Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 28, 1942 · Page 6
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1942
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

MORNING AVALANCHE , Mmrch 28, 1942 ,;#.•::-•..:•' EN L« I ~ 4 • * • here are the FACTS on what the recent WPB rulin on clothing means to YOU There have been a lot of stories making the rounds lately about how strange men are going to look in the new "Victory Models/' .Newspapers, magazines, and newsreels have talked about—and pictured—.men wearing suits with no lapels, suits with extreme short coats, suits with skimpy trousers, etc. Our answer to all such propaganda is just this: NO IMMEDIATE CHANGES OF ANY IMPORTANCE ARE GOING TO TAKE PLACE.l.N THE STYL- ING OF MEN'S CLOTHING! IN THE FIRST PLACE the order only affects clothing manufactured after March 30th! In other words—because we have to plan about 6 months ahead, all of the clothing that we have in stock for' spring and summer, was ordered and tailored—months ago—and it is absolutely no different in design than the clothing we've been showing . this season, last season or the season before. ACTUALLY, the only thing that will happen to the clothing you buy from us after March 30th is that the trousers won't be styled with cuffs. You'll agree with us, we're sure, that a change as insignificant as this isn't going to cause any great hardship. After all, dress clothes never have had cuffs, and cuffless trousers for regular suits have often been an accepted style in the past. THE OTHER POINTS covered in the WPB ruling— namely that coats wilf be shorter (by only half an inch, however), that double-breasted suits can be vestless, that there can be no more two-trouser suits and that trousers cannot have pleats, apply exclusively to clothing made AFTER March 30th . . . and, we repeat, such clothing, for the most part, won't be available in our store until early next fall! AFTER SEEING THE DETAILS OF THIS RULING IN BLACK AND WHITE, THERE'S REALLY NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT . . . NOW IS THERE? In conclusion, we urge you to remember this: no matter what happens, Hart Schaffner & AAarx clothes will continue to be the best available in quality, fit and good looks. This has al- ways been true of these famous clothes regardless of the times — and it will hold true as long as Hart Schaffner & Marx are in busi- ness! BUY ONLY THE CLOTHING YOU NEED BUY AS MANY DEFENSE BONDS AS YOU CAN home of Hart Schaffner &. Ma V biol 4343 For fh» Avolgnche-Journol Off?« Nation's Cotton Carryover To Be Mt ~. ...... _ ... (J ———— •—• —:—-• Ten-Million Bale Given ,,^.. 'By Tbf United Press) HOUSTON, March 27.—John B Hutson, president of, the Commodity Credit Corp., said . today-that the nation's cotton-carry-over on Aug. 1 will be about 10,000,000 bales, a reduction of 2,000,000 from Aug. l, 1941...; Hutson, speaking to the 31st annual convention of the Texas cotton association, said that most of the reduction would come from government-owned stocks which have dropped from 6,919,933 bales in 1941 to about 4,500,000 at present. Cotton Transferred • "So far this season, approximately 560,000 bales of Commodity Credit corporation cotton have been transferred under lend-lease about 680,000 have been disposed of under the general sales program, 230,000 bales have been sold for export and some 29,000 bales have been resold for new uses, the net result of which has been to reduce stocks to about 4 500 000 bales at the present time," Hutson said. "If the monthly sales in the open market continue at the present rate, the total of 1,500,000 bales authorized by law will have been disposed of by the middle of the summer, thus reducing stocks of government-owned cotton from crops prior to 1941 to approximately 3,800,000 bales." To Be Reduced Further Stocks would be reduced 'still further by any additional .lend- lease transactions, he said. The 1941 cotton loans are being repaid, at the rate of almost 2,000 bales a day and there were outstanding 1,746,000 bales on March 14, he said. Cotton consumption now exceeds 45,000 bales a day and when mills adopt around-the-clock production, domestic consumption and exports may reach or exceed 1,000,000 bales a month, he said, Hutson advocated the growing of better cotton because of a pronounced upward trend for higher quality in all types of goods, especially in military goods. Want Stabilization "The Commodity Credit corporation wants to stabilize prices and promote an orderly and balanced flow of commodities," he.said. "We want to see the price-support program on cotton operate in such a manner that the maximum possible quantity of cotton moves through the normal channels of trade." The convention opened with an address by Sydnor Oden, association president, who called on management, labor and government to work together in the war effort. Slaton Will Be Host To Postal Employes. In Banquet Tonight SLATON, March 27. (Special)— Postal employes of the 19th congressional district will "gather in Slaton club house at 8 o'clock Saturday night for a banquet in their honor. Kirby L. Scudder, postmaster here, has announced that approximately 150 persons are expected for the event. The Junior Civic and Culture club will serve a Mexican dinner, and a floor show, with approximately 25 persons, will be presented. The program of music and dancing will take the place of an after dinner speech, Scudder said. Following the program, group meetings will be conducted. U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY HEAD HORIZONTAL, 1,5 Pictured new head of the U. S. Naval Academy. 13 Vex. 15 Manipulates. 17 Symbol for tantalum. J9 Raised ' . platform. 20 Female horse. 21 Symbol for selenium. 22 Halt ems. 24 Thoroughfare .(afabr.). 25 Female saint (abbr.). 26 Abstract beings.. 28 Bone. 29 Possessed. 30 Incursion. 31 Dress edges. 32 Scheme. 33 Froth. 34 Little girl's toy. Sfl^Algonquian 'Indian.- 38 Beverage. 39 Not cold. ' Answer to Previous Puzzle THlO^NiEIVldQiniBJS 42 Persons who pack. 44 Clear. 45 The — ~- he heads is in the stale of Maryland. 46 Soak flax. 47 Nova Scotia ' .(abbr.). 43 Social insects. 6 And (Latin). 49 Canvas shelter 7 'Limb. 51 Accomplish. 52 its are officially called midshipmen. 54 Male parent 14 Symbol 'for . lithium: 16 Unsightly plants. 18 It is located in . 21 Stuttered. 23 Silenced. 25 One who shears. 2? Image. 31 Tarsal joint „ of digitigrarje quadrupeds. 58 Native 34 Mends. gypsum (pi.). 35 Domesticates. 57 Pouch (med.). 37 Bar by estoppel (law). 39 Terminal part at arm (pi.). 40 Group of eight 41 Gustation. 42 Fondle. . 43 Misanthrope. 48 Amalgaroa ..;. (abbr.). 50 Attempt. VERTICAL 2 Either. 3 Mortar tray. 4 One of a breed of dwarf cattle. of a beast. 8 Cause. 9 Short lances. 10 Consumed food. 11 Lone Scout (abbr.). 12 Guide. 52 Symbol for chlorine: 53 Senior {abbr.' 53 Electrical term. . . 18 3Z 44 47 27 m 48 39 5. 15 40 41 4Z 24 3E3? m 35 3J 43 157 IO 50 II 46 55 51- Pre-Easfer Buying Sends Sales Rising ^NEVv YORK, March 27. (.*)_ The Pre-Easter buying surge carried retail sales during the past week to a new peak' since the Christmas rush, Dun & Bradstreet reported today. A survey showed seasonal interest at its height, giving variety, specialty, department- and shoe stores wider-than-average sales increases. In "addition, the trade review said, 'lay-away" purchasing in apparel and other lines pushed volume upward. The general average increases was estimated at 16 to 22 per cent over the comparable 1941 period. Regional gains over 1941 were 14 to 19 per cent in the Northwest despite bad weather, 16 to 25 per cent in New England, 15 to 21 per cent in the east. 19 to 26 per cent in the Middle West, H to 2-i per cent in the South, 16 to 24 per cent in the Southwest and 15 to 20 per cent on"'the Pacific coast. Eire plans to establish new industries to absorb unemployment. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY1 BAND SCHEDULES TOUH WACO, Tex., March 27. (U.R)_ .The Baylor university Golden Wave band has scheduled a tour o£ Soufh Texas cities and towns April 2 to 8, Director Gid Wai- drop said today. On the itinerary are Yoakum, Pharr, San Benito, San Antonio Uvalde and Corpus Christi. Belfast, Northern Ireland, reports it has plenty of attractive young actresses, but war has caused a scarcity of young actors UT1/-1 nt*nr]im( :*-. — f . •* and producljon of plays is held up. several new Higher Prices For Wool O.K.'d (By The Arsoc'atrd Press) WASHINGTON, March 27, — The Office of Price Administration today granted a general price increase on all woolen products ranging from wool pulled from the sheepskin to worsted yarns, in one of'the most comprehensive price orders yet issued. The increases were the first required by provisions of the price control law which set so-called minimum price levels for agricultural commodities. In the case of wool 'the maximum could not reflect a lower price than that existing December 15, 1941, Prepare Army Bidi The price ceiling was rushed to completion to permit manufacturers of woolen goods to prepare' their bids on army purchases of 75,000,000 yards of woolen goods, for which bid* are to be opened April 2. .' This is the largest army cloth purchase on record.. • : The order sets forth dollar-and- cents prices on domestic pulled wool, scoured domestic shorn wool, wool tops and noils, wool yarns, all "foreign pulled wool. South American shorn wool and British empire shorn wool. Same Prices Unchanged The old ceiling was of the "freeze" type forbidding any prices higher than the level prevailing between October 1 and December 15, 1941. Prices of wool- wastes and other wools not specifically named .in the new order are •still;frozen. .An'example of the new levels ivas the price of $1.60 a pound, compared with $1.44 under the old ceiling, on • "average domestic wool, .tops, 64's and finer." PIONEER COWBOY BURIED ODESSA, .Mai-ch 27. (U.PJ—Fun- eral services were held today for R. E. "Bob" Brown, 79-year-old AVest Texas cowboy who took first money in a rodeo years ago at Pecos. believed to be the first ever held. NEW New shipment of Ladies' Easter Hats . . . tailored and sem\- toilorcd paste! felts ... in all the gay Easter colors. . .some tailored snap brims, others tailored polk bonnets with veils, choice . , . 1.98 Perfect Easter Gift Id ea's FEATURING Jarman Two-Tones for EASTER are two of our new Jarman two- tones . . fectured to wear Easter and on thru the summer . . . there are others just os smart. Captivating perfume sequence, inspired by the crystal flower fantasy of a very rare Empire paper weight. • MILLE FLEURS PERFUME...$5, $9, M.SO, 22.50 • MILLE FLEURS EAU DE TOILETTE 7.50 • MILLE FLEURS DUSTING POWDER $ 2 • MILLE FLEURS LIPSTICK ,. JOr S2 » MILLE FLEURS CREAM ROUGE j 2 S • MILLE FLEURS NAIL POLISH 7,5, n SKETCHED: these two shoes in two-tona ton ond also in brown ond white, pair 6.S5

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