Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 8, 1968 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1968
Page 10
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, JULY 8, 1968 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE A*li Yeast Bread Popularity Rising •1 • : tfv v '•:•••: . ;• ;O By MRS. CATHERINE ft. MAUCK Madison County Extension Adviser Look and listen to a growing, enthusiastic group of women, young and old, who are learning to bake yeast breads. For the most part, these devotees of fresh, homemade bread are ifr experieirpd. But, their appreciation for fine foods includes "different" breads—sourdoughs, native loaves characteristic of foreign lands, ethnic breads, and holiday breads. And, their sophisticated palates lure them into the kitchen to. discover the Joy of homemade yeast breads. These pew breadbakers are eager and serious about their adventure. They are hungry for* information and recipes, they ask questions. The Wheat Flour Institute in Chicago has prepared the answers to (he following questions. Why can't bread recipes be specific? When they list a varl- table such as "3^ to 4 cujis flour," how much flour should be added? A bread recipe must take many things into consideration. Among them, the different types of flours and the various sizes of eggs that may be used. The best advice for any breadbaker, experienced or to start with the minimum amount-of flour, being careful to add only enough flour so the dought is not sticky, and can be handled easily. Beginning bread- bakers f>nd to add more flour than is necessary, making the dough stiff and less wbrkable during kneading and shaping, producing heavier bread or rolls. FLOUR VARY — A bread recipe with a flour variable reflects th» difference in the absorption rates of the various flours available to consumers. An "all • purpose" flour, for ex- mple, is. not a standard prod- ct and varies from am to area, and from season to sea- on. The type of wheat used for milling a flour determines t h e mount of moisture the flour can bsorb. Ward wheat absorbs the most; soft wheat, the least, and blend of both hard and soft wheats is somewhere in be- ween. This means that a bread lough made with flour having high percentage of hard wheat n the blend requires a lesser amount of this type of flour than of a soft wheat flour) to bsorb the milk, water, eggs or ther liquids (an amount of flow lose to the minimum called for n a recipe). Because the majority of home* makers use "all-purpose" flour or baking as opposed to the more defined "bread flours" hard wheat) and pastry and cake flours (soft wheat) used in ommercial baking, a judgement >n how much flour is needed • DIAMONDS • HAMILTON WATCHES • SPECIAL ORDERS • WATCH ft JEWELRY REPAIRS 628 E. Broadway Phone 465-8521 diamond ring DIAMOND STYLES June21 Wedding Announced The former Miss Jerri-Jo •hillips and her husband, Ronald A. Schneider, both of Wood River, are living at Barker Heights, Tex., following their marriage in St. Bernard's Catholic Church at 3 p.m., June 21. Mrs. Schneider is the daugh- er of Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. Phillips of 639 Acton Ave., Wood River. The bridegroom's jarents are Mr. and Mrs. Wilim A. Schneider of 918 Penning Ave., Wood River. The bride wore a cage type Ihantilly lace and peau de sole go\Vh, with a chin length veil secured by a petal headpiece. Her attendant, Miss Linda Bilbruck, wore a street-length mint green dress with a. bow headpiece. Both carried co- onial bouquets. King Fleming was the bridegroom's attendant, and music was provided by Mrs. Marge Wooten. The bride is a 1966 graduate of East Alton-Wood River High School, and until her marriage, was employed by Shell Oil Co. -> The bridegroom, a 1965 Roxana High School graduate, is stationed with the Army at Fort Hood, Tex. Jersey Girl To Be Wed Mr. and Mrs. James D. Balderson of Decatur are announcing the approaching marriage of their daughter, Linda, to James L. Cope, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aron Cope of Jerseyville. A July 12 wedding is being planned. Miss Balkerson is an English major at Millikin University, and is a member of the Delta Delta Delta social sorority and Pi Mu Theta honor sorority. Mr. Cope also attends Millikin University and majors in music. He is a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon social fraternity and the Millikin jazz lab band. College Notes Charles G. DuVivier, son of Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Du- Vivier, 810 Grove St., will begin classes at Antioclr College, Yellow Springs, Ohio,. July 10. Cooking Cues Delicious and simple sauce for fish: melted butter mixed with a little lemon juice and lots of capers. must life made, the experience of seeiflg a«d woifdflg with a dough of good consistency can save time, money, and tears in a ydung homemakef's new kitchen. SIZE OF EGOS — As mentioned, the size of eggs being used can alter the amount of flour required in a bread dough. Eggs arj considered a liquid in gradient and their size (extra large, large, medium, etc.) will affect the "wetness" of a mixture. Wry large eggs will en cessitate adding a little more flour to the recipe; very small eggs moan less moisture and correspondingly, less flour. tf preparation of the dough or batter must tie interrupted, how critical is the situation? If the batter or dough is be ing beaten or kneaded, no harm is done if the breadbaker stops a few minutes to attend to some- easier to handle on return because the flour will continue to absorb the liquid ingredients. But, if a batter or dough is left, it should be covered to prevent moisture loss. If it Is not convenient to shape the dough when it has doubled in bulk, what should be done? The dough should punched down (or a batter stirred down) to reduce the volume of incorporated air then covered and allowed to rise again. Each subsequent rising period will take a litte less time. If a sweet yeast dough is being prepared, it should be punched down and may then be refrigerated. However, when it is taken out of cold storage and shaped, the next rising will take long because the dough is colder am takes more time to reach 80-85 degrees F. Gluten forms the elastic, cellular structure characteristic of all wheat products, and its structure holds the leavening gas to produce a light pourous product. > After the dough is shaped and rises to more than double in bulk, can it still be put into the oven far baking? It would be better to take the shaped dough, knead it to break up the larger, gas-filled cells then reshape the loaves and lei rise once more before baking When the dough is more t h a-n doubled in bulk in the pans, the gluten structure of the dough may be overstretched and may collapse in the oven. 4541 SIZES to*/* Ann Landers American Men Shun Responsibility Many-Ways Marvel PRINTED PATTERN Ring-around scarves — print, polka dot, stripes — vary the neckline to suit your whim of the instant. Sew lithe skimmer in shantung, linen. Printed Pattern 4541: NEW Half Sizes 10%, 12%, 14%, 16%, 18%, 20%, 22%. Size 14% (bust 37) takes 2% yards 39-inch. -Sixty-five cents in coins for each pattern—add 15c for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 243 W. 17th St., New York, N. Y. 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Size'and Style Number. Fashion goes soft, pretty! Send for new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Free pattern—coupon In Catalog, 50c. New! INSTANT SEWING Book. Save hours—cut, fit, sew modern, expert wty. Over 500 pictures. Only $1. DfiAft ANN: The other evening my husband said to me, "Did you take your pill, dear?" 1 replied, "You mean our pill, don't you? After all, the Pill is a family affair." He looked at me as if 1 had taken leave of my senses. My husband is typical of the newly liberated male. To my way of thinking the! American husband never did of CCe responslbimy AM Lattdefs in regard to sex and pregnancy. Now that we have The Pill the husband just plain doesn't want to be bothered with anlthing. The only thing on his mind is did she remember to take her pill or not? Several months ago I read an item about a birth control pill for men. So far as I know that pill has never been per> fected. And you can be sure it won't be since most medical research is done by men and they will shunt the responsibility off on the female as long as possible. We women are partly to blame because we have let the men get away with it. I re member last year an unmarried career girl wrote and asked you if her gentleman friend should share in the cost of The Pill. (She was reluctant to ask him because she "didn't know him well enough to talk about money.") So please, Ann Landers, will you help me in my crusade to liberate the female by printing this letter? -FRAILTY THY NAME DEAR FRAIL: When a woman takes a pill it's her pill, Whether it's an aspirin, a vitamin, or what have you—so stop trying to make it a family affair, Lady. * * * * DEAR ANN: Our 16-year-old daughter just started to date. Last night she came in at midnight (the agreed curfew) and invited her date to come in to talk. Her father and I sat up and visited with them until 3:30 a.m. Was this proper? He is such an intelligent lad, we really enjoyed ourselves. Now, however, I wonder if perhaps we should have asked the young man to leave earlier. But how does one do this without being rude? Should he have left on his own? Please tell us what is correct.—TIME FLIES DEAR TIME: HoW nice that your daughter has such inter-1 esting friends, but no boy should sit around until 3:30 a.m. You should not have asked him to leave; your daughter should have shown him to the door—at about 12:30. Have an understanding for future dates: Home by midnight and the boy leaves by 12:30. And may I suggest that you and your husband visit with the interesting young man stime Sunday afternoon? * * * * Do you fee] ill at east ... out of It? Is everybody having a good time but you? Write for Ann Landers* booklet, "The Key to Popularity," enclosing with your request 35c In coin and a long, self-ad dressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help VACUUM CLEANERS WASHING MACHINES PARTS & SERVICE MIDDLECOFF'S 828 E. 7th 482-4423 cm with your problems. Send (hem |, enclosing a stamped, self- o her In care of the Alton Tele-1 addressed envelope. BENTON S STYLING Plaso Bldg.—Sfote & Wall Sfrtefe WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE A NEW MEMBER TO OUR STAFF... MRS. LINDA MAUHEE MRS. UNDA MAUHEE For a Get AqUaintett Offot Linda Will Be Giving a $12.50 Permanent for $000 8 For Appointment Phone 465-2012 FREE UNDER ROOF PARKING POPCORN PBB-POPPBD IN BUSHEL, BAGS For your church picnic, etc. BAXTER'S 544 E. Broadway 466-9347 Nona's Beauty Parlor 149 E. St. Louis Ave., East Alton 259-4820 ANNOUNCES KATHY (Casey) COX Has Joined Our Staff Summer Permanent Specials Mon. thru Thurs. Only Beg. 17.50 perm. — Only 12.50 complete Beg. 12.50 perm. — Only 10.00 complete 6 Stylists to Serve You. Mono Walden Alberta Hopper Phillis Cox Cheryl Hickerson Casey Cox Joyce Jobe Beauty Salon PHONE 259-8018 In the Arcade of Wilshire Shopping Center YOU HEAR but NOT UNDERSTAND? This Is the Inner Ear Where Nerve Losses Start If you hear but do not understand, you may have nerve deafness, which affects the Inner Ear (see medical chart). To understand your problem, get Sonotone's new FREE booklet, which gives the facts on .nerve deafness, Also Investigate our DISCRIMINATOR* Earmold. It can be worn with any earmold-type hearing aid to increase the clarity of sounds and speech. Only 120. SONOTONE 1 of ALTON THE TRU6T8P NAME IN BETTER HEARING fi^NCB l»li 651 *}*§¥ BROADWAY PHONE 4fl!N7«» The Mermaid Look 1 A provocative... practical enchanting style, SUMMER CUT & STYLE 4.25 17.50 Perm 9.75 • Appointment* Not Always Necessary • WE SPECIALIZE IN WIGS AND WIGLETS JULY STARTS TUESDAY, JULY 9 Savings Up To 50% Suits;, Dresses., Coats William Hoering 106 E. BROADWAY — AWPN *^ REDUCE F-A-S-T Slenderine now offers you the finest in reducing, weight gaining and health building facilities. STOP IN OR CALL TODAY 462-0919 EXPANSION SPECIAL 5O /O Discount LIMITED OFFER Results are guaranteed LADIES SIZE 12? Be a PERFECT size 9 by Oct. 20 SIZE 14? . Be a PERFECT size 10 by Oct. 20 SIZE 16? Be a PERFECT size 12 by Oct. 20 SIZE 18? Be a PERFECT Size 14 by Oct. 20 SIZE 20? Be a PERFECT size 16 by Oct. 20 Internationally Affiliated WSDK FIGURE SALONS 2715 E.Broadway Alton 462-0919 Hours Mon. thru Fri. 9 a.m. io 9 p.m. Clearance Sale 01 Porch and Outdoor Furniture Ye Olde Ice Cream Sets- $45.95 3 Piece Gold Anodised Aluminum Frames, the table is 30" round with a white baked acrylic top on aluminum. The chairs have shiny bright red "wet look" vinyl seats—for indoors or outdoors. 3 pieces. $16.95 Extra "Ye Olde Ice Cream' Redwood — NOW $34.95 Chairs NOW $12.95 $39.95 3 Pieces Barbecue Set—Extra heavy lumber, 6 foot table and 2 benches. NOW $29.95 $99.50 5 Piece Round Barbecue Set —5 foot round table on wheels and 4 curved benches NOW $79.95 $34.50 Chaise Lounge With Arms and Adjustable Back. Cushions covered in turquoise floral plastic NOW $26.95 Aluminum — $10.95 Folding Web Chaise Lounge with wood arms for comfort NOW $7.95 $29.50 Umbrella Table, 42" white top NOW $19.95 $16.95 Folding Rocking Chair, vinyl tube, tangerine only NOW $12.95 $12.95 Folding Choir, vinyl tube, tangerine only NOW $ 9.95 Institutional - Heavy duty outdoor furniture made with black anodized aluminum for beauty and durability. The seating material is comfortable resilient white vinyl cord. $24.95 STACKING CHAIR NOW $18.95 $45.00 STACKING CHAISE LOUNGE NOW $32.95 Quantities Limited Chdrge It or Buy On Convenient Budget Payments Free Parking at the Rear Entrance 627 E. BROADWAY ALTON FURNITURE SENSATIONAL OFFER! ADMIRAL , QUALITY 23" COLOR TV (diag. meas.) Cabinet is genuine walnut veneers & hardwood solids, with special 360° Swivel feature. DUPLEX 20 REFRIGERATOR Only 33" wide, but a big 20.1 eu. ft, Admiral Color Wttb Trade Prices do not IncJudt PtJJvtry or Service Policy ^t^^B^^M^L^t B^T l^fc Wl SERVICi EVERYTHING WE SELL Qualify Home Furnishers N, ALTON 466-5588 A FRIBNDU PUCE TO BUY MO* « FH, Nitt. TU1 ft

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