Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1961 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1961
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

U A * M f t , Thursday, July Lightning Sets Off Balloon .BEMIDJI, Minn. (AP>—A huge plastic balloon sent aloft for cosmic ray experiments plummeted to earth two hours after its launching Tuesday night when lightning apparently lri««or«l il.s control mechanism. Ed Owen, president of Raven Industries. Sioux 'Kails. S. I).. manufacturer of the big bag. said Russia-China Still Quarrel- itterly I Last of a series of three articles i dealing with the SovielChina Re ; lalinnsliip. LATE SHOW SATURDAY OPERATION EICHMANN Saenger THEATRE By WILLIAM LM RYAN Associated Press News Analyst Soviet and Chinese Communists linve been and probably still are it had reached 90.000 feet altitude before dropping into a wilderness area about 20 miles north of the launch site. The l.'i'j million cubic foot unmanned balloon carried 200 pounds of scientific equipment to study radiation hazard^ of man's space travel. The project was under sponsorship of the Acromedical Laboratory of llolloman Air Lorce Base, N. M. quarreling bitterly. But, as Secretary of State Rusk .has pointed out there is little con- j.solation in that for (he West and | no basis in it for new Western | policy making. I In fact, 'the quarrel may have | increased-the dangers now beset- iting th West from the gathering • storm over the future of West j Berlin and Germany. I In the Moscowl'diping quarrel, Khrushchev at this moment seems to have the upper hand. | But he has paid a price, too. The Hetl Chinese have by implication, accused Khrushchev of being soft on capitalism, probably as a result of the quarrel, he 1 seems not so soft on it now as he appeared some time ago. The evidence at hand indicates the Red Chinese have knuckle.d under to the Kremlin on this point: Moscow is the boss of world communism and its program. Bluntly Moscow has told the Chinese, The basic criterion for true internationalism is one's at U. S. D. A. HEAVY BEEF GOV. INSPECTED CHUCK or SHOULDER ROAST Lb. U. S. D. A. GOV. INSPECTED GRADE "A" SWIFT PREMIUM WHOLE CUT UP FRYERS 55 65 c ea NATION'S BETTER MADE BOLOGNA Lb. 19 ARKANSAS MAID TRAY PACKED THICK or THIN SLICED BACON Lbs. 99 NABISCO Crdckers DEL MONTE Tuna 4 SN1DERS Catsup Lb 27c 1.00 BH 15c Tomatoes 2 cans 29c KITCHEN Matches 6^ k 39c KRAFT Mustard Jar 9c SNOWDRIFT SHORTENING Lbs. 79c MIDWEST — ASST. FLAVORS MELLORINE Vi GO. 39c Eggs Doz. 1.00 LACE Tissue 4 Ro n s 25c MARYLAND CLUB INSTANT Coffee 6 Oz . 69c MIRACLE Aid 10 P A i1 39c COLONIAL Sugar 10 L bs 99c Libby's Pineapple - Grapefruit 29c PURPLE HULL or CROWDER PEAS u. IQc POTATOES 25 & 79c BANANAS Lb. DANNIE HAMILTON + FOOD CENTER + 206 East Second St. - FREE DELIVERY , Phon« 7*3411 Castro Plans New Cuban Policies By JOSE MARIA ORLANDO HAVANA (AP)"— Fidel Castro and his cabinet met for seven I hours Tueseay night hammering jout details of new policies the I prime minister is expected to an- Inounce at the July 26 celebration of his revolution. Reports have circulated that i Castro may announce creation ot !a single all-powerful proletarian | party when he addresses u mam- i moth rally marking the eighth an- jriiversary of his revolt against i dictator Fulgencio Batista. | (Associated Press news analyst 'William L. Ryan predicted Tues|day that the Communists would be invited to participate .in the new party and would rule it in fact if not in name.) The presidential palace announced that the cabinet during its marathon meeting adopted new decrees: 1. Appropriating more than $6 million to operate Cuba's nationalized private schools. 2. Creating the "National Order of Playa Giron" (site of one of the landings in the abortive April invasion). The decoration will be awarded to "Cubans and foreigners to hav efouglit against imperialism." Same Policy for Jap Cabinet TOKYO'(AP) — Prime Minister llayato Ikeda said today his new Cabinet will pursue the same basic policies he laid down when he took office a year ago. The government's chief aims thus continue t obc .to double the national income by 1970 and to maintain close alignment with the West, economically, military and wlturally. The Gl-year-old prime minister •evampcd his cabinet Tuesday, bringing into it four leaders of rival factions in his ruling Liberal-Democratic Party. :itude toward the Soviet Union," and there can be no Communist success without Soviet coopera- ion. Clearly this was a warning. The current quarrel has been going on for several years, ever since Khrushchev's relaxations led to the Hungarian revolution and throw a scare into the Communist world. The argument reached its height in mid 1960 at a Commu nist meeting in Bucharest, Ro mania. It continued at a conference of 81 world Communist par ties in Moscow. Krushchev accused tha Chinese' of left sectarianism", apparently meaning they were advocating reckless policies in their insistence that war was fatally inevitable between East and West according to Leninist scriptures. Judging from the welter of words emanating from the ttvo capitals this seems to be the situation regarding tlhe Moscow-eip- ing quarrel at present: Khrushchev has wrung from the Red Chinese an admission that Moscow is the supreme authority with regard to world Communist diplomacy and strategy. Red China, heavily dependent on the U.S.S.R. for its needs, is at Mos cow's mercy. While it can resent and argue, Peiping cannot rid it' self of Kremlin influence. It can hope at best to bring some influential Russians over to the Chi nese way of thinking. In essence, the goals of Moscow and Peiping are the sae: World rule by communism. Neither can afford the appearance of a deep split. There had to be concessions and compromise. The Red Chinese stress now that they accept the principle of proletarian internationalism," meaning the rule that Moscow is boss of the world movement. They apparently concede a free hand for Moscow's diplomacy, in eluding a free hand in such Asian situations as the Indochina crises over Laos and Viet Nam. Khrush chev may, if he chooses, use those situations as pawns in his intricate chess game over West Berlin and Germany. Red China agrees that the bal- jance of world forces is, as the Russians say swinging In favor of the Communists — The east wind is prevailing over the west wind." Now that the Kremlin has these concessions, it may be coming through with its own side of the bargain. Khrushchev's announcement of a stepup in Soviet armament, his threats against the West over Berlin, his saber-rattling in general in- recent days, sounded belligerent enough to satisfy even the impatient Red Chinese. Khrushchev may want a victory to show the Communist world and Peiping he is right. If the West backs down and permits it, Khrushchev will have won his point cheaply, and there will liltejy be pressure for new Communist thrusts, with all the related clangers. .If the West calls .Khrushchev's htm), what doe* the Kremlin do next? Therein .lie the dangers of tamily argument. MJIJTM JUM^t-BULLSEYE WITH,..<_* AT .... BARRYS FRESH DRESSED GRADE"A" FRYERS Lb. Ground COUNTRY STYLE Lbs. i I I BACON GOOD & LEAN THICK SLICED 2 79c ROUND BONE or RUMP Lb. 49c D&W PRIDE BOLOGNA Lbs. BARRY'S FARM FRESH PRODUCE YELLOW RIPE Bananas HOMEGROWN SQUASH HOME GROWN FRESH OKRA FRESH PURPLE HULL PEAS HOME GROWN BUTTER BEANS Fresh Ib. lOc Cantaloupes Lb 7c - MELLORINE Y 2 gal. 39c - IN HEAVY SYRUP — CAROLINA GOLD 4 C?ns 1.00 PEACHES PUREX DIAMOND CAN TOMATOES CHEERIOS CEREAL AUSTEX SPAGHETTI and MEAT BALLS • 300 Size Can Quart 2 303 Cans 2 70z. Boxes 19c 7 Ta " 1 / Cans I. . BOX BETTY CROCKER NEW LEMON VELVET CAKE MIX 3 FO, 1.00 PET MILK NABISCO CRACKERS CAN MEAT TREET , 202 con 39c For 49c FOLGER'S COFFEE Lb. Can 6 Oz. Jar 63c 79c FRESH EGGS DELITE MEAL PURE LARD 3 Dor 1.00 5 us 29c 8 I c1n 1.09 DIXIE WHITE FLOUR 25 £ 1.49 BISCUITS SNIDERS CATSUP RICELAND RICE Cans 15 Oz. Bottle I DC' 29c WE DELIVER PHONE 7-4404 111 S. MAIN ST. HOPE. ARK.

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