The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 10, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, February 10, 1948
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Register Classifieds Get Results THE DAILY M I?, 1 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1948 'NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 189 ICES SLI f P ' f Hj 5 1 - boutTwn And Countnr By T1MOTIIEUS T. Not Hit Freedom In U. S.: Taft GOP Presidential Candidate Begins Campaign Trip CHICAGO, Feb. 10--U.R)_Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., 0.. started a western campaign trip today with a declaration that the U. S. foreign aid program must not jeopardize freedom} at home in the name of protecting it abroad. Taft, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, included that declaration in a "political credo" prepared for delivery before the Inland Daily Press Association. It was thc , l ! t i o a th , ,, first of 10 speeches he will tic' Thi- noiv of the nursing bull- livcr i n five days of major cam- * " ", « - . ^ lr\ttt»r* fI'OTTl :^«:«,-* I M *«iv c-l i f n c Bulldog Nurses Two Young Pigs/ Keeps Them From Starving mi'Y CAT DEPT.: Timotheus C ° through Harry Porter's Har ' " , rimnt'v independent the other " Snd r me across a little human IM , ",' V .v I'll pass on to you T (The Thomas A. Dewey I ' / l k v , - . . ,, , ! ll-irrv'c nllTlOSC Riles Friday at Carrier Mills for Sg!. Harry B. Rann Andersen Raps Charges of -- Harry's almosc the GOP notable). as I have copied belong- umng p, R s last week and kept fiom starving or freezing · -M.U1 » ·*·'*· , " f _. , aciordins to a letter from ,s Arthur Lowe, .s that three l ^ * . I .._ *yv r\ t*/Ml ,. t he paigning in six states. , t cnu _. Stating his political philosophy e ;c\en pigs born to a sow n gencral terms. Taft said that Ulongmg to -Mr- and Mrs Lowe, * rnment shou ld protect the fiozc to death, last week, and ]iberty of t h e individual, insure ti , c sow ate t\\o of the pigs. | qua i justice under the law for '··The other two pigs were taKeni ^ prov j de equality of opportun- limo the houw by the f|«, anj ,ty; and promote, a standard of ,n ·hi Lcmes tried to get them to . . to make hap pi ne .ss possi- ..u«c on. a bottle with a ; nipple Wc on it cncd 11 * . « - * -- - -- . . ·» But they just cried ana Denies Grain Break Caused by Gov't Manipulation Sgt. Harry B. Rann WASHINGTON, Feb. 10-- KB-Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson today challenged congressional critics to name one speculator who profited ' in the grain market break from "advance inside information." Anderson said the break" which started last week took the whole market by surprise. The secretary said in a state ment that charges fay Rep. August H. Andrcsen, R., Minn., that, there was government price manipulation in connection with the :nar- ket collapse were "completely untrue." He said ihe charges :nust have been made "primarily for political reasons." Secretary Anderson answered what he termed "loose charges" by Rep. Andresen as follows: 1. That government curtailment of train buying caused ihe bottom Farmers Hold s, Cattle Meat Institute Says Price Cuts Due to Consumer Resistance CHICAGO, Feb. 10.--U.E--Corn and wheat prices plunged the permissible limits on the nation's grain exchanges today for·-the fourth time within six days. ' Meanwhile, farmers sought to halt a major break in the livestock ' market by holding their cattle and j hogs on the farms, but prices slipped lower. May and July wheat dropped the full 10-cent limit on the Chicago Board of Trade and all corn futures were off the eight-cent max-" imum. At Kansas City, May and RIVER river scow, moorings, are considered a total N ICE. Smashed and stranded in an ice jam near Cincinnati, the 56-foot' July wheat was down 10 cents a its stern on the river bottom. The boats, which were torn from their. bushel, and May corn was "°} vn ^1 lOSb. ! ...VtAnt ...n*. rtff O n_Q nftnte o Klichal The body of Sgt. Harry B. Rann, to °{ a u out of the commodities · -Xanc\ Jane, our female bull-i He sa .... ,"V»H ,,,,,· nroblem.' Mrs.|"shquld herself round them, and let them nurse t»» v v »**-· . 1-- L*.~v* Keep People Free He foreign * 11 second of Carrier Mills World War · market. , II dead to be "returned home for' 0 r d e r e d Buying Stopped i. final burial, will arrive on Wed- ,, The truth }g that the fell out, and then stopped until prices free." nesday morning. Upon arrival the I owe wrote 'She curled nerseu '»?""" l " Id not be actuated b\' body will be taken to»the home ol I'-ouml them, and let them nurse. J'* 6 . sn , ( }} 1r ., k ,: P desire to im- Sgt." Rann's parents, Mr. and Mrs 01 course we had to make her purdy alt TMJJ« a es ^ ^ O f. Carrier Mills. keen away from them for tear provt. "»« . .. , f Funeral services will be held a kCP awa r; h^rt he Now thev other people who have failed1 for . i-- -kVp-^ss?- A %£« as ate** SET as the First ·Learning aoout tne uunuug avi.^ ---- - - - - · . . , 'which Sgt Rann was a memoer. rjrsme the little pigs, and hoping trimming the Marshall ?««»· | R L fij^^ o£ Anna , former trev would resume the habit to -We cant build up w^P 63 ^ ' oas ; or of thc Carrier Mills church. trey \\ould . -- - , ··ct'their pictures taken, the edi-jtime an tor started to Lowe's farm Friday sorbs the entire rftcrnoon. to of fc-lity of our^people^- ^ ^ Ilarrlsburg S i. for Hears Rearmed Germany sta- break fooled every experienced Warned 6 ov 'j will By WALTER CRONKITE MOSCOW, Feb. 10--OLE)-- The , Russian government said today it I soon would release captured Ger- documents proving the Unit-| Recession Wit! Not Change * GOP Tax Plans WASHINGTON, Feb. 10--KE wheat was off 9 7-8 cents a bushel. . Butter prices dropped 1-2 to two cents a pound in the New York wholesale market. Cotton at New York was down almost $3 a bale at New York. Announce Price Cuts Despite sharply reduced hog" shipments, the livestock market at Chicago was slow -with a few early sales on weights under 230 pounds about 50 cents below yesterday's average. Kogs were off 50 to 75 cents.. sonal income taxes this year. !of American dollars." not buying, and spread to wheat j \fASHINGTON, Feb. 10-- (KB-- Britain and France were equally guilty. Russia charged, by corn- it the pis'* would leave the bottles to which they had graduated. -The hard surfaced roads had cleared of snow enough by huild uo in peace- *"·'· "· yv X · Vvii C v, n ° l ouymg, emu OH^-«" ·" · , vvAMUiNVjiuix, reu. xu--^-'--.oui'tv Russia charged, DV corned force which ab- P^ of the Carrier Mil s church, _ which ma kes Mr. Andresen s Indust . and labor we re on n o - ^ ; m " a ies o£ separate pacts ire productive abil- will officiate and burial will be L harge look ridiculous' tice today that the government i ^ Germany which broke down Dle We can't give '" the Sunset Lawn cemetery in j 2 That some speculators appar- wjU not tolerate strikes m essen-| th £ Europe an policy of collective " ' ., . ., TTnmtnlir? ^Mflt? VnH oHvpnff tnside intOrnia- * · i :--i,.,~4-t.:/^e. c-n^Vi ^v r«r»:v. i?nfii ·* : 4. ~ r^A^^nn^ *-Aeiii-rr_ Senate GOP leaders said any Cattle sales were about steady, recession would have to be se- At £ou th St. Paul, Minn., hog away force controls Pallbearers will include Chas. Harold vere to be a factor in whatever p r i ces were O ff 50 cents to $1.50. revisions they make on the $6,- Ttle ear } y market at Milwaukee ... ...~ . W I l l Jlwl . ..vx.v,,-- ^ !ine r,iuweu.u y«"v.v ul *.*,**· 500,000,000 tax-reduction bill ap- was 95 to 50 cents lower. ently had advance msme intorma- tial industr i es suc 'n as coal and| securitv ag2 i nst a German resurg- proved by the House. They said Meanw hii e , an imposing list-of tion. reguMion and high prices a n d ; Russell. Jr., Louie Nunn Harold SfK£r which threaten the very Harris, Clyde Dallas, Charles Mc- ;cen cicurcu 01 ouu« tnuwt,.. »j shoriages wnicn uueau.ii mv. »v, j. » i,'~ ~-~A u -T PUCCPII with he toad plow that chains on the condition here at home we are , Cutcheon, and H. J.. *"**"· wiui car would have been worn out,,trying to protect."-^ *i,,t IIf?hf re AmpriMn lie«ion sen-ins if)«%^^^^ 'st-d^ ta ft i ss t^ si-oK sr-jss-^.sai ^^s^ 1 ^^. chains wuh the aid of Alva Wat-'and poverty. He said state and Mills Legion post ion. load superintendent, and Mail, loca i governments could not al-. i n addition to h,s parents sgi Carrier Oxford He reached Lowe'sj ways handle the ,financial burden,Rann is survived b.\ a woinei. Lome--only to find that no one f or " education, medical care and there They had been called housing and he added: awa by the death of Mrs. Irvin Favors Federal Action j Lowe. " "I favor federal action in these anu .ms. ». ^- ^" V -:" RV "" "~f" R ep Andresen : "The editor returned with no' ficlds because the state resourc-; C ws, Montie Ray and Byron Lee «ep. AHUI picture for the readers of the In- cs are j n many respects and many . Rann . and several aunts and uncles. dependent--but with much of Tttc- p i ace s. inadequate and the states i A member of the 3oth mtantrj, k k-r Kill on his overcoat." do not have the taxable resources Div i s ion. Sgt. Rann served for three ' · · . ODen to the federal government.' years in the regular army before GARDEN VOICE: Timotheus is u f_* ,, .-., ^. ...~..u nn rnc nnv 1_4^_:^« »-r,;i;fTrv frvirp .123111 on steel. 'I know of no such person (Andresen) knows of no such son. Again I charge him bear hunting with an empty I challenge him to -produce one. uon name-and show how it was tunes .-^e. ! ence. attitude was outlined) A S. Ching, Chief of thej f S 11 ^: uon said f 11 "--- ·; . -- . - j _i:-., iVieauvviuie, «tii uuuuaiu **j- v*. they would give no consideration ^ announced by retail at a press to a relatively minor break in g c /m dUes on such informa- commodity and stock prices such ^^ ag baconj hanij beef) flour/ Russia would i as last weeks. ,,,_,,, ,,tard and-bread. $5,000,000,000. This is not based ^.--n lne n - ation . s " b ig exchang- espe »«S: L£-i5« r w hence reauce gov .^^ Because wholesale pnc- revenue. . -^ had not yet ad j usted to the Taft said he oppose any en t c rin£ told t perators the 000,000 bushels of wheat futures ---- ..... ----- - , u President may. step - i n t o a n y labor again on lii\c nit ^.luuiiu «un \. ut »i oi'^f- cictence to sow the lettuce and radishes.,*"";, ind e ed be socialism." Ma\be the sign won't be right, " UU1U L:I how. 000 on the price break last week. The congressman's estimate 01 ORCHID- of t OCC urred at St. Lo. trance, on 0400 000 profit mieht have been ! July 20. 1944. his body was interred J^ibl'e for an individual who was -! LaCambe cemetery in 5 ' e " " side- Timotheus . to had found 5.11. an orchid on Claude Rhodes "well of Benton. The agile blonde mid\;et has consistently been the best ue^-r.utuB himself as a "poli-- in thc LaCambe cemetei tician" he told his audience o f , France, but has been returned to newspaper representatives that he, t h i s cou mry for final interment I had found facts usually were at the request of his family. _ . ou other guys. Chances are I l'."\en"t seen you work a game.) dealing only in the "short side- gambling on a price drop. But it also could have been pps- . . » v , . . . . sible that the unidentified trader ··weii renuncu." But he com-! SgL R a nn received his basic m-1 alrcady was holding 1.000.000 bu- plained that newspapers ''are al- fantrj . training with the Soth Di-, shels - Qn a .. long » account and most as much concerned with vision j n Alabama. N. Carolina. icklv madc a "short 1 sale to ' u - ··""· ^ California and Arkansas before ^ j j - g his pos i t ion and prevent ' bcine sent to the European theatre h ^ loss if the pr ice decline con- ^ said he believed t h e r e s s Rotary Entertains Honor Students Honor students for the last re- ort period at the HJHS and Jun or Hi^h scliool were guests of ; r -c llotary club Monday night. inosc auending were: ^ova Mctcalf, senior, who had of 96 1-2: Barbara Kim- (Continued on Page Three) of Complaint Asks Closure of Inn at Eldorado r States Attorney K. C. Ronalds and Eldorado Police Chief Paul Masscy have filed a complaint for .,« inii,notion in circuit court. SCCK- the first to bo caMed from Saline countv and World War I. Sgt. huim'was ihe urst baur.c. county World War I baby, and was -born wfiile his father was in France. Dealh lakes Mrs, Gentry Rawlings, 58 Mrs. Delia Kawhns. 58. 103 South heavy xinued. Find Stolen Auto Ol) UaVS allU l"U I"" ail|/"«"«-v« -·-- - ; l t y.iiS tilt; e ulu - li *"*" "~ r I W IlllC l«C i«.pnv»»«.---- " . . . j_ ,,,,-» ar -AaV H O the union involved cannot strikei ican doUars ihat fertilized ihe :n- they will ignore it, administra- yards yesterdaj. no, while it is in progress. Uustry of Germany and particular-, tion sta hvarts in the Senate might SI to ^Jj* er K were si.ou But after the fact-finding boards lv her W ar industry, re-established' cven a minor r ecesspn as an closing levels, wnicn s report is issued, the union is free h * er w ar potential, placed in the argument against the Republican to f3 lo^er tfcan inose 01 uie i _ _ » _ u -- :e ;t ?c ctiU unsntisfied. nf ihf Hitler refiime the »,,,._~,,ftinc( nrnfram. week belore. to strike if it is still . hands of the Hitler Chinas statement was made as v . capons needed lor aggression e soft coal industry watched anc f enabled Germany to produce me soil. tu«n iii«"^".- ··- i j n u i.iiiit»^« ^,~~- . » - j and waited for new developments j a Vv - ar industry." tne: statement said. tax-cutting program. If consumer prices come down, idustry vas the Dawes reparations ' , 1 N D x dustry vas e awes Lewis told the industry a week ! p i an .' which reduced \,rmanyz -c now feels free to - take world VYar I reparations, the state- he now feels _ . "indenendent action" to enforce m cnt said, li demand for $100 a month pcn-| (Among the disagreements chat Deny Alorgoret . near the Commercial hotel, was J ruman Engaged \ s an d Britain said Germany could ! found yesterday in Lawrence-, .. r .- mx - rTOX Fcb io--(U.P.i--'iiot pay herself.) villc. The Lawrence county cr 1 denied catcgor- ! The Maple street, widow of Gentry Rawlins. died at 3 p. « M " nriav Monday iff said that a 14-year-old rcnceville youth was arrested in . Russian statement also U1UUU t»nvj,v" l i..^ ---· - jj , nl-jvoH Jv inriav that Margaret Truman, (stressed thc role allegedly plajcd sss^^sf ~J3rs '"i^v'lIrS 5 '^'- is c "' lby suril "** sss " : ' ? "'" being held as a parole violator. 'gaged lo be mameii._ v suc o but ,, D uPont. Morgan. an injunction in circuit sophomore. 95 3-1: Rita Ev- using the building 1^^cTiSs.ou.. 0- « «. «·» «« - i3cCoy. Gypsy, ' Trust. It Farmers and Wives Attend Lectures U. of Illinois Farm-Home Week Program :l , iiiii;iv..Tio *·«» -- -- ~: i j r\:i Rockefeller. Lament. Standard Oi and thc British Imperial Chemical singled out 'John Foster they need to of balance. $5,000 Damages As Result of Auto- Motorcycle Collision *««j.rto Hancock, through his at- o f $500 and costs. ] -;«iVv" »"ii-ir«ravc Equality: f ;^s llumso- and Dennis, has ° o n J u n c 9. 1W. ^c complaint j (Golden J 13 ^^ ;£,*. of 1 ^ · omplaint in circuit court! "nnucs. Simmons was indicted .one brotner. Alhen URBANA. 111-. -Feb. lO-^'fanning ^.^^ ^° dS ?u % re Cn sSns d onTve 0 ^hirg^rom" SS.S? ofcontcmporao- art and SkSir n rto° n the C Sfect g of thc ^^f^r^^A. foreign market on American agn- oexelopmcnt 01 rur«» . pn v culture today kept more than 1.- A sl -' 1 £. sh '^j[ w oo, ear ^scSions ^SL^^^^A'f^ss^^ ai the annual farm and discussions of , ba ^" 0 l° a f r ^. week program at thc Uni- health diet, and milk of Illinois. tlon - __ '" **«· da^fo-.oSoT^lroS.Konkakee ' " %£?£*£££ Si Farmer Named Illinois farms thc lat- JJiinols Com King on farming and home- ] from more than 200 URBANA. 111.. Feb. 10--K °lher with German capitalists. $150 week w.»vi-. , Declining prices last week that there is less prompted farmers to unload 30 taxes. And. with per cent more hogs at the i^ lower 'national income they may major markets yesterday, and as lower nauoni "^ ^^ \, ould a rcsult the p rice tumbled. Even budget out at the drastically lower Pnces, 14,000 hogs went unsold at Chicago jand were held over. Large numbers of steers ,and heifers were held over at most markets when they failed to seU . despite declines ranging from 50 cents to S3 per hundred pounds. Both the American Meat Institute, representing the packers, and the National Association of Retail Meat Dealers said the price break WASHINGTON. Feb. 10--££) was duc partly to consumer re--Despite a price break of more s j s tance. than 30 cents a bushel last week. shun High-Priced Meat fanners today still are getting -people have been wall- as much as 55 cents a bushel from high-priced speaks, more than' the government sup-, spokesman for the meat nort orice for their wheat. « "Walter Pauli. chairman ot me But futures speculators are bet- ^3^ of the retailers'association, ting the price next summer won t S2id t hat "while r i u ° mn S ^rL be much P higher than the revised ing discussed, the ho^vjfe began price which becomes ef- ra tioninC her pockctbook. and stop- to cover the 1948 ped buying high-pncca meai. Y; *f* j s Price of Wheat Still More Than Support Program Fear Runout of ke gorges into Ohio support price in effect to- j,; Firm !s ld on last year's crop averages Jn i c *:g.. S183 a bushel at country elcva- J_ OV r Bidder on « - Fcb t a price support loan, which the The g j Groves and Sons Co., are not required to pay back, it chJcas:o is the apparent low bid- it wasn't paid, the government V" r f^r the grading work on the 'would get the_ wheat. Few farm- ^ highw ^ to ^ constracted i Harold Franklin, Kankakcc At a general session laic ycstcr- ty farmer, today was tnc , a i « c r rt-ct Jan. 16. 1947. i chief Vf police, when ';·;· r*til!on says that Hancock.; ,__" Dlcd } 0 s-ervc Simmons , . · nc irbiMfvei* v.^tc »r«-«iiinit ^ _-. -rup jndictmcnt was ccr-, vices ai ,*,» ^A»ntv court and is house J ill be held at 21 day, Allen B. Kline, president of Illinois corn king with a lo-a v al Kudf-ment the American Farm Bureau Fed- field averaging 128. 3 bushels church. Rev. El-'cration. cited thc increasing pop- the Suct^sc]«laUon;ofJ^ ^arMn^M ^^Jjj 0 S f iroiorcycle, v.-as travelling .\"'.'V' (r1 ^ h nd Wilson, drivng ij.,* i y 'r- *" 1( ' ll charges that when ^ bne to pass. Wilson operated ·· auto m such a manner as to "' c ' 1n c colliMon. thc C ountv court wS^£3S%^^^« Block- «m Rudclricnt . " , £ . j n state at » w Uoas as a reason for support of C om grower in the state TM^r^~ ic }jolir o( ral umcrai. MINES the European recovery program year al thc Illinois _ Crop now in'Congrcss. Kline said the provcmenl Association's ISt home until i population increase was taxing nua i conlcsl held in conn 'the productive capacity of the w jth the farm and home WCCN icpor, continent's farms. ' program at the University of U- ttJjPPt Al home. Kline cautioned that linois thc "inflationary peak appears to be approaching," and warned terday farmers not to over-invest or bor- nson -"^ oinparcd with $3^8 during weather, row money. He suggested that field averaged c , .,, ..... -- ... ..- -- ^^ ----- rroll county. N.V portauon ana IMUM...^ v^« SOUTH ERN ILLINOIS: 1* and production dunng i \ i % W l « * * V i l l ^ . V P . .. . ^^ ·for boats lost yesterday and «· I)oi! -ird idle. \\orks. | unccrain future. As farmers were attending scs- livestock feeding, swine. dairy production, the acre oais , 0l , t o^.-- . -- ^ ous o months. Assuming those Monday rosts remain unchanged from thc 3 p. m. Jan. 15 computation, the support 6 p. m. price of the new crop of wheat j9 p. n. will be 17 cents higher. '12 mid. PERATURE Tccsday 3 a. m, - . « _ _.24 . .,,- .20 __17 9 a, m. ----- « 12 noon -- 28 at thc lime. SPAPFRf

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