The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 62
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May 10, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 62

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 62
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Page 62 article text (OCR)

drove them into exile By Harold Heffernan - (North American Newipaw Alliance) rpHE TALL, unbent figure 1 of "The Thin-Man," hair now pure white and thinning, stood in front of Charlie Far- relTs Palrhs Springs Racquet C1 u b a n d took a long, deep breath as he admired the dazzingly beautiful San J a c i n t o mountains. "I am one of the lucky ones," said ~ POWELL William Pow- IN '"«, eil, now, 77, a star who whipped rectal cancer in 1939 and went on to survive, by two decades, the surgeon who said'he had no more than five years to live. "If I had stayed in Los Angeles, that doctor's __ prediction undoubtedly would have proved correct," Powell said.-"But when I left the hospital, I realized I. had to do two things: quit pictures and, above all, get out of that terrible smog." Powell upset medical y theories in another way, too. When advised that a peaceful, tranquil life would be es-_ sential to his lasting the al- loted five years remaining to him, Bill married .Diana (Mousie) Lewis, a little starlet on the MGM lot. (His first two wives were actresses Eileen Wilson and Carole Lombard.) Diana was 27 years Powell's junior at the time, a whirlwind of dynamic energy who loved several rounds of tennis by day and lively party activity by'night. They were married in 1940, less than two years after Bill's recovery. They're still wed, and both look back — and ahead — on one of the happiest marital unions in Hun annals* rnHE MAN with the bell-tone X'"voice who became the world's epitome of sophisticated charm as he co-starred with Myrna Loy in the series of "Thin Man" movies, said that only once has he had the slightest desire to come out of retirement. In 1954, he capitalized by taking on a featured role in "Mister Roberts"-for his wife. "Mousie had never been to' Hawaii," he said with a Smile. "The film would be on location there and she could get a free ticket over." Powell is only one of scores who fled Hollywood years ago to whip.the earliest inroads of polluted ah-. Charlie Farrell, silent screen star who teamed with Janet Gaynor in "Seventh Heaven," was the first — by a long time. But Farrell went- to the Palm Springs spa for business rather than health reasons. He established the Racquet Club in the early 1930s, sold it in 1945 to come back and do the "My Little Mar- .gie" series on pioneer television, and^went back again, to remain as manager of the William Powell now With Mousfe in '46 Springs' most popular rallying spot for show-biz refugees. .... "• * _ . . . ; "D ECENT Palm Springs visi- •tv tors were such familiars as director Mervyn LeRoy, David Janssen, lawyer Greg Bautzer (attorney for Howard Hughes, Kirk Kerkorian and Jungle Jim Aubrey), Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra and Vince Edwards. They and dozens of others spend every spare moment in the desert, using cars, planes, even 'copters to commute. Ten years ago, Willard Parker and his wife, Virginia Field; bought' property in nearby Palm Desert; now they've given up theif acting careers to live there all the time. John Conte of TV's "Matinee . Theater" and his wife have turned their back' on film business and today own and operate the exclusive El Mirror Hotel. Conte also runs a local TV station. Miss 'Shore, whose tennis activities, come before her night dub career, takes a practical view of the change in atmosphere. She said, "I doubt that half the people who play great tennis in Palm Springs could do nearly that good in Los Angeles. You just don't have the same breathing'capacity. I know; I huff and puff every time I go to L.A. to play."Other enthusiastic permanents are Bill Gargan, Zeppo Marx, Bing Crosby (when time permits), and Bill "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd, whose .estate, just off one of the main roads, is a magnet for tourists. The old cowboy is a genial host, willing to display his silver saddles and other keepsakes. As for Gargan, also a cancer victim who had to learn how to talk all over-again ^-after an intricate throat operation, he thinks he'd never have made it had he not fled Los Angeles immediately after the surgery. TV moiling.,.questions and answers Q.—What urill the Ixnnon Sitters do now that their thorn b canceled? C.N., Spencer. A. — They are disappointed but they'll soon make the decision whether or "not to stay in show business. Q.— Does Norma Zimmer, the Champdgne Lady, crusade with Billy Graham sometimes? T.V., Waterloo. A-.—Yes. While the rest of'the Welk ( cast is on summer tour, . Norma • sings with the Graham Crusade. , Q.—Do you ' think Tom Jones will ever take over Elvis Presley's place with the women of America. J.S., Waterloo. A.—Jones may al- imiiw^ Radio program listings for Sunday WHO—Radio 1040 NBC, De« Moinei 8:00 Religious 9:05 Farm News . 9:15 Music, News 11:00 Church Ser. 12:05 Guideline 12:30 News 12:15 Baseball: Minn. vs. " Cleveland"""" 3:30 Monitor 5:30 Meet Press <?:00 Monitor 8:30 Radio Pulpit 9:00 Etern'l Light 9:30 Central Col. 10:00 News' 10:15 Am. Legion 10:30 Billy Graham 11:00 Back to God lliSOible das? "" 12:00 C'ntry Mus. WHO-FM 100.3 me. 9:00 Prelude 6:00 FM in PM 1:00 Matinee . 9:00 Concert 5:30 Analogue 10^00 News, Music KRNT^Radio " 1350 CBS. Det Moinei KIOA—Radio 940, Des Moines 5:00 Religious 3:00 Die Youngs 11:00 B. Powley -7:00 S. Duncan KCBG—Radio 1390 Mutual, Des Moines 7:00 News, Music 2:00 Baseball: 11:25 Church Serv. Oaks vs. 12:00 News/Music Okla. City .llQff..M,.Me.M!m.Ji:PO!MSlc. Hall . 12:00 Don Purdy KFMG-FM^Stereo ' 94.9 me, Des Moines 7:00 Dave Mallow 6:00 Requests 1:00 Mel Martin 10:00 Blues Show 4:00 Album of Wk , K WHY—Radio 1150, Des Moines WMT—Radio 600 CBS, Cedar Rapids 5:00 Gospel Mus. 6:35 Pop Concert 7:30. Religious 10:00 News 12:15 News 10:45 Tab. Choir 2:30 Face Nation '11:10 News .Music 3:15 Music , WMT-FM 96.5 me Music in stereo -from (stereo) 6 a.m. until 6:30 Agriculture 7:30 la. Church 8:15 Hymn Time 8:55 News, Eaton 2:00 C. Jewell.:, 7:00 Ci Shraiwk 7:35 Religion 8:10 Harmony 8:30 Face Nation 9:05 Salt Lake Ch. 9:30 A. Godfrey 10:00 News 10:15 Classical 7:00 Sun. Lady 8:30 Religion 9:15..Music 11:15 Grandview 12:15 Lifeline 12:30 World Tmw. 1:00 Religion 1:30 Music ' 3:30 Bethel Mis. 6:00 Religion 9:30 World Tmw. 10:00 C. Hollowly KDMI-FM—Radio '97.3 me, Pet Moines 6osp«l i«lk«, music 24 hours • day. KSO—Radio 1460 ABC, Des Moines 7:00 Religion 2:00 D. Thompson 10:00 Dave Grant 6:00 Music 11:00 D. Herbert Des Moines Sunday Register, May I , 1970 . WOI—Radio . 640, Ames 8:05 Music Shop 12:15 Alcoholism 9:05 Phil. Orch. 12:30 Forum ll:tJO-BWk Beat 1:00 BBC Theater 11:35 Review _ 3:00 Cleve. Orch. -12:00 News" * "- 1 WOI-FM—90.1 me (stereo) 12:00 News 5:30 Birds 12:15 Alcoholism 6:00 The Drum 12:30 Forum 6:30 Visit 1:00 BBC Theater 7:00 Oberlin Mus 3:00 Cleve. Orch. 8:00 Symph. Hall 5:00 Ages Past KLFM (FM)—Stereo 104.1 me, ABC-FM,. Ames (stereo) 7:00 Stereo 6:05 Army Hour 11:00 Church Ser. 6:30 Stereo 12:00 Stereo 12:00 Nighttime FI-TY ready have the lead, and if he does it is probably because the women of America have more opportunity to see him. An entire generation of teenagers - knows Elvis only from movies or record album covers. Q.—How long has Jimmy Durante been in show busi- ness? D.J., Ames. A.-Slnce 1910, when he was hired to play the piano in a saloon for $25 a week. ' Q.—Who plays the bear on the< Andy Williams show? D . H., f G r u n d y Center. A.—The bear is actor Ja'nos Porhaska, a veteran Hollywood monster impersonator. N OTE; To write-to television performers, send letters to them in Care of the networks on which they appear: ABC-TV, 4151 Prospect st.> Hollywood, Calif., 90027; CBS-TV, 7800 Beverly blvd., Hollywood, Calif., 90036; NBC-TV, 3000 W. Alameda, Burbank, Calif., 91503. Performers not appearing in regular TV roles reached through Screen Actors Guild,-7750 Sunset blvd., Hollywood, Calif., 90046. A crossword puzzle for adults ByH.H. - Itcddall. ACROSS 1 Glass water -'bottles. 8 Locations. 13 _ and , Merrimac. 20 Octahedrite, '. 21 First irr excellence.. 22 France, 23 Sandman's hour. ' - " 24 Appraised. 25 Sea nvmphs.. 26 French friend. 27V Little and th« wolf: 2-words. 30 Naval vessel: Abb* SI Middays. 33 Suffix hi adjectives. 34 Diminutive human. 35 Jo«ep Broz. 36 Architectural pillar. 57 Crosby. 39. Fishing lures. 40 More rational. 41 BoiKhg. 43 Sorceress. 44 Political fugitive. 45 1/16 of «r catty: Chinese. 46 Audacity. 47 Scottish highlander. 48 Short, in Latin. SO Manacles. '51 Period of instruction. 55 Form of beer. 56 Delete. 57 Mathematical term: PI. 58 Scottish uncle. 59 Goes astray. 60 Sources. 62 Moved ' smoothly on ice. 63 China or Baltic". 64 Carpenter tool, 65 Woody perennials. 66 Pillar of stone. 67'Audacity. . 69 Equals. 70 Flat-bottomed Ixxrts. 71 Kind of weed. 72 Organic unit. 73 , , bear. 74 Mouth fluid. 77 Musical groups. 78 White man,* to an Indian. . 81 Home base. 82 Lost to view. 83 Travelled by horse back. ' 84 Greek poetry. 85 Open work fabric. 86 Cut thinly. 87 Legal thing. 88 For this cue only: 2 words. 89 Interest; Abbr. 90. Big, medium, . email bruins: 3 word* 94 __ de France. 95 Famous natural wonder. 97 One of the Lipari Islands. 9» Indian. 100 Guaranteed. 101 Taking to court. 102 Repetitive. 103 Teeter totlert. 104 Donkeys. IPS. Removes the brine. DOWN 1 Bath houses. 2 Wind flower. 3 Airwaves message: - 2 words. 4 Attorney: Abbr. 5 Tourist attractions-. 6 Man's name. 7 Sow. 8 Originate. 9 Mohammedan ruler's decree. 10 Small monkey. 11 Corrects a text. 12 Anne' Douglas ,—, novelist. 13 Country "estates. .14 a kind: ,2 words. 15 Fragrant ointment. 16 Native of: Suffix. 17 Working hard. 18 Senior citizen. 19 Renovate. 28 Engagement 29 Greater love , •, no man. 32 Aborigines. 35 Heads or . 37 Storage receptacles. 38 Present participle -•- suffix. 39 Well understood: French: -2 words. f 40 Pintail ducks. 42 Growth. 43 Possessive pronoun. 44 Emma , soprano. 46 Desire. 41 Hereditary factors. 48 Hallowed. 49 ,-show (carried in a box). 50 Light sarcasm. 51 Indian grooms. 52 Pertaining to . communications, 53 Zola. 54 Advises: "Arch. 56 Muse of lyric 57 Mortimer _ 60 Fold of the skin. 61 Flat surfaces. 62 Bombed fiercely;' 64 Establish validity. 66 Shopper's, goal 68 10-point type. 69 -Weighty. 70 Tree trunk. 72 Italian woman of rank. 73 Cushion. , 74 Thin wood strips. 75 Aminq acid. 76 Enzyme from yeas!. 77 l»et tagged in child's game: 2 words, 78 .Sit for tin arti*t. 79 Refrigerating • agent. 80 Adjective Miflix: PI. 82 Begs. 83 Pleads again. 86 Taining of the 87 Queen: French, 88 Residue after horning. 90 Ancient Irish capital. 91 Yale men. 92 Among. 93 Repetitious in form. 96 Afan's nickname. 99 Man's name. The answer to today's puzzle will be published next Sunday; last week's answer Is on Page 2. Crossword fans: Try the daily puzzle on Tbe Register's Comic Page weekdays.

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