The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 2, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1924
Page 8
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JVAUK KJUHT THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, TUESDAY. DECEMBER 2, 1924 t7; Social Notes Call Telephone No, 4400 and ask fop Society. M loins tnr this doparlnient tmiat 1»« In hy 10:00 a. .Mr--. I'niiik llipt'l' 1 pr*-^hlt-il it* 1lii>lt -ri'» yc-tr-iiljiy M r [ >| linnii to lilt' iiH'inln -iH Hi' tin Mother's dull fit lit-v h<mit i . Nimh Av.. cnwl, wlili .MIH.,K. A. Ko .-*tM .'niiis antt Mrn. K. .1. 1 lnl >t 'ii v m n jiKsi ^iini:. Til' 1 liitx .'tini^ wns d|i (^it 'i| vitU I Oil iTi'Ill eVt-Ilt s ;ilhl fiillmvtwl hy j th<> U\islui"-s v<':-iUin Si'vcu n «"'W m.-iinti nam i' MI - lulu i> w ho sub- xrvib'- *l" ;< ,vr;!l' f>>r flit,' I >Ky| Nisrst-ry WIMV ;uiti"mn A part j tO pllll lllis.' I wo (luzfti piviiK of CDriJuniy tfiMi.-fj .s Tor the lilt If buys ,it the mirsoiy. Twolvi? wool NWi.'lltlM> •wrr" luii-fhit^ffl Willi luoH(;y lionafct) by lb-' Lioiif t-luh [ oT ] I in c -tiitison. ; A v(=r> 1 iin 1 innsi< id ii|'Mj,'rani fas pr.-urin,.'! f.i!lnwin« thi' IIUNI- in ---.ii. I'roi. T. .1. HalH'vkovn anil his oroli-'.^ira nl tour PUM^S l'a\or- (•(1 lln> Jatlic*! whli v.-vtwal lu'ttutf-j lul n 'liM 'iKtn -,. J'riii. Mahcrk-irii j ruiil Mi:-s A/.ci l'Vrmi.-JMii *>n violins, i Miss V'liiul Uncfi'viiuf at tlu* I piano .nut Wr. l-'i-niinanil Halter- j (HI tli.' cello (ilayi'ii. ''Sun-| t" b\ Arthur rrvur, "11 earl - Ihrnhv'' by Arnnl.i and "Melody" hy \ it ''-iT".si')'';if-''Ipri ("hy He* K. Mr. Kf-mpcr Hippie sani; a pvimp of Hnlo-, acrumpnnn'it at tJo 1 piano, hy Mi>« HostM -ran*. Hi* iniinhers welt- "Ii"tiKinbi , aiHt'" hy Salter. "SiHI z of Sfiiif:s" by Moyw, and "Thank f.iml for a (lanh-n" by Uh'U .i. llr EMiu -i'iuMy rc ^ntMnbMl to »-!if«>r.' v.Uli "Uo.-H->\.f IMcanlv" by Wood. Tli>' pi- per for the (In y was on tb*.; suhjei-t "A (Jh -l's Friendship With Hoy.s" and was pn 'St 'iiU-tl hy .Mis. K. c. oirhrtri. K.dlowliig Iho roadiiti:. Mi>. <'. }'.. Uraiiluc, pivsi- ib-r.t \oad a round laid" dii=i!i^Hioii or rhe -.-([hjecf. and many itu*! resting opitiioii.« were exprt»»seil. Ten i-'Mvcu in the dining room nt five o'idnrk. Tiit* tahh- wns ton- tt'jvd with yidlieA* e)ijy.-an!In'-mnms and Mr^. .1. S. S!t "M preyidod nt tiir ruite. urn. Tile ellih Will IH '-f -t III t \\ i» -Wfi 'k^ joe; of "I'vimllive mid S:\viipf. Mu- idr." This \vu« umsl lut.f.TP«MnB ninl inntniftlvi' as *hr took music and its forms from tin; lirfiiimliiR or ilm« down through th*» liialnry nf the world. Tpa was served til fivo o'rlnck. {iviestf of tho iduit wci't' Mrs. Ha.rv.-y 11,-iukiiJ, MrM. t'lllTord \*yt\n and Mis:* Iloleti 1 Vn II T. Th" n«.-xt nu<r.'iliif: will h" Hoc. I", at the homo of Mrs. A. K. Atkinson, 1!)27 North ARIIO wtroct nt w 11 irh 1 iIno the Ch rlt m ns Part y be, JiWd. .- ^ ,i. Mr. I.Wand I'IM-IUMV lias ridnviuMi to Mexico, Mo.. wh'Ti* ho Is attctwl- I WA inilitury nrhool ypjjr, nit^r Mpendlni; ThaiiksKtvin^ v.Uh hi* father. Mr. U. K. IVrdow. .Mr. J'erdow enlfrtained v.iti) an In Tor ma I dam ine; party Sat unlay «n'e!i1un »t bis lioin»', HH North Main street, compllmfntinf; his son. Hv freshuietUs were served nt the close of the eveiilnu. Tho^e pre.-ent. were- t:v. ! VM I"V.I:IH i;^>'ii'ii)i>n sniiiii Mailftrt y.-a«er ,lo .-vp >ihi" Hul.-e i 'liiirlettf Pay ' I-Ttnub- Holinn.l Mirhim .lolmsen Vivian Sirobiii'ir • jwemloJMi Lnj inii'i I M.Klv w Me» (•:> I "JI i no ilia Kwt /cl Klm« KP> ei> M.-.I -Rari'l .lohfifon W'IIIIKI Kvaris Kiilph NI»»R (.'!;arlf? TciDplc WISE AND OTHERWISE Hy Mr». W. Y. Morgan. ili'iils i lnh nl hvr Iwmw, 2\« FUtli Ave wvj.t a»«'»>t< by Mrs. Kllen IViirsrui. Mrs. l-'rrd WiiSl anil -Mrs. .1. W. Siioilc. Mrs. K. K. Monro will prcaldn ns Imslcss to tlifl mnmlu'ra ot the Daisy club at hor bnini\ 12,'( Xortli AclaniH Direct. , , Tin- ].,«mili>r inp..Mln K ,.t tlio Ai>ol- J r .V„ im[ .1 3 ,L lmrt uauslit la club will bo belli nl Jonkins and '" ' HnvH ;«u sent a letter by Uiu Alr-lilano rnutc? I hud my Orst experience the oilier il«y-aml ffot a rCRl thrill In tlolni? II. When I «.-nt to the post-ottice anil nsko'l fur an -itr-piano stump, 1 linrt H SKI-I of n doubt that the man nt Ibo wbtrtow could produce any thing as • •uncrcte on tlio sub- Jci't, as a stamp to fly u Idler across lo N .'W York. 1 had no bp a how nnicli It would cost—liul I had mnde Hp my nttnd to buy one, if it took a whole ivuok's salary. I tried to act sophisticated aa i a.skcd ibe man at the window for the «lanin—aa.l when be to\d me It would cost olcht cents 1 put the rest of my sal.-uy back In my purse and llianked Inuiven tor n government that could fly nwny wlih ono'a letters at eight cents per. Then ! trleil to enjrage I lis tnmp man in conversation on the To Elect This Lvenlnfl. The Acacia chapter ot Kasttern Star will hold election of officers this ovenhiK at the regular meeting lu the Masonic lemple. > <». 4, .J. >fi i$ <> * 4> ^> * <?• CHRISTMAS PRESENTS " ^ DESK SET. <t~ * -I •>> .Sons Music sturo. Chapior HI.. I'. K. I), will have an uflemoott of so.vine fit the home of Mm. I.. T. Child, M'> Vlrst Ave. east with Mrs. .1. A. Jwivla ns-sistliiK. | Mrs. K. .1. tlrovler will oiife.rtnln • tbo liioailiors of Iho Now Century j club at one o'clock luncheon uf her | lioiiio. ;'.no Croscont lbjulovurd. Mrs. Wllliani Mai tin will enter- la in I be hidi* 1 ^ of iho Domes! ie j club al her home, ."ill Ave. | Uls eye an was making ready to inquire Into the details of iilrplnn- UIK leller* across ibe conlineiit. an obi tnaii came up and Insisted Hint the stump man E^'» him Wo ones, anil three two's and took so Ion;; to count out the money for his purchase, that I didn't have the no we t>. wait nrnunil Jnrtt to exhibit my innorimce. I in I belnj; :i woman, I couldn't, sivo up until 1 found out the harrowing details of how to send let- Science ... „.-, ,„„.,„. ,v,r. |„, rs , ,, y : ,i rpInne . K|na „ y j ron . .,.;,''• , , ., ,, ; cliifb'd If ever I was to loarti—then T^r^^tZ^!^ \ "-•:":.«'?,'-'! i«?t t"en I spied lality of Mrs. W. Modern Woodmen Elect. Carl I.. Harris was pleeiod ('nun. oil of the Modern Woodmen lodge last nlghi al the elecllniiof officers bold In the Wnotlmen hall. Others who were elected to office are: C. M. niii 'tiharl. advisor; J. S. Illalr, clerk: V. A. C.erth, banker; A. V. DaiiieS. escort; W. .1,. Chainidon, ceiitry; W. I. Macklln. wnlchman; i John .1- Hackett, trustee for three ; years and Dr. A. (!. Jieall. physl- I i'liiul 1 A livriie crowd was pro*:-M at tbo i election anil nt the close of the meeting refreshments and a social hour were enjoyed. New Pocahontas OH'icers. A large crowd of members ai- • leaded iho semi annual eleiilon of j officers of the Pooomontas lodge | last eveuipg III the Heduien hall, j Mrs. Ahhlo Smith was elected 1 prophetess; Mrs. Agnes Smith, j I'ocohantas; Miss Ruby Knell, I Winona; drover Smith, Powhatan; Mrs. (loldle Smith, trustee; Mrs. Myrtle Lynn vouvosentativo ! to tiie disfrle* uiooting in Kiowa in May. Team drill followed the oilier business of the evening. If you are careful n home nii.c. | desk set is quite charming. A! blotter, corners, small trap and loiter box or whatever accessor:!:.- you choose can bo purchased*al a j small cost. Cretonne, brocade or (any materia! you like can lie used j for covering, with galloon braid ! or ribbon to finish the edges by, , being glued uti. j 1 GRIDIRON CLUB HELD j | REGULAR MEETING The Cridirun dub hold Its regular mooting last night at the j llorabaiigh-Wiley Tea Hoom with a discussion of Do 1 proposed IM'th ; amendment, to the constitution as ' the principal part of the program., A. II. Schlauilt led Ibe discussion | of the proposed amendment which J would give Congress the right toi regulate child labor. i Men's House.SJtppera Heat Quality, lllack and Jlrown Kill, Leather sole anil heel. $3.50 Felt Uppers. Leather sole and hoe.!. $1 .75 Felts with Siiife leather soles. $1.45, $1.75, $2.00 $ N.M.i» Cfcfi?tyVelc& N •^•' m I \-trail ft..w»i t .l.e k " "o!i, [.1,*-! 1 tl -TtiisPi Ifiiitl, r ,'jo U Nfnthf^ s 1 III .Ones liny l|..'l.-in,| i 'n nl Cl a inn. 1 'rti 1 TVumU.r,(.!l Nl. horts I'ornii'i- WbitjH y NlelKiN i 'iitfei-.l Kitzmill.^r t :dwin 1 ,u 17, lr;inl, l '...ik l-:-.o:,'io Cll.kliiir ' l'.ii-.-u.-f SleM-wt-od Ktlilii'tli W'-e.'-ller W'Sllinni til t .(.-!i,-rt ll,'ll lllthel l-::it:om l K Ins K. iilictll .\t,:I,ee.t \. Randall, at li ! homo., ".IT, lOasi Cnmpbell street. The resrular meeting of the Itow- i knot club will in- held with Mrs. (.'. I 11. Morton as htisloss at her home, ! K'Ot Ave. II easl. Mr. and Mrs. Hay Sovereign will \ entertain the members of the Twin i Six club tit Ihelr home. MS Eighth ; Ave. wesl. 1 Mr. and Mrs. A- A. Mclnllre will entertain the member* of the .lolly j Dozen club at their home on Ninth • Ave. ens.:. PERSONALS OF SOCIETY, i The members of the B. A club gathered at. the home of Mrs W. li. Schrotl. 1102 Sixth Ave east last evening for a business j Qyj g and social evening. The social hour was devoted to guessing and contests. r rlie prizes were won by Mrs. A. It. PicUerell. Mrs. J. K. j Houston, Mrs Uert Powen and; Miss Irene I'lckrell Refreshments j Mr, ntid Mrs, O. I,. Bateman re| turned last evening from Skiatook, where they spent Thanksglv- iug with Ur. Hnteimm's sister. Mrs. Charles Strange and Mrs, Strain n woman friend behind one of the windows ami 1 told Iter my desire. She hunted up the man In the pnslofflco who 'know all about' until matters and thle Is what he told me. "If you waul to send iv letter from hero by air-plane to New York, put an alr-pliino stamp on It—mark the letter air-plane route, and see that It Is posted before eleven o'clock in the. morning. It leaves here by train, goes to Chicago, there gets the. air-plane and saves ten or fifteen hours Into New York. The quickest way would be via Omaha, except the mail service by train from hero to Omaha Is not rapid. He said, 'to add a special delivery stamp to tbo air-piano fitsmp ot course saved several hours time. At that suggestion 1 bought. Workman Choose Officers. New offleera who were elected last night at the regular meetins ol the A. O. V. W. lodge are: Mrs. Catharine Friek. master workman; Miss Miivy Cain, overseer; Miss Nellie Irwin, foreman: Mrs. lone Hadabaugh, past muster workmen; Tom (Jallitp. financial recorder; Charles Frith, representative; It, I,. Moore, alternate; Charles Frick. trustee for three years: Miss Mary Cain juvenile supervisor. A. reorganization meeting of the juvenile department will be held Saturday of this week nt the hall nt. 2::»i. Mis? Mary Cain will preside nt the mooting. All lnemlHt 's are urged to be present. witli Mrs, i ;>:iir at le-r home. Mrs. T, \Y. sir, Stewart, >ano as hostess i .... A e :ist with 1 and Mrs. \i A. j e . j special delivery stamp, pasted it . ... j on the already nir-plane stamped Mrs. neorge T. Met/go.- of King- ] envelope and dropped it In the let- man who has been here visiting! * er nmi Iett "'•<> I 10 " office , „„ . . „, ,„. ., . ,„ „ .her daughter. Mrs. F. J. AlUwuger'^"""S as though I had touched were served at a late loin to the 1 ,„„, Mr A „ swllK( . r llil3 retllr „ ril ,„ : closely a weird cordMf rapid prog- club members nnd their guest. | i ier ijnme less. Mrs. C J. Jones. The tiest meet- j lug will be held In two weeks with in. Tli-' r, u-ukir i:i..-rt ing ,,f tlie Hiitchltisoii Music club was held last eveiiii,i: at the home of Miss Mwhle Park-, 102 east 17th street and tbo Mibje, i wi,s a survey ol •h.- music of It'is-iii. Mo.iin and the Briti-h Isles. Mrs. Hland King w ;is the leader and sin- re ^d j tine explanation "I the work? ,>f Tsrhaikowsk). Hlm- Mrs. opal llmiismali. fill) Seventh Ave. west and the annua. Christmas grab bag will lie held, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hughes and! son. James St. John will leave this, evening for I'ainesville, Ohio, where they will make their home. I fvril llalfe She al- IIII.- i> 1 Title .had ut that Russia :tis:>-al nation of The home oT Mrs. Wiley Hawkins. IM'J Kleventh Ave. east, was the scene oi an informal afK'rnoon of bridge yesterday, when she entertained the members of Iter bridge club. The prizes were won by Mrs ('. E. King and Mrs. II. <). Davis, Mrs. L. G. Moyenling wa.siWnleott the only gur-si of the cluK Tea'the week was served at rive o'clock. Airs. I O. K. Kassett will l.e (lie u-xt; * — •—• Miss Georgianna Davis of Wichita is a guest here of her sister. Mrs. H. O. Davis and Mr. D:ivN ot 32S a-st 17th street. Mrs. Ralph Hanes of Ottawa is •'• CHRISTMAS CANDY .. : .«. ..i ,s. .», .j. .i. A, ,i ,j. A . ^ ^ "BROWNIES" One-half cup butter, 1 cup sugar, " squares bitter chocolate. 2 eggs, *i cup flour, u cup pecan nut meats, teaspoon vanilla. Cream butter and sugar. Add egg^ uu Close Sugar Beet Syndicate Tomorrow D. F. Coe, chairman «d iho committee promoting the sugar beet and irrigation demonstration tract nnninniced today that, e.', more signers are needed for ilie syndicate, "We must close the syndicate Ivy tomorrow night," said Mr, Coe. "All who want to be Included should let us know not later than tomorrow afternoon." The Most Useful Xmas Present Felt Slippers 14 NO. MAIN HOSIERY Christmas Shopping Made Easy Our stock is full of gifts that appeal to the most fastidious buyer And we are making Special Prices M. Welch, Jeweler 24 EAST FIRST tha guest of Mr. and .Mrs. Frank ! beaten and beat nifxture we,". Add ' 300 Wesl 2otb street for . the si. v-KorsnknlT. Ki Scott. Sullivan, «ini SO s!;,(.-,l lion roie made I lie s-: :ir.• 11:• was tile tor,•most i the world tod a). f.diring the biisiit. ss meetiiig ! Yesterday being the third birth- Mrs. T. K. Foster and .Miss Mnniie j l,a - v anniversary ot Mary Hetly hostess at her apartment Washington Terrace. Iliggs wen- Initiai-ii into lite clnli Plans were ;iU.t mnde lor lb» gui'st tiled ing In b. b.-:,| in treel.-s «t the lion,,, of Mrs .I. 1. I'-innack. Tli,.. I'olliiuini. prorram was prelonloil: 1-...U.. .Ml: V... nl Ho.;, ii-i.-n, l'luno - "l;. .in. me "Ji urn,i, I. I-" . 1.1. The Guild of r;raee Kpiscopal church will moot. Thursday afternoon with Archdeacon and Mrs. .1. M. Johnston at their twine. '.o| Ave. A ea-r. l.e it:,: pn. .11:: •T'l,- .III i: ):::••• for the •5 re!'. evening liirindeii Mrs. FIT,! C»r|,.. n i..r. Mrs. .lack j Clark. Mix Alio., Parks. Miss Ma bin Cuu.ida•• anil Miss p;ffir Rog e,'s. Mis* Mildred Statney, ivun !>, ! spending the week in Wiehila will I b« honored this evening with an , inl' evtnnng of bridge at the ; home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles, - - • j Karr. Miss Stamev had been the Tli' members of ihe S, huhert I ||,in„ r Music club euloyeii R fftif, musical' program yesterday afternoon tlio home of Mrs. \y. i,. Iledrlck. •I2li West Slieriinni street. Mlsi ib-len Peace,', a guest of the club Jones, her mother, Mrs. George S. .tones entertained with a birth-! day luncheon at their home, 2"",' F.lev.'titti Ave. west. A birthday} cake stood at one end of the tahl.. while a iiiinature "pond" with tiny t'l.u and quintals lU -vovateU the • it li-r end of the table. Places were marked for eight little three- year-old ladles. — • -i -i- 1 The monthly birthday social of -Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Nail enter- , the Ladles Aid society of the Irwin taiio d at seven o'clock dinner last i Mem,iria! church will be held evening m their home, -til Ave. A | Thursday afternoon in the parlors Hi-!. Following dinner, the evening i the church. -.>:is spent with cards and ilancfnp. ' The guests Included Mr. and He: Th* general missionary society II. II. Kider, Mr. and -Mis. George <*t tile First christian church will .Instle,. nnd Mr. and Mr«. Chest.- 1 i have the monthly meeting Tburs- Allciihaugh. i ,,a - v afornoon at 2:..;o at the church. * . : .Mrs. AY. F. Shatiklin will have chocolate melted over hot water. Beat well and add vanilla and .! * .s, flour. Wheu ilioroughly blended i , —. i stir in nuts. Oil and flour shallow l i I pans and spread mixture thinly In CHURCH NEWS. ->/ j pans. Hake 20 minutes In a slow j : i oven. Cut In squares as soon as g>—•».——•••—j—i—•— h —*—>> i taking from the oven and remove Mrs. A. Routledge will entertain ! from pan. the women of the Cnlversalist \ church Thursday afternoon at ber'H. OF R. PLANS TO home, K'»I North Monroe street.) BROADEN ACTIVITIES. The House of Representatives meeting was held ibis afterr. ,on after school in the class room of S. A. Johnson, facutly advisor of the cltih. The purpose ot the club was debated and many suggestions were made for a new club program ot work. The H. of R. has until recently been a society tor debating onl\. but Mr. Johnson and If. II Whinly ah, trying to make the club & school activity booster organization as well as a debating society. Girls Best t icKet Kellers. In iho contest for the sale of , cantata tickets, held betweeu the music organizations a! Senior high school the girls are in the lead according to the lists yesterday afternoon. The losers in the contest will entertain Cue winners, with a sie.ik roast *onir- time before the Christmas holidays. Insurance Board Meets, The Incurntice Hoard held lis ITg. ular luucheio, Me-etiiig this noon in the Rose loom of the. S:auie> hotel. Harry Davis of the Fontron Loan company conducted a discussion on "use and occupancy." All members of the hoard were present. Break up long rooms by placing pieces of furniture like tables and sofas at right angles to lite. long, r walls. If the room is too n.-trrnw lor this, put the.-e pieces along the shorter wall* and distrlbuti tin chairs anil other smaller ju'» ce.- | along the room's length. Blue Bird PEARLS ''for happiness The ideal gift for Mother, Wife or Sweetheart. They will last a life time, and nothing '« ao much ndmired— The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Tlio 11.,ii-o .-.f (}n;iliiv Henry Zinn Jno. P. Blrchflew HIGH CLASS CLEANING IS A COMPLICATED PROCESS. IT CAN BE DONE PROPERLY ONLY BY HIGHLY SKILLED PEOPLE WITH COSTLY MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT . fcATERS HATTERS Out of Town Customers Served by Parcel Post Phone 1335 Lewis Bldg. guest at several dellghtiui 'j affaire during her stay there. charge of the study. Keep in mind the bazaar of the Firm M, F, Church Ladies' Aid, Dec. A fine place to buy Xmas. I gifts. Splendid chicken dinner | served at 11:30 to 5:3ft. !-3t. i , . — Community Club to Elect. The Careyrilla Community clu'n will bold an election of officer- ihia evening at the Lakevleu schoolhouse. Remember the Sliop-o-Sei.p- whenever you thluk of Xmas shopping, f-f. Air. and Mrs. 1). B. Frazen or ' i ICS South Cleveland street had as Played two Piano solos. "The Las. ! ^Z™™ "^"^ ' Mop?." by l.nils, k. iind "Ft tide |,.),i|, lm> , Mr9 ' N " 1,1 Xv nhaupl. ],. lf . ,)„.„,, Ml-. -I. li. lli.«ohlng s.ang two' K. I'lckrell and P. Owen and Mr. voenl solic, "Happy Soior," bv Del Jtbgo, an,I "Twlllithi for Dream- in' " by Warlord, ,\ piano duet, •"I'll" Siiii'iu Kbit'," hy K. '/', Paul, »io ]iresehte,| I,-, ,!],,. () |.- iSh .„., Slid Alls. c. W Stuir.ey. Mr.-, .Iiihn .l.o ksim had Ibe pap,i lor the afternoon on ||,e sub- jgS-l.SMITH-; ' REAL ECONOMY 13 IN QUALITY Our selection is always complete DHUSSEL Sl'ROUTS GREEN BEANS WAX BEANS CAULIFLOWER CUCUMOERS TOMATOES COCOANUTS 16c each GRAPEFRUIT 3 (or 25c SPARE RIBS 22c lb. HOME MADE KRAUT 2 lti!>. 1SC PORK TENDERLOIN COTTAGE CHEESE Yuor order will he given personal attention. Phone 1500 7 South Main lfl ^0CERy«MARKET The regular meeting of the'. Polka Dot club will be held tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs.' Georiio (,'oertzen, 703 Seventh Ave. 1 east instead of with Airs. George i Clark. TOMORROW'S EVENTS. Airs. Wiilie Kelly will entertain i the member* of her bridge club al one o'i lock iunclieon at. her home. I 1S11 North Walnut street. i The members of the Polka Pol _ club will meet with Airs. George : as jGoertzen at her home, 7:1,, Sov-! — enih Ave. easl. 2=s The regular meeting of the, : ss: Heliiuithus club will be helti withjEE: Airs. U. W. Yauce as hostess at (SB a one o'clock luncheon at the . ' Koralmugh-Wiley Tea Itnotn and ' sas bridge at her home, 20S Tiuith Ave. west. j —The members of the S. 1'. I'. (.' {SS club will gather al. the home ot :« Mrs. Tom Cordlngly, 110H Ave, A: — east. ;~ Tbo regular meeting of Ibe I>ou- szc ble Si,v club will be held with Alls, ; —s .1. W. Jiirrott as hostess at her ~ home, 117 West 17lh stioel. — Mrs, Alfred Rowland will enter- == tain the ladies ot the Merry Ala- ss trims club at her country home. | — Tlio members of the Columbine : — club will gather at the home of Mis. li. A. Nichols, 411 Third Ave. east. Airs. .Martin lluaglaud will preside a» hostess to the Punt ITeti- IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH | Christmas Gifts that Last | = We'have the most complete line of useful =E = and substantial Toys and Christmas || = Gifts we ever had. S Wheel Goods— 1 all kinds 1 Bicygles — Tricycles — 1 Coaster Wagons ~ Boys Autos SS Scoo.ers — Kiddy Kars =s Hand Cars SS EVERYTHING IN = Sporting Goods 1 Footballs — Basket Balls = Volley Balls =S Golf Bags, Clubs SS and Balls SS Mechanical Toys SS Doll Bed Room Sets SS Doll Dinner Sets £=s Doll Cooking Utensils fsS Dell Buggies and Go Carts HUNDREDS OF OTHER S THINGS SS CLEAN Washed clean, in a clean sanitary plant, by clean white uniformed workers and delivered to you in a clean aanitary package. Doe* your washing fare so well? If not; Phone 44. DRY CLEANERS IMlMtot Smrsl Walts* FH0NE44 TettHei^ei^s 123 North Main For Tomorrow Only An Eight Hour SALE OF WINTER COATS F0LTZ PHARMACIES 3 STORES AT YOU* &CRVICL the ultimate in quality • Perfumes What particular odor do you favor V That really matter* not because we have Ihem all. The very latest ideas from our own country and from foreign lands. Sold in bulk or in fancy packages. H KOCKING HORSE _ 1 J. C. O'Donnell, Hdwe. 1 = Phone 3ZS0 Fourth and Main ? ^IIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIHlllllltllllllilllllllllllW :Rcad the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. 9 l'

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