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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Tuesday, August 7, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA f If Yow Faitt N*w» U Not Oo Yov Porcfc By 5:15 o'Clock. C*ll TU New, OfBc* Bcfor* « o'Clock For Prompt Ddiv- 164 or 165. Full A**ociated PreM Leased Wire Service (AND THE DHS1VER HOR>) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL. UCV NO. 244 PARIS, TEXAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 7, 1934. EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED 1 Last Rites Held For Germany's Hindenburg Buried On Site Of Greatest War Triumph . - . _ % • Eulogy By Hitler Is High Spot In Impressive Ceremonies As Germany's War Lord and President Is Buried Gambling Huge Crop Loan Plan Would Assure Farmer Of Control Of Commodities By STEPHEN J- JMcDOXOUGH ! on stored cotton, and 40 cents a said it must be sold -when rite j them at any time the price ranges price reached 15 cents. This, of- , between the- loan value and the TANXELN'BERG. Geimany. (IP) — { towers of the national -war momi- ; Loves Good, Clean Sports* I tic crop loan plan which would j warehouses. This pegged prices ficials said, prevents the price | upper limit Germany buried Paul von Hinden- bttrg In & shrine it holds sacred Tuesday after Adolf Hitler in an erootiosal ettlorry at the bier said the late president door" to Brief and simple was the funeral, trie old warrior-statesman had wished, but thousands of uniforms s^ave it a military atmosphere- Tlie body of the S5-year old leader-was placed to rest in one of the Lake Crook Boat Houses To Be Rented ment. erected on the scene of von Hindenburg's grreat triuumpa over j the Russian army in 1914. . j Thousands of mourners were j turned away. Bui the entire na- j tion paused during the funeral j hour in a farewell tribute to its revered leader. Hitler, as on Monday at a memorial service of the Reichstag, eulogized in glowing terms the man whose power he took over, but he failed to give the expected indi- } cations of his future policies. j Von Kindenburg. said Hitler, his j voice trembling with emotion, "opened the door to the representatives" of German resurgence, referring to his national socialist party. Diplomats and high government officials were anaong those seated 1 in the black-draped court of the 1 memorial. Everywhere were seen i/the uniforms of various army de! tachments. the n?.7r? storm troops. • the picked Schutz StaffeJ guards :' and the Stahlelm. semi-military 1 organisation of war veterans, j The coffin was placed in front But Not Betting, Says Candidate leave control of 1935 supplies in i at those levels and officials say | from rising too far since the flow j The program would be coordi- tne hands of farmers who grow j toe plan was a success. } to market when f cotton reaches i =a ted ^ith Secretary -Wallace's them is hatching in the .farm ad- I As prices advanced beyond those I r ~ at ministration. levels recently farmers began sell- } Modeled after this year's corn ! ins crops, paying off loaos and and cctcon loans, the plan will j making a profit for tseniselves- Council Fixes Rental At SI And $2 Monthly For Use of Spaces Ue a sleader . ^ u cross 0 { Hitler and the Rev. Mr. Dohrmann, Boats on I-ake Crook, the city | VO3 Hindenburg's army chaplain. toward stabi- j idea for "ever-normal" granaries. In bountiful years the stored The farm administration de- ; grains would be held off the mar- dares the idea will assist farmers ! ket. Ownership would be return AT C* C. M^cDONALD'csLil for government loans on a 1 The farmer was continuously as- in holding their crops instead of j ed to farmers without rer-ayment wide range of other crops. There i sured of at least those prices and > selling at harvest time when mar- j of the loans if they would agree will be a stipulation that supplies ! the government was sure of re- j ketings are ordinarily heavy o.nd j to cut production the next season. . must be sold -when prices rise to j couping its mx-estment as long as ( prices consequently low. j Thus supplies would be kept at ed By Attorney General |a certain point. jthe price stayed at or above, the j They will thus be able to obtain j about the level of consumption Support of Hunter Is Scor- In Letter I-ast year the government *d- ; loan value. vanced farmers 10 cents a pound j In the case of- cotton, the plan some casa. keep their crops read- plus amounts assured of sales Cannery Is Praised As Model Plant State Supervisor Lauds the Manner Paris Cannery Has Been Operated EIGHT CARLOADS CATTLE RECEIVED marketable as needed, and sell i abroad. More Promised By Official Coining Soon As Available ,S, Tescas. 0?P} — Attorney General James V. Allred. candidate for governor Tuesday issued | a statement advocating repeal of the race track gambling law and demanding a- statement of attitude f;om his opponent on th« issue. He also saiu he •was not surprised j that C. C. 3ttcl>onald. unsuccessful j candidate for governor, had j thrown his support to Tom F.} Hunter. j Allred's statement was contained in a. letter to JD, A. Frazsk of Dallas, chairman of a mass meet- Death ComesjCollege Beauty Died Of jBallotingOn fiToW.S.Varej Shock, Assert Physicians! Bond Issue 5-1 7 '" i 200 , s ing of. citizens in Dallas at whieh j repeal of the race track gambling i law was advocated Colorful Former Political Boss of Philadelphia Suffers Heart Attack Medicos Testifying At Preliminary Hearing In Co-Ed Murder Case Declare An Operaion Was At- , tempted On College Girl t men insisted \ Vote Up to Noon On Sewer OsLia., C5 3 ?.—iledicai j temity house cook, where Marian • ^ over defense cross- [ died, and surrendered only la=t •waze-r supply, are to be housed in j were rbe on!y speakers. The structures which were buiil j Hitler reviewed von "by tabor supplied by the Federal j -, agencies In the main, and com-1 ^, s pleted by the city. The city coun- ' U at Its session Monday. ni^bt en- i Hindeii- eveatful life, beginning with o* fire at the war of acted a. a ordinance arorernlag the was Hke th£t of ; counted thousands of officerB — -ua- ; known to the great mass of the Use of the . "There are. spaces in ,aae house | people," tb.e»chancellor lor jQttr IJtrg* boats arid for tJiese I **\vhen the Germaa people four: the rental will b* S2 a-month, and ; y- ears iater reinemberdj voc Rin- Rarne/^tlie .dEouds^of "wir over Sarope. In the worst of times Kaiser Wilhelm called York ^-^ since t AT3LAXTIC CITY. X. j examination at the preliminary { hearing of 21-year-old Neal Myers • Tuesdav that ilarian 3tTi week. "It is my opinion that death re- Cni- | suited from shock caused by an { versity of Oklahoma beauty queen, j attempted abortion ir> which an Proposal Is Extremely Light Parisians generally Tuesday be liitle interested in race track lacw and demanded its I years, the former congressman; suf lered a relapse aboxit a. •sveek -| £ euother house fc«s 12 spares ?er | tMcsiler boats witJi rental at per month. All rentals arc monthly in advar-re, and j upon x -on Hindenburg to taxe over \ ,t the boat owners release the city ] the supreme command of ths army \ ~* . from all liability of theft or dam- j Six davs ^.^ ^ ns ^ ere booming j ^Jri^&l ^ TO^*- «*r*» •»-r^A >-*-»TT«-» ist"**-*.** * rt *n>v«.ji..--c-» -»1? : , , . . t , . _ . _. * *Y_ i C.15. trv*.~i*e ll^ -* €SJI. . ;**M-y - position in. tb- oev^r been .doubted. I direct yoarrf attention to the following state-) t from &n editorial irt the New j first primary, j iu-| Tcesdav b€ tad ft suffered a heart attack and 3 died in 2S mnmtes. f • var«, ss, tcho was elected to the (Purchase of Cattle Expect- Hunt County iTo Discuss - ., , - -^—- : v-,-^rt 3 r*fe-?i ; M—ST.. --:—"--•-.- - . Gets. Relief| Sales Day JSE; sr-ss* ^sss: ^i^^s^^i^s^^l^"^ -^s^rs^JSlt.-*-^--.—»? »« h ^ «d to B^ * E^I? city with resp«t to n« or! ™ ^"^^ ^ \ racing ** a sport. J=^ v^ -«!-l;'^«_«^ed;_*_^J;_=J<3«-.a__tbr«- . Date tJse city \vith respect to u??e or the lake a^jd sn~oands- Spaces for j "^ixirse ai-eas of German land boats are to be had on applica }. were saved "from devastatsoa. and { and tiori to the city ?ecretAry. ai.:d j IrOT - 1 ^ "boats can be housed only in the "I" L 0 ,^ _ rt _ wfn^»«^TTT^'« r.5»mp. ! racls£ • red - ^torney- E eneral • of * nominal- | two boat houses, all oth*r shcf- \ ters heretofore provided by boat on his Ups __ the wfco e __ i ed for governor on the Democratic ', n ^ e i ticket, which is tantamount to I stroke the beins: removed as lake Alired has not yet been nomi- *"lcounrrv and led the araw.- from part 1 torv to victory-. \ nated for the governorship "by the vement I < : -r> ie niisrht of von Ksndc-nburj: { Democratic party of Teias. Ee condition was critical rai- iied to continue liis fight for the: seat, in the senate. Despite his illness he continued — Will Eoa.2, local county eoinmitteeraan on cotton rea-iiction. has announced receipt of 3. telegram from Senatpr Tom Connally Is response to a, re- See AT.T.RED. Pace S, Col. 5. RITKS. PasrT> S. Col. S. Operations at ih«* lake and the { of ad<SSi!Ar s a! u'cr'Jc ta «><!• con:r»*J in a ff»w dayA. f havJn»r tV.c worrV done In ac- ; with Sr»tructiDns of the • at a, formrr s«s=.-;;on. i On »ev*>ujit of the i3^m«in<5 fur • and tls* fortsc>«T«^nt 5r, •water {i;';'s. !h«? ?r.ayor that after consulratlon with n7»st } of the Tnc-mb^rs of the roariciJ he 1 New Orleans Armed Camps Quiet; Gunfire In Outpost phia, 'Vare -was the last of three broth- fering on the part Jf the animals ers who were active fn Phiiadel- | ,^ & loss bv rhs owners . phia politics- The first was State I NEW ORI-HArCS. taJtc ja-*t year's J^J»1«, ?f ^rrs' by the con^t}r""*r. an<J rhnnsr© fo j*?] \vn.t**r r;sf~t1 jiKrtv» *h«r am<n*nt «»Qd Inst year at the rntc «f n»rhl r**n*5 •per thot3<>iJT5<; sra.!:r>n.«?- Tht< | "wrtw approved by Th* 1 coxinril and '. ^. *%r t ^ ril! r»*a'-t fn tbe larsrer co who *!»*-« Jw, ry and ins: to rrj-insr tf» ^o.^i^Hj f Long-Mayor T. Sereme* XValmsleyj I.., *r-~ I "vs-ar" early Tuesday after & serio- j comic show of armed strength for] itsore thai; a week; " i A sentrj- at Jackson Barracks, b.eadquart-rs of national graards- men called oat on order of Senator Hu«y P. I-ons, fired twice at i*!ed rr;an who hs said! — Gunfire trying; ;o 5lip into the bar- hf j»nmp i was irysns; 10 sisp into trie o-ar- ] hat when he j ,._ { spied the man behind some bushes f Vote Tuesday i, Kansas and West Virginia AH Go to Poll* Senator George H- Vare. who cos- AccoraiJ iS the message. a. charge o In -v arc s our. binecL with Box 50 in city elec- | tions, 53 ballots had been, rnarked- ! This was .the largest nujn"ber in {the ciry;-"^C^ard:'One ranked --*«e' on<i in the total cast. 45 residents ; of that section having declared F their pleasure in the matter. in i TTard Two, 3S had. voted wfeils in f "vvard Three the fig-are was 35. Called For Cham*; Observers pointed oct. b-oweves-, that the rate of baliotiiis probably would increase as tlie afternoon wears on. A light ballot in the early hours of polling is not always an indication of a Y total vote, it was pointed l>er of Commerce at 3r30 o'Qock of the committee in the August .Farmers Sales Day has been, called for 3:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the offices of the Paris and Lamar " : f a » : County Chamber ot Commerce by i *•""" thougb some admitted there was not the interest in tais >oc« issue that there rias been is other Qties- in the past at :ae T- 3. Reveii. chairmaru The meet- | ing will have as 2ts purpose the winding i;p of fins.! details for the Home Town Carnival thaz tvil] be the feature of the A-asrust event. The chamber of cominerce is confident the Atignst sales event win be the biggest in the history | of the events- Xo effort is llo" trolled wards in South Philadel- j purchasing: agent o* the govern- j spared to maie the carnival a gala pliia. When he died, Sdwin S- Vare * -"rnment ^viii be here soon to be-I affair in itself, to augment the oth- " sin operations. Cattle will be pur- er features -which will include chased in' group lots at an average j more than $200 in prizes to be of ?!-? per head. All cows suitable j eiven. succeeded to his seat in the state j?enate and became a political power' in Philadelphia, and . after the death, of Senator Boise ] for milking purposes will be turs-j Also to be a. feature of the Aus:Penrose. a. factional foe, Ed Vare became tiie undisputed leader of the city orsranixation. , Wben he followed Penro-se to the See DEATH, Pas* S, Co;. 3. nominees for TJ. S six houst? s«ats;- ^clect? nient and dnv arsd the hi!! for rlf-c -'* ordered him to halt, but the trte currr-rf. -which nrgir^T'Jy is insteaC. The sen try fired two shot* j ^,^^,-^^T, jc^o aii^j s?00 t>*r month '• neither o* which is believed to i '' •ws* tT^** r»^»t month Tnorvt than | have taken effect. | ^, slxo Is jr^atly Srsc-r^a^rd by rfr«?r>-rs j "war." however, »n th^ hear: of j ._., of th« rrov»m»?n* r»-sck»r>* kHl- i New Or:«*ns. remained tranquil- | 551 The Kuarasznen atilJ were s«:a- { Verdicts Ry th* Associated Tuesday's elections: — Selects RFC Loans Announced over to the relief director of j ust event TrilLbe the return of 3nn- ; he county, who Trill is turn place I ny Dryden. wire*wa.Iker. in a. series with needy families. The I of se^" and even more thriilins ^-erscin who slaughters the asirasls feats on the high wire than he per- ithe former owtjer is given first this matter) may retain formed in his st appearance Paris, He -will again string his wire the hides for his services. All car- 1 from the casses deemed unsuitable for con- | buildins: t si-mption are then burned or bnr- ] iec" this vjsins: an added duty of | the persons who do the slaacrhier- j 1^5:- I^oca.1 butcher shops will re- First Xatlonal the Liberty back bBzldiss: and will perform fears on the high •wire which he performed only on the low wi—e in his last visit « eive the benefit [ tier of the animals. senator and noniiaee for ty iMav Adx'ances Authorized! tnn i •* • Total Over 168 Million tys Report FOOTBALL STAR HL~KT MEMPHIS, Tenn. C^»— Isadore 2S. of Knoxville. qaar-1 •a, —• | remain-; Dryden will climax his perfor- i mauee at nicht •with a. walk from one building to the other carryir.s: his balancitig rod with flaming' torches in each end- WASHINGTON. ^ -The Re -| I construction Corporation reported in day has >"rn th<*-'<!**n ptiTny* ir?otf i r« thnt two to *>* sent t-» T>a!Ias at it c<"><tt of nc*ir h*" frclarht n*t on | Them | •*r re-- I Mayor registration machine bornt^s and forces office. and on tne anil on •<*^es in vc"*«»t \1nsrinia Tiiewday. •norrJncej* for governor rh&t it th(9 '; across » narrow street from th« ; issue In X\>si VSrsrinla, where Culb^rts^n g th<« Croquet ! th.Tt 10 ifSRTR <jftCh be in5tall«*d at T 1 *!"!!. five ov<*r «*ach o* jEround*. which are ir>^J th* ho; weather. r»n«f to hv th* conncIT and jumped up and s{»ed away 1 Srnator Kcnry r>. Hntfi^M. oat- OriL.EAN? v Pajrc S. Co}. 1. • c->!«. is oprvosed bv ^^JMcDOiVALD SPENDS S. CnT. S. Will Rogers ONLY S1.50 PER DAY seek the XVesit democratic norn:Tiation for classic, was in a hospital here { for TO BE HAIS'GED authorized ac!- ^ious and possible internal i received in an automobile collision near VOst Memphis, Ark. The rei>ort snoired tnat loans | aathoriied to banks an<5 other fi- ; nancial institution* at 4 per cent 5 interest totaled $57.512.410. Other! .large s Authorised includ- For 1*51 to T>«y* A.«* Only $J» t ABOARD SS EMPR1ESS OF CANADA.—Fine hoai. nn* trip. Int^rewTSTijr people from th«i four cffTTif-nt of iH* <*arlh cotni* atsd coming. Ev*ryt>ody f*<*!lnj? optiTnlstic: and t*m«c of how tJjeir coxintry Is rcrovffrtnj;. ?Co xvnr talk, that'* all !n th^ editorial* »t home. Lot* of ,fnr»an< t .*<s und CThlncw® on board. Arrive in Yok«hr>rna nf-xt S*t«r«lJiy morninR. Mttw FJoyd Gibbon* on tht* trip. tt> had a Kr^*t tirn* *nmtrnr «>«t b«for*». Did the l>rc*M"nt *\*fr g^t homo? 1 think ft«r had K itrefct trip- H« waw f^t'ng ^*»*> Your», WI1»L, :atc, Clem Shaver, former no- nn! chairman "f th<? party: W. Chilton, Ch«rl*«cton T*«'Mfsh*r f former !wn»tf*r. arid Ru>h t>. It, a 29-y«ar-<t»M legislator, have AUSTIX. CfP) — C- C. >!cX>on-} r^ndurt^d a.irsrr<wJv«« ca.miM»«3Cns. aid. th: d pl»c« gubernatorial j Bach.of tn* nine "D*nrsocr*t!i has candidate Jn th* first Democratic *>;,>dR*d : l-rlm«ry sp*nt only Jl.SO * d»y Thnjt. }f during the last 10 <J»ys of the | <-flr» choice, th# campaign. bl» expense statement | t*trat!or. will 1>< rtled with th* secretary of *tat«j ! " thp sr^nera! »bow*d Tuesday. * i rh»rR«»s r»f On July lit McDoniUd r*port«-d ndmin- « r!*>ar-cut In ed ?>00 for subscription preferred stocks in bank?; $- OOO.OCO for the hom« owners loan corporation; S5.455-.500 for bank] debentures: $7.619.576 in loans to i | drainag:* and irrigation presets. 1 Th« balance was for relief &^<J } other go%*ernmi<nt purposes, | Of th\> $57,512.410 authorized* loans. S32.S$S.»S6 went to bar.ks) and trust companies. including 52S.615.330 to aid !n the re-oryan- i^fttion or liquidation o* cjo»'?<3 in- and ?22,04S.SS3 to loan companies, loans Tuesday sentenced two members of the >J'a^^i putsch against rhe pOv^rnr^^nT of ChaTrc^Ilor ZJoi!ft;<;? HK.\T GKTS "PAT.** ; :o be hanged. WASHINGTON. 6?^— The heat ! One death sentence was pro- si Pal. last of the VThs'e House f Bounced at Klasrer.f urt asrainst PaL an Erifrlish ball terrier < Karl Kosrelnis:- Ths other was owned by Gss Gennerich, the '• ordered in Vienna acainst Ernest president's persona! attenilar.t, he- 1 "«-icXc, a regular army soldier acting: qaeerly some days asro, j -ind the- first such man 7 so Tuesday he was in a dog-j brought to trial in connection hospital for treatment. f the putsch. be "!•*• personal «txp«na«x >f $4-15,OS, He reported spending only $!S mor« to July 2S. Roy $»nd*rford, bi» manager, said th* h«»d<iuart«r» sp«nt Kdgar Witt, who tr«itrd nil of th« #xtb«rnatoriat c»ndtd«t** except Maury HuuTvwR, r»port*d ex- ot | fray is? Tom" T T-rrv Trnnxan. orjr»n!r!» r l«n is for J. roen. sona* of the autltc-rlK-d to banks were: Plans For 1934 Fair To Be Laid Here^Wednesday A joint meeting of members of - t menxbers of the retailers division tb* LAnsar District Free Fair us- f of th« Chamber of Comtnerc* and sociatitxn and of the Chamber of Coieinerci* has been caUed for 10 o'clock Wednesday fiiorniTtx; at United States »*vin*s bank re-1 Chamber of Cotntnerc* office* by ' i.^D. C.. SI.6SO.- 000; Xcrth-\vt»st«r« Trust and Sav- Bank, r«ceivfr. of Chicago. O.O&O; West Sid« Trust Savings Bank, receiver «f Chic»KO- *1.50i>,000; CaJca- »Ieo National Bank. I^afce Charles. lx>ut»Mwia. fl,9£»,4£<K Commercial XatJonal B»nk of con»«rv*torv associatic-r:. »nd J. K. Shirley, president of the Paris and Larm*r County Chamber o* Commerce. Mr. Shirley has said th« meeting will b« short and no one attending xjn«s"!,aJ delay. Too, most of the open hotsrs of the pous remained at noon, when thev had been open 5~si four ncrurs- The polls In. this election •will close at 5 o'clock Taesda.y ev- *nins'. one ho-r ear!!e-r than the closins: 5tcjsr 1c state elections- Voters who desire to wait ursill | ^^ afternoon to tnarS their tickeis are cautioned to bear this t'2 mi^d. Opinion as to ^vhat trend the voting -would taSe seeded to be about even, ^ith the laarstr:, if any. on the sice of those -who felt The issue misrhz meet defeat. To those "ivho have -worked na.rd try~ ing^ to tnake votes for the issue this "svas disc-o'jrasr!~s: bur they %vere still confident the n:essi:re of the cjnalified voters, The Paris beef cannin has been declared a model plant and the Laraar County Jtelief Board has been landed for the manner in which it Is bein^ operated. by Harry Patterson of Saloe. stare supervisor of Texas ReiieS Commission, Pat "^Tam=r, Lamar county acministrator. ssi<i Tuesday. Mr. "Warner said Mr. Patterson had assured. Paris more cattle will be shipped into Paris for processing- as the local plant can ac- eomniodaie zhem. Restilt o finis prcrsiise was seen. ilonday and Tuesday, -wlien azi ad- citional eight carloads of beef cat- rle -was received. The sIiiTunenta' this week bring- to 2.SSO head the number received to da~e. Of this nnmber 1.559 had been butchered to Monday night at 5 o'clocfe- BegiziniES' Mondays. 62 head of beef cattle will be each day. iTr. TVanzer said, \vas asreeg to 3Ionda~ by Mayor J. M- Croofc and the aoa.ttoir force?' tnstr-tictecl to kill 52 "head daily- . : *n- stead of the 5Q that had bees t3t« -d-aUy ;:; -" ; total. Tbls e it possible to process more head of beef cattle week In the plant, which now- has reached the point where S2 head can be processed daily. At present a,pproxzrns.rely 1.200 head are on hand in pastures near Paris, Mr. Warner said. In anticipatior; of rhe increased. need, for containers. the>- admistis- ratcr has placed an order for another carload of two-p-cnnd . cans, he ssia Tuesday. iTr. Patterson also praised ilxe local plant's method of storing: processed beef. In the local plant the full cans are stored, in tSe basement of the bniMin^ Mr. Patterson commented on- the safety factor or Sticli pr^-e^Ice, citing: a recent accident in a plant at Austin, where two persciis were "•rilled a.nd several rnjnred "by a floor cavfns- in srrder a. load of lisrnt ! --or?-- v arines to Quit Haiti American Intervention In Latin America to Recome Qosed Book >Ir. Patterson also praised the Toca.1 plant's record for suoilage. Tne Paris plant conrintres to show a loss throiisrh spoiTa\£re of less than one-tenth of one per cent of the total n-trber of cans processed. He said the Paris: plant -was a "mode! of operation. cleanliness and efficiency." ir:ss Hth^T Price is srsp of the TtTant, w!th "Miss KlacscweF. count" home rrratior: asrent. in g-enera.1 charg-e of operations. i4 PROBLOI CHILD- CONFESSES MUK0ER book, of n Latin. all other persons interested in the fair. Purpose of the mestinj; will be the completion of Jina! plans for ! aa <* the war-time fear that a WASHINGTON. L5».— The Ma- ri-es are coming: home from Hrvlti •next -week, closing: the Arr.erican Intervention America- Port Au Prince Auyast 15 and the *"I>evjl IDog^" embark for home, it win signal the- liquidation of another of the "war-time tasks ch£t Uncle Sa.rr. shouldered and it will underscore America's ".good neighbor" policy. Haiti regains full sovereignty after 19 years. The evacuation is being completed two months ahead of schedule as the result of President Roosevelt's visit to the* island republic in July. The Marine occupation which began July 2S, 1915. grew out of wholesale disorder on the island, Boy Says "A Thirteen Tear T>evi3 SPRINGFIELD, HI., (& — the "words ":* seern-e-d Uke a devil sr-^ided me." Billy .» fires. 13 year o'.d "problem child." confessed, the ?*2:e"? attorneys office said, that he slew Raymond TCylder. 11. of Auburn. HI., with a sh->t '"I kne^" the arurt •wras loaded •when I took it on the hill and •svhen I shot Raymond "Wylder. something: arot hold of rne an<3 Tr.ade me pu!! the' ** siate's attorney Greening quoted him as Billy is locked up accused by a playmate. Jack Beam of Auburn. •where Billy -was vis-inns', for the summer. Q* havins; shot Raymond 5 because he bad "squeale*?" or. a I robbery irs which Billy allegedly I had a part. I Mrs. Ray Kenoff. B«.!5y"s moth- l er. is expected to arrive Tuesday j from XjCndor;, Ontario. i "" the annual Lamar District Free Fair. This year the fair will openi on September 4 and close 8*ptera- j ber S. it has b<»en announced by 1 Evrop*an power would secure 60 *-" 0 * &ase tbere <SisT * ec * °* the United State*. Later Haiti signed a treaty with s i £y Caviness. With less than a the United States whereby the tat- month to make ^reparatl-tns the i ter agreed to reliabilitat* Hatts fair association pr*sid<?nt and Mr. aod help put hex finances on a At least 100 pen , Qns are «, 5 Shirley alike are ocxtremely anxi- pec«ed. tncludins member* of the -j ous that the Wednesday aswcxrlation. rnwnbers of the morning: be well attended in order of direcrors f that definite ot the Chamber of Coanmerc*, t m»d* may be tb* n«xt few day*. firm footins. American loaned the. Haitian governmftat ?2?,000.000 and the United States took over, tl>» customs hous«* a» a guarantee for th* •CTTith a range of only 23 5 between rhe histh and *ow tem- f perture rrsarka Monday r nSsht | broufirht comparatively Httle relief ] from heat. Parisians have difficul- ,sret:ir.>? to sleep bftforft latft- and also find that 'yir.s in bed i be«.-om<es iincc-irsforTAbie soon Jtfter (daybreak. T-:.-mperafur*a I ranged 'rorn 77 to 10<) decree*. | TKXAS: G«nen«tly fair I sight and W«<fn«s*€l moderate southerly OKLAHOMA: Partly cfcwwtr »•

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