The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 2, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1924
Page 9
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1924 .THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. FAGE fWrc. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. My Ollvt Robtrki •srton, A WANDERING RIDDLE "CURLY" HIGGINS SURRENDERS SELF Alleged Rum Runner Ready to Face Charge Growing Out -f Injury to Sheriff. a number or measuring cans and bottles. „ Davla will stnml trial In police court this evening on tbo charge of violating the bono dry law niicl also "pouring' out liquor wh<?n no- liiB an'Balcd. Want More Room At Postoffice Dine First, (Then Hear Who Pays Creamery Safe Is Looted by Thieve* "By watei'-rlll and Illy pond, Meanders this old vagabond." *By water-rill anil lily pond, Jleanders this old vagabond, Awamluring: from hill to hill, Post farmhouBd unto and duller- lug mill. "lie kneps rlgbt on. and never slopx, , .Vot ovon on erur,(;y inountufn l <i |m, He struggles up and. bravoly ovur! He's courage, lias this wiiud'riuB rover. "Ho lias no roof, lie knows no liruuc. H L* lingers not— \\r toves to roam. He does not move and yet ho run* 1 , 'Nt-alli winter snows and mitnnior suns, "He runs right on through town and city, And novcr stops to look—a pity! Ho hurries by tho rnsllo wall And never stops lo giuo at all! "He'll guide you any place you're RO I IIK. He'll tako you thr?ro without you knowing. Ho wants no thanks, ho links no pay- For showing you the nearest way. "Ho Is posted tor your guiding. If you'ro walking-It you'rr riding, The prince's conch—the funnel's ' load. Ho helps enoli one. this kindly—," what that Is," said the Crooked • "Well, I should hope that I know Man. "Anybody who run a rrook- cd mile as often as 1 have should know It." "Alack!" cried the Old Lady -•Bnnbori'y. "When I rode my white liorau to Iianberry Crns .-i, how could [ havo gotleu dure unless there had been a good —." « "Tut! Tut!" said tho llan-Wlio- liope to Owned-llto-0 ray-Pony tell you that 1 know what tbo nn- swisr is. I loaned my pony lo a lady and she rodo hltn through iho mlro bocnuse there was no such thing ns "Wall, wait." eried Airs. John, ".Mrs. Hhlcllo l.iuly, what are we going to do about it? Everybody has guessed it. "Yes, what are wo going to do about It?" said Doctor Foster. "I know tlie nuswor perfectly. Why shouldn't I, wlion I was going to tllostur and stepped in (hut puddle and ruined all my clothes. When you said winter snows and summer suns, you didn't say half. Mrs. Riddle Lady, I'll beg to remind you of April showors which arc the undoing of all dirt roads." "Oh, oh, ok! Doctor Poster said It!" cried all tho Mother Goose people. "Doctor Foster guessed tile last riddle! It's a road!" "He didn't at all." said the Ban- berry Lady excitedly. "I knew It nil the time." "So did I," said the Crooked Man, "only I was too modest to say so." "So did 1!" declared the Man- Who-Owned-the-Hiay-Pnny. "I have !o use for pushing people." "It <vns a slip of tho tongue, 1 assure you," said Doctor Foster with « bow. "I am willing to do without a prize Just to show bow much 1 mean it." "We were only fooling," said the Crooked Man and tho Old Ban- berry Lady and tho Pony Man. And renlly, my dears, I don't know yet how they settled It. (To Be Continued.) i.Copyright, 11121, NEA Service, Inc.) Curley Hlggins, who is charged with seriously injuring Sheriff: Oil Brown of Finney county, near Garden City on November 31. gave himself up lo Sheriff .lesso Lungford here about fl: 110 this morulng, Hlgglns walked Into the sheriff's office and asked that, he be allowed to give bond here tor ap peuranco at trial. Sheriff Lnugford reports that Higgina neither denied nor plead guilty to tho charges of running into Sheriff Brown when 1 tho latter tried to stop him on Iho road out of Garden City after ho had soon several men, one of whom was said to be Hlgglns, unloading a cargo of lbpior out ot a big roadster. Sheriff Brown parked his enr across tbo road and got out in front of It to stop Hlgglns. Hlgglns is reported to have seen the road blockaded and to have charged right luto, (lie officer. . Finney county officials report, (hat they j positively Identified Hlgglns In the party. Sheriff l<angford tried to get In touch with tlie Finney county official this morning to find out what charge had been preferred against Hlgglns but. he was unable to get in touch with them. Word was received here on November 21 to pick up Hlgglns If ho showed up hero. Hlgglns drove down to the sheriff's office In a new Peerless roadster. Ho was allowed to remain at liberty today to try and find a bondsman. Sheriff Langford expects to take him to Garden City either tonight or tomorrow morning. The board of. directors of Iho eiinmber of Commerce has adopted a resolution which, with tho proper data, will be forwarded lo Congressman .1. N". Tlncher and the Kansas delegation In congress urging the necessity of adequate appropriation being made for increasing the facilities of the Hutchinson postoffice. PICKED UP AROUND TOWN Oil and Gas News Good Attendance at Real Estate School Ed McNsghten bus gono to Mendo on a tow days business trip. Cyrus Duly ot McXaghlen's is spending Iho week in Moscow on business. ,1. K. Whitmnn, senator elect, from Preston, was a business vl«- itor in tho city today. S. T. King of King Bros, realtors, left yesterday on a 400 mile drive through •• western Kansas and points in Colorado on business. Ho will bo gone a week. Carr K. Taylor, who lias been assisting In the law office ot his uncle, Carr \V. Taylor, will leave somo tlmo this week to return to his home in Baton Kongo, La. Pastors of local churches report that the attendance at Sunday school and church was greatly increased and In somo places doubled which they claim lo the result of the Homo Visitation Day last week. Clark Davis, division freight agent ot the Santa Fe here, was called to San Bernardino, Calif., by tho illness ot his mother there and left this morning on Santa No. ]. He will be absent tor several days. . Tho sales contest being held at rtoraii»?.«>AVIli\v ; >< between the Bode mid the Blues will close this evening at a dinner In the Te-.i llooin at 7:,Id oYlncli. Tho winners will be announced after the dinner Is over, and the losers will pay for the dinner. The contest. Is winking out to He j a close one according to Checking • reports received tills morning from \V, X. Sldllnger, who has charge ot tho I'onlesl. It is Mr. SIdllngcr's idea that the winners lie announced after dinner iiecausi: he thinks it would mil lie fair to spoil the ap- potites of the losers .who have to pay. THE DAILY RECORD The Houo Creamery, H Fourth live. e;ist, was robbed between ii::n> and S o'clock last night by sonic thief who evidently entered the front door by usinii a key and opened the safe by working the combination. About. $1511 In cash and checks were stolen. George. Sours, tnauuser ot tile creamery discovered the robbery when ho went In the office about S o'clock to do some work on tin 1 books. He fnunil the safe door :il;tr iili'l llie money Ull lyiir; on a chair. Tim police were Immediately notified and are working on the ease. Mr. Sours distinctly remembers locking Iho safo door before be wont to his home for supper. The loot included Sinn in checks and $.">:•• in cash. CHICKEN STEALING IS A HAOIT OF HIS Orvillu Mayes, 10. paroled from His reformatory recently, was arrested in Topeka Sunday charged with stealing chickens. Ho was formerly sente iceii to the reformatory fee a similar -'fleiiMi Mi Shawnee coiiniv. Ills parol'* probably will In. 1 revoked. FORFEITED $150 BONO BY NOT OOINO TO TRIAL ('. F. Brooki, «:!7 North Monroe, evidently thought It better to give up his SI.IO bond than to stand trial in police court yesterday evening on tile three chartrey n' drunkenness, driving hi -, ear whu • Intoxicated ami havlnc liquor . ' his pn-scs £ <lon. The ch. : tr::c,- « e. brous-ht arainst liim .-'.uclay. Marriage Licenses. M IMHIO /.ook. -2':. Wlndoni. mid Kva Durness. 17. Wliulum. Suits Filed In District Court. O. V. Anderson VH . Carey .Sail Co.. damage sutl. ,T. K Hosteller vs. Ed II. Kales, suit, i on acid. TROY TOWNSHIP FARM J BUREAU HAS MEETING' •The Troy township Farm Bureau held a connminlly meeting last . night at the Hlverton school. ISn- ( tertalnment was furnished by the I school children from the Hlverton, j Troy and High Point schools. Speochos were made, during the j evening by A. W. Knott, dairy extension expert from the Kansas ' Stale Agricultural college, Miss j Kditb Holmberg. homo demonstrn- | lion ngent, and 11. W. McCall, conn- j ty agent. NOW! The Sheik Is Back! Rudolph Valentino In another role similar to those he played In "The Four Horsemen" and "Blood and Sand." "The Sainted Devil" Reoular Midland Prices and Shows. THURSDAY— "Oread" and Vaudeville LITTLE ACTIVITY IN THE OLDEST KANSAS OIL FIELDS The Real Kstate board bad a 100 percent attendance at tho real estate night school lust night, conducted one night each week In tho board room In tho Masonic building. Mahlon Ely, head of the real estate department of Mc- N'aghten's, conducted the study on rentals and leases. It was shown that leases on business property are based on the gross sales ot property. Statistics proved that rentals strike an average according to the pupulat on of a town, the Industrial activity aud trading territory sur rounding it. It Is possible to reuc' a close estimate of what a bulldln.- will be worth in 5 to 16 years nr. cording to tho growth In population which a city may expect. Many! Interesting illustrations and actual j experiences were related to em- j phaslze the subject of study. The difficulty of making a boiled pudding perfectly round may bo overcome by enclosing tho bag in a globular' wire lettuce drainer while cooking. Shop-o-Scope will make the buying of Xmas presents for others as much fun as opening your own on Xmas shopping. tf. One Night Only MONDAY, DEC. 8 oMuqu$t as P;toa.,r>c u -Present^;. m THIS ME The oldest Kansas oil fields are anything but active these days. True, there are a few wells drilling and some new locations being made, but tho tow price of oil has almost stopped development In the largest district In Butler and Greenwood counties. Now and then a new well is brought In, but the oil towns are dull, because of the lack of business. Look Like Forests. « Kansas lius drilled humtrorts and ' bnndrfiirt of wells and u. T I C I P , some water nnd cavings. Thero throUKh tht! I'U'lds allows a forest: j 11 ' 0 .«l"»»t -'W0 feet ofopon holo of tlorrlekB, coverlnn to^u now RU- ; ' '' "'" inf.; down, others Lhut mv im tht 1 j pump :md dry and uhandoiuii j iiok-s, A ride through (irtntnvood i •and HuUpr countta& uhows iUu-1 trh-tu th.'it look lik" formats lo tho j P ,p E man who Is not wvll \\\\ In the oil A NEW KIND Of Good Booze Haul at i FACE POWDER the Home of a Negro! AT last the secret of blending soft, I tV smooth creme— in a powdet form -with oxouisite facfc powder has been liscovererl. This powdet does three «.!.• S . -'ye— Ip , .UU — * i ...I' -.OU Mall Orders Now—Seats Thursday. • J In that test but it is In good shupo and will be allowed to remain that way for the present. Drilling is now proceeding below 2815 feet. IS PULLED AT MOHR WELL, The crews have lit the Mohr well spending several Police officers raided the home of Wesley Davis, negro, !U8 N 'ortli t'.regory Btreet about 11:30 last night and secured a largo quantity of intoxicating liquor. Davis emptied out a measuring cau full ot tho "home brew" when the officers entered his home. They were able to scoop about a ipiart of the liquor out of the sink for evidence Most of the liquor was found hidden under a trap door In the. bed room which was covered by a rug. It consisted of two kegs containing "chock" beer, a case of pop, two gallons containing grape wine, und uings that no other powder does: f This powderized cremo docs * not clog the pores, but instead protects them. _> Puts a soft cushion between * the tender skin and tho destructive wind and dust 4 Stays on until you remove it and actually improves skin texture. Get Golden Peacock Cold Cream'd ^ace Powder today at any drug oi de- lartment. store ' Or send 2c stamp for ten'erbus sample. Paris Toilet Com- tany dirt Poplar St.. Paris. Tenn. business. Literally hundreds and •hundred* of derricks are here aud there In those counties but the total daily product lull of the entire st;ite i& less than 90,000 barrels a day. Oklahoma Is producing more I oil, than .125, U'lO barrels a day. but the j commercial produc fields there are larger in area. | enough to show thut usually, aud there are many of them. There arc oil meu who say now is ttH> time to get busy, it will tako several mouths, iu tests that go down to nfiOO feet and below, to get the hole down to whero production ought to he, and there is a general belief Unit oil will come f back by that time. Are Countless Rigt. While there ure almost countless Jrlgs up in iho big oil counties of Kansas, there are also many times cinoro acres In tho samo districts where no testa have been made. And as the derricks are found on the high grounds ia somo places and in the low a. rounds along streams In other fields:, and both producing, the geologists have a bard time to pick out places to drive a location stake that will prove to ot) satisfactory. A ride through the big fields of the slate I shows tho beginner lu the oil busl- 1 a uess bow easy it Is to miss getting oil. It also shows that wltlj two good wells like the Welch and the t Miller then- is always a good j ^chance to 'drill into other places where the sands will produce, therefore the Hutchinson district will uot havo to give up as long as those wells keep on producing. pulled the pipe j south of town.! days at this work. '1'hls lest went down to ilSSa feet wilh a good showing of but. not eonugh to make a Hut It is there is oil mure ! somewhere lu that neighborhood, fur there was a good quantity ot oil In iho small strata of sand. THE MERMIS WELL MAY BE AN OILER. Thero is some hope that the Merinls well, In Mussel! county, 11 miles south of the Hussell pool, may be an oiler, it is being drilled by the Producers and lteflners company and a good showing was found at 3055 feet. Tbo sand was only scrutchod. It is located southeast ot Oorhnm and nine miles west ot the town ot Russell. HOPE TO START IN WEEK AT THE SHORT. It Is hoped to start work within a week at the Short well, west of town. The money for the new contract is being paid In. If It was all In the work would start nt once, ilu't the company wants the finances In the bank before things are going again and just as soon as tills is the case work will start once more on the Short. NOW! You've Heard About It! You've Read About It! NOW SEE The picture that is new and different—not tho old thing done with elaboration—but something really new "SUNDOWN" Taken out West where I the Mighty Man's a Man. An intensely dramatic and thrilling story of American lifo with the biggest Idea behind It tho period has produced. Filled with throbbing adventure, lurking danger, lovo and romance. A picture to breathe fire into your veltis. Mat., 25c. EV8.. 40c. Kids, 10c. Shows: 1:15-3:20.5:20-7:20.9:20 DRILLING UP BAILER IN EVERLEIGH WELL. Tho bailor lost a week ugo. Is being drilled up In tho Kverlelgh well, near Holsington. It Is a tough piece of metal und Is not u rapid job. the hole being 3070 feet deep. It is hoped to havo it done in u few days, however, when tho pipe Is to bo run buck In tho woll and drilling resumed. There Is somo oil in the well but It lsu't known whether or not it Is from a point 150 feet or so above or now oil coming from under tho cavo which Is holding tho bailer. UNDERREAMINO ON - 1 SALLEE COMPLETED. Underreamlng work nt the Saline woll, northwest of Hutchinson ^lu the Sand II Ills, se. 3-22-Qw, has 'been completed and the casing was Hi down about 60 feet to abut oft BIG DEVELOPMENT IN A TEXAS FIELD. Hrlngiug in of a new gusher iu tho Worthum district of Texas, sabl to bo'good for S.OuO barrels of 39 gravity oil, is to cause tho Phillips company to start SO new tests in Mint field ut once. Other companies are to start around 10 tests In the same district. UNDERREAMING JOB AT THE O'HALLORAN. The underreamlng job continues at tho Q'Hulluran well, whore it was necessary to set the plpo down a little bit to stop a cavo and muke tho work easier. That tost Is somewhat below 3275 feet now. * Announcing The Arrival Of • The New And Exclusive | Silverstripe Suits i This store ia the exclusive agent for these fine, | ail-wool worsted, hand-tailored suits. The cloth is ;.; a midnight blue with a fine hairline stripe of silver. 9 Guaranteed sun-proof and moth-proof. The linings i; will not fade. The price is reasonable. There's no drAtbt about it—the Shop-o-Scope is ho time i nd money saver of this busy season. tf. Rldo 12 blockn 25c. Phono so. Yellow fab. 2-T-T-Sat.-;>t Insurance? Aetnaize—-Urelun's. 8-T-T-a»-3t $37. 50 Ide and Emery Shirts Mallory Hats F oster sl M a TFJ QUALITY CLOTHES TODAY "The Night Message" All sti.-iinn tlirilip'- lit;, i. >i;lko Buot';- pimples L'HTIH: Also— Andy Gump Comedy We Operate An Exclusive Family Wash arid Flat Work Laundry Our entire attention is devoted to the care of your Clothing and Quality Work. Dry Wash with Flat Pieces Ironed, or Wet Willi. Phone 2255 HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY IRIS 5c ami 10c Evening 10c Tonight—"Treasure Canyon" with .1. II. Wuriiur. First run. "Tho Pest," coriiL 'Oy. Tomorrow— "THE HOOSIER SCHOOLMASTER" Wb have lip^n Uvli'R (lis-ip- pnfntiil hi utttiim this pli-iun" but tlx 1 lilui la 'hf-Mi itriii vilt positively I"; sinnvii tomorrow. ''Down to the Sea In Shoes," (. Vim f?<ty. Hand Tooled Bill Folds for MEN All Clubs-. Roiary—Lions—Kiwanis All Lodges— Masonic—Shrine—32 Degree •:ik~De Molay—K. of C. K. K. K. FEARL & SON Leading Jewelers —Our 30th Year— IP November 8th REFUND DAY! Bring in your receipts of» this date and we will re-a deem in Cash (Void after 15th) Some Day in December! will be Refund Day Adams Drug Co.; 206 N. Main Phone 131 TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU The American Wo T on your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Is The Best To Be Obtained. Get The Benefit of Real Service At Reasonable Price By Calling Phone 107 or 108. American Steam Laundry and Dry Cleaners Hutton & Oswald, Props. Grapes! Grapes! Grapes! j We Have Received Our Last Shipment of Michigan Grapes That We Will Have Thi* Season—Hurry Before They are Gone. MICHIGAN CONCORD GRAPES. Sweet Pickles, 2 Doz. for 3 Cans Golden Robin Tomatoes.,.,.. Soft Shell English Walnuts....... Post Toasties, 2 for Large Fluffy Marshmallows Nice Clean Cooking Figs, 2 Lbs. for. Bulk Seedless Raisins, 2 Lbs for.... Tall Salmon : .». Sea Shell Macaroni Elbo Macaroni Bulk Dates, 2 Lbs. for. . t . < .35c Per Basket 25c ....-... .25c »T ••(• i•;*i * *25c Lb* 25c -....25c Lb. 25c .......25c ,.:. .i. -.... 15c Can ...10c :>.i*it-*;» *i»;.» ta • * . 10c 25c Tea Siftings . z . .19c Lb. Fre/h Nut Oleo 20c lb. Round Steak... 15c lb. Fresh Creamery Beef Roast . . . ..... . . 10c lb. Butter 40c lb. | Hamburger ... 10c lb. Pure Lard 20c lb. Compound Lard, 2 lbs. for ., . 25c ALL KINDS CHRISTMAS CANDY AND NUTS O'CONNELL'S CASH GROCERY AND MARKET HUTCHINSON BRANDS OUR SPECIALTY Cash and Carry Grocers PHONE 894 14 East Sherman

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