The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 6, 1956 · Page 5
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 5

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1956
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Fi'i'liiv. Jnlv (i, llt-lf, Bvnum Turner Heads Firm As President .\K\V YORK — iSp.i -.. Klhyl vice pn-sidcnt of the company Oni )>. ;>nno'.:r:-:-"s Hie clecliriii of :-'!!ii-r KI.">; . K<l\v;.r<! 'i.,. Shi-:i lo I'KI i-,c\v IIDS'I- Turnr:' iK'.Kuii his iHisinoss corner lion iif i-ii.Mirm: 1 ;-! of i.!i • lin.-'/.i :ii:.l v.-iiii» H'lniiMc- Oil ami Refining of fi. I? 1 ' 1 , 1 .!/.!':] TI"':;IT ex !>!•''>':•!• ;it <"•->. ;il Ujiytown in i','."", iinrl w:is of tile .••mi'ivriy. Tin- •-•!'•(•;'.•.;;• \\v!v ;is.-v:i.'!;iti-ci \virh its jvscnrch ar- m-tili 1 ::! -•> n°.i i:n<.; o;' i!v.- rii^ijuiny livili.'S iinU! HIT.'!, l-'or the ncxl. Ijo-irJ n;" 'Hi I-;-:.T.••. t'uvr yrars. In- v.'. 1 ; 1 ; in clvirj'r of ornmcnl, nml in Ifl-lfi .'ind lOJ.rt lip served with tile Rubb'.'r Kt'sfrvo Oi. in \Va.sliiiiglon. 11. (.'. as I ho head of i'.rf butadiene froni-iietro- leiiin ti*ulio:i. Turner w.'i* horn in An.cleion, Te.-:!i>'., Xov. L'l. ]>,!lO. 11,. ;>.t:.eiuied Ivi.-e rn-;;.itu!e, f:om \vhich he iv- e : .ved Ii'- ; . !-;s I'u'^i'i'i- in l-'iieniie:il KiiS'iin-orin;; in I!):;. 1 ;. f;:ii':- : ; to :iivc S;;\^d!:;!.•••< !:'.•• :• i'i:i':l r •iiiiii'c--,! nctrui'' r.',: fti '>''!" df!'di-'-; niKiViiy. nuli; :~h: •;' ::::<; YuriK'r h;iv 1<< i'lt p;.-.;o"i:it-.-ii \vi;ii !.:!•.' nil iiuim-try for i;'!^ -:l of I'lcii' r;:'r> ;TS. l'"r!>iv.-;n^ lii:- !:r;u'!KUio;] from Prii! -i';.;.:: i'niv.-vsity in !:- : !;, Sh''':i. b"<', ",!!;• :i'-n.'i-.'i-':b":l will] tiu 1 Ti^i\V;>!;-" (;>i f.V>. H<- U':!<: rlcMril a vi.-M prcr-'liu-'U. n|' the- vonip.'iMy i:i •ri:.r>, , :...-vr.;:v.- \-i.'c ].ivsi'!:-iii in 1 •.''.••••. rviyl its i'i!v-.-iii! in l.-.'i.'i. T'liv.' yi-.-iry Inter. v.-m.':: tile Ti<l.' \V :.'.;'••:• I'Jil Co. :uv! [Sir 1 AS:'QrKU- .:d Oil C'o. v.'i'r.::- mrrgi'i.1 iiilo on^ <>]:'•!••>• :?!•; i-cvyijrui.Y- Shea \v;is cl< d- fii !••: ".-ntivi' vici- pn\si(l(-n',. He hi-'ii ;ii!s i)r;-:ti(in 1W.I. w!i<-n he v.-eni. In the Noi'Ui AiilCi'i.-nn Co.. Si'i-vin- :.;- i:s pivsidenl. illllli !!!17 '.'.•':!•!! iv lje; nroi-JMenl. of Kthyi K. 1.. SI II. U. TCKNKtt Tells Story hreatened To Kill Me, Says Beauty '-', ".nd "-vi'ivfd !iis M r '. lie '.VMS :i naval M \V:ir I. :-; a^ rh'iirman jinrl r;S)!'i'(>!IS NOTK: K:il!inviiiK is i'.;!v.'l (Virji.. .Shea :i rii'si-pi-rsini :ici'(HMi( l.iy 'i.Vycar- ,,:• ( "i|' K"vei-a! oUier olvl K:!ii:;-i"-ne iiiiilicins »f in-r ':S; ,!' the A i i i •, T i e ;\ 1 1 l»>:!!' e.;-iie:t! in III." woods \v:lii a ! !M; . Ui;:ii:ii)i':' «hn crilicjtllv womnicd .• iv'.niii^ K;!iy! in I"' 1 " pari-nts. 11 '^.':';.'::" 1 "'.'":',.:!" n.v IVATHKKKNS: urm;i\s V '.".','.'"•"'' ' As T<:'d l:> I'niiril I'ri-vi 1 Si!A\VXKi:. Okl;,. .TPi - I had n::ido me slo '|i vviih him. There \v; s 'iitiliiK'u i eiiiilii iid. lie s:'iii. "1 luiii ynii I. \v.i"< KOIIIJ; i'i ;;>•! y:>i;. I'm ji'div.i:' Ui kill you :i;'-:i i'i" a i;i!l mywli.' 1 lie !•:;'!)! S"i\'inu' o\'er ail 1 .! fi'/t, r lie '.v is :;.;!^:' Id kill nv. !!•• !:ii>!' iv." <{t ! : ',rt " ii-:s\'i!!e id try r s P F. ff «"> n 5 - .->^rfc fe .^17 S ^Ef^ yowd^^j elcV >b2^b E8S' lie \v:i;: ehnrpn ;i( the wi'ioii in D.'ilhr. I.athrnp is a for- nvr n'-r.'aiijv.a I ion vice president. He :•; 1.7. A" IK'- :-i'!i'!it.. he will In- iit'firi;il spo:.e:-:n::!! for tin- .'iL'.OIlO Key <'!-:l:i>--!:- i:i l.l.'iU lnul'i s.elinols thln'i;;!! til" I'liilcd Slate;; and ,.\ stair law prevent me, the sale Onvid:!. Ii" sm.v..-i:iiK I'ld Stebbins. or discharge nf fin-works. except. 17. nf l.iti'i 1 KOI k. hy professional pyrotechnieans, is Tiii- Key ("'libbers selected advocated hy Art. Lapham, can- \Va.-hini;fon. I"). ('.. :IK tiioir inn" c|jc!;Uc for |.-;'.i>lnt :irc in IVisitiot) I'onvniio!! si!.\ f, tram Harris county. ^=^--.r •-—.—- _j_'^— .— —i^=—i=. "it nl .,y scf-ni lilto a prctt.y small 1 law l)i!t .1 asU you to rcmonib(?r thai rhililrrn's arms, hands and cyr.s ar. 1 sin; 1 .!!, l.nn." he said. !-Ii' pointe 1 lo the Houston anti- fircv.'nrUs nivlinnni'i 1 ' passed allcr the Ali.'ci Fin:'v;or';s plant, fire on HOW CAM I RETIRE WITH AN INCOME? r.Misul; :> limn ll'.rn sisirf i(. Kr;-! E.11 K T'oxns .S!.. nil June H, I!'"'". I'll' said fir."works are still sn'«i I'reeiy outside i 111.- eity limil.s ami' then h;'nu;.:h! in'n .H ;l M!sloii and discharge:!. "Thr (irilinanee nial-:- 1 this iinlmvl'ul hut I lie vi'ilM ions are so pi',.'.:iero(l that the poliee :uv nimble to cnpe with the pvob- lein. "C.'jiin'.y ])eaee officers are ri.iv.--.i-|i-ri:! to halt. i!:r> sale of fin- v.'iir!-:s he ai;:-:.. there is no M «— v- .i's ji '-ii> -V '^ t «JJ 'w >«$' ^ 'i-^ L /! \J* iS a Hal,. Hi n. l";ob;:r! \V. V,rik-( . has propose!) the ad iitiui] of a ! I'ull-tinii' (iri-.'cr.'i' lieense cxnini- i o r I'M.- east Harris eounty In ! aile\'!.'iie I he erov.'ded enndition : no\\- exiKVins n! the prosont. stn- i lion, ; "ilurini; the losl Session of Ihn t T."Uisl;itnrc." Baker said 1 . "F intrn- dueed and passed House Bill ;'.(i." which L;ave Ihi- depart inert of Pnlilie .Safely aildilional funds. They iihoul i h:ive i-noufrh funrls ux'aila.ble to .'jix-e some relief lo lh" thousands of people living on the north siiio of town. "I have written Col. Homer (Garrison. dirri'Uir of public: :--;if.'ty. rei|UesUn.^ Ihis ncldilional sla- tion." H IN Baker's hope that this new fidl-time .station xvoidif serve the of Houston of the north and northeast area and the people j of P.ayfown. Man, W3!e Strangle K r ds r Poison Sslves j TOKYO i IT'l— A Ill-year old | ianil'ir and hi,-: ."'-.-year old wile I :;traiU;l:Ml their fnui' >'0i!ll.- ''hi!- | di'i n in a ejiy pirk and then took ! •h.-ii- fiv.'n lives with jiuison, poiiee re;i(.r|..'d Iml'iv. : BO SViERCURY IN ED SULLIVAN'S '425,000 MERCURY CONTEST JUNE 11th —AUGUST 4-th 1st PRIZE EACH WEEK MEKCURY MONTCLAIR PHAETON phis :.n-expenso iwid trip to Now York for Uvo via Anierie;ui Airlinc-s • suiteat Waldorf- Asioria • siicsl of Kd Sullivan at his show. 2nd -10th PRIZES EACH WEEK 9 MERCURY MONTEREY PHAETONS . . . plus '25 G.E. portable TV sets, liglii, easy lo carry . . . :iOO Kltfin American Signet automatic rijjan.'Ue lij;hinrs ctirh iirfl:. SPECIAL BONUS AWARDS $10,OOO CASH to new Mercury $2,OOO cash to used car buyers buyers --Awarded inttwi) of m-v; -A warded'in n'liiili\>n to r,->\v Piiacton if I'hivton if you huy a now M<Mvury you huy a UMM! car during coiuwt. aiul during cotiiost and brfw hein K advised /«/'.rc l.ioins advised of winning one of of winning one of t ho .10 top wi-okly jirixcs. the 10 I op weekly pn/.pp. (See Official fnrry Eiant- for r/efouj) YOU CAN EWTER EVERY WEEK . . . here's aH you do* 1 (•„, to your Murctiry dmh-r t,, t l:i>-. 3 Co.n,.^..- liist liiif oi M^ury Vha.-ion rJ.v-,:^. 2 I'ick up 0:li.-iiil Uuli.'S and Kniry Ulaiik. 4 V.ailom.-ial Hmry !'>!afik io"M. TC;:,-;. (V-i,'.^;". &J/r 2K!!|fiiinii £uu Page a Now TRADE-IN LDSPOT 00 n:--vfe-£ti ^p^siy ,|: ; Plli-Jn-VJT^rrSnsyi: 1 i rTirTniWfH!! !r-':-' : ^.:i!^^^^^W«»^!' ! i 'i ^'i^i^S^-J^^S&s! h ^^^^^^T^'H: N v : i r ii;^^=j ^v> r T>syir~-3i3 l ta '/T •s^r^^i S^32 ^m ±m : ^$j$! r ' ntQmr.:vic Defrcstlnq 13,6 cu. 'ft. VTJ. /rj eft sijai r - r Big 70-lb. Freezer Butter, cheese door storage Deep door shelves 10.00 Down—1*1.00 Monfh On Soars Easy Payment Plfln Mm Jar Jf With Your Old Refrigerator Net 11.8 Cu. Ft. raiiy Ayf'ornatic Defrost 13.7 cu. ft. Super - Mart Refrigerator Big 70 Ibs. freezer 4 deep door shelves Slide door dairy mart 10.00 Down—18.00 Month On Scars Easy Payment Plan .95 379 With Your Old Refrigerator Not 12.2 Cu. Ft. Automatic Defrosfirsg 13.1 cu. ff. Twin D®@r Refrigerator Freezer holds up lo 114 IBs. 3 Deep door shelves Slides out bottle basket 10.00 Down—16.00 Month On Scon Eosy Payment- Plan 339 95 With Ypur Old Refrigerator Net !2.6Cu. Ft. Automatic Defrosting 14.4 cu. fJ-. Twin Door Kefric Big 156 Ibs. freezer 4 door dairy mart Roll out bottle basket 10.00 Down— 20.00 Month On So-irs Eiisy Payment Plan W.fh Your Old Refrigerator Not 14.0 Cu. Ft. 3 — of the many reasons v/hy Sears' appliances are your best buy . . . 1. 2. 3. TO! 1 QKAI.ITV! Am lievi-lopn)' r,'. la^ora!/ . . . every time. J/iWKIl I'KK'KS' S!rau;nl-;:;;, ,••. till- frielory, \'\ S' ar.-. to y-i ...:•. niO.MI'T SKTIVin-r S- 'ir.-: tijipl: i fl, G ,: \ FREE PARKING STORE SiD£ SATURD.',Y 5'i'OfiE HOURS 9:30 TO 6:00 »« MM «*•«» 711 W. TEXAS AYE. PHONE 8131 BAYTOWN

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