Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 27, 1962 · Page 2
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 2

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 2
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AUGUSt DEATHS MRS. ELLIS BURGIN Three Men Saved BUDGET GETS iSherri Finkbine When Boaf Falls QUICK OKAY ATLANTIC CITY. N..T. (AP) —A record sehool budget for Atlantic City was adopted in record time. Resting in Ohio Fenton Rail Station Will Close Friday The budget, calling for school spending of $3,377,329 in one minute and eight seconds aft- GLENMORA >SpU — Funeral POMPAN'O BEACH, Fla. O\P) when a helicopte/ flew near and services for Mrs. Ellis Burpin, -"For God's sake. George, please j managed | 0 wave my location '• 76, were to he held at in a.m to- try to make land. I can't swim Bu( the cho fl a , : dav in the Glenmora Church of at all! . , , Christ with Rev. A. J. Istre of-1 Thn5C xvere lhe agoni2ed * ords '"* me more alone than I ve ever ficiating. of Max Butcher. 25 and father of' felt in m V llfe - \ Burial was to be in the Butters S J N - vnon a 21-foot boat sank un- "Convinced all hope was nowi cemetery at Forest Hill under di- <jer him and (wo companions in gone, I turned my face toward' Cr the Boarcl o! Schonl Esti ' reclion of Ardoin funeral home of tne Atlantic Ocean about 10 miles ' heaven and told God if it was His' * ° P its mcclin 8- Oaktfale. offshore ' .,1 ,, T j , , — iwill then I was ready and with Butcher's companions, George ; *u , . ,. j , ... . , r . 1 Hardv, 38. and Peter Thorn, 21, j j ,., four sons, Louis ; fjna|] - y man{Jged to make ghftre on , and cushion and prepared to die. Joe and John D. Burgm. ail o |hcjr mvn _ Hardv after 12 , 4 hours i -A S the first surge of sea water /"* 1 n u.Wi ,i..n nv*i* I, ni>! D 111TC1 »1 IM * Thorn after 14 hours. The Coast filled my mouth and blinded my plucked Butcher from the eves 1 heard the blast of There 11:45 a.m. and tarl BiirRin »l Thant Talks With . « « I IW 'T 1 1 II Dffi/-lnlc UrTICIdlS of and Mnccie Chevalier of De- sea around noon Sunday, about 20 horn. MOSCOW fAP) — Acting CINCNNATT. Oh.o (AP)-"My newsmen began questions and: FFNTnv fs , , Th ; family is my first job; getting the movie liantg «^ d , h _ jrl FLNTON (Spl.)-The i children readjusted is next." said ^mth^S'^^^^^^ Railroad aRcncy al Fcn ' a weary Sherri Finkbine, here to Sb fn * htened ' She slartcd lo ton will closc at the end of the ; ! seek a fe* days ^-esl at her hus- .. ut hcr ^ „ ^ Mrs p . nk _ business day Friday , according to ^ m "bine. "She's scared." A. K. McKeithan, superintendent hint ft, v' ^ girl s fat ^ er ^PM to conv °f the DeQuincy district. ^a nine 01 ner tasK f or t {, er an( j gj, e went back to | Finkbine and her husband Robert,jwhile^Ss. FinkbL SliTrts-! L arrived by air Sunday night. band agreed to talk briefly with th * Kinder office after Frid.iy. n- u ?" * g ° f the newsmen. Trains will still stop al Fenton, Hignl from Mrs. Fmkbtne'Sj Mrs. Finkbine said she hoped if there is a necessity. McKcith- to Sweden for an abortion. f or a good rest with her husband's an said. underwent the operation be ; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Fink-i bine of Lawrenceburg, before will be hnndlcd through Mrs, aiaceic vncvaiier 01 u*- h f| hj d , h A ,, RidtTcr: | WOj s,sters. MH, Annie ; , hrpc a ,. c aulomohile sale j mcn in P ' Pompano Bench. His voice weak and h raw from sea water and rails for help. Butcher told a story aboard." i of fear, hope, despair and rescue. i "I was numb. All I could think VieldiBC and Mrs. Wesley Yielding, "both of Pine Prairie: 12 grandchildren and 14 great- grsiWrhildrrn MCKINLEY PETROSS ., - »>•-'- "- "— ui " .-..-.» ; mu.^un irth-i — Acting U.N. be detormcd since she took the j ne home to Phoenix Ari» HI I *l I ^•tt—-" sz&xztfg sSc.r- "-*-* toing .hHS&iri s ' ee P Llke L °S Thrre camp a hpantifnl I'noct -rhn^.r n «j t^,.«,^_ *.:_:..._ ... r m B • . ., . . .. naa aone n 8ht in the legal abor- r O -" c^-^ ^^^^K^&££££S£SS arrto^i s throat saw my condition several sailors south Tuesday for a talk with and thrust a gift package in her t i H , , ?' 5nveclish | d . oc constant dove over the side and helped me Premier Khrushchev, who is va- hands. ' 'rfrucr harf 3 tt t^ tr , anc l l1lll ^ nR •J A pin*>«r nKnarrl '* 1 nn i:«»: . ...,,... . "*Ug [tad aUeClefl tilfi Uttbom Stop Stomach Gas 3 Times Faster Take Bell-ans tablets with hot waUr A! hut M until (yes shut. 'rationing. MAPLEWOOD fSpl.) — McKin- about were the sharks somewhere ley "Petross. 6fi. of 124'7 Garden out there and I knew I'd never street. Maplewood, died at 10:25 see my wife or kids again. p.m- Sunday in his home after a "Both George and Pete were hea2 .-ittMck. wonderful. They kept reassuring TV body will be at the Hixson me they would "stay with me and fnncffil homo in Sulphur until he.can Inshing life jackets and seat nooff-Tuesday when it will he tnk- cushions around my shoulders and en $ the Church of Christ in Ma- waist. ple\fnod for services at 1:30 p.m.. "After about in minutes. Pete Kehnoth Rilcy. minister of the said he would try to make shore chuK-h. \\ill officiate, assisted by and nlcrl air-sea'rescue teams, r TJ. Wilson of Austin. Texas, "He soon was hidden by the former minister of the church. towering seas, followed close'ly by Burial will he in Highland Mem- mir countl-ss prayers. George"had oryXinrdcns in Lake Charles. lashed us together so we wouldn't Mf. Pctross \\ns a native of drift apart, but the course line Henderson, Ark., and had lived in ; wrapped around my leg caused Maplewood sines 1943. He was an ; me to (ear the irritation would operator al the Cities Service re- draw blood and hungry sharks, so fine'Cy. He was a member of Op-; ] asked him to cut lhe line, erating ;Enginecrs Local No. 406 "But as he did the swift cur- of bake Charles. rent drew him away and I froze II». was an elder in the Church with fear I suddenly realized he of Christ in Maplewood. had the only knife. ' Survivors are his wife, Mrs. "I was defenseless. He hollered GencA-a Dennis Pctross: one son back to be brave and to slay Rantinll M. Pctross of Maplewood; afloat unlil rescuers reached the one ^tighter. Mrs. Wandu M. scene. Then he was gone and I Ward of Maplewood: four broth- prayed for him because I beers,; Earl Pctros.- of Okem;ih. Heved he had drowned. Okla., Jim Pctross of Sulphur, Ar- 1 "Time passed - maybe two vis Pctross of Maplewood, and Ev- hours—and then as if in "a dream erctl. Petross of Tulsa. Okla.. and someone cried 'Butch.' That's eig!* grandchildren. what Pete always called me and Paillx'arers will be A. L. Kim- sure enough there he came swim- hcrliii. \V. II. McLcod, \V. F. ming over a wave right up to me. Pollard. L. F Parkey. Homer "The current was too much to Sheurn.-ikcr and Elmer Coulter. | make land, he told me, so he rle- jcidcd to head back and give me : a hand. Fiflierai services lor Mrs. Mary '' ," J 8 U ? SS it was about 3 a.m. Erzalie Bore! Saulsbcrry, 84. of vvhen a . lar S e vessel P assed within Lake Charles will be held at 10;?° - vards and we "tcrally leaped MARY SAULSBERRY a.m.' Tuesday in St. Hubert's ' f< V°- v Out of the hcav y seas Catholic church callm S rc P<?atedly 'Help us: in Rev. Henry W. VanBoxel. pas- God s na ™ c - P lease save usl> tor*-will officiate Burial will be * B ".\ thcir cnes were n ° l in Qnu'dand cemetery under di- "C 31 " 1 - rection of Hixson funeral home. ' ' M about 8 a - m - we found our ' Mrs.-.-Saiilsberry. a resident of t s £ lves about a mjle off a beach Lake ChVle? lor 70 years, died ' lhat later P roved to be Juno - Pete ai 4:'45 a.m. today in a local hos- said he Wollld tr >' lo swim ashore ' pital, and Set help. I prayed hard for Rosarv will bo recited at 8p.m. his ' safet - v as he struck out for at the iunural home. shore - Sarvivmg are two sons, J. Ed- _^^ a y b e it was 11 or 11:30 a.m. win and J. Rawl Borcl, both of Lake Charles: one daughter, Mrs. T. A. Roy of Port Arthur; two brothers, Edward Judice of Lafayette and Ben .Judice of Houston; two sisters, Mrs. Louise Provost and Mrs. Jackson Saulsberry, both of Port Arthur; 16 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren. California Kin Of Area Residents Killed in Crash SULPHUR <Spi.) - News of the death of Mrs. Mildred Provost of Fresno, Calif., ;n an airplane crash .has been received by Mrs. Paula -Gibson of Sulphur, a sister-in-law. Mrs. Gibson told the West Calcasieu office of the Lake Charles American Press in Sulphur that her sister-in-law was enroute to Canada with friends on a fishing trip. Mrs. Provost was killed when the plane crashed in Idaho Thursday. Among the survivors are Mrs. William Baccus of Lake diaries. a niece, and M. L, Gibson of Sulphur, a nephew. Mrs. Provost was the wife of Mrs. Gibson's late brother. it's NOT too late! Get a riedric* 1 . room air conditioner Former Resident Of West Lake in Crash SAN -ANTONIO, Texas <Spl.) A former. West Lake, La., resident. Army sergeant Alvin J. l^w is, died here Saturday of injuries received in a traffic accident Friday ni^ht. Funeral services were scheduled to be held Tuesday in Houston. Lewis, who v,as to he transferred to Engljiid shortly, was reluming home from a farewell parry wjih his wife when (he accident occurred. Hi.s wife is hospitalized with serious injuries. Capital of Nepal C"f Off bv Floods KATMANDU, Nepal <AP>-This ' camta) has been cut off from western Kepu) by floods, which i washed away the only linking! bridge over the Trisuli River. I A message reaching here Sun- ! day also said six army iiiezi and i two civilian officials guarding Ne- : pal's border with Tibet were 6wa(4 w*ay by floodwalers near 1 Basuwi* Why swiot H out another single night? You'll U surprised at how eosily you can slumber — pot just cool but FRIEDRICH-cooi — this very evening. Pick up your phone and coll... 10-60-M pgyj—No Finance Chgr 9 » »/ Tak» Up lo U Months to Pgy KRAUSE & MA*AGAN, INC. 209 S. Ryan — HE 3-3666 Horn* of Owolity Building Molirlglj and ! Fnedrleh Air Conditional Flashbulbs starting, popping, fetus. today. 35t at itru(i)ists. Ssnrl to Billons, OrSnBlburn, N. Y., for lihiral frte sample. HOW LOW CAN THINGS GET? PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) Sign in the window of a liquor store: "We undersell lhe store that undersells the store that won't be undersold." SIGNATURE LOANS $25 to $2000 ARRANGED BY PHONE Arrange your loan by phone. Pick up the cash at vqnr convenience No co-slgncri. Same cla.T service. J4-Monlh Plan M-Mflnfh Plort You Get Mo. Pmf. You Get Mo. Pmt. S 80.00 - S S.W $1155.00 - 5*3.00 t 411.10 - $M.M $1145.00 - Mi.OO $ 751 CO - $41.00 $135500 - {74.00 $ 93400 - $51.00 tUlf.OO - $78.00 $1007 t'O - $5500 $1502.00 MI.OO 4bove payments includt ALL Chart)*!. DIAL FINANCE CO. Dial 433-9426 MS RYAN ST. "Our heat pump air conditioning keeps us so comfortable, in the kitchen and all through the house" .. says Mrs. George Willey, Rt, 1 Box 268, Niblett's Bluff, Louisiana "And we live electrically for just $25.29 a month" The Willeys 1 952-square-foot Medallion Home. For an averagt monthly electric bill of only $25.29* they enjoy electric cooling and heating, electric kitchen, electric washer, electric water heating, pleoty of good lighting — plus television and many other electrical helpers. •Billt vary according to ffie i/'/a of homes, families and habits, at eourje. flu* whatever your needs, •/ecfr/cify is ftill today's beil buy. "Our home slays perfectly comfortable all llu; time," says Mrs, Willey. "My husband and I are happy with the way lhe hpat pump maintains the same temperature summer or winter ... not loo hot or loo cold, just perfect. We insulated our home well, and that sure paid off in low operating costs, too, "I'm so pleased with all my electric appliances," More than 3200 families served by Gulf States already enjoy heat pump cooling and heating. If you're planning to build, buy or remodel, remember, a flamelcss electric heat pump could help your family live better. For information, call your Gulf States office or your heat pump dealer. GULF STATES UTILITIES COMPANY Tht Flamelest Electric Heat Pump t Today'i btit ytor.rcund air,cpnditionin g BARGAIN I J

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