Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1961 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1961
Page 7
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, July to, Gadgets Are Important the World Over By SAM DAWSON AP Business N e ws Analyst NiiW YORK (AP)-You set a gadget thai keeps (lie roast from burning in the oven. In. troubled Kuwait or serene Aruba you would adjust an instrument to make sure that desalted sea water gets just the right amount of soda ash added, as needed, to make it tasty. The power generating plant thai supplies you with electricity lias-* 1 a device that assures a steady pulsing speed—otherwise your electric clock would never be dependable. Oilmen use autmoatic gadgets to move widely differing products through the same complex pipeline networks without mixing. Huge factories start or slop intricate industrial processes much as your thermostat turns the oven en Ski off to cook the roast to a turn, H may be a simple switching device to regulate your furnace heal or the most compliealed of electronic automation—it's known as process control. And the making of controls grows steadily and their variety multiplies—so docs the list of firms making Ihcm. There arc now controls to ride hci£on other controls as automa- iioii"sprcEicls through more industries. Annual sales of control devices arc cslimalcd at around $200 million. And this doesn't include the cosl of computers thai may be checking up on or improving Ihc operation of these mechanization Section Got the Attention DETROIT (AP)-Onc block of Trinity Avenue in a Detroit residential area received a lot of attention recently. Residents complained about holes in the pavement. Friday a city truck with a six- man crew spent more than six i hours filling the holes with as- jphalt. , Monday a paving firm crew showed up and started to tear up MOPt STAR,-MOM. ARKANSAS Pagt Scvtfl devices. "Computer control of processes is rounding out the industrial evolution which began when man discovered the principles of the lever and the wheel," says George E. Beggs Jr. He is executive vice president of Leeds & Norlhrup of Philadelphia, a veteran maker of control instruments. During World War I, L.&N. patented an experimental automatic control equipment, forerunner of the refined controls il now makes for industry. Many automatic controls arc involved in the space flights capturing today's headlines. But they have many down to earth uses, lo. They regulate not only temperatures, but humidity, pressure, air pollution, acidity, conccnlralion of flow of gas or liquid radiation, light intensity, mechanical loacv, weighl, size and speed. Plants such as in Aruba use a control instrument to measure Ihe alkalinity of the desalted water, and if il falls below Ihe standards of human taste the device signals a valve which adds enough soda asli to bring it up to the desired flavor. Relatively small gadgets can do some mighty big jobs. Light and Lovely Lemon Meringue Shell Fluffs EVERY DAY'S A FESTIVE ONE when the major meal is topped off wilh an especially pretty dessert that melts in your mouth. _ Here is one from the test kitchens of Jack Frost Sugar . . .delicious and just the right size to satisfy the sweet tooth without overdoing. MERINGUE SHELLS 6 egg whites 2 cups Jack Frost quick dissolving granulated sugar l',j leaspoons lemon juice Beat egg while until slid'. Gradually beat in sugar, 2 tablespoons at a time. Gradually beat in lemon juice. Beat until very stiff. Drop by spoonfuls or press through pastry tube on brown paper on a cookie sheet. Bake at 275°F for 40 minutes or until brown and crisp. Makes 12 shells. LEMON FLUFF « 2 tablespoons r't cup lemon juice • unflavored gelatin 1J;< cups sugar ! i cup cold water j 6 egg whiles 6 egg yolks "• J/i cup sugar Soak gelatin in cold water. Beat egg yolks and lemon juice together. Add sugar gradually. Cook in a double boiler, stirring constantly until thick. Add soaked gelatin and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Cool. Beat egg whites until stiff. Gradually beat in sugar. Fold egg'whiles into cooled lemon mixture. Pour into individual molds. Chill until firm. Unmold and place each mold into a meringue shell. • x-SSpp: the whole block, including the new repairs. The foreman said the company had a contract wilh Ihe city lo resurface the block. Louis J. Brinkman, a city street maintenance official, admitted "our general policy is nol to plug holes in streets if a city conlrac- slrcel." II apparently was "jusl one of those things," he said. Jack Dreams Up Movie and Kelly Directs BV BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer PAHIS (AD-There they were, Gone Kelly and Jackie Gleason, locked in deep contemplation. They wore pondering a scene in /Gigol." in which Kelly is direct- J»K Cllcnson. The set was (he hovel of the Parisian hobo, played »>• MIC- comic. The problem was how to prepare a (able to serve another resident of the place, n mmiso. "' Hiink he should lake this nig and wrap it around the bottle, like this." Gleason said, gesturing with a nourish. "To broad," Kelly commented. "It'll be a smash" Gleason insisted. "Kveii Mickey Mouse would waul to come to a dinner like this." Kelly suddenly grinned. "Imagine—two grown men trying to figure out how to serve dinner ID a mouse!" Thai is just one of the inanities i-oiuvrning this film. The idea was dreamed up by Gleason. if il .succeeds, il will be because of an odd wedding of talents —the precise, ballet-minded Kelly and Hie dilTk'ull-to-harnow Gleason. How are Ihey gelling along? "•lust jjreal." said Kelly. "One Hun;; 1 am'| understand: Why is jit thai every reporter tries' to work up n feud between us?" "Yeah, what's the matter with you guys?" Gleason growled. "I suppose feuds make news," Kelly said resignedly. "Why should they?" Glcnson demanded. "Why cuoldn'l they print: 'Jackie Glenson loves Gene Kelly'?" "Nobody would believe it," snid Kelly. "I've gol a great idea. One of (hose days when a reporter is on the set. we'll stage a real shouting match. That'll give 'em something lo write about." "Great," said Gleason, enthusing. "I'll tell them all about you. How you were such a lousy dancer thai Hila Hayworth had to make you look good in those old (accent on the old) pictures." "Thanks, pal, I can say a few things about you, too," Kelly said. But their enthusiasm waned, and they returned lo their original problem. "Now if I could set Ihc napkin here, and wail for the mouse to come out," said Gleason. "Imagine," Kelly sighed, "Two grown men ..." Tunisia Moves on French Base TUNIS (AIM—Tunisia moved today against Iwo French military bases in a showdown effort to clear Tunisia of French forces find secure a piece of the oil-rich Sahara. Troops and civilians massed along the land approaches lo Committee Plays Pirate With Schools . WASHINGTON (AIM—The House Rules Committee, enlarged to "protect" President Kennedy's legislative ship of stale, played the role of pirate loday as the new administration came lo the end of its first six months in office. .If the President' is chagrined about his (lelerioniling relations wilh Capilol Hill, ho can lay much of (he blame on the door- slop of the fommillee he helped reorganize after taking office six months AGO. It dealt him a telling blow Tuesday by shelving, probably for keeps as far as I'.Kil is con- France's sprawling naval base at Hi/erle at the northernmost lip of this North African nation. Some noo miles to ihe soulh "volunteers" were reported moving across the border inlo the French-held Sahara, headed toward a French desert post at Marker a:i:i, 2!i miles below (he frond'er near the rich Kdjele oil field being developed by Franco. The movements were launched after .France refused lo bow to Presldenl llabib Bourguiba's demand lo slarl negotiations by lo- day on a French withdrawal from Bizcrle. France retained Ihe use of Ihc base under a 1!)!>7 treaty. cerncd, n school aid bill ranked among Ihe top five Kennedy legislative proposals. The committee's action was by a vole of 8 lo 7. It affected not only the President's public school proposal but other bills for financial aid lo nonpublic schols and for loans and scholarships for college students. The President took an active, though nol open, part in increasing the si/e of the lulcs com- miltce early (his year in a move designed lo break Ihe control o^ a conservative coalition. His program was supposed lo have an lt-7 edge in Ihe committee which controls Ihe flow of legislation to Ihe House floor. But the so-called "packing" failed lo take into consideration religious as well as political undercurrents which entered into the school controversy. West Germany has spent: more Ihan $r>00 million during (he last ID years on road improvements and new road construction. LATE SHOW SATURDAY OPERATION EICHMANN Saenger THEATRE Ninety per cent of all tourists lo Mexico come from the Uuilet Stales, says the Mexican Govern- tor is about to resurface the ' meiit Tourist Department. •^—•^^^^"•^^^^^^••^^••^•^^^^M Fryers U. S. D. A. Lb. 20 PORK RIBS LU 39c GROUND BEEF 2 Lbs 89c BOLOGNA 4 HEAVY SMOKED ' Center Slices WEINERS 2 EL0bg 69c OLEO 2 ' Lb 59c 1.00 solids 33c SNIDERS Catsup Pineapple Coffee ZESTEE FOLGERS ZESTEE 14Oz. Bottle 300 Con Mcmdcifay Crushed or Sliced Lb. 15 25 69 BORDEN'S Starlac GRADE A BORDEN'S 77c Starlac Goblet Apple Jelly , 2 02 27c Goblet Grape Jelly . 2 Oz 29c ,20,. 99c COLE'S SmallEggs 3 D OZ 1.00 Fyne Pyne ,20. 37c FLAKY WHITE FLOUR 25.,, 1.49 REAL KILL BUG KILLER „, Bolllo 59c BAKE RITE 3 Lb. Can 73 € FRESH HOME GROWN TOMATOES POTATOES ib 12c 10 Ba g 39C FRESH HOME GROWN BUTTER BEANS CANTALOUPE 12c Lb. RALPH MONTGOMERY GROCERY & MARKET PHONE 7-3361 L. B. DELANEY GROCERY & MARKET PHONE 7-3701 ADORN HAIR SPRAY * TIP TONI HOME PERMANENT PRO DOUBLE DUTY TOOTHBRUSH 2 •RECK Plus Tax Plus Tax $1 WOODBURY SHAVE LOTION IIELCNE CURTIS REGULAR OR SUPER SOFT HAIR SPRAY VASELINE "15* OFF" •* CREAM HAIR TONIC IISTERINE ANTISEPTIC SECRET CREAM DEODORANT CREME RINSE ^$1 GILLETTE SUPER-BLUE BLADES 2 S% TRIG DEODORANT2 '- « 2 8 3 4-or. t* Plus Blls. * I Tax SIIVRKIN SHAMPOO PACQUIN DRY SKIN CREAM Bill. Sin 2 2 ° ST. JOSEPH Bll.. of 50 $1 4 Pigs. of 50 5 l J /< -or. t-t Bill. * I ASPIRIN j&j COTTON COSMETIC BALLS HEIENE CURTIS SHAMPOO PLUS EGG TEX HARD, MEDIUM OR SOfT TOOTHBRUSH _ 5 - $1 ANN PAGE 100% CORN OIL • Margarine ...................................................... c£29c PEACEMAKER Enriched Flour ........................................ 5 ^39c LA CHOY Chinese Noodles ............... 2 £?«• 29c LA CHOY VEGETABLE WITH Mushroom Chop Suey .............. . 34 <S; 49c LA CHOY VEGETABLE WITH Chicken Chop Suey ....................... 3 & 65c LA CHOY VEGETABLE WITH ,.< Beef Chop Suey .................................. 3< c™ 59c COTTON MENNEN SKIN BRACER COLGATE DENTAL CREAM BABY POWDER TABLETS ALKA SELTZER HEIENE CURTIS CREME RINSE STA-tlTE BRONZE O« MACK BOBBY PINS .3 2 ""Siro .3 2B r $1 4 ig«. Tub., HOME GROWN TOMATOES $1 $1 Plut \i& and (J&gjdatJkA ^ 19c 4 4 5 1 -y 4 -o Blk. 5 Each 25C Each 69C AP II "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY ZO IDS. GROUND BEEF A£ IT "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF Z3 IDS. CHUCK ROAST 50 Ibs. PLUS Wrapped for your freezer at no extra charge 15c Rib Roast Chuck Roast Stew Meat Stew Meat Short Ribs Ground Beef Sliced Bacon "Super-Right" Heavy Beef 4th, 5th and 6th Ribs "Super-Right" Heavy Beef Blade Cut "Super-Right" Heavy Beef Boneless "Super-Right" Heavy Beef Plate Ib. Ib. Ib. 49* 39' 59* HOME GROWN PURPLE HULL PEAS alOc PECOS CANTALOUPES HOME GROWN WATERMELONS HOME GROWN PEACHES U.S.D.A. GRADE A FRYER PARTS Legs or Thighs ,, t . 45< Breast or Pulleybone „ 59< Breast Quarters •,. 33* Leg Quarters fc . 33< Wings lb .19< Backs ^15* Ib. "Super-Right" Heavy Beef Ib. Ib. 1-lb. B.and Pkg. "Super-Right" Freshly Ground AHgood 29* 39* 49* U. S. D. A. GRADE A Whole Fryers BLUE STAR CANNED Chickens Lb. /A Lb. Can Each 25c Franks "Super-Right" All Meat 2^89* CAP'N JOHN'S I ROZLN CAF"N JOHN'S FROZEN Deviled Crabs v; 35^ Fried Scallops ^ CAP'N JOHNS FROZEN ^AP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Fried Shrimp >; a . 53"? Scallop Dinner _^ : 49* STOCK UP NOW DURING A & P'S BIG Health & Beauty Aid MIX or MATCH DOLLAR SALE Tax To* Pfui Tox

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