Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 27, 1972 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1972
Page 6
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FOR AUTO PARTS AND ACCESSORIES-Dixie Parts and Supply has two convenient locations to aid people to find the necessary parts and accessories needed to repair automobiles and trucks. Above is the store at 417 S. Cuyler. Another store is located at 1421 N. Hobart. If they don't have the parts available, they can special order it. (Staff Photo) REALLY ISN'T MYSTERIOUS What Bonding Means In Business . i i_i.i.. .. H *..M!M nrnuiainn in I ha ant "Mustbebondable!" This phrase appears often in "help wanted" ads. Most people not connected with insurance or personnel work have only a hazy idea of what it means. It really isn't mysterious or foreboding. What the prospective employer tries to convey is that he wants candidates with good employment records, no on-the-job stealing or jail terms. Those who have had run-ins with the law or were involved in a dishonesty loss steer clear of such job offers, said the Insurance Information Institute. Why? They want to avoid an investigation that might disclose that a bonding (surety) corr> r| :ny paid for a loss or rr.uuc an investigation on a prior job that left some questions unanswered. How does a bonding company insure people? Oversimplified, an employer asks his insurance agent to have an insurer specializing in fidelity bonds give him protection. If the business is small, a bond can be written for just one employee. Usually a so-called •blanket" bond is used. "Blanket" means it covers all employes except those specifically excluded. One form applied to the positions (type of jobs, say, stock clerk or cashier i and another applies to "people." Often the fidelity or dishonesty insurance is one part of a "comprehensive crime contract." In both types of blanket bonds, the employes are not named in the contract, but the insurer (bonding company) usually requires each employe to complete a questionnaire so that it can Investigate employment records and reputations. The Institute said that this investigation service is regarded by many businesses as well-worth the cost of the protection. Potential sources of trouble are usually uncovered. No one is "grilled" or made to feel uncomfortable. The majority of people are aware a check is being made. If an employe is confronted by his manager with a request to explain a few points raised by the bonding company, the employe can quickly untangle the misunderstanding or he knows he will be requested not to report back for work. A large number of insurance companies that write fidelity coverage are members of the Surety Association of America which gathers data on fidelity and surety matters. What else does a surety (bonding company) do for a firm that wants dishonesty insurance? It writes a contract in which it says: "I, the insurance company, promise to you , Mr. Employer, that your employe* s) will be honest or I will repay your loss(es) up to $XX if sustained under these conditions..." So, if an employe steals 12,000 from his company's safe and the surety is convinced by the evidence that he took it, the surety reimburses the employer. The bonding company then seeks out the dishonest employe and demands repayment. It persists in its search and demands until the loss is made good or until further salvage efforts seem futile. Why does it do this? There is a FOR TOP SERVICE—Located at the corner of Ballard and Browning Streets, B and B Pharmacy has offered top service in the drug and cosmetic field to area consumers since 1953. Other departments offer a wide selection of gift items for the shopper. (Staff Photo) B and B Pharmacy Offers Shopper Friendly Service * *• _ . . . WWoupr tkr v or convenience and friendly people, B and B Pharmacy is the place to shop, where one can find anything from chocolates to costume jewelry. Russell Stover chocolate candies are the going sweets, be it for a holiday or special occasion or just a gift for a loved one. B and B has them. B and B also has Pangburn's and Ann Raskas hard candies, in case something different than chocolates is desired. In women's fragrances, B and B stocks Nina Ricci. Lanvin, Crepe de Shine, Coty. Faberge and Vitabath. In the gift department. B and B carries such items as costume jewelry, glassware and billfolds. For those who want good cosmetics, B and B has several well-known lines of beauty aids, including Frances Denney, Dorothy Gray, Revlon. Bonne Belle and Allercreme. For men. B and B Pharmacy stocks goods to meet all shaving needs and men's fragrances. They carry English Leather in the regular or lemon-lime scent, "That Man" by Revlon. Old Spice, Robert Denney, Black Belt and Signoricci. In addition to the fine gifts, B and B features well-trained pharmacists. The highly competent pharmacists at B and B have been filling prescriptions to the best of their ability and to their customers' satisfaction from their stock of 10,000 medicines since 1953. Pharmacist R.B. Ragsdale said the B and B pharmacists have filled well over half a million prescriptions since the store opened for business. Two pharmacists are on duty at all times at B and B and are on cat Ion Sunday. B and B also offers' 'over- the- counter" medicines. They also carry Dr. Schols remedies and are equipped to meet all drug and first-aid needs. With summer at hand, they also have remedies for sunburns. B and B also has a short order restaurant to aid customers if a hunger pang strikes. Whatever the need, B and b will handle it. Seven employes operate the business directed by F.L. Stone and Lucille Foster, co-owners. provision in the application the employe signed called an idemnity agreement by which he promises to reimburse the bonding company for any loss it pays on his behalf. Knowledge of the consequences has helped to encourage some weak-willed people to remain honest. Employe dishonesty losses are a major drain on American business assets today. Annually they total »4 billion. With adequate dishonesty insurance an employer's loss can be passed on to an insurer for a known, reasonable premium. It is a mark of distinction for a business and for its employes to meet the high standards set for dishonesty protection..."! am bondable!" Only a Few Use Income Tax Protest WASHINGTON (AP) - In publicly declaring her refusal to pay income taxes that support the Vietnam war, Sen. Philip A. Hart's wife joins a few thousand other. Americans, most of whom failed to carry out their threats. Most of those who challenged the Internal Revenue Service lost their cases. Figures for 1971 income- tax returns showed that 1,740 Americans indicated to the IRS they would not pay any taxes because of the war. But a spokesman said tax- delinquent accounts have been set up in only 631 of these cases, meaning that the IRS is taking formal action to collect for nonpayment. In previous years, the number of Americans who have protested to the IRS has grown. Last year, there were 1,648 who told the IRS they didn't intend to pay taxes, but the agency was forced to collect in 698 cases. In 1969. 1,401 protested, but only 368 drew formal action by IRS. In 1968, there were 592 who protested and 140 taxdelinquent accounts. "The numbers are tiny when you consider there were an average of 75 million returns over those years," the spokesman said. Today's figures only take into account those, such as Mrs. Hart, who have formally protested to the IRS. The spokesman acknowledged that those who use more-subtle means to escape paying taxes in protest might not be detected if they didn't let the service know. Folk singer Joan Baez announced in 1968 she didn't intend to pay that part of her income taxes related to the military budget. But the government collected from her bank accounts through court acion. Dixie Set To Offer Service Dixie Parts and Supply, with two convenient locations, provides Pampa and the surrounding area with an automobile supply center that is unequaled in the trade zone. Complete lines of brand names and factory guaranteed parts are kept in complete stock at both store locations, 417 S. Cuyler and 1421 N.Hobart. Many years of experience in the supply field by the Dixie personnel insures sound purchases for the customer. Parts for all trucks and cars are in supply or can be obtained by fast individual order. Auto air conditioning is another feature of the stores. Operating with the slogan, "complete stock auto parts," Dixie has in the store such items as mufflers and tailpipes, starters, generators, shock absorbers, fuel pumps, brake shoes and starters. All automobile accessories are available. Professional and backyard mechanics are reminded that for the best replacement parts on any model of any make of automobile, they can give Dixie a call. If they don't have the pp t or accessory in stock, they Vrill be happy to make quick and special orders. Years of successful business in Pampa testify to the quality of merchandise and service offered by the store. KILL ROACHES ANTS PAMPA PARTS A SUPPLY, INC Features A Complete Lint Of Delco, AC, Monroe, Champion, and Borg Warner Product*, Fact and Efficient Service Guaranteed. 525W. B.own 669-617} The eldest son of a British sovereign has held the title, Prince of Wales, since the reign of Edward III in the 14th century. arms $AVE ON ERESCRIPTIONS PHONE 669-6896 HAVING TV PROBLEMS?—Charlie Green uses some of the fine equipment of the Montgomery Ward customer repair service department to trouble-shoot the circuitry of a color television set needing repairs. Green is one of four expert technicians in the department ready to aid the customer get expert repair service. Montgomery Ward's Repair Department Has The Best • •t «i_ »___— • -—j.1.* •jtB>eii*uk MM m<ftM«P tlfttfl Having trouble with your color television set? Charlie Green at Montgomery (The Pampa Daily New* Bus/ness News PAMPA, TEXAS 66th YEAR Tuesday, June 27, 1972 BAD FOR REPUBLICANS Rising Food Prices Is Political Issue NEW YORK (API - At a most inopportune time for Republicans, the wholesale price of food is rising. That means storm flags probably will be flying over retail outlets at election time. It isn't only the time element that makes this issue of food 'prices a politically potent one. The emotional factor is incalculably deep: It involves health and the nourishment of one's family and it involves life itself. There is still another ingredient that agitates the mixture: Food is bought daily or weekly. So the impact of rising prices, of the menace to life and security, is multiplied. Motivational psychologists find that the reaction to a 2- cent increase in the price of a food product is sometimes as great as a $50 increase in the price of a durable product which might be purchased three times in a life. Families that pride themselves on saving a few cents here and there by driving from one market to another to save on specials somehow feel that the 13 cents a mile it costs them is money well spent. And women who rebel at a penny markup on a 46-ounce can of tomato juice will be thrilled to spend $10 for one ounce of a beauty product whose powers never have been proved and which costs less than the jar that contains it. American families now spend less of their income for food than any other people on earth—less than 20 per cent. And the percentage is steadily falling.i thanks more to rising incomes perhaps than to food industry efficiency. The percentage can be misleading, however, especially when applied to poor families and to those on fixed incomes. For such people the percentage is much higher and steadily rising because of the inability to obtain higher income. Still, in every income class Americans are showing a decided preference for the more expensive foods. We eat less starch, more protein than in years gone by. Many families of two adults and two teenagers devour more than 800 pounds of meat a year. In summary, Americans like to eat, most of them are afforded the opportunities to eat well, and a growing percentage—notwithstanding their price complaints—thoroughly indulge themselves. They are spending more for food because they choose to. On the other hand, there is a minority on fixed or low incomes whose eating standards must be lowered as prices rise. Ward's customer repair service department can provide a trouble-shooting analysis of the circuitry of the set to see if the trouble is there. Montgomery Ward has the best equipment and the best technicians to give full service for all types of repairs. Currently the department has four factory-trained technicians ready to perform the needed repair services. The Montgomery Ward repair service department has the ability and the parts available to repair any product one might purchase at Wards, though they also offer the same service for all makes and models of equipment and appliances. The department technicians guarantee the work to the customer's satisfaction. Repairs can be done in the home or at the shop by the highly trained personnel. Among the items which can be repaired in the department are televisions, appliances, lawn mowers, washers, dryers, refrigerators and other electrical equipment. For repairs of televisions, appliances and air conditioners, ask for Oscar Scott and Charlie Green, Lee Jackson is the service manager. Sect Cover Headquarters o Carpet • Door Panels • Ready Made or Custom Fitted HALL TIRE CO. 700 W. Fetter 665-5751 MIMA'S FINIST , AUTOMOBILES! OUR 1OOTH ANNIVERSARY YEAR 100 Plus The Tray-Keeper that makes and stores over 100 Ice Cubes Ask Any Service Technician or At Our Service Counter Phone 669-7401 Extension 48 No matter what repairs are needed, expert service is offered on all equipment. Montgomery Ward is set up so a person can buy and still maintain service almost anywhere. More than 2,000 service locations are scattered throughout the United States, with more than 5,000 service specialists. And each service location has 400.000 replacement parts at its disposal. In addition to its customer repair service department. Montgomery Ward carries a variety of goods and products within the same building. There are clothes, sporting goods automotive accessories, boat, motors, lawn equipment, televisions, radios, records, stereos, tape-cassettes and virtually everything in the department store line. Montgomery Ward's success is dueto its fine line of products and its prompt service department. Both of which are good reasons for shopping at Montgomery Ward. One cubic foot of uranium contains as much energy content as 1.7 million tons of coal. Stay* You Heard About CAPILLKULTEUR? We Have, You Should) ASKI CLEMENTS BARBER SHOP R.O. Clements, RSK 310 S. Cuyler—665-1 Specialiiing In: > Body Repair • Auto Pointing > Gloss Installation Free Estimate* FORD'S 11? H. fntt BODY SHOP Pho. MS-lit A COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE • letterhead! • Business Form* * Wedding Invitations FUGATE PRINTING CO. "Quality it our Trad* Mark" 210 N. Ward 665-3431 Dixie Ports & Supply Muffler* t Tailpipe*— Starter* — Generalert — Shock Abtorber* — Fuel Pump* — Brake Sheet All Aute Acce**eriet Aute Air Conditioning No. 1 417 S. Cuyler 665-577 «e. 2 Mil N. rtabort 665-1625 Lawn Mower Repairing SMALL ENGINE SERVICE Factory Approved Service — All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF ELECTRIC CO. 519 So, Cuyler St. Pampa Phono 669-3395 John T. King & 5ons Sales & Service Authorized Distributor Sale)* A Service] • Fisher Natural Gai Controls • Magnetos—All Manufacturers •US. ignetos—All Manufacturers • Murphy ft Kenco Control* • McCord ft Monfel Lubrication* M tampa, TWM 669-37H TRUST IS MORE THAN A WORD. IT IS OUR PROFESSION Vou CUD fruit our Pharmacia* to compound your prescription accurate!/ ut B & B Pharmacy We Give S • H Green Stampi FRE E Delivery iallard at Browning Quality Water For Homt or Busin««»-Call and Say 314 S. Starkweather 665-5729

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