Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 18
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 18

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

14-C—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Tuesday Morning, April 8, 1975 Bonds Set For Pair Two suspects charged with murder Saturday were placed under $25,000 each Monday by Justice of the Peace Wayne LcCroy. The defendant brothers arc Angel Mario Garza. 23, and Miguel Juan Gaiv.a Jr., '24. both of 506 46th St. They were charged with killing Jerry Marque?., 37. who was found shot four times al his home at <I51G E. 1st Place about j 4:15 a.m. Saturday, sheriff's! deputies said. The brothers were arrested about 10:30 a.m. Saturday at their residence. Deputies said the suspects overturned a car near O'Dannell after Cue shooting, but obtained help to get buck to Lubhock. GUINNESS HlCCOUCiHlNO: The longest recorded attack of hic- coughs was that afflicting Charles Osborne (n. 1894) of Arthur, Iowa, from 1922 to date. He contracted it when slaughtering a hog. His first wife left him and he is unable to keep in his false teeth. (From Guinness Book ol World Records. Copyright. 1974. Sterling Publishing Co.. Inr I I OIL WEIL LOCATIONS J Andrews County; Fullerlon field; Exxon Corp. No. 2,245 Fullerton 'Cleat-fork Unit; 2,740 FNL, 585 FEL, Section 3, Block i:i, University Lands survey; 15 miles NW Andrews; 7,300 feet. Cochran County; Buckshot field; J. Roy Thompson, McCoy FSL, No. 2 1,100 CAMBODIAN CASUALTY—This civilian, who is being carried by relatives to a receiving station, was wounded by a rocket which landed off Highway 5, about 5 miles northwest of Phnom Penh. (AP Wircphoto) Footballer Suing Tech Allowed To Workout Murder Case Bail Reduced In Odessa GUARD PKESIDKNT FWL, Section 19, Block Y, PSL survey; 6 miles S Blertsoa; 5,000 feet. Crane County; wildcat; The Superior Oil Co. No. 1-N University; GliO FNL, 1,700 FWL, Section 36, BJock 3, University Lands survey; 6 miles NE Crane; 12,500 feet. Garza County; H&L (Glorieta) field; Joseph \V. Aidlin No. 'I Gordon; 973 FNL, 1,787 FWL, Section 6, Block 8. vey; 7 miles NE feet. Garza County; American Petrofina Co. of Texas No. 1 Slaughter-Lott; 1,980 1,980 FEL, Section 18, H&GN sur- Post; 3,500 wildcat; / . i r iNJj, i.uou r iitLj, ^tjcLiun ifl, (API - Command Block 8 , TTOR survey; 7 miles iSgt. Maj. James Marrilt, San Antonio, has hcen elected president of the National Guard Association of Texas, jation said Monday. the associ- SW Post; 8,850 feet. miles SE Justiceburg; 2,710 feet. Garxa County; Exxon Corp. No. 95 M. A. Fuller; Dorward field; 1,230 FNL, 2,400 FEL, Section 111, Block 5. H&GN survey; 7 l /a miles SE Justiceburg; 2,675 feet. Martin County ; Spraberry Trend Area; Continental Oil Co. No. 40 J. R. Grisham and J. M. Greeman; 1,980 FSL, 660 FWL, Section 14, Block T-l-N, T&P survey; 4 J /j miles NW Stanton; 9,200 feet. Mitchell County; Coleman Ranch, North (Clearfork) field; Majestic Petroleum Corp. No. 10-A Lucy M. Coleman; 1,100 H&TC survey; 10 miles \V Sler-. ing City; 2,400 feel. Terry County; Mound Lake (Fusbelman) field; Williamson & Underwood No 1 Reed; 680 B'SL, (160 FWL, Section 39. Block E, EL&RR survey; la miles NE Brownfield; ll.oOO feet. Winkler County; Ward-Estes, North field; Gulf Oil Corp. No. 1.159 G. W. O'Brien, and others; 990 FSL, 990 FWL, Section 8, Block F. G&MMBA survey; 6 miles N Wickett; 3,200 feet. Winkler County; Ward-Estes, North field; Gulf Oil'Corp. No. 1.160 G. W. O'Brien, and others; 3,'W FNL, 2,3101 FWL -*:R- FNL, Block 680 97, FEL, H&TC Section survey; 77, 10 miles N Westbrook; 11,203 feet. Mitchell County; Coleman Ranch, North (Clearfork) field; Majestic Petroleum Corp. No, 12-B Lucy Al Coleman; 3,040 Section 78, survey; 10 FNL, 2,030 FWL, Block 97, H&TC miles N Westbrook ;3,200 feet. Exxon Corp. No. 91 M. A. Fuller; r>0 FNL, 1,501 FEL, Section 111, Block 5, H&GN survey; V£ Treatment Plant To Open Today In Hereford A hearing scheduled mondayjfrom both sides al. a later date. HEREFORD (Special) -Rib- in the suit of would-be Texas Taylor said oral argumentsji, nn cutting for a new BioCon Tech footballer Gaylon Rice wasjalso will be scheduled lalcr andj Dh . ision Iant of semrk Agricul- cancelen 1 after attorneys ropre-i a ruling o n the suit is expect ed! UlI . c , nc js sol fw 1 m tf) senting Tech agreed to lot Rice;before the start of football sea- ! day '. lt Ul p plant !ocatjon ' south participate in spring footballjson. | wcsl of hcre drills. i ' rhe * tal ° attorney General sj The p|ant> whose granc ] parer ,t Rice, :>5. of mOB Dixie Drivcioffice is expected to bring (.hc| c is Scarle p harmac cul- filed suit, last month in U. S.lNCAA into the suit as a partyl jca[ Corporation of Skokic, III.. District Court against the Tcchjto make sure the national or-] wi)1 proccss manure into a soil board of regents and President gam/.ation cannot, take disciplH , itioncr - - • - * . _ . i ; .._.!__! 'T T ,-,.o.^ i T I li n ! (ODESSA (Special)—A district judge Monday ordered an un- prece dented 5500,000 bond slashed to $75.000 in a murder case against a 56-year-old consulting geologist accused in the Eastor Sunday slaying of liis j ex-wife. j Ralph L. Rcdline remained in' Ector" County Jail late Monday! despite the reduction in his i [ Patterns And Needlework ] Tailored The Shawl Grover Murray claiming a Na-jnary action against Tech if the tional Collegiate Athletic Asso-i final ruling in the case goes in elation (NCAA) rule violated;Rice's favor, his constitutional rights. 1 That, NCAA rule disqualifies aj player from any further parlici-IT-, • pation in intercollegiate sports j j^ I*lOlia five seasons after he originally enters college. Rice, who graduated from Sandia High School in Albuquerque. N. M., in 196S and on Reorganized Tiie proccss the plant will use has been developed recently by JDr. William Hackett. general | manager of the BioCon Division. The plant will treat manure with a natural heat process which eliminates odors, harmful organisms and wheat seeds which are in raw manure. Marketed under the trade name Tillec/, the product sof- Redline is charged with ki ing his -15-year-old former wife jNorma .The woman was fount! ;iftcr having teen shot numer-i ous times at her Odessa residence on Easter. She died ai shorr time later in an Odessa hospital as result of bullet! wounds in the head. j Judge R.L. Me Kim ordered, the reduction of bail following a] hearing in 161st District Courtj here. | Odessa lawmen said the balfj million dollar bail originally set by Justice of the Pfeaee Jimmy! Harris is possibly the highest) ever in cily history in a non capital murder case. DALLAS (Special) — Applies--tens soil for plowing and plant- rolled in the University of Newi Mexico the same year. claimsj t i on O f Kriona'Bancorpcration toiing and serves as a fertilizer. in his suit that Ihe five-year! become a bank holding compa-jaccording to Hackett. rule, because of certain exccp-| ny through the acquisition of: Cost figure for the plant has tions allowed, is "arbitrary. un-MjjQ p CI - cen ^ o f ihe slock of;not been disclosed. About 12-15 reasonable, capricious, not ap- Friona SLate Bank has been ap-^ employes will run' the facility plied uniformly" and is in vio-| ed> according to a spoke-- '" '' '" lation of the equal protection! an for Ule Fedcral Rescrvo clause nf the Fourteenth| s , cm board of g OveI . nors . Amendment to the l>. S>. Const,-j » Board sccretary Robcrt H ^Rice's attorney. Willis Taylc,r.! R °y kin said the ^»" sacfion w '» which tnok a year to build. said the hearing scheduled Monday before U. S. District Judge Eldon Mahon of Fort Worth was canceled after attorney's for transfer ownership of the bar^k !' from a number of individuals to a corporation, essentially owned by the same individu- SIndent Shoots Houston Prof the stale attorney general's a ';i office, representing Tech in the . suit, agreed to let Rice partici- noL im P'- v transfer approval does! a change in fie Friona bank's management orl Congratulations Mr. anil Mrs. James Oirry of -60ii 4'Jnrl SI. on hirlh of a son weighing 7 nnunds S'-j OU.H:?.S at 7:23 p.m. Kmiay in Methociisl Hospital. The father is cm- Ployed Q.I a butcher by Furr's Supermarkets. Mr. anil Mrs. Mario Alejandro of "112 l!nd St. nn birlh of a dauRhler \veighinE K pounds at '_':01 p. in. Satunlay in Metriortist Hospital. The (other Is' employed ny Plains Co-op Oil .Mill. Mr. and Mrs. Eclilie Taylor of 46i:u: Ki'lliil Ave. on hirto of a . datiphtor weichinfT B pounds ll^a ounres Rl -1:36 a. m. .Sunday in Methodist Hoxpitnl. The lalhcr K an assistant nianniier o( Mao Dnnald's Restaurants. pate in spring drills. Mahon, who got the case on a joperations. transfer from U. S. Dist. Judge: ' lhe transaction Halhrrl. O. Woodward, is <v:-j's a rcorsaniMtion. peeled to get stipulated slate-: " anfl wnlll(1 aPP p ar to have nn mcnts of farts and legal briefs!adverse effects on or i potential competition, nor would j it appear to have any a-rivei ?c i effects on other banks in the relevant market." Friona State Bank Ins total of deposits of $18.5 million and is the largest in the Firmer County banking market, ihe FRB said. HOUSTON (AP) — Police said a graduate student upset over failing a doctoral degree examination shot a leather and ai other student Monday in a t'nivcisity ^i Houston class-, j Mi-, and Mrs. Kdwarrt Stephens of 102 ., .,- jiHul) Homes on hirlh of a -son %vel£hms K Said Aiil'Cd noui.ris M ounces al 4:37 p.m. Sunday In ul-int- Viimsnlf in UTcsl Texas Hospital. The father is em- snot nimscii in ;il ,, )yn[1 . ls a lmml(vr al West Texas Hos the chest when confronted byjpiiai. he uni- Oil & Gas. Inc. No. 1 W. R. McGuirc; 1,980 FSL, 660 FWL, Section 4, Block 27. T£F survey; 7 miles NE Westbrook; 3,300 feet. Sterling County; Parochial Bade (Clearfork) field; Boykin Bros. No. 10-A Bade; 638 FNL, 2,158 FWL, Section 22, Block 22, tion 7, Block F. survey; 5'i miles 3,200 feet. Winkler County; G&MXB&A N Wickett; Hondrirk field; Monsanto Co. No. 9 T. G. Hendrick; IlliO FSL, 1,700 FEL,, Section 41, Block B-5, PSL survey; 7 miles NE Wink; H.SOO feel. Winkler County; Keystone (San Andres) field; Skelly Oil Co. No. 2 Mack Taylor; 1,980 FSL, 3,787 FWL, Section 9, Block B-2, PSL survey; 8 miles NE Kermit; 5,000 feet. Winkler County; Keystone (San Andres) field; Skelly Oil Co. No. :i Mack Taylor; 1,980 FSL. 2,173 FEL. Section 9, Block B-2, PSL survey; 8 miles NE Kermit; 5.000 feet. . COMPLETIONS Garza County; Rocker A, Vorthwesl (San Andres) field; Pom R. Minihan No. 2-B Connell; 2.173 FNL. 1,667 FWL, at 2,930 feet; total depth 2,930 vey; 7 miles S Post; produced 2,678-2,812 acid 2,500 gls; Maple Wilson; eet. Hockley County; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bo/.eman of Idalou on bjilh of a son weiyhina S pounds fi ounces nl '.>:3f) p.m. Saturday jn West Texas Hospital. The father js a farmer. Investigators Crop Reduction Meet Scheduled In Bailey County MULESHOE (Special)—Farm- 1 , „ . , 1 crs s.u^orting a crop acreage! oCl'VJCC /Y.M'cll'CiS cut of 10 per cent, to bolster prices will meet hern tonighi. lo urge participation from Bailey Countv farmers. security guards outside vcTsity's Science and Research Building. Shen was reported in critical condition. Reported in fair condition were the teacher. Dr. Cameron, 32, assistant profc.i- sor of biology, and a student. Bruce H. Johnson, 27. was .shot in the right le ; son the right shoulder. University spokesmen said Cameron was a member of Slicn's doctoral degree coin- Mr, and Mrs. Farrcl Myers of '!'... Avc. X on hirth of a dujrhtor \vei2hinc "i pounds 8'. 2 ounces at 5:08 a.m. .Monday in \Vesl Texns Ho.spital, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mendolla of Halls on. hiith of n ciaushter wcislnni' S pounds .1 . ounces at 1:45 p.m. friday m Universitv |Hospilal._ The father is employed with] ; office. Twenty-two employees of Luh-j milt.ce which flunked Shen Isst 1>a " n Farm producers on the South!hock Christian College were ho- Thursday " on an oval exam- Plains arc joining a' movemant!» n > - ed Monday night for serving; jnation on grounds he was not initiated in the Midwcsl 1.0 vol-|the college five or more years.' sufficiently prepared, untarily slash production and J The annual Employes Appre-j i. a ( C r on Thursday, Ihe drive up prices. It is not known icialion Banquet was hclrl in the, spokesman said, campus police how many area farmers will;Betty Hancock Cafeteria. Uook a .:',S-rcvolvcr from Shen participate. I Receiving five-year service : . w |, cn ]-, c ,-eturned to Cameron's The meeting tonight will be pens were Ine/. Baucum, Dr. at. 8:30 p.m. in tho Mnleshoe : Jim Beyer, Dr. John Castlcman, High School auditorium, accord-J.Tohnic G<wor, Dr. Furman ing to Jerry Don Glover, alKearlcy. Jclm King, Lynda spokesman for the group. iMc.Clcery, Pat Maddox, Jim Several Bailey County farm-!Owner, J. Lee Roberts, Dr, Lynn ers attended a meeting in llcre-jShcn-o:!. Dr. David Smith. Caro-i _ nnn C "i ford March 31, the first major jlyn Sturdivant, Margaret Rob-i In «jjl.l..L,UUll S'UJ L galhoring in the Panhandle tojerts, Yvonne Hinds, Ray Sturdi-; discuss the hold-out, issue. jvanl, Bud Tale and Juanita liolrJ-fjut -out !Thompson. Approximately 1,000 farmers 1 Receiving ten-year service and ranchers voted a resolution pins were Dr. Aubrey Green. calling for the 10 per cent vol-Thc-lma and Robby untarv hold-out. It is unknown Rhodes. how representatives of the entire 1 R.V. Poindexter received a region the meetings have been. : fift.<;rn year .service [icn . ' County Kuol Co. Mr. and I.Irs. Ben Floies of oflL' North Ave. T en birlh ot a son weisJiin;? B "" uncls 7 ounces at 3:.|T> p.m. smurdav in Umversilv nosniiai. Tin- taihcr is cm- nl fl > c d as a car salesman by !• HIT'S Inr. looked through an east window Sir and Mrs. William LM Harrison of HlirillO'^nler on birlli or a Mm woiirhin;; ~t\ pmmrls S ouni-o.s al S-SS a.m. Sunday in .Mary's Hospital. The lalnor is a .Side-pleats pive this pretty dress that crisp, tailored-look! No. R:)5l with I'hnto-Ouirle is in Sizes 38 to 50. Si'/.P 40, 44 bust . . . 3% yards 45- inc-h. Patterns available only in sizes shown. TO ORDER, send 75( for each pattern, pint 25f far postagi and handling. SUE BUKNSTT Lubbock Avoloneh*-Journal r. a. BO. J340 Chiia^o, III. 40610 Flint Name, Hdtfreis with ZIP CODE, Style Number and Size. Coupon for FREE Pattern is in the '75 Spring & Summer Basic FASHION. Price . .. $1.2:1 a copy. Also send fo- A r o. 1500 ADVENTURES ! N' SEWING. Hints to give garments a professional lank, fl.25. Grandmother's crocheted shawl meets today's fashionable look! Easy to work, nice to wear! No. 570B VIHS full crochet directions. TO ORDER, send 60C for each pattern, plus 15{ for postizt and handlins!. ZIP Ubbick JkvoloniKt.J. P. 0. >.. 5340 Cfccopo, III. (.0610 rrint Name, Adiresi with CODE and styli Numbir. Coupon for FREE Pattern is in the 1975 Needlework BS-pajte ALBUM, Only $1.25 a copy. ALSO THESE BOOKS AT ${.00 E»CK Plus 25< for postige and handlini. No. Q-116-BLUE R1B80K OUILTS. Contains sixteen lovely quilts. No. Q-117 -HUIITS ON PAIUSE. Directions for ilnteen qgllts. No. Q-tlS-GRANDMOTHER'S FLOWER QUILTS. IS I'asclnatint quilts. NO. 0-119 - AMrnicvs FAVORITE AFGHANS. A fceiutiful selection. No. Q-I20- MAiU A GIFT. Many fids for friends and family. feet; gravity :i7.5; 4'/L!-inch casing 1,300 FNL, 440 Slaughter 3,010-:!,189 feet; ratio TSTM; gravity 31; acid 1,500 gls; fracture 50.000 gls, 100,000 pounds .sand; JVi-inch casins; at 3,260 feel; total depth 3,260 feet. Terry County; Adair (San Andres) field; Amerada Hess Corp. No. 508 Adair San Andre's Unit; 1,525 FSL. 1,000 FEL, Section 5, Block C-37, PSL survey; 15 miles S Erownfield; ield; Mobil Oil Corp. No. 53 Maple Wilson; 1.30 FNL. 4<!0 FWL. Tract 6, League 42. Kaufman CSL survey; 6 miles SW Lcveland; produced 32 bopd, 20 ,)wpd; perforations 4,805-4,947 fool; gas-oil ratio 4,212-1; gravity 23; acid 10.000 gls; 514-inch casin? at 5,000 gls; total depth 5,000 feet. King County; CRA International, Inc. No. 10-W S. B. Burnett Esatc; 760 FNL, 725 FWL. Section 26. Block F. H&TC survey; 17 miles SE Guthrie; Twin Peaks (upper Strawn) field; produced 164 bopd, 125 bwpd; perforations 5,207 - 5,209 feet. 5,212-5,218 feet; gas-oil ratio 161-1; gravity 35.9; 5Vi-inch cas- produced 121 bopd, perforations 4,85 - 4,910 ;as-oil ratio 240-1; gravity 33.5; acid 2.000 gls; 5Vi-inch casing at 4,957 feet; total depth 4.959 feet. ing at 5,358 5,362 feet. feet; total depth Pecos County; Elsinore field; Texas Pacific Oil Co., Inc. No. 5 Montgomery-Fulk; 1,970 FSL. 1,500 FWL, Section 90, Block A, GC&SF survey; 18 miles SE bwpd; feet; GAS/OIL TESTS Chanceloi-; produced 8,570,000 feet; SVa-inch casing at 1?,,200 feet; total depth 13,200 feet. Scurry County; Sharon Ridge field; Mabee Petroleum Corp. No. I?, Jack Henderson; 3M FSL. 1,650 FWL. Section 148. Block 97, H&TC survey: 4li \ miles N\Y Ira; produced 170 bopd. SJ1 bwpd: perforations Andrews County; wildcat; Gulf Oil Corp. No. 5-BM State; 2.125 FNL, 575 FWL. Section 29. Block 9, University Lands sur- y; 11 miles SW Andrews; perforations 'J.-iOfi - 4,412 feet; pumped 102 barrels of oil; plugged off perforations -1,-lSR- 1,490 feet; total depth 4.600 feet. Eddy County; Russell (multi- pay) field; Cities Service Co. No. 1-AC Government; 6BO FSL, 1,980 FWL, Section 15-20s- 2Se; 10 miles NE Carlsbad; Atoka perforations 10,589 - 707. feet; flowed gas at the rate of 1,078,000 cfpd; 1-inch choks. RECORDS A full li'n* of Singles and S(tr«o if Alburm. You may listen b*for« you boy! U.V. BLAKE RECORD CENTER 2401-34lh 7V5-640i ,,.<: «<•'"'Mr anil Mrs. HirUani far] P.sinlKili of i H;ilp Onter nn hirtli rjf a win \vpishmtf 7 TRAMPOLINES SAVE 25 to 33°/o< TEAGUE TRAMPOLINE 806/797-8295 St. .Mary's Hospital. farm l.ilxtrpr. The !aU>er is a Mr. and .Mr.l. Ruben dm .liii>ksi>n of KeesL 1 Air I-'OITR liasn 'rrailcr Park m; birth of a dauulilcr wrigiimii 6 U'.j ruinc'Ci al 10:12 a.m. Sunilay m at , Mary's i[i>spita[. The lalher is an" airman i fiiAl t-lass .sialionecl al floose Al-'B. ) Teachers Offer Driver Course lAulo Firm Ciled Two City Boy Scouts * * After Being Lost In Wilds A deceptive trade practices suit for S11.000 in damages wa.s filed Monday against Fenner Tubbs Company. Bishop \V. D. Haynes of 2411. Fir Avc. filed the suit, m 137th District Court claiming the company underestimated the cost of repairs on his automobile then kept the car on a mo lein when he failed lo *iaff SRI. ami XcilMl of MS Arnolil Drive, force Base Village, tm l>irlh ... „ . icr weighing 7 pounds 7 nunccs at a.m. Sunday in SI. Alar.v.v Hospila jahicr is ^lalitmcd al Reese AKH. The National Retired Teachers Association of Lublioc'k will i:oc > se S T !r l sfKlnsnr thl ' cc defensive driving Mr. •1tli St. and Mrs. Gary J)»|i> Bell of .(TOl'lSive Westmins- fhej tor Presbyterian Church in con- 'junction with National Defen- \o. 7 on birlh or pounds .. \\'eck. ounces at^mo' Classes will be offered from a«er al iurrs an[ j ^ ^^ lrom 7.30.9-^ p m ounces «t -instructors for the course de- IMlier iThraneh marascr "for'^outh'Tcx°t s 'K nc(1 for members of NRTA, ****"»»• I American Association of Re- Mr, ami Mr*. Sammy j n * Rnbinsnn of| Lircd Persons and Action for In- Nn. e:i. ( ,n birih or a snn j dependent Maturity, •««i?y <« s,. 'j^'Si.^ 7 ! .Call C.C. Ferryman at 762- nor is a shipiiinj and T Morton Koncls. . . _ -»».>>.. vvcialims a.m. Ri si.. ocunils : .. receiving 1810 for more information. LUBBOCK-TULSA 3 THROUGH BUSES DAILY VIA WICHITA FALLS i OKLA. CITY •IV IUBBOCK 6:50 AM •LV LUBBOCK 11:50 AM • LV LUBBOCK 9:30 PM AR OKU. CITY 3:55 PM AR OKLA. CITY 8:45 PM AR OKLA CITY 5:00 AM AR MSA 6:15 PM ARTULSA 11:55 PM AR TULSA 7:25 AM THESE ARRIVALS HAVE GOOD CONNECTIONS WITH DEPARTURES FOR Ml POINTS NORTH I EAST If you're planning on taking a trlp-lhen go by bus and leave the driving to us! The money you can save over air fares or the high cost of auto travel will surprise you. Call us today. TNM&O COACHES, INC. PHONE 765-6641 1313 13th STREETl ! Haynes is also asking a tern- I poi-ary injunction to restrain the ]company from the alleged practices. A-J Oorrospnndent CARLSBAD. N M. Two Luh- bock- Boy Scouts, lost, overnight in Guadalupc Mountains \aiion-|primitive ai Park on the Texas-New .Vox-' found un- entire Irfiop was hikinR down lo a hasp camp and parking Int 1 spendinR I ho ni»ht al Ihr Co rnilS ClirtSti Mail McKittrick Ridge; ico border, were harmed Monday. The boys. Michael Thornasonjin and PadraiR 7innis, both were located at the bottom The hoys reportedly ens they would meet them later; the day, but never showed' / told ^Appointed To Board So.utli MeKittrick Canyon in Texas. Both were in good condi- i.jup. of Apparently thr .scouts missed park rangers had just tion. -Seven . begun a search for the pair when they found one of the boys walking down a canyon trail. Thomason, the first youth they saw, said his companion was still on a ridge on the side of a canyon staying with camping gear. After hiking through nigged terrain searchers located Ennis. Rangers said the boys, both members of Boy Scout Troop SOS in Lubbook. Irft HIP main party after lunch Sunday. The a turn in the trail and waited into a .side canyon losing their way in a short lime, park officials said. Temperatures in the area wore mild and Ihe boys bedded down in sleeping bags before renewing a search for a way out of the canyon Monday morning. An airplane hnrl been readied by rangers, but was unable to take off due lo -15 to 60 mph winds raking the canyon. The park is located about 50 miles southwest of Carlsbad. Late Monday the youths were cnroute back to Luhbock with their scoutmaster, Bob Wilson. AUSTIN. Tex. (UPU — Gov. Dolph Briscoe has appointed Robert Lee Smith of Christi to the Criminal Justice Division Advisory Board to replace a board member who was convicted of income tax violations. Smith replaces Br. Edward bill!.' 7 pounds „ P-ni I'Yiriai. The r n ihn- ,, emplDved as an ironworker by Panhandle siecl.' IS^' 1 '' iSh'' '• Vt ' Sl Je '' y B '" HlU '''"' n ! ivelshini- R pounds 11' mini^x al "'-'|" S U'lliliiy m i|. i] ai .j.- s Hospital, I...'.,, is nn admim.stralive analyst for IBM. •Mr. anif Mr,,, riohcrt Dean Wagner of —,* h. ISll\ SI. „„ hl| .j h nl a ll'Plirhl.lif S lloun.U 7 <Jl:|]t•e^ al -''IK n'm Corpus I HKlin'.la; in St. Ma.v's Hn'pil* 'n f Klk'n T«ri™ pl /is: M as a mMh "" c ror Mr. and Mrs. Michael oienn Niv n r Mi'lan nn hirili nf a ilanuliler virigbma 7 W. Guinn, a former Fort Worth councilman, who was asked to resign from the board by i,-, >r • i M. Mary's fjrmor. - •• Hospital. The fathe -nJi 1 ''..)" 111 Mr '' Tl '«ma.» James Brown ol Mtt L.rrt si. on birlh of I win sons one weishlnu 5 iniinils ^ rjunr-e.s ai inn p.m. l-nnav, and nnolhpr wni-Mns 5 pounds „ . , . ,. '" '''•-'' I'.'"- I'Vldiiv in si. Marv'n Hosrvl- BriSCOe because Of a conviction. "I. The falhnr is n Inh technirlnn. last week of income lax viola ' tions in 10700 and 1371. Guinn , NEW RAU/F.RY immediately resigned upon re-i KINGSTON, Jamaica CUPT) quest. — The National Gallery of Arts was opened recently in Devon Thefirsl Union Soldier killed 'ffouso, a converted mansion in in (.he Civil W;ir, Railey Brown, New Kingston. Featured are died on May 22, 1861, at'Fetter- .'amaican works, with plans to man, W.Va. create an African scclion, Undenuood Owrs«lv«! That's Why 2LINKSBAR-B-Q SAUSAGE

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