The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 24, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1918
Page 4
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Till: HUTCHINSON NEWS W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. Enteral at th* pnatorflcs in Ilutchln- tin, Kan., f 'T transmit*; Inn through the nnulu tin H>r>r.r\ «.n«* mailer. TELEPHONES. HUMIIHM Ufrico t,,NO, 3 .'ilv i tisiDK 1 H par Imcnt ....No, 3 J '.on..i mi KU.MUS N«, 4U3 bvMitty Kdil'it 4 .,Nu. S-hM TEHMS OP SUBSCRIPTION. I '.illy i d toil (Jelh eroi hy carrier to aii) j.,w l oi llHiclnueuri, ill tents * v *»M !k. 1<> :n.iil tHR. > car 15.00 Jty mad, Ax ni 'intlm l.f'O tt> 'null, v I.J ft niuiitiLi i Uii )* v mail, OUQ is lull i U •. > t -4 40 Vvt'ti., Ntw», oat* year AO NibMUUR OF THE ASSOCIATEO PRESS Ti»«» A*«(!ciiii"*i Press »« exclUBivfiy en titled to the u .se for republication of ah hvwH <j««Hf(d I" )l t>r nol utht-rwiSo credit ul in IIIIM paper und ttusj tie IOCA! u«wa I .iihllHlu 'l herein. AH iitchlii republication of HpeclaJ rti-Rpiitrhi-!* herein arc HJBO reserved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRE30BIPTION SPECIALISTS Telephone »i. No. 17 North T.iatn 8treet, Hutchinson THE HtJTCH.lNSOj* »MW8, TUESDAY, 8ET *rEMfatttt 24,10 j& I! lo ;i (ln <if rtiuiws cri.iitly. AB hears murtitl t Teutons IIIMI. I" nn THE SILENT GENERAL. N :t (.olMin. of Ihr e.rrn| renown, inn.I ..f sounding jilmises. rrif.i. 'Tin' pyrnnilfls looU ili.« ii." In KK>|II. as hlir/.r-s. II-' MKiil In hit a haughty post'. ,'inil I rv In look its Imr.e Alji, u lins». ));!-• ililv.rlW .il j.'re;tl a iJVn. nil as hi* lluw ilents tli.< iiiiii rntinns, in ehiirKe of ' Krain'i's tlisilny, ami lhat of al- ' lieil ri;t.f i<»n.s. IJnal Foi-li. who III.- Invest loail lllat ever ' irriiil, who I'liaiird Uii. town I hi - roail. all ral- humrii! lit. is so busy ' uiih Hi.. Ti'iil. I ho rloml of van- .lals iliiimiitni:. he lias, no linn, lo : i lm nii' or do some epigram- ' mini; 111- hasn't llmo for ^I 'ltts of Ihouuhl, like that old ximrl, ltjen/1; he 's out to .see some Pru.i- sialic shot, to lif-op llttttK in a fron- 1 zy. <ir liipji p-mnrk:; he's not the fotitit, like orator and writer; "ll<>;ililii-s arc all Hint eounl," oil- MTVeti thai <T «»!l old fiKhtor. The fight in hard, the way is roitf .'}i. the foes arc stuhborn stay­ ers; "we I 'iimi', ivi.. saw, wo eon- i;ii..rrd'' stuff will do for urund siand playors. Reverses of tho lo.'inati niouut, our own nro (,'mw- inn rower. "Itoaltlos arc all that I 'ti'iii'," Foch tollK tho inti'rviowor. Ur- is so l.ttsy cnnnittK UitiRs and siiui'lrliin^ tyrant ntiUons, ho ha.s r.o tin.i' to think up things for si hoolbo\ iloi'lain; tlons. -WALT MASON. tnnj' tnko a year or so more of this, If the Oerrrmna conclude they wont lo keep on fighting, but the process Is working. (Jermuny still hn« more than n hundred divisions, la the belief, but they are "shot to pieces." The process of reforming them is the llilng not best for the army. I'ulllng tho straK- f.lers left out of battered companies, baltnllous anil regiments Into new formations, with new men, with many of their old comrade* gone, doeim't lend to promote Improved morale umune; the soldiers. It means the filial disruption and disintegration of the whole German military system, something the Allies and the United Slates are righting to do. .Marshal Koch is a student of war and lias Vieen for much more than a score of yours. Ills liolicy Is to attack and keep on attacking, putting the enemy on the defensive, just as l.udendorfl' has been trying to do with the Herman army. Koch Is buying success, loo, and keeping it up spoils any chance for the Germans to "come back" unless they are able to start another offensive. A Hhortage of twenty divisions means Hint the f'.ermans are hard put lo It lo supply the manpower necessary lo keep up a fisht that linB any show of wlnninp. Germany will, t ooner or later, be ",in to see, as we see, that there is no possible chance for her to win (lie war. On every front, the west, In France and ilelgiuut, on (lie Kussian, the Macedonian and tjie Mesopotamian and Palestine fiRliliiiR lines, the Central powers arc getting the worst end of ii. There isn't a bright lining to the war cloud in any direction the militarists of the Central powers look from lierlin or Vienna, 1 One of the American aviators has worked out a plan to raid the C.eniuiiii In the air at night and the Huns arc kicking like blades, saying it "breaks international law " What does a Teuton know about international law? Special Display and Sale This $eek Special Display and ,Sale This Week "Who remembers when a girl's complexion changed with her vary In' moods? Where th' fnrmer has got it on most of us is that he kin sell a pig an' retire whenever he feels like It. Palestine have tak- TURKEY'S PREDICAMENT. Tin- Turks have been hit a body Mow. Thi' Urili.sli armies in have capttir.-d two armies in their entire transport and practically put. the OtIonian government out ni business west of the Jordan river. Will this affect the war? There is knowledge that the Turks nro more than anxious lo have Die war come lo an end. Slopping the Turks in Palestine may bring this end, lor the Constantinople government. The Turks are certain to lose and they may ask for a iioparato pence, before they have lost everything, as they may if they Iry to slay in the game as long as the Germans will Iry. The Turks are also threatened on another part of the line, In (he Hal- kans. There Iho Serbians, once more fighting on their native land will) their feet firmly planted in their own soil, will crush the Dulgars witli the help of Die French, Drltlsh and Greeks, if they keep going on as I hey bine been in recent days. Tlie gains of these; Allied armies In Macedonia might cut tho line of com. munlCi 'itlmiM between the Teutonic nations, iGermany, Austria and Turkey), and divide tho Central Powers, with an Allied force In between. II Ibis should occur it would soon be all over witli Turkey and she would be eternally lost to the Quadruple Alliance, Turkey is threatened on all sides. Her days are numbered. It remains for her to say how long she moons to light, for Iho time Is coming when Hie ICntentc Allies nil! crash her ita they'll crush Germany, If she doesn't sue fur peace, anil break up the com- 1'inalion before lhat time comes. The now big guns of the Americans in lSurope makes so much noise that the Pan-Germans shiver in Uerlin every time a shot Is/trod at the MeU lorls. But that's what it's for, sufficient advertising to enable the Ueeord there to be printed for another year. Nlckerson merchants are giving a big free movie show evenings lo the visitors Dial come to see. Sterling people tlrew a good many prizes at the State Fair last week in a number of departments. Gray county registered 53D men on I September 12, between the ages where men get Into the army. The business houses at Larned are to close In the afternoon this week during tho Pawnee county fair. Sterling folks recently auctioned a quilt for the benefit of the Fled Cross and It brought in $35.14. When the Great Bend band cume to the State Fair last week it brought a large number of the home folks along. So many people came from Sylvia to attend the State Fair here last week that Die Sun acknowledged Its inability to keep track of them. The state guard companies of Pawnee Hock, Great 13end, Kinsley and Larned are to be camped at the Pawnee fair at Larned this week. They form the twenty-third battalion. •i- <S> « N * * \* <S> <$• -i- -i- .THAT LETTER TO YOUR SOLDIER By Ruth Cameron. <s> * <J- GERMAN MILITARY LOSSES. Tho past year luui been an expensive one to the h Gerjuan army. The losses have been very large. The Dnuy lacks much strength as compared wilh even a lew months u£o, and there !H no fountain bead of the military system from which the, ranks may be filled. The stutemenl is made, by the Associated Press Dial a hundred-eight German Infantry battalions, equal to twenty divisions, have been disbanded In Die past year, because of the lanku being thinned by the killed, wounded and missing. This means that the German uriny la really short 2UU.000 men as cum pared with Us strength a year ago. There are about 33,000 men In a Clermnn Infantry division. At this rate General Foch Is doing Just what ho wauts to do, that Is to destroy the army of Uio euemy, lie in slowly but surely doing this, it It seems " almost inconceivable, doesn't It, lhat anyone who has a soldier boy at the from would need to bo reminded to write lo hiru often? i One would think that, leaving the question of duty entirely aside, such writing would bo a relief, a natural outlet oe the flood of Intercourse which Die departure oi liiuuici o. son or lover or husband has stemmed up inside of one. And yel people do need such reminders. For Instance, one of Die most pa- Ihelic stories of the war (to me) was Die tale of a youngster who, when a big mall came In and everyone had two or three letters from home, received nothing but a printed Christinas card (it was two months after Christmas). The description ot Die way the lad hurried oil, while the other men were reading their letters, lo hide the tears that the sharpness of his disappointment brought to his eyes, brought the tears to my own eyes. And the further tale of the kind hearted fraud that the other boys played on him by readdressing' to him a little gift which one of Die girls from his own town had sent ajiother man from lhat siuno town, dried my tears witli pride in our boys who. through the horrors of war, can still preserve such tenderness and sympathy, Then again, one would think that people would need no urging to write cheerfully. And yet we ly?ar talcs of people at homo who pour out their woes and worries to the boys at the front. Inconceivable, again, iau't it? Surely no mother or wife would want the boy who i« carrying a heavy pack on his back, lo carry a few pounds more for her. And yel Is it not just an bad to add to the burden which ihey have to carry in their hearts? In unn of the recent magazines was a letter from a son who had just volunteered for an especially gerutiK service. It was a .very wonderful letter. If you haven't read It. I hope you will come, across II. one paragraph fits In with my mibjeet "In the hardest hours here I've seen your brave smile in my memory and only God knows how I've thank- eil you for writing only words of cheer. Some of the boys nil but go lo pieces when Ihey have letters from home, bul 1 have had a hourly laugh over every letter of yours. My pal says sometime he will hunt you up and see it* you look as happy aa you write." What, a contrast between moth' t rs whoso sous "all bul go to pieces when they lead their letters" and the mothers whose sons ran say "God knows how I 've thanked you for writing only words ot cheer." It doesn't seem as If any mother or sieler or wile or sweellumrt could l.esilate as lo which surt she wished lo be classed wilh. OVER OUR STATE. ICdwnrds county had 903 regis trams in the lust class asked for by the government. Coltonwood Tails wants a parent teachers association Just to help the good cause along. El Dorado Is hoping once more that she is to have a now federal building one of these times. The business men of JSnelgn, Gray county, have caul meted to tuxoM K ARMY CASUALTY US1 ' j The following rtisujiltlcfj nre roporu-d by the Couiiiijindiny (.Icm-nil uf the American Kxpcdltiomuy J-oici's: Killed notion, 1.5; misting In action, 1.; vvuuudi'd sovujely, 'J.'J; died from wounds, U'; died from airplane necrM^fit, 1; died limn ui :cid*;nl ftnd otlitii- Cduses. z;-dlml A dls ^iLsc, 2; wounded, dftiiec mvj'- n'lniiiifd, 1: prWunurtt, 5.- Tnlnl, il'X. KILLfcD »M ACTION: Captain: Orvllle H. Thompson, Pltt»burs, Lieutenant! t'nuilt Devantry, ' Dell Httidd.-i, S. )>. Frank J. Dully. Philadelphia, • - Kdwaid F. Omham,-.Bii 1 iJ. In, N. V. Sergeants: Uitwurd J. K1HU, I'hiladrlphui. ra. Airjfili* \V. Thompson, t .'MT .v, l'a. Jv-rry Sullivan, Harry, VI. Alum a. WaU'-y, Opi-lika, Mi. Corporals: born F\ Mu*ou, Wilmington, l J a. William MHnxi -r. ChiisttT, Mechanic: t' Wrfeht, l&tpyville. Pa. Cook: Unytr.oml C. Kreeh, Camden, N. J. Privates: I>oo Hornby, )'rov. Dt* Aqulula, Italy. Waiter K. MaiiiT, ftuc>rus. O. James K. llHi, Brooklyn, N. V. ii»o. Ji«'/)ij»'o, Philadelphia, Pn. Joseph W. Chapman, tlullun, O. John J. Clark, Columbus. O. Lor hi U. Cooperrider, Cleuford, O. Houston Ciiiin, Hogsilu .sa, l>a. Krank A. UIHIKC, Torrey, Pa, ChiirleH iJUHold. New Yoik. N. Y. '.'ardlner Eldridge, ifeapcrla. -Mich. , William T. KaUon, .Swoyersvllle., Pa. Culseppe KntHJcci, tjlenlyon, Fa. William P. tlander, Cinelmmtt, O, Philip (.nitmian, Prinze Hay. N. Y. Jnm*-K K. i-iilflin, Pittsburgh. Pu- Cliarles GroiuJwaJKkl, Natrona. Pa. Tom P. Humphries, K'linore, Okl.t. David Leavel, Emporia, Kan. .lost; L. Madrid, Tueumearl. N. M. Thomas Martin, Port • Washington, I Joseph !•*. Mauler, Pittsburgh. I'd. Thomas Murphy. Philadelphia, Pa. Albert J. Murray. PiU.shurKh, Pa. William My era, "York, Pa. John O. Nelson, Spin KMV Hie. lml. John 11. Nollner, Nimhvllte, Teiin. Tom H. Oakes. Mexia, Tex. Philip ltliHstUo, New York, N. Y. Waller J. Rublno, Hrnnklj n. N. Y, Nirolnll Haza, Avonmore, Pa. Will Smith, Chester, Pa. )iarry J. Str<uiilber«, T*llmbursh, Pa. Heiht-rt Taylor, Chester, Pa. Samuel Tros,scr, Stamford, Conn. Vrvil Walehle, Heme, lml. J-'hilip Wel-sh, Sallr.ii, Pa. Harry Chn-ilen WOOIIH, Aliollo, Pa. Kraneis 1*1 YOUHK, Plttfihui'Kh. I'a. Donivan Milton Anderson, Bradford; Pa, Charles Mleimel Coyne,. PitUlmrnh, Pn. Wat'lowas Oecaa, Detroit, Mich. Theodore Colley WIlllamH, TTiomaMon, Me. H<rt O Wood. Portal. N T . D. DIED FROM WOUNDS. , Lieutenant: Iillot II. Clark. Weldon, N. C. Sergeant: Kills IT Ordwav, T'r.tyne, Ky. Gorporai: Alberl C. »!erke. ManHfleld, 0. Prlyate«t I,eon <'UinMiH »r, Spol<one ( Wash- Kten W. Iihidourf, CflnU'v Point, Jn«Y Alfr.d !•> v, I-a CnwHe, WJif. Ki ;iMieeovlt«, ChelH'Vu. Mfiss- . l,vroy V. M.-Nidl,- Aftuneth, N. Y. llarrv M. Martonsni,';iWfonV Wta. Irvtn T. Moaw, TunWiannocH; Pa. Cluulea Kdward Murph' . Arlington, MllHH, DeuntH O'Ooimflll. St.- I-OUI.H, Mo. DIED OF DISEASE: Sergeant: Ilerliort IT, Colwell, Hnydor, Tex. Private: Ernest E. Wooclcox, 204 W. 13th St., Toneka, Kan, DIED FROM AIRPLANE ACCIDENT: Lieutenant: Ui -njamin 1". Bradford. Hiwtnn, Mass. DIED FROM ACCIDENT AND OTHER CAUSES: Privates: Paul i'YUx Kordus, MJlwnukn>. M'lf. Thi/ninn P. Quinn, W**Ht Kuffiold, Conn. WOUNDED SEVERELY: Lieutenant: Harry A. Squire*, Omaha, N»Jb. Corporals: lyouls C. Ahrens. I-a Crosse, Win, fJeoi-Ke 1 : J. Butcher, Bryant. J ml. Arthur P. OuiininKhain, Belfnot, Ireland. K*J««r 1 /Osai), Allien*, Ga, Walter J. Murphy. Woreeater. Mass, McCoy Trimble, Ha.rmHta Creek, Ky; Wagoner: George W. Clark, Brooklyn, N. T. Private*! Dewoy W. Bamuo, Marlon, N. T). Dan II. Bowers, Ore*oo, I*. Clinton O. Brook, HacerstonP. Ind. " Qcorgo 11. Brown, Now York, N. Y. Leon Champluvier, Bklnncrs JSddy. Pa. Victor Monroo Dau ^heriy, Oatvllle, 5S *H*IT4 H pe&L~?ri, Borantw, pa, Pony Stockings for Boys and Girls, and "Wayne Knit" for Men and Women Look Well and Wear Well They're one of the best brands the market affords—the best looking and the finest wearing makes .of hose that are. being woven. The satisfaction they will give you will pay you well to get-acquainted witK "The Wayne Knit Brand." They are a choice lot—the cotton, lisle, fiber silk and pure silk were never better—the fit and finish are there for the fussy and service! is there for all, and there's a big 2")-ycar-old factory behind Wayne Knit and a fine reputation for quality which they insist on keeping Up. See the Pony in the Window He's the Pony that has made Pony Stockings and Wayne Knit Hose famous all over America. He has traveled., from town to town all over the United States advertising Pony Stockings—the kind that stand the racket of school wear—to flic little folks everywhere. NOW-How Far Has the Pony and His Rider Traveled? CiritlSSf-Ajid the little boy or girl who, comes the closest to the number of' fiiilesHie,-has -.wandered— m will get a present of in ^ Gold All boys and girls under ISiyears of age are eligible for a guess. Mark plainly your estimate on a piece of paper, sign your name and address and hand your guess to the lady at the Hosiery counter. The winner's name will be published in Saturday evening's News, together with the real number of miles the pony has traveled and the most correct guess. , Ponies are elastic. Pony Hose are strong; Pony Hose on any toes Look well and wear for long. Pony Stockings will save mending and money. b meet cf our customers the _ name Wayne. Knit stands for hece perfection in every fea- turje^-- appearance, - service, fit. It is' fine.'gauge and glove fitting and made of (he best materials. Our complete line includes silks in various grades and fashionable shades, as well as fine lisles and soft cottons. Yog can get Wayne Knit for every purpose, and can rest assured that there's nothing else.quite so good to be had any-where. We' stand behind Wayne Knit Hose. The war has provided a fine lot of excuses for poor merchandise or needless high prices, but there are exceptions. "Wayne Knit" Hose occupies the same position it has always held—it is still standard for stocking quality, in spite of airports of manufacturing handicaps. Prices have advanced with the increased cost of yarns, dyes, labor and even needles; but the stockings are the same good old quality as before and whether you buy silks, cottons of lisles, you know you are getting the "Wayne Knit" service you have become accustomed to. ".Wayne Knit" Silk Lisle' Hose- npsliy women. Stays up, fits snag, anil does not bind. Pair ........... -Flare top for ...85c Women's "Wayne Knit" Gauze Silk Lisle—Full fashion-wovon hem, ilouble heel CR" and sole, nt pair .Uwb Silk Hose with the Way,new Foot—Found only, in Wayne Knit Silk Hose—giving increased service, .sntlBfuctJon and BhapolineBS. The silk In tliesc hose Is KUaranteed pure; lias woven hem, OI' OC double heel, sole and toe; pair.,... Iitil "Wayne Knit" Ladles' Light Weight Sitk Lisle Hose—Witli woven hem, double hocl, sole and toe; in colors of chestnut, cordovan and RK" and brown, pair Ovb • Wayne Knit Ladles' Fiber Silk Seamless Hose— Has a. 4 -inch hem top, double heel, 7Kp sole and toe; pair I WW A Fine Silk Hose for Large Women Has the new way—new foot—the silk In this hoao Is guaranteed absolutely pure, 18-lnch boot; has double heel, sole and too, 0| FA black only, pair $ I • ww =The Curtis Store Co.= Joseph J. nunnlgsin. Wt'stport, Conn. H. JOIIOH, p'aducuh, Ky. Charh-a K. Karlson. .Spokane, Wash. Pett A. • Morris. DaJevlllo.' Ala. Albert Olsen, Stavanger, Norway. Cardtier H. Piekctt, Bevorly, Muss. Peter itogillio, KlaUfc'liter, Ceitrge Boss, Detroit, Mleh. Arnold C. BaJidvifc, Tacoma.,. Wash. AuKusthm Bantuci, Brooklyn, N. Y. Frank Wjdener. Uelvld^ro, N. V; Arthur J. Wilson. Busby, N. 1). KoU'i-t -Woolory, Irvine, Ky, Unfn-d Very Wotrltitf. Adrian, Alfctt. WOUNDED: (Degree Undetermined) Sergeant: Sherman Cleavelaml, III. " Private: Josni-h V. Slnnkp, Cleveland, O. MISSING IN ACTION: \ Corporal; Clifford P, Maxweil, Urceiwhurff, Pa. Privates: OrnrRo t'Torey, Ann Arhor, Mh'h, t'lyde ("onrHd t'ronf. Ne,seopcek, Pa. Thomas J. (•Vnsytlie, Pierre, S. D, William Vrca Kniisler, Detroit, Mich. Llslis ulohnrdson Klrktoitdo, Coopers- .VIUP. Mich.. " ' • Frank ^Npurland; Tonkawa, Oklu. Joseph'.-A, payor, DetrpB, Mich. Willis Wilbcrt pele«s. Superior, Wis. Joseph: O, Ilobertspn, Navture. Mich. BlcKard Sec rest, Wellsvllle, : Kan. Sorhei Chajlca. Htatts Vollnsk, B»s»ln, •'• PRISONERS! 'Sergeant: **•'• rPiUrieU if. FutTell, AUoona, Pa; Private: C.ulseppo Ardizzl. Philadelphia, Pa. Seiiftflne S. Defarla, Ilua Culnerjo, Ca- jielo Pa vol, Avionw lKland«. IKIUIIX naU'Aski, Cleveland, O. Ax'l Hcrinap l,arp (in. Bed Oak, la. Sergeants: I^elix- W. Jlill, Moundsvllle, W. Va. Otto J. Pcdt* Tonawanda, N T . V, privates: Adolrrti S. Hanson, Ely, Minn. Burchard H. Hornby, Arllneto", N. J. Joe) J. Retiscffuie, Custer, Mkh. MISSING IN ACTION: Sergeant: Dock Peel, Payhurff, T«x. Corporal: <• Tlioiuus John, Pr.ovo, Utah. Privates: John J. Dlnnien, J'hlladelphla, Pa. KdKitr W. Kengal, Detroit, Mleh. Children Cry for Fletcher's (I MARINE CASUALTY LIST 'i'lio followlntt caauattlcs aro fi 'ijurted by. iho Conhtiiandinur liuiierul uf (he Aincrloun J-ixijuUltluiuiry l-'orcert: Killed in actl.ui, \\ died of woundu re^eivt'd In acilon, 1: wounded In action, stivenjly, 7; w<.undcd In action, degree undetermined, 1; mi&HinK In action, 10; In bands ot enemy, 1. 'J'otaJ, «J. KILLED IN ACTION: Corporal: Knrnest A. nobcrtson, Jamestown. N.' D. DIED OF WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: Private: Cicorgfl II. Taylor, Cambridge, M4SH. WOUNDED IN ACTION:; (Severely) 6ecend Lieutenant: AUaJn- C. J'eislnaoa, Fittriiimrg, ya, TUo XClnd Yon Have Always Bought bus borne tho signature, ot Clms. II. Fleteher, mid bus been uiitde unUer his uvcr ao roars. Allow no OHO , . Counterfeits, Iinltotlons mid •'Just-as-good" are but experiments, and endanger the health of Children—ISxncrlenco against Experiment. personal supervision for over SO years, to deceive you in this, " " " \A/hdt is CASTOR IA Castorla Is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, l'ure- Korie, Drops and Sootliluu' Syrups. It contains neither - Opium, Morphino hov other narvotie substance. For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for tho relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colie and Diarrhoea; alluylnijr Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—-'JClie Mother's Friend, The Kind You Have Always Bought 'Bears the Signature of in Use For Over 30 Years JO. McColly, North Lewlaburg, PalBBrovo, Plillllpsburg-/ •'•hnrli!* Ohio. ...ward •N. J. Nicholas.' D. riedhwul, Brooklyn, N. Y. Kinanuel Sollna, Urookiyit, N. "X. Veritle M. Snacth, ArgonUl, O.,.. Clinrlrs T. Walters, Uutfalo, Nl'T. SEVERELY WOUNDED IN ACTION: llVevluuHty reported inls»lnEr In action;) Private: Mont Bunni'tt. Potcau. Okla. WOUNDED: t Degree Undetermined) (Previously reported mlaslntf ill action.) Private: Ollk' p. Montgomery, .LftwrciiceburB, Ky. • .•: IN HANDS OF ENEMY: i PrevlmiHly reporied mlKsiiiK* In action.) ' Corporal: King nice, iMadison, Tenn McVAY XIVERYl TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. PROFESSIONAL CARDS PHYSICIANS. H. S. BREVOORT, M. DJ Practice Limited to Office Treatment vf Chronic Diseases Bxamlnntion and Diagnosis irre*. JH West First St., Hvteblnean. " Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE' Offloe witli Dr.jI.QUise V. Klchinvtd, Suit' (21 Uorabaugh-Wiley nullulng. Phone 2662W. ' • TESTING EYE8 ANP FITTINi 'SPECTACLES Is pur specialty. Price* reasonable accurate service - i SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial Nstieni]

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