The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 10, 1970 · Page 16
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 16

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1970
Page 16
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, 1 * t Pate A-16 ^ THE NEWS, FrederiekjMaryland M. lf« Captain Ea»y LOOK* LIKE M* CAU6HT VOU HEP-MAND6P1 KIPN/WN? owE^THAriM -rmv wpM Matt Art Jeff SEVEN A.M. WAKE M LOOK.BOY, I WANT YOU TO WAKE ME TOMORROW MOW4M5 SEVEN RING MV PHONE AND DON'T BANG BANG ON MY DOOR The Jtckaon TWJM ITHSHTNCWV JILL' ALL WE CXN oo NOW ^ ANP i ro? asHT ORWBONS.I THEM LUCK AABS.eOUAK .THE e^ew/WIU-BBSIN BV DEFOLIATING... IVE= HAD THIS TERCIBLB PREMONITION ANOTHER WAR. WONDER IF \ THIS IS fT...LOOKS ) JUST LIKE ANY I OTHER HIGHWAY / Bugs Bunny B IWO kr W«n» TJ*. 1« US. hi OH. I HAD T' PUT INI A NEW GASKETi TH' TOTAL CHARGE GULP! HOW MUCH IS THE BILLf PriscHla's Pop Answer to Previous Puzzle Greek Letters Side Glances 40 Fragrance 42 15th Greek letter 44 Seventh Greek letter 46 Room in a seraglio 47 Winter hazard 50 Medical group (ab.) 52 First Greek letter 56 Member of a Christian ACROSS 1 Second Greek letter 5 Fourth Greek letter 10 Holy man of Islam 11 Too venturesome 15 Rotate 16 Holy Week services 17 Park, Colorado 19 Music as written 20 Sharp tool (var.) 21 Family member 23 Mountain in Colorado 25 Fifth Greek letter 29 Corpulent 33 Sixth Greek letter 34 South-central state (ab.) 36 Pithy saying 37 Unit of reluctance 38 Withered 39 Farm structure 35 Verne hero 38 Diabolical 39 Marine mollusk 41 Pronoun 43 Cretan mountain 45 Organic compound 47 Mischievous child 48 Vehicle 49 Before 51 Solar disk 53 Cut the rind off 54 Covert suggestion 55 Greek god of war 57 World War II agency (ab.) 58 Superlative suffix - \m br «» '" TJJiu, US r.t. OH. (music) 8 Serious legal offense 9 Abbot (ab.) 12 Mouthlike openings 13 Slack 14 English river 18 Sun 22 Musical sound 24 River in Siberia 25 Modern poet, Pound 26 Person of equal status 27 French town (2 words) 28 Roman tyrant 30 Arab chieftain 31 Song for one voice 32 School near London The Born Loser group 59 Den 60 Occupies place of authority 61 French river 62 Odor 63 Fits of ill- humor 1 Morsel 2 Australian ratite birds 3 Pungent 4 Loss of memory 5 Small point 6 Evenings · before 7 Slowly Eek Meek I'M GO/AJ6 TD MARCH AMD APRIL! "You can see right now he's going to be college material!" had started and didn't want to stop. At least it had the merit of s u c c e s s. Had he passed, West w o u l d have made his five clubs. Freckles And Friends I'VE SIMPLY TAK£M AAV MAMPSOMEKJESS FOR BUT 1M GRAle- RJLFCRIT; P£PI, THESE ARE LETTERS flOU YOU FPOW PEOPLE VMO VWAMTTO MAKE WISHES / I HOPE THEY wow YOU CONCEITED, LOOKS KE COWCEITBD, FITTED FOP. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Poor Play Hurts Successful Bid By Oswald James Jacoby NORTH (D) 4KQ10964 V A J 7 3 · 1062 *Void WEST V 5 4 · KJ9 # A K Q J 9 7 3 SOUTH EAST 4 A J 8 5 V 6 * Q 8 7 3 410864 4 7 3 V K Q 1 0 9 8 2 · A54 452 North-South vulnerable West North 5 4 Pass 5 V East South Pass 2 V Pass Pass Opening lead -- 4K We aren't going to get into an argument with anyone about the merit or lack of merit in North's bidding. If you want to pass this type of hand we won't argue nor will we criticize this sort of opening bid. As for the second round five hearts, North If West had been playing with see-through cards he would have opened a diamond and South would have been automatically down one. However, he put the king of clubs on the table. South ruffed, led a trump to his hand and a spade to dummy's king. At this point East made the brilliant play of ducking. South had played rapidly so far. The next plays were very slow but nothing could do him any good. He was doomed to defeat. "Nice bidding, partner" said South. "They were cold for five clubs." "Thank you, partner" replied North. It's too bad you didn't give them the full treatment and make your contract." South s h o u l d have led dummy's king of spades at trick two while still keeping three trumps in dummy. All WEATHER FORECASTT-Showers are forecast today cm the northeastern coast, in the Midwest and the West. There will be cool weather in the West and warm weather in the Midwest. (AP.Wirephoto Map) those t h r e e trumps would have been entries and if East. ducked South would simply lead a s e c o n d spade and there would be no way to keep him from setting up the last two spades for discards of his two diamonds. As a matter of fact, this time the duck would have given him an overtrick. op, ARIK *^~AtR. 1 :T35-37-38-70 'TAURUS AM. 20 MAY 20 1-33-50-53 ^58-61-62 GIMINI LIO © jut r 23 '^jlj-ji AUG. 2 s52-54-59-6B .3-86-90 HIO M if -By CLAY R. POLLAN- V- Your Do;/y Actmfy Guicfe According Jo f/e Sfon. To develop message for Wednesday,. read words corresponding to numbers of your Zodiac birth sign. LIMA SEfT. 23 f- 22 42-43-51-64, 72-73-74 ' 1 You've 2 Too 3 Much 4 Attention 5 Quick 6 Don't 7 Be 8 More 9 Action 10 Friends 11 Forced 12The 13 To 14 Stick 15 Right 16 To 17 Door 18 Remember 19 That 20 Your 21 Guns 22 And 31 Taken 32 Opens 33 Could 34 Boomerang 61 Anti-social 62 Mood 63 Make 64 Change 35 Opportunities 65 Friends SCORPIO OCT. 13 HOY. 2T 2-15-V7-32. 36 But 37 Indicated 38 To 39 At 40 The 41 Glad 42 Urge 43 For 44 Firm 45 Fine 46 Resolute 47 Tidings 43 Feathers 49 Pleasant 50 Be 51 A 52 A 23 Well-wishers 53 In 24 To 25 Be 26 Pleasure 27 Should 28 May 29 Be 30riend» )Good 54 Sense 55 Than 56 Do 57 Things 58 An 59 Of 60 Don't ^Adverse 66 Hastily 67 Enjoyable 68 Fulfillment 69 Comes 70 Forge 71 Times 72 May 73 Overwhelm 74 You 75 Some 76 Indicated 77 To 78 Beneficial 79 You 80 Be 81 Right 82 Time 83 Today 84 Sure 85 Financial 86 Fine 87 You 88 Links 89Su*pcct 90 Birds 6/10 Neutral 0£C. i 4-16-20-21^ 125-44-46 ^ SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN JAN. ft 2- 3- 4-24 66-28-34 AQUARIUS JAN. 20 fit. it,; 1- 8-10-22/C PISCIS HI. It MAR. 20 S7-71-76 Out Our Way / CSOOP NKSHT, DO YOU HAVE V WELL.THAT'S Y WHEW OU I TOKEEPiSLAKICIW'ATyOUR \UPTO YOU! \CHAIR FIWALUY V WATCH 50 MUCH ?f FORGET J PEK5OWALLX I CATCHE5 UPWfTH , TH' TIA1E AMP RELAX/ CV, yllWTEMPTO \ YOU,ONE OF / IT? RATHER BE A CON- 1/KEEPAPREAST ) iOU'U. BE STRU5- I TEMTEPBiJMTHAhJX«0 W OF THE TIMES- \ dLIM6 TO GET IT V UPTI6HT 00-OETTER.' /( ALITTLE AHEAP JsTARTEP AM'THE IF I CAM/ 1 "* Our Boarding House A FUMMY HAPP6NEP, MAHVIN/ YOU KNO«; MY BROTHERS LEANPER* VVEUL,TH6 LITTLE PINUSAUNS SWlPEP THE FAKE (3AS PILLS AN' STUFPEP 'EM IN ATTX CBUM\WELL'S TANK./ HB WONT SET THE OR STARTEP, 86FORE CHBISTA^AS, SO T CUEAPEP OUT/ \X)E CAM PPOBABLV A BIS6ER 6COKE IN THE NEXT TO\WN/ OPE BAP MEu5 FOR tTAXE * S F W S P A P F R I

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