Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 28, 1942 · Page 5
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 5

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1942
Page 5
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, Saturday, Mavch 28, 1942 • /OfaT4343 For The AvoIancFie-Jourrtel Offices 434 "T E _. ... ; Of The •-.(- 'I^tes, RuJei »ne ReQuuemeoU X .,"" . C.'as&ifled Advertisint Of The " Lubbock Evening Journal .Lubbock Morning Avalanche Sunday Avalanche-Journal _ laveru-ing «ui »ppe»- is ..both, the Morning and Alternoon papers, .both: papers counting one Insertion. All classified tdvenlsing H printed In tbr " Lubhock horning Avalanche first »na ills Daily Journal of the date, no ' classified eric'njiriru.- in th* Afternoon '• p paper. nj&ssiiiett lor Sunca^'s issue viU appear •• IB the Ava!*nc-e-Journ».l eountlnc cne - -tnjertioo as the paper li «_n5 to -U _tib- scr.beri of botb the afternoon &bo morning paperc EFFECTIVE JAA'OARI JS, 19M AVAUJ-VCHE-JODRNAL Combined Rites 10 Word 1 (la?, per ward 2 days, per word 3 days. per \rord 4 days, per cord 1 days, per word — fe — 6c IOC lie , _______ ___ r»t«a for cons«cT.ti»e insertion. only. All oal-cf-town adj reeelrtd by mall must . bftcajh with ofd*r. No exception. "NO REFUND" OB :>d jtoDBrd aft«- H ba< ' appeared in paper. DIAL ts*S Our dperttnced ad taker Till r»ttlTC your '. ad ahrl nelp you to wor* It teen w ' collector will -call the toUowwg daj. •THESE ACCOUNTS ARE "ACCOilMODA- ' TION ACCOUNTS" FOR O0B PATRONS AND FOR ONE DAY OHWT. ; tfo advertisements accepted on an "until .. forbid" order. A specified number o* In-. ftertloQs'xnust b« given. •We reserve the rjjht to place an adyer- ' tlseaient tinder the proper clusttlea- tlon and reject nccJ^an or objectionable .' eopy. Obituaries ana cares o; t**n>ri at regular claisKl^d advertiiLCi rates. Tha p-ibllzbers are nor responsible lor eopj omissions, typographic*) errors or *EJ> unintentional error that may occur lor- ther thsn to correct It nert isaue after It Is brought to their attention. An ad• tertiilng orden ars accepted on this basis only. The Aralacche~Journaj can not to rtspon- «ib)e Jor more than oo» incorrect Insertion ol a classified ad. Advertisers should _ check their sds oa first day ot publication and l»medl»ttly notify the Classified Department K any mistakes occur. ClastUled Advertlslnt accepted nntll *:00 . p. m. en weefc days and Satnrdaya. For : classified display adrertlslar information— . •• • . . UtAL «M3 -TO D1SCONTINTJE AN AD Notice to Discontinue an 'Ad must be cir«E after I *. m. and befort C p. m. to lonii member of the Classified Advertise raeai Department. We eannot be re*ponjl- ,bl« for notlc* nlven before or after tbett hocri, and to members of some other Notice To The Public The Avalanche-Journal Is a Member »l ths Association of Newspaper Classified AdrerMsliig ilanagerj, irhlcli Inolcdes lead- teg Newspapers throughout the e»untry sad his si Jtf aim th* ellmlnatfec of fr«»eraient Uk4 •Weadlnr Classified Ad- Announcements 1—Lodges and Societies LocSgB No. SU A- f. and A. M." Stated 'communications tilt First Friday nlsbt e«ch month. JOHN H. FOKTWOOD. W. U. HUGH 1. McCimUAH S*cret»rr. 2—Floral and Ifuraery Lsrga StocS ot Smooth, Straight ' CHINESE ELMS and other-shade trees. RED BtTD: Bloom- Ins «Iz» 50o to S1.50 KnaUer sizes 15c and up. . Ennrteia, FlbwerloK Shrubs, Bulbs, Etrasherrlei KERSHNER NURSERY % ML E. ol Ave. H on Slaton Highway VIGORO your yard cow with Vlgoro lor .the best results. No Veed iceds no foul oaors—easy to apply. .COSrPABE OUR PRICES AND Q0ALITT ZOD CAN'T BEAT THEM •Klce Nandeni»». Ptitzti Juniper* •Ircra - \Chlneie ••Elms : '_ 98c op •Klca Fruit Trees, SOt each or $5.00 DOZ • Stratrberry Plants. Best e-^ CA Eveibearing. 100 for _ ^^.3U : Many other ' items on »al« not listed. TEXAS FLORAL CO. Lubbock's Leading Florist : and Nuiseryman T22Q7.2Ist-.Sl.,_ _. Dial 8551 ^ WHfiKIDE NURSERY Gee <a for select nursery stock tnclndinf shade; and fruit trees, shrubs, eversreens »nd. 30 varieties of roses. FREE LANDSC.irE A>fD DELITERT . . • SERVICE MUe North ol Tcch'Collej* on Uttlefield .: . .' -" Highway. -" • . TTLEE ROSES :rou.can. now pick from the-largest rar- ,icty of-Roses !a West Texas. See our it- IctlSaKs- before ,Tou , buy. -The prices are r ripnt; -Naudcna. . P.vracanths. Panscs. In Tact a complete line of nursery stock that ie you -yonder how «•« tell to •'... Hub Nursery '. ; -..ais-iath st. BAKER BROS' NURSERY ' Complete stock : Ask us for complete PLANTING GUIDE 2 mi. on Slaton Highway' Dial 4521 EVEE3EARE.-a Otni. best itraxbtrry irnoTn. 100. 51.35 prepaid. L. w. £GC. Route C. BIG MASTODOS tT-: T bEarins bcrry planet chtap. Zin\ j-?soa. - SEE Z. L. EVAKS Nursery. Siiillciwatcr xcxas Tor state la'.cd hoxc gro^n berry plants, plumb and the—y trees •3—^Lost and Found LOST: New Itit. dart pigskin lady's glove nze 7. in cosrn, Thcrsday. DIM S183. 4—Penonal Notlcea READINGS from Arnyc entirely <Siffei- cnt 1512-Hih. Dial 7S73. PATROVIA Astrologist' and Psychologist >-t;;n advice on basincsi, lert, raarriije Special Readings 50c • Hi;r5:.18 a. ra. to R, p. n. r daily Kin Are. .T, ApirlTne-^t B POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The Avalancije-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names ol the following citizens as Candidates for office subject to the action of the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday. July 25. 1942 FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 119th District Hop Halsey FOR CHIEF JUSTICE, Court ot Civil Appeals (7th Dist Arnarillo) E. C Nelson of Potter County J. Ross Bell- of Childress County FOR • DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District • Burton S Burks, Re-Election) FOR DISTRICT COURTS CLERK Royal Furgeson. CRe-ElectiorO FOR SHERIFF Tom Abel, (Re-Election) J. W. (Woodson) Boyd FOR TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B. Bryan, CRe-Electlon) FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Ralph Brock (re-election 2nd term) FOR COUNTY SCHOOL SUPT. Roy Boyd Claude L Hale, CRe-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D Allen, (Re-Election) R. L. Hooten FOR COUNTY JUDGE G V Pardue, (Re-Election) FOR COUNTY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coleman (Reelection, 2nd term) FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 G K. Horton, - (Re-Election 2nd Term) Barrett Penney PRECINCT 2 Ben Mansker, (Re-Election) C Z. Fine PRECINCT 3 Edgar E. Gray, (Re-Election 2nd Term) T. L. Holt Ottis Isom PRECINCT 4 Newton Stokes, (Re-Election 2nd Term) V. J Farris M. J. Barton FOR JUSTICE OF PEACE PRECINCT 1, PLACE 1 Walter Davies PRECINCT I, PLACE 2 D. W Robertson J. T. Inmon, (re-election* FOR CONSTABLE P--.ECINCT NO. 1 T. E. (Chief) May • CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action ot the City of Lubbock Voters in the Election on April 7. 1942. FOR MAYOR Carl E. Slaton, Re-Election FOR COMMISSIONER Place 1 W B. (Bill) Price, Re-Election Place 3 Hub Jones, Re-Election Announcements 4 — Personal Notic es MADAM BETH, READER ay. 2322-lSih MADAME CORIENE READEE Consult me today about your IOT. mar- rla|b or business problem/ Pains readinEs trici-. Readings 50c and up, »15 ATE. 1, -,.., j.---- Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors STEEL Ornamental Iron ol mil tincX Porch r»n» »nd lanj fences. Wlr» work ch»ra Unt tence*. - - - . LUBBOCK STEEL WORKS 21« ATB. o dial SI61 LUMBER Pay Cash and Pay Less 2x4, 2x6 F.H.A V quality A . » ft per 100 ft. S4-70 2x4, 2xB V«t«*w No 3, per 100 ft. 1x6 rough fencing Slaters Felt per roll 15 Ib. Felt per roll 30 Ib. Felt per roll Atlas While per sack Cement, Fresh, per sack $3.50 $4.50 10x12 eight 11. •wds . each 8x10 eight It. wds., each '/< inch Sheet Rock per 100 ft. Wall rile .paper per roll 2x4, 2x6 Bull Pen ^« ft Special, per 100 ft. V&*73 Avinger Lumber Co. 126 Ea.l Broadway Lubbock. Texas $2.11 $1.79 $2,11 67c $1.58 $133 $2.45 99c h th v "i"*" 5 iwreara-connw .che-j<rurTUf» for sale Want A RESULT NUMBER" To Buy, Sell, Trade Or Rent Anythb °I^J1E RECORD ..... _ ,. '--... ByEdRe»J Ft^l™™^* -- ir^,^. -- -TTT— TT - -, - -- — -- Employment 'She's really doing her bit—She could get fifty thousand tor those love leters but she's just saving the paper for de fense." Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors . BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY 619 13fh DIAL 5718 WALL PAPER SALE Room Lot $1 Up 80 new 13.2 patterns to select Irnin. Good wallpaper canvas, 1270 U O /I weight, per yard O •J-'iC WALLR1TE BUILDING PAPER New beautiful patteras. i'oo c . CA ft. rolls $ I OU Rene our Johnson DeLuxe floor Cft polisher, per day OUC Rent our new Big Chief HiTeo t-j p/\ floor sadder, per day 3>>3.3U Refinish your floors at low cost. ^ GOOD CHEAP HOUSE PAINT saflon $1 .49 Red Barn *., o c paint, pal. -|> I .2.3 Lowe Bros, high standard <t •} OC house paint, sal. -?O.Zj Linseed oil, a-n n j- pure, eal. .? 1 .X.J HOG WIRE 26"-6-14'.i. 20 red rolls, each 32"-6-H'.=. 20 rod rolls; each" l._ 32"-12-12',i. 20 rod roll $6.95 __— $7.75 $7.95 20-4S-6-14'.a poultry and rabbit fence. 10 rod roll, £, O r- cach . , -pO.O.) 23-60-6-H 1 ^ poultry and rabbit ifo on fence, 10 rod roll, each ^JO.jij • BULL PEN S"-5T J 3 ?* ttp <!os ho " J ". painted white. ^Vill dehver 1n city CO OR limits for, each <?>O.7.> 3 odd size ne-* (j--| doors, each -? I . Ten 100 Ib. spools. 2-ji!y twlsred i-'j cable wire, per roll Lumber, all kintSs. Pick 1C out 2x4 to 6x5. per hundred - _ <0.000 It.. '.» yellow pine shiplap. per hundred CEMENT PER SACK, . . . 69c V«-lnch fir wall board. . tf->i CA per 10(1 sq. ft. . -^H.OU Gold Bond oriental stucco <t i O A per 1QO Ib. sack . «p I >"U Call us for 'competent carpcn'.crs ar.d painters. BOWMAN LUMBER CO. Your Friendly Lumber Dea'.er Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractor's surfaced GEO. W. GRAY LUMBER CO. CASH & CARRY No Charge Sales .No Deliveries $3.00 $3.75 .90 $1.10 $1.35 $2.00 $1.50 $1.75 $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 $2.50 Above prices subject to stock now on hand and subject to change without notice GEO, W. GRAY LUMBER COMPANY Doors . 5-panel, any size . Red Peace (4-fO 50-foot roll t_ 35-lb. Roll Roofing 45-lb. Roll Roofing : . 55-lb. Roll Roofing 00-lb Roll Roofing, slate 100-lb Sack Asphalt Asphaft Felt Per Roll __"__.. J /4-in. Gypsum Board 96-in Gypsum Board V^-in Gypsum Board Vi-in Liner Board _____' 4th & College Texas & 23rd 7—Business Opportunities LUBBOCK IRON & METAL CO. NEW— STEEL —D8ED Windows. Stairways. ' Angles. Channel! Beams 1811 ATB. H Dial «3 CAPROCK LUMBER CO. 13th Streti and Avenae O. 3.1« and 2xg Yellow pine Dial 5553 .$3.50. .$3.00 Slightly "croo'-Ed *li* B »ad Better ty. Beaded ceiling and petition «p*t. 50 It. Goodyear hose With connections Good used '/t lach ply-board Paln-eci on two tides Master Painter's lead I'.no i Per gallon White House paint _• Good straight Pasts, each $3.98 $3.50 per sal. 15c ft—Beauty Parlors BON TON BEAUTY SHOP Pennanects -with latest stylo leather hair ship.'o?, &n _;,<k onlt .p^.3U.- d D n DATI. S031 NESTLE BEAUTY SHOP 6 OPERATORS FREE PARKING 906 16th St. Dial 4542 SPR.XG PERJ.ANEN-T SPECTAI.S S6.50 permanent <fQ rr\ wava . . -t>O.jU WATEt, BEACTT SHOP JCO.-15tfi St. D! al 8112 HAtBERT'S BEACTS SHOP "; e r «'" «nd Are. M Dial 3-3ZS1 Sandcrit 0:1 ._ $1 on S3.00 permanent ji';,o $5.00 prrmaricnt «»'w Plain »hampoo und tct .*"sjo 8 — Business For Sale ntn» paa Butane plant, .\fatt-.c Sch^arz. SouthUr.d. Texas. -a Butane OK TRADE groccrr MQck and Ilsturcs for fam equity. Call '2-1614. BOOH SANDWICH Shop for f.-.'.c or trace Avrn'Sc H. WANTED Pa.-tner In the insurance division of our business. Attractive proposition to right party. $1800 will handle deal. 1. D. CASEY & CO. Insurance. Leans. Real Estate. Abstracts 1623 .Broadway Dial 9133-9354 8—Business For Sale FOB SALE or trade beauty shop and huild- ing In Sundown. Dial H',2. -..I.*, uuiioirig. uomg a good city business and also a contract at th- Air Base poor health In the JamUv r-->i> ™^!-L n ^'_-J RALEIGH MARTIN Over J. c. Penney Co. • Phone 7181 For Sale - ln Texas 10 —^Tailors, Hatters, • Laundries Finest Quality Cleaning SUITS or PLAIN DRESSES PANTS 13—Help Wanted, Male WANTED: Experienced waiter, 10 hourt ».0« dally. Green Hut Cafe. r.»mes». ' WHITE woman help with homework fo"lo Corpui Chrintl. Dial 2-S932,- 12:8 Broadway. IOC Caih and Cwrry STINSON'S 1708-10 Bdwy See Us For Cleaning Of Your Rugs and Upholstering Lubbock Laundry Dial 6651 1001 Ave. G WMtworth Cleaners 1315 Texas Ave. Dial 4562 All Work Guaranteed Announces at New Services MORRIS PICKUP STATION 1303 College Ave. 10-B—Professional Service DR. J. W. PHILLIPS SZ7 Lubboc* OENItST L B]ig. LTJE.EOCK DI»1 J-3J01 12—Woman's Column to volt « you « ant lo .^cll somcthlnst. Phone 13 t day "* 3 '°' J 13-A—Help Wanted, Fejnale WANTED: A-l, experlertcd, readyvto-ii-t»r ialnlsdy for ladfM «tore. State rfferences and lull particular*. Write Box 60, Avar lanche-Journ«l. Financial WANTED: Two experienced walt-isse., H?.iO yeekly. Green Hut Caff, Lam»,». , NU "?. for Seneral duty. Writ. 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional . Our courses prepare you for immediate employment in aircraft factories, and are based on requirements of aircraft industry. Combination shop, classroom and texts. Due to elimination of high salesmen's commissions, our lo'w carrying charges for time payment students' ability to continue with employment on regular jobs while learning, no transportation costs no board and room problem when living at home, we are in a position to quote you much lower tuition fees than other trade schools and still offer an efficient course LEARN IN LUBBOCK — SUPPORT LOCAL INDUSTRY. Qualified instructors, excellent facilities. Visit our offices, shops and cla^s- rooms, and SEE "FOR YOURSELF. DO NOT HEED SALES AGENTS'. EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS. Phone or call in person for interview. DAY AND NIGHT COURSES TEXTS, UNIFORMS, TOOLS, INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION. There is a demand for graduates at once. Women 18 to 40, Men 18 to 55. OWNED AND OPERATED BY LUBBOCK INTERESTS Aero-Crafts Institute 1400-02 Avenue J Lubbock, Texas Phone 2-2272 CAN QUALIFY YOU U.S. CIVIL SERVICE DEFENSE POSITIONS At starting salary of appropriately $1,900 per year and paid vacation. Requirements Age 18 to 55 l-A draft classifications not acceptable. Must be willing to accept position anywhere in United States where Civil Service Commission wishes to . station you. Physical eamination waived for well-qualified applicants. Ask Any FRYE Student JACK N. McCRARY MGR. LUBBOCK OFFICE 1620 Broadway Phone 8301 S33LLED workers In greatest demand today ars WELDERS for aircraft and ship yards »nd other national defenss plants. My sjstem will prepare you In a lew weeks. Dial 8165 at night or sea mo at -Bro»ftway. MAST WEUEiG SCHOOU •14—Situations .Wanted CARPENTER work, pslntin?. paper-h&ng- iag, -llrat clMj-trorfc. Phone 5223, after 5. GplL irtil wort nights for room, board -Mle attending school. Call 4S4.0. WANTED: Bookkeeping or offica -s-ork. Qyerlenced »nd over dralt age. Phone 2- !6—City and Farm Loans CARPETTrER work. paintlRK. aer-jn*- ing. first clasj -K-orfc. Dial 2-26S3. H13-I0th. WANTED: Position as hostesr. saleflady or ^Mhler. WiH leave c!t r . Write Box id Ava'.anche-Jcurnal. ""«» wanl * Part-time lie attcndlns school. Dial 5545. FOR PKATICAI, nurslns. car e for children. Dial Nurses' Club. 9818. Financial City and Farm Loans For Your Own Defense Repair Your Home We Win Finance and Insure) It »_ Read & Bondurani Complete Insurance and Loan Service 1210 Avenue J DIAL 7455 REAL ESTATE LOANS Farm loans Cisy Lisas 1'. H. A. Loans RANCH LOANS Sea u* tor loam. GEEE.V BROS. Lubbock Hotel Bldz Dial 7223 F.H.A. loans to Imcrovw Briley&Jay Room 20*, coaler Bids. P. O. Box 221. Dial 6411 CITY, FARM OR RANCH LOANS SI W IT 13 A GOOD LOA.N » CAM 41AKB IT CLAUDE B. HURLBUT Clttoeot NafL Baolc Blag. _ Dial K12 16-B—Money To Loan Money To Loan Diamonds, watches, suns, radios, typewriters or anything ol value, LICENSED AND BONDED PAWNBROKERS GEM LOAN & JEWELRY 1203 Broadway Dial 8761 SMALL SECURED LOANS 510.00 to $75.00 WESTER "Banker to the Multitude" Room 2 Upstairs, 1009Vi Texas LOANS $5 to $75 Your Signature Onfy For Easter & Auto License $10 Loan __-_ $1.00 weekly $15 Loan $1.25 weekly $20 Loan $1.40 weekly $30 Loan ____ $1.75 weekly $40 Loan $2.40 weekly $50 Loan $2.95 weekly $10 Also $100 £urniiure and Auto Loans Quick. Confidential Service PLAINS FINANCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Aye. L . Dial 6942 $5. StO. $25. 550. « OR MORE • FOR EASTER FOR AUTO TAGS DIAL 4378 Today -- Don't Delay FAIR FINANCE CO. 204 Leader Bldg. llrj4 Bdwy. Over J. C. Penney's L DIAL 4971 0 A N S Up to IF YOU NEED A LOAN RIGHT NOW! MONEY FOE TAXES - TAGS - BILLS Or ,Any other worthwhile need will be advanced within ten. minutes-after application is taken Peoples Miscellaneous 18—Furniture For Sale TOP PRICES paid for useri furmtur* Bain Furniture. 1811-lSUi. l>.«i HIGHEST cash blooera oa lued furnltur* 111J-13U) Harold GriHiih O1H 3-3HI Highest Cash Prices PAID rOH USED FOE.VirUHE PLAINS FURNITURE CO. Phone 4571 CUT RATE PRICES OH NEW FURNITURE 2 PC. Davino Suite _>r*>_ *»i» Wine Velour $59O» 2 PC. Living Room £<*« ** Suite $37»5C 2 PC. Bedroom Suite, A« M M A walnut _i_-_ $37»5C Floor Lamp, I.E.S. A- A J Including Bulb 55«^J Fibre & Wood ~ A- jjk Mothproof Wardrobe yZtT? High Chair, red or £«* ne Natural finish ?Z*7C Platform Rockers, <.*«.*-»_ Tapestry ____. $10.75 Throw Rugs, Wool, x__ aY-'xa*" .. 69C Furniture Dept. Upstairs W, D. WILKINS & CO. 2209 Ave. H 'Cheapest Price's on South Plains Livestock 19—Livestock For Sale 18 PIGGY sows and. one boar for sale Inquire Associated Iron and Metal Co lin and Ave. O. Dial 2-3942 ' HEAVY springer Hoisteln 'heifer. R H Lowrcr,- 2 miles south on Slide road. 23 PIGS from $7.00 to Sll.OO each. E B Lackey. 2>A miles East Lubbock. REGISTERED Hampshire sow for ssle Clmon Barrier. Route 1. Dial 21F2. FRESH M5LK GOATS. College nve. Yellow- house canyon. 6 to 7 evenings. KEETON PACKING CO, Free removal of dead horses cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect See Us For Keeton'a Western Brand Tankage We pay highest prices for hogs. Highest Prices Paid For Cattle — Horse Hides, Sheep Pelts, Wool, Tallow. KORTEX HIDE AND PRODUCE CO, Dial 4442 East 19th an 0 Santa p t flacKs 19-A.—Poultry & Supplies COX HATCHERY Remember. Co* Chicks Don't Cost, They Pay 1111 Avenue P L0BBOCK. TEXAS S«s us Tor 12 breeds oJ the finest chickens It's cheaper to pay more for, something better. . 5 Delivery days "TDESDAys AND FRI?>.i i, bU L h i™ plenty already started chicks on hand. Complete line of Poultry Remedies, also exclusive RED CHAIN FEED DEALER. QUALITY HATCHERY 347 Avenue H undo Bam needs tnora sggj tot aelenn You can supply them with pullets from" Hocksl " d " Ilan " n fed fr " ™ MURPHREY'S SUPERIOR CHICKS Wltb jears ot breeding experience nehlna them. Prom carefully culled and blood- Friday. aJS BaC " 1T MURPHREY'S HATCHERY 1SS4 Ave. H D1& , POULTRY WANTED No. 1 Fryers, l?i to 2',i ibs. .: _ ->-' c No. 1 Hens, all ____ __ 16 ,. nn , 16M I9tb 19TH ST - Dial 3-2051 FINANCE CO. 407 MYRICK BLDG. Miscellaneous 37—Instruction Classes MORE Jobs offered thin we can filll ew condensed secretarial cnurse. prepares o.uiclciy. Draoshon's 18—Furniture For Sale WE WANT To 3uy Tour rjsed Fnrnlturt EAST SIDE FURNITURE 1105-Afe. Dial 2-3362 T oha Edile Sellers Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE Comrl?te ttocS rurr.lture. Elovts. . We tratJ* fcr Rnrt ouy your tsscd fumlnsre. SSI-nth. DU1 3-2131. Spikes-Sellers FURNITURE NO. 2 Billy Splices, r.tgr. ??E WANT TO tl\:\- OR TRADE VOrR V SF.r. FCRNII-CRE ..50 A coinplric stccic new tumlliirc. 1214 Ave. H. Di.ll 6!<;2. SAVE ON WARDS GRADE A BABY CHICKS White Leghorns Barred Rocks Rhode Island Reds In stock! Other breeds available. BUY ON MONTHLY TERMS! Montgomery Ward's Farm Store J31h St. and Texss AT*. BABY CHICKS I-- N OP EKG- LEGHORNS AND ADSTRA WHITES 0 "" 6 " STARTED and MRS, VANCE'S HATCHERY AND LEGHOR.I FARM Shallowstfr. Texas FOB TOCR TOP MARKET PRICES ON POULTRY, EGOS & CREAM INDEPENDENT PRODUCE & COLD STORAGE 2427 Ave H Dial « Q7 Livestock 19-A—Poultry & Supplies THE LUBBOCK HATCHER* Is hatching lots of cMcks and havt lots ol started chicks. Come and get them. East .of Fairgrounds. B- \V. SIMS itality Let Swift's premium quality baby chicks lead you to victory with greater poultry profits in 1942. Swift's Chicks ' Are Healthy Chicks Swiff Halchcry, 506 Ave. H " Lubbock. Texas POULTRY WANTED No. 1 Fryers, MV to 2V. Iba. All No. I Hens ; Roosters over 5 Ibs. No. 1 Tom Turkeys ^_ No. 1 Hen Turfcejs Ilfio . ISe W,M, HALL Dial J-93U or 5441 1305 Are. H WANTED Cream—Poultry— Eggs See us for Baby chli.. seeds and feed. RALPH ROBERTSON'S INDEPENDENT DEALER 707-Ave. H oia| m ATTENTION. Poultry raisers! Now you can gef RED CHAIN FEEDS it the Cox Hatchery In Lubbock. Drive by today 1111 Ave. P. phonj <2 63 AGAIN HICK'S CHICKS IEAD THE WAY TO GREATER POULTRY PROFITS FOR YOU OUR PRICES ARE W LINB- Don't delay your chics buying any longer X V ,? Ten _ you P u «base HICKS' DEPENDABLE CHICr-S you get chicks that are batched rig lit, packed • rlR'-it ~ — DEPENDARIP* CHICKS. Even though jou should have to pay a little more In additional cost to set my dependable chicks the? will return to your many times over In extra eggs eitra prolits. The small additional first cost and the long run show .you a greater profit where the Inferior low grade chicks lose money for vou. Gee your share of the poultry profits Al- fn"" .D* .."OR" century ° r scientific breed- BIGGEB BIRDS oUer you an outs^M? '"I opportunity for bigger share or these HICKS' HATCHERIES 132S Avenue H Dial .SOUl Miscellaneous 20—-Musical Instruments Piano Tuning & Repairing 2213 J7th ' ' DIll „,, C. B. LIVELZ Lubbock. Texaa 21—Miscellaneous For Sale SALE: 1 Allis Chalmer. Model 1. ' bUlldOZer - P ' °- Box 1753. 30XSO FLAT TOP. walnut finish otfic. - ONE ELECTRIC gasoline puran with sso gallon taafc. Also Butane plaS.'nill 5151. TTOEE ten pin alleys at Tahok,. A. Jr. 2 Slightly Used Table Top Gas Stoves. 9x12 New Linoleum Rugs Sinks, Comodes, Bath Tubs B ^ I i ol l ler Bath Tu bs! Built m Tubs, Very Small Damage, to sell Now. Saddle $12.50 l^-pe^^^ ^ Steel Safe $45.00 Desk .___ $10.00 «&•&*> £»<? of Stoves. •'s, Tents, Cots, ^/i»iics. rots, Pans, Cafe Cash Register, Sheet Iron. $10.00 $37.5 .0 TOK FRENCH SECOND HAND STORI Buy. Sell or Trade 1827 Ave. H Lubbock COTTOXSECD

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