5ii; No. 2, , ,f.o ; No. :i. Ji.ot.'.r London, l>c. 2.—Tlie problem of eliminating the excessive noise attendant upon airplane flight has been practically solved, as tho result of experiments which have been in progre.-ri here for some 1 Anis ciiahnei's Mfg Co lime, aroiiriling I.) the Dally Kx- Tilaxwell .Miilois "A" jiress. Hudson Motors Jt... 1 'handler .Molors iiv.-rlitml Molins .Mai k Truck 111.- Kelly Springrii Id Tire Co 17 S Rubber Co Goodrich Itiibhi-r Co Uiioily.-ar T 4- It AJax lluhbei- c'o Amii-Hos.-h .Mttghelo Co l.'i'.i; 3.5 0*1 stand ALFALFA — Choii o"; No, 1. $22.1iO(o d, $ls,50'.l 21.50; No. 2, on; \o. ;; $i .".on (.j 15.50. 'i.l.iVLR— Mixed light No. 1, i..'."(ii 15.50; No. 2, $ll.F.0(i'|il .00. A iir-w lioilcc, the paper says, has been invented which penults th« noiseless escape of exhaust cases from tin- motor without in .Maxwell Motors "II" I Xa.-li Motors Moon .M,,i,,vs ! Slew 11 . w a)ii.-r Mig i'< 1 sir,,1,.I.,,,; earl, c j 'I'loik.n l':,,ll, r Pealing ir,«i is'--; i 26% «i% '.. 2C'* ..lie.. 'il 1 , ..l;.l' !. 7|,i ..llC lil'Vl.'.' . 4'•,':, :«." .Ull'i .llf'la . so-:-; . l:i>. : u> I .lie . w, . ?•••"•„ . :n>' . st»i . 12 »i .. 7:i», . -1'IS 1 , .. 211; r.2 $10.0 'i«i jierferlng wllh the speed or lilting' Cotton Market. N. w Wirk. Dee. 2. --Cotton fil- lir.s close.! verv stead v; Dec. 22.'JO '.i22.:L'c; .Ian. 23.0 1 '<i 23.0Sc; .Mareli -'2.4Pij23.-l(M, Spotijuiei; middling ••••".4<ic. INI 'i'STIMAI,, A1111, I ie. ( S'unai' . .. .. powir of the plane, while a propel- j '".uu'iVin Co''.'!'.'.'.'. 1. r thai operates without the loud 1 Ainu car ,v Kiiuiulry' whirr has been devised by an In-1 Aiim Loc-imciiv,. .... genlous arrangement, of gears at- i A,un "KICI'I i ; ,'.uii',irleV lached to the i.-llgine. Ainu 'I'- ' .V. Tel At ihe same time l.v increased! A"»> T." 1 '!"''' 0 me of Inieriinl hracini:. much of : A '"" Ihe noise 1 auseil by the rii.-liliu; wind ihrottgh v.iv.ev and sp.irs is avuided. 1 AKsoiiiiieil Dry (Ieods I ,\|i,iiti-,.ini-r,\ Wiud i I,, j I 'out in, nl a I j l.'ocoa Cola 71 > . X4 . 14S .17< . S4>i . f.7 . 42»; .120 14 .i''.i-ii . 7.!U 4 .i-;p-i iiolive l-.-si. Must Have TURKEYS NOW for Christmas We Must Have Turkeys Now For the Christmas Market Ihe Ihe . Fourteenth Streets, ami Iho nl!e_ tween .M'.d!--on anil Monroe Sheets. Untie. .\,.,rlh '7.17' fen, and that th'- l.eiiefit iiinl taxinir district b -s Lots / to 12 inclusive. Illiick 2. Hutelilnson Investment Company's Fifth A,1dtllon to the Citv of llutiiiiiisott. Lois 7 m 20 inclusive. Itloek P, 1 tutchlrsim In- vi-slm.-nt Company's Sixth Addition 10 the - ity oc lluli'uiii.'.oa, eel IJIIS IS to 21 tnvlusiie. ItNi.-.i a .lllt..-,-1ilt- ..eii IIA ,sl lie nl i.'..mpany's ti'i'ilh Ail- ilillou io i!ie ,i:y >,f Itu'-i-lilii-ui, Kansas; all in Ui,- i'!:v of ilu'.i.-tillison. Kansas. Appr-eeil Now rubor t'Stli. I'ljl. WALTHIi F. JONKS. Mayor r K. LYMAN, W. 1,. lllii IW'X. II. J. IIASICAKP, LCmiCN 'D l'Kl'.CCSO.N, C -'inniisxiGiiers. Alios Kl i MKT; CARD OF THANKS CARD OF THA^JKaTT"" W e ww, lo ih.-mk ,„,,- „ Mnv „ nral ni bilkers for i|,.-.|,- Kl,,,!.,.'.^ pat by and rieral erf,-rings dui-lii 'lealh of our baby. Win, A'ANCk; ami l.'aiiuiv tt Ue vylsli lo lhailk our main fio-ii-Js arel iieighors r,n their kindnrm -im- |..Hhy met floral ofi'.-rines irlven iCs .luring the lihi.-ss an ,| doillli of car l.'iov.d son mi brothii- Mr. ami Mr*. A. YV. lire, in and falllllv. .Muriel f.nvin „ r „i |; lt ,,|| v Mr. und Mrs. Clyde l: r wir,, -Mr. and Mrs. i 'rulclilu M. SPECIAL NOTICES \vr)T7L11 liun to i-e,) ten persons lu- l ereal.-d In pipe organ lessons. Plume :i;nr,\v for j^'-U 11 *; 1''_!l-L llosiiitui. i-all rTt's. Ml IStosipSWll (.iunranrr^n repalrint;. Nellirj E. Wtl- liani!*. A. 'vrst. • L>f.AL> Hto<:iC r^tauved fvco of clmrat." 11 11 AN LVr|»A INTt-Jf» XmuH cards and 1 hand-made Rifts ;it faponable i prl.-'-tf. Mi--. -A-sliicv'fi (Jift and Apron i Shoo, l- s Kiphth J.V«.st. , AVHi»N SHOP. ! P'^no^vrnk exf'tmnpf:, ai:7 I'nyt 6th. ' TiT v:uii '"''ivTii' A~"S r»««ia 1 dinner' 'fil the Kirt<t J'.npti-'-L idoirch, l-Titlay .'ventnir from 5:3" to 7:00 p. ni. JMKNV. Uo;i«t T J ork with Gravy IV^s.MnK and -Maryli-tl I'otatocji AppU-s und ll-tt KnlL-i i?ri»nb«rry J« lly porfootlon Ic* r»k.- t'offpc ir.v.-ryhody ^j^.m^. 1'rlc.- fide; TTTTM iu;Tt;iiiNSu.\ Muihotust thur'-li and tapper, Krtrlay 1 ;.. Puhti': Invited. Th.- OriKiiial Woma ,„ , Kx /-hU!ib''! Ht \\.-«t Is now th<' "Thrift and ! '<tft Shop" at ii;* nth \Vi.-5L Cam** ! Smith, lT'.pi-ictMi-. nil. WUMK.VK Ufdlef Corps wit) hold a hazaar and Koo.t yalu at the Haas- wANYI : :I>^"IJ\7Iit ft}, v\^r : ~SlwtTi 3A BEAUT7 CIJTTURE "OA -MAIX'l-JLI .Ixa. Mnrjorie t:iicknor, • 2J i\h Str.w. fhtm** 2iu;;j. MAiil'KLUNtS. 1'iltnr.M rjiaiW. and we will call and get your turkeys and give you honest weight and HIGHEST CASH PRICES WIRE, WRITE OR CALL Sunflower Produce Co. MAUPIN & MAUPIN Phone 2522 Hutchinson 627 S. Main Mrs. j. H. Kuuiary. 27:' N'nrt_li_ l.ou'an St. .'.]Alu:i:l.LL\lJ—Luy or .venirig iTlTriiu _ lalhott. SKI B ilh Flume illlll.l. MATbilLLING, (lav ; | Kit, West fi, plK'lie_ MAUi:l7LLINrirr,lle. Phone gcsX" I AKCKI.LINd. 211 llnsi IHI. IJd \v. .I.Mt.i-U.LINIl. Lie." "2T13 Baal 17tV, _l,oom- HS2J. _Ai)pi,liiiiiH-iit anytime. .••iKLUMKiXo TiKAr'rv suui'i'is" Caper cu r l a speetajtv. 4'JU Llaat i- irsi. Fii.-uie ::.'i;ii LOST I.U.SI, ihiirs.lay—<;p>y leather can. le,ri bag eoiilalmn,,- 5 i;. |„ eiirrencv, Urn; vain.-.! as k--,o.-.,ik.. and oilier small in 1 ic'.-s. Lil.rnl n-waril If i-e•""'••» ~-i '--"-i Lighlb or plioTle I LOST--Cokl roi'in" ebain, er please n-lliin Cn I'.ewiird. I 'I'.OST—l'oi.|," lulls, belv.-ven ill',- i; 77f 11. Sunday mo: nf---, ' 2i_'' VJ2' s _" f "" '• 1 I.' 'S'i' 'Man's b:-o,~ j book Willi tnoi.ev. ma peneii ,,n goal "ili Ib-aps." l-'iinl- l'. .Superior Moloi ,,K­ er A til. p Co'.-i g"'.,l w.ileb ; at 'v'ev.-^oftit'f. _ ! L.tTs'i'— Fioui eni- between lliiri-toti ani ' Newton, a black llieiuit bae. Iagili-0 ' I I'.urfuer llolel, i'"iii'-!"snin, W Vn. : 1-ewiiril If lelui-neil lo Hotel Stanley Huteliin-on. . ; LOST. Thursihiy—Crey leather can le. II bug '-olitainiui: jia til curiency j ring viihie.l io l.,t, psalo: and olh'S small i,rlli,.l..'s. LPieral'i-eward if re- 1 tiiriuil lo 7£1 Mast KlKhih or phoni ' 1011W. . ;>

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