Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 31, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
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Tuesday, March 31, 1942
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lifi»i: : -" -y „.;>:.. MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Tuesday, March IT,.'1942 Jy Margaret Turner, J iP.'everybody cuts the use of pa- i per for'grocery bags 50 percent, ihcrc will be 300,000 tons ot paper /reed for ether more necessary ' Uics in the war. See if you can cut , Jri: h'aU, or even more, the bngs ' y<ju use. '..- Carry a market basket when you : KO to shop. Be tiure, If you buy one, Dial it's strong enough, not toa heavy, arid lias n sturdy han- .dJc. Or use n large paper sack, the kind borne self service stores pro^ .vide, See how many limes it can jfO to m;ir){Ct before it must be discarded for a nc'A' one. J T you don't like these ideas, try n cotton string bag. Take Johnny's ploy wagon to market to pack ^vilh n week's grocery supplies. £You'ILsave money, too. It you buy all yoif r.ecri lefa week nt n Ump,> Pi Xf«j'Q\X*v« slnvlcd riding a bJcyclo f-i fastea-a baikcl to the handlebar*. f •' *-'.i)Oa t'ajk th«J gvoc«)r to put oVerj' ? kr lie!?,'y.OU buy in a separate pA- ?- ...per V>dg,' or to uso n bag ot sheet • r .of paper to As-cop: np^ckixjei'thst I came 'already \vrappod by ; tho ' mn'uufnclurcr. Only faod 1 tnat' is .! apt lo -'. sweat,' l*ak or • spoil -, by- touching other, foods needs Special • wrapping. ,' • ''•'"•'•.; ! Every scrap ot pnpet you'; s"ave ;• by trying soina of these.ccomofiks j mnkc it easier to .provide.'.for i America's qS-senUal- -homo .'front i heeds, as well as those .along 1 our \. battle lines. ••••'• ';'•.'•'-. : -..'-:'.'-' ' ' • . < * *' ; - ---.''-1. '•>'' [ -•-MUSICAL'.GENIUS •'••••".'•'• i rPKOSE of. us who attended; TeX- . 4- ss Tech.during its early exist! eace Well remember Prof. \\\ R-. i: WashornQ ov Dick Washonu> as he •prcf erred,-lo be called as one who .to Ihe inslUultou K-rlch .... of: music as \vell 'as to institute cherished tra- aif, some Of \vhkh have since "by. the board, but which ./vdH -live :lu ,ouc meiViodes.- .'• - : . -Next lo his beautiful slid charming wife s 'Idr, "Waghorno . loved -Vnxistc more- thari anything iri .the Vorld, Even.during his last iliness tvheu his graceful hands were no longer able to hold a. peucll he aikefl. her lo sii dose "by his bed while-he 'dictated harmonies-run.- niitg through h/s head. Rhythm dominated his life. AW are think. Ing" oi a time <last 'fall -when p.aiii •"wracked his body aiid .tore'at his Jiead so KB found sleep impossible. Several young couples plan- ned' to his son's house lor .an. ev'-s rung of. old-lash ioned dsiiccs and warded to call it oif alter they K"€ard ot Mr. \V r aghom,c?s illness. He not onlj' insisted, that-they .come on? he got up,- dressed and teugh'i Ihem the steps to ''Teu .l^rjstlj. Girls" arid other steps he haa'kn'6\vri since hejwas a young rnan;•'" , ' r • ' • : '' He;loved the Beautiful in art, in Bature and in litenduie, looking "on'-the.'bYst in every phase of life as'; closely linked with music, ; ' .When we recall our. college memorial ot -Mr. AVaghorne, his Creat'talent as an organist comes vividly to mind. He was playing *.nd directing a' choir simultaneously long before it .became the popular thing to do. He'could sway in. audience to- N tears -and .move .tKern to prayec bi' ^tho^e beautiful tones. , f' • . ,AVe beliuye that', the. beautiful fieyer dies: and-that somewhere in that place. of - eternity. that knows lib .pain, no -Heartaches, no-want' xur-.despair, Djck Wagh'omts is'car- ryJLng'onin composing and playing music that ••will l!,ve forever, "just : as;.the irispirational choruses and ,'c'antaUs he wrote will live with us forever. ».- •'« *• .MORALS, WARTIME 1. are some misfortunes of ..- ; -,— that \von.'t appear in the. ^official communiques but \vhich ;Arnenca.ns will have to "take" - alSSg with the rest Heory M. "••Grant-i director ot iamily relations .^center in San Francisco.lists them 05al 4343 For The Avalanche-Journof Offlc«» Church Federation Members Realize Dream: Program Held'In Center ..-.-/ i i . • . - - .. ,, Book Is Reviewed By Mrs. 0. L. Byrd In a crowded chapel that 5s the dream of five years of work, sacrifice and prayer, approximately 150 members of the Church Federation met in Community Center, SixU) street and Avenue B.. Monday afternoon for their first fifth Monday afternoon program in 1942. The Center was sponsored by the Federation and Monday afternoon Mrs. W. B. Irvin, president of the group, explained that the project for -.his year is to pay for: 14 pews. The seven pews already in the chapel \v<Jre hardly adequate Monday and after chairs, benches s»d Lwx<?s hncl been moved in and stn'cral women sat, on the plat- fdcnii thecft Vtei'o Sttll others standing nroUnd the room* . ' • • • ' V ,', '• Activities'. Underway I; i - Mrs* . L'oy'd - JEUcke.Us, '/secretary, vend a . reorl .prepared by' Mcs~ Paul LaVuity srtd _ Y/v> Q- _ Johnston ' outlining, activities .Underway, In the Community Center at present \vMcU include services Sunday atternooii and fun night Friday of. each v.'cek, lied Cross first aid classes, the "Well Baby cluite sponsored 'by the Lubbock Junior "Welfare league, hot lunches served lo 'children attending Sanders' school, woodcraft classes, a Bible' class, a library and a food, clothing and 'garden seed commls-. sary. ' • •• . . Mrs. Johnston gave the opening prayer. Mrs. Leo Waite - led the tfrOUp In. slngtrtf,' "Blest Be The- Tie,". with Mrs. Raymond George at the piano. , ' ' • . Mrs. O. L. Byre! gave a scholarly review o£ Pearl S. Buck's newest book. "Dragon Seed" and the' Treble -Cjof chorus, • directed by Mrs.'lEtols. ElHotUwlth •Mrs. Laverty. nt tlie piano sang four numbers: America, 3,'hs Beautiful, The Lord's'" Prayer, The Year's at the Staving; snd The Lord Bless You nud-Keop .You. . , ;'_ • Mrs. levin. J gave .' the - ; benediction. '•• -: • . '• •' • -, ':,''.,?.' ' . - •33AL2LA5, Miss Carol .-Krueger,' daughter 1 , ot Br. and Mrs. 3* T.' KruegclV will arrive in" Lubbock • Friday,^ from, the Hockaday. scbool.ln-'C'JDnllas; Alice. a; visit her d : ;oy c isthe 1 ' Jdaiter holidays, she \vill> fetuVn''Id'•Dal- las April lS>-aV.^*' •will. be, resumed. Qirl Scout News Lubbock Girl Scouts will climax a year's work with a court of awards Thursday at 7:30 p. m., Bt the Junior High school auditorium. During the pait the girls have earned numerous proficiency baugos which will be awarded by Mrs, K. H. Van Aken, commissioner. Troops .1 and 2 will present "The History of Girl Scouting" in a pantomine which is to be read by Mrs. Bc-rt Collard, jr., leader of Troop 10. The panto- mine will be given in an effort to bctler acquaint parents and friends ot SccMts with the activities of the Girl Scout program. Everyone interested in Girl Scouting i:t invited to attend the Court of Awards. The Parent-Teachers association of Hoscoc Wilson school presented Troops 1 and 2 with money to purchase l.roop flags last week when the two troops were gousts at the P-TA meeting, Jeanine Young received the money for both troops, 'and the girls repeated the Girl ScoUt'promlse for the group of parents and teachers. New_ Patrols Formed 'N4v/"pa'lrols >have been formed in Tro'op 5. Katherlne Sensabaugh is -to be the new leader of the Ho'memakmg patrol; Jewell Alfce Pharr, leader ot the Out-of-Doors and INalure patrol; and Mary Alice Moolcu, leader of the girls who \yill soon recelve ; their second class badges. ».'•-• • . ^ Mrs. F. If. Childress, -leader, surprised the'girls with a birthday cake in honor of the girls who hive.had birthdays during the past (h'rfje months.'". • .. . • . •• - .Troop'' 12.has been busy com- pleting-the'requirements and tests for the first' aid badges, and 12 girls will receive this badge at the Court ot. Awards Thursday.' The entire troop has just completed music and dancing activity for the second class badge. - . HappyjHou rO Meet -For . 'HejnbcrsY-Cx£ the ' Happy Hour Needle.' club -\vill ! tnccYr aV Ihe'home oi "-Mrs. ,j;-E.\. . ,, Friday ior a 1 o'clock' luEcKeon.'. Mrs; R..T» Bertram "will be assistant-hostess. ture, but it lolly to suppose that these war marriage.'; -«re as stable a? even the highly Unstable ". .average American ' .marriages. , ".'•.- . . - • - . ".When" he comes back fronvAvar the" soldier, is going to : be'.ch'angeu. r 7'A1 general' loosening" of personal " ' " . .. ; "JVidespread dislocation bt normal romantic' relationships ot the younger .generation. ;. : AVhigh .divorce rale immediale- ' the, war. ' , . '•.Spread ot social diseases. '. '. as a- class are reckless '- in t 'tKe!r personal relationships a'ud ' •; alv^sjrs ; hisvo-becn,"- Grant- says. ".'VThey enter into .sex relations .•liShXly.;.and.".get .-rnarrJed lighlbv >Thejyconsider.they v re going-to war , ani^vayi" possibly to:'get; killed, au'd 'they4Tnay;-as"\vcM:haye. a good timo while ' they ; can, 'And whv blame them? . ''The boy who thinks he is really in love and marries of course presents a more wholesome pic- mentally and emotionally. : World war tnarriages sirnply didivt. work, and- divorces in 1920 ' arid 1921 increased jsriafply.". - = '.' '•.".'•••"*..:*.••.*••. It certainly ffives'you. something to think about.- The. Woman's. Angle was sitting , at -a dinner .table the other night t vfilh several women, most of them who werb' slightly past being middle-a'ged. Ayoun woman brought up the subject a war marriage, adding 'that she and her soldier fiance plannqd; to wait until after the Avar wh'eii-.they. could establish, a home and-really enter into the; conlra'cl_"o"t living that the: stale of marriage. means., ^ Not one person- iri-_the •" group 1 agreed -with her. Each'sug^csted'to her that she marry now, get what happiness-^ she . could • and 5n the event that' her.; husband -were sent to .foreign, 'service', an'd perhaps killed at least she .'would have memories. It puzzkd xis somewhat. Theiq women arc the sort who will. be called on to help other young ptpple • With their problems. If they' advocate marriages that can exist'fov only a few weeks, a few months-'at best and then be disrupted. wh-le the husbands arc gone, -will they also help solve the. grave', social problems that will aris'e/JtrQm such procedure? ', ,1s it better to have a slice of cake now than to wait and have a whole cake after the war. is over and \vc are writing the 'peace? What do you think? The Woman's Angle will be glsd to have' nn this question. .-.Efononngi'.chilorcn-- fronv the church-" -departments" "and-. class rooms, Easier'egg-hunls'.are being pianiicd-herb.for Friday and Saturday. ,",• .„• •-..,.- .....';«. - The' first beginners "of'First Methodist ^Sunday:- school '.are .to meet vat v ther.churchy at- • 3 .''o'clock Satutday-alternoon -for'.their Hunt. Mrs.'C. A- JRoss is superintendent oMhis group. ."..'.- - - -.. -For. Episcopal School Beginners of St Paul's Episcopal church school attend a choir practice and egg hunt at the : church Saturday morning volunte ered to R1TZ CRACKERS" • Th» tempting fi»\-or «M high Aro*r-. rf ?\-*r SOO vnrictiei of biieuit hatf<J by Nnbisco, To b« *ut* of and jxu buy — locV for th* on 8AKIE 1Y KMlSSfi • XAflOKU EiSCSIT C8XPAKY Irom 10. until 11 o'clock. .. R, Young is superintencent'ot this department 'Other- - children > will meet at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. MarlW'Allcn-=2402 F9urth street, at 2 o'clbck that afternoon for hunt; •".' ''..•" .' , Mrs., Young: is-planning a yard rty^',for her. kindergarten class -Frida.y. morning, at h,er home, 3112 Twenty-second street'. . "First Baptist beginners- 4-A will church Thursday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock for a hunt Mis. "Guy Smallin fs superintendent.. At 3- o'clock* that afternoon primary department (6 and years) will meet at the activities center- Mrs. George Berry is superintendent. The Sunbeams will meet at the ,home ot Mrs. Raymond Dunn, 1318 Sixth street, with Mrs. L. H. Barley, assisting. They are asked to ,bring baskets. Tech Aljjmnae Make Plans For Social When members ot the LubbocK county chapter o£ Tech home economics alumnae held the last njeeting of the current school year Saturday afternoon, they planner n social for sometime in June. Mrs J. G. Kcycs.- 2217 Thirty-first street, was hostess. Mrs. Aubrey .Edwards was elected vice chairman of the local chapter. Mrs. Roc Bavousctt and Misses Lila Ailred and Phyllis Drake t-avc highlights ot n summer spent m I-Jew York. .Scout Leader? Club To Meet Wednesday Girl Scout Lenders club meet Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock at the Scout Little House. Buy A Defense Bond TODAYI COMMON SENSE.. proved thousands upon rftousancfc of fi'mesl ALL-VEGETABLE LAXATIVE » In NR (Nature's Remedj-) Tablets, utere arc »:o chemicals, na tn ; .ntrals» »:•> phenol derivatives. NR Tablets arc different— ad different. Psirtly reftlabl- —a combination of TO vegetable ingredients formulated over 50 years a>ro. Uncoatcd or candy coMitf. their notion is dependable, thoroush. j-et Ecntl r . ?5 milliora of NK's have rrovrd. Get a 25^ box tcxJrj-... or larger economy si:e. NR TO-X1GHT; TOHOKROW AUilGNT Wedding Announcements Are Of Interest To People Of Lubbock And The South Plains Today's Events. .. Ot interest to people of Lub-'j) >ock and the South Plains were) he announcements Monday of the marriages of Miss Opal Penney and Othor Johnson; Miss AHa Buiby and Stephen Novak; Miss ielon Cantreil and Howard Beach, r.; Miss Ovena Paschal and Thomas Copelin and Miss June Jary and C. B. King. Details of he weddings follow. Mrs. P. B. Penney of 1405 Nineteenth street, is announcing he marriage of her daughter, Miss Opal Penney, to Othor Johnson, son of Mrs. J. R. Johnson of 1614 Avenue M. The ceremony was •cad Saturday at 8:30 o'clock in ^ovingtorj, 'N. M., in the. home of vlrs. Roy Beasley with Rev. Dean Brookshire, pastor of the Church of Christ, officiating. Mr. Johnson is district manager 'or the Motor Carrier Insurance agency. The couple will be at home in Lubbock. Novak-Busby Hit«s Miss Alta Busby, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Busy Busby of Cotton Center, and Stephen Novak, of Lubbock, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Novak of Biooms- jurg, Pa., were united In marriage Saturday night at the home of VIr. and Mrs. Luke Tannery, 2701 Twenty-fifth street. Rev. W. E. Peterson, pastor of the Asbury Methodist church, officiated. The bride wore a navy blue •edingote suit with black patent accessories and a corsage of Sweetheart roses. Guests were Mr. and Mrrf. Tan- svy, Miss Hilda Stolle, Miss Verva Busby, a sister of the bride, and Mr. and Mrs. E. Rodgcrs. The couple is at home in Lub- oock, * Announcement has been received here At the marriage of Vtiss Helen Cantrel! of .6n, D \C. f daughter of Mrs. C. A. Cantreil of Plainview, and Howard Payne. Beach', jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. H.-'P.,Beach of Washington, D. C. The..marriage ceremony took olace Saturday, March 21, at Trinity Protestant Episcopal church, St. Mary's City, Md. .-.The ,bride, was graduated from Texas Technological college with a "B: A'.-degree^ com- mercial'art; in. 1937. She was a rnemberJof.Saris-Souci social club. She has beeh'in Washington since May doing drafting work with 'the Civil Aeronautics administration but is to transfer to the Office of Produclion-Management this week. 'Mr. Beach, .who" has been employed _as chief draftsman for the CAA airport' division, is to receive a commission in the'navy soon. He designs seaplane bases. He at- lended C»lurnb'ia: university for four year:;-and has a law degree from Southeastern university. The" couple is living in d new home in Washington. Ceremony''Rcad.In Home The home of the officiating minister, .Rev. John T. Clinton, 1916 Avenue O, was scene for the marnagc.of-Miss Ovena Paschal and Thomas Spencer Copelin. The ceremony was read Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. - The • bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Paschal of near-Lubbock. •. Word has been received here of the marriage of Miss June Gary; daughter of Mr. and Mrs • R. W. Gary of O'Donnell, and C. B. King of the Lubbock Armv Flving school and formerly of Tahoka. Birthday Party Honor To Wayne Dean, 14 As an. honor to their son, Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dean of 1301 Thirty-third street, entertained Saturday at their home with a birthday party. The honoree was 1-1 years old. Guests were Peggy Jean Adams. Atene Graves, Iris Inez Jeffcoat, La Juana Dean, Billie Anita Foster, Fred Adams, Bobby Bell. Forrest Bell, Wanda Faye McGourirk. Betty Sue Horton. Bobbie Nell Fisher, Marie h-hiliips, Margaret Grizzle. LaTrell Johnson, Ronnie Kent, Bobby Jones, Loye Curry, Billy Ray Joties, Billie Marie Bridwell, Louise Dean, Weldon Hooker, Doshia Del Jackson, Beverly Aycocfc, Mrs. W. B. Lamb nnd Mrs. G. E. Holmes. Rev. C. J. McCarty Is Lesson Leader Hev. C. J. McCarty taught a Bible lesson at the Arrcett Benson Study class meeting Monday afternoon with Mrs. A. R. Pendley. 27QS Ruby street. The class will meet next Mondaj- afternoon at the Locust Street chapel. Attending were Mesdames L. S. Bradford, C. A. Pendley, R. J, Rich, J. A. Presslev, «A. L. Scott C. O. White.-. C. A. McSpadden, O. B. Pollard, L. W. Parker. G. W. May, L. W. Simmons. E. S. Lydia, J. L. Blair, C. J. Carter. R. A. Codings. Bryan Landers. Rov Wells, Forest White, Horace Gore, and Charles Noble. -K -K -K MRS. STEPHEN NOVAK "Family Patterns" Topic For Society For programs built around the theme, "Improvement in Fan ily Patterns," circles of the Asbury Methodist Woman's Society of Christian Service met Monday afternoon. Mrs. J. C. Richards, 2213 Twenty-first street, was hostess for the joint meeting of the Kitty Bond nd Ada B circles. Openin 0 prayer -Es given by Mrs. M. L. Eagle, Mrs. Penn Bailey gave a. devotion and Mrs. E. T. Abernethy s;mg, accompanied by Mrs. Bon- ncr Cummings. The lesson topic •wns tUscusscd by Mrs. N. M. Lowery. "Divorce While You Pay" was subject .for Mrs. C. M. Blake and Mrs. Richards spoke on "Marriage Repair Shop." The closing song was "Blest Be the Tie that Binds." Eighteen members and three visitors were present. Mrs. Martin Is Leader Mrs. Wayne Martin led a devotion and taught the lesson on 'Improvement in Family Patterns" at the Naomi Ruth circle meeting. Mrs. Earl Ellison, 2304 Twentieth street, was hostess with 16 members and a visitor in at- tendsn'. 1 '?. . Mrs. E. L. Lansford presided for business. Closing prayer was led by Mrs. E..D. Smallin. Mrs. J E Walter gave a lesson on ."Growing Together in the Family" ct the Mary Martha circle mceMnR in the home of Mrs. J. H. Williamson, 160G Avenue Y. Mrs. Williamson discussed "Marriage—Its- Obligations" anc Pint Chrlitlaa Wo&ikn'* council, JJ *. i., to 6 p. m., church. Red Cross tewing. First Baptist Rebrlcah class, 3 p. m »c- ii'lties center. Tuesdzy Bible class. 3:30 p. m.. Mrs W '. Raybon, 1110 16th 6t. • ' ' Treble. cieJ chorus, 4:15 n. m., Firs' TesoyU.'lan chucch. 'Red Cross Home Nursing course, tpon- ored by George M. Hunt P-TA; 9 i o 11 . m., school; Mrs. Don Recder, ir.ftruc- H«d Cioss Home Ximl:i; coi/isc, znon- ored bjr George n. Bean P-TA; 1 to 3 ^m., school; Mra. C. ^Adncu, insiruc- Home Nursing rourse, sponsored by Georse R. Bean P-TA; 7:30 to 9:30 p. m. ehool! Mrs., Robert McBurne;-, Instructor. R«i Cross First -Aid course, 3 to 5 .. room 110 of Senior High trhool; spon- ored by P-TA council; Miss Kathleen In- ram ,instructor. Friendship, clufo. 3 p. m., Mrs. Ttov Vomack, 2423 25th St. Mrs. A. L. Daniel Honored At Shower As a courtesy to Mrs. A L Daniel, bride, Mrs. Buel Boles' 2704 Twenty-fourth street, entertained with a shower Saturday afternoon at her home from 3:30 :o 5 • o'clock. Co-hostesses with VIrs. Boles were Mesdames \V C Barnett, T. Teal and D. A. Atkins' The honoree was Miss Mona Goodnight before she married Lieut. Daniel March 5. A military mohf was featured with red, white and blue flowers forming a centerpiece and miniature flags as plate favors. Miss Dorothy Jean Barnett gave a reading, '"Husbands." Margaret Atkins presided at the register and Mrs. Young Newsbm assisted in the dining room. 'About 40 guests called. HETUHN TO HOME Mrs. Irving Hall and Miss Lucille Hall .returned to their home here after visiting relatives in Colorado City over the week end. Mrs. J. F. Thomas gave a scripture lesson. Mrs. Fred Johnson led the group in prayer. Refreshments were served to eight members and a visitor. A lesson was taught by Mrs W. 1 E. Hamilton" at the Susanna Wesley circle meeting. Mrs. \V H. Hindman, 1219 Nineteenth street, was hostess. . A devotion vas given by Mrs. W. E. Peterson on "Aids to the Devotional Life." Members took part in a discussion. Thirteen members were present. Dinner Is Courtesy To-Bridal Parly Mrs. R. L. Durham, 1515 Thirteenth street, gave a dinner at her home in honor of Miss Claudine Cook and feminine, members of her b'ridal party after rehearsal Friday night. Robert Vail, bridegroom-elect, gave a. supper for his attendants at the same time. Decorations ana table service carried out the bride-elect's chosen colors.of white, chartreuse and bottlegreen. Guests were Miss Cook; her mothsr, Mrs. C. B. Cook; her bridal party members, Misses Roberta Palmer of Albuquerque, N. M., Edwina Gilbert of Hamlin and Jacqueline Westerfetd of Dai- las arid Mrs. Orville Walker of Austin; wives whose husba-.ids were in the wedding, Mesdamej H. L. Kipp, J. Fenton Harding, Cash Stanley and W. I. Pittman; Mrs. Curtis Bray; Mrs. E. Waldo Trotter, organist; Miss Helen Price of Fort Worth; Mrs. O. C. Walker of Austin and Mrs. James Gilbert of Hamlin. . A number of parties was given for the bride-elect last week, including a breakfast Saturday morning at which Mrs. L. A. Godwin was hostess and a small dinner party given by Mesdames George Pierce and Stanley in the Chimayo room of the Hilton hotel. Council Plans For District H-D Meei Eighteen Home Demonstration clubs were represented at the Lubbock County Home Demons- tartion council meeting held Saturday in the courthouse. The following committees were appointed for the District Home Demonstration association which will be held at the First Baptist church April 11. Welcoming committee: Mesdames VV. H. -Lona Porter Garrett, A.- C. Woodruff A. B. Allen, C, R. Rogers, and Ada Karris. Registration committee, Mesdames J. H. Barnett, H, P. Ragan and Chester Gilmore; flower committee, Mesdames E. W. Brown ~ O. H. Scott, R. A. .Pendley and Miss Mon.-. Keeler. Luncheon committee. Mosdames W B. Jeter, S. R. Jordan and Bailey Guess; parlimeritarian Mrs. J. E. Gary. ' The Arnetl - Benson, . Cooper, Hurlwood, Posey, Slide and Union Home Demonstration clubs were 100 percent in representation/ J. E. Garrisons Are Home After Visit Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Garrison of 1402 Main street, returned to their home Sunday night after a motor trip to the Rio Grande region. They left Lubbock the : first of March. ..While in Corpus Ghristi they visited with their daughters, Misses' La Verne and Louise Garrison who teach school there. Buy A, Defense Bond TODAYI H \ LOST 52 Lbs.l" WEAR SIZE 14 AGAIN —MRS. C.D. WELLS, FT. WOltrH •<Aa Pictar«d H«r« Tcu tin loif Tij3j pounds «n4 have 4. mote tl«nder, eraeetal fiRUtt. AO drugs. No exerciEir.ff. Eit plenty noUtoe?, re car, entry. et?n bntttr. is ATDS rim jou don't cu» out *ny me*!5. elJirrhes. potato^. meats or tmtlir. jou fimplj cut- toem down. It's easr ifhcn yc - j rnjoy * delicious (ritimm for:;. fed) ATDS More each mca!. Ah. .. Trr i Urcc bor fit ATDS. SO-i:? supply oolj JC.25. Money bar): H' you tion't cc; remits. Just phsse 6303. 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