The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 23, 1948 · Page 7
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 7

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1948
Page 7
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Sfce New*, Freferiek, JM-. Fr*«»r, July II. UMf CJe«--SUy Away trcm My D»*f --, "i-" uwy, TMXT.S THE LACE OP My DBE5S. Tb-SHO'jJ I Made Tftjs Christmas Picture In July So As Not To Be Late This Year Swim Star HORIZONTAL 1.4 Pictured Dodgers Are i Halted At Last Chicago. July 22 3--l5:; Johnny Schmitz humbled the Brooklyn Dodgers for the fourth tj=se this season lodaj. pitchin? the last place Chxsso Cubs to a 6-3 victory over the peiinant- strivics Dodgers «:chr"itz yielded ten hits but r,ep, ·hem well scattered \vh:Ie the Cubs collected II off four Dodger pitchers. The Dodgers scored the first run o f the game in the third inr.ins on singles by Marv Rac-iley. Gene Hermanski and Bruce Edwards but the Cubs tied it up in the fourth ·a-hen Bill Nicholson clouted his 13th of the season The score R IJ - E Brooklyn 3 j° · Chicago 6 11 Bamsdel!. Barney. Behrman. Mm( 39 Dismounted ner and Edwards. Schrr.itz and Me- , 4QHe was in thc Cullough. A»»wrr t» 5 Greek seaport 6 Roster 7 Expire 8 Half an en 9 Idea! state 10 Edit 11 Conversation 12 Boy's nickname 14 Europeans 17 Type measure cnampioa 11 Less worthy 13 Consecrated 15 Eggs 16 Signify IS Harem roont 19 Haystack 21 Tableland 22 Extend over 20 Sharpest 23 Small valleys 22 25 Two times 26 Frozen rain 27 Warms 23 Negative 29 Sun god 30 Guide , 33 Short jackets 37 Strained 38 Weird te=**i m i=4ufs3f «a.i3E»fc*=i WS 1 ! MHra^ tW.-SBOtS*: itzJIES =3, I Shrewd Play Nets IThree Overtricks U=«£l ratztsAts i/"tMsC 4k 1083 V 6 5 · 7652 *KQ95 i ss-aws ·» «K · =** · feHMM =J, 30 Begin 31 Like rust fungi 32 Riddle 34 Bird 24 Shop 35 Kind of acid 25 He has br-ken 36 Chairs world's 40 Learning records 41 State 42 Spreads to dry 43 Comparative suffix 46 Corded fabric 47 Compass point i i 50 Afternoon | ab.) ' I 52 Lone Scout (ab.) 4.Q9742 »1087 · J 10 * 1042 N W E S Dealer V K 9 4 3 2 · A93 AJ Navy during Bucs Edge Phils Pittsburgh. July 22. Pittsburgh Pirates mc^ea 44 Girl's name - 4 5 Equip . ,g Warderers addphia Phillies for a 5- triumpn 48Leavi today, but rain called a 1-1 era- * uninz, of their second Pirates took an early lead in the first contest, collect ms three runs at the outset. Eddie Bockman provided the Bucs' wsr.ain? margin with a two-run homer in the third \ inning Dei Ennis made a valiant effort to recoup for Philadelphia , . ., i _»^._ t«,nn-«nv- o ' t « T * t \ l O disease 54 Dry VERTICAL 1 Good natured 2 Prophet 3 Plural ending 4 Wind indicator ·with a txvo-run homer after ·were out in the ninth It '*as Ennis' 15th circuit blow of the · season. Donnelly and Kirby Higbc · p All.Star were tangled in a .-lab duel i n , f Or All Star * A J 3 3 Tournament -- Both VuL Sottth West Norm Ea*t ! · Pass 2 · Pass 3 N. T. Pass Pass Pass Opening--* 4 23 NOW M/ RN6ERS ARE SO HUMS I CANT FEEL A THING! PHEW/TrtS HEAJ iS DRIVING ME MAD! HOW DO VOU FEEL, POOR SIMP'. YOU'RE »«AGlN!KGyOj'RE ccoi_i^?y*,i WPS! BUT MV IMANM10N - BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Kush Job Suggestions Made y a All-StarS the nightcap when the showers , By WILLIAM E. McKENNEY America.'! Card Authority Written for NEA Service Tournament players throughout I the country were deeply grieved to j learn of the death of Mrs. Evelyn 1 Lebhr. wife of Bertram Lebhar. Jr. of New Rochelle. N. Y. Lebhar is director of sales at Station WHN in New York, and is known to New York sport fans as Bert Lee, WHN's sports announcer. For several years he served the League j as treasurer. He is one of the j League's Life Masters. ] Taking care or tne Lebhar fam- · Sly of five children did not leave ; Evelyn much time to play tourna- I ment bridge, but when she did play, she usually came in with a good score I recall playing with her in a mixed pair event, and she got all of the tricks possible out of the hand shown today. She won the opening lead of the ·? ·_ __ ? ana three hits. Ralpn for the circuit in It was the Pirate this year. First game: Philadelphia Pittsburgh Bicknell. Keussc Sewell and Kluttz. Second came: R PhUadelphia 1 Pittsburgh 1 Donnelly and Padgett: Fitzgerald. 5 - " 0 \ e ' Pittsburgh. July 22 ·/?)--Future · T S» baseball all-star games will be i virginia A11 . stars . representing j f o u r ° f s P ades with the ace when "command" performances--or else; Ae d j arnon{ j crc ani of several East P ut U P ttle king. Next she . hookey players will be fined and I cour ,u cs south of the Potomac, ' cashed the ace of clubs and led suspended if two National League j r urnls h tne arc-hshtcd baseball' the three-spot, winning in dummy i toims have their way. · farc j or the Frederick Hustlers j with the queen. She led the deuce The Philadelpnia Phillies report- j baseball menu at McCurdv Field, i of diamonds from dummy and when edty want remiss players suspend-i 8 30 o'clock DST loni«ht~ | East plaj'ed low. Mrs. Lebhar won ed without pay for two weeks. So , -j- nc Vlsl tmc Virginians are re- ! with the diamond queen. Then do the Pittsburgh Pirates. : ported to have on their roster, she led the jack of clubs and over- Ncither Fred (Dixie) Walker. · e i g ht players currently batting took it with the king. She wanted 1 player representative for the Na- over .400. ~" I to create an extra entry into dum- tional League as well as thc Bucs. | Expected to serve as the main- i my. nor his brother. Harry Thc Hat" stay of a formidable mound staff.! The five of diamonds was led. players' spokesman for the Phils' arc Harvey McCutcheon. Point of i East went up with the ace. de- \\antcd to talk today 'Rocks. Maryland State League] clarer played the eight-spot, sav- Giants-Cards Split i But neither would 'deny their | ace and "Bob" Hope. Purcellville. ! ; ng the four for an entry into dum- * - , . oo , ? The St lteams had chosen the paylcss two-, Va . former Baltimore Oriole my . East came back with the six tot. i,oaii. Ju . _~ ,. . . ^ the , Wcc k5 as a form of punishment. flingcr. ! of spa des and Mrs. Lebhar played today j The players ire generated after ; Supporting these hurlers to- ; the j ack W est. having no entries, j ' " i Bob Feller. Cleveland Indians' ace. ' night will probably be. Outfielders ( thought for a moment and then j Marty Marion. St. Louis Cards'' Danie!. Edmundson and Kirk: In- · lave( j j oxv hoping that his partner I ,,:,,,,,»,, ^..-,,,,»,,,, 1QJn ,11. ficiders Heflin. Ridgeway - J a c k - · couW t ' jn aad lead another j son and Jenkins: Catcher Athey. ' ^, cashed the diamonds and led the four. _ . . _ _ . ._ .. dummv This made Dixie Walker recommending dis- ~ ciplinary action against the hookey ! American T,eaStte piayers. j Results Ycstcrday Since then, both Walker and Fred ' Boston. 3-5. Chicago. 0-3 Hutchinson of the Detroit Tigers. : 'Washington. 9. Detroit. S WONT C06\ I SO ViAKS All Firured Cnt i-n^/ : UMS \ WON'DE^iVG } =H.^=D TO KVCW :=yy r. v i= A = c- FRECKLES AXD HIS FRIENDS Fov.-l Play came from behind to nose out New York Giants. 7-6. in 11 inn- j « ings in the second game with Nippy Jones singling home George Kurowski with the paoff run Trailing. 5-0 going into the seventh inning of thc nightcap the Cardinals exploded for six runs bsfore a man \vas retired. ;hres Cardinals walked Kon Xorthey followed run single ana Marty Marion slashed a two run Stan with vear to s'ieot thc Cards ahead 6-5 Clem Dreiscwcrd. third Giant pitcher in the inning got the next three batters out. First game- B Xew York . 6 St. Louis 3 S. Jcnes and Coopsr Wilks. Staley and Rice. Second game. H Xsw York 6 St Louis 7 Kennedy. Keniko'vski ·sverd. Tnnkle and Lsvmcston Westrurn: Follet Kearn. Munger. Vilks ar.d Baker star K ame son «" la Jeusnii. ^oitut-i .-viiicj.. ,_ ade Two days before the game last i The visitors will be sponsored b y , ^ ,, M- 13 the Cincinnati Reds held Umpire Pfeiffer of the Frederick Jo« ^r » clubhouse meeting and wrote Timp.res Association | »pot over to T~V»-v i n \\T-ill^-o»- *-*r»rtn-«TV»^*rH irt ft A»C_ °" " ~" ' I - . -, . _ it possible for her to take the heart finesse. She was sure that West did not have the king of hearts. | i \\Otl THE HECK CAM we uw AM as IN THE JOU-Y PRUME CLUBHOUSE ? Nk3,IMEAM I FOWL IF YOU WANTT VOu MB FOUL LAY AM , ME SAYS/ IF WE COULD FIMD A RADIO COWlEOiAM fr'O 56 A ClMCH' CUJ3 YOU'LL. FIURE our, SOMETHIN / BALL? /CHICKEM-- SE CAOCLE- CHAKACTERS Tf^AT N\AKE W.1TM SOT To DO IS 6£T A HEN, TAKE PE£ T(D T(J£ CLUopO'JSS AMD KER.T K. E 10 2 7 1 Dickson. H. E 10 0 10 0 Dreise- r league executive council to , «j2 innings express the players' views There was no comment from the meeting "I don't think this is the time to talk about the form of punishment i New York. 6. Cleveland, 5 'Philadelphia. 8. St. Louis. 7 ; When her jack of hearts held, she j VIC FLINT had the club for an entry to dummy to take another heart finesse, six-odd and a top score on Buried Treasure Games Today Clevcland at New York Detroit at Washington Chicago at Boston I the hand. I which should be invoked." said' Dixie today "The feUow? src not exactly sure what they want except they want something done about absenteeism " 4 I'd rather not talk about this un'il all t r ie teams' recommendations are in." said Harry Walker. ' Tncn the results should come from D;xic " 'St. Louis at Philadelphia 'Night game Standing Of The Teams Cleveland Philadelphia Boston New York . Detroit The word around the dugouts · Washington here was that" the New York Giants X'. . Louls W. SI 54 50 Lions Club Wins Over Juniors" Team Ham :n tr.e first part of the , of a hero relief role for the Jim*or rlr3n;£:.; j. -i ur i?J .a;' e."c*"no. a- t -i ~c reversion to completed s;xih stanza gave the Lions C'.ub a 10-7 r-.n :n C:vic Softba" Leapje play at Staley park Grumbir.c. siart^-.r rryandsnian for the Jur.:ors was derr;cked in tae second ^n:ng with none out He hsa given up se\ en ru-:s on five hits and four \.-a!ks. \vncn replaced bv Estsrly. -,v:th t're bases loaded_~ A22 ral.sfer re::r;^ '··'.£ -.v-th also havc held a meeting on the subject Proceeds for the all-star came co to the players' pension fund Chicago L 33 37 36 36 43 47 52 57 WIXS BY FORFEIT Middletown was given a 9-0 forfeit victory over Buckeystown when the latter club refused to return to the field after a brief shower at McCurdy Field Thursday · night. Second game of the Tri- j County League twin bill was rain- V^ j ed out. I "-,,« '. At the time the game was called "t-o, I because of a brief shower. Middle"--,, j town was ahead. 4-1. on the "?q. 'strength of some hefty clouting by "t.- Hugh Keller, who parked a homer .365 .321 ; over the leftfield fence and then I rammed the same barrier with a ; , lusty double. THEM LET'S N| SJsanwhi's. in the ornce of a GST-- i farrous ?iav3?5! WW/J73T THAT I FWD 7HEE5 CDiN IN THE )/ BlU \VHERE EXCAVATION FOR TAFFY TIL- \ ITS BROTHERS AKD SOV'S SWfEMIWS POOt.THEESt SIST5R5 COCOA? FIORENTIK'E F1CKIM 11MS5 ITS GOLD, AT ££S THE SLE,'.V SENCK JUXE.THEY ARE STILL R TAF=Y TIL- 5O.''S FOOL. : -arf? ·^-^···^ _? It PMSCILLA'S POP Biting; Remark Tri-County League Last Xichfs Results 'MifSdletown. S. Buckeysto^n 0 Other game postponed, rain '-Forfeited Results Yesterday Pittsburgh. 5-1. Philadelphia. 3-1, "New York. 6-6: St. Louis 3-7 j^o. 6- Brooklyn 3 j Boston-Cincinnati, rain ] 'Second game, rain end five "Second game 11 jnmngs. Radio Program WOK sue CB» WBAI, WTMD Games Sunday L/vet!sville at Doub- -\ValkersvilZe at Buckeystown DamascUh st C»cai.crsiu\\ii Brunswick at Middlctown 'Transferred game Games Today "Boston at St Louis "Brookl\n at Pittsburgh Xen- York .it Chicaco Philadelphia st Cincinnati *:00 -- Xe Standing Of The Teams W. L Darrrascus Msddletown. Bnans%\ ick Lovettsville Walkersv.IIe Doubs Creagcrstown 12 12 S Q ^ o 6 i 9 i: 13 3--.i £E\e tne i^.or.s on.r* ore more run cu--r.g f;ve :'u~.~. p.tch- ed. Juniors :- me first three stanza? while his club was r--ak:ng hay of: Grunbine. The F:remeri nicked hlaa for z single ta^y ;n the fourth which his tcarr. got back :n the sa=2e sta-za. latter half. Then the Jun.ors ;ot the ran^e of ?tla:n"s pitches and :n the sixth. gathered 6 tallies, ther. starling the Game Todzy seventh opened a boinbardirent American Legion vs V F W ·which only a torrer.t'.ai shower subdued. In the top of the last stanza before a Junior was out. the Firemen scored four counters of: four doubles a walk and a single. Tnen Standinc Of Thc Teams W L 34 39 40 46 50 sob .SCO .615 ^ o-^ 1-0 Boston Brook: r. New York Cincinnati Chicago 51 43 43 41 33 36 Pet. 600 .524 .513 .518 .500 .471 .-53 .419 City Softball Leairue " Results Yesterday T Pepper. 5. Amer. Legion 2 Standin? Of The Teams Dr Pepper V F W" Coca-Cola earns the rai-s srjd the scorer Legion ducked with the winning rally washed off the books. The score: '. W. 6 3 1 1 L. 1 1 4 5 , Dr. Pepper Defeats American Legion Team Dr Pepper maintained top rank, :r.g in the City Softball League. 1 by defeating American Legion. 5-2 in a icop cair.e. restricted Thurs, day "ight to six innings, by rain. Pet. i Three ru-ss '.n the first stanza. 8571 won for ths Bottlers Holland .750 ' w-alked Crone sacrificed Lyerly's .COO J double scored Holland Rarnsburg .167 singled and Lyerly scored I Anders flied out. Staley singled but Rarnsburg was held to third 10 RAIN I^E^ SCORF. H E Rain halted 10 2 · " oal3 League con 9 i P Telephone and Independent j nmg run. on a v.:ld pitch. the Municipal Soft- ' base on the hit. He scored shortly intest between C and | after what proved to be the win- Evcning Report. 15 M!n.--nbc .e-wsca-;t E^ery Day--ctss Nclworit SiitnJ Hoar--abc-east KHdics Hour (repeat)--; Xet-wor'K Siier.t (1 hr.) Kiddies H^ur (repeat)--miss · :1S--Shorts: M'jsic Ttee--nbc Report on UX--cbs 6.30--JIusIc Ti=e--cbs-east £:45--Xetc^cast br Three--r-bc Lotreil Thomas (repeat ID--b» 7JO--Supper C!ab--=bc-basic Th- L«tr;'« sho^r^^bs FuTio^ Leiris. Jr.--mis e^s aid Cos-.Tt-t--nbc r Cc^nn-.«Ti:sr---abc s: Dinner Date--r-,bs as;!- For Torsisht--nbc Jerry VTayr.e S^o-x---cb? Ksr-.rr J. 7:45-- Kaltenbora Cosiment--abc Xews Broadcast--cbs Sports Comment--mbs 8^X3--Paul Lavalie Band--nbe Mr. aid Jane Ace--ct^ Fat Man Detective--aba Always a Woman--irbs S.30--Whr Said Tf-at--nbc Jt Is Asway^ Albert--cb? Thi» is F S.J . Drama--abc Lcar« It to Girls--mb* 8:55--Bi!!v Ross Comment--nb 9:CO_^Unirerssty Theate---=bc i f Pej ArinoiiTiced--cbs Break the Baik--abc Gabriel Heatter. Comment-- jni; 9 '15--News Broadcast--znbs 9:3O--The Revue--ets Th» SlienfT. Drama--abc ifie Color.e'.'s Cms--robs 9:55-- Five-Minute Sports--abc B:i! Kenry Xewr --·-- c-umbme Ed E«tcrlv and Gar- with the score tied 6-6.! Bob Rothenhoefer. Legion out- rett; Main and Shipley. 10.00-- To Be Announced-- nbc Phil Baker Quiz-- cbs Dance Bane Jamboree -- abc Mee: the Press-- mbs going into the seventh stanza. The j fielder strained ligaments m his left io,-3fr-Eii! stern Sports--nbc at game will DC continued OX OHIO BALLOT i unannounced date. Columbus, O. July 22 Wr--The j The score: R H. Ohio- Supreme Court ruled today j C a n d P 6 9 that the Henry A . Wallace third i Independent 6 7 1 Amer Legion party could go on the state s j Corum and Harris; Helier and J O Neill and Fox; election ballots next November, j Kennedy. ' Strothern, Ambrose. an i arm. right leg and back in j ing to slide. E | The £ccre: R. H. E 2 ' Dr. Pepper 5 7 0 Davis 1 and Dick Jursens Rev us--b* Tex Beneks Band--rnb* 10:*5--Pro and Con--nbc 11:00--Sews, Variety, 2 hrs.--cbs News and Danes Hour--abc Xews. nance Band 2 hrs.--mb» 11:15--Ne^s Variety to 1--nbc 12:00--pajclnc Conticutd-- t Prise-ifs! OUR BOARDING HOCSE H=^='S TH' SHAFT, UV ST5AJSHTHJ2; THAM I CAM I^£A\\/ ST-- A.M' ,-=RS"S TH' ^Jv2S. CsiLY . H ^ -- A M ' r-EQt S TH' BASE.

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