The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 10, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, February 10, 1948
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, A V FAGB TWO THK DAJLY REGISTER. HABM8BUBG. ILL., The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Ssllne County Register.) PablUhed evenings except Sun- ton and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrtsburg, MBS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Barrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. ' -Subscription Kates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail m Saline and Adjoining Counties, 85.00 per- year in advance; $1.50 for three montHs. Outside Saline and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 7- cente per month. n » X 6» SSI The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertisement. BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY They that worship popularity, wealth, fame, sensual pleasures a long last find they have spent their lives collecting ashes.--Exodus 20:3: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." BIBLE READING FOR TODAY Feb. 10. The Mysterious Spirit. --John 3:1-8. The Daily Register, 20c a week. He's New Around Here, Isn't He? J -^f ^BT -- · j To CARRY HIM, SAM/ WiSIIKION I., t^ V I r.t 9*. DUKW PKARSON Says: Sec- · v t i r v Marshall speaks plainly i to Javm-s about European re- i COUTN; Americans enlist in .,,-:.)· ' for peace: Some Con. confused on tax bill. \\ \S1IIXGTON. -- Secretary of Marshall did some M;» o un p ii»v *·!"·* ...... . ., v ·» Pi mi talking on the "philosophy u-Viiul his European recovery ,,i ,, at a recent meeting with s of the U. S. Junior foi or i- chamber of Commerce. Tho Junior Chamber spokes- mt-n had suggested to Marshall tlrt the United States invite out- stuns in-4 young farmers of other nations' to an annual exposition the exchange of information Inestoek breeding, soil conation and other farm techin- ·1 That sounds like an idea worth conquering." responded the secretary of state. "It's in line with what'we are trying to do--helping otiiei:. to help themselves. There been a lot of misunderstand- Congress and elsewhere reconstruc- ·cduced by one half." To explain this complicated e«al jargon the committee called in tax expert Middleton Beav. m. He tried bravely to reduce this language to simple English but only got more snarled up than ever Finally he shrugged his shoulders and gave up. "We'll have an example worked out in the report." he saitl. "\Ve need to have a clear explanation," emphasized Tennessee s Jcrc Cooper, "in order to ansxjoi questions that will be propounded by other. Congressmen. "Rhode -Island's Aime Forand snorted in disgust. "How can we expect the people to understand this." he asked, * _ _ _ · . _» ,, A _ M .rl it" /Ml 1 * . Explains Why Mink Coats are Costly CHICAGO UM!i~lf milady woukj like to know why it costs so in t money to wrap : soil n'.uk i- a around her shoulders. she o d tilik to some of the nunk i thci* near hore. They raise the nnimalt, aid complain about how expensive they arc to feed. innnn \ Otto II. Grosse. « ho sent 0000 mink pelts to the market ^ c :" from his mink farm places he blame for $3.000 mink coals on a lot of things. ' _. "Number one." Cros-se sai id. is The Dully Ilegisler. 21K- . the 20 per cent ledcral tax hen possibly a Mate tax an 1 "Then you get .aid the animals breed it our- q " C ha in-"' in about our European tion. program. . "The job before us is not so much putting oil in heaters "" or KEMPS BALSAM FOK COUGHS- DUD. TO COLD5 BREAKFAST at the DeLux Sandwich Shop HOT BISCUITS HAM, BACON, SAUSAGE FRESH COUNTRY EGGS HOT CAKES GOOD COFFEE On West Elm i/ 2 Bl° ck W; of Saline Hotel No Stamp Needed. Sonny i CHEROKEE, IT. (Ui)--Employes j at th* Cherokee post office were j stumped only temporarily by a telephone call from a three-year-1 old boy inquiring if he needed a federal stamp to go duck hunting. The youthful caller was told tnat if he" was big enough to carry a j shotgun he could hunt without a j stamp. = · j Small Change HONOR, Mich. U.F9--The Honor . telephone exchange, serving only ( 18 subscribers, has been sold by , Karl G. Hepner to Benjamin Snow , for SI 000 -- one o! the smallest. public utility transactions on rec- · ord. m To the County Sheriff, Judge and States Attorney: At a meeting of the Official Board of the First Methodist Church February 8. 194S ? it was voted to express to von, as County OfCjfeb. our appreciation for your part in the order given to stop gambling and the violation of the liquor laws in our City and County. We thank you. Naturally as Christians and law abiding citizens, we want the laws enforced. Certainly we dp not want gambling to go on, and we do not want liquor sold We have expressed that wish at the polls. \\e ha%e - trusted* each of you by electing you to the office you now hold. We are behind you in the law enforcement program you are now trying to carry out. . Signed. N. c. HENDERSON, Pastor. JOHN WOOLCOTT. Secretary. m \j | f H i V » V . . w v » « » « ' " - '·if we don't understand selves?" GRAIN-MARKET FEUDSTER Thrce-hundred-pound Isido. c Ginsberg, the alleged grain marketer, broke off the joint congressional housing committee hearing the other day and promised to pay up all claims against ( him if the committee would call j off an indictment being prepared by the district attorney in Queens j mm.'" yini."^ v... .-- county. A. i. -_ | feed on the tables of people less -Wisconsin's Senator Joe MIC- ] foitunnte than ourselves. It is to Carlhy explained the committee! encourage others, to give them has no powc r to call off a cnmm- the incentive to improve their ec- al action -onomic condition. We supply the "But," the senator reflected, tools so to speak, but they do j ^ you a j so promise to quit the the work themselves." J U . I grain market, we won't furnish Xobody can truthfully call tnat i the jj s trict attorney with any m- "Yankee" imperialism," said Mar- jf orma tion against you." shjll. '· Ginsberg thought over the pro- ··I remember showing some pos iti 0 n for a moment,'then de- \merican films when I was in p^ed it was not enough guai~n- China." he added. "One was a tee aga i ns t prosecution.- Without picture called 'State Fair, about further comment, he waddled a t\pical farming community in back to the hearing room to take " the 'Midwest. I showed it in a up ^ e £ CU ^ w here it left off. courtvard one night to some Chin- r · . .*. «.f fimolc- TilCV Terminal Leave Pay slowly and an ^.. -. to their pnvironnient. 'Urni, r.ud bad feed all can kill them, Grosse complained. As many as 1,000 skins may go into one coat and the finer furs and the matched furs all bring the piemium prices. EXPERT CABINET . MAKERS ^ BUILT-IN KITCHEN- CABINETS STORE FIXTURES TRUCK HEDS "ANYTHING MADE Or . WOOD" WILSON'S . CABINET SHOP 512 West Sloan Street Tel. 564R1 Meet your Friends at ANDY'S OUR FOOD MAKES YOUR MOUTH ORDER * ; Get in the Groove--Join the Move THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH Amorl Deadline August 31 \\ere simply amazeo mat Ameu- *^ CUU1 » can farmers could work such vast!for Applying for tracts of land, produce so much. ~. :__§ i ..,,,,,, and still have time to relax anu enjoy themselves. · -Chinese farmers have to worK practically all the time to eke an O Only a few months remain for former enlisted men of World War prav.-ui.itu an «*·* ~--~.--. -,,,,·!, Ii to applv for terminal leave pay existence out of their little patch-. est i ma ted that several thou . .... _.. .. help|^ nd ininois ve te r ans ' lected to seek this D MATTERS · YOUR MONEY. AND GOOD HEALTH -J m have . benefit. Deadlinc f or filing of these ; ^..^ . g Augucst 31, 1943, but veterans are urged to make ao- : os of land. We've got to _ them and others to raise their standards. In doing so, we promote world -peace and understanding. vcier*n*» * ic "*»·-" ··" :~ v PRIZES TO FARMERS ' plication immediately to avoid the | One of Marshall's caller. Greg- last minute rush. ' or? Dozier a voung rancher o f ; Former enlisted personnel are T?varSna Arkansas, suggested entitled to pay m the grade hem, ?£* under the Junior Chamber's , at time of discharge for all iur-, orizes mi«hfbe awarded to ,lough time used while in service c/farmers who have made im-jEither cash or bonds may be re-' -nt contributions to agricul-' quested. Survivors of deceased, '"n other countries. But the ! servicemen and guardians of m- b- inducement; he said, would, competent veterans are also eligi-j be 5 a trip to the United States. ,ble to apply. r.up-,-;TM 1 -lav for instance. 10 vouths in \ Assistance in making application | BHMBBW*--^-^ ..-«««»-»»---- a email farmiS community i n . W ijl be given by James Arthur ; A searchlight catches Burt Lancaster and Ann Blyth in this scene i ta ly ?« competing for the tnp » .j^^S* Commission in Sa-| i Universal-international's "3r.ute Force,' showing-at the Gra,d. cxpl^ned^ Dozier^ .^in^ ^ I j^ cQunty Thc office is locatc d better production is bound t o , a t the court house. i ' This ties risht in with i -- 0 C- 79 ___=zJ^l from -Tuesday and Wednesday. " 'result This ties right m wun i ------: o - vour efforts, under the Marshall Woman S Place in Home, ( ·plan, to help others help them-1 ^^ p Q// Agfees [selves. . . .. I i "However, our mam objective j ALLI . XXCE o. CE--Although i i s to promote friendship and bet-. ^ ^ - f M t v . college ter understanding between farm; stuaems o^ ^^ qucstions C on- ers of the United States ana otn-, ^ women, most agree that !er ^^J^^i^^tep*?*TM*** - the modern women and men t of the stu- ,, the question. - r - - - .r.. n.c,vc ii uu ..i.. conveniences made , . some serious thought R possib i e f or the average woman sources said today. i union. , N ote-the Junior Chamber of- topbcar and rear children ana One report said the fund will; .Levris^ feels ihat ^ntejrom the finals also got a favorable contribute S25,COO to the annual) income of Cambria, 111., a coal to~. i rtf on nf .rcnns ! he 1CC1S are in moil ca*i» u^uinv- i'£,Ui-i-^ o .-.»»-·»- -."" "i7,"~l:_* v t o lv ".- ·* - j .of -oO persons f o r m ! ient to meet minimum needs. Pur-, Last December this columnist, - those were women. The payments arc.mjhe form.^^ (o . hc Altme ,,, r rulins . w . tossc d out the idea that one good | CCScvcntv per cent of the women f C - ho TT q" 'students said "yes" to the question.- foi the u. . , believe that women are bv letters to rela-! ^^ mQrc moral than men? --' · r ^ in ho Thc mcn - b ' an 8 pcr cent mar S' n -i inclined to be- ,. . C ^ can't buy good health. But X you can invest money in a physical check-up, to "Help" prevent minor ailments from becoming major ones. If you should need funds to pay for medical treatment, see us* about a low-cost personal loan. The Firs! National Bank of Harrisburg 0 z m m 73 (fl · Vi tt U In fairness to yourself you should consider all the facts pertaining to your cleaner for the conmiR season If vou do. we are sure we will he able to number vou among our growing list of satisfied customers. We are absolutely sure you cannot equal our regular service and we know you cannot get our NE\\ SOI-T FINISH anywhere else. Please lei us convince you. REGULAR CALL FOR AND DELIVERY PRICES Men's and \Yo^cn's Suits and Dresses §5c Cleaned and Pressed "* REGULAR CASH AND CARRY PRICES Men's and YomciTs Suits and Dresses Cleaned and Pressed CHOOSE TOUR SERVICE THEN CALL OR BRING US YOUR CLEANING TODAY! HART'S CLEANERS soft°coal pits. Another fu..« _._---- -.- ---_private operators and Union Prcsi dent John L. Lewis last July '"-· not disbursed or authorized schedule of payments fr , most $50.000.000 alrcadj ! a 10 cents levy on coal. j Deadlock on Pensions Lewis last week threatened a , strike to force payments from this fund, including SIOO a month pen- ,sion for miners at age 60. lie and j the producers deadlocked over the pension demand. Thomas E. Murray, third impartial IruMcc. re*isn- ed because of the "unrompror.iii- ins attitude" of Lev. is. ano K/-ra Van Horn, operator trustee. Trustees ct th', earlier fund established by Lewis and Secretr*y j of Interior J. A. Kn:g have t-sla'^- hshcd V.vo classes of grants. Tl\cy have author:7cd SI.COO -_r;.r.l io the survivors of decease'! ir.emhcrs of the United Mine V."orkcr.- in- »« sources e.-^tma't-c 1 . "^.' S5.- (X0.000 has been paid out under this plan it became cffccthe May 21. 1946. No Guaranteed Ker.efil Thc union has cmpha.MrH thrl Ibis is Tiot a guaranUed death '.er.c f:t. H5:c insurance. It K ^j-.t-n only in of survnors' r.ccd. The other grai.t is for hardship C.T-CS and usually ,oes for medical care,^ns. ho-pi'.'sliKition. rdu- ca'.jni''a] and special siec^.^ uiiintt by lax-MKipoi t^'l .sy-.'ci'ns ll.e .schedule of mcnihly par.;cTits J.ID- ·. :des SGO for member of t'.:c Ur.:l- cd Mine Workcri. in need of core-. $20 for bis wife and $30 for dependent child Ho-Acvcr, it \-as pointed out. fev.- persons qualify for ihi? full : ulo of jnonthly pamerts be the 3cr:ciils arc reduced by amount of workmen's fc ^'-T^S^-^^f^^, XK»« v-,4r*5§a $ v^-^4t4tfe tag': ' '?*· -*"* ^ '-^^-s^.f-i - "·$%?·' !%* Zt^. "V 5 ^ ?fy ·? ' ' fJ^'Jl Forest Fires Dwindling OLYMPIA. Wash. (U.R--Wash- forest fire losses dur- .... lowest on record, acres ravaged. Fire acres in 1944. . . dropped to 30.378 acres in 1945 true facts. j and 12 .oo3 acres in 1946. Various people have acted on | this suggestion and so effectively . that some of the Communist news- j napcrs in Europe arc yelling '·Uncle:" They want the letter i barrage to cease. . j Most effective mspircr of let-] tcrs has been Gcncroso Pope, Jie , Italian-American newspaper pub-; lishcr in New York, who has or- "anizcd letter-writ in? clubs and · committees among Italian-Americas throughout the TJ. S. A. He ^^timatcs that perhaps 2.000.000 ***· . t_ _ ^__ _.«!4 4h*« 4 *» vakja Ihc countries just inside the iron Curtain. These arc some of the real weapons of peace. "\Vbclhcr the Sir-lc Dcrfnrlmcnt is voted new COMPACT NEW PERFECTION OllK. ' f^Zf oi-»-^- */ *' t'** 1 ^* 1 **-'** *· . .. . _ ·/^-'l propasarida funds or not. individ- - C'~*'*i ual A"mcr:car.s can automatically .»v~:«^ cn iist in the people's army for **' peace bv Rcttinc busy in all sorts of ways lo Juild up American W! C UTS P iN TAX 1SIU. . Some Congressmen arc just a dubious as to -what it An assortment for every »a*tc A package for every Here's a new kind of oil c!rcscn.oir the burners, The PERFECT GIFT wiled Ihroush the House of Rep- rs, rcscnlatives the other day. For cutting down the length six ^ff\^^^ ^ jnches without reducing cook- Sec \vhich " preceded passage »]g capacity, for use where of the tax bill, a unique debate kitchen space is limited. 1ook place rcgardinc tho provi- - . _ r~-- 4^:^,1 4n/«ftTn/.1av r/1iiTT off latl DtaitMstl flrami returns 20% West Poplar Phones 855 or 550 705 \V. Lincoln ??nrjoc Gort-'yion for joint cial Security system. Angeles. No Social Security ConHitt madr. child-?i?e or'of the'Social Security adminis- Jc?ds llis congregation tration, has ^ruled that the mine · playing the accordion. k -- ikis itaalifal flcamin; · tehile -pvrttlain route end learn how easy it it to ova tmc WASSOM'! CHOCOLATES jf lhc net income and the unco ii «-··: '"·· """"j"-""" \-"-i Carrier Mills ^"'·5- i applicable credits against net m- jcomc provided by section 25 TM TM · Tel. .16R3 SOLI) EXCLUSIVELY IN HARRISBURG AT RAY'S DRUGS SPAPFRf 5T7*

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