The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 31, 1975 · Page 53
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August 31, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 53

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 31, 1975
Page 53
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Page 53 article text (OCR)

Historical sagas told in stamps Hints from Hclohe BylfELOlSEfCRUSE DEAR HELOISE: After I retired I became interested in some new hobbies, one of which was collecting foreign coins and postage stamps. Most first-class post offices ft small book on U.S. stamps called "U.S. Stamps and Stories. The exciting saga of U.S. history told in stamps." The stamps are In color and actual size and give the stamps' value. Most of the stamps are illustrated with stories of important people, places and events. There is a complete catalog of all post- age stamps issued to date including the United Nations issues. When I get a stamp I'm not familiar with I look it up in this encyclopedia, then locate it on my world map. That way I'm bringing my knowledge of history and geography up to date. —Margaret McDonald PIS MOfNESSUNDAYMClSTEElAiffit 31,1*78/iE DEAR HELOISE: I have been ill quite a lot and do a lot of reading In bed. One day t was in despair as to where to put all my books and magazines. Here is my solution: I bought a square wastebasket, set my books upright in this basket .and, presto a wastebasket "bookcase" which fits nicely next to my night table. -Helen Moore YOUNKERS FURNITURE ' /' i • * 2 HUGE HOOtS OF BRAND NAMI FURNITURE NOW ON SALE! * 5AYE BY PICKING YOUR ITEMS UP AT OUR DOCKI < * OR, WE'LL DELIVER FOR A SMALL ADDITIONAL Fill * EVERY FURNITURE ITEM REDUCED EVEN FURTHER FROM OUR REGULAR LOW PRICES! * TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THIS GREAT SALE! great august furniture sale! save SEVEN-PIECE DINITTE SET SIMULATED WALNUT TOP $ 118 DELUXE CONV. WAY 59.95 TO 99.95 COCKTAIL OR END | DELUXE [CONVENTIONAL | WAY 69.95 i TABLES i I 47 PIECES | I SOME AS-IS i $ 28 POE TABLES (four styles) '48 DELUXE I DELUXE WAY 549.95 BURNT ORANGE VELVET LOVE SEAT , DELUXE DELUXE CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL I j WAY 179.95 } • WALNUT FINISH | IBENTWOOD WAY 184.95 VINYL SWIVEL {ROCKER! ROCKER WITH CANE BACK, SEAT $ 388 M18 *98 ........ ' ......J........ DELUXE | ^ ! DELUXE 1 1 1 ' 1 —1- — . „„,,„,. . DELUXE DELUXE I DELUXE I DELUXE | DELUXE | DELUXE ^AYW^fc^^ PINE EARLY AMERICAN WAY 319.95 WHITE 6' x 6' CHINA $ 338 DELUXE WAY 339.95 VELVET STRIPED LOVE SEAT $ 233 NYLON GOLD TONED TRADITIONAL | ROOM ' I DIVIDER ! _., ] *188 | _.___ DELUXE J DELUXE j DELUXE .ONVENTIONAL {CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CONVE XA/AV^OOC I WAY109 _ 95 SOFA $ 3?8 DELUXE I I JUST ONE j i ETAGERE j i i SOLD AS-IS I I WAY 242.95 STRIPED HERCULON® UPHOLSTERED CHAIR MO8 ^^" ^^ ^^ | ^^* ^i>» " • ^^ ^^ DELUXE I DELUXE | DELUXE •ONVENTIONAL ICONVENTIONALJCONVENTIONAL I WAY 298.95 I • GOLD PLUSH | VELVET SOFA, UPHOLSTERED LOVESEATA | ruA| p VINYL CHAIR I VMAIK j *755 1*108 ! WAY 1,069.85 3-PIECE SET WAY 389.95 FULL-SIZE ROWE SLEEPER IN HERCULON* STRIPE $ 238 CONVENTIONAL JcONVENTIONAliCONVENTIONAli CONVENTIONAL JCONVENTIONAL'CONVENTIONA WAY 59.95 ! WAY 39.99 I WAY 59.95 • I WAY 89.95 J WAY 559.80 | WAY 329.95 DELUXE J 1 I DELUXE I DEIUXE WAY 19.95 TWIN OR FULL SIZE BED FRAME 9.88 WAY 129.95 YOUNKERS I HOLLYWOOD ! MATTRESS 1 AND BOX SPRING SET WAY 119.95 SIX-DRAWER LINGERIE CHEST, THREE FINISHES UCLU/vc i «•- — .— . l/CLUAC UCLUAC I ONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL' WAY 139.95 "" MATCHING NIGHT STAND *78 ! *88 I 9f I fm-^-m, ' VV DELUXE I CONVENTIONAL WAY 549.75 KELLER MEDITERRANEAN OVAL DELUXE DELUXE DINING SET $399 WAY 299.95 SOUTHERN CONTEMPORARY VINYL SOFA, CINNAMON j WAY 599.95 I I I KELLER LIGHTED CHINA *399 $ 177 DELUXE j DELU XE ! DELUXE CONVENTIONAL JCONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL WAY 99.95 r ,7Aw Jno« I WAY 559.95 WAY 99.95 TO 199.95 MISCELLANEOUS DESKS ! VARIOUS STYLES, FINISHES *58to*138 WAY 49.95 TO 119.95 DINING ROOM WAY 559.95 ODD, LIGHTED CHINA CABINET $222 o 1« ^68! DELUXE I DELUXE I DELUXE CONVENTIONAL ICONVENTIONALjCONVENTIONA WAY 299.95 DARK PINE DRY SINK '198 WAS 7.95 SQ. YD. 100% CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYLON CARPET SMALL SCULPTURED DESIGN 5.95 SQ. YD. WAY 339.95 LOOSE CUSHION BACK TRADITIONAL SOFA M77 WAY 69.95 TO 149.95 ODD TWIN BOX SPRINGS '48 L- 4 'WAS 10.95 SO. YD. I WAS 8.95 SQ. YD. ALr^oN i ALL NYLON SCULPTURED , ^INI SHAG j SHAG CARPET! TWEED 4 PLAIDS 6.9S SO.YD I •M •^••^BWiJ^Bl^OTMB* •^••Mf JHB* ^M ^M ^B^T BW ^BM *^B t^M ^eWMM^BVB^H^BW (•••M^H AMfJBWMV MBMM^M DELUXE | DELUXE | DELUXE I BIG SAVINGS! I DELUXE I DEIUXE .1 CONVENTlONAlJcONVENTIONAllCONVENTIONAi! TWIN, FULL |CONVENTIONAL|C6NVENTiONlAl| • tAf A \S 1*M» AC I %4/A \f CAM A* WAY 42.95 T 80" TWIN | BUNKIE BOARDS WAY 499.95 PUB STYLE SOFA I WAY 59.95 I I 80" TWIN COVIR I OR QUEEN I I ^MATTRESS I £ BOX SPRING I SLEEP ' 18.88 * *377 ! 29.88 SET '96 WAY 129.95 SIX-FOOT BOOKSHELF ETAGERI CHROME & WALNUT WAY 599.95 BURNT ORANG! VElVET SOFA $444 WAY 242.95 I GREEN STRIPED HERCUION* CHAIR I ARMSTRONG \ BEDROOM SITS (TRIPLE DRESSER, ! HEADBOARD, I CHEST, MIRROR DELUXE CONV. WAY 299.95 TO 399.95 ASSORTED LOVE SEATS YOUR CHOICE DEIUXE DELUXE JSAVE BIG, |CONVENTiONAL|CONVENTIONALj WAY 229.95 • WAY 59.95 | ALL TO 299.95. I MAPtE FURNITURI VINYL SOFA & BOSTON ITEMS '155 !*444sET, $ 168 j LOV A* EAT IROCKER! i AS-IS $94 '44 REDUCED FOR THIS EVENTI WAY $329 BERKLINE VINYL |, WAY 444.95'! WAY 299.95 I HERCULON® ! SELIG CHECKED | UPHOl$TERE,p UPHOLSTERED j MODERN ! CHAIR I SOFA j ! $298 $98 LOVE SEAT .!l?L-H™~-4 I DELUXE I DELUXE i DELUXE ! DELUXE WAY 219.95 SELIG MODERN CHAIR WAY 669.90 I SOFA & I j LOVE SEAT SfT- • CHOICE Of • I TWO GROUPS ! WAV 539.75 FIVE-PIECE DELUXE DINETTE WITH FOUR CASTER CHAIRS $ 399 »308 ! DELUXE •T ,1 LUAC i UCLUAC i UCLUAC , vci.v»y\c i/.-»». ,71 I DELUXE NTIONAL ICONVENTIONAL'CONVENTIONAL : CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONA r 24.95 I WAY 279.95 • WAY 89.95 WAY 289.95 P ^ AY22 - 95 I WAY 59 95 " E ;°" ! *,X.FOOT I_J"™_! .rS.'SSSL -J-'MnEmT I CRICKET WAY MARBLE TOP PEDESTAL TABLES, THREE STYLES SIX-FOOT LIGHTED CURIO CABINET SIX-FOOT ETAGERE CHROME WITH GLASS AND WALNUT 15,88 M 77 $ 55 WING BACK RECLINER LOUNGER BY SIESTA FOUR STYLES $ 138 UNCH TABLED THREE STYLES IROCKERS DELUXE l WITH PATCH JWORK COVERS 12.88 ! *44 DELUXE I DELUXE I DELUXE | DELUXE DELUXE TO 199.95 ASSORTED HEADBOARDS TWIN, FULL QUEEN, & KING TO 139.95 ASSORTED TO 99.95 ODD TO 169.95 ODD VAUGHN BASSETT MATCHING YOUR CHOICE FINISHES $ 199 44 ncinvt? I tf» A * «•*. I All ! itriuve ! DPIIIVC ! All DELUXE j SAVE h.lWek.lTI4-th.l A I 1 *B»e»"m W eV ALL SOFA DELUXE , LAMP ; 'IN STOCK I 20% (SLEEPERS, l*%Bxl m. BklW* FAMOUS (ON ANY; BRANDS I i HUB ! SAVE 25% & MOREI ALL RECLINER i DELUXE i i"-™™ , JCONVENTIONALJCONVENTIONALJ j COMBINATION HIGH BACK j LOUNGERS , BOUTIQUE j VELVET j ICHEST, DESK; SWIVEL i OR VANITY ! ROCKERS ! *74 SAVE 25% AND MOREI I •» I---—•—• j ffi\^K EI j - f -w i • I IV j mWKBI I * r .........* ' ••>. • • am. ati • ^ * DELUXE DELUXE I ICONVENTIONAllCONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONALl FAMOUS BRAND WAY 49.95 WALNUT BOOKCASE 30" x 10" x 36" $ 33 IMATTRESS I DELUXE I ICONVENTIONALl WAY 99.95 j WALNUT I i FINISHED | IBEVERAGE SPRING, AND BOX BAR *68 • ^^ • «^v* -v^a^^ {SAVE 20%l I & MORE! I WAY 229.95 AMERICAN OF MARTINSVILLE CORNER LIGHTED BOOKCASE *68 BUNK i BEDS I MANY STYLES SAVE 20% & MORE! I DELUXE ICONVENTIONA I WAY 279.95 ! WHITE VINYl | UPHOLSTERED ! CHAIR '166 DELUXE DELUXE I CONVENTIONAL WAY 359.95 ' DOUGLAS I ROUND | GLASS TOP j TABLE & I CHAIR SET! WAY 159.95 TO 459.95 ODD CHESTS, VARIOUS STYLES _______ i ___ r._.j _______ i __ ..„. j DELUXE j DELUXE • DELUXE | DELUXE CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAlpNVENTIONAL I XA/AV^AOt ! lu>wnn/>nr ' \A,AW1rr>nr . \A/AVOCnnc • WAY 36.95 I i MAPLE OR WALNUT 1 FINISHED DESK CHAIR WAY 229.95 ONE ONLY, BLACK PLUSH CHAIR AS-IS 88 I ' | WAY 159.95 l SPANISH j STYLE ! CHAIR '88 | WAY 259.95 | TO 349.95 j PLAID HERCULON® I LOVE I SEATS | FOUR ONLY 1 '166 DELUXE CONVENTIONAL WAY 669.95 VELVET CHEVRON SAVE 20% I — — | •»•» i «»w | IW ———p———-f— --p——«. I DELUXE | DELUXE | DISCON. DELUXE - !cON'VENTIONAL! C 9 1NVENTIONAL ; C 9, N y >EN J IO ^ AL ! WAY 399.95 PLAID HERCULON® WAY 299.95 MODERN PLAID HERCULON* MODERN |ON ANY! SOFA j PICTURE! SOFA JLOVESEAT '466 j IN STOCK! *233 ' $197 WAY 139.95 WALNUT FINISHED BAR — .— --- J CARPET SAMPLES I 27"x18" EACH HOOVER UPRIGHT CONVERTIBLE WHIRLPOOL 19CU. FT. ! SIDE-BY-SIDE I •- ! GENERAL ELECTRIC j ------- 4— —...-.— L™.., | KITCHEN AID j IDISHWASHERI GENERAL ELECTRIC 30" SIX ONLY CDAT^D I FOOD ' ERATOR I--....--..! FREEZER (FREEZER; TWO ONLY | ^ Crtk ,, v I i ONE ONLY FRONT LOADING PORTABLE (AS-IS) DENT ON SIDE. ONE ONLY, AVOCADO j WHIRLPOOL SWASHER Al WITHTIADI RANGE •WITH OVEN WINDOW J 4 LIGHT I CLOCK & TIMER. | 3 DAYS ONLY ELECTRIC DRYER WHITE OR GOLD TIADl] WITH GAS DRYER WITH TIM SHOP TODAY NOON TO 5:30 AT 216 S.W. FIRST, IN OES MOINES. LIMITED QUANTITIES! ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALESI MANY ARE ONE-OF-A-KIND SPECIALSI engagements ROUSH-MULDER The marriage of Nancy Kay Mulder, 3825 University Ave., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Mulder of Bettendorf, and Steven Earl Roush, son of Mr. and Mti. Lester L. Roush, 1038 Mapttnol Circle, West DCS Moines/took place Saturday at St. John's Lutheran Church. The couple will reside at the University Avenue address. The bride is employed by Central National Bank and Trust Co. Her husband works'for University Binders. LOWE-rPECK The marriage of Holly K. Peck, 2910 Rutland Ave., daughter of Mrs. Catherine M. Peck, 2823 Holcomb Ave., to Jan Richard Lowe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Lowe, .2913 Holcomb Avi., took place Saturday at the home of the bride's mother. The Rev. Doyle C. Hansen of Westminster United Presbyterian' Church officiated. After a trip west, the couple will reside at the Rutland Avenue address. The bride is employed by Palrall & Co., advertising. Mr. Lowe Jj a self-employed sub-contractor. QUIJANO-HILL" • Marriage vows were exchanged by Janeene C. Hill, 322 SE Hartford Ave., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hill, 3028 Tiffin St., and Alex J. Quijano, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quijano, 326 SE Hillside Ave., Friday. The. wedding t<jok place at 322 Hartford Ave., where the couple will reside. The couple left for a trip to Las Vegas, Nev. Mr. Quijano is employed by Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. KENNEDY-ALLEN ~ Marcia Lynn Allen, 1800 Grand Ave., West Des Moines, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Allen of Sheldahl, was married to Patrick William Kennedy, 6316 Urbandale Ave., Aug. 16. The wedding took place at Westchester Evangelical Free Church. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kennedy' of Waterloo. After a trip to St. Louis, Mo., the couple will live at the Urbandaie Avenue address. Both are graduates of Iowa State University, Ames. The bride is teaching at North Polk Community School. Her husband is a credit representative for Standard Oil Division of AMOCO Oil Co. Credit Card Center, West Des Moines. LINN-VANDERLINDEN ' Marriage vows were exchanged Friday by Jane Vanderlinden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Vanderlinden of Bellingham, Wash., and Brian Linn, son of Mrs. Myrtle Linn of Waukee and the late Mr. Linn. The bride was graduated from the American Institute of Business and her husband, from Central College at Pella. He is employed by John Deere Des Moines Works. The couple will reside in Des Moines. SEELEY-THOMPSON *'•!//: *f<". Keby Rae Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond James Thompson, 6841 NW Fifty-fourth St., and Robert Lewis Seeley Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lewis Seeley, 441? Seventy-first St., were married Aug. 23. The wedding took place at Douglas Avenue Presbyterian Church. The couple left on a trip to Kansas City, Mo. The bride is a student at Drake University, where she is a senior and her husband received his degree. He is credit manager for Dial Finance. . RENAUD-CANF1ELD ~ Kathleen A. Renaud, daughter of Mrs. Jane W. Renaud of Grinnell, and Ralph A. Eckhardt III, stepson and son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Canfield, 725 Forty-second St., West Des Moines, are planning an Oct. 11 marriage. The bride-to-be is a graduate of Ellsworth Community College. Her fiance is a student at the University of Iowa, Iowa City. BOYD-HANOVER Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Boyd of Muscatine announce the engagement of their daughter, Kathy, and Gary Hanover, son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hanover, 1406 Merle Hay Road. They are planning a Dec. 27 marriage. Both are seniors at Iowa State University, Ames. Club calendar CHURCH Aldtrtgit* Untttd AA«lhortist Womtn, I o.m. W«dnetd«v, Alderigil* United Milhodiil Church. Program by Joan Uihtr and Margaral Ktlltr. CaHMltc Wtman'l Utagui, Day ol RKOllactlon, »:30 a.m. Thuridav, Colfax Intarfalth Spiritual Canlar. Rtiar- vationt to Itaballa Goaliv; Trantpor- lalion, Paulina Carmody. ChrtiHan Wtmtn'i Ftllowthlp, First Chriillan Church, »:30 A.M., Thuridav, at tnt church. Cract Unlit* Malhoditt Church, Mardl Club, 7:30 p.m. Tuasdav, Mri. O. L. Troy, 3700 Fltur Driva. Story of Tarract Hill by Shcrrla Carlbarg. Highland Park Chrlitlan Church groups wM mnl at 1 p.m. Thursday ai loHowt; Eittwr: Gerry Fadlga, 1170 N E Fillielh Place; Naemi: Blanch* Kennedy, 4I1» E, Eilhlh St.; MartM: church; Hum: church; Prlicllla group will meal al 9:30 a.m. Highland Park Praibyierlan Buil- nett Women'i Association, nlghl group, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Rulh Cuslafsen, reservations 2M-071*. Missionary Guild Ladles, Marlon Klelt and Evelyn Taylor; report on Holy Week In Guatemala. knmMwel United Methodist Church, United Women, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, at church; program by Mrs. Edward Haves and Mrs. Robert Boles. FRATERNAL Acme Rebckah Lodge No. 121, I pm Wednesday 202i S.E, Sixth SI. Regular mailing. Adatohla Chapter, daytime Circle No. 417, polluck, 12:30 p.m. Friday, Mrs. Margaret Fearing, 4101 Ovid Ave. Adalphla Daytime Social Group, OES, luncheon and social, 12:30 p.m. Friday, Mrs. John Heurina, 47M Ovid Ave. Alpha Rataakah Lodge No. S72, I p.m. Thursday, 2904 Klngman Blvd. Dai Mataei Shrine No. 43 Servict Club; luncheon, 12:30 P.m. Wednesday, Masonic Temple, Tenth and Locust SI. Esdtt Ctuto 1M p.m. Tuesday, PAINT or VARNISH REMOVED from Wood or MeloJ PROFESSIONAL! LOW COST.. Our charges ore only about Iwke the cost ol itrippino, chemical alone. . .andWE DO ALL THE HARD WORKI F«f ESTIMATES! THI STRIP SHOP 111-IthSt.WDM 277-8516 Nila West, 201* Forly-sevenlh il. Hepac Catdran , 6:30 o.m, Saturday, potuck, I p.m. meeting, both at »03 E. Locutt St. Jean Marie Cardinal! Chapter, DAR, 1 p.m. Tueiday Mri. George Holland, 370V Franklin Ave. Program; Mri. Roia Cunningham on "The Flag — the Bicentennial. Mercy MabekM Lodge No. 715, I p m. Friday, Sherman Hall, E. Thirtieth and Walnut ilreeli. Mawrt Odvel While Shrine, I P.m. Tueiday, U3 E. Locutl SI. fait Olitrlct Deputy Club, noon Wednatday, Mrt. Maa Judklni, 3901 E. Sheridan Ave. Untan Park Chapter No. 555, OES, I P.m. Wedneiday, Maionlc Templa, MIS E. Ninth St. Wemen 01 the Mooia, I p.m. Wednaiday, Margaret Slraaler, Moota Home, Ankeny. MISCELLANEOUS De< Mafeiet Junior Women'i Club, tenth annivertery, I p.m. Wedneidav, Windier Preibylerlan Church. Special aueili. Hale Ofllceri end pait-preil- denli. Dei Malnai African Violet Club, 1 p.m. Tueiday, AAr». RoKoe Jonei and Mrs. Clark Ray, 7301 Slxly-elghlh St., Mri. Maria Ililrip; hlnii on violet grouping. O*t Mainat Chrinian Women'i Club, 12:30 p.m. Tuaiday, Downtown Ra- mide Inn. Program by Wayne Ken- ytn. miisionary to Ecaudor. Yaunf Altarnavi' Wivei, 7:30 p.m., Thursday, AIB cafeteria, 2SOO Fleur Drive, Hyle show. HMvar PTA, 7:30. p.m. Wednesday, jchool auditorium. Program: Mael Ihe School Board Candidates." IOA OuestefS, » a.m., Friday, Mrs. Robert Parlee, MM SW Sixteenth St.; •'''Salute to Our Bicentennial — '"»•• We" by Mrs. Jon R. Jonei. NEWCOMERS Civic Newcamers Compass Club groups will meel this week as follows: Lwtcnean, 11:30 a.m., Wednas- day. Rolling Pralrfa Inn; Program "Interior Decor a ling and Related Sub- led Matter," reservation! lo LaDonna Rogers 225-0424; Bowling, • a.m. inursoay, Merle Hav Lanes, Eln« Winnall, 22S-24M; Vega, 9:30 a.m. Friday, Washington Heights Apartments, Jaan Wallace, 276-5277; Duplicate Bridge, 11 a.m. Friday, Des Moines Bridge House; Betsy Vonho- gen, 276-2671. WeJcama Waojan Club of Greater Des Moines has planned group meel- ings for Ihls week as follows: Bawl- Ing, 1:45 a.m. Tuesday, Merle Hav Lanes. This will be Ihe first bowling of Ihe season. An organization meeting al 1:45 a.m. will be followed by bowling al ' a.m. For interested members, cell Belly Allbee, 277-1452. first and second Mme caaert caNe*, MO a.m. Friday, home Of Sharon Yamnlli, 1522 Nineteenth SI. Call 225- M25 for more Information. RUMMAGE Maunt Olivet While Shrine, rummage sale, I a.m., Saturday, Rumm*M Canltr, 4W Third SL.Reir. HAFFERKAMP-WARNBIt Susan Dee Hafferkamp, 1101 Office Park Road, West Des Moines, and Walter Warner, Olde English'Village, sod of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warner of Moline, 111., are planning a Nov. IS marriage. The bride- to-be is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hofferkamp of Gary, III. Miss Hafferkamp and Mr. Warner are graduates of Drake University. She Is a legal secretary to George G. West. Her fiance is a manage* ment trainee at Iowa* Des Moines National Bank. SVARTOIEN-STANSELL Judith M. Svartoien of Hialeah, Fla., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold C: Svartoien of Rockford, 111., and Larry K. Stansell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Stansell, 3811 Eleventh St., are planning a Sept. 27 marriage. Miss Svartoien is a stewardess for Eastern Airlines, based in Miami, Fla. Mr. Stansell is a pilot for Alaska Airlines, based in Seattle, Wash. COMER-HUGHES A Sept. 20 marriage is being planned by Teresa Comer, 1608 Army Post Road, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Comer of Mount Ayr, and Michael Hughes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hughes of Ankeny. The bride elect, a graduate of Americana Academy of Beauty, is employed by The Hair. Her fiance works for Ankeny-Des Moines Plumbing Inc. , SABOE-HUGHES Sherl Saboe, 7618 Camelot Drive, daughter 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Saboe of West Union, and Russell Forrest Hughes, son of Mr. and Mrs. .Russell B. Hughes of Scars- boro, are planning a Sept. 13 marriage. Miss Saboe, a graduate'pf ij[ow4 State University, Ames, is employed by Younkers Store: for Homes. Her fiance, a graduate of Iowa State, farms with his father. Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Straub, 1900 Fiftieth St., will celebrate their sixty-eighth wedding anniversary and Mr. Straub' s eighty-ninth birthday Monday at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Scothorn, 2706 Patricia Drive. They have a grandson, Straub W. Scothorn, 9563 University Ave., and three great- grandchildren. SERVICE Altrusa, CIS p.m. Wednesday, YWCA. AuxWarv la the Palk County Society ef Osleopalhlc Phydclani and Surgeons, luncheon, noon, Tuesday, Blih- OP Buffet, Fleur Drive. Blue Stir Mothert of America, Inc., 10 a.m., Tuesday, Union Park shelter housa, picnic for Knoxville Hospital patients, Dai Melnei Charier Chapter, ABWA, 5:30 p.m. Social Hour, 6:30 dinner, Tuasdav, Bavarian Haul, S220 N.E. 14lh St. Program by Ethel Salb. Greater Dei Moines Chamber of Commerce, Women'i Bureau, noon luncheon, Thursday, Younkari Tea Room; ipeakar: Mary Lynch from Equitable ol Iowa with report on Sioux FiMs Midwest Conference. La Lacha League, Group I, 7:30 p.m. Tueidev, Mrs. James Hopson, 4131 Northwest Drive. La iertema Club, 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Mrs. Bert Smith, S21 Seventieth SI. PMt Club, social, 5:30 p.m.; dinner: 6:30 Wednesday, Hotel Savery; 7:30 butinen teiiion. SORORITY Mo Chapter, Alpha Delta Kappa sorority; 5:30 p.m., Tuesdev, Bishop Buffet, Merle Hay Mall. Tau Chapter, Delia Kapoa Gamma, rTi n ."i r ' • 5:3 °,„"•"''• Tu " d «v. Baker's Cafeteria, Sherwood Forest, con- jJn"°L ( highlight! by president. Mary XI Beta PI Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi 1.00 p.m., Tuaiday. Mrs Varna Al- thaim and Mrs. Margie Darnell. 3105 S.W. Twantv-ninlh SI. Program by Mrs. Merge Manklns. TTT Chapter BL, TTT, 12:11 p.m. Friday, Bishop Buffet, Merle Hay Mill. CI, TTT, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Mrs. Vernon Uehling, Ankany. Dl, TTT, I p.m. Thursday, Mrs. Stanley Stevens, 927 Twenty- third SI., WeH Das Moines. Chapter OP, TTT, I p.m., Thursday, Mrs. Evelyn Cash, 2904 Weslover Blvd.; silent auction. 0«| Moines Area Council, 7:30 p.m., Thursday, West Des Moines United Methodist Chinch. AARP meeting >'>«>' .. American Association of Retired Persons will meet at 6 p. m. Friday at the First Baptist Church for dinner. Glen Case will be moderator of a program on "The Buried City of Pompeii."

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