The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 6, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

UOMDAY, AUGUST *. 1*34, -- TW P AftB MEWS. PAGE Sell It Or Trade It With A Paris News Classified Ad CLASSIFIED AD Information •* i* th* ottlc* <rf tk th«» * p «•. t*« . ' v MATK* 'for «on*»euuw* inM 1 Tim* le P« •<*«!. A Tin.** «c »*i war* « time* *o o*» • H Timw tSc p«i 3C Tl-*«» 30c 33*1 «or<L Minimum <;***«*, *»c. Miai»nam numb** of «or«l»_ ** C*n**r*d or «o*» •** »» «*»• •r* •OOUBUMJ on tb» toa«w ot «i* to U»* »ia«- Cla**»i»d ad* IB all- Cmtrae* r*t«» «s" o* *:«•» L*K*t r»t*» »t <wwb tn»*rtioft. ord»r» tor y»bl« U» * -' krrors: Tne N«*« -ill oot o* for n»or* to *<1i« »«i« c*u«or «»* *>•»* Vtt*'*«*» botb Be* T*l«ofa<Jju« your «.C* to oa» «!**»- p«t*et -rla»*iti»<J A<S T*.k*r» »»o will •«!*! vou »^ «orrtl*« *•* =OPT- Pboae 1«4 OR l«»- Announcementt All Societies and OKX>ER OF EASTERN STA*t PARIS CH*p:er Xo 5 O. E. S meet. *v«ry $ 2is<i &na «b Tturaflay nights « S:O*> WiSe CstHnesa. "w" "ill Slr»- Don» Martin., Sec Feed Plmuts S«c4 BCTRH CLOVER SEEI>—50c p«r busheL Oscar Sullivan. Cavinea*. Merchandite for Salt! GUARD UNITS LEAVE FOR FT. SILL Good Tluii££ to E«t EJLBERTA peaches now ready. O. A. I>ixon. Caviness VYjuated to Bur S« WIUL, PAY CASH for a. eood u»«d car. Nothlns older than '29 model considered, and prefer Heht car. Must be a. bargain. Ray More*. Morse Be* Line Station, corner 19th and Grand Ave. HUGO. Okla.—Two National Guard ttnits from Hu*o ieft for the annual 15-day «ncampin«nt at Fort Sill this week. the', service battery. 15Stn Field Artillery. e«training at 5 a. m. Wednesday. Captain W. H. 3>arrouxii, Jr.. is commander and other officers are •William A- Fly and Willard Blair. lieutenants. "With Uetit. Kit Carson in command. Company F. 180th Infantry left Saturday at 12:01 a. m. Heywood Carpenter is lieutenant. Dr. E. A. Johnson and Dr. R. J. Shull also left for the camp, us members of General Barrett's staff. WANTED TO KUJL. Old. gold and silver. Mr. Burgess, gold buyer. Government license, will be in Paris at the Texas Hotel all day Monday and Tuesday. August S and 7. Pays up to $24,00 an ounce cash for all kinds of old gold jewelry, watches, rings, groH teeth, fountain pe£ points, eye glass frames, eic. Hunt" up your old gold r bring it to the Texas Hotel. Inquire for Mr. Burgess- We buy aH Idnds of sterling- and com silver. Estimates and appraisals free. Telephone for special appointment. Fnralshetl Room* •1 PARIS IX>DGK NO. 27 A. F". » Statvd ooa>w«B>ca lisas 2=<J aaa da*, eventnss «««» saonlb - Vtatetac br*«hr«> cordSaiiy i VS.* M., fi G Br A. 34- -.30 ». cv I- J Sec. CHAPTKX NO- <S ft, A . **lccmed. J H. P ii- £ COUXCI2- KO. 34 S-ated isseTribly 4th month 7:39 p. m. ' 1- >1- H. G- Sreueinaa. in. VlsJtbss Sir Baryi r>, Jc recorder- NO. * fi^CIGHTS ;o=cl«vft Isrt «.n<! eaci tooatb T:35 cordially L C.. H -e- J. W H C. P*r»oa«- Sec. ORDER OF THE £A S-i-£RN ^ STAR^ Sec. SpenaJ Noticesr TOT7K illNNOWS AT LA*LH CKOOK. I5c and 2Sc Per Oozen We have all kinds of bait and prize <-.•? 100 minnows each for largest fish caught ith our shiners* fi_ VP TO GENTLEMEN bedroota close in. Phone 1223. Apartments for Rent, THRES room apartment. 4OS Fine Bluff. cool furnished apartment. reasonabJe. 212 Korth 27th. FURXJSHEID apartment bills paid. Phone S16-W. o Rm. Furn. Hm. and Dup,—S6SJ. Notice NOTICEi PTjrsnant to a. Resolution passed by ti«> City Coaiicll o* Th« Or? or Paris «n tie Sti: <Jay of laly 13S4 -I hereby sJ-s-e notice 1 tiat aa -Section by *&» Qt!«.ltfSfrd i ot«ra of tb-« CSty o* Peris w2:o oisn taxabi* rrope-rty to said Ctj »ai3 wljo hav« <!cly rendered »a.!<3 property for rsLxntJots, win bff Jistd twe*u th« hotirs or s:CO o'olocls. A 41.. *nd 6; 00 o'ciock. ?. il_ on *»!«• 7th , of Aupnst, 195-1, for th« piirrfOsse of "TVlietlrer or not the cJiy o: 9BAH Ixs a.o!:horl2*<J to tsstie Bond* or li* C;*y in tie »nrs of S<eweaty Tboo- «*a«J • (S~C-00-3 Oe> <io! *n<i tev>- * 9S,!<3 bocda, »nd create e. s5aki=c f=30 LOCAL GUARDSMEN CLARKSVILLE — Company 1, 144th Infantry. Texa» National Guard, left Saturday morning on a special train for the annual two "weeks encampment at PaJacios. The €4 members of the crack company were accompanied by the three, officers. Captain J. P. Wo First Lieutenant Roy Dinwiddi* and Second Lieutenant Mas O- TFitmer, The company passed federal Inspection this year -with a 100 per cent record. Four years ago the •unit won first honors In drilling formations at the encampment. A MASTERPIECE OF SCIENCE This is the first view of the 200-ifcch telescope mirror, the greatest "eye** of «cience, since it wat» poured at Corning. N. Y_ lart Rl^rch. The mirror, partly cooled, i* *hown Inside a beehive where its surface r*. reeently was remelted to smooth out some of the rough spots. Preparations are being made to cast a second "eye, 1 * the twin of this one. (A**o-, ciated Press Photo* For All United States Monday. Aug. «.—Cooler in west, but nearly all parts of the country clear except few scattering rains mostly near Great Lakes regions and southwest of central states. er In nearly all parts of the coua- | at end of month. la Texa* try tout y«t akcattering showers in ! the southwest about or sotoewhac widely separated spots. Tempera- j below: normal moisture. In t&e tures nearly stationary but soon southeastern states rather dry un- declining til about October. IFoir Texaa and the Soutlnwest < Includes Arkansas. Louisiana. Oklahoma. New Mexico.) "Week of Aug. & to 12, 1534. in j Texas and the 'southirest Is ex- j T. C. Parker of Greenville peeted to be generally clear, but i on account of several disturbances MAN DROPS DFAD FRIDAY MOHMNG Stricken at Commerce about nearby regions the rains probably be showery, scatter-in* COMMERCE.—T. C. Parker of Greenville, a Dallas News clrcula- T-i,^t-^^«- A,,. " <r«~. __j — v»4 *;•«:«» .ji.i'si a A^di.sjj .-*trw3 cirveia- ^ri^-^^l^'lTf 0 ^!..:^!^ in ™** ***** ver >' «*bt. to o^. aropped dead in a local turning warmer in west. "Wednesday. Aug. 8.—Rain centers are in the east central. Great Lakes region and Ohio river valley; most o* south and east clearing. Warm but turns, cooler. Thursday, Aug. 9.—Most rains t middle west and southwest i B «t yet it seems the showers may I r " e ^ s s *anri ahoy ->-»-3Q but most of country clear or with -^ nurnerOUS and occ^r quite of- j Fridav morn'n*. V^'was few widely scattered showers, ten during all the week, the total to th^ pronto- w*en *>- **1I mostly near *ulf coast. Cool but J in TOanv places re aehinp sosne- sudd^ly^ VhTf'oor Ph^ciaS where near normal amounts. Temperatures at first cool, turns vnarm for a. few days, again coo!, and from about the middle of the month to end cooler than the seasonal normal. summoned attempted to him by artificial respiration but he was pronour-ced dead a few minutes later, The body was taken to the Par| ker residence at Greenville, 3709 The forecast of the month by r Henry street. Mr. Parker. 2T drift to east, leaving central re-! month temperature movement for [years old. had been connected gions partially clear, but in mid- i central parts of the United States ! several years with the Dallas die -west unsettled and showery. I from northern borders to the s'-ilf j Xewg. He Is survived by his Temperatures slightly decline. i is about normal for most of Atig- i -K-idoTv. Friday, Aug. 10.—Rains are in ] ust. Upon reducing the forecast - —• the middle west and also about | to dally changes it is found that I Great !Lakes country; east, south j the coolest part of the month j CALL 401—- o-ug-ht to come on about the 15th to ITth; in east and on Atlantic seaboard one or tivo days later. The precipitation for the month oiight to be fairly copious in the north-west portion of central regions. Minnesota, the Great Lakes 1 country, and in east also up to and southeast clearing. Temperatures nearly stationary or 'declining- Saturday. Aug. 11.—Scattering rains about central states and the Great Lakes country; most of northwest clear: in west tempera. tures decline slightly. We will buy . or tra«l» tor youf ol<3 furniture. Come in to see a* "or the best values in home tut- O. H. Baker Furn* Co. Sunday. Aug. 12.—Clear weath- normal, but becoming much less House Thar Sells Per Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE A counter Attack By E. C. SEGAR B\LLfoHr\xR£j -\c.\ POISONED j - YM TOO Tooett TO / i VAKE. VOQ, - \ TO ttPvRE YOOftSEV? W ERE IK NW PALATIAL JUST UWE YOU IXJrVO IS THE OH BV rae io«f . UiHO IS / EXCUSE f ' INTERRUi BUT CDOUD YOU" i \.^HD M£ ! ~rl\j£* SOCKS? •?*_ > j? / y^. /-—\ ^ ,»_ ' /""~" N ^0£K\> fa* <% -O. cS4D J pAi THE BUNGLE FAMILY Don't, George, Don't By HARRY J. TUTHILL: dft.iv !utsr«»i to n-ot Swap This for That SWAP j?oo<S year old heifer Tor hay. V. H. Dickson, Phone a«rni-anrstial:y r »«r1*!Jy *T ill* r*- rt- ia tJi*. resp«c-iv^ «mosnl«. aa n:«j be Sbctd faj t&e C3Xy Coartctl: co bond to b« lsso*d for « period »xc*e<:ir.s tSfrty years ffc-s> ti» 11 i and ai! b<sad» to b« isauod for arpo*« ot builfircs S*«cr Dls- Plants. eonatrucUoTJ o^ rftan-ioses i ii ; WioJtetl — Miscellaneous 12 WA>rTED: Good snilk coir for her feed. Fhoae ±1S4. _ ___ Automobiles known S*ri*?s TJ»* »» S*wer Consrrttctkus to be CAN HAXTE YOUR MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tb*? Fasy PajTnent Plan* Oi»c D»T Service Paris M*ttres» & Awmn« Co. »O W. ShCTTnaa Phone 37O Employment aud Salesmen 4« EN' wa-ted—Maytags are ' her*."' • Xeed tfcree men. Phone TIT or iSiSW. Maj-xas: Sal*5 Co., 112 East Austin. Situations Wanted 61 place* arsa -presitflnE of- eiftctioa shall b« rc»p*e- 1: CeatT*! JFIre WAKD 2: W K ^^r«Kfct. uresMiaic ofne»r; t^ARO 3: Cour-Z Ho«»-. A- W. y«vtn«. pr*-»J«JJtsc cfficwr; •OFARD *: p3r!» S:|;n School. L W. )/ n q ^ L. >#^ itaH (^ /! § /IIV X G ^^^^^^ •^~7«-^t frts-x^ 5 -^-*t' ^ I I T lar - 5 - fM^V|)- v i i "*-—W TTAXTEI?: Practical nursing or carinsr for c?dcrly lady. E- 3.T- care : Tb* form or SwHot to t* n**<! tr» •aid «t«etioa for liict&e «titicic != fav^or of th«» cl borr-is r-fcs.!! ix *? "l»"wr tb» tsscanc* of S«««r Coa•Troctior: Bocda, Serte* "1524." Tie form of b*Uot to t>« caefi 1= »*JrJ »t»ctto3 for tbo»« *"AC*!a*t tte texdLace of Se^rer Coa- Sonii*, Serie* "Z33*." Th* *5ectlort ta tw a^JC tr? »e •wits tsa GvovrtiZ EJ^ctfoa La'w* of tii* »rovi»io-» -or tie City Clsar E>»ry o»s*r ef tazxbl* t*t« OJty oC ^J^rja. *ffc& »&a fioly r *r«J •»!<! t-rorrt? for taxatJoc. «.n<I of >»• »*icis.:-jttcr» of it* state ass* "WJ^o hxa T^*?^* 1 ^ t^j ttle ll^Jts c^ „ .. City for »ta <S> trsorjtfcv »fs<5 la tfe* ^"ird Ijj wfeicis h« o^r*rs so' vote for ttirty £36> iaj-a. nea t:afi*r ray "*t:»n<S wlUi the &f»! of tii* City or Pw.rt*> tffnit»<} j" K*yar. CJty of P«rU S»tl rrs ST is! \ / -P-JEY'FCE: f iai^^^Vw^"-y LAY shs. 1 =iS- ^-^ FLOWSf^S /\ ONES. \ * / /•£_: /^r"^ AHEMi \ .S-*' u - - •--' ^ x ^_ '. f ATTEL^ WH^T YOU AND •«OV/ i I *&'•&- HGODL.UM C-iU•^^S DSD TO THIS HOUSE, DON'T YOU V. WiTH M=:L DCMT* \ \ ' "* — •- ----- y ^ r^E_/^«^i I 1 YACHT T^I? DID j YOU LOOK i YOU A LOT ./ vra "y^:r-= DIANA DANE A Professional Secret Financial Bond* City »»crct«ry. city of Pai-:: APPLIC4TION BLAJSKS FOR COTTON READY CHARLES PRICE Phorre G«ier»5 fcslrmasce. GALBRfcATH. DEWEIHSE ANI> PKOCK G*n*r»l Insurance 257 Money To Loan AUTOMOBILE LOANS Notes K*^»»*a«**«*. C*»l» Ari^«»r«» GENERAL INSURANCE i. Oliver & Vanccy »t«= Saalt Bid*. TH. 4£ L. 31. W^Mttec, local comm!t- 7! for View Point and Llnae- kJ'n untf^r the Bankhead cotton act, annoancfrd Saturday that he | win h.ive appIJcatJon blanks for I cotton exemption c^rtificate-s at WillSams Gin Tuesday and W«di»esuay. Mr. Whiten «r|res all farmer? who desir* to secure th« oatfj* to s«« h'.ni nt the pin DOXT TK.VDK VOCR . Mab*- C»»h Auto Jx—n. 14 XE STA. TEXAN IN -HANDS OF t T . S. AtiTHORTTIES PORT-OF'S?AIX. Trinidad. — Robert Jonc«. found by authorl- ti««e to b<? "on» and the *amc persons"" AX Arthur C. Wilson, accused of kiJUnp Mrs. Irrn? Horn. 7>xa.«, «v-«.s fn th« Livestock Pl«nta antf Queen of Dixie Poultry Feed* Sure Ntrff Stock F«td l*ouftr> Bird Bulk Blr<1 «nd Sup- and Puppy FocwJ Chl|tK*r Chaser, Ouarante«0 to Off HARRY BOOK GfMMl Jl»»- hsn<J« of Unit*«<J Stta Satnrday irlsrht. Th* «<»Jf-?tyIf<j Jon for Texas by way of New Or to fac» triist. Sheriff Anrf^r^cn and DSwtrict Attorney Roy Jnckson of KI Psii'o. T*x.. -Kill accompany him, Mr*. I>eBolt. Cl*v* !-»f: her Ohio home with Wilson. H*r nu<S« ^c^y was found !mt«r s«*rA*»n Rom. Jon**, who h«* lnsJ3"t*rt he the vietSm nf a ca»« o Id^ntUy, WR» ftrfeste^ tn British Guiana, after authorities h*d not- to a. of Tv'llsion. K. V'inc^nt Brown Rrant^l hi* extradition la*: month. GAS RATES CUT DALLAS. tf»>.—Th« Lone Star G*u» company «*id S»t«r4ay ir hu<s off«r«« city of XiT F»*o a r*- i?Unction !n «n* rate* which wouti a ravtnc or- about |40,tO» Sartorial Critic GOSH, T D1DWT SO U^sTti AMD A Smatshup SCORCHY SMITH

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