The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 12
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THZ DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK. MD-, THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1932. f- COBLENTZ TO TAKE STAND IN DEFENSE, ATTORNEY STATES Brunswick High School Graduating Class Real Estate Experts From Washington To Be Called By Both Sides. SLOW PROGRESS MADE IN | HEARING AT CUMBERLAND: French, On Stand All Of Wed- i nesday. Recalled Again · i Today. j Cumberland. Md. June 1 --State . Senator Emory I~ Coblentz will take the ' ^rimers-stand 12 rtls own defense as soon as the state has completed submit- I ting its ev.dence in h-s trial on charges ! or accepting a cepotn when he knew his baruc, the Central Trust Compar.;. of Maryland was ins CLARK'S 1AL IS RITCHIE SPEAKS Ad*rt*tt* North Carolina Democrat* At Axheritte. Ashev£je. N. C., Jane 1.--A denand that th* Democratic party ^show itself now national party." ihich v~-- rise above class and section to Sgir. imitedly behind a national program u ctire the ills oi the country. waa made here to- jugat by OOY. Albert C. Ritchie of j Maryland. Gov. Ritchie, a candidate lor the! presidential nomination, spoke to the JeSerson dub of Buncombe county. ] ! He advocated balancing of the federal ] j budget by drastic economies ' ' with increased income levies aod for | ' tie eaiersen-y the manufacturers" i ·- s Nine Persons Out Of 25 Appli- Objection Raised By Defense On | cants Appointed For Summer i Legal Question Overruled By Positions. Court. i DATE FOR OPENING TO- ATTORNEY DENIES LEE SENT j I ' BE ANNOUNCED LATER HIM TOQUESTION DEFENDANT! j WE'RE VERY SORRY i Installation Of Crates To Aid President Of Commissioners | Market Street Drainage Says He Was Satisfied With Again Up. j Methods Of Business. First roir. -Vir- Smith Mad?? Ritenour Margaret Flook The announcement :hat the defend- ^.^ gprir.K Fae G-:.e-. :--.·- ant would ta*e the witless-eland was ; M^ret W.s. made today by William Curran. of the °"*" ' _' defense counsel, after another of the Catherine counsel said toey planned to summon a real estate expert from Washington to testify as to tbe worth of the holdings of "the financial institution's sub- aidiary companies. The prosecution also lias announced they will seek the aid OT a Washington expert. Farther evidence as to the inso'.iericy or the Central Trust Company, with Its 11 branches, which closed September 3 o£ last year, was presented by William B. French. Frederick, who was on tbe Trrtness-stand all day. Ke started his testimony yesterday and was asked to be ready to continue tomorrow. .jp B-^.h. Darr. E-.e:-,:: h'.tn £-.a Bjr^e. Virji: -i C:-.f ·. Second ro»--Cachenr." Pi-.i.lipj Eltr.- er Cooper. Josephine W XKIS Ja.--.ct MurX Wal-z S'^le Hi-~kir.Ji:-.. Mild-ed W b -, Ef-rA Harlev, Cleo Grams Th..-d r A - G n J.!cQji:ian. Arthur Flora \ So.-kler Clarence Mo.-5 H -rt Oarr^or. R--Drr; Winst'id F cirth rjv.--Vernon Je:j:::,".^5. H'w- Appointments co%«r:ng the personnel i Rockrille. Md. June 1 --Berry E. of the municipal pool for · Clark, now on :ria! in Circuit Court ' S5 this summer were made Wednesday . here on a. charge of embezzlement, to- j ~ e-. enmg at the regular meeting of the i tiay heard nearly a "score of witnesses - ----· Mayor and Board of Aldermen in City :es!:f y , ne - ha j pa:d h-m ^ c ; er fc lo = Hall. No date was set for tne! . _ ,, _ ^^ . ,, . . ' tre Boa'xi o f Mo^-fcoaierv Ooun'v Com- ~~ {·opening of the pool. located *~«-« v- -««--·"-" j «- . _ ard Kldweil. Norman Gaither. CarroH in the extreme western part of Baker j n:iss;oners, i^ge 55.353 o r money, which, _ Cecil Park, but it was stated that the park : tae prosecution nas announced it wii! f ·-- ' employes w;H begin to clean up the; show, were subsequently converted to sat oool and bathhouse in preparation for nis own use. P*«-rs. E.^'\ortn Hl-kmar. -tppy F.f'h ro-a,--Thoriiai Burke Ar.d«-r*-n Edmn Holc-. Ted 7Jeetwood. the summer season. J"::n R-ser. Paul K-l!er The witnesses tailed this morning by =z Twenty-five applications for positions i State's Attorney Steadman Presco't 35; S.xt.-i r»--Paul D--ar. W:"ians Bar- 'at the poo! were received by the aMer- · said the money they paid in was to -Care. Earle Keyser US. TAXES TO N GO IN EFFECT curitles Company and the Blue Ridge; Investment company. His testimony concerned the relationship of the three i companies with the Central Trust. Com- j To Be Operative Fifteen Days After Bill IS Signed. tial setup. The Blue Ridge Securities Company , and the Central Securities Company, he · said, were formed in September. 1929., Tber bought certain deeds of trusts. securities, mortgages and other negotiable paper from the Central Trust Company, which in return was pledged with tfte parent institution as security for ' two notes, totaling $5.388.9M 91. he tes- ttfted. The Blue Ridge Investment Company ·waa formed in April, 1930. he said, and took over all liabilities, including the notee. and some of the assets of the , Blue Ridge Secxiritles Company | Case Moving Slowly. j The testlfyine moved slowly as the ( ·witruss had to refer many times to t company books and records for his ft?- ' ·art*. Also the defense objected several, time*. Cxirran declared at one time "all ·we. are getting from the witness is In- atraction in reading a balance sheet as per his method." One item involved the Potomac Securities Corporation, of which, according to the witness. David C Wmebren- ner 3d. secretary of state, is an officer. The amount is $7.500 ir. stock in :he tompacy. "Is the Potomac Securities Corpora- ton a going concern?" asked States Attorney James Clark French replied' · It is cot in the hands of receivers" _ . The prosecutor asked: ' Do you know , its financial coad-tion" 1 ' "I ha-.e studied .ts balance sh*et and I have discussed i: *.th Mr Wisebren- SK." the witness said. To this answer. French aad"d that Winebrenner had said the stocs. hati no value, but tr-is wss ordered stricken frees the record en the objection of the defense. Tne sa.d he r.e ir.o*- ledge if the ?ot?rr^c Corporation was cc^i; oii5ir.ess ar.d if .t had an o~ce otoer tnsr. W^r.ebrenner's office. ' The assets of the B.ue R-dge Ir.-.t- Company other tnan colateral with the Central Trust Cam- ' pan/ inc.uded :.30C- shares of Blue Ridge Secun;.«s Coaipany aca.ns- whicil we owe S23.50" Secanties Pledged. A block of 25.000 s.--ar« of tiie Cer-- tral Trust Comp-ar.y stc»ci helci i-y the Blue Ridce Ir.vestrr.ent Corr.panr. French testined. was pleoeecw.tnKam- bleton and Corctzar.y. o: Bait Jiore to , secure a 5500 000 note ar.d he auciea that deeds of tms'. en · Pretty Prospect." a tract of -mi ~e°r rt*:i Creei Park -J Wasnjistor. .r. tise amount of S200.000 ar.d $150000 were pledged ·».-.= plnv for a Isar. of S44 677 50 A block of S193QCO wo-.r. :·'. 31-f R.dse Sec jn'-i*"^ Corporation c s ar.d SlSo'oOO ;r. R^a..v Ccn- ·=truct-0- Corr.oar.y de«Jitur« ~re pleased witn S'J.r. 3rK ar.i 3-yce^ Baltimore, to secure t^o accoor.:^ n. tr.e stat«i i.~*« r.;jes wer« p.ecrec -r. accordar-re TO COST GENT MORE Washington. Jur.e ! --Taxpayers -.x." ·IlriS manv of tl;c no.\ atici in- taxes within 15 ds'.s after President Koovrr s.?r-^ the bill, rnaklr? it a law All the excise levies .n the bill returned to the Hou^ t^dai., ancl tbe import taxes on co.i'.. r.:. lumber ar.d copper so ir.t Ifv-rt th--i. and rirma.n in f.^rrc ur.til Julj '. 1934. Th- flrst-class postal i-crea«- goes into eftcrt 30 dai-= afor tn- bill is signed, and tne sc--onc- clas.i increase take* effect Jxi y 1 The*t ak.o are The admisf.o pro-ixice fu'ures check .e-.ies stamp taxes on s'w-is ar.d bor.ds also :o into effect in 15 da;. v as does the le-.v on gav-.ine and ·;- tnciti. The income and corporation* taxes apu'.v to anu.ip.--^ accr"i.r.~ ir. the calendar \ 193C or f i - ~ years ending ::·- tnat va-. .ind art is to s-art \\ .'.:·. the fi'.r.s of re' -r".« r.ext \ as ancier ex-^'.n" .r- comc-ta-'c ;a-As Besides '.ne Jus-i income ta\ ra'e .:u- poscd in tne r^ bil. a 1 : p.TA. 15 --.. a the Senate, fo.'.ow.ig are some ·-'. -.".« new :e-.ies. tr.ay oe -\-v-~'ed 'o t\\e per cent or. t-?rams. 10 cents ·:. «.10;--?rjt:ni T-A j cents · r. all / vr--: c nc£ T«-n per C'T.t «.:i ·.i'-',- c!o;js.t box ciJr-iei O'*".cr charges, such a^ the tnr'v ;v r cent 01. (Cro^s rH:^ipti of tr'ec- tr.r ut.l".es. ar.G tariffs on .mport- itl o.;. toal. coT;-r and lumber aiay be paued o:. hidjrectl'.. T:ie i:i~'.-r.i v tu\ rates are four por ccr.t on the tirit $4 OoO. c:sht per cent aar.e tuat. v.l'.r; a graiiu- .ivJ sj--ox D-'j.r.n:r.j at one per ccn - a b . t $ G C i i O Exemptions are S.'.jCO for :.-arr.?d p'-rsoni. $'. 000 for s.:·-;·*· '·'·"' ."on'ras: to tne pre- pr.t $3 jiK) .ind SI.500 The marr.^d person fx«mpt.or. is redU'-ed to $- - oTJ for thoie making more than $300-1 Tne ni' efJoc' is that a married ·vrson K.I.I no dependents mil paj f.'O on th.' first S3 000, SCO o:-. S4.- 000 ar.i S'-OO on S5 000 Tne cx- t-n!:"i"ii :»r u^-je::d--r.ts stands as .it present at 5400 eacn 'FARM BUREAU CONFERENCE ON GENERAL WORK IS HELD men and. afwr considering all of them, i reimburse the commissioners for .- Waiter Decker, who last summer had . care and treatment of relatives in vz- charge of the city miniature golf course.« nous insi.tuttons for the insane, a as selected as manager. W. Scott . Objection Overruled ' Mobley was named his cnief assistant All this testimony went in over the and lacker attendant Other appoint- objection of counsel for the defendant. , roents were: Norman F. Ford and I who contended the money properly be! Charles Meredith Keefer, lifeguards; ' longed to the state and for that reason :ave been embezzled from tile That Saturday, June 4. will be the last dav of CARTY'S INCORPORATION SALE. We thank our old friends and our new ones for the patronage that made this SALE such a success. You'll find CARTY'S different and, always, you'll be welcome here . . . to see ... to shop. C. C. C A R T Y LSl.UlU-OB.VrED Established 1868 Miles Fairbanks Meets With · Edna Jamison and Dorothy E. Wachter. i could not h i women's room locker attendants. Philip 1 county- County Officers. Telephone 396 48-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK, .MD. , Hiteshew and Louis T Fajan. Jr. men's ! room locker attendants; Lev: W. Mober- M.1C5 F-iirbinks Bilt^nore. the new '-'f- "'?-"·'. watchman. A number of of the Maryland changes :n personnel Tcre made because ciates, This point was raised yesterday and" 2- * Judge Robert B. Peter and ' 5-a*e Fa-n - B '-eau - Wi'bert L Smith, of a desire to ' g.^e some others a i Judge Arthur D. Wiliard, had decided M' P'ea."^"' "p-essden- of tn«- Freder- · chance." it was stated i to overrule the objection. ·ick Co"-- Bu--eau a"d Tr.omas S J Disciiis Water Situation I Clark's attorneys. Bernard Welsh. ' Anderson""iiear V'-llow'springs, secre-i Considerable discussion arose o t e r j Thomas L. Dawson, Aloert M. Bouic ^ a "--.-.--oasarer he'.d a conference at the the subject of water drainage from some j and E_ Barrett Pretryman, secured an ; Fr-iVis -o'i"Ke.- hotel Wednesday . of the city streets fallowing a storm. \ exception to the raUng | ,, ,,",.' , n ...ft'-cnce -o the general -xork ! Alderman Charles T. Butcher advocat- ' The former clerk to :he county com- | of the or^ar nation in Hcr.r\ R Shoemaker, cou: , ^as unable to be present on account of . er from the street into the catch-basins ! cnargc of embezzling S42S. : Attorney On Stand state "'C'HC 1 "^. ^O~i , ***wci intiLi \^iiJt.ic^ i. DU.(..ACI atiiuuti." *--- -u.jjiv,* v..t._ ^-j- --it s,-^--.-iv_- *,«-". j this countv led placing grates beside sewers, where, missloners was indicted for several al-j ·oiintv agent, j such cond.tions are bad. which he fe!t' leged embezzlements aggregating S50.- | materially assist in draining wat- COO. He rs on tria-. only on the j are*.oils TAX RATE NOT SET \Va^.htncton Coiint\ CommLssioncrs Ii* ^-c^sion All DJV. FolXiA.r.s; an all cav meetaic; Wednes- dav at '.\hirli a tax rate for tne roinir:^ C mm.s^i^::crs tf W.u^hui^ton countv ad'oximed late in the afternoon .\.thout :i\i:;tt a KPA rif It was dcr.ded to :re^t ag.tin oTM. Fridav wh^n tne rate ·A." V ll\ed The t.i\ab!e 'oa-^is from Ke «"as to'.Cii\c tins morning v ni~'i th-- -a'e is i-alcxilated is S76- "no OfO a.H".i S2 000 »00 under tht-bisu. -f li.'', T*ii - -irescnt cvsnty rate ,^ $! 3n r:. ''.:c Si00 ar.d the "state rate _^ 25 rents "". t'.ic SIO" the sa-r.e a t.l^. f.*\ .l..\l rotli^t'* ";i^r.or; aro m.i'vin? tflort to re- ciu c -'1° t.i\ r.itt At rtc.ut niri'*:n^ 54301.0 HO.; ru' frini the s.-hool an- cd c'irt itiiT'.«j * nc rosci rij^propruii.! FairbanSs was formerly county j or eight-inch pipes leading from the · Clark family." he quoted Clark as say- e\pe:'.. v l- s at t'.ie nvetins . b i t m ac'ion was taker.. Higher p-^ta;e cents pir letter Excise Vaxo F.'.e per cr»t 0:1 ra- dx*vj. ph.T.c-zraphs. n''i. r- frigerat---rs T-T. per cent ;n CA-«. JIA;:.-:. sport .rj so-xi.- canieras. firearm- and :..r;. Thr-x per cent on av.tocr.ob.les. t.\o p cent. or. accessories F»-r c^P.t* a gallon or. l^br.catin? »·-".. - ccr.t r:. srasol^-.c T-\O re- cent .^-. ra-..". che»m: s .in and soft s-.r-zs Mi5--p'.".a-."-- ^ Tcr t-r C-T.' or. a 1 a;:ni5Mori t.c.i'-ts cos'irs rr.p-' than 40 cents Tcr. to :^ cor's ^r telephone mcvaics ^0 ecrv Wed- It TIT; v i'oa 'ha- ·!·.;· · e« in Hx^.'-r^Jotn -Ail. fix t.'i* tax rate f i - the :_=-a. veir .it a ::;'-'".i-i£: en F".^' »y T^" -Aro.- u t'-ie SiO, 1 T'i«- c.'v ra'- .". Frec .s S! op '".-c SK" 1 It *as =' SI m ":e S'.CO Whiteford said that on Marcn 23 last w.ll confer Farm ; them to capacity, he added, but the j er Farm Bureau. Fvderatun - trie police commit- i sheriff ar.d building inspector fees. He | nd ' tee was given peraer to act in the pur- , just sat and leaked at me for_a minute. · -v rn'e is S! 15 \l EaAjra HXter Mida'eto-\n c.iair- r Mr.- W.ll.atr. T near Mt a-a:-. M^= Hc!.n PearsT.. count-. TSC i-on-ons-ration a~cr.t. this city. ii«*t Li.^t"wr.. ar.d Alxey Etz'.er. near Mt Peasant The ? tax bil-s and fewer a ater rents were out- star.d.n; a; th_s than at the same ser-.od last year, was verv crec- Burea i ro"«e -s c Mr * 000 "\-rri 1 I- '. ."ci'is'r--* Is^fd :ro-o -'.Tin $2500 - rrnrlo-. ment for 617- ^iciervr. H,--rry L Da-.i5. n.-ar Monro- ·~a and Fred near tr.^ city T.-.e rj'.ar j to arrar.^e ar. c-.ent of in- '·T^'. '-3 memocrj of all asncu.tJra: niec :t oecause he did not consider the account ar. official one " Tns witness th^n satd r.e requested ·.table coisicer.r.; the depression The; to author^e an examination of b»!ls referred to were for the current' the account, in the name of the clerk, year only. · ' and that 'he t latter gave the authanza- Announcement was made that the -or. to t'r.e bank by telephone. After !-.e.v water ra'Ci. compiled recen'ly by a compar^o- of check stubs HI the t tr.e mayor and aldermen, will go official account the passbook COT[ effect October 1 T.II.S make the new erms Clark s persona! account. White-i rates co.Iectiolo on and af-er Apr^ 1 ford sa:d he dec:ded an examination of i ?f tr.e personal account 1 .",c'uci.r.s; supports Bel^.ii-n .«tirrort5 a population more than S10' 1 000 in ai are?- ,\bn-:- H 745 square roi"e« The Cussword Puzzle! ·sr.-. 5 :33C. by :--.2 ti» 31 je R:2?£ Fre-:- sa.- ~ 3B«ni Co-.?ir.. ion-is fro-- T.e re ir.vest- STICKLER SOLUTION WAP A W S , *e tr-e N P. 1 -MS vi»- is, o*k, bo-'i r^jr--! N'APS S P A N · N'PS SP/N Arid hrre £-s r»o nxrt wwcs rr by puttn; '.iw SrS iettes oi :He loo t»o *iOf2 a: :'*·* eni of next year, six months later. Bills tne totaljc5 S403 07 were ordered oaid. -voj'.d oe necessary tn tracing county The nsaor read .cetera! letters, one funds ; Lr.i.t-ng ;r.e board to the annual meet-' "Xo~. jo-i arc after rce. aren't you 0 " | ir.g of the Children's Aid Society in the Presbyterian church June 6 and the other expressing appreciation from i Warner Bros concern, for the 1 reduction in Opera House rent curing the jumrrher mor.ins of June J^'.y and AiKrist. of this y/-3r Other rcat- 1 -ers were discussed Wli-teford sa.d Clark exclaimsci. '. Xo." Wh.teford «nd rse replied. "I am after the county's money wherever . He said Clark hesitated and finally · consented to an sxarr.uiat.on of his . perjor.a- can't account Interview Declared Requested. '. ! On cross-exsmmat.or. oy Attorney ' Bernard Welsh. .: ^as srought out triat the county cominisstor.ers hai request- ' ed Wh.teford to interv.ew Clark. In re- , ConRress Plunges Ahead Again In Spirit to a d^ect question. Clark de- i SOON ON PAYING BASIS Of Unity. r.ctoT-. J;;r.e 1 --In a s?:r.t of unitv Cor.sress pl^.-.ged asead tc-cav wit.i .ts thankless important task of p-:'-iar t"-.e ?7-icrnmer.t on a "pay-r.g basis" The kr~. stor.e -- *he Sl.' : 35 000 000 r»\er. .e-raising b.i". -- was sped '·· bv -.r.e umr.i nied that S Ercoke Ixe had sent ; W.i:'efora said he felt that as attor- ' n*y for t'ne corr.m^sioners. ne had au- to qtsest-on Clar'. and that r.e fe'.t ;js'.fie-3 in prsss^r.; tr* .r.qiary ·*her. he c.5-~OTerod cer^.n ' psculiar.- -..-' .r. clerk's recc-rG? Tl-.e first -^itr.-css C3".ec 13. I^cv rcin«-nt of thr HOJ« u-r.mecliste-v trtx-n sha " ?-es:de=: tf th? ward of !·- re--e-.3t fro-r. th? S-r,ate t.Miay J CorV-ess -ill beg.r. ·.-» ac;^trncr.t .if cirTi-- srces -.--rnc.-- o-v rr.crr.tri: ~.'-"' e^.li-s -' 2.'.' '.ict.'r. 1 ; ccrfid'T.-'.r csre- c -- .-.c ".-»" f-.r.cs w.:; be kect -? t · '."" r.f-. ir.; l^st rn.r. .t? ;.--al W'-vdav bv Prc.-.iicnt K^vver ··f c-m~!' - :-.s :-.e tax b..l -r.e Senate "i^c.iv -;·;; into the -."\:r.r -vrcb'.em of makirs rr.-re -.-.a-. s:CD "0i MO :n ^ov- "T-*- A S'^r ^'^ c:; ta'\e a few rr.- ' rra- ccr..a_* of r.c«s-viw~ «- -- ';~r_- ' · i a t Pr^.dlaBt Hco-.*rs ^".y-de- l.vfresi T?vsa;e had stxxJ t^'e r?-. er.u? .fs^'.at.^r. to ~a,sf3ice It took le.sf -:-ar. j.n hijr wdav for the S^na'e *o at^pro.e tl- v .e^i^'ative arj- rro' D:".. c - f v si.-.e to wor on The JS'ed ci_sr.a".M ~- 'he bt.. .-;?olf rf~e\i r.o-^e of s^eecy cjt- j position of tne s.\ xher suor'.y b.Ils. ! awa.t-r.e afcr.t:or.. Tr^v must be pass- · ed :o S.TP the far.cls for ne^tt year. comnt.iS.cnsrs Mr Shaw said r.e iiad c-xr.p'c-s cc-nf.dence tr. C'.ark arid tnat -c v a m=--.c^r of tie board, haa al- -ra"s i-~ -eot^c ; ~e cleri s ftr-arc^il rs- 7---- He --a.d -e was sit^S-ed with Clar\ t me.r.o- of ^^ li^s ac- co-r.t*. Tli.s "5AS ^i .^ie with tr.e openTMfc c*e--~c z~- Welsn that, it i ou c y nro". xl Clark s boois were -~~t "o "-.e sAt.-fifor: of t.i» o-Mrd of corrn:u«.r-cr« The at--^rr.-y -ol~ *l~c ;-~ t.-.i" C"ar" o-c o~.y w.iat ·.* c-os.rd^ea h.~. t-~ do. t.iat ar. of 1"--s a-~t.ons were oten ar.d abov-ooard. ar.d tnat al. of .'- oo"..yat.ons as clerk were reel pron-otl-. ~-.o otn-'r; Clavt-xi K Wat- ms c er of T-e C.r-_it Court ar.d O. A Dor.e~ir. r-oresvr.tir;: a Bait-more oor.d^is .-ouse. ^ere ca.Iec: for t'r-e tec-i- t)-rt3j-e of etao".-s"r:^r.g that ClarS was c'^rs to the boar-d { 'd ^-. Er.Klar.c or.r.^ 'he Exchequer sJt S700.000000 » year. FI.YTXG AXIS $4.100000000 liaziaje ssr;»tiy to ij wort .n HG3f» a-.i B".:j:ngl- i: T.J -- Free TERMIX1X CO. OF MD.. Inc. PScr.e 55 A S E- Pitnck St. Blouses 69c up «i - ^-^% SUMMER SWEATERS $1.00 up SKIRTS $1.00 up MESH DRESSES $1.95 up LINEN SUITS $1.95 In this decidedly SPORTS YEAR you will find this store in the lead with a complete line of Snappy Toggery at Popular Prices. ^ MERCHANDISE OF MERIT ESTABLISHED '877 N r w w « r ^ H H t H I V U ^ . n

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