The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 11
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THZ DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK. MD., THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1932. ELEVEN GRADUATES TO FIND JOBS SCARCE AND FAR BETWEEN Must Broaden Vocational Fields, Says Educator. "FRECKLES" TO BE HERE WITH GENTRY BROS. SHOWS , "Our Gam"* Star Making New Film. Toby Of The Circus.' 9 While On Koad. Chicago, Jim* 1--. --what' There :s no do'Jb:. sax! Robert C. Woelluer, nead of the Vocational Gusd- aa.ce anfi Placement Board o£ tne Uai- Tersity c. Cmcagc. that th-s month's crop of college graduates TnZ. find :obs scarce aaci lifted, bat so: hopeless. In an effort to help its graduates-especially its fut_:e graduates--ad.-jst dJtJons, tne '.in.', eriitv. thro'_gn tins \o- rational gj.cin.v department, is sur- Teymg the \ar.j^ professions and vocations t 3 ascertain opportunities that may naie D-een o-.erloj.ied fiel-cs."' Wot liner sail · For example, a few years ago one s :uld rarely have advised a college s'acent to tra» to be a grcceryoian. but today the *»»'" grocery stores ;2er a nevr field for ": In :~e pist, he tnere haie ieen j only s.yy^.- naif a cozen general voca- j ::ons or pr^Jesslco-s at to aaa. One studied to be a lawyer, doctor.! engineer, tescher or one of the lea" other general classifications. Graduates this year a ill Snd the legal, engineers? and educational fields ~d. he ^aic. ind Ircm indsca- Fn? t i'.es ' is no» '.a Washington. D C \V.i^e ia Freckles' uill v;s.: stores *hKii will co-operas in leaiins assistance to making the the siay of '.he star a pleasant one aere The boy has just returned irons a trip around the -*cr"-i. He has ·srork- ec in nearlj e'.ery country on tne gloe aad 3ias been inu^xiuced to royalty He is a fra^rnal-st and Belongs to prac- t.callv e^«rv ci"c and fraternal organ- A ycr'.y of j5 stud»it, la chirgi- t-f · I IAW:- U.u:c! O.jud H a i u v Carinack. | members o! the faculty, Betlx-1 Jr I-'rtxl Olai.d. Li-*:er.oe Lawscn. . townsblp high school. Pa. ha\e arrar-.g- R..!iA-d O.a:u Krai.k Hooper. Jr.| «i to stop a: -he hole, for d.r.ner Mon- Da- ei I^-sv Miir Meredith Waltz.' cay e\enii^ T.ns pir'.v is .t^-^ tn route ' KoVrt Dus'craiaix. Harold L*»-»on. \ to Washington ; "'*" j REMOVAL EVIDENCE Reported Presented By Seaburv To , ilolstadter Committee. by holding my ' laughttr en ^.-ur lap'" "I'm afraivi she'U rlay ti»« plaoo mad the :-.e.£hbcTi' --PathJ5nd«r. i ! i With 'Fr ie T03- | separaa-e. I of nis us- grounds Xr Ra\ i *11 D*e :LJ- ?t mon- Tlie f» are aln-.rst .11- r:;. r-m :o the cir- a ?er:ui:-.e callio-.v : -- -e ' v .Jit [grounds for rcnio\a. c* \'~.:-^t Wilder i was presented to tn? Horj'aut'er 1««- i . ~ The gra;. -haired eoir.rr..::·.·; counj-ol Safe Pleasant Way! To Lose Fat 3' T^r. _-. -.·;·.· :^ u.t.-J cieitt-jnel t.-*.rw''-s:i ^z- "Freckles," aho-npr.v PUPILS VISIT HERE -5 From West Newton. Pa.. Ui$h School, En Koule To CapitaL i »=«. H ' j ;.i..' ) Wa-i--r h^itw'lf -n De'ru.' cl ^rged j c.f i lawyer · a ell kn^-A ''"^' ---.· 1; xj,ad.- ^f !*: in » n.onts a i^ A" .? tins* :^oe increase , \ ur e:-.-»r;-. a:.a .u·:'ro^e jour heiltiJ' ' H , « » ~ - ^ - «·* '^ V e \u^r double «..l coeopel ' «« how ? 'U* o! nor*. number of open.ngs available ,, J3ck .^ .. Kx . Ray a:;:S , ho ^.f,;^" 13 " S : "'" JS:: n:s °~ ce * U ^ifaavous -a 'Our Gar.g:' ^uV^te ^07-: : on 5urvev. although it »»**«· ~ ?^e"-^ Tu ^p-.» -JM| B * * ^ f . « · HH' dees not ta!-:^ present e;3n3rr.ic ccn-!" " ditions into account, h^ t^und for ex- i '-**· shos - "; .^s.-j-g.. li^ce he is no» encase: A shortage of highly trained cheausa ' £l!r - :o « ^»--i T « v -His father. Jac£ Ray. .s in industrial and government positions, j 15 - a:r -* r - -« £ Ra 5'. -s A ne^- a-.en-e for tr.e artist-teacher !»«*- ^^ Tas »- Frecer.c. in art rr-useums tnat are expanding i -^ m««=lne w =a^e icto education fields ar.d in book stores ! --- morning to make Xcjrton. Pa. cn^?l. arri-,ed la ih.s city Wcdi.esday e-.eni:-^ abo_t 6 15 ocl?ci and had d-nner at Francis S^o:t Kev h?tel Tht partr was -n c.iarse ?f \V. V Dcnlry ar.d se-.eral members o! the fa;_lt... After c-nner tr.e students visited po.nts cf interest abou- the cry until abojt 8 o'clock v.hen tney lei: !or Wa^ni:i.;:on in a B.^e Hiage Trinspor:a-i_n Company 3Ui. T.te pirty vtll spe".d a cav in \Va£hi:iS* on sight5c'ei"s -nc tnen return t j West Xewton. Tuesday a partv of f»-enty- iC-.trn students of :!-« Ells»or:h Pa, ;-n.:.or." . l-.g'.i schcj! Milted Frederick e:i route i in rr.av-ns a ' t \Voh.Ez"on Thcv s*o^p^-d at the o! the C.rcus.' Francis Scott Key note, for denser an-d '.otat.on rear.- ' after a short Slav in tti» city re: :.c£Vrda - . and sumed the^r :rip t3 tr.e National Capi- arranseatenti ;al ---. aomr- c-n Af'-r ".-".Jt -.0-". -Aan: to around I Birthday Party Ouru ; A del-sntful birthoa% p.-.-tv \is ;-.'·'.: I Mrs. Frank H^^Ter. Bar- --.sii'le, in i ^'- Krirhen Sa.-^, :s »orlh one bun- j honor oJ trc.r cs.ldrc:- -Miry- and i^-red dollars. ': a.--.-, rat person's money." 1 Frank. Jr The table A.IS dc\or?.t*d »:-h i B-r. re.'o.- .n::'at.or---^af^uard your :»o lr.hdaj ci».e- one ».T. r.:.e car.d-'-·-^-^-^- -^' a- - SAFE1LY wsth lies and vne oi::-r four Ihev rtce:\i-c K-.-.-i-.r:! :i-.any pre»e:it* 1 .Ktee p:»e: t NUr\ t-^T £." I n '..:·.; Kruschen Sails Hooper. Mjrtle N'^: Mar-»r-t S u - f - J ^ ·" *-^'^ ' *' I :-r.k .; s ^nra: I was fer, Irer.-P'rn:p.-. E..i-ibe-.!-. Ol-:.i. Ar.r.ai5-' ir. -e^ ar,;: i n-, hips I've been Hen St^j:'.,r V:rs;^-.:i Gvi-1 ·**- - '*·'-. f - j \-.-i I m now 44 3-i-h. Ecni M-rcir. ElJU-vth F2K-::»f j -:-''· " - · · · '-- ^ tr.e\'r* helpinc Helen H.viper. Bf.ty Mai:'. A:.:;.i Mar.'-(t;K- Mr H i i ^ l Pic". Atroa. Ohio Carmari. Joan Din'ermdr B-.:e :i.-\-:i I Marca 9 :^"--' J Rile;-. Miry D::itennan. LKir t:-.y Miv | le-.c..:^ c- ,«its America O'.er seU i R.:ev. Warren LaAS^i S!'.Arre"i O i".ti ,Krii^::e.i Sa. ^ ·· ·: ca:i always get It 'Rjb»rt H^*ard, Si-'.o^-er P.-.e. 15 R - y i ? . ' \V:._::-\::~ Dr-s Store--Adv. ir;th larse art scci.ans. New nelds for hiitor.ans as technical ad\_*ers to the motion picture industry to iiisure accuracy of costume and detail, and as v. r:t-:rs of papular biographies. A ney branch of endeavor for political scientists as lobbyists: large corporations. taxpiyers' leagues and other groups seeking to protect their or public interests engage experts m political science Growing use of trained psychologists in personnel m-nagement =rsd other functions and of qualified social service ·svorkers. The survey anticipates a. productive field in marketing because of changing methods of distr.bution and new opportunities in transportation, created by problems. The graduates of 1932. advised Woellner, need not return w college simply because times are nard. They might as trell junap in the svrini. he said, and the best of things -- and at the same tune try to make things better. Sprm; Ccirkens ^Sc poand. Old Chickens 22c pound. I cac flit anv orders -alive or dressed. Phone 696R BabT Chicle. ! BUFF BOCK Monroe Avenne. East ot ana 159 West South Sireet. Frederick. Marylaad. Warner Bros. Theatres TIVOLI TODAT --A Paramount Hit With-KICHARD ARLEX JACK OAKIE ROBERT COOGAX / Robert I MONTGOMERY In M.G.^I-'s Eomantic Saccess ETTY LINTON^ City ^ra House x: O N I G H T-AT 7.1.T--9.00 CO«T:£ on over- fastest -For ffcc Funniest comedy ,y Drama that's sure to please ,| uOm -S T E A D Y COMPANY --A tT^.rcr^il T.ctare TTith-- XORMAX FOSTER jrxn CLYDE ZASr PITTS A MACK SONETT CO5HDT DANCE HOLLYWOOD BALLROOM FREDERICK. MD. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8 DAN GREGORY VICTOR RECORDING ORCHESTRA From New York to Los Angeles "Everybody's Favorite" "The Rage of a Nation" Admission 50c Karl Jacobson is now sole distributor for SCHENUIT TIRES in Frederick ... Unconditionally Guaranteed for 12 months by Karl Jacobson . . . "NUF SED!" ONE WEEK ONLY! BEGINNING FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd. The low prices of Schenuit Rouble - Grip. Air - CooIe-J Tires 127'. below standard list) plus the gift of a GUARANTEED Tube with every tire make* this Sale Event m o r e sensational than ever before. Take advantage of this DOUBLE VALUE sale--equip your car for Summer driving with the SAFEST tiro made. Made RICH Baltimore 30x4.50-21 4-Ply Heavy Duty SC.15 Tube FREE $655 Value 28X-1.75-19 4-P!y Heavy Duty $K-65 Tube FREE Schsnuit Double-Service Tubes G I V E N AWAY in our DOUBLE-VALUE Saie are G U A R A N T E E D to fce our .egu!?r stock FIRST · quality tubes made R I G H T n Bait'--icre, and n-sr.ufactured to conform to Federal Standard or.s. C'ass A. SCHENUiT HEAVY Duty Double-Crip Air-Ccoled BALLOONS Every Size Now Priced 27% Below Standard List SIZE i T'-iTLfi YouPay , You Get SIZE !T^T;?" YouPay . You Get 29 x i 50-20--i-P'y 2SxJ 50-20--6-PIy 30x^ 50-2'--l-Piy 30xi 50-21--6-PIy 28x^.75-19--H-Ply 28X-1 75-19--6-P!y 29r: C-0-19--«-ply 29x5.00-13--6 P'.y 30x5.00-20--i-p|y 30x3.00-20--6-Piy 31x500-21--4.p!y 31x50021--6-P!y 23x5.25-18--'r-P'.y 28x5.25-18--6-PIy S5.95 S5.25 S8.20 S6.55 S8.50 S7.10 S8.80 S7.60 S9.65 S7-80 S9.90 $8.35 S10.15 $8.55 .$1.0.60. $4.65 $4.90 $6.85 $5.15 $7.10 $5.65 $7.35 $6.05 $8.10 $6.20 i $8.30 $6.70 $8.50 $6.80 TnbeFREE TubeFREE TobcFREE TnfceFREE TcbeFHEE TobeFREE TubeFREE TebeFREE TubeFREE TnbeFREE TabeFREE TabeFREE TuceFREE FubeFREE 30x5^5-20 -- 6-Piy -- 6.P!y 23x5 50-1S-- 6 Piy 29x5.50-1 9^-Ply 30x6 OD-'S -- 6-P'y | 31x600-19-- 6-P.y \ 32x6 00-20-- 6 Ply i 33x6 00 21-- ·?'.-· ! C-x6 C-0-22-- 6 P'y i 30x6 =3 13 -- 6-P!/ i 31x6 50-19 -- 6 Piy I 32x6.50 20-- 6-P!/ * 33-6 50-21--6 Piy 32x~.CO-1S-- 6 Piy 34x7 00 20--6 Ply S11.25 S11.65 $11.65 $12.00 S12J5 $13.15 $13.45 $14-00 $14.60 $15.35 $15.60 · $15.95 $16.10 $16.45 $17.30 ,518.00 $9.40 $9.7O $9.65 $10.00 $10.65 $11.OO $11.15 $11.55 $12.00 $13.10 $13.20 $13.35 $13.40 $13.75 $14.45 S14.95 TnbeFREE TnbeFREE TabeFREE TubeFREE TobsFREE TnfeeFREE TabeFREE TobeFREE TubeFREE TabeFREE TubeFSEE TubeFREE TabeFREE TuheFfJEE TabeFREE t Tu^FREE Unconditionally GUARANTEED One (1) Year The ONLY Tire With a NON-SKID Guarantee New Annealed Rubber Tread Assures LONGER Wear The LOWEST Priced FIRST Quality T i r e On the Market FREE Delivery STORE OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 10 P. M. STORE OPEN EVERY NIGHT TILL 10 P. M. Dollar Specials That Will Pack Jacobson's Store! NOW THE BIG NEWS-FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY ONLY! Karl Jacobson again brings to Frederick and Vicunty 3 Great Seihug^ Days with the most sensational offering of all new Summer MercJ,.: ti:se a: prices lower than our greatest hopes! Everything is new, and priced so low that you will have n; cause to wait! If you want more for your money, come to Jacobson's. Ever;,- o-e oi these Do'.' Specials speak our policy of "More For Your Dollar." STRETCH YOUR DOLLARS HERE AND SAVE! GROCERY SPECIALS 18c Chick Feed Ib. B» t Karl-Ja Coffee Very DeUcio»--Ib.. 19. Pure Vinegar QuaH Bottle .._. .. Sugar Corn or String Beans Larjr Can--Each Corn Flakes Very Crispy--Box Sc 6c Wool Bathing Suits Samplf--Men's or LJuSir-.'. \U Color*. Uerth to SJ.' 4 ; \our choirr. Heavy Cottonade Pants Djrk |iittr-!»---the kind thi*. $1 "5. Men's Dress Shirts Odds *nd mi'-. 1'lam Jnd ( I P » Cut full. W o r t h ··",,- Boys' Knickers Linrn or Wool. All sixes. All cloths Worth 9.V 2 PAIRS 1 3 FOR K N ' N N \!\-=O»Iv Union Suits full cut xinl m . i V « t i ! 36 to *«. \\or;l- i.-t Ladies' Silk Net ^m Hose TV NeweU cnlon. Sfae« 8'- \ H to 10. Worth 50c *f · 3 FOR 5 PAIRS Ladies' Straw ·Sandals jl| All colon, also white. All ' sizes. Worth $1.95. Pair CHILDREN'S Slippers and Oxfords Black and colors. All sizes. Solid leather. Worth $1.75. Pair 72x90 Bed Sheets Doable bed size. Good quality. Worth 69c. 3 FOR Druid LL Sheeting Yard wide. Heavy weight. Worth lOc. 1 5 YDS. STEP-ON Kitchen Can Green Enamel. A real boy. Worth S1.50 G-irls' Wash Dresses Fast colors. Pretty styles. Worth S5c. 2 FOR GALLON" SIZE Joy Jug Just the thine (or picnics. Worth $1.95 _ Flannel Pants Cream with stripe. A real bargain. Worth $2. Heavy Bath Towel Larfe size. Soft fluffy. Worth 35c. and 5 FOR MEN'S SILK Union Suits , Cool and food. All colors. VT AH sizes. Worth 73c. u) 2 FOR LINES Window Shades , Good roller. All colors. U* Worth 50c. «]) 3 FOR Our Great SUMMER DRESS and HAT SALE THE VERY NEWEST JtST \RRSVED FROM NEW T i O K K New Lot of Silk Dresses ATST wanted rolor urw st-»le«. wrtrth S3.9* Tanr th?*ct $1.95 Tear Unrestricted Oiojce of Any Hat in the ,r, House Vilacs to S." CO New Lace and Georpettr Summer Dresses nr color--%N »irr worth J.* '.. 1 ou ·hoi 3 . " New Voile resses MEAT SPECIALS 8c Picnic Shoulders I » « n and Mr^l;--Ib Frankfurters All Mrat--pound Fresh Pork Loin Sliced or W hole -- Ib. Kraft's Cheese White or Yellow--Ib 24c Smoked Sausage Fre5h and Good--Ib. plenty. MEN'S FANCY Silk Hose orth 25c. Buy PAIRS BOYS' N \IXSOOK Union Suits Cut full mnd roomy. All MZC«. Worth 49c. 4- FOR 1 CRINKLED Bed Spreads sire 81x90. Rose, Green. UIuc. Gold. Worth 79e. 2 FOR 5 Piece Curtains Frru with rose, blue, told. crrrn horder. also white. \\orth 59c. 3 FOR 1 Linen Toweling I tsht or dark. Some with border. Worth 12c 12 YDS. ' 36-in. Cretonne Beautiful new patterns, fl* Worth 15c. ^ 12 YDS. 1 I Dress Prints i i Fast colors. New patterns. Worth 15c. 1O YDS. Ladies' Wash Dresses I Home or street wear. | Fast color. All sizes. , Worth 95c. 2 FOR 1 ;$ Boys' Wash Suits ^ styles. (| I h 79c.,|)H All colors. New Sires to 10. Worth 2 FOR Boys' Overalls A real bargain. All sizes. Worth 58c. 3 FOR 1 Neponset Floor ^m Covering T« N'ew patterns. 2 vards |\B " *f · wide. Worth 49c. 3 SQ. YDS. | All Feather i PiUows | Cretonne covered. I feathers. Worth 79c. 2 FOR 1 24-inch Runner Felt base- Pretty patterns. Worth 39c. 4- YDS. RUG SPECIALS GENUINE NEPOXSET GUARANTEED 6x9 S 1.90 7y 2 x9 S 2.40 9x9 S 2.90' ! 9xlOy 2 S 3.40 9x12 S 3.90 xflr-[IVt*co i

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