Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 25, 1953 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, April 25, 1953
Page 7
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IATURDAY, APRIL 35,1953 Upper ALTON fiVBWNO TBLKOKAPH FHONI AAA tflKctttf on ftamtwrt American Automobile Asso elation of Alton.had ruled today that membership cards would not be honored for free towing on Humbert Rd. because the thoroughfare has been posted as "dosed", Torrential rains recently brought the matter to a head when Triple A garages asked the association headquarters at St. Louts for a ruling. Fred Haperl operator of the tow service bearing his name, said that since Thursday he had "pulled more than a dozen motorists out of mudholes clear down to their fenders", Construction work began several weeks ago to make the road an arterial highway. Heavy machinery and trucks have ground the asphalt surface to dust and left stretches of soft clay which become quagmires following rains. Haper said he was Informed by Sol Miller, manager of the Alton branch of the Automobile Club of Mlssiouri, that the organization would not honor membership cards under the circumstances. A spokesman at St. Louis headquarters said that the practice was to send assistanpe to the motorist hut permit the tow service to charge its usual fee as "long as it isn't exorbitant". Haper said his tow men have been charging from $6 to $8^for the service depending on thef'dif- ficulty of getting them out and the distance to tow them. He s"aid cars were usually towed to the Alton end of the road or near Godfrey depending on which was closer. He said the fee was in line with usual charges. Triple A members are entitled io free towing service by member garages under ordinary circumstances. The St. Louis spokesman said that the Humbert Rd. situation was not unusual. The club had similar cases on several roads in south St. Louis County in recent months. He said the ruling \vas made on the common sense belief that a motorist who drives into such areas is asking for trouble and the situation would be similar to one where "the member would deliberately drive his vehicle into a swamp and expect member garagemen to move him without charge. A check of the list of motorists towed from the muddy area on Humbert since Thursday showed that most of them were not residents of the area served by the raod. Haper said in many cases, especially those coming at night, the motorists were out "joy riding". Shortly after contraction began school buses were taken off the road because authorities said that posting made insurance, carried on the bus and passengers, inactive. County highway department said that work will continue through the summer and may be completed as late as early winter. Wlsnasky Wins Awarfl R. F. Wisnasky, 2870 Hillcrest Ave., received a special commendation award from thie Illinois Mutual Casualty Co. of Peoria for his sales record in 1952. The award was presented recently by the firm's president, E. A. AlcCord, along with congratulations for winning the honor for four consecutive years. Ready for Further Patroling Some 260 patrol boys in the Alton School District were ready for more patroling today after being stuffed with turkey and cherry cobbler at a dinner given in their honor. Parent-Teacher Associations of the public schools gave the important svorkers the big meal along with a party at the Alton High School. There was a serious and an entertainment side to the event. Thc> boys and some faculty members were addressed by J. B. Johnson, superintendent of schools, and then were given a talk on safety by Patrolman William Petersen of the Alton police force. With the serious session out of the way the boys were shown films including several short subjects end comedies. The event started at 4:30 p. m. Thursday and after the early program was completed the assembly moved to the cafe- ItTia where they were served a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and the cherry cobbler for dessert. Committee in charge of the event was: B. B. Campbell, of Clara Barton School, Franklin Pierce, of Mil. ton School, and Mrs. Philomena Srhaeffer, of Washington School. Campbell thank«d all who had OPEN SUNDAY • A. M. to 12 NOON Alion 364H contributed timf «twf funds to make the patrol dinner-party a surcesi. He ptfd special tribute to the cafe- feria workers who prepared and served the meal. KfthlMtt at Open ftmtm Many exhibits which are on display today at ihe Junior Academy of Science at Shurtleff College by Alton High School students also will be on display at the spring open house at the high school Monday evening. High School authorities said that at least 500 visitors were expected at the 2' / i-hour-long event which will give parents and friends of the student an opportunity to inspect the buildings and to see first hand accomplishments of the individuals and entire classes. The open house opens at 7:30. Light refreshments will be served. Power of Suggestion Faculty at Clara Barton School the other day got a vivid example of the power of a few pointed suggestions. trt raduttti of Alton Mifh School tnd both trt employed by Alton Box flotrd Co., ihf is In thf offhjf, Mrs. Sunnell is ihf forniff Mill Shlly Schlobohm, Guests attending included! Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bonnell; Mrs. Jesse Bonnell; Mr. and Mrt. George Bonnell; Mr. and Mrs. David Bear and two sons; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Neuhaus; Mint Marporie Neuhaus; Mr. and Mrs. .Frank Bonnell; and Mr. and Mrs. Kay* mond W. Bonnell, Guests from St. Louts were: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gormly; Mrl. Robert Qormly; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Zimmerly; ,and Michael, Harold, Myra and Jimmy Gormly, Bafty Ban tnomat Injury Flfteen'month-old Bernard, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Pelpert, 2410 Sherwood Xr., is in Alton Memorial Hospital for treatment of a cut lip which has been long in healing because he is cutting teeth. The child fell in his home about a week ago and severed the tissue-thin membrance back of the upper lip. The Injury was not con- ||dered serious until constant Irritation from his teeth prevented Walter T. Woodcock, executive; the cut from closing. director of GAAC, spoke to the student body at assembly Thursday explaining the purpose of clean-up week in Alton. The general idea he attempted lo get across was that they should A member of the family said he is recovering and will be discharged soon. However, because of lost blood he may undergo a transfusion before he is dismissed. Meanwhile at least nine other carry the message home and help area residents are in hospitals or in cleaning up their neighborhoods. havc be e n discharged recently. BROTHERS SHIFT tonight at Franklin Lodge No. 25 . A. F. & A. M, when Voris Williams, left,, worshipful master of Franklin Lodge, Alton, relinquishes the gavel to his brother, Joe Williams, worshipful master of Paducah (Ky.) Lodge No. 127. Jos Williams will have with him his entire staff of officers to act a^ a degree team 'in conferring the third degree upon a candidate from their lodge. Such occasions are rare in Masonry which customarily confines its degree work within state lines. The Paducah delegation arrived in Alton by chartered bus and private cars late this afternoon and will return home immediately. Franklin Lodge plans to reciprocate the event in (he near future at Paducah. Alton Area Deaths T. Schobernd "They didn't wait that long," B. Campbell, principal said. "As underwenTmajor abdominarsm-- soon as school was dismissed in- gery Friday at Alton Memorial stead of the usual rush for home j Hospital. A'member of the family the children started cleaning up the ; said he was troubled with post- crmnm trat'rl " . ..- . school yard. He could only hope, he said, that the fervor to gel things spirk-and- !! > ."?,. St !!!^u™ P u h L ri . ghtIy vvhon the known when he svill be discharged. William Swoboda, 903 Main St., is in St. Joseph's Hospital after suffering a severe attack Thurs- pupils reached home. Nazarene Revival Evangelist G. H. Harmon of De- BRUSSELS-Theodore Scho, bernd, 68, who had been in fail- Eli Daniel 3556 Aberdeen Ave., ing npa nh f or sev eral years, was found dead at his farm home, near Brussels, this morning by a neighbor. Schoiernd was found in a pasture \vnere he had gone to feed cattle. Death apparently was due lo a heart attack. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Mae Schobernd, and three sisters, Mrs. Agnes ' Poppe, and Mrs. operative illness but he is recovering. The Standard Oil Co. employe entered Thursday but it is not Jimmie Wm NOf Playing With Fire, JttSt Tried, lO Help collisions of early Frttliy evemng, 1 About 9 p. m, K sttten dtlviW! West Arreiis, Fines Follow 2 Anlomobtte Collisions Arrests followed two atittmoWle If wasn't that Mr. and Mrs. V. •T. Asaw* five-year-oW son didn't know where to build a fire. Mrs. Asaro finally got the right story out of Jimmie after things on Bowa Si, by Willard E. Rodgers of 95 Shamrock fit,, fi«t Alton) col* lided with * parked coupe of Shirley Lea tfeglei«f Staunfon, an em* ploye of •intnoli Glass Co, late to get all the details in the paper, And they definitely did prove Jimmie knew that the furnace was the right place to build a fire. It also proved Jimmie had a deep consideration for his family and a high admiration for his dad—to who he had been the closest Of attention for some time. Jimmie fold his mother he'd had a chance to cool down around j Owner of ttte coupe was notified the Asaro home Thursday-but too and nletl a careless driving charge against Rodgers. Police followed this up with complaints of intottcatlen and resisting arrest. The East Alton' motorist pleaded guilty to an three charges in police court today and Magistrate Schrelber imposed fines ag gregatlng $65. Reported at Delmar Ave. and Tibbett St. at 8:55 p. m. was a col- | lision between a coupe driven east the furnace many times. And Jimmie thought he was doing a good north In Tibbett by Hugh Sloan of 2138 Seminary St. Sullivan, 25, was . , , „ . , . , , urn to the family by restarting the he)d on fln ntoxlcation complaint al catur will hold revival services; day at his home. A member of the | Theresa Seifefman, Brussels, and j again tonight at the Hillcrest family said physicians have not Church of the Nazarene, 3316 Hill-: finished tests but indications are crest Ave. (that the attack was" caused by a The Rev. William B. Kelly, pas-j heart or gallbladder condition. The tor, said everyone is welcome. 69-year-old man has improved. He Starting time is 7:30. entered Thursday but it is not Friday night the Rev. Harmon ! known when he will be discharged. spoke on the subject, "Limiting God." After asking the question, "How Can We Limit God?," he Mrs. George Theilmann, 3408 Californit Ave., was discharged from St. Joseph's Hospital Friday Mrs. Anna Jones, St. Louis. . The body is at Imming funeral home pending funeral arrange- rgents. Mrs. Mabel Lehne Mrs. Mabel Lehne, widow of George W. Lehne, died at 2:30 brought up the following points: after undergoing a routine test. I a< m . today ' at the horne O f a daugh- By lack of cooperation with man, with God and with the church; Mrs. Harmon will join the minister today. The couple is guest of the Rev. and Mrs 1 . Kelly. Attend Regional WCTU A large group of members of the Upper Alton Woman's . Christian Temperance Union and others attended the regional WCTU meeting at Jerseyville Friday. Principal speakers at the six county conference were : state worker, Mrs. William Corwin of Belleville and the Rev. Charles She entered Thursday. Her con- tion is good. Shirley Winters, 12, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. Winters, 2316 Locust St., may be discharged from Alton Memorial Hospital today after undergoing surgery Friday for removal of tonsils and adenoids. The Horace Mann School pupil entered Thursday. Her condition is god. William Gillson, 711 Glass St., entered Alton Memorial Hospital Thursday for treatment of a long standing condition. He underwent Ewing of Danville, a leader of the' the treatment Friday and he may Illinois Temperance League. Upper Alton residents attending included: Mr. and Mrs. William Gabriel, 3315 College Ave.; Mrs. Katherine Tyner, 2922 College Ave.; Mrs. Walter Emmons, 3111 Mayfield Ave.; Mrs. Theo Tonkinson, 2001 Clawson St.; Mrs. Etta Palmer, 1305 Main St.; Mrs. Bert Wilson, 1729 Main St.; Mrs. LaRue be discharged today. Dianne Wickenhauser, 6, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Wickenhauser, 3012 Forest Dr., was expected lo be discharged from Alton Memoria' Hospital today after she underent a tonsillectomy Friday. The St. Matthew's School pupil is in good condition. She entered Thursday. ter Mrs. Frank L. Irving, Oak Lane, Lake Springfield, Springfield. Mrs. Lehne, a native of Alton, and a member of an old family here, was born April 9, 1869. She was married to George W. Lehne, April 8, 1891, and they resided in Alton for a number of years before moving to Springfield. Lehne died in December of 1921. Mr and Mrs. Lehne were parents of five children, three of whom preceded her in death. She is survived by a son, George D. Lehne of Davenport, la., her daughter, Mrs. Irving, with whom she made her home, and a granddaughter, Mrs. Thomas Douglass of Davenport, and one great-grandson. The body Is at Bisch Memorial home, Springfield. Funeral rites will be conducted at 2 p. m. Monday. J. A. Emery J. A. Emery, 75, former resi- Jensen, 2926 College' Ave.; Mrs. |. Wal ' er B ''°wn 2408 Sherwood Tr. Mollie Lamm, 2118 Washington, is in Alton Merorial Hospital un- Ave.; Mrs. Clara Kimber, 2406 • dt>rK ° ing tosts for a ^ abdominal Crawford Ave.; Mrs. F. J. Dean, i rondition - A member of the fam- ''306 Crawford Ave- Mrs Stella ' ily said WWV may be necessary. ! rient of 91 ° Hampton St., died at Queen, 1640 Seminary St.; Mrs. E. Ho entcrpd Thursday but it is not! 2 ' 30 . a - m ; loda - v at 1he home of J. Anna a member of the Baptist Church. Surviving are her husband, Jake Morgan, of Plainview; three sons by a previous marriage, Walter Marshall, of Calcart, Okla.; Louis Marshall, of Texas; Elmer Marshall, of Alton; one daughter, Mrs. Martha Saul, of Houston, Tex.; two step-daughters, Mrs. Ethel Morgan and Mrs. Sylvia Slovall, both of San Pablo, Calif. The body was removed to Ferketich funeral home, this city, where funeral services will be conducted at 1 p. m. Sunday. Burial will be in Charity cemetery. Military Rites Held for Robert L. Conwell Funeral services with military honors were conducted Friday from Marks mortuary, Wood River, for Robert L. Conwell, 46, a veteran of Wood War PI, who died Monday. Members of Wood River Post, American Legion, officiated at the rites at National cemetery, Alton. Probate Judge Joseph Barr was chaplain and Frank Panyik was commander. Pallbearers were Russell Gibson, Kenneth, Fulkerson, Bert Panyik, Richard Stahlcup, Al R. Schmidt and Ray Esterlein. John Abel Shanner Services at Grace Church Funeral services for John Abel Shanner, 72, retired Owens-Illinois Glass Co. employe, were conducted at 10 a.m. Friday in Grace Methodist Church by the Rev. L. E. Dude. Afterward the body was I taken to Plainview for interment in Plainview cemetery.. Mrs. Robert K. Graul, accompanied by Mrs. Russell Grisham, sartg two hymns. Pallbearers were Francis and Harold Shanner, John O'Donnell, William Drew, Jerome Kelly, and Ralph Wadsworth. Frank.McKinney Rites Monday at Jerseyville JERSEYVILLE. furnace fire—which had been lowed to go out because of warm weather. Donning his father's furnace gloves, just as he'd seen his dad do many times, Jimmie set lo work. He started the fire, all right, lie also set the gloves on fire. And that's how the little bonfire got over on his father's work bench, he told his parents later. Thanks to the fact that Mrs. Asaro noted the fire—and her gaze fell upon a gasoline can nearby- she beat Fire Company's 2 and 4 to the job and had the blaze extinguished, herself, before their arrival. and Magistrate Schrelber )mpos0d the j ?15 pc , 1al(y WM plea of guilty. said a m h|g *• * Uw^A Z^ Hurt fll Two Ifyear-cld Alton boys, reported Friday evtfnfnj fty ffwiftjW* have left home and ftwogrrt to be runaways w«t toetWd wfty in Chicago, where, aewortmg W an Associated Prtw ditpatcb, currad mlnot InJurlM whW m automobile In which they wer» rttf- ing was struck by another car and knocked against a tree. The boys were listed as Lavick and "JacWe" Nwrfc. C. J, Lavtck, Sr., of 3319 firtwn St. informed Alton police at 9:80 p. m. Friday that h« ion, Chrtito- pher, apparently had run twfry and that with htm wit A. J, (Jaefc. io Noons, shortly thereafter, Mrt, John A. Norris of 630 U, Ninth 8t. fold police that she had found i note, left by her sen, telling her and his father of his plans to run away. Lavick said his son apparently had taken a target rifle and shotgun with him, and at the Norris home it was found that two pistols were missing from a dresser .,. . rt • i drawer - Tne Chicago press dls- VtSlt to State Capital patch said police found the guns West Junior Students in Two-hundred and 75 ninth grade and pistols in the car in which the boys were hurt. ' At request of the parents, police students from the West Junior High School, Thursday and Friday . . of this week made their annual'• Informed the * tate h »8h\vay police Pilgrimage to Springfield and New • to be on the watch for th« : .nro. Salem. The groups each day were! f ays ' However - P<>»<* learned in i P rt hv Rnhr.rf r. H.rt,«, «ri«-i. thcir ln"-"igatloii that boys an- let j bv Rohprt L > Harlow, princl- pal of the sch<xj1 ' assisted by members of the faculty and parents. The group Thursday was Intro"I certainly didn't want folks to I duced lo the state legislature by get the idea Jimmie hadn't been taught not to play with fire," Mrs, Asaro told the Telegraph. "Now he knows belter than to try to fill his dad's furnace gloves before he's big enough to." 11 Unoontesterl Decrees Granted by Judge Bareis EDWARDSVTLLE - Eleven uncontested divorces, including nine on grounds of desertion, were granted Friday in Circuit Court by Judge Edward F. Bareis. Decrees entered on proof of desertion were: Virginia Whitford. from L. B. Whitford, with plaintiff awarded custody of a child; Ora Grace Myers, from George E. Myers, and the plaintiff's maiden name of Newberry^ restored; Oma Helen Hubbert, from Donald B. Hubbert; Wanda Lewis Crawford, from Ellard Crawford, and the plaintiff's maiden name of Lewis restored; Doris Mae Beeman, from Jack Steadm&n Beeman, with the plaintiff to retain custody of three children; James W. Sechrist, from Bernice R. Sechrist; Edward Mc- swering y description of the two had taken a bus from Alton to it. Louis early last evening, and apparently returned here the same way at 1 :30 a. m. Rep. Lloyd "Curly" Harris. Gov. Stratlon also shook hands with each member of the group. The group Friday was greeted by State Treasurer Elmer Hoffman. X The trip was made by chartered Kiwanis Kapers Has busses, fThe trip each year is sponsored by the PTA who pay part of the expense. The annual Rehearsals will be held Monday, school social, which will be held j Tuesday, and Wednesday nights Extended search within the city later in the night failed to yield any trace of the two boys. Intensive Rehearsal May 19.this year, is the medium used to raise funds for the trip. next week for "Kiwanis Kapers," the show to be presented Thursday at 8;15 p.m., i at Alton High Auditorium. The Monday night "" .rehearsal will be at 8 at the ; YMCA; Tuesday night at Mineral Springs Hotel, following th^ club meeting, Simulated Attack Great Success Officials Claim ™tJ* dne ** &y *** at the high CHICAGO ff - What Civil deJ.. . -L . ^. , : Marion Davies Sued For Party Expenses LOS A,NGELES fl» 1. Marlon Davies says the man who*« suing her for expenses of a fancy party she tossed last October promised fense officials termed the greatest simulated attack ever staged was a complete success with no slip-ups reported, Gen. Robert M. Woodward said of Friday's mock atomic attack. Woodward, state director of Civil Defense, said, however, that bad i <o P a V them himself after she weather interfered with the e.xer- granted him use of her home. cise in some sections. Nightclub owner CharliV Morrl- More than a 'million Illinoisans: s °n sued the former actress, for Manus, from Rose McManus. with ', participated in the mock attacks j 512,000 Thursday, charging she the defendant awarded custory of j incl «ding about 700,000 school chil- - didn't Pa.v him for catering the a child; Paul Collins, from Mary dren< . I food and drfnk - Th e lavish affair All types of communications i honored newlyweds Marilyn Morri- Collins; John Clore, from Dorothy Clore, and custody of a child awarded to the defendant. Divorced on grounds of cruelty were: Clarence Shaw Jr., from Ora were used including telephone, radio, ham radio, Civil Air Patrol and police radio network. Chicago was hit by the simulated L. Shaw, with the defendant award- atom Joorhb at 2:07 p.m. A red ed custody of two children: Joan i alert had been sounded at 1:50 n. Fleming Gallagher, by her mother Ka.hryn Bacus from Jimmie F Gallagher, and the plaintiff s maiden name of Fleming restored. The Koi'ehtlv 1630 Jersev'V- Miss knmvn uncn ne will'be dischrgedJ his daughter. Mrs. Earl (Marie) ; '<•<>« for Frank McKinney. formerly na Hollard and M,i Ua Hoi- J^ne Kessinger, _638 Winkler ^i" ™!!~ M ^ ^ i J £™S£ ±, ^ 2^ Funeral serv- Gallaghers were married last sept readv i!3 at Piggott, Ark. lard, 1524 Highland Ave. Tabernacle Revival Closing; Revival at Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2620 Amelia St., will close with the 11 a.m. service Sunday. The Rev. W, H. Binford, pastor, will have charge of the service. His subject is, "He Strong." St., was discharged from St. Jo- spch's Hospital Friday after undergoing tests. He entered Thursday, Mrs. Earl McCoy, 3216 Edsall St., was expected to be discharged today from St. Joseph's Hospital where she entered Wednesday for diagnostic minor surgery. A mem- he had farmed for 25 years. Born ; at Springfield, will he conducted Evangelist L. M. Johnson will Pl ' of lhe fami| y said her condition not he able to close the revival he is good. has conducted for two weeks. Ho has contracted a Severn cold. The, Comity Taverns Mu.«t pastor will hold a baptismal service. The Rov, Binford said that several members were added to the membership during the meetings conducted by the Cleveland. Ohio, minister. Observe Daylight Time Aug. 23, 1877, in Pike County, Emery worked at Illinois Glass Co., for 18 years. He was a member of the Free Methodist Church. He leaves his widow, Mrs. Louisa Emery, and nine children, Mrs. Vernice Fairbanks and Mrs. Gladys Goble, both of Benton Harbor, Mich., Mrs. Helen Copp, Brownwood, Tex., Mrs. Lela Strohkirch, Mulberry Grove, Mrs. Sylvia Grills Alton, Howard and Spencer ol Benlon Harbor, Charles of Alton, and Mrs. Cope of Kalama/oo; two EDWARDSVILLE. — L' n d e r an brothers. Elmer Emery, Alion, and opinion given the county clerk Frank of Benton Harbor; two sis- in response to her request, Assis- tc> rs, Mrs. Bessie Trump, Alton. _ , 'ant State's Attorney Kenneth F anr ' Mrs. Cora Smith, Neho; 36 In other news, Matron's Guild of Kp ,, of A ,, on hfls ^, ^grandchildren and 26 great-granri- he church will be hostesses ,o the Prns ,„ unl ralKl flm , s Qf , hildren . \Vood R.verd.s,net of the M lSS ion- , ne roun(y wj| , hp ROVPrnp(| h The bodv will hp brought to the ary Congress. Tuesday evening at I riavliRht saving time>i beginning, Rfrerpi-r funeral home for snrv 7:JO at the church, a , ., a m )omo , TOVV ires at a t j me VPt to be decided. Tonight the Salu Street Boosters Ko|)v hrlfj , ha( , h<1 rpso|u , ion Club will hold a social at the club. adop(p(] hy , np ^^ ]nsf Menu will feature hot fish, chicken officially adopting daylight savin* Monday at 9 a.m., in St. Francis Xavier Church. Interment will be in St. Francis cemetery. The body is at Gunser funeral home where friends may call. C. L. Colliding Home Purchased by Akins Thp Harry F. Ifemphill Agency torhiy announced the s;ile of (ho residence of the late Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Goulding at 7'JO Kudicl PI. The purchasers are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Akin of Belleview Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Akin and their children will move into the home within a week or 10 days. Elliott Reports Boys Tampering With Cars Alderman-elect M. O. Elliott of 116 E. Fifth St., soon to be back on the roster of city officers, made a flash-back to his former official position as policeman at 9:30 p. m. Friday when ho reported by telephone to the police desk that he had observed two boys tampering With cars parked along Alby S 1 . between Seventh and Fourth SN, Police dispatched to iiuf-stigate caught up with tv\o youths and took ! them home to their respective parents. One was said to ha\e admitted entering a car "lo look for matches". m. by the city's air raid sirens. The alert was relayed to Springfield within four minutes and the state capital was directed to get to move mobile units to Chicago. The atom bomb burst, in the Belmont Avenue area on Chicago's north side, would have caused about 105,000 casualties, according to Civil Defense officials, and 35,000 would have been killed outright. They said about half of the 70,000 injured would be dead in five weeks. son, his daughter, and ginger Johnny Ray, ^ince parted. wTMoiii DEBT WORRIES! Bring In All Your mill — W • ' 11 P » » Them n n I*aym*nt»Tou C » n AfUrd and Get Ton Out of Dobt. On* PUce to ft jr _ Not » Loan Corn- pan r. M DEBT MANAGERS, k| (Copyright, 1893) Room SOS Commercial Building 305 W. Third St., Alton, Ql Phone 3-8814 and pastry. Open Uouve fur Uuy Bunnell Mrs. G. Morgan CARLINVILLK Mrs. Gertrude CHICKENS AND MEAT AVAIUBU NOTTOLI •TM. luptr Mfct. HIGHLAND 6 COIO STi time for courthouse offices and hoard sessions -as well as for .„,,. An open house for fncnUs and oponing and rlosing hou ,. s of )av . Marsh . iU ^ ? wjfp of Jakp relatives was held evening .erns outside corporate llmi.s-.s Morgan, died suddenly at 1:40 p. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray-. 8ti |, in effec:t um|er its f Thursday at the family home mond F. Eonnell, 2017A U'ashing-; . ton Ave., prior to his leaving for military service May 1. The couple, married last January, entertained L'J guests. Both in Plainview. She was born Jan. Iron was almost a precious metal 28. 1883 in Xenia, a daughter of in early times and Egyptian' Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Ashley. She ladies of 900 B. C. carried vanity! came to the Carlinville area to re- cases made of it. side about 25 years ago. She was for Dining if* 0e«| . . , al the . . . |> M f >t» n<*h MAPIETTE INN Route 67 Godfrey iho our STEAKS • CHOPS • CHICKEN • ROAST PRIME RIB OF BEEF ou jus SflVINC HOURS SUNDAY: II A.M. Til 10 P M. la 9 ?•'"•« f *r Beauty Salon Phone 2-7131 Open Mouda} » 8:30 to 3:00 SAVE NOW! FVTH t KCtil'l 4K $y.W Cold Don t BUS* ttm Uerneadou* bp*ml • - 7 la «r *«14 it* HI 114.11 ft* Twr LOOK DOWH LADY, LOOK DOWN I Yet, look down at your rvjfcEvrryone else doe*. Just picture how many •hades brighter and livelier the colon can become—imagine • clean, clean rug with •tains, «oil and dust all removed—what • pleasure! Now, look up and look to U* for that perfect rvig- rleaning job You'll »ee the difference, feel the differ- enrf and, because of our reasonable rates, you'll podc»t the difference, too. t LiUBdirin • Dry Cliinirt FRCI PICK-UP AND DIUVUIV ftlMVICI 109 !A$? HOADWAY .

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