The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 6, 1951 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1951
Page 5
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LP Weekly J ood Review The Associated Press IEggt prices dropped sharply this eek to the lowest levels since end of May. Popular pork cuts hd si.'oked items also were low- in many places, and many stores Iduced frying and broiling chick- ns I Beef, lamb and veal were gen- fally unchanged, while butter hntinued its weeks-long climb, jivancing one to three cents a bund. I Top grade eggs now have drop- fed about 14 cents a dozen at re- fil since the day after Thanks- 'ing Day, with around five cents r the reduction occurring Since 1st weekend. By the middle of this leek, however, the wholesale larket had turned upward slight- f. indicating that the price slide ad been arrested at least tempor- Hly- (The reduction was not as sharp Tsome places where prices hadn't limbed as high to begin with.; I There were four main factors \c the big drop, which was the harpest tnis year H. Demand lapsed after Thanks- living Day as consumers cut back In their food buying generally. 2. An unusual stretch of warm -eather, almost nationwide, stim- |lated egg production and made ollecting and shipping easier _ 3 Hatcheries reduced their op- Irations, as is customary at this · me of year. This channels a lot If extra eggs into consumer chan- lels. 4. Sagging prices of pork, chic- ii and even some beef cuts fused some egg price-cutting Egg prices for a time early this leek were as much as 15 cents dozen below the year-ago levels It wholesale But this comparison c-d out by the Agriculture Depart-1 -- ·· s f h r 'week's most p l e n t i f u l 1 food for thrifty buying. The Agriculture Departmen^ reported that meat production under Federal inspection climbed lo the highest level o£ the year this week and may top 400 million | pounds--largest since mid-January. Veal at wholesale will go under dollps-and-cents price ceilings ihe new maximum · will average « l i t t l e above the present general market levels, so there will be little effect at retail. If there's nn upturn In veal prices, however, the new ceilings will prevent wholesale quotations from rising above the average levels that prevailed over the past few months. Wholesale food prices, as, measured by the Dun and Bradstreet food index, this week dropped be- low the ywr-aRO level for the tirst time since early April of 1050. The Index «t $0.68 was off three cents from last week and compared with $6.77 a year ago, It" represents the total wholesale cost of one pound cnch of 31 foods in general use. ASSIGNE?) TO DIVISION KORT 1V{EADE. Dec. 6 -- Pvt. Ralph E.'Clasped, 21. son of MPS Beatrice .Claggett, of Clarksburg, has completed proceswInK »t *h* 2053d Reception Center her* mid is assluned to the 7th Armored Division, Camp Roberts. Cnlif, for Army basic training 4-IlTMEKTING HtiLl) The Shookstovvn 4«H club held Its monthly meeting and » Christmas party at the home of the leader, Mrs R. A Biser. on Tuesday evening. The meeting was called to order bv the vice-president, Mary The N'wu. Frederick, Md,, Thursday, Dfcembfr (, 1951 THIMBBM Franc-ex McKonzle Roll call was anawerect with "What I learned In 4-H this year'' The following officers were elected for next year 1 President, Anna Mae Hooper: vice- president, Louise Snuff; secretary, Dolores Hoffman; treasurer, Sylvia Funk: leporter, Mary Fiances MeKen/.lc. Games were played and refreshment* served bv the hostes.s. MAAS OPTICIANS Eye* Examined--G(MIM Fitted PRESCRIPTIONS FILJ.EO Phone 1151 Z42-A X. MARKET STREW of^Walkersville, agent for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, was recently appointed assistant manager in the Hagerstown district. is somewhat .deceptive because eggs were abnormally high early last December, due to severe storms and heavy military buying. The pork" reductions this week amounted to from one to around 10 cents a pound on a few items like loin chops and bacon Frying chickens, another special in many stores this week, were off two to four cents. Tangerines, snap beans. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery and radishes were among the fresh produce items marked down a little this week because of increasing supplies. Several vegetables continued unusually high-priced, including tomatoes, carrots, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, broccoli and lettuce--all reflecting light shipments from growing areas. ^ed Emperor grapes were sinel- i a-I AN exfca-gerif/e BLEACH Ye^, Clorox bleaches extra-gendy, con- sen r es costly cottons and linens. You see, it's free from caustic and other harsh substances... made by a special formula protected by U. S. patent and used exclusively by Clorox! A depenMIe STAIN REMOVER Millions of women use Clorox for re-' moving stains from white and colorfast cottons and linens, and from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, too- Let Gorox help with your stain problems. AN effective DEODORIZER A Clorox-clean wash always smells fresh . . . even when dried indoors. And in routine cleaning Clorox works wonders in removing objectionable odors, m,akes kitchen and bathroom surfaces fresh-smelling. Jfj addition CLOROX is one of e world's great DISINFECTANTS A Clorox-clean home is a safer home for every member of your family. In laundering, or in routine cleaning, Clorox is the most efficient germ-killer of its kind ... a type of disinfectant recommended by hundreds of Public Health Departments. See directions on the Clorox label. Value-wise housewives shop AP and save Customers Corner No wonder »o many housewives with »harp eyM for g«od buyt »hop at AAP! For AAP off«« a tr«mtndaut variety of money.MV«ri---not ju«t » handful. What'* mor«. 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MILK SALTINES BEANS NABISCO PREMIUM ANN PAGE IN TOMATO SAUCE SCOTTISSUE ir · Their flavor "n wonderful ... their juice plentiful... their price economical. CALIFORNIA FRESH B R O C C O L I ROME A P P L E S JUICY FLORIDA GRAPEFRUIT REGAIxO S A L A D MIX JUICY FLORIDA (SIZE 54) 4 3 EXTRA LARGE FLORIDA (9 SIZE) A V O C A D O S 2 ANJOU PEARS FIRM YELLOW 0 N ! 0 N S CALIFORNIA FRESH CARROTS FLORIDA (SIZE 176) TANGERINES 35c 29c 19c 25c 2 fcs. 29c 3 ""· 25° 2 bunches 29 C do*. 29c SONGSTRESS F O R D H O O K 65 47 53. A D A M S COUNTRY Pork Sausage V« 45c Scrapple 2 . SWIFT'S C A N N E D ( l l » to ),!-lb.) Gwaltnry'n «i»miln» »mlthft«l« Cooked Hams fc. 85c Hams (ioto HIM.) fc. 95c JT4 VCV EAFWIH SHRIMP (5-lb.boxS2.89) fc. 59« Haddock Fillets FANCY *. 45c pt. 85c Ib. 53c TROUT fc. 35c i. 31c iG PltlCDS ARE BOWN! fr«stvlpw Grade B LARGE EGGS 69 Sunnybrook Large Bggs- *··«· * *"· ?4« " ~ ~ ^ ~ " b. 59c Muentfer Ch««i« *' 8 * e Dom»*Titt Blew Juicy Florida . BAKERY VALVES! JANE PARKKB JBLLY *TREU8*EL Coffee Cake - Brown 'n S«rv« Rdli «·*« White Br*«d ^NE PARMK t ISe Anqel Food Ringi *"* LL Fruit C«kw **« FA«K«« IfetP- 1 .45 "· 22e O R A N G E S CHOHTCNINO 29 1OOK LIMA BEANS Cookie Mix '*«*!' 35e NB»TLE'« CHOCOLATS Morsels X 2le BUKMY'B HOWBY »OODY C l · 1t-oi. t I _ ookies »««· ' I c AND BLACKWELL Mince Meat *?' 45« NBOTAB Tea ANN 1"Aie TOMATO Ketchup ECONOMY PACK Modess WRiaHT'S Silver Cream LYOIA OREY Tissues Bex ·« 400 . . . «k Swiff ning * We DUFF'S 0«vll Fmtf, Whl't* w «CM* 55e 23e *" $1.47 * "· 2 1 c "SS* 2o? 0 »o 29c iff'S MIX erwead Wf 2i« CriABOC Dog Cafiaiy STHONOHEART Dog Food MY-T-FINE Puddings MAZOLA Oil B£ 35c NIAGARA LAUNDRY Starch *f 20« ·LKANSINQ nt*U«§ Kleenex ··x »r aw . · . is* ft8c ·' b »o I7c KINH COLE Green Peas K S S K A Y Cut-Up Fryers OLD SOUTH Orange Juice l.FBBY Asparagus Spears BIRDS EYE Mixed Vegetables SNOW CROP Chopped Spinach CAP'N" JOHN'S SMALL Haddock Fillets CAP'N JOHN'S FRfBD Ocean Perch Fillets HOU9AV NEE9S! SUNMAID SECDLES« Raisins 2 ^ 43' 35e I7c 23e 35e Ib. 47c Currants «· L«y*r Figs HaKewi Dat*« Cashvw Nut Black Walnut M*ajs Mixtd Slae« Fruiit Pitt«d Dates Mett's CiUi PrHC«« I" MHi » »*t., DM 2 «··» »-or. t-ib. PUS. 56c 10-OA NF,W NO-RINSE 1 MARVEI CHEER se - ^Iflr ^ anl fifl» ox wV c hox C9^ c FJrinf; your Cntipons to AP Octagon LAUNDRY SOAP 3 ^9c bar « /4 Old Dutch ! Dial Soap CLEANSER »ATH SIZE 2 -- 25* 2 -- 35 e Gerbtr'i CMOPPKO ' FOODS K' 15* MBAIN6D rodDS | *~ ;»· Wrislty's Soap 1 KAM Of WAP. WITH Met CLOTH IN PUAlTW «A« ., AH «« .NFM'SPAPFR iWSPAPEUI

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