Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 19
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 19

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 19
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AVALANCHE-JOURNAL— Tuesday Evening. April 8. 1 975 Drugs Probed In Capital By DON KENDALL those reports were being check-! <WASHINGTON' (API — In- cd by department investigators., veyt.igators have turned up e\i-| Oilier sources, however, saidi deuce of gambling and dniRJat least one ROvermneiM female peddling in the Agriculture Department and sources say pros-. litution also may be involved. Joseph R. Wright Jr.. assistant secretary for administration, said Monday thai preliminary findings of department rmplo\c was being investigated i for alleged prostitution and that others jiui.v bo involved in inquiry. The sources said thai l>oth| department aiders may vice probe. Onp official said personnel <md mil-, be involved in ihe' investigators on alleged Rambling and drug; traffic have 1 Agriculture Secretary Ivirl ripen turned over to District ofjRulz hart not been ndvisort Columbia police. ithe investigations. "Vie bad reports of these and l.alc In Aflcvnnnn we did an investigation." L.: of: Incidents associated wi'li thp investigations were nllogrrt to; have occurred mostly late in the afternoons in the depart-! ment's huge "Soulh Ruild'ing"; across the street from Ihe rle ' s administration where Hut/, has Wright said in response to a newsman's Questions. "And il did involve questionable activities which we had to look at. Our final i-eports haven't, been finished, and I hnven'i heai'dlp a r t iv, r n t from the police whether they (headquarters will be taking any act inn.' 1 jliis offic-o. Sex Ring, Tnn? j Two qualified source? spr-cu- A Dislric-l police departmentllatcd that the alleged gamhlinsj, spokesman declined to rom i^rclativclv minor" and wore nient on the matter. He said i! r're-latively minor 1 ' <inr) we was customary that no rom-,nol part, of an organi/.ed crime ments he made in sueh case. 1 ; ; ocenni/:;ition. until they have been cleared (or The- Agriculture Depitrlmr-nl ppbtic release. ; is located ahoul a mile from! •Wright said he could not com-iCapitol Hill and the While Tfient on rumors that a sex ringJHousc. Approximately 10.000 has hcen operating on depart-'federal employes work in the rrlenl. premises but indicaloVoiHra] complex of buildings. Siiyder Residents Greeted With Higher Gas Rates SXVDER (Special) - A 100 per cent pass through gas rate 2S. gained approval of the Sny- 2S. gained approvalof the Sny- rier City Council in special sos- sicm here Monday. said it appears thai even $1.27 Lone Vaca is a Star has to pay bargain. Look in; the; Lo-i to July 1 Food Stamp Increase Planned WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's 18.5 million food stamp users will get. a cost-ot-living increase in benefits on July 1, according Lo new calculations by the Agriculture Department. Stamp benefits for a family of four, for example, will go up about $S a month from current changes in retail food prices. allowances to reflect a rise in grocery costs since last summer. department's computed cost for an 'economy" meal plan in February. The economy meal plan is used by the department in set- In food February plan cost the economy a four-member household including two elementary school children an av- ting fond stamp allowances forjcrage of $162 per month the needy people. The allocation is I department said. as meat and that are found adjusted twice a year to reflect The Average Of SIC'J economy food cost in i February is used to set July Although not yet official, thejl benefits, and its cost next Au- July 1 food stamp allocation'gusi will determine stamp allow-as indicated Monday by the cations next Jan. 1. Thus, the July 1 food stamp allocation for a four-member family will be $162 a month a 5.2 per cent increase from the S1S4 a month in effect since the first of the year. As determined by the department the economy plan in- Roswell To Become Export Center For Livestock If Plan Approved of the plan, said that initially horses and breeding cattle and brmceding sheep would he ex- trios from Texas. "Mexico is by far our biggest export customer," he added. McDonnell said ported from the. Roswell air- that the Union of South Africa field, which has the longest run-j is the second largest importer ROS W KLL (Special)-The New Mexico Department of Agriculture and State Department of Development have put their support behind a plan that may turn Roswell and southeastern! way in New Mexico. |of Texas livestock." stock cjfnorUn'e'center" 8 ^ 01 ' ''^"i Tcvas ''"Wain Itevicn-crf j Diet/ said after McDonnell's AI T-.'- • j i' r'' Dari-Dll McDonnell, o x p o r i ! presentation that the New Me.xi- 4u XT ' . puly dlfecl01 ' °> director for ihe Texas Depart-ico Departmenl of Development the *ew Mexico Department ot: mctu nf Agriculture, met re-i is taking a more active interest Development, said that he is ccntly in Rosvvoll with Ln Agri .jin agricultural development. He *intii-»ti cl i n t ITT ( t Viri TVMi** /~V*v* , . ~ .... *- • *fi . ...... . ' ,.-,,.. , L-^IJVJ v ill ItUOVYL _ optimistic that the Four Cor- ;cullure Council of Chavcs"Coun-'said that in the past, his .tiers Regional Commission will |tVi Dict7 and Dr Charles !|iai't men t has interpreted dei decide in April to fund the ex- Greene port proposal. New Mexico Department of -Agriculture, marketing more manufacturing. "We are DicU has asked the regional research director, commission to fund the pro- He said. Texans sold some $15 gram at, an annual rale $50.000. This amount would qfj'million worth of : livestock be j foreign countries last year. in in addition to S40.000 he is seek-1 McDonnell told the Agricul- Drjpartmenl jtlire Council, the- first such . jcnuncil in New Mexico, that ex- big iing from the U.S. iof Agriculture. A similar plan has been pre- jporUilion "has become a 'sonted to the Old West, Regional'business for our ranchers." nomic development to mean taking a much wider view now," he said. Diet/ said that although the export proposal to the Four Corners Regional Commission is for a New Mexico e.s-porting center, "my feeling right now is eludes larger portions of beans, potatoes and cereals and lesser amounts of more expensive servings such dairy products in food budgets for more affluent households. The expected rate of $162 a month for a four-member family will be up 512 a month or eight per cent from the rate for the second half of 1974, which was set last July 1. In a related development, the department announced Monday that a new federal regulation to be adopted April 9 will require states to take effective oul- reach action" for getting more eligible people enrolled in the food stamp program. The new rule will require for example, each state to have a full-lime food stamp outreach coordinator. A spokesman for the department's Food and Nutrition Service said only about half of the states have coordinators now. Under existing law the federal government will pay half the cost ot state outreach operations. Officials said all stales must have plans submitted to the department by July 1 and must have them in operation by Aug. 1. Food stamp enrollments and costs have soared, from 15.3 million persons in February 1974 to 18.5 million last February. Total federal costs are estimated at about $5 billion for the fiscal year to end July 3D and at $6 billion or more in 1975-76. that Roswell ter." will be the cen- j Snydcr officials said they act-hrntly bidding cd in fear of reprisal from ihe'than 52. CO pe: Texas Railroad Commission and'fcpi. in realization that cheap fuel is ~ a thins of the past. llie future, the cost, is expected! lo jump even higher. Seme con-i tracts which Lone Star is cur- 1 will run thousand morei cubic ENJOYING HER DOLL-One of the Vietnamese orphans that arrived in Kellers Church. Pa. this week was not too tired after her long trip lo play with a d.dl. The little girl .was one of the sixteen orphans who arrived in the small town. <i5 miles north of Philadelphia, to spend the night in a church nursery before mcctitiK tvicir new American parents. (AP \Virephuloi Commission hy Montana slock raisers. Members of (he Old !Commission, in addition t< |tana, are Ihe stales of ming, "Nebraska, North and South Dakota. New Me.vicu "Ahead Like the .-New Mexico which tercel force Lone Star asked for I ho pass through retroactive to Jan. 2S, the dale on which the Texas Railroad Commission ordered n - D i g-\t r^ t to quadruple the price of its DOttrd, Uj 1 rude contract with LoVacn Gathering CHICAGO (API -- Farm Company, a supplier that had'commodity futures closed most- reneged on contracts throughout! ly lower on the Chicago Board * 1-, — r-4 ~» « I - - - - [. AGRICULTURAL MARKETS live-; He s «id that his department ]received a special appropriation West;from the Texas legislature to Mon-[build six livestock exporting! fa- '\Vyo-icililics in the state. These facil- Potentinl Kyed Greene and Dielz both phasizcd that their a «• in em- Iwo depart- to work to- ito being. John Chappcll. Chaves County ' ' and lion lo build and staff, arc at JKI Paso, Del Rio, Brownsville, .'extension plan, [Houston. Eagle Pass and Lare-W probably would be ccn-jdo. Each of these stations is Ithe exportation m-on^i around a foi-mcr Air Downed by the state and foreign i r PPal base — the old Walker i buyers using them for livestock ij Air Force Base at, Roswell _ the Montana proposal calls for W a head. livestock exportation from "an: "The .slate does not. tr potential than we've even I think that we can Illegal Tax Plan On Agriculture Products Killed AUSTIN. Tex. IUPH — The Senate has approved a bill to correct legal problems in an agriculture promotion program. *"••' 110.Till HO.:>n \-\ ill.(Hi HCES: T.OllOi barmus ami -'^ 1I1.M M"_'.f";n ::;o 10 Hnrfl Ml nniatcly arli\r. fully iTi Irmri ; -Mar l'l-'..">0 M^'.3fl |.((|.(IO IC.flO Miuo, j'-Ki'HI (fl.2i.|O..Ti. ,'il henil' Cotton ., , , -• i - , ... , NEW YORK (APi - Citton the state. jof Irade Monday, hut the dec-;futures No. 2 were SI (.I a bale Lone Slar approached Sn\der!lincs were parcel in Ihe closing; lower to 15 cents higher and all olhcr customer dliesjminulos. | The small'jiciion reflected a asking tor relief after rcein? its Losses early in the session foviwailiiv altitud" on the part of contract u ith LoVaca for up M'oats, corn, wheat and soybeans; traders pending rlcelopmenls in of gas.ranged from ahoul 2 to lliiIhe Mississippi River flood con- i cents. In three of the four pits,-dilion and news from \Vashing- ]& flurry of buying at the close ton on action on t emergency accompanied by short covering farm hill, brokers said, the declines in oats.:, NKW YOIIK '.\r'- - <v,u. ..,—. .\ionii;v on llio .V^n iWj-iSu ih : 600 111 : •; lOVVPI. The Texas Supreme Court , may use ihe pens HCX^™^ :->II..MCU. no sam. we haveicr.s were forced to old" at Glasgow. Mont., make a profit" on the facTli,ics° iwoT i? Ihe S There "are ;alcl ' r ,, u , [McDonnell .aid; hut • marntnins ionio, ls and leltuce.' aprMes and re funher ahead than them as a convenience for Tex-Uome of Ihe other arc." tlip development i as li\-es'tock producers and for- . xntt calves: :co-ihead said of Ihe Montana plan. ; cign buyers. ami;. Diet/, said the two plans do I'ms Kept ('loan Chappel! added. vegetables," 0: Mccrs l ''«i«». "J'wTioi 1101 Present any competition lining i,irin.'i..|to one anolher because Montana [nicntf •imtrr ^n,i jiiinn- i.(K'li.i.i^;, and be exporting lo Asia while New He said lhaf Texas' . . iprogram "certainly is une of the major reriuire-j ce.ssful wav to co " is lhal pens at the facili- " " pay the assessments on various agricul- lure products. The assessments were used for research and development. Canada'tics be absolutely rloan after [the entire state Mexico ^ach shipment through them, '.southeastern Nc\\ and S350 million cubic feet zoom from 2,"! 'j cents por thousand cubic feet to SI.27 for the same amount. Mesquite refused !./>np Star's trimmed request and saw the Tox;<s :coni Railroad Commission raise the city's "gate rate." n controversial procedure which circum- t i n . vented the city council In- in Ih lip i f **!••*; Hi 1 '" T ff> • lo - I lfl~n- t i ' — * i «.. »* i»n_.vii_i,j. ^-* ••ni|^iij^iik. MLIVJI.JJJII LI I "Til ' .s;o-i.o.-rf: u, ma!,iV'.i-.fKi-:':i'.-ii. '•<' i'™«i i likely would export livestock toTbe pens arc washed down withir j-'^o-',^. " n "?n^ ll ff^VSso!"«!::i M " iIc ° and Sollth America. • |hi s h - powered horses, scrubbed!' Such programs \vcre insligaU export cc j on a volg O f producer,; o f JI IP a SIJC -i commodity involved and farm {crs who didn't w a n I to ehcves Iparticipale could demand a all of! rc fund. but the court said the Mexico in particular would benefit from nrr .intl t:uHcr ]T>.;iO-"J0.01 ^;IRPI>: r>f): insufdciftil slnu^htrr Iamb. SUPlllv Of li> lest lintjr. ^lauch'cr -Sid Gooc/loc. sgTicultural rep-; a "ri then sprayed with a di.Mn-i' K r;,m. crubbcd|such an agricultural export pro- mandatory assessment rescntative fot- the Roswell^cctant. time amounted f on agricultural payment for ever of thp a short One old crop soybean oil op. ! , „rni.v"'^? lion was down the limit of i(10M»'> i;;."" • ' -i .).(..-•, ^ r,,. raiiir ami rn ' l ""! ?l AMAm'..i.o. r l ' l ' p> - : '""'' art ' u '" jChambcr nf Development and; H C- said that John C. White,! s i;,(iiiO:: Cornrncrcc ' sa irt that Roswell jToxas commissioner of agricuJ-1 to a illegal tax products. closed a ton. orfic- Pri.'i points at the close, largely un•.",',','.' mixed selling influenced hy, 1 '" „..,..;,,„ ,, . , • , reports thai competition from .\!a cieasmg the w h o I e s a 1 e| P , ra/jl in rxpm ., busi[lrss llafi .1,1 c ' j /.,,., , showed up again Sovbcan M Snyder feared a like reprisal. } me - lK flnwtl a lnn c;! , h ' okayed an orditnnce simi-; w j tll » ^ain of aboul S lar to one Fort Worth okayed; Soybeans, howcvn-, conlinuerl within the past week which a!- lindri . commercial selling pres- lows the retroactive p a s s sure, srlling ]fi cents a bushel thcough but phases if in over a A ,. rUn . n of rcinlivclv good period of weeks, ihe pi ...rating . wca (hcr influenced some of ihe softens the blow cf the costs, SC [] jn£; in K1 . ai]IR . Coni and n;Us piled up from Jan. 28. irrnri.vl lower on the weakness •It is not, known exactly how \ n nearbv pits much Snyder gas hills will \ V he«t 'scllm- was influenced Dump, but Lone Star s entire-KKI k) a decree, 'bv !hr Canadian per cent increase will not be saje o( '. v > millkin "<i •i I U5 Ti C- (fi.'J'i M.S'I .i. sn :r - v >f ( ? . t slo " <-.-,,•!. ' r> , T.V,, n an '. : " nrt tho fmm ™ \Va!ker Air^ure. has testified before the ki'ihomn i.>tt)iM , I" orce Base "have the facilities • 1'exas legislature thai he \\-ndif! ; .\ir m ,i a v sian"h.: al1rl llle r ]'mate" to make the " M L off the floor of the pens". Ji"'^; hrir -! alTa idcal f"r international ex- "'iihout thinkint; twice about it. ] iportation. I Last year alone. McDonnell ,.!^- 'i* jf':*:; ^^odloe. -a' Rosweir arca:s«ifi. 12:;,2% lTr;,d : of livestock' loiiij j I'a ncber and an early supporter 'weVc exported to foreign conn-' FOR SALE SWAP OR TRADE Businen Commercial Property-1 625 19th, 2V01 Av«nu« N Rental FrofXirty- GOOD depreciation-! ) unit Apt. Cemplex-Singl* Family Houi«», 2 or 3 B«dr»«m Duplexei-Termi la Fit Yeu-Lels Make a Deal, to rent, trade, l*o>e, or buy. LONNIE HOLLINGSWORTH INVESTMENTS 46,6-34th 795-3896 .'<iifl starlo miiTonmiT nal m the U.S C«.s/j Grain vvnr:M! i A PI , K\|m:l.. 1.07-1. ill. Vcllow co Oats -r.. r-fl. IAP' in tlio ma i XPI, <iinn:e,-i in .M *I..M Cll> ( r.s si,.Mr> I.MI.S j wini« ) (.VJt (li!) (.-)2) . .. Xn ^ vn|]o\v ' YCllOW : U'iifnt No -J hArrl i Xi> 1 ^cllrlw wa« 'moled al ! passed on. Lone star receives. only -0 Per cent of its gas from LoVaca, :.o the pass through; \\ill be somewhat watered down, officials explained. The pass through will add at' ]ea'.st 51 to 52 lo small users and maybe S-l to !$S to the mid- die income user psch month, according to estimates supplied to the city. Even with the pass through, City Manager George Patterson Repair Slalcd bushels of wheat in China. Iced broilers trrulr-d in a narrow ratine ant] closed little changed. Gold futures lost ,ifl rents an ounce to a I: out SI, rei'lectins: lower prices in Europe for bullion. At thp close of piain trade, soybeans were K) 1 - n IK renls a bushel lower. May 5. 7-1 'a; \Oiral wfl? :;';, in fi io.\rr. .M.iy ."..".'i; corn ua? 1 to 'J'j lower. May L'.Oli'i and oat.s were !'j lower In 'a higher. May 1.5'! rl ," SIM EJI i.-i.nfN( ircij ../i MR prrvini;^ , apr> M.I''. rilii'h.l.r PlPvlOll- f a;r> "i.'n. r.:-. spr 1 v l^ 1 . r^ fiHv i.iii ;•;>« MJ:> :.. : .m I.R.I ";: TiTt "o.or) "^ -n i.w .-;(..-;o .~s.7.> ,-.( m • .^I.M i !-:•; ni . M.17S S.S'-M; ' MIKI: nn I-KIIKM i> K'lv i.e. l.jODr a »,.t II) Mil"- IT:!- Hnnii. Jlfm. Mkl. I'lHAhl M.A1llil7CS j i ''ftK'AGn i\f'i -- «l;s[iAi - Mator' i n»taio mainris KOB .shinning pmins U c i •1A ji'n'I^N "i ;nn n, S a_rks: Washinxlcn | . Rivrr \'a]lo\- nmnti irtls L'.fWl-L'.'li; mn^th ^.Ui-L'.'jr>: Klnhn J-'fillj; ocossionaily 4._>,Vf L'^.'l.l 111 AM) EOGS !'Hir.\c;n <.\PI -- IU.-HA, - Fmior:' .i i.->ui',-! only "n Tuesday. Tnursdav and I I'-ri'iii'. 1 . livcvrri vv.irchrra-r. canons •.mr-hain.'cti - \ rMr.i lsr.-[> :,[i-s;', ; A larj:p ',!!-:,]: A m"- Livestock r»iiic- k !•> :,i) I.L-8HOCK AVALANOlE.JOLRNAt, KVKMNO nmi Krtninn of ih- l.uhhnct Vnl.nchf- ra^l. Prinlph jt Slh anfi Avcnup J. LuhbiKrk. i< IStns I'hoa, Tfi.RstJ. Second Clan' Agf paid ^1 l.nhbnrV. Trxai. JMMK nf.i.n I.-RV By Thr Mnnlh Anr Msv J07 (in .-.(»:) -111.5(1 - i .]].; l«i;,.r«i ; i-nlvrs v.cak in Morninc A SunHa> inE. Salurr]a>. Su ...15 M 31(1 On City Roads The Texas Highway Department ha.s announced that surface repair work al North Garv and Ihe Frontage Roarl nn \.<:n'n 2S9 was to begin t''idav wrath"! pei'miiting. This work will con sist of removal of surface and base and necessary repair to improve the intersection. The work will require closing nf • some lanes and should he completed in approximately four Hernando DP. Solo discovered pecans in Louisiana in 1541. Oi-l" J'PiT -i Apr ; .lun 1 M,l '•' ^ "°l lui ; Srn 1 Gty* April 7. !i«i 1% nn 117.: i in. no TrC^ ^s'.oi .t-;;.no .i:;i,n<. u HO .|.in ';'i .in I:;,'T ;n rm i in no -MM, :,n i •« . :-.o !.-,'." Trtffle 1!)7.-> Accidents 'l.tiil Deaths 0 Injuries 187 Sanir rlalp lf)7l Accidents 2.inii Ooatlis Injuries <y 3lil i nn.'x) i !"" "in 1 '. :'n Tl n r;'.Mi Ton ^^n ttzr *$&/ !-Sooimld\wi l l!i" i ii!'K7s 131.10" -'ft.?il-L:7.'?S: -nnrl' ?,Qn- I.MHI'I. -Illnll lot 1-ilriK-f Mia 1 4.1 Ti f! l"l> ^W'HJO Ih; L'.';.-1II i:;-:iO, H"= . xm-. :>i hn-u : Ifi 1 . I'finnr; in 00. w»i MI^ '_>;; ?.I-:T.OH- -1.40: ml.scrl cooii •L' tno,; :;:.i|..!no ;_- % .,f. n .,,..- ., tmrii> ..P.M-orvSO: snw s sn htjhcr: 2~, .r.rvrvo ii>s (n •\ ') : » >2MI5 : 4V l|?^ OMAHA. N'ch. (APi 'L.-IlAi- ].HT,;1<VV; Mnrnmc Hnl>. ..;.•.... Miiid.ii v»nh liativ si V.v rfimc f inh iv:-:::::-:::::::::::::::::: MAILM'Bsrnil'TIOVS M"TnlnE A Sunday ... F.\ fnme A ^iinriit ... K* rninE Onh >(jn^s> Orih .. ,, SCHLAGE ENTRANCE LOCKS 4th & Ave. L r. 763-4335 1 Vr HMn. 3 Mo I .1 i i 11 •>n Si '' \ln .. ^1^ fll) J?i,fWl'S|2 rwi H Ml . 4S no :i,no -non . J9.BO 11 Sn 9.M . .15 10 17.70 S.Vi $$h tjaUMBERJ N^- :-.-^r 4.M J 10 :.9.i 1 --—--• - -- — ..... ... __ _ _^ Undenuood's Wc wani to introduce our cu>tom«r* to the b«it barbecue M«f in town ana To Our N«w Bar-B-Q Soutagt. W« Now Make Them Ouri«lv«i! Thot's Why W«'ll Give you . . . 2 LINKS BAR-B-Q SAUSAGE FREE WITH EACH LB. BAR-B-Q BEEF GET THERE FASTER... WITH US! N V Whatever your savings goat ... retirement, security, vacation,..a new home ... your money with us wilt gain faster than it will in bank savings, it'll be safer than in common stocks and more readily available than in Treasury Notes/Bills and many other types of investments:. That's our guarantee for your tomorrow. Get.The Facts-Send for your FREE copy of our easy- to-understand Investment Comparison Booklet. You owe it to yourself (and your money, also) to read it. Please rush me your Iree Investment Comparison Booklet. Name:. I Address:. City:. -Stale:. -Zip:. I I -Lubbock Savings, 1602 Avnnufl Q. Lubbock.Texas 79401, (806) 763-9401 I For faster service, call one of our conveniently located offices, and we'll mail you your copy today or visit one for your free copy. LUBBOCK SAVINGS MAIN OFFICE, 1602 Avenue O, Lubbock, Texas 79401, (806) 763-9401 • SOIh STREET OFFICE. 3024-50th Slreet, Lubbock, Texas 79413, (806) 795-6448 • 50th STFSEET-LENOING OFFICE. 3016-50th Slreet, Lubbock, Texas 79413. (806) 792-4306 • REDBUD SftUAFIE OFFICE, 40 Redbud Center, Lubbock, Texas 79416, (806) 792-3381.

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