The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 6, 1956 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
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Friday, July 6, 1956
Page 6
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P*9* 6 Cfir Baiflmntt Murray-Go-Roun< By TOM MURRAY Don Sfewarf One Of N ation's Besf .., Pony Track Coac 'Friday, July G. 1956 Dave Says ieesr § To Lose Stars « DAVE CAMPBELL. Waco Tribune-Herald Sports Editor, says Baylor may lose four letter-of-intent signers. Odessa's'Don Hilt. 6-3 220-pound tackle, new plans to attend Oklahoma A and M and Sonny Long. Ail-State Houston Reagan guard, is reportedly thinking of entering University cf Houston. Bill Henderson's supposedly iosins: two prise basketball sisnec'S from Grand Prairie. 6-7 : j a.ll-^tutor Jaoku"' Lv;i\v- j'ord and 6-1 Sammy Fountain, also rumored heading lor Houston. Capcy Stenpe! say? Mickey Mantle ha? the best ki.ucKie ball in" the American League . . . Ah. svreet siu.'i.-vS: ; — Bobby Morrow. Do-bra. Page; and Debbie Reynolds are to be featured on the cover of a national mag in the noar future. Is Mickey Mantle baseball's sultan of swat? No and it's not'Shreveport's Ken Guett'er or Fort Worth's Jim Gentile. It's Lincoln's Dick Stuart, a Pittsburgh farm hand who has already slammed -iO home-runs out of the company real estate" Branch Rickey says of Stuart after a person;::! seoutine trip. "He is about ready for Pittsburgh." By the wav. which way did the Pirates went? . . . Jerry Xichois, star West fullback, has accepted ^a four- year" scholarship to piav for Bear Bryant's Agdes . . . biuo Poteet fullback, bullish ^00-pound Raipn Reed, headed for Baylor. Texas has produced two Olympic champions— tarie Meadows, a pole-v?.ulter from Fort Worth by I?y TOM Mt'RRAV Frankness is one of his vir- Ssin Sports Kdilor lure*. McAiioo Kealon is :in enisnia. T;iko j,^ f rosh high-jumper. Don Truck coaches aren't afflicted .Stewart, whose &-IQ]* leap was the wj'.h. ;v un"i:v ur;;v :e u:i<i' rpiay country's best until Ohar'ey Dunin.s tne:r p:r-.:i:c: as t:v, ieetba.! nun- \ V O:H pa si seven-foot at the Olymp- tcr m:i*: neCijiMirKy be. bit: they io T r ;,,! Si ;U-;--r': cxuotlv ev.n ,-'<-,; to be sun- »•-,-,., .,1-1 ;_ T ' ..-. ,,,, • ' At Bei'Kciey \ve had Keaton cor- r ' P, 1 ^ ''''.'. "'V.'" 1 'V..,.. , • ,,, r.rred. Or it mav have been he had .'"' l !r..'-' i .! i "-iii. A'' 1,"V' y ~'. n: lh.^ us bo l tied up. ,.,•..•,••-,!(>;•• \ v ;-,.. •;., <-,,, -[.i ; lt i j;,}.; Anyway we asked the big, friend- ? -,_,,,.i....,,. iy man !;o\v he explained the end- K;r v, hut r, a!'-.- tears t;ie MUF- l ''' n en'.ergvnce of this Palestine ...,_ .,.. ., ;il _ f :v!11 ;.-, ,-,,-,i;:;arv is yo-un^stcr as the country's leading •us"^-;;':;:^:;^ to talk . . . about "i;;h hopper, .l:-.y:':-.::-.L:. "For the life of UK' 1 ciin't Yanks Vs. Gianfs. .. B;, .IOUN d The West I.easrue \vouiul up it- ',",(; v;ison Thursday night MItli Hi,. i>ii>>hore .Mniars Yan!;•:•,-s ai'iding nisnlhcr win to their r-coril. i-l-l. :inil (lie Wilkie I.i- ..ii.-iii-. iiiakint their reeord. 10-8. Southern Cal. and Walt (Buddy) Davis, i exas Agoe high-jumper, a Nsderland i.irociuct. Cafffornic! Takes Eddie's Record •- place R H E Red Sox 001 200 2 5 6 Yankees 042 13x 10 S 2 Hoffpauir. Veselka n;icl Gornoch; Farker Stewart, McAfee. R It F, Cubs 400 000 4 4 "i Indians 207 00>: 9 10 ] Watson and Dtmaway; Bell and Broyles, Davis. fiffiire Unit out," came his (jnielc retort. >.'o indulging; in self-praise for this effervescent pei^onality. "It has nothing to do with my oouehin.c.' 1 he assured, referring to the .sudden arrival of Stewart after high-jumping but 0-2 in high .school. "AH I've ever told him is to lean back a little and to relax . . . perhaps it's been his eoneentrauiij; on tiie high jump and relegating nil the other things he can do ... 1 just can't fijrure that one onl. "U" 1 can just set. Unit Capps unil one more quarU'r-miler, I'll e ^Mickey Mutitie. is e^pc^Cted to .see at least limited duty with the New York Yankees within a feu day* hut is still a doiihifi:." starter for inn American l.caiuie in next Tuesday's All-Star same. Dr. Sydney (iaymir, the Yankees' eluh ph.vsiehui, said Thursday nisht after X-rays of Mantle's injured rijrht Irj; that the youitvc eent-erficlder has ;v sprain of Hiruments. iie said the injury does not appear serious and pre- dieted Mne.tle "could pi-ay in a ilav or two." have a Kivul .inile-n-lny team in Thompson. Stinnett's -IH.2 •; 10-nuiii. hurdles . . . they don't come along :i eotiple yiriirs," he beamed, "That is if his parents have anv- Very often. eomiUK bavk wit!, a muck <ines- thins to tin with it." ' -Would you take a boy out of tie,;i us to Itaytou'ii .lexry Capps' -Hid ,,,,.,, j nl(w thai Heard liie hurdles who's run ;1 H [ : , s a choice of schools. |,,, v (Donald Beard Uvo (hues !'ivshmnn?" eaiiie another I-.IH T v. ('.'upji.s made oi' -MeAdoo a happy sta!,. Imriiies ehamplous (n,:n \\'e're no Ive.iton, I.ittiefii !d"' O r man, Tuesday, siiamis an SMU TiKirnu::!,.) is soin- to Te\as?" Kuekheld. but our answer was letter-of-intent and contract, slip- he shot bavk MUiekiy, eoiifasiiii;; like, "I -Um't third: so." ping it into the mail <ir.d reporting the script slijsMly. \\'!iii-.. on tin- .-.tibjec! of iii: : i good deed over the telephone. ••] |_ c j[ i] 10So hurdlers they're hiit-.-'les, a;ui t!i;i(, «nr was ;,.s Billv fJatilt, fine Fort \Vorth ,,-,, , •••> , K'luil as ::nv, (he S."N3!" nnklin' ., . ,• ,,. , ., , , S n mg to 1 e::as to run second or , ,- , , , •; North Side quarter-miler, and the . ,, . boss turned aiiiiost red in jho same youngster who knocked Lhiril, be exelaimed. i-.,,.,. ;is ,, ( . j,j c > : ,,i,.,| ., ( , : , s ,, ;•„,. <: u , Wally Wilson off the track at the "They tell 'em down then.. Eddi<; nhnlitiivn of the K'^(l-.> :.vii I :! -,v 1055 state meet, is heading for Southern isn't sonna run flu- hiiniles. SMU says Keaton. hurdles but a man would be crazy "If they'll brinji in the ",2u-yard He also thinks iie's got Frt-cl not .to run a boy like thai, in the ineo'hini ImnJles." he awiin-d. ".It'll t'.ivi- our hurdli-rs more- praetii;e at ilu. hei,';ht. hurdle use;l in tile Olyrnpie 4(,'0 meter hurdles. "The.n we wouldn't bt- c-hfisinjr the I : tu.;.sians every fourtii year.'' <sj \Vord out of convention rooms 9 15y HILL HAKTMAiC Sun Sports .Staff EODiE SOUTHERN no longer holds the world's 'nigh school 440-yard record. That he holds it around the usual two curves does little to relieve the shock most Texans will feel at such z thing. Jerrv While, Corcoran HS. Cii!.. DtiaZ^d to ^vi;a\. \v ur.v.'O.ved 10 have be-on a -; ( x;. out 01 2 uiute a:;a.i.:\'ii; Thr \vill nifct the L * I 1 <,::-.nt'i in a tnre- s-nnn- -enes <t:irtins >?(>iu!ay nt ~:?,<i p.m. in the -luiii»r ( 'iKimlM-r D! ("oni- ;n>Te,i ha-rl'iill stadi-.nn. :-C"r.":.::i ;':i.-:-:-r v.vr.-. :•.'.] ;!••- Dici: il"(.re. Fur; ^Vor:h S^ar-Tolc2ra:T; trai'k exp^j'v, •who handled the NCAA, AAV an:; Oiyr.'r-ii.: TnaL- fr.r his p;iper and has a re^t'rvatioi: f-r ihe Olympicn \va..- burned ujj OY-:T U ;:d. "•E. A. the gur.rciEn of n.iticnal schoolboy records, booted one when he accepted the 46.7 by Jerry White of Corcoran h'S. CaL as a new 440 record. "From reliable sources in California, it was adrratted there was no gun?rnok& when the slanor fired tne pisioi. Tha: meant While gained at least three-tenths of u second on his time. The race was oui of the chute and around one turn. "The timers w-c-rc far down the track, had to dick theii watches, then run acro-^ the. field to the finish line. "Too. Caiifornians yell loudest about the Texas wind which help the schoolboys in this state to good times in the sprints and hurdles. But they clip three to four seconds oil iheir times in the 1-50 and SSO by running their races out of a chute. "Most other states have their quarterfinals running two turns and the half-milers four. It's been proved a tinier at a finish line 100-yards away will lose .3 of s. second from time the gun fires until its report strikes his receiving network. Therefore Moore is right in his supposition a smokeless gun clipped a 47-flat quarter to 46.7. The one-curve probably eliminated another A of a second. Any wonder there should be a more thorough, investigation made before recognizing White's run as a new record. STORES TO SERVE YOU BAYTOWN'S LOWEST PRICES SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT ALL FIVE STORES i BONDS » JAMES E. PEPPER I. W. HARPER J. W. DANT As a r,--.uh nf ih,' Tlmrsday ~aine^, tin- Yanks' Dave J?ar-.ilou M-OII itf VVe>! Lnop battiiie rro\vn. t-mlins tiie season with IS hit- in H times at bat for a .!3!» F'-'.!'>v,-:-:r "aim w,-is the Iniiii 5 .:'.?.' Tommy H'.bc-.r:.: v.-i;h 1^ hits in -36 tin--s at the -.-,;ate for :-,?'2. "he P.ed Sox sot 'iv<> single? off Park":-, one rM::-h r ny ,Tc-rry Sl-;'."-^, James Kelly. Pan Lonc,'i::;-e. S:-,"rwood Pte'.vart, nr.d Ciiarii,. HiU. Parker einehed his win in tin" second inning when he slammed a three run home run over tho left field fi.'nc-e. Vinec Voytek a.nd Steve McAfee polrd out two hits each for the Yanks, with singles also coming from Bill Marshal!, Bobby Whalcy, and Robert Oliver. R,-,n.".k- Kh.i,-h acf'ounted for half of the Cub hit?, hauling in two; r.:io !.-. the first and the other in the fifth. Fddi" ("opieauv and .fnlin feet b:-',;mhi in the other half of the Kfar liit-. '<V.-iv:;,-. iv''.l -.',-rtr. 'lie heavy hk- ter f'.r tin- K";, J !-:i:is. ineetir.s the. ball for two double.; ar.i.i a single "It's 'f< Hi r.a' bf a sulnvay series." •Jit 1 Re j: .arii; Dugiit ioshcil Friday morning. Bir. the- Li'tlp Loaj;^',' official -.vas .-c-rioiis '>vhi.':i i't'i'Or!- iiij; Xal:v:;:il i.t-a^ui 1 h'/iLU'i'.;'. 1 !:".!'! s !-.:i.! .ii.-.'.:^-'.'....! for a so-.-.'.r..-i tin:,. !;-..• Eo-irh's Fclton Giant:; play a day ami Thurf'-'v r.i^i'.ts for the mythical Baytown championship. The Yankees won the Wept League title while Ftltor. earnc up Pasa'lp:!?.'. 1 -: II. \\'. M'.\:i:i is Afra IV Distrii-t r'opi'.'.^L'.'^alivv'. :>Tiiki:i s ;:p Aron I\" ;ir-.- ;hf K;iy;n'.vn ivunis. i'.vo f:v..i,, Si^i::;i ! i.'.i:stn:i ;i:.ii -'i''-' r-.r,r, ::M!!: L:ht'i- ! he conversation cranked nriiuiiil !o the S\\ : <! nii'et uk l''u.',et!eviiie rarly in -May. r/isrnissinir any tail; about Sdr'tic Soulheni, Keaton had a fS'.v choice things t:i say about iiay- Muri'ay Foreman. Geor.i;i. Laird town's U'ully \\'iison. and David Alford led the C'uhs al "He's a groat (iiinrtor-ir.iles no-.v Ilolhiway Tis'ers and Lion the plate, each with two hits. In ... how rniuli he'll improve ] Cubs to-f-naitc bast'bnli teams re- all.the Cubs raked enemy hurlinj; -lon't !fn<;W. But I'll tell you one sumed their wimiini; ways in for :b; safeties. ibini;-. he dnrsu't have to improve Thursday nis;iit's doubleheatier A hi fj v( .. nll , ,..,]| % ,,, (]„. as a relay man. . , . at Oiler I'urk. ihird and three more in the fifth '"; ; ' s °"V , °' U1 ? ' H ' Si '" tllc> , .. . ,. , ,, coiiiilrv riunt now. Tne Cubs, first half wmne;.-:. do- sailed the same away for the Tii 'til; Von ".!r Kealc-i featoil the Optimist Giants by a Cub:-. V:'^'t' ;IM'V'woiici'fv'we'Vc-msider o"e-.-'ided 1J to ,j se,">rc. j,, >j; 0 senior e,-'n!.,'.-t .loiinny ICeaton one of the Soi:thwest'.< In the other game the "i'lgers \villiamn and Joe Kenti-ria led the !no-:t colorful figures? p-oi brilHaiH pitching from Charles ^tickers ( u bat. Williams had :l , v ^ a=:ssa ^^.~^^ x ^,^^^ Porter and dt.fealod the Searbor- U HV| , f or u,,.,,,, ni^ht. :! n,l .Ice hit I | uugh K,,-l Sox by H 7 to 1 count. safo]y lim , (; ,, i|; foi|r .^, nT . | p g |jyp|L|C |FP^R^ I iliiees sit liie pli'.U 1 . |i •* faWt'tu'll i v£ tsSoii nili*r- e J.'.lll Hearon of iho Med ^.-: rob- bi'd i 1 orter of a \vhen he tallied the lone S-.ix run in t!i" s,-;:on;l innin;;. A walk. •; ;'i,?id,. r'.-i .-hoici.- and .lohn Davis" elutcii ;-ir.- .il,. ii;-odiic.:',| | he tally. The Timers M-\ved up the gaiiH- with l!i:-ci> r;;ns in (!ic Jir^-l a:ui a rnuiile of i::s;iraner nia.i in (!n- Iliir-l. .'Old the-i |.« p::! !!:;• CH:I- c 1,.-,T. cii-ur 01.t <if sh.;ht. i! ! . •> a.diled | a pair in the si'd;:. O ta ap a s* J $3 I Worm in Piav M..-V Lsr.ii miviri'.'eil to til'-. ].!:?trii-t ns.-.:'t :U L;i .Manj'.m i^oforu losing Mar#:5i!ll".« i:v5 Y'uiki:::S ri,.-fi\u- ,-..1 Tko \VjM:;insha;:i's Painv Bro:-.. Carrie uvo of three for the "\VorIcl aerii.s" chanipionsnir.'. OX The games -.viil begin at T:-i5 p.m. Saturday morning, at S a.m.. t"?.m manuger.s will choose the All- Stars from each league who will represent the loop in the Area IV playoffs to be bold at. Baytown and South Houston beginning July 23. Fourteen pliyors from tho 11-12 year old brackets will be chovscn m each leapuc. Three pitchers will be chosen for each league, eight regular players and three utility players, a catcher, infieldcr and outfielder. Bayiown'.- .'John Sylvester is Area IV Tournament Director nnd E. H. Oliver i.s Assistant Tournament Director. Lopes Tests "| - f 5 J Dnnr-.v ,b!"' ; 'S fro; hits in four '-)"•• -."d li'iL'les wi-r,- :ii»rk- <-.-i ;::•> ; v KI r.riv P.upp, Tonimv Ko- NE\V YORK CUP i—Lightweight ei--v;',-- !;o?,-r VI-.TTS. ' and '.Jack- Joey Lop';:; of Sacrarnenio, Calif,, jV'V,'..': " pits" Ills" Pfico-j and skill against T..','V.- ;•,•:<••., ;-d.i'---J iiir Xo. 'I with Italian Paolo Rosi'f punrh tonight ? ,;,.,.,-..;'., ,.„,; • f; in their TV-radio .10 - i-oundor at Tlv'f'ardinaK meet the Tigers Madisc.i: Square Garden. . i.iti;r.'fir-.'t'-:ii)v as the East TX)JV.S. 25. is favored ?.\ 1,'MO be- J. .— (,,. i;<..-s int.. it> laM f.-uiS'i of hi? coml-incd youth and ,, iv 7, ,",f p.»y: and the tirM ,,,:,r, ; pxpo <, hints s,, Iia re olf wdh the last mg. his formor ranU- 5th 4. 89 5th 5.29 5th 3.69 BOURBONS » BELLOV/S, 86 OLD LOG CABIN. 86 STiLLBROCKS, 86 SARATOGA, 66 W!KDSCK. SO.3 GREENBRIER, Straighf, ,5fh 3.B9 .5fh 3.59 ,55-h 3.39 .51-h 3.19 .5l-h 2.99 .5fh 3.29 outdoors With Jim Nelson ....,-•,;..;,,,; (rr.-.n. on the quit'.- a bit of activity in that. area. ".'.- ['•-'. ••••:< •••a-; ••;-; four Hi- said they were anchor,-.ij fish- Bay town's Lou Gehrig I.-eague will tro into action ni (> p.m. Saturday at .laycce Little League Park when the Citizens National Bank Braves and the Paul Prince White So:<, both with 7—1. records, piny off their first place tie for tho league- championship. Clashing in the second fray will be the Citizens Orioles and the Pan! Prince White Sox. The.-'e are the final Pchedulec! games in tin; Lou Gehrig league championship playoffs will take j place some time next. week. Thero is no chance for any team but the White H:ix or the Braves to take the league championship, sine,,, this i? the final game of the y>-sr and no other team is elo.---e i enough to take over when on,; of j the first place nines '''i>e. Xo schedule for championship piayofis will he announced nr.til | C.-hrig Li-ague and Little Leslie officials have had a e!lan:-e to iTV 1 't, ;ini .sLraii 1 :;'.' 1 :! out eoufiirt.- ing schedules. Until leagues will have their pia /offs in Javeee LitUe League Park. Last, weei: the Hravts HU»mpe,'i the I-'irat-'.-. jl-1. a.tul LJie Orioles the White S-'-'.x. '.!•'••. A trophy has been received and will be presented to tho winning team. K was donated by Texas Service Station Association, an organisation composed 1 of all service sta! ion agents and dealers in After Tuesday people can view the tr»phv in the window of Robson's .leweirv store. If will also lit: .shown at .laycee Park during VV1MBLKDON. r!v ! '^. ! ' ''' -- Blon.l l..t v -.v H,ia.,.! an i li.n'k-h-.ure.i ICun !"lc~"w:ii!. the two 'Jl-ycar-oi'i stars wii'i htivu ni'ule AiiiLt';.iii;i. ._ J ' :i ' • s -- ; '-'' v -- ^ "King of ihe ienn.i:; world, faced '."un." "" ; ' •'•'•• 1 --'•> ea,-ii otlyr today in the hrst all- Giants .'n:.' did IP - r, Aussio final round in the history .Jennings. Alfunl and Vvoif; Hop- of tho Wimbledon tcr.tii.i champion- per, Oiney, C. ].\avi.--. Uo'.id and ships. Aeo-ita. Top-seeded Hoad. appearing in i|u<j So\ Oifi ueo o the finale here for the first lime, 1 igers '.02 i.'O'J .v.--, wa.s a slight favorite to down sec- •'• JJ-ivio. Kearon. Prichaa! and ij:i<:!-~e:e.ded iiosewall. who Ins! to Odom; Porter and Rentei-ia. .'hu-o.-lav Droijiiy in the :i!»">•! finals. ^,in«•• »«»gr-ni«».^.-v.j-.-.-^m^i^juja^vt^ Tho winner will be the lirst Aus- « tralian to litild tin; title sir.ce 3 Frank Scdgman in JP'.L 1 . | The final round in women'? sin- 3 gle.s, matching yurpfi.sing .Shirley *, Fiy of St. Petersbui-g. Fin., and ^ Britain's Angela Buxton, will be held Saturday. Hoad and Rosewall both gained tho men's singles finals by beating Americans, thus making the Aussics an oven heavier favorite to retain the Davis Cup this year. After Rosewall ousted Scixas on QQCI Wednesday, Hoarl ripped through ^mro Ham Richardson of Wcstfiuld, N.J., ,1-6. G-!. 6-2, G-l, COOL GREEN '52 HARDTOP XK\V TUTO.NF. r.\i.vr— iv'ADio— . KXCKU.I-;.\T A TEXAS I-HOM: «isr. I934 RQCKIK'G CHAIR, 30 5?h 2,99 SUNNYBROOK, B!> 5fh 3.69 DON'T FORGET! WE WILL HEEUHY"" ADVERTISED PRICE [N THIS AREA. .. .... Mir.n:; ;!:'• birds v.-ork..-i:l right up ', ''('•".''.]' i;vi--r'' ; -::;':n and to til- ir They • ;ij«tu ;ib(v.i:. ' ".'.-.•••'• i• it'-.'v't',":"•,:•-• '' :itr;k.. 1 •"•''* l»jn:>is of tronl before th', ...'- v, •• ,• •,•;.:; ,.ir.i:''--ti Tne wind fnrer-d them to qliJl nbont M . ••,'•,',:<• • .I'.-i.-nn d 2'.- in< h'-s orlla.m. -. .'..„.;! ,.[•>•-:• and « hnlf -.";• ,-:-:i-v :i Mr. Champ TUKSJI U'ATKU DAVID AP.XlC'i'T :i:vi II' . b- rt Jl<"-i)ert'-'l the Ka.«t. Fork up i IN Till: ( i."T It's smart to SEAGRAM'S GIN, 90 . . . OLD SMUGGLER. 86 .... MR. BOSTON VODKA, 80 5th 3.69 .. . .Bib 5.29 5'.-h 3.09 IJUt'KBO.N' PPEMiUW QUALITY OLD HICKORY BOND *>.QQ «S U'VS \* r • ' <rff brn BE SURE YOU ARE IN A SUW-TEX STORE — BUY FROM THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE KNOWN FOR THE LAST 19 YEARS — MRS. SAW PERLWAN AND SON, UTAH. WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD. 1302 WAIN £08 W. MAIN 12 N. COMMERCE 2512 MARKET 112 N. MAIN .,".."/•'" ,,-':"•,,,,. ••.-,-. •-:)-/••..» ton Tuesday morning and had a •• MI .'-.r'ii.:.'i there .-•.:.'! i;'»s r,-ai i"i;;,. day on bass. They were 1 .,,, :;- ,.,,!!:.::g ','.'•:•:.} t!'.;'!*. nn-a. bass of which five v.-, re over"e -.:•.- '.-.. ,.-:'i (.; ;!.."..-..i; n'-an-st pour.d.s and two were over fum :.!.<.'. :.':i' :e :i'. bail, i.-, 'hvi::g' Of cours'-, fUl fresh water fishi.".^ ;•;, slow.- down tiurin^' the ;-'t\. ,,f!i-! 'if i;;,.- !•', .',: :.i. r er,:.:";i j,e ,; tii..-. the vi >tr and in < ;>,:••• you hadn't: no- v. 1 .; ',-. v.'h-' 1 :: :.'• ar.'i :iis W!','- tict-'i it has b'-en hot Kak' 1 Moi:S- • ,•;;•:;••.• ::-. •• i,.;: ''.<; ..'I'l'-r.' ;•.:',•: w!;, :e fi.-h ,an find a wat'>r t.em- ••::::':,,i f',r ;/,:;. r.n/i V.'i!lie M.-.y ]'.-<•], ihe fish biting 'nru ibe :-•:.,, ;.,,' '';•;•' .-,•:,/. :o :: --anrii-'t:;! i« shallow ink'-s lik'- tl:e ipni-rvc-iir. Tile aiiovc r"pr>rt ;;-: f>.XK i> iir.'^.y try::-.- :r, <\f, jire.-, nt. : •h:-i fc - >: •'. ::. '::• w."-:<:..".• r. ">":'•': \ :.-::.. ei ,;.,i'!:i;: .-.:•.-, r-.";.-;:; the V.\f'ATfC>\ P/H'Xn ' •y !-,ij.-li v.;::i: ihat. r:.:n t.'••': THIS \VlhJ> b" I-H' la'-:. r-r,l:in.n -•'.i. i.(/:!,'.:i i:; 1 , "'• e h ,: • 1 - 1 .';:^" - u -, ••]'.* beea/ise '. 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