The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 9, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 6
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" . , - , . TOTS tlAIT.v DnniBTEn HADnrsoimr, n........«vn.. . Hearty Apfetttt* A family of flve eit§ fwne 0.900 outxU, or a little more than loot 5£ni o IBeliew 00 THIS TOMIOHT AT BEDTIME rub throat, chest back with VtpoRub. Relief-bringing action starts Instantly. WORKSFOR HOURS to relitvt distress. ease coughing and muscular soreness whit* you sleep! ' t»ven as you rub it on, Vlcks ;,t VapoRub starts-tpwk Twaysat once! Impenetrates to upper bronchial. tubes with special medicinal va- ~ pors. And it stimvlates skin surfaces like a warmin comforting poultice. VapoRub gives this penetrating- stimulating action.Tryit! Everything Under Control, Inventors Tell the CAA · A _ !A ««Att By IIARMAN W. NICHOLS United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 9-®**- The Civil Aeronautics Administration has been informed that everything is under control and ft can stop fiddling around with in from a suburb « tn' cav hr» has dope, he wrote, it couUl sendT a self-addressed envelope. A stamp- he CAA didnt. ed one. The CAA Puziled By This One . . · . A German wrote and said that now' that we're not »« many any more he felt turnover HIS lates t r hedange'r 1 out of flying-. It'll bP the biggest boon to aviation sfnce the biplane, he said. No longer will people have to worry about getting down after they get up Flights, he said, can be made in his plane in ram, wind mildly. The Frenchman was very mysterious, though, about his new flying machine works "If you have a real fast plane, he write to the CAA, "you'll get in it without delay and come to see me ahead of the competition. I' m not taking any chances on . ·"..*··· It's 'a mother plane .with - four to six little planes wade. Thfe carrier approaches « J' field, the pilot pecks aibutton a out drop all the little ·$·**·£ big- plane cruises ar°" nd ^ u 5 tlKf of the passengers, who bad been sitting in the little ·*£*»*« the flight, get out and ojhwj»f- sengers get in. Then mama- plane swoops down scoops up ner.brood and off into the blue she goes again. POTTED PLANTS Cyclamens Hyacinths Fancy Begonias Red Kalanchoes WHITE \- THE FLORIST Phone 993. We Deliver I l 5 I i t I S i 3 i 1 I i i 7 I'm not laKius «»".' ·»"""--- --patent rights, either, and I want my own witnesses there when you look over my model." Plays No Favorites The inventor added that his new mystery ship- plays no favorites. It will, he said, safeguard the lives of "crew as well as prominent and non-prommenc passengers." He signed his name to the letter and added a P. b.. "Safety First." For example, yesterday the CAA got a memo in Spanish from a man in Anasco, Puerto Rico. He wrote that he was grieved by all of the misery caused by plane crackups. In fact, so worked up tie had done something about it. Another new plane. . . . ,, , . This ship, he said, is kind of a two-ply affair. One plane on top of the other. The bottom one has engines and also carries all of the luggage. The top one--attached, of course--is where the people sit. Would Replace Parachutes Say, said the inventor, that you are flying from London to Isew York." Along comes engine ^rou- ble and the plane crashes m a swamp. (He didn't say how the pilot was going to find a swamp in the middle of the Atlantic.) "No lives are lost," he said, "because all of the folks are on the top part where they dont feel the jar, although usually most of the equipment is damaged!" The man didt explain things any further. A man from Holland airmailed, his plans for a gadget to take the | place of parachutes. His invention, he said, is neither a plane nor a 'chute. It's based on the counter-current-r o t o principle. That, he said, slows the speed of the fall and the jumper then comes down kind of on the bias-at a 60 degree angle. That gives him a chance to see where nes going so he can pick his own landing place. His invention is carried on the back, the Dutchman said, -and is about three times the size of a normal man. If the CAA wanted all of the The CAA doesn't know what to think of that one:. Mrs. Elmer Davis To Speak at Legion Auxiliary Meeting At a regular stated meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary, Tuesday evening, Mrs. John Swartz, and Mrs. Arthur Moore, Legislative and Americanism chairmen,- will present Mrs. Elmer Davis as speaker for the evening. ·Mrs. Davis will speak on the legislative measures that were brought up at the Churchman's Legislative N a t i o n a 1 Seminar which was held recently in Wash Son D. C. and which Mrs. Davis attended. -Mrs, Davis also will re count her visit to the Security Council Of the United Rations a tike Success, N: Y. and will el of- the- Council's plans for feeding children :in foreign countries. In-commemoration of "Americanism the subject which 60.000 Illinois Legion Auxiliary women^ are studying this month, Mrs. James Abraham Lincoln, a man cherished, maintained, and extended he instructions of. American : Special music for the will be provided by Miss m! Jean Douglas, who will Say a piano selection, and .by firs C W. Whitlcy, who will, sing ·My Kind of Pconlc." '" Junior high and hl8h sch ° o1 students throughout the nation are this month participating in the "Americanism Essay Contest" sponsored bv the American Legion AuxUiarv. A winning essay will bV selected from each school. Writers of winning essays on ' Our American Heritage--Lioeny, will {SSve awards from local auxiliary units after which their essays will bS submitted to the state. State "elections will then compete for rXSial. award of S100 Essays must be finished by April 1st. "Members are urged * attend Death Takes Mrs* John M. Herald, 76, Eldorado Resident Mrs. Josie Ellen Herald, 76, wife cf the late John Marion Herald, died at 11:30 p. m. Saturday ai . in Eldorado. A former of Kentucky, Mrs..Herald had lived in" Eldorado for the last 22 years Funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p. m. in the chapel of the Martin funeral home where the body now lies in state. Rev 1. b. Miller, McLeansboro, will officiate and burial will be in Elmwood cemetery near Equality. , Mrs. Herald leaves four children, Marion Herald. Eldorado; William Herald, Chicao; Mrs. Anna Eliza- Sen, Capehart to Otter New Plan for European Relief INDIANAPOLIS, Fob.9-- { TM~ Sen. Homer E. Capehart R., I n d , said today he would offer a new European recovery plan to the ben- ate as an amendment to the Marshall plan. Capehart explained his plan, based on an international reconstruction finance corporation, m a speech at Peoria, 111., last Saturday. Today he said he would offer .' . * L - o _ M « * A TTi«anr*rt Heraia, vmcagu, »"*. ·---- Sj if v, beth Drugaro. Wasson; Mrs. Edith Byhee. Chicago- a brother Luke Ratley. Hammond, Ind ;: and a - Mcmbcrs are urged to. attend Ratley Hammond, Ind.; ana a w*- the Tuesday evening meeting andj t c r Mrs- Ethe i Seagraves, Wasson. to bring .^th them their friends . __".---^ ty a i uu; lAJke, »*· · · * - - - - -- - Cf'NeU will give a biography of to onus «»i" ««vi«« »··«.« who are interested in coming. A social hour and refreshments will conclude the meeting. manufacturer, 'sold at Peoria that the Marshall plan failed to utilize the frc: enterprise system,which has been the backbone of Amcri. can economy; ' ·Capehart said the U. S. pulled out of its own depression of the 1930's by using the RFC, which financed private enterprise when private funds were insufficient to do the job. He proposed that each of the 16 nations to be aided under the Marshall plan set up its own RFC along the American pattern, cap. italized in part by investments by its own wealthy nationals and in part by a foreign branch of the U. S. RFC. ,, 1 'New Yorkers NEW YORK-- U? Stiperin- 1 (AlaY ue DUU* »*v .. v -- - -- ^ the plan to the Senate Finance committee as an amendment ana, if it fails to get approval, then, offer it on the Senate floor as an outright substitute for the Marshall plan. .Capehart aired his plan before the Illinois State Bar association after first presenting the details in an off-the-record discussion with _ .. » · _ 1 . _!«An** lrt^Hrt?*C Growth of Tariff The first United States tarlflt act w a« passed July 4. 1789. The responsibility lor setting TJ. S. tariffs is .expressly vested in congress by the .constitution. There are two main .kinds ol U. S. tariff rales; specific, so many cents per unit, and ad valorem, so much percent. age of-the value ot the goods imported. God Responsible for Gains: LeTourneau (Continued from Page One) E X Q U I S I T E I C A N D I E S Have a heart--«ive NORRIS Exquisite Candies, the. sweet sentiment she'* been hoping for! In «ay valentine dress, NORRIS Exquisite Candies express your sweetest thoughts, saying "Will you be my Valentine?" in an unforgettable mannerl RAY'S DRUGS was no natural reason why the business should have failed l realized I had made one mistake, putting off my giving. "My attorney came to me witn papers for receivership and said I'd better sign them. I didn't sign but went to a meeting where an appeal was being made for pledges for a missionary fund. How could I pay them money when I was facing : bankrupt^? I was six weeks behind with my P3 "But'l pledged to add the L9rd's money to the payroll and in a 'few weeks the payroll was coming through on time. I dare any-. body to put God on their payroll- Tide Then Turns "Then," he continued, a contractor paid me cash in aavance for machinery that was not even built yet. The tide had turned The creditors were paid in i full, and I began to give my testimony COMING TO HARRISBURG, ILL. ·- Friday, Feb. 13 Dr. H. J. Saunders M. D. --SPECIALIST-] At The ! HORNING HOTEL ~9 a. m. to 3 p. m. One Day Only! To Give FREE EXAMINATION 1 Learn the facts about your case; take advantage of this free offer fcow, because incurable compuca- Uons frequently result from ne- ea his talk! bv telling of his impending ph- Scal bankruptcy. He stated that he his wife and four youths who Formed a gospel quartet, were motoring through Tennessee on a: religious mission when their car and another, which cut into their path, collided head-on. Two of the youths and three persons 4n the other a f o ^ killed. LeTourncau suffered a crushed foot, a broken leg. a broken pelvis, and had his hip socket toSi^vav-: and his j w i f c a sc . w a s j badly hurt. He thought that he, his wife both were dying as; 3uQ "'3 «"*- ·»»·»·· ----- they lay beside the road. Let God Have His Way ^ "I called the youth who was hurt the less," Lc Tournc *» ^Jli "and lold him to sec tj«* OU children saw ihc way of God. didn't care about money then 1 , i I «^| 4 V ** w ·* * ·»··««·-- -«- w there and thought of suffered. If you ever gc. felect and delay. « Jesus sufferea. « « « » · · « * - · · i f Hundreds of persons from all a V isi 0 n of the Cross of Calvary, barts of the state have benefittcd ou - u ncvc r be the same again.. from Dr. Saunders' treatment for\* . Lct God have His way witn diseases of the stomach, heart, Jm c He'll work out all your pro, - j vin«)1«»T- Uvor catarrh. »_i _I_- *» QlSCaSCS Ol U»« OiViuavw, Jt.v*"-, kidnej-s, bladder, liver, catarrh, asthma, weak lung, rheumatism, Debility, leg ulcers and other chronic ailments of men, women and '' Dr Saunders treats without sur- Rical" operations enlarged prostate, hemorrhoids, gall, stones, goitre, tonsils,, female disturbances and blcms." The meeting was sponsored by the Harrisburg Ministerial alliance and the Rev N. C. Henderson, raptor of the Methodist church, W. Wallis, dcd The Rev. R W. , of the First Baptist church, STlS invocation and Charles A Ferguson sang a solo, ixrourncau was introduced, b U you oMm«* A.AVM* ««» j* » above named or similar conditions and would like to know what might be done for you without surgical operation, it will costjounothmg to find out On this tnp Dr. 'Saonders will give you Jus professional service* free of charge, .He -5m rive you a thorough exanuna- *tlon charging for medicines on«v Th cases accepted for treatment. Harried -women must be acconv 'iy their husbands. ,,_Js: 221 Fullerton Bldg. . Louis, Missouri, iXIj f V JL V/A»A^ "" · tendent of Schools; William Jansen ICIlueill ui uviiww.0 ·· , . reported New .Yorirt public; whool «»** »»·»·.----- business leaders reouricu ncw.*.v»«»«» »·------ , children have 500.000 school sav- i inuianuHviw w»»««~-w The Hoosier senator, a wealthy The Daily Register, 20c a week, ings totaling $8,000.000. bv carrier boy. HE BELIEVES IN k EASE Watch the American man at business or at pleasure, and you see a master at the art of relaxing. His knees fend, his legs stretch, his feet shift--he's looking for comfort. · And that's something our British Lounge M'odel Suit understands. It's tailored -with moving room. And whether you cross your legs or stretch them -shift your feet or turn your body-you do it with comfort. You also stand and walk with a new and pleasing appearance-^he tapered lines of the British Lounge Model give'you a trim and casual look that's definitely^flattering,It's a suit with an easy attitude you'll like-walking, standing, or sitting. Armhole--cut wider and higher. Let* arms move freely. Full Blade--For roomy ea»e acron back. Collar cut tow to huf neck. poa not rid« ovtr shirt collar. Sleeve Design gives comfort in action. Coat does not ride up. Wa^titne doi«n tlimi you down. Fun cut comfort. Fun-cut Crotch--Rootny con- fonrnns *c»t, MhTmuxes hunch- Jet. FuB 'cut Knee reduce* ' Coat Front--Un'rqae con- ttructioo of inner foundation make* coat »oft. pliable. BRITISH LOUNGE MODEL 60 and other styles in stock at $62.50 and $65.00. (Men's Store) ith^ assistant director' of the Lc Tou'rneauEvangelistic Center, New 'ork. Dissolving Casings New coatings for sausage and other meat products are being made from citurs peel and other fruit and vegetable wastes. This thin protective film ol good strength it so tender H dissolves on food that is boiled; It fried or roasted it can be eaten right along with the food 1 0 1 - O S - 0 5 - 0 7 N O R T H M A I N S T R E E T ··w lEWSFAPESr SlEWS.PAPE.Rr

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