Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on April 7, 1977 · Page 34
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 34

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1977
Page 34
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Economist Newspapers, WwlncMtay, April 6,1877 calorie countdown Casseroles and freezing: IHRT HAT tims ^^ MET BOT DOCS Cilorfe counters need not avoid hot dogs. If you eat them right, the calorie count Isn't all that bad All-beet hot dogs not only have the lowest calorie count of all the frank varie ties, they also give you the assurance of being made from wholesome, controlled ingredients Look for the all-beef specification no matter how or where you buy your dogs. These contain 145 to ISO calories each, depending mostly on slight variations in size. That's not a bad calorie count in itself, but franks are seldom eaten all by their lonesome, so let's check oat the calories in the products we're · What's in a bread' As milk, sugar, shortening and eggs are added to doughs in increasing amounts, the doughs become progressively richer, accounting for most of the variations in yeast products. This is what separates Italian, French and Vienna breads, doughnuts and sweet rolls, Danish pastry and Baba rum cakes. Italian bread has a very tow fat dough, a thick crust and compact texture. Bread sticks are made from this dough French bread, Me Italian, is low ID fat It, however, contains more sugar * » * Vienna bread contains fat, sugar and usually egg. This is the dough usually used for hard rofis such as likely to eat with them. First the bun. A bun bis about 12ft calories count up to about 210 per As to condiments, a tablespoon of pickte relish will add 24 calories. Chopped raw onion amounts to only 4 calories per two tablespoons. Cooked onions hi tomato sauce have about 15 calories per tablespoon. Sauerkraut has only 2 calories per tablespoon » you can pile that on without hesitation. Tomatoe catsup has 15 calories per tablespoon; yellow mustard has about 10 In a tafclespoon, and a tablespoon of spicy brown mustard has about 13 calories. i · club, onion, salt sticks and Kaiser rolls; however, Italian or French dough may be used. · * * Italian, French and Vienna breads all have a crisp crust because they are made with water, small amounts of sugar and are baked in the presence of steam. ( , , White pan bread Is the most familiar loaf of bread. When baked in a pan enclosed on all six sides it is called a pullmaa or sandwich loaf. Soft rolls are usually made from a rich dongh, containing milk, sugar, extra shortening and eggs. They include frankfurter, hamburger, Parkerhouse, doverlead and fan tan roQs. Save 20$ on Delicious liver Dumplings by Chateau the Real Surprise is the tasty nutrition and value you enjoy when you add a package of Chateau Liver Dumplings to your favorite chicken or beef broth For over 25 years the people at Chateau have been preparing Ltver Dumplings by traditional Old Czech and Bavanan Recipes Now you can buy Chateau Ltver Dumplings wherever fine frozen foods are sold two ways to save Your freezer can be a big help In preparing a meal. And when you freeze casseroles, you double the economy and convenience in half the Urn*. You can stock up on bargain, in-season Items and make meals in advance for that busy day when yon know there won't be tune to prepare a meal on the spot Better Homes and Gardens new Att-Time Favorite Casserole Recipes (hardcover, Meredith Corp., $2.95 re- tall) contains 189 oven recipes, many of which freeze beautifully. 'In addition, there are Ideas for family- pleaslng casseroles, dishes for one and two persons, cooking for a crowd plus vegetable and dessert casseroles. And, there are,tip boxes for serving and baking ideas, ideas tor casseroles from on hand and how- to information for preparing casseroles in a microwave oven. The following recipe for Ham and Mac Bake is Ideal for freezing: When you make ft, double the' recipe and prepare one dish for now and freeze the otberibr future me HAM AND MAC BAKE 314 ounces elbow macaroni (I cup) K cup butter or margarine K cup all-purpose flour " 2 T. brown sugar 2 T. prepared mustard M tsp. salt dash pepper , 2 cups milk 2 cups cubed fully cooked ham 2 medium apples, peeled and thinly sliced (2 cups) 1% cups soft bread crumbs (2 slices) 2 T. batter or margarine melted Cook macaroni In boiling salted water just till tender, J to 10 minutes; drain. In large saucepan melt itbe W cup butter, blend in Dour, brown sugar, mustard, salt and pepper. £dd milk all at once; cook and stir till thickened and bubbly. Stir In cooked macaroni, him, and apple slices. Turn mixture into a 2- quart casserole. Combine bread crumbs and the 2 tablespoons melted butter, sprinkle over casserole. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for about 35 minutes. Makes 6 servings. WHOLE · ; MAINE ( LOBSTER MEDIUM LOUISIANA 3Lb. Bog SHRIMP $199 I THUttS. FRI. SAT. SUN. MR. SHRIMP FISHERIES ·WHOLESALE OUTLET TO YOU 63rd A HARLEM 586-9000 Shrimp Clams Frog Ltgs Perch 20C COUPON 20C| Flavorful and Nutmtous CHATEAU LIVER DUMPLINGS Tn CrntitTTT' Thr T*dv*rW p« (wk^ An* *iN*t «** "»*· wdrcm (M C"upwi K J"* ptos 5C handl^ rrung*- * tu*v trtailrd t'J fitnsunwi ivfif package vl Ch*t**t» ot batch cui coupon* VTMd C«h \t\vr 1 20 oJ 1C Void *4feur tnvticrti.rtJtitn|fTM«h«tfnuHJ * 137 WtM C*TM*fc fhurf Cl«».ni1i»h 20* Olta£«pt«»Dee«nberJl,I977. Casserole Ham Bake Eater's Digest By MKVIS RICE Ancient legend has it that berb, sage, strengthens memory, so the word often refers to a wise person with a long memory Ufat may be nothing nut legend because, while it's true that sage was used in medicine, [he word itself comes from the Latin meaning safe, on account of the beating virtue of the plant. Mostly, It's used for seasoning sausage. Now, there are sage bens and sage sparrows and sage rabbits and they're so- called because they feed on sagebrush. A sage apple Isn't an apple at all but a large pimple on the sage plant Insects cause the pimple when they bite into the sage. It seems they like it, too. Another couple of herbs and that come to us from Europe are "oregano and marjoram. They're said to be cousins, and both are in Fact members of the mint family Oregano was once referred to En early cookbooks in America as wild marjoram. The actual wild species of marjoram is native to Europe but has been naturalized over here. Oregano is Spanish-American '* Ifofiet THE WORLD'S NUMBER ONE CITIZEIMS ACAIN COMING TO ENTERTAIN YOU ON Gowdesa del Map The Bob Hope Show With Dinner $25 up CICERO AVE. at 122nd ST. tor its original name, origin, and it makes a good flavoring for pizza Marjoram Is the more Colorful of the two, having been used historically for medicinal and religious purposes. It's only been used for cooking in the past hundred years. Basil, another member of the mint family, got its name from the Greek word for king It's popular as an English boy's name. Holy basil is a tropical basil in India, sacred to Vishnu, a god in Hindu theology, whose latest human incarnation is Krishna Chervil is a real happy herb--its name means "a leaf that rejoices." The herb, Rosemary, used in cooking, in making perfume, and in naming girl babies, has always been conventionally a symbol of remembrance and constancy. Thyme- was once a symbol of elegance to the ancient Greeks. It is said that cats like to roll in a bed of thyme A favorite of early American cooking, thyme has been .most popular in turkey dressing. Tarragon is another herb and it got its name from the Latin word for a small dragon^ How about seasoning your next stew with a baby dragon? Those are herbs that come mostly from Europe, but many aromatic seeds are grown here and In South America as well as in Africa, India and Europe. Coriander is one and it's used in medicine as well as in cookery. It's also called Chinese parsley. Poppy seed comes from the-same plant that produces' opium, but Ibe seed doesn't form until after the plant has matured and lost its opium (putties, so thr no narcotic element in poppy seed. Celery seed comes from wild celery, related to the parsley family, and according to one authority, is not related to table celery. Another source states that wild celery was th« ancestor of today's popular cultivated celery. As early as 1300 B.C., wild celery was ased to decorate many of the mummies found in tombs in ancient Egypt. The early Greeks and Romans made a medicine from wfld celery seeds, which they thought could purify the Wood. Ancient Romans considered "celery another form of parsley and in fact its name was derived from the Greek ord for parsley. Maybe we ought to switch to a bit of dessert. How about a doughnut? Here's one more story about how the doqghimt got its hole. That Maine sea captain's tnVlher, back in J803, made doughnuts which her sen sold to his crew to ward off scurry and colds. When the sailors didn't take ill on the long sea voyage, they attributed it to eating the doughnuts. Mom put rich nuts in the in the center to prevent them from getting doughy. The petmy- wte Captain wanted to stop his mother from using expensive walnuts and hazelnuts, so ne had a circular piece of tin made with a hole hi the middle, which his mother used to punch out boles in the doughnuts. If you're planning to serve doughnuts tonight, and you live in Oak Park, HL, be careful how many .you fry today. There's an ordinance against frying more than one hundred of them in a single day} FRESH DAILY ^ wow out OWN CAKES FOR All OCCASIONS! ·WBWHO EASTER SPECIALS! OptnTuei ThraSot 6A.M toAPM. Swndoy.oAM l*2*M CtMMt MI Monday PHONEt SM-19W OVEN FRESH MEAD, SOUS, COFFEE CAKES, PIES ANDCOOKTES. YtAt" A COMPUTE UNE OF CREEK ft FRENCH PASTRY, SPOMONI »"" - WHIP CREAM CAKES, PIES A.itf fei «1ATUK PASTRV PURE CHOW ^E ^STER BASKETS FILLED Whr ITER COOKIES! asn* tu**, unt$ urn man mat asm mm. OLYMPIA BAKERY 9342 S. Robtrts Rood Juttkt, IN. ON A RICHER TASTING CUP OF COFFEE. Recently, in separate home taste tests, dark, sparkling Folger's Crystals was compared to each leading freeze-dried coffee for richness-and Folger's WOR! Nearly everyone tasted a difference, and of those who did, most chose Folger's as richer- tasting. Now here's a 75C coupon to help you try Folger's Crystals in your own home taste test- and see for yourself that FOLGER'S CRYSTALS TASTES RICHER THAN ANY LEADING FREEZE-DRIED COFFEE. T A K E THIS C O U P O N T O Y O U R S T O R E SAVE 75 ip QZ D B OP nvn ? I N S T A N T THE FOLGER COFFEE CO *WHF I 9 A-SPAFLRi

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