The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 6, 1956 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1956
Page 4
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Pagt < frim Wedding Rites Will Be Read At Baptist Temple Baptist Temple will bo the scene <••: a wedding a; 5:30 p.m. .Inly H •'er Miss Wanda Jo Dun:', and Walter \Viillam Rosson. Friday, July 6, .1956 Feminine By Wanda Orton s World Aug. 21 To Be Style Show Date All!?. LM is the (late of the ftpsi- ~~• Ion SUiu.i. Alpha annual full style Names-N-No'f GS -show •; was announced at' a meet- B s fj 5 H %0» o. p* . i"; a }' J S"j;Si' nTrinUylBI>ta - LT ° Kunaeil visits Parents i:ev :f 'iimmie "t"'Sly. ViisfT wiii Hints On That Favorite Pastime - Dishwashinq be Mist) Marian MeClain, plants:. Me,mbe.r.s vo'ed to eive $:?fi to the city for addition:: to Homeland Tit 1'uerlo Jtieo don't over lei tht in yet .n the shupe ir.ine art 1 in. LV;h: V have been ;o!d. and \V. C. Herring, soloist. EVEN 1 DISHV.'ASHiXt.;. the ir.e Mrs. .lames Dunn has been .so- common ef all household eher '• l i.'e«i matron of honor, and M:#s deserves speeiai attention. Dorothy Hilton, bridesmaid. Certain equipment nnd ieution. Special' eopper cleans!])" Henry Rossou wiii s-. I've as best iv.'e necessary '.n maki::p this hi- agents nl -,. avaiinbie, and you also man while groomsman tiuiios will evitable duty an efficient opera-ion. , n;; ,,<•,., ,,,, O j,j ti.-nc-y method of be carried out by Gerald Watson. Ve-'. i; ;a'.;es more than jus: ..-..^ .,.,,( vitieiiar G;;esis wil: be iishered l>y plain oh-' sot:' and water. the cy,!,! water i>- ber;t in cleaning .lames Harmon and Jack Did;- home iX'onom:-!? tell us. d<v,;i;h. ir.iik. t •:•:< or cheese n>ix.. rnon. Here is the •,'quipmer.t suggested i ur es. !-!(-.! water does well ,,-,;• u'ten- Edtiie Koussoi: and Marie Rons- by the experts. s ; Is 11; ,,, d ,,,,. p yrup. frost in 3' or you are t;> !:.~ht e:;:v.i!'..s. !. !1i-;;;;a:i <>'• -ink with stopper earuiv. -'• I''"'-' div.mer Or.e more !;:!i; [ know you're :i. (luiek-dN-.i'Uin;;- soap "r ilr- ;.n:-:in!is to ;rct i,. til, sink-- bi-wa:v .if detersvn;;;. They are wonderful Shop around and f:r>d a suitable, t i- 1 "*! I I f*^ ? t *, I C* 5 ! , ~ i ^ p 5., f ., £. -^ .-, | .- | V | o U/ \ f«> & A Vj**- v>» ( s v«rt w ; I St 1 -*'" i w j v W i ! *O £ s 'w ; V *tarf* ; i C* -v-c: e l ' !l>:in '-' r Yni! IMM^l t:\\<,i .^nod (••;>!•,' of prt'^s. s. si! 1 .;'!• :i:iii itu'tnl po!f<h 0. { i;:>u*T rh'itiH'r . , _ v 10. 1'eper tuweis Look io Tour ','• i>!:i! "^™i><-r ^ /( _ ROSY Future GaU ^ s p SL" nv " s brandmother, 55, / ' "11. S;ii>nires lor iviidne un sur- ^_ SAX FRAXCSSCO - IT - Ail- '"''7' _. . ^^^11^ N^r^r's _. . . . . Ah .-el, :uv-.vv Then eemo on in, I I UillO 1 !Uv,w! O ••)' :rir -' ; " !1 " !•?.-,•::•>:. ^::- -' t-.i.e,^ ... :;,,, .v,,;,,.-^ fi:u Bu: first, separate r r, j | l:-,e res.-.:,. „: tu.:ay s - rv., :•:-,, s, :!: ., ?: Sasswaro fro- ;,e,t.^ n:ul pans. Hnf" \Tppn PfHrK^ he.uM'wife who sti::-.,l.r .•:-. :he ihre.-:- i' ii!;e to 'io tl,, ; .uln.sxes fns;. ' - J ' J i CL p i U V,l lUOU i'''! 3 ^' -> '"' V ' ''"'""" ••'•'-"-" l! "' stie!;! Then the plates "and bowls. " XK\V YORK — UP - Cl.ira nv;n? - I'roferiibiy, start dishwashing: life Adam;; nini.s horso sen.'o ii'.io dol- 3n predicts William A. Ray. anew when you come to the pots Jars. chairman of the bo:.rd and pre.-- and pans. If some are stubbornly Mrs. Adams, a C5 - year - old •dent of ^General Cont!":? Co. He stuek with food pariieies, let them grandmother, is one of the fexv preaieteo soap awhile in «. pj«te made of women ?tecp!eehase trainers in the ';. The housewife wil! one day lukewarm water and cleanser, nation. She's been at it for 17 years supervise children in the farrdlv I'or.'t '.ise hot water which ten; 1 .;; and has no thoug'ht of retirement, swimming- P coi thro::-:- « cicsed to_bake the food in more. ^ , ove horses too nn| ,, h to glOD television' circuit w;th a i:itehen ..'^^wa.^h and _ri: ; se out quk-kly, n . : , ;v ." e;lid ' AVrs At!flm s."a >inall, o::tiet : liiSiieioius s.iouiu ue aDvorbeni nn,j u-hiie-baired woman. "And j' !u 2- Cook bv i.iii.-.matiu::: 0; ' e:! i"'^hixl. I'ape:- towels are havin- too much fun." Lt. \\VHer K;in('-!! .'IP. of pai-l;. The major project for the '• v ^ s!lil . lf ' l '"" li D '- C ' v ' : ' ;; <'-' his i w- Mrs. I.,. ,f. Oordy and childfi n eoniine; ye:;r. members decided, '.'" : ' : ; ^ ir ; :i: " ! , A;:V ' ^'alter | i'ln.i.-ii. 'Deania and lluljljii:, Hfi Bowi,'.'' will lie the Baytovvn Opponiuiity ]''. r ' !lh ' f -' ::l y ;;! t!»'ir iiome. 1:17 .•,;•,' j n Puerto liieo visiting Mr.-)' -• ; ehcio!. ->;i.';.••!• tire.'e. (Inrdy'.s mother. They left June T7 A !.-!'O{rra>ji on h.air styles \ei.s "tln-r ;;ue;!:; '.vere Mi's. !;n;;- '*"('! plan to return in September, pi'ijsi'iiieii by !''ra:iee,; .Smith of she '-''-'* vi-'-b 1 !'. .".ir.;. .!. !•;;. j;rooks of Kranees Bea,uty Shop. •'^'•'- A!ite.r;io. and !.-•:• brnihei-s 1 ..•limp Counselor fu.'iiili-.-;!, ;,!'" ;i:;:i \i r.c. i^,.\\,. \\' Alis.i I'atrieiu Bali, daughter of P . -^ , I-'pilii 1 !- or MMri,-:.-..!, t;.,. 'Mr' -Mid M '-«. U. K. l-Jall. 2JUU Ulah. is serv- r-QLir Celebrate ^;.- ] "' !i " ^•^'••^ i ^>-» ^ "X," ^'('TmpVZ"^^" July Birthdays At | i|^ : -'-»''•' "-'<-- "«£ l.^.Ji;^ | f-,ff'^ f^ir/-!/- - <:<!ue:i:.on at Bayioi- university. -^ilifc V^if'wSfc 1 St. L;s'a-.-, Trip This is her second summer .-,:. 1 .':•. and M'r.-. \V". ';•. Trav;s have \\'aln'eiiiar. She planK to return Four .Iiilia !-.otue eiivie niem- ^ !rs t retiirr.ed freai St. L:j:.:i:'-. Mu.. liome .lulv 17. bers eeb.-brated birthday r ; 'l'nu':S- wh. : i... Trnvi.s aitend.-d 'pi,,. day when members, j;n!be;'.'.'il for a Taii-iiia.'i 1 .'.".."-.! ( ''idvupra, ;;.- i;,- meetin;; at Cedar Hayou .M.-tiio- '"'•"-!': ; i In.-'lii.;(,.- at the Ch:i-v i:"- liist eiiur/ii. ti-i. Tii;y :;'/o vi.'iited \vii.h .Mr.-. Ht'iKirees for .!i;iy birthdays r '''n. :' ( '! v ]-- 1 -' '-!' I'o;-'.;i}:evi!!e, jio.. wei-.j M'n?. Hel«'ii .!aekH(j:i, Airs, a sister of '>;'x Travis, and wilii Koy nonnelly. Mrs. i-;oberi. Brown. I- 1 '- .e.i;n \Y:;i:fii id .»;' i'.iiis, Terni , Mrs. Ki'vlvM Fi^iie- ami Mr- V( I- --L I'oi'merlv of H.-ivio-.v:: Ab,-r:u:thy. ' M'rs. C. J. Babin preai.Jod over r ,._ _^ II )cu orr iho lolmitti oulho. Inside Story ^°" ( Boox"^, V L*ii"d', P d' b ' i ' k Publishing "'"»' l G="<! > 'V»°i°i«! 1 "' """ Your Book v ' slr£ FOI! " EE C °''Y or HOW to rutuiH rout IOQK lOl/EI PSESS tOOH. Btpi,381.3» VoriiV Si.. D, r. K it was annnuneed that five «;,•- H 1 "' 1 '"' a , : ' ti; " :lt ln|1 ; " . v '- rn( ^ <•{,:... ,,.,,l r n .... ,' , , | , , . ft.I'te P.-''!-. 10 c-liiOV ,-e, i.!VJt;.->: of nia'S. eiint.uiU ha ; , been sw immiay, eliff elimbin-, water j; (! ') Uevo'lutiona^y Aj;e ' u . iri p:v- !>'"',-.,-'';', M,'.':^'|' 'Nl'rs. ^i-:!" \v' Kiffbteen member and four and M': S ,''u K.''\Voe,:s'-lr.''i'l'en'ny Klissts were served a covered dish Woods. .Mr. and Mr.s. H. 13. Wonus iunchuon. Thi: .,,,,. H;I >;S ,]I \\' 0 ods, i!r. and Airs. ine atternooa wa s spent in 1-1. U. Fuimer. quilting-. . .Miss Collier Keturns . . . _^_, Miss Eva llae Collier has re- \^^^jp TQ 5tiJflv turned to Baytuwn after visiting vJ I U VJ y j li?; . s i sli , r ' s f am iiy, Mr. and Mry. Book Of Romans tS' \^ l L-r<-\^""^ IM for aches and pains of arthritis, lumbago, bursitis, and back achs. GERITOL to improve tired blood R-D-X To help You Reduce with A l^ull Stomaeh. SLACK'S PHARMACY 721 East Texas 225 V/est Texas afterns S ! 'arc Mrs. Hulchins Is Hostess To Bethanv Cias For Easy Sewing .-i:..,v.-r. in B. thtir.y r'.:i.j> ef \Vnu=ter Br.p- .e : -._:: ; ; ; ls ti ; t '.>-.- t Ti!(r=dny 'in ::;<• hunie of :-., U:lai.e.s '.M'r.-. i M!-. H'll.'l.i::.-. 1.^ l.ak..'.v^«..,l ,..:•:.:.< The '!i:v t -•:' ii prosi'ain ,i;v; iuni/ii'-on. ] n'-iv .~i;;»!'- S, v.;:! members ; : :>: two visitu:s. .: with jjuid ^; r ~. s-tmbo .Ivhnson a:;0 Mrs. v.'ith rhino- Edward T.ito. were pr.'.v.-:it. Devotif.n;il. "Train J'p v,,,, r :'::-.t niar.u- !''"!<:'" was pive;; by Mrs. Burr": .' 1 - r.'.i.-;-. en .lohr.son. .Sandwiches and i-n'..-i Hat o;i:'ds drir.;« were yrv^d on the lHv/n. ^oi.r.; i..o.''j- r.EDDY KILOWATTS Did you know that since 1933. the average rate for residential electricity in the U. S. has decreased 50% while the cost of living increased over 100%? f;;^.™^ Nazarene Bible School ^^^Ir^'a;^^^,.^,^ | s Underway Ar Church ^£/ o: ••.::>.;.••.-1. J • f "'\*.l t 1 PROTECT stsn -./ ^ i , i . . . , ^g Tour wiothing Against S MOTH DAMAGE || BCMDED U COLD STORAGE PHONE 8!56 !P ll I White Star Cleaners BOO South Pruett C'hii-irar. from the :•_••:• of thr. 1 ' 1 ih!0u.:ri 15 are invited to af''!;:<i I'aily \'a.;:a!ion Bible School now at the W .T ?o. B t:ons are fren; '.'< 't> l\:?,'i a.:r, '..iai'.y. The (school clones Julv 13. ' / H.''/:!. //i//' THW C!ub Meeting TK\V CI.i:i'.J n-.i-iibei-:- wi:i meet Mr.«. 'riuyd S;\ridi.r>\ fi'i'* X,;]-t:i Cileie drive, rlai'is will be r.iad; fr.-r ar. :ee ,:renm party to •„•* July 21 ir. the horr.e of Mrs. V. J. 5 Cavarefta. -;10 Bri-.rwrio ! driv.' IrainiiiL; groune.;< in North or South Carolina. "I'm a so wherever the horses go." sin: sal'! in an interview. Clara Adams has ridden horse.-: ail lu.r life. She vc-niemhcrs driving a earrbgY- to the wtatiun in nit-et her fatlier evr-.- r.iiht «'iur- ing- !;er chililhood in Rutherford. X. .1. In those days, worn-'-:: rode meet at 7::«! p.m. T<>e-:d/!y in • h- f••• " church parlor for tae first „,- a ^ series of four studies un the !":,-io!.- 0 Vre™^ :r ..,., ri ,,.' ,,. ' ." \ STORE YOUR FyRS AND WOOLENS NOW will bo Hie i : t,-v. ( tor. His topie will -nelud,- ;:,e through the fourth einipir'-si -e' :-,. P book. ' : ie.s will be Mrs. .7. V.. r'i:-e"-. v;,.,. IN GslAMD'S DRY COLD VAULTS! .^ ._*=Sfc 1492 1 10-20 .Adams. V.'ilh her love of he,t.j-:-s. !l rft ;i,j IMS the *;»;uu 'iffeetion for them. I'.'-':- husband Fran ran yoin and hunt eluhs tn Connertieiit, bcfor^ ti::',:iui:- to steepieeh;is.';;. Clara used to help, but siie iiiOn't have a U'ainer's license. Then her husband became ill. and Clara wns not PatiKfied with the job the hired trainer wa.s <loine. "I figured if I hail to Vay the bills, I ought to have .something to say about the work." she said. ' That dc:.-i.ii(i:i launched her ta- I The A'.iumv' ,,i)n. Frank —-called ( -Doniey"— aI?D M.-JS made horf-'ea j his caree.'-. (''ara ^ays ivith pride, j "i.M'irjley ;s the Nation's leading! st'-e;i!r-e'::i-e ride;- .. . the (inlv I mayicd to an Air Force maior, Frank Ket.eham. anil is living in has i: >r-;a who is i.'iiiv four, but already <:;;;• call a 7',VV. "My grandelrliire-.j .-til ai'i. potential jockeys." said Clara. I Mrs. A''."\mK iii.-'o hn.'i rneed | hor.v s ou:,-ide ;;,.• countiv. In !:'-t7, .-'hi; L-.-tj;? a ho;,,a •,.„ the Gr.::id Xa- !.ii.;iai(i!l f;:::; : ; ; ad. Lai--r ',•',;•• laee'l in M';-:ieo (."::>' -"Xo ::-!?u:e ff'ir an : hnnest WOilla:). b'i! it w..:s tun," '.-.','•• '-'': ] .r.i-:\~: .n-r.. d Demonstration Club To Study Barbecues Tlie eonstnietiui; or th. various 6 typi.s [•; j.ciria:.,:. :.;';•:-.-/' . ;. •,.-, ... tiiseus.-tu Ti".lir.-''.!:: 1 .' \',\ei -^ j;.,. Hiffhiiiiulfi Henif ';;> ';--cir ; .i:; .Tii'v- club met in the home ef Mr.:. '•.!:> •;, Ford for th" July m<vi!i' lL r. I)is!;i:.-,Kio:! o :; bloel:. bu.-k"i. b,n- ti-i and .".erviiri; \vn;;on;; wer. :^;vei:. Types of barbecue.-: ;or ••;.[. h'area, turners tor the m«.'.•;!! ior tin' b!-,:-be- cues. grills and .rr:(!<!i. s and t!;.- e«!V of th>; b.'if'ni'eiie rounded ')\ii the program to be :<iven by Mrs. .1. E. and Mrs. .1. F. \Vis- 315 NORTH MA!N PHONE 2073 • UMI Entire Stock LADIES' &*\ ii Si ?•<-- < III ^ big se'^c-ion ot W-i. e Leathers. S;raws, Plastics, Begdad Prmfs era K'ovciMos in ciuiches, pojchss, tores and varied oiher styles. 2.95 3.95 NOV/ 1.65 W, ;.I! 2996 and here's the Oi; th:.-: .-:' jnr,:i:jj slur; v.'iiisf dress ,- ., , MJ ,\M.\ : YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT liuiLKi.r,':'",-: ;i! "'i/eV;^.' IV "'iV;* '!i' YOUR OLDSMOBILE DHAtER'SI •'•.' (i i ...'-: ii.. i.<i-:,:-i in;- \:,. :i :j;,t:;:f!) :o ll-'.K J.AXK, •eiy.r.v:, .Vu'r. S< rv- i TOM CONDER CLDS j 518 V/. TEXAS A i PHONE 6066 I f m rgr 50 C WEEKLY MONTHLY! NO INTOtEST — NO CAHKYIH& CHARGE! s^<%^|fef-i-jl jiH-Q ^^M-^P^i^-- 1 ^ t^j^ v;v "' N QuaIn'y Jewclers "iaXAS AYE.'

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