The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD.. THURSDAY, JUNE 2. 1932- N1NB BRIDGE EXPCPTS PLAY IT Bl' WM. E. MeKENXEY Secretary. American Bridge League It is Jugh txze that I pres*n:cc to the bridge fass soz:e of the a:asy ua- tiocsl championship ·»cn;er; p^ay«=rs :n ·.he country, so loday v« tUi :atrviuc? to you Mrs Nonsaa X. Xev.i£an. partner cf Commander Winfield L:g;c*.:. Jr, and member of the tears that cap- turec the national open contract - .»in.- of-.cur t.tle 1:1 con:pet:t:o"- ·..-·!: A V + A *7 V10-9- 6-3 + 10-7-2 AJ-8-65-2 A V · A, K.-6-2c A-K-Q-7-4-2 A-8-4 Q NORTH *- c? OT % 111 CO 5. H Dealer SOUTH AQ-S-5- 4 VJ-5 +9-5 AA-K-9- 7-4 A-J-10-9-3 8 K-Q-J-6-3 1O-3 » The Bidding Mrs. Newrnan and ene teamrrijte, whom I will presen; to you tozorron, have the veil, earned d^s^nc::oa o? being the first tiomen to -A^i chin;- pionship. Whiie the contest, is open to nr.ea. ·wocien or mixed teanis. all previous Trinn^ig teams ha - . e lren c en::reZy of men. l:s the following hand pronitei cy Mr? Ne.vrcan East maot 1 a wcnU.riul dcteni\e play ni^h*. \\ell tr:p r.e ord^iarj player. Mrs. Newman sho»s how to properly play the hanC ar.Q stiT f-apttrre East's protec.ej queer. Mrs. XiTA 2"_in siti-ns ui the Soutr- '·pened the bidd-ng w.;h jne space. West passed and Nvrth. he. ps.r-.ner. bid three hearts. This is a j'^mp shif. cvercall and beoxnej; a game dentand 'bid placu:? an cbl^ttton on both partners to i«e? the b:d±Lng open un'.i, a Ean,e-so^.-' contract ^. irr,\cd at Eait p5s^d and Mrs Newman SOA- shoied her Lsrror;c: »u.t by b:ic.t:? · lour cuamonis. We^t piisaed and no^ . Nsr.h b:d f:^e spaces--not four, as four might be closmg the biddms off The bid of fire spades however. inv:l«s. ·_-.-.- slarn Mr? NevTr;an then went to -,\ tpaies The Play. West's opeau^ :ead was ihe five i f clubs nhich East ·a~on with :h* tin; j* clubs. East now made ·aonder- :_! play by sacrificing his ace of clubs j-n the altar of good defense, forcir.3 ·i:e declarer to trimp this ace in c-irr.- ::ty «v.h the deuoe of spades. Would nis play oa\e any s^nificanoe to you; It did to Mrs. Nea-raan--:· to!d h.r ..-.i: unioi:b:ecly East held four ^pilcies t j th? queen, and by forcing h*r to ruff .:: dumrr.y. it would n;2l-;e r ^::^^s- 5 ;ble for her to lead through E^:"» queen thrice. FXr a moment '.i locked as ihcJSgh Mrs. Newman's small slam contract ,,*.. -. x-» ^p^rf^Tp^* J»*» Ict* ivtv .^"Q" » l a :"._a_ oe Ct.tril.c^.-- ^ u -t. . .It. .*--3,. .«._ *·! ·» r^ £ Oil" She led the see and then a sntdll he-art, triimpir-5 the second heart. -.Mth , the three of spa«$es. The nine of ] spades was led and v.on in cusany v.i:a the kin? The six of spades was re- 1 turned. Eos^ played the five and ,;-.« ideclcirier initssed the ten. Mrs. New- Oman's nexi play was a small diatnonc, ?.~^inmg in durcrcy v.ith the ace. 1'cu will notice that Mrs. Nev.^nan .·-- f.'ar guod hearis in the dummy -- . ths qu'ca. s-exeis and f^ur-- aiici i :wv c-am.'nds.. In her OA:I hand siie , hylds the km; queen. :sck and one j diamond and the f.ce ar.d ;ack of ' spades. She !Kv\- st- a r:e-S to play the h ^rtj- .:: (jpmmy. !?adn-^: ~sr iinc EA.^ rc- t'^rfd to truaat', c_K'ard.:ig a t j .'.:rj::i The ceclsrcr c_d likcv. lit. ..r.j. tvr.tu.-- , cd tt .th t:ie cuecn oi h,?rt^ -- i £um- rny. If Ei-- re:u.--v t~ tr^:::;- .-,:: ,-: the hearts the d«. "laror *... .i^-?ara :;-.- fjff ij v'i.d ·hen p-^i "IP '!'.! la^' "-T.:; .u:. TOMORROW. Mi^. LUzatwth B. Bantirld. the only oihrr »oc4n"to w:n '. the national open iu.-ur.irt tt-arti y f , four chjtnpon^hip. uill be pri»-«il«xl. ! EXPLORERS SAIL Tt» Conduct lor Relic*, Of Ortal M.i-tn Empire. Xevi' Orlear.^. J_::e I --F,.-_r rr.-~rc ; * ~ t . .,-£;;- \I.»% i' .·*··; 'o * ' · ·- s Trie fo".ir are niembcr^ ^f a b. \?^; -^1 ; University T:uy ·a::: i-- V ·-.-··. .-^ , :1«'. :_v.r: .: Co: ·-_: A: -.. .-. I Mavji:'. r^-e-r.-.i e x - . - r.:. 1. · | S. G MorUy. .·: :::-· C?.r:;c;.- :.-:.- i f.'.e per oer::. of :~e May-vr. r ..:. .:".c ! T!:^^ i2^:n; yesierdav v.-.-re Dr A S Pearco ar.c Dr. F. G. Hi'.:, c.' 1:- . U::.',er-.-,. Dr Erf\..r. P Cre.i.^-r . ,c · Dr \V:::.i2i C S'- -·--·-· Vr..-.c-r. .·· ··: /-' A BOWL of crisp Kello ? »*s Corn Hakes and cool milk or cream at Lreakfa-.t makes your appetite get bus\. And it's j;reat for you I Rich in energy, Eavy to digest. Enjoy Kellogg'? for lunch. And «hat could be better for the children's supper? Kellogafs make any meal better! Quality guaranteed. ijy «*£a/^ tfeMcufi * *- C/ *·*'· {T--- The Triiimp Beverage Perfe MAD WITH WfLOTS GRAP \ i \, / // / / / '// / /, From Maine to Calif ornia millions are enjoying today the supreme achievement of the makers of NuGrape, Truly this is a gala day in the history of beverage making. It marks the final victory of science over the ancient King of all Fruit Juices--King Grape Juice! After years of expensive research our labors are rewarded. Our laboratory working in conjunction with the Welch Grape Juice Company, has produced a !New NuGrape . . . A delicious, carbonated beverage deriving its entire flavor and color from Welch's Grape Juice. Never before has there been a drink like this introduced to the American public. The New NuGrape has a smooth, fresh piquancy of flavor--a delightful, bracing tartness about oz/a ^ - ' - A i i f -- " ^ - ^ H. M. Snyder Funeral Director \M I M K V L M I K Kid;rtiUr. Md Phonr Mt \n % '.! Also 923 North Market S! I redrnok. Md Phone Frederick 545 Kl \ - s O N \ B l l I'RU ! ·- Commencing June 1st and Ending July 31st All Retail Prices of STIEFF SILVER will be subject to a deduction of 2O% JAMES E. DOLL JEWELER (6ROCEDSSH A Sure Sl?n of Scrcice' Win-Son Coffee · Ro:\stcci F:os:! Wcr'-'v" ! ")l»c »il lur I .isi l ly! I * a ! n i i » h v r h i- it a. t!ir tul»c ^liow ^ h that only the flavor of grape juice can give. Try your first bottle today and if yon don't think it's better than any artificial grape drink: yon ever tasted--write us, enclosing crown and we'll gladly refund yon the small purchase price. Make sore though you get the genuine. The New Nu Grape is now on sale everywhere for :. Distributed by Shipley's Bottling Works 521 North Market St. Phone 120. fe C *eneral Offices M Basis of Comparison ii« proportion of oKvc oil in every cakf 3 cakca 22 R I T T E R ' S Spaghetti 2 0:1:13 Grape Nut Flakes Challenge Flour 12 Ib. bag: 29c Kraft Mayonnaise 8 or. · \ t.c Country Side Coffee A low priced coffee, but . . . delicious! 2ib. roll / »- i- TSY," / '. IQ / ' '-^-Y ^y c ^~H ?.ifl HoUand Roll Creamery Butter "Alnays Fresh and "WE RECOMMEND" ARBER and GLADE VALLEY Raisin Bran 2 OLD WITCH Ammonia (quart bottle) "One 35c bottle Furniture Polkh FREE" Pink Salmon (can) "UNEEDA BAKERS' "A real trratl" Barbara Fritchie Coffee «»· "Let your taste be your judge." Fly Swatters J \jc each AEROXON Fly Catchers 2 for Q c "Xo hard nih- bing with these q u i c k s u ds." CHTPSO SfDS last b e c a u s e ' ^"i^. they're rich. 20 MULE TEAM Borax large "For a really clean re's, fngeiaiui". BEE BRAND j| Insect Powder can 10 Crushed* CORN (No. 2 for Stravor Coffee IB. Strength--Flavor--Ecor.o:r.v B1.LI- K1DGE REaULAR BOLOGNA I4c Ib. r.i.t E r.!DG£. SLICED BACON IQc 1-2 Ib. pkg. r.i.t F. Rrm.* REGULAR SMOKED HAMS 10-12 Ib. a \ s i sy 2 c ib. BLUE RIBBON M A L T P G Soap O bars r-pK- f.irn 10 w n i l c thrm «-f P G. of

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