The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 6, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 8
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EIGHT \ftrn PARIS news. IMOMDAY, AUGUST S. US*. ione Call Nips Plot to Seize Judge Wealthy Former Supreme Court Member Is Intended Victim Identity Of I PERSONALS IRules Given ^Cooperative Gin h Being ^P, ••• i . 1 ___ J _^_ ; ^ i _ _•. • ^^^_. ^^ ^H» ^v .^ .^b .^M^k ,A ^K .^w- Body Sought One arrest on * charge ot drunk was made Sunday morning by city police. | Miss Evalyn Ruth Strinser of | Dallas is here".visiting her aunt, | Mrs. George Deweese and family. OKLAHOMA CITY. IS* — TTVO d bandits arid the*r bur«y •were sought by fed-era* its and poHce Monday in con- \vjth an apparent attesup* to ltI<Snap Robert A. Hefner. Sr.. former justice of the state su- pre=Re coyrt. Xhe oil-v^ea'thy ac3 socially prominent jurist, pol*<*e said. juro'ba.lMy escaped the p";c* becaos- <?ame jjusi in the nick of timer Police saic they ha<j identified -oae of the three mer: through T>hoio?rra.phs arct expected to arrest niwj. ^_V raas :e^ephc-ned that 32e 1V2L5: an old acquaintance In" seed of -work and. H-rfTier agr-e-et! to see him, \Vh-rn the jTidge wen* iiie man. a stranger, was '.vaiting telephone rs-::. "formed Hefner three men ha't iior- by incuirze? ooncerr.ins Hef- care. Tbe interior of tbe office of: Mayor J. Morgan Crook is being repainted. ; Young Woman Is Found Beaten to Death On Lonely Highway KOIiLJSTER. Calif. iJP> — State 3!rs- Jack Sieb«nthall and sons have returned from a. visit in Dallas. For Cotton #*«& By Wolfe City Men New All Steel. Fireproof Structure Will Be Completed In Time For Haudl ing This Yearns Crop; 3OOO Bales Are Pledged Mrs. Luther Stone of Brown| wood is visiting her father, John . . T. Henlev aud other reiaitves here. Bonnie Christopher of 2O2 Oak , police and local authorities sought j street has reported to police the ! Monday To establish the identity of j .^.^ Qpe , ia TTredericJt of Poiv- theft of a Colonial radio. ja youns woman, about 2o. whose derl ^ a patient at the ganita,-. i battered body was found on a lit- ! , ut& - of par ^ 15. E. Kcaney of Oatlatv, division j tie used road near here. j traffic superintendent of t h «j The woman had been brutally Southwestern Be!! Telephone com- ; beaten, police said, then carried in has returned from a visit j a n automobile to the Old Rocks j road two miles southwest of San } Juan and thrown onto the rocky Mrs. Era Hunter and Mrs- El-: ground. mer Evans of Hunter's Apparel] Mrs, Anne Perry of San Fran-! at the .Sanitarium of Paris Shop, left Monday afternoon to : c : St; o left there for Hollister on The j treatment, has returned to o.tten£ a styie show < Tuesday. Paris. Martha Massard, of Powderly. is reported to be doing nicely followinsr a major operation at the I^ainar hospital. I>r. Will Uurruip, -who has been for his without tax-exemption tags being placed on it, the cotton may not be sold unless it is placed in a bonded warehouse or compress and WOLFE CITY.— Farmers and , authorizing: business men of Wolfe City have ! erect a £i the organization to and when conditions a certified check for the aaiount ; joined hands in a. new enterprise I justify, a warehouse. Organization of the tax, one-half the selling • enabling them to take advantage) of the company under this price, deposited to guarantee payment of the tax. the national cooperative mar- ing laws, and have o places it in a position to receive government loans for financing, as it is chartered in accordance with the cooperative marketing: lavrs of the United States- The conipany is capitalized A Paris man was arrested Suny night by ci:y patrolmen on a I>a'?as: p OSS j^;H t y t fce body mi^ht be that t home in Clarksville. of' her daughter. Aileen. 16. who ] disappeared July ±S. ! Miss Maude Neville-left Monday Tulare authorities questioned a I for ^^ *» r a few da ^ s ' visit with hosoital 1 Miss ]Lida Co °P er - who formerly man who applied Fsrniers may have their cotton I the Farmers* Cooperative Gin an*l nned and store it at home until ! Warehouse company, A modern !*"* are received. f Sin. is under construction and will Application blanks for tax-es- j be completed in time for tnk; cer »;ficates \v»l be distri- year's ginning season, according to j ?^0,000. with »00 shares of com h«» vai-ous counties of Austin Brothers, Dallas contrac- | mon stock at ?5 per share and — ... - OO Q shares of preferred stock §1. The common stock has all the voting: power and can be held the state~ ' only by producers. Anyone may 'he eta is financed by farmers} own the- preferred stock, but it • emptiozi bated to the s are re ] vice make application for certifi- charge of possessins: liqtior. Ke { j he * r " e Sunday night for treatment ] lived in Paris was turned over to county authorities, where charges were filed cates based upon their allotments when ihe blanks are received by local co^mitteetnen' ! me rs. Directors of the organiza- j About 3000 bales have been Uhen application^ a«^n^de ^ | iio e!ected at a meetins of far-J pledged to the gin for this season Sr^tJTaS^t t^S: 1 ^ I f-j^* ^ e 5,i.^ ^ ?;£- i c — ctl - « tbe ^ is "* and business men but control is • permits no voice in primarily in the hand? of^ the far- < of the company. ia- About 3000 b of a srash on a shoulder, a -wrench- j ed hip and cuts and bruises. ] Dr. L. C- Hull said there \vere no I « titicates will be given to cott< Airs. A. H. Patrick and dau^ht- | producers who *-vi!l exchangre t? er. Alberta, have returned from j certificates for taj;:5 a* the sri ! Less^tt, C. H. Tyler. G. M. Crai?c. -, hens as an outstandingr example o£ Theft of a brown suit with extra trousers and a grreen pair of *-.,.users from the home of C. C. Kirvvn at 2"j» Korih Twenty-sixth ,i--> >;3s tH"-?ri r-STxr-rt^d to city ^d^ca^ons 'he'-r-l had been crim- Scission where they visited their j xhes? tags will be placed on the j i'" n v 'a««£uVed = | son and brother, Wood Patrick. I cotton, and. \vi!l show that the tax j '"^ i I has been r»aid. No cototn may be i Act > Havden Turne r. \V. T. Castle. W * ^ kovvar(J ^ & p . Ferkirison . Permit was granted at the time ^ r the cooperation possible between farmers and business men of the community. MARKETS At A Glance Court esv Kettuer Gibraltar Hoi*i . Pr«v. Close Jan. 13.21 March .13.35 May 13.37 July . 13,4± Del 13.05 I>ec 13.1" Hi£b 13.±> 13.42 13.-iS 13 5» 13.14 13.2S Low 13.18 13-28 13.32 13.42 12.99 23.1i Clow* 13.24 13,37 13.43 1X4$ Alareh May July ORJLEA.NS COXTOX Prev. Close Hisfa Um • » * ***.*. . 1 J. UO X3.«li 13-IT 13.39 1337 13.32 ....13,37 13".4S 13.cS » 13 42 ' "" ' "J-' -I—-L - •- - ".i3.<ii 13.10 i:.s< 13-17 13.21 13.19 Ooso 13.23 I3.3S 13.41 13 4*> 13.05 13-Z'J May Sept. Dec. Cor May Oats — May . , . St-pt. ... Dw. ... Ry« — Mav ____ CHICAGO CHAIN Prev, Close High Low CIos* 113*i 10S?i 2IS% 10S=i 194 JOT'S, 4 per cent bond*. i Miss Virginia Maxthews, daugh- Lsold without the tax is paid or a i ter of Mrs. G, H- Matthews of Ok- i deposit made to sruaramee pay- j iahtrma City, is visiting relatives | nient. land friends in Paris. f — Vote (Continued Fro:n One> (Continued Frons Page One) .arrive^ to late . cla-2 I Two pleas of jmilty 10 charges; o: beinc drunk an-3 two pleas to ; states in 0 - r3r? ,, s ~ Ol - affray were heard dicated that some producers, Monday rr.orrsinsr in Corporation • signed Court "by Cf-y Judge IV. S. Me-,' reduce acreage, KrJ.srht, Stuart Chamberlain, \vho has ! O\ ER 8-DOO BALLOTS eat months have in- i been ill at his home, 151 West j CAST IN LA3IAR rho j Austin street, for several wreeks, is ; government contracts to j Deported to be improved. x .about 5 and years Place were attempting j i to increase production through , I added use of crop stimulant.*- j \ Under the Bankhead act tiiese j j producers, if they produced in ex- | : v ^ss of their allotments, would be • 1 required TO pay the taa: of 50 per j ^ cent of the value of their cotton jia the boxes a: tne j v.'-i'riarv rl?ct:on July -S \vus S.SSO. i r-e-ur^« ••!ia-- ! e :o the executive com- operauon at the Sanitarium of :-^,r.,^ e «\,.- k ,, TV-^ i< i-j^t ^our Paris Monday jsiorain^. Albert Cnnn!ng:ham, of 219 Xorth Main street, under^-ent a maior ihe uollinc: place for \V2.rd F"our. , Judges at the boxes will be Dan Godbold in Ward One: R. G. Berry ; in \Vnrd TWO; A- W. Neville in The total number of ballots put j \\-ard Three and L. W. Jackson in Ward Four. j M. • J. Base of Direct, who is at: ; the L»ainar hespica.1 with an infect- '; ! area served by the disposal plant I on the south side of town, i On the north side 5.00Q feet of j i 15 inch outfall line -will be laid to j i serve a drainage area of 300 acres f and to cost $7.400. This will ac} eommodate an area o£ 600 acres if needed. In addition 3,250 feet of 12 inch interceptor line, to cost $3.550 will be laid and 1.600 feet of S inch interceptor, to cost $1.040, also will be put down. A two inch water line will be 5.000 feet to the south side "tstes less iHari were cast, in the Irs* primary iwo years ago. In !r_aki:»s the returns tor public welsrher place 2 from Pattonville. -•with sa.ndy _ : gx>r :i ilit:le. more tha sensari-onai ki "liis home here ranges b-e pu: i tios-for the fall ar ; d "vint-;: Sris~hi sp^ts in :he dark picture appeared only from IE.W provides for ihe apt T~s.n- L>" the cc'iinty jucc-e of a ~:- j ir'— ** ^71 f^z.&z* of Vticancy. S^houl^ j -he county judge appoint some one I ' who is not the deirrocraric norn- • : ;:.?•?. that pers-on could n"ld tiie of- i The most compelling reason I bad for appointing the democratic intrsent large producers from profiting a: I Grox-e. route 3. who .has been quite sis- ihe expanse of reductions made by ' jjj al -jj e L^j^aT- hospital with ty- \£~¥T T TQ v> A1 -^ -*-producers. '. proved. .--.•-. , , . t Ts."» TT ii" i 't"*r\ T^~V T»T> i~YT> A Tf* w.lever, is reporsec ^ be im- i ADMITTED TO PROFATE ___,_,_ ,_, » * T>C-/^-X- A r'T? Mrs. !>. EL Keese and daughters. elec-; 4.T DEPOR.T.' "AKc»Ui> Atrt ; Thelma Ra:--. Clara Jean. and "^O—*tir ^ e^as, jr-fc^^i c .z." tii™.G" 3"ST>orted. tiiat drouth affec'rc all ^SJ-UT a- fetv cou~ti-r^ alor-gr t'rre <Juit jeoast- Five of ih-"rr,, hc-.vercr. su: asditicnai kisses in DSPORT-—Rankin 3eli and Miss Ruth Marie Winiberly were married, last Tuesday morning at 6 nominees in precincts Nos. 2 and -4, '• o'clock by the Rev. C. S. WUhite -.vas inat should I have appointed I ar the Methodist parsonasre for so short s. term, tSiat person jobs and tnncli dissatisf a ct ion Ma_rtha Sue, have returned from a •week's visit with relatives in Vivian and Shreveport. La. ilrs. H*--s. Xoel has returned to >, cr fcorne In Antlers. Ok!a., after having: undergone a major opera- t t - ne sanitarium of Paris a afier graduation from h-g-b school The bride is the daughter of Sir- end Mrs. Sanders \Viniberly and ; tion Sends lotal-lns: $225.000 we: fixed for exr-rmors cf the estate of the late Mrs. Gorge Griffiths when her will *.vas admitted to probn'e Monday by C. A. Martin. county judge. The first. National Bank. ^Vj-l O. Freeze and Janse^ H. ]L. Baker. Roy Johnson arid I>ar, R.berts -were appointed ap- prai^r-rs of the estate, which was ot applicants tor conf-j5ion less nave had a iik-s experience. : wc.# of the -.--pi-ion.- and stili ain. that by a^oicins: this concitiou- the interests cf the precincts asd the county at Ia.rsre -would be better liere at;encea Paris Junior college- Mr. 3eii i~ the son of Mr. and Mrs, j Mr^ j>, ~ "" ~ince graduatioa froni ; Th'^^-'^th T. Carl ton. of 103 Souih street, returned to her school here be has been employed. | v,.-.^ e s-a-^.-av f^-or" the Sanitarium L-ynn Bratcher. The couple is | ^"paris~^h*re"slie 'u^derw^nr "a irne as-o. a.t home h^re navisg roorns ^!rs. Farris Read. ROXTON PERSONALS with 01 Fans major operation soirie SALVATION ARMY FUIVOS ARE SOUGHT Every property owner whose »rop^rt"y is listed on the tax rolls | A and who has paid his poll tax is • laid euti-led to vote in the balloting [ Plant at a cost of S±.900 while a Tuesday. In the case of comman- i water well at the north side plant fry ~pro~pertv. both man and wi£« I together with an automatic pump a*-s entitled" iO vote if the properly ! = -s estimated to cost ?5C'0. The 62 '" .---~- cosi atural- The st 530- rt h side cost ipe, voter reaches the door ot the ; labor, right of way, and preUmin- pcKin?: place and is unable to pro- ? -,_ r y cos r.g_ The labor cost has been ceed from there to the election ] fixed at S3S.770 in the estimates judge, the jcdge may br";n;r to the ; and ihe material cost <inciudins: •door of the polling place a ballot ; both plants) at S54.2SCL The added ar.d allow the voter to mark it. i $5.000 is represented in the cost This Is not an extension of i of right of •way- Paris- sewage aisposal Uses. nor| The p i ans a^d specifications is it a. bond issue to extend Iatcr=U ; ror the . plar , r and Illjes have been sexver lines aor xvill it force per-; a pproved by the 9tat& v, oard of sens not now a*Un£ scwasre tlis-; health- Cit ,.- Er-srineer Walter t>csal fccilities, of Paris to start; Hicks ^^ Monday." A srovemment doins: -o. The only nexv lines to be: irspector wilj be on the sltft of tfae built are tb<_ outfall antl inter-1 : - obs at ai , times un . u lhey ar& ceptcr lines. :Tlnished to see that a!J specifica- Aii outfall line is a line that [ tlons are followed, he said. collects sewage- from a. lateral line jjervins: a residerJco district- An isterccptor line f of which two v,-il) be built under terms of the application) is a lin-e that gathers the s»-w?.cc from the otitfal* lines and The work win give eraploynient OTIS Hubbard Meyer of San Antonio, arrived Saturday nieht for a ITEMS v iAJ^-Tic? . supervisor in RC-XTOX.—Mr. and 3Ir. Mel Yates as as guests last week Mrs. H-. :.ner Murnliy and da a =h ter. TCHiie Kafr.erine of 3ail«y. ilr. and Mrs. Marti-e Tucker and son and Misses May. Xellrean anc Vema. Tucker oi Tulia. i'JDbard lley-er. and will be until Thtirsdav. II: forts are roughout Pari a,znisJ3 a h-ea for .: aid n .uy .sr-ent c-~ Tfce federal ra-iicn has r- and BEGINS AT RENO tior: well "rcrr; Page Qrs.'r Mi'ton Bi-dwsr;2t went to t on • _ 'vTorth to att-encl the funeral of , : ,*~~~~. ''' _^ j'^T*" '• "heir line's, the H-=-T. J. T. Bind-; ^-- """'_ *;r'"""""",* J . --^j; 3 -^- : Karle Rhoades is ir= fur-cs. vet*?. Zi^o has ceciarea tor ±3tin- • ,^,, .^.^ C r,--^. rf season. rC "'!" ,ll r J ^ r " • ' Mrs ~ •^'innson Hen da,:v^S :^, ^;^^i^:; , e ^ ^: REVIVAL MEETING rr^.-.'^-'^' r:-'r.t£. The c--:;- h-pe left for RZiXO.—The Church of Christ; .-^ r . ' r'.-ii-. - ss:r: "Hunter was seekir^^ to c"er- i Services are held en the la-Knn In i , e ., .v e rhri'v;- the s-t£-e government; ai! I the -Kvening- a.n<i in the church h^.s b-ceri rr'.v : = v«- thinks th-s- ^-o'-ernrnent : at ser'/icsa Sunday moming' at i „ .. — • "rs-rr: was given by th-e young: peo-.' I-ie's division. ; ^'an;.- In this community report: drinkicsr water and stock T.'2t«r is becoming- scarce. Juniors of the Methodist chtirch : ;• r?re'W Thursda.;- even- . .--;« a*, ihe horn? of Mrs. JL. D. Mr. aa£ Mrs. Bill Bray of L-ub- >!rs. F- C. Bray. Mrs. Tl". M. C!«*r*- a.nd children ha---«- r«turr:e < 5 from a visit to At- Mrs- Kt?a De"Ve*s* of H-agro is Vi>.;t:nt Mrs. H. J. Z>*1ft'*«-se her«. L,ee May. of I>Ire-ct route 2. underwent a major operation a* the L-amar hospita.! Saturday ^and is reported to be doing- as well as conic be expected. Miss Rose Dun lap. who is st- •er.ding- E. T. ?- T, C. at Commerce mother, and was accompanied by Miss Etta, liobins-on of ^evada. Mrs. i "*". J. Olds returned to- h & r home in Icataei- Okla.. Monday afier havlnsr sufficiently recovered from a rnajor operation at the Sanrtaritirn of Paris. 3fr. and Hrs. "IV. and daxig-hter, Mi^s C. Bernard Ruth. «•>.-• ui-jide ['inds to for the •-nv<--y F. M. L-ange. It is pkinne^I "-..» carry on the work of ?he Sai- ••-;.v3on Ar"ny f."x-:r, a., headquarters All dori3Ltic-r»s !••»• th;s purpose "•'-'. jflasseU. who has bs^-n n^rTi-rc Treasurer of the drive. .Fuii in- f--~rmation a-s to the details of the P;a.n rnay be obtained from Mr. I--;-nee at th-e N-?-.v Plaza Hotel. Mr. I-asje:*- Paid that efforts are b-riris Tr-.aoe to c-btajt: a^ riiS-ny pl«:tii;*ii vf motitiily donstiOTts 35 pos-sibls. :';•_'tinc-ed ss nienil-ers of ihe &,&- vi^^ry board by Mr. L^L-K-- Mon- ;av. IncIudinE R. 3. Dianton. :o the disposal plant. :» pointed out, T'.vo sfv'.-nse df-^posal plants '-' be erected au<2 2S.500 linear f of outfaU line laid. One of i t-e«.-,^s;e disposal pSajjts will be one-half ini-.e south of the south-! •..vest corner Of the city limits on • Auce Creek. an..i the othrr v^'Hl I>? built ab-out ihr^e-Quarters c-f i a mils north of the northecis* . corner r-f the city 3i:aks on St!3:- : house Branch. ; The south side disposal plant i has a connected population of AP- • north sid^ ;*iant has a connected 1 in,?: SO gallons per capita per day, '• rh-s puts A It>ad of 55t».OC*0 jraHons ; per day on the south s:»Je plant ; and 240.000 ^a:!ons per day on : L'ndrr the :t;.?p!iea.ric»n. the south s!f^* plant will haVV- a capacity OL ; i Mr.- Hicki said. The Jafaorers. i both skilled and •unskilled, will be 1 employed locally vrith rolls of the i rCaTiorsa K,et?mpl»>>-ment Service In szainmarizirj*: the- -work, Ktt- irsucer Hit-k.K ^au! rtatlr tlint no i nexv connectiaas. can be made by e vfrrue of the corisrrnction of the plants, outfall iuul interceptor Ifsnes, *TJie project does; not eontem- plalt- tx>:te-trcrtSon or the cxf«u- .slon of a lateral s^tvajrc 1 ^yslem but dees comprise tnswfc and Interceptor lines." Mr. HicJcs .said. CASTING EXPERT TO BE EN PARIS have be^n visitisg the uast fou months in Wichita. Falls. LrUbbock, Galveston and Gre-tnville, have r-:-'- iiimed home. 3-Iiss Berr-iard al-^ s=pent fwo 'Treeks at the v/orld' Fair a short time a^e. DEPORT LOCAL AIVD PERSONAL 3IEDILL GRAVEYARD WORKING o>" FRIDA Mr. and Mrs. W". L. Beard. Jr.. Miss Marjraerste Beard. 3>f:s^ Htiza- b*th DuvaH. and Ralph Beard motored to Z>ai!as Stiriday and rrr*T Mis?- Virginia B«-a.rd *^ho returnee "':th thenrs to P-arijs afr*T h?tvir;r MHI>IL.I*. — Q-'te a lar^e ero'wd t*-r. -fft-i the £T3.~-"eyar£ v.-orkiriS 1 &r-i? r'rt-iaj". A IT; on r the visitors ^ r ». c-rirj*r th* day -were Mns. ar: Lrtrsrce't and da-jsrhters of "':•;'>: C:*y. Mrs. I/e'R :s Tcttle a "4 rn;:v of Benningrori. Okia-. Miss - " - r- Mur. :da.y. Ivied;"' beat S:at? Shoals .-" •=.*-, --.v-mr /*«.*'t.5.*«i^ \f «.,-= ; 7" : '^ T^ rt ^i»— - - -- *J - .. <^ '. -. ^ **•• - .^ . - - - Mi.s* Ruth Jor.f-t «;-•*--. the week Line -Jont3nuc4 Frorr, Page Q-«- tr>c tc-w*-r to a r.'-f a laTtC* cross wa^r*i ar«; bijr;<?fj 2C* uuJcnovi-R &ol«3:^rs k-II*d in th«-. battl* of Tann-rr.bwn?. Here H::ler wij! sp«;ak. Six hundred rn*rn ha.-;«-. been at -work in <i<ty and r:j;r?;t «h:fta erecting seats for *h^ th^y- Herrarsts of the <i«--arJ leader a:- :**rsde<3 a. s«r%'icc for him Sund-iy *.' th« pa.ri*;.h church. ?n-iny of th«?ru DEPORT.—Mr.*. Charley Mur;-;y who had an app-er.-t'icitis op- roLtivr? at .Depor? sar.;tar;urn nursday v. as taken horr.* irnm«- ?-Ir. and Mrs. Frank ^Velch or ' d b^nrsan and Mrs. C. H. Clinger of ; t ••:*;'as arc viistzng in tfce home of i ^ . L.. Stalls- ^ JMrs, J. H. r>i-iore has r-eturned I y '-om. a vSsit wi-th hsr son. John : Moore, in Te^arkana. Mrs. Iv-yrsrs Sajnders and *on have "turned to Cvrsicauna. af:.*r v.sit- •:e Mr. an-3 Mrs. >V. K. V-t*to. Sir. and Mrs. !. L. Head rece;T- :-i a mes*ag« Friday from I>a!;as ;<a.t their daughter Katharine- wa-s oin= well foTlOTR'lirs an a.ppen-tii- •*!s cpftralior? at Bay'or hospital. Miss Man- B^H of Sir. Pleasant •jitt-o'.S !:*-r cw'J*; r»s, rv5rr.<:'S. BoL- Mr.^. A. L. StaJJs Mrw. J n-«EW L« t "fi pr north sidi plant vr:H hate a capacity of23C-,000 * jrallons per In each plant !be chemical pr«-; dav ripitarion nrethod. tviih sludge dryin? b*d5, the eJfluent to tre distributed over prepared iand -w-J:! On the soHth sid<?. 2.500 fe*-t oT 1*4 inch outfaH line -will he laid a* a co»t o' 57,700. This wil! g*r->'e a dra.ina.2re arcs, o? 1,550 acre*. In- *?.2-. ! 0 feet of 1S Inrh Hits, iiiclad- in|T 4.500 f»»rt In tii-5 south, section stervjnsr an a.r<sa. of ?IO acres and l.TOO feet in the southwest section ?«rv:nr T4<j acres. The total co«t vili be $13,5*3, according: to esti- Jn addition torfhis 1.65? ff-^t of T5 inch {nt^rcfptor line wftl t^ Lti'l at a. cost of ?2,57$ and an ad- Jack l^arnb. castinc 1 expert. b* in. Paris Thursday to srive his "r-xhibition of casting. Mr. I-amb 15 r«sar«3ed the oatstandins fisherman of The Cnite<i States and durJnzr his wide experience has taught thousands of persons to fish, a'v<;ays free of charge. Mr. TjHinfc •»•!!! give his exhibition Thursday afternoon at 1:30 on the lot back of the hisrh scno-ri according to anjiouncernent iMon- rorn the chamber of com- Release of all restrictions on feed crops planted on land rented to the government under crop reduction contracts has been announced by Secretary of Agriculture Hern-y \Vallace in a messasre to O. B. Martin, director of extension service of Texas A. and 31. college: _Tne ne^v rulingy apply to land noiy under 3934 cotton, wheat, com-hogr and tobacco adjustmeni contracts- The ruUns: permits fetsr- vesunp this year on rented acres- the seed ot yoy beans, cow-'peas,, foragre sorgrfcums, millet. sudan jrrass;. and meadow and pasture crops including alfalfa, lespedesa. sweet clover* other clovers, orchard grass. Dallis crrass. rescue grass, carpet srraKs n.nd similar grosses and losrTirnc-v. Seed so "harvested may be used or sold for seed purposes- On rented acreage covered by the 1534-S5 cotton contracts, the ruling permit planting-, pasturing and harvesting:'of pasture, hay and roughaere crops for unrestricted use or sale as livestock feed during 1934. Harvesting of ?:rain sorjrhuiRS and corn for se?d on the contracted acreage i?; not perroltted the new mlirjEr. Girl Scout Troop At Lodge Tuesday IVi^ The East Faris trooD of Girl Scouts wfil meet at Blue Bonjsvt lodge. Tuesday afternoon for A swim and to spend the nisht. Ali fnembsrs are jnoliflcil t.o fcrjji-c supplies for a picnic sxtppcr and. their brca.k'as*. NOLDEN AUTO WORKS Has Moretl To 90 Clarfcsvfflc St.- X\'e invite you to visit u* !ti our cevr Ioca.t!o^. We TrilS contitiU* to fcatur* aiito painting. top and body •work. and otl:«r similar work, and will in addition handle Sinclair products as w*n as tires and barterics. Telephone 457 <Jer: Tour Clothes Will Be Dry Cleaned Better By "The New Filoro Uigrfa Pressure System Now In Use At Oar Pi*nt! Men's Suits lend Dresses Cleaned Pressed n *• r Try F' 32 or 33 VISITING HERE: "•lr&. C. ^. FC»x3ytek of 'Aiter arrived Frsday i-o VJ m<>th*r. Mrs-'. C- I— Alexan ?*";nr; avenae. and they -wili go ~o Tuisa, Okla.. th:*' week TO vi*!r another <J.aa^:ht<-r of Z»frs. AI*-xan- o ANNONA BASEBALL TEA3I WINS GAMES Houston aft«r ». -• eo«t $5,0*M> vnU be laid in the Quick Relief for Chills and Fever and Other Effect* of Malarial Don't put up •with the * NEW F:KA BOAKI> MEETS j rh*» ese-rtjTJv*- hoard of the JC<tTv ? a clsss '.f the First Methodist ; jrch f-'iil meet Tuesrlay eveztinj? : 7:3*5 oVSock at the h<rnrje of; f%s« Rohtaie BranTt-v. j«i East ; "ANNONA. — Anriona. junior bsseball nine defeated B&gata Tuesday afternoon a* B<>si".t:s by AnzKma shiit out Av«ry fcere with a sw;or« of ; 0 to 0. Thursday Ar.- ncna vent to Kssrlish d*ifes: r .!';^ Jo« Garlarj«3 an-l fvenner Mars?; ..• r«:»"Ult?nsjr ela ?o to Ft- Sam Kou»for »*r-,'ic* in the Aar BOWIE -\GKNT 'rs. O. Jeffries, o ch:!ts a.n'i th«r r:<J of Malaria, by {*-'~'.i'')Tt «'Jt ?ji your what Grov«-'» Taflt*I«r*j* Chili Temic ;• been of e county, accord ins: ! j i «.-c*-ivi?'«J i-y t.h* Monday. Army at th<e i Ol."IDA FORTY-TWO C&UB ] Th* Oulda, F',=rty-T«4» cjab meet } Tuesday afternoon at -:3'> o'clock: > f/. w, B«aty and j wr.h Mr«. G. r. A<i<3» on South | i t f t j aK t Thursday for Comm«rc* i Tw*r?y-f:flh »tr**rt. j wher<» Mrs, Beaty a.?i<3 «taasrht*r. 1 l>.«uje*< sir* attending K. T. S. T. C. E TO WATER Morris who, »»,«•* A* MAn'on-Fry -,t?r &*. Foncrai hom« ;•;! infection. At tht «arr:c tim*. !t fur- Th*-r attack. Groves Ta«t*ij*:*i» Chil! Tonic contaJn-s tastrj^iesi quinine -which kills th* Sn'ectj'jn in the blood. It :-.\ffi con»aJns iron sthich fh* b3fjo<S *rz*J b«;3j>* it :h*- *ff*Cta of Malaria a* well w» fortify agfainst r*-Jnf*ctJon, »fe t.he effects you want for COM- Chil! Tonic t* piea*»n! tA afo«»JuteJy «»fe, even for N'o bitter twu* made Monday. Mr. M-orriu wa* *: botti* loday Water biil* muct b« p«.itf oo or efor<t Aurxist 10 in ortfar to ss«cwr« i» 10 f>*r cent <Jisc!aunt, of Water Worfc* P j Tb* colton fin* ar* lookjnjc for former resident of ParJ», {the cotton be«tn to caml«K *n the | ~-« •— l*cter P»rt of thi* week *» the dry w«a.Sn«r U cauwlds th* cotton i road* mor* strict becau»« tit to op*» r*th«r early ajnd !i>ng b«* „> ri<i#nt, fear <»n the part of tb* air fore Us* bolS» ar* 1 astainift Malaria. For Bale at | ntor<?«. Now two *l«e»—SOc and French air ru!** recently were The *J *!»« contain* * 1-2 SM much a* th« 5&c *!x« and voin 25 p«r cent more for your mvney. CLEANUP Printed or Solid Pastel Crepe* Charming little dreases in a score of smart styles. The solids come in all ihe popular summer pastel the prints are in large or small floral design* or stripes. Good sizes., *en»a- fional value*. See them. Per lei ns ros ; 3^?~~s b«j forearmed

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