Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 15
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 15

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 15
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8-C—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL-Tuesday Morning. April_8.1975 '/u. Harms-Ranches R<*IEit*t«forS«l« 84. Houses WANT lo buy 200 »crcs or loss In IT l.ubliock County L TJ4-5733. __ ' l.V) ACRES unlniprnverl eras* land. Niie wmcr pa nil for c*llle. JIOO per flfvrv llj miles north, cms luile <visf. CLEAN" one berlroon). grcrau*. plerHy '. mil* north of lloff. Oklahoma In l^ntntoc rounty. Phone 505456~ :iANJ)Yt!! Two Balh - Ren — 3403 Dili -••• 'traie — Buy Now:.'! Johnson llMlly — 74I-M22. RulEtteUforS* 84. Houses OWMiR: Z-'i lure* llvins room. dou. hie write, i-enlrnl he«l, ilr, 126,500. IW6 38lh. 795-0695. ACKKs Nniiim-est. small lave. SfiOO Acre, terms; If) Acroj KM-173, SIU.OOO; 5 Acres on south Krankfonl. cwnpr financed. 8 portent; Moble Home. sues, utilities, Shnllowaier, 520(10. Mrs. Harold Hall. Broker. rasps!. CHOICE one. Ihree. five «rr» IrarlJ. Cinoci si:!, lays nirc. ralte veicta- b!!"i. Ternn. 7M-M67. '{00 ACRES Lynn Counly. MO Acres Hrx-kley Counly. 160 Acres Uihbnck Courtly, 230 Acres, will divide. Henry. 7•15-2311. 707-3383. M-G^ Realiori. J.V) ACRES. !»vl A- s"outh~i;<i(ver*r Ififl ACHES dryland; fO »(•«« trri" calerl. iSflfil 9S3-o51fl, Floydnrja. 79. Out of town Prop. SICVKNTV •••NINE ArR.-'AOK «-|lh country homr* rrt- frr ("'iir^t-^n couples. I'aved ro.-ul. BILL YORK REALTORS SLIDELL ADDITION - New4 bedroom horne soon available. Hurry on this one and pick all your colors. Lov«ly ihow homt In Quaker Heights — 3 bedroom — Garden KHchtn — Ovtrslied covered patio for those cool summer evening ahead, MLS Jot Mays m-OI» Chril WhiH 744-3211 Jiannt Nottingham 7)7-3991 2345 50th St 795-5591 REALLY BIG and test than jli per loot. Gamfroom, refrigerated air, all brick. Clost tt> L.C.C. SI movt-ln V.A. ARNETT BENSON - 3 bedroom — tolallv rernode'ed, .FHA appraisal SI7.650 — Ver/ Low move-in, Low Payments. RECOA & Ask about our olhtr preptrlitk Al Willilord 795O941 • Bill York, Broker 7»5-9«5Sj ESLAT6 plus 747.4941! ___ _ 80. Resort Property yon Sale: One mobile home lot anil one Orm'cl kjt al MIA "'.rrinrjr in Crr-slnn*. OMoradn -- I'ioorJ Buy,' V-lT_n_ Sfiih. IS'.' ^ ^__ SACISIKICF, e<iuiiy nml assume $<7,_S monthly paymoras. rahin vvc.slslde Whlln Itivr-r IJ'KP. Rocks Hjrou- from water. 735.0936. I Tallin nn WoM^plde o( White Uivfr in i lioicr lot. Central Heating. Refrigerated Bir, carpeteil. furnliheil bont lioi-k and Minnow Horn?. Call lif.'H- 1'rrfut.nn. nails. 'S3 -2217. 79. Out of Town Prop. XSTAHIJSHBD~ Indmn nirin simp Nvill pell inventory only, or hi;(]rl3MC and Invr-iUory n.i a pnckanc. Terms available. Rnnrtrunnrr Realty. Roswell X.\f. SOTi-liK-SSH. 7 r OR ^n\c. Sr-nirrnves. 3 bedroom. 1 bath hnme. Or will Irartr. Call 797."i~ c ^. Ask for Rnse. 7!IS-l>55S JTK Real Estate to Trade MIC'E 2 hcdrnam, SI.CKUl loan, cheaji Trade for M x SO mobile h'mi™ of Rcxxt tjunlily con^tructinn. ^Tu^l \« In excellent condition 67521.15. S75-K?-!. 82. Real Estate Wanfed WANT to buy house, ba^ir'Hllv sound but in ncc*f of repair or rcmnrtel. 7:17.1713. \VA\T to Buy: HAUJEC. Southwest Ijihhock nPPtHnu paint, re pair. Any equity. 735-ftf"7 NO DOWN PAYMENT - O.I. a bedroom wilh pretly shag car p.i.-, Tnis horns features central heat, nice curtains & drapes, large pstio & storage house. One of lh« cleanest homes in Lubbock 117,500. SELUER PAYS THE CLOSING on this bricX 3 bedroom, J bath, double car garage, Ivo.-den comb, wilh fireplace. Olher feature! Include shag carpel, refrig. air, boiltin cooking, dishwasher & Ols- poial. LOW EQUITY-LOW PAYMENTS 3 bedroom. I bath wilh shag' carpel Ihroughout. Features include central heat, evaporative cooling 4 fenced back yard. Culc and clean wilh paymenls of only MELONIE PARK 3 bedroom. 2 bath, formal living room & dining room, separate den with an outslanding used brick fireplace wall, Isolated master bedroom, all Ihe buiHins, relic, air 4 new shaa carpel. 21 JO sq. ft. for only S38.950, .INFLATION FIGHTER Brick 3 bedroom, Jbalh, i car oaraoe in West Lubbock. Features Include all Ihe builtlns in Ihe Kitchen, • sunken den, fireplace i ref rig. air. All olthls for only J26.500 HAYNES, EVAMS, MONTEREY $29,950.3 b.droom, 2 bath,' large' Ivg.-den with lireplace. all the builtins, covered patio t jhaV carper A nfce family home wilh an easy lo care lor yard with, I j large Irees. Jolm Ashc 792-5809 Charles Cox Dale Young 762-1425 Jerry Cypcrt Carolyn Cypcrt 744-7635 799-5031' 744-7635. •.31V: 83. Oil Land & Leases IVA.VIT.n To Buy: Prodm-lnc .\tWr~- nl5. roynlty nnd overriding rnynUy. Cnntnn Dutch-Irish Oil. Inc. ' P.O. Bi:.v -IL'.'fl. Midland. TUB* 70701 WE buy royalty and minerals. 76284. Houses M'ACIOU.S- .1 yr. nlil. custom huill, 3--'-:!, dcn-livinx. pU.vroom, l^OO sq. ft , llvinc area, pralcxsional ilrflper- IPS, anil Innciscainnk'. bow lortics! -l.'.n:! s:ird SI. 7M-2.TO. Bt^AUTIKUI, new home, i bedroom. •J ball), rrfricernlrri air. all Ilic amr-nitics Opi:n Pundsv, hv huilcjcr. Ktn oonevn. "W-lins. 7W-J(K7 Sand- 4 HKMKOOM. 3 haili. lornul llvine. rf;njr^'. ilcn, nJ.ivroom, established nrca. Jean. 715-2739. Sandy SE5-2J37. Kr-nc'lne Realtors 797-1267. 7''IVK Bedroom. Throe Bath. Iroulh of 501h Under 110.000. Levls-.N'or- roan. 797-31W,. DON SAGER OPEN HOUSE 71;is •! wilh . 3 full bnthf. . n Sundays and . of cxtrn*-, will be aflor- fnr >nur convcnioncp. &10-1 TSth «rfliTar» Ml.P^O. !fi pel. Joan, aT txrl. Offnrixi hv Jack A 1 muck. ri Hnrlon Rpa!tnr». Redbuil are, 7, r >--.1>'l.'; or 7-U-^7!C'. COURT .. TRAILER PARK- 19 Units plu\ tflrge house. Room (or 9 lor 10 Mobile Homes-located on 2'/i acres, Good Polcntint. 120,000. BUFFALO LAKES - YEAR ROUND HOME - Prettiest Scenic View Lft'ge ? Br. Central hen). Refrigerated n*r, Beaulilully land- JCflped. Lots ol Concrete, Many fruit freci. Many Extras, SUBURBAN HOME — CUSTOM BUILT — Qualify with elegant living in mind. No words can adequntley Describe this exceptional one ol a Vine] home. Nalhing has been spared for Comfort. Convenience and Imagination. 3 Large Brs, 3V) baths, Brick, Beautiful all electric Kitchen, large formal dining. Living Cen wilh Cflfhedral beam ceiling and tirepJace. Isolated br has Cathedral beam ceiling 100. Located on 3 «cres, mDreacrapoc^vailaOie^ycariold. ACREAGES — 2 to 100 acre tracts* rear LubDock. 10'a down, 9°,e> Jnferesf.' Offict ! 795-9514 M»rk Schwab 795-5923 (Gary Btnnett 795-1595 Ernl«Z»ln*r 792-1132' R.V. O'Neal M^-3017 Tommi* Norman..., 799-2301 4915-341H 43 Kqual Housing Opportunity d ABERNATHIt "TENNIS ANYONE??" One acre esMte in "bud" and "riloom"! Charminfj 3 bedroom decorated like a "breath" cl ioring!! OMIad'i yellow-") re ; h" green wilh tne lighl "$try" look of the JropiCi. Perfect for bflmboo wicker and or yo'-r pr.ze antique!! Pal 799-2016 Sue 792-5011 "LOWER THE COST" OF LEISURE LIVING!! Melonie South with ail the summer fun! Swim, lennj*, and parly housr' 3 bertroorns, living den, playroom with bar. Vacant and owner is really ready!! (Less man JIB 5& per (1. A really "super" buy! ! Lee 799-106? Carolyn 79?-1694 Nadme799-64R& "DISCOVER LIVING" a? ynu'd like if fo bo! Such large OMCnus room* "rarnbliriQ" charm of jotJ'n western living. Picfuresqi/f (hr.iv/ shftke roof j used brick UCPM ! 3 bcdroonis, iCDfl r A'e Mvmg room, play porch and huge cathedral! ceiling, den. Sue 792-5011 Lee 799-1062 "WE CHALLENGE YOU!" Find beifcr space at a better price! SM 53 per (!. brick collage, 4 hfrt'-oomr,. 2 baths, Haynes ( t-int W^j \ Evans ^nri Coronndo 1 Needs a I'M'* 1 frrshertjng Francps 799-fcB3S Ka/79!'9187 Penny 795 4830 "A REAL COUNTRY HOE*DOWN" ji Ihe den (3 squares) "soul" food in TMP "Mmnie Pearl" kite hen and pJpn- t/ of bedrooms <5) for visiimg "kiss in' cousins". 4 bathrooms. separate living room all built around A "sunshine" patio. Pal 799-2014 Frances 799*6838 Sue 797-501 1 "EYE APPEAL, HEART" APPEAL!" Qunlily construction throughout, 4 bedrooms, formal living and dining. Sparkling fresh with "mint" green carpet and a different floor plan, split bedrooms 2 and 1. Rush schoof <vea. Kay 792-9U7 Caro'yn 792-1694 Penny 795-4330 "EVEN A DOG" \ull mpnnd tn (rndrr loving cart *nd *" wilt Ihli "dfl(TRy" l'i *l"'y rolt«xr. Try \our AM n brand nf "ptninx" Jrtd let whal nln n do! If >nu're -imnne Itir r« with imajeirition -- Call qulrkh:: NActlne 799-6485 Ctrolyn 32133411 ..................... 7I2-51H KmiK.M:r. 4-6 I GORDON DEERING P" REALTORS 67th Street 54950.00 EQUITY 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Double Gar«oe, refrigerated air, draped, landscaped, See Ihis belor« you buy! EXCELLENT LOCATION 7400 sou a re feel of comlort — 3412 55lh SI. 3 Bedroom big living and Den area — lols ol storage, con-, crcle camper pad In rear — S3S.500.00 SPRINGTIME h more enioyable in the country^ Big 2 Bedroom brick on Vj acre in Acufl.J3J.500 —lelslooX! Btllv B»cknir 795-7H3 Joe Bush 742-44SO Wilma Hucksbay 7»5-39J5 Gordon Peering, Bldr 795-:430 . 797-3431 OPEN AFTERNOONS 5700 Block 3rd St. West Wind 231J81sf m,?JO. S?u Louisville J33.9SO. 41?]35lhStreel Furnished Model 1 100 & 6200 Block 36tn sir eel ACRES iACRES 11 acres near Dickens 511.000 .2 acres 128lh. St 6.500 lOOacre Farm S43.000 2 acres i Brick House 159,500 5* acres development $115,750 1 acre64th 4, Harvard.. J30.00 15 ACRES * 8RICK HOME See Ihis liltle-Rancho west of Ltjb- bock, A Bedroom 3 Balh home 50 new it's not complete yet — but you'll see trie potential! $55,000. Thelbert Milltr 7*7-5571 J.B. Alexander 79J-H57 R.O. (Shorly) Dicktr 79S-404S L«lProllltl,Mgr 799-7231^ ^ BUILDCRS-RtALTORS 792*5755 !•••*«• Iris Slinson ••••••••••••••Jess Stinson •••••t GREAT LOCATION is /.fist you II have in Ihis 3 BR. 2 twin brif.k borne al 4509 581 h, r/.iny c^ira--, hke Vitchcn buill- ins, crnlral relngerAtcd air. clnubic qaragc. beaulilul landscaping WALK RIGHT1N rho t;'q c (o^^'s o^ this super 3 BR. 2 naili brick home, convcmenuy iocflIC'1 <it J202 51SI. Nice c)»n v;iih shar; cartel and paneling. Kilr.hon buill-in5, nr'.v painl oul- side, supor sharp interior. Nir.e landscaping, rnoniy corrier lot. ONLYONEUOOK is ail il will laKc (or you lo v:ani Ihis (aniastic 2 BR home al 4807 44ih. Bric^. exlenor, good landscaping. Large den and living room combination. Nice Kiichen CALL IT HOME iswha! you'll lodo aller you see this 3 BR, 2 baih home wilh personality plus. Nicely located on corner lot at 3442 53rd. BncK oterlor, double attached garage. Nice Iruit and pine trees. Small office, separate living room. BURNING DESIflE ir, v.hat you'll have lor this super siiaro 3 BR ftnck home »<m lireplacc in den. In good neigbor- hood at 5415 39tli. A very good buy at S21.000 FHA. IN MELONIE PARK al 370* 63rd Dr. is vjhere you'll find this refreshing 2 story colonial home. Separate den with beam ceiling, formal living room, large eating area, nice patio, built-in desK in pantry. JJ1J 82* d AT INDIANA' DENMS GRIFFITH 7»i-«JS DONHA LEE 787-MSJ CHUCK THOMPSON 79f-370O SftNDI IREIAND 71S-222S DAV1D WILLIS 74S-161S CHARLOTTE P4TTEBSON 797-iMJ HAND4LR.IEGEH- FARMS .. .79S-IS02 H4ROLD GRIFFITH - COMM ..792-OI39 SILL STINSON - S MGR 791-3608 2STORY —4BR 3000 sq. ft. of quality with formal LR, full DR, den, plus large playroom. 564,950 OPEN SUN. - 4S25 77fh SIREET Beautifully decorated new 3 BR brick. Very unusual cabinet detail. Roucjh marble fireplace. S38,950. NEAR SHOPPING CENTER Unusually attractive 2 BR brick v/ith fireplace, ref. air, huge walk-in closets. Good SW location. THIS WEEK'S EQUITY BUY S4,183 equity, payments under S250 on this 3 BR brick. Large den — living, fireplace, ref. air, covered patio. JBR -QUICK POSSESSION Brick home close to Mall. New carpef, ref. air, storm door — LR & large den-kitchen. Only S22,500. Sue Allen 799-J360 EgieCrozier 795-5744 Kitty Horelson 795-! 9SS Jerry Howord 792-9232 David Hewitt 745-19U Joan Gilliam 792-3113 tester York 795-1776 Mike Hewitt.... 744-7865 Oorryl Berry, Mi]r. .. 795-5221 Jefl Wheeler 795-55221 Just outside city limits and out of this world. Beautiful home on 1 acre, cyclone fence, barn, garden and ideal place to keep horses. Fun for Ihe summer. Shown by appointment only - so give us a call. Looking for a larger home? We have a lovely 4 bedroom, 3 bath wilh large basement and large playroom. Ideal for a growing family. Under $60,000 and almost new. Comfort at an inviting price. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large den, all brick and even has a storm celtar OnlyS22,500.00 We have 2 duplexes left. Better take a look at these. They are nice • live in one side and rent the other to help pay for duplex. Remember we will trade on these. Blltyt Robirlj Carroll Oftrntr T»m L*w>»n K»r\ Brnnum 77S-OW rVHryMorriien ;t2-60IO H«iMlon Pcarion, Farm! 779-03I3 JACK BOWMAN BROKER OFF THE RECORD 'I hope Junior's dolnjj us muck writing for Ills courses as he. is for ninnoy." Real Estate for Sale 84. Houses THKKB bedroom home, i:\i-ellcnl condition. Double garaze. J2!),9SO. Ixmis-Normftn, 797-3235. 51655- EQUITY. Two bedroom, fenced, srarase. 5S4 payments. North of 411) Strelt on Uvalde. Immediate possession. Wehb-Uothsvoll, Realtors. 70V-1SOI; nitcs 7r>7-5u«6. soirrHWKST - Boauilful le-deco- ratcd 3 Bedroom -- 'J Bnlh. nen-liv- utile eal- in(T combo. Carpel. Bum-ins. r>oi Karace. S2500 Equity. Western Ri R*at Estate for Sals 04. Houses LOW rn»ily. thrno liftrirooin, oiif atul Uircc-tiuaitcr batli, siiiRlc caraRf*. I'HiTCtctK tllshwashor, dispo-sn!. West Lubboi.'k. 7M-153S nflcr S;CO p.m. AH day weekends". 8I5;>0 DOWN FIIA-VP. SparklinC new brick, " FIR 'J bath, roomy paneled den with fireplace. Ic^'Ke kilchon wilh bay window, Bating bar, bulil- 1ns. douhld pai-ase. S'2S,100. Open dally. -I6W llasca ( RLOCKR N\V north Quaker & Loop 2Sft) W&hb- Rcnltor.s. 7JKM801; Nitcs SPECIALS OF IHE WEEK COUNTRY HOME Owner Must Sell - Moving, 6 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, All brick. Two slory. One year old. 5 acres which can be irrigated. Ready lo plant now. Call for appointment $55,000. NEW 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths. Isolated Master Bedroom. Prelly yellow kitchen. 2 car Garage. 7'i VA-FHA. Call today and we will Surprise you at Ihe Low and Easy way you can move-In lo thii New Home. NEW Spanish Home. Melonie Gardens. 44,950. We will Irade. i Bedrooms. Close lo ilewart School. »?7,25D VA. DRAKE REAL ESTATE - 797-9884 - 24 HRS. 4 , IT'S A GREAT TO BUY A NEW HOME!! WESTERN ESTATES North Frankford At Erskine St. • J cr t IVdrcorni • 2 BolKl • SingW or Double G«ioc«i • 1IJO-I5CO Sq. R. • (Cplbnol) Rtf. Air 4 Firrpk>c« • Cc»- *ieo Patio • AH C't/ Ser^tti and UKIiriri PRICES KGIK *r $ 23,45fl FH* t Y* Financing 7 3 A% POTOMAC PARK 8300 Block Geneva Avenue • All Biitl • 3 r>d<oc— • 7 Bnrht * fcubl UKI. d.Khen • R.I. A,r • Covered Polio • V. all. paper and Pnr**lir§ • 1300-1500 iq. fl. ,'RICES 8CGIN Af 528,250 (\ Financing u ir.ilatile TAKSLEWOOD TOWHHOUSES 5000 Block 27th Street • .1 Berf'oo^i • J Snlhi • 1600 iq, (t. • ill flet- lie • firrplar* * SLyhie • R«l. *ir • DcubJe Coo porl • CompocT bul s^dh loll ol Living Spoce end Colo,! 533,750 COXVtHTIONAl FINANCING AVSILABU OPEN WEEKDAYS 3 'KI1....0PEN SUNDAYS 1-6 P.M. linn,..-., WilrJerine West 19b'BI74 ILSON C.W. "Outf Turner. ANP Realtor 795-5426 ILSON 799-60/024 HOURS Equal Howling Opportunity ? 1 O 'lEROYWNO 1 795-5506 Home Of The Residential Specialists 3004 50th St. Johnny Gamble 7M-107J Marilyn Barnty CUSTOM BUILT MELONIE PARK SOUTH All Hie extras you can imagine in Ihis beautiful 4 bdrm , 3 bath luxury home. Antique paneling, bright, cheerful gameroom, 2 isolated bdrms., huge living- den. Priced S5<,950. Call Dick lor appointmenl. MELOME GARDENS S49,950 Compare location - compare price • compare construction! You'll appreciate Ihe value of this beaultful new 4 bdrm, 3 balh home fealuring ^ Isolated bdrms., large Kitchen, separate playroom and lofs of room for Ihe entire family. Call lor John"X- SIXMONTHSOLD ...but Like brand new! Live In luxury in Farrar Estales, This home is different, wilh all the conveniences of a 3 bdrm,, 2 bath home. Such extras AS large playroom wilh wet bar, lava rock fireplace, expensive carpet and light fixtures. Call Blllie. LOW EQUITY 7>,<i% assumable loan, Jbdrm , 3 balh, playroom and basement, 18 monlhi old, below reproduc- lion cost. Owners have moved and are anxious lo sell. For a personal showing on Ihis excellent buy, Call Nellie. 3600 SO. FT. IN HEARTOF MELONIE PARK Custom finished by Burl Jones, Ihis unique 2 story has 4 large bdrms., • isolated master - 3'/j baths, Irg. gameroom, formal dining. Balcony overlooks den wilh high slant beamed ceiling. Oak trees, asJro-lurf patio and many other extras. Equity buy or convenient terms. Call Rick to see this exclusive listing. FHAOR VA • CUTE AND CLEAN Don't pass up the onportunily to see this exceptionally sharp 3 bdrms, 7 bath home. Separate den feAlures built in bookcases and mirrored bar. Refrigerated oir, nicely carpeted and draped. Priced at J24,950. Call Marilyn, S50?.75th OPENSUNOAY 3-5 3 bedroom home In Farrar Eslafes built fiy Harold Long. Front kitchen, isolated master wilh his and her bflth. Huge den with cathedral ceiling And fireplace. Basement, corner lot, side enlry garage, circle drive. Come by or call for Toni. W. NEW LOAN OR t.OW EQUITY Two years old, arched, Spanish doorways, vaulted ceiling in living-den, fireplace, 3 bdrms. (one isolated), 2 baths, double ovens (sell-clean), dishwasher, disposal, double garage • Haynes, Evans and Coronado, See this doll house. Call for Mary. IIANSFIIMOJ. MOVING 1OAN01HE»CirVI Will UNO YOUR NIW HOMI AT NO COSf OIOI11CA1ION REL© Julwlly K<»KI||«< S«vle« .*»:&-•> Billie Huddltjlon 795-5064 RlrkCinup RMlEstntiforStlt Rt»IE*t«ti for Sale HARRIS & CANTREU REALTORS 7201 UNIVERSITY 7*2-0504 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2 to 5 5503 78th Miry Sturgton 7t»-t«2l Yvqnnt Ftqu» 7H-0014 Bill Schwarimbich 747-1ISO Dtin Ellison 7»»-4»W Mtrlt »l«ij«r 7970730 Tommy Cinlr«ll 7IM075 DonL.HtrrU 7fMW NEW ON THE MARKET - Brand new healing, new relrigeraled air, and humidifier. 3 bedrooms wilh 2 baths, living room S, den wilh lireplace. Over IBM sq. ft. & low equity, OWN ERS have bought home in San Antonio • Would giv« posseiiion soon, 1957 so., fl. with 3 bedrooms & Zbalhs, Priced at under J35.000. OWNERS v^ould like to Irade for smaller house. Present home has 2?SS sq. It., living room, den with fireplace, & 3 bedrooms. Nice land' scaping 8. good neighborhood. CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT TO SEC ANY OF THESE LISTINGS 3213-34th REMEMBER 799-4321 CHAPMAN CAN OPEN HOUSE LAKE RANSOM CANYON On Lake Shore Drive. Contemporary, tri-level stucco home. Den-living, fireplace, refrigerated air, dining room, 3 bedrooms. Beautiful colors and choice location. Drive across thedam. Bob Rose 799-4321 nights & Sundays 828-3478 "WOW" Step down den, fireplace. Big kitchen, lots of cabinets, 15x12 eating area. 3 Bedroom, 2 ceramic baths, storm doors. Super sharp 2 year old home 3t Lake Ransom Canyon. Call Gerald Whatley 799-1321 nights & Sundays 799-8889 TAX BREAK... SOUND INVESTMENT Very desireable location, quality construction, brand new. 2900 sq. ft., 2 & 3 bedroom units each featuring 2 baths, spacious den-living area, beautiful kitchen, AM-FM system & double garage. Consider cash flow & depreciation. Contact MikeCrisler 799-4321 nights & Sundays 799-1427 DREAMHOUSE Prime waterfront location on Lake Ransom. 3 bedroom house with appointments to gratify the most discriminating. Two fireplaces (one in master bedroom). Marble sunken tubs. Call Louise for private tour. Louise Knoohuizen (Nuhizen) 799-4321 nights & Sundays 795-4090 SHARP 4 BEDROOM Located in Melonie Park South, 4 bedroom, 2'/3 baths, gameroom, office, den-living, extra large rooms with nice curb appeal. Only 557,950.00. Amy Collins 799-4321 nights & Sundays 795-8525 YOU CAN'T IMAGINE How charming a house can be until you see this one! A touch of Spanish, two separate living areas, fireplace. A custom home - almost new - excellent location. 57500.00 down, S318 per month. Suzanne Murphy 799-4321 nights & Sundays 797-0505 — EXTRA SPECIAL- Recreation room 27' x 17' with bright colored patch carpet and full wall fireplace. This 3 and den wilh sun studio, built-in color TV, AM-FM intercom, double insulation will VA in Bender Terrace. Pat Patenotte (Pat-not) 799-4321 nights & Sundays 799-4827 SEVEN FAT RATS Ain't 'nuff to buy this Beauty! Transferred-seller needs some money! Almost new 3 bedroom, all brick, sunken den, cathedral ceiling, refrigerated air, covered patio. One of Lubbock's newest and finest areas. Low equity. Beverley Albin 799-4321 nights & Sundays792-4235 3&DEN 3 and den, Leftwich-Monterey Addition. Living room, large den, fireplace, 2'/i baths, refrigerated air, outside storage house. Very liveable and spacious home. Call Ann Parsons 799-4321 nights & Sundays 744-1025 BRICK 3&DEN-S25,950 Most liveable, brick, 3 bedroom, den, 2 bath, 2 car garage on corner lof. Excellent condition, southwest, walk-in closets, storm cellar. Roomy, line family home. Quick occupancy. Ca " Carroll Berryman 799-4321 nights & Sundays 744-0392 PLUSH TOUCH Like to entertain? You'll be at home in this gracious two story with basement playroom. Elegant living room with mirrored wall reflecting beautiful chandelier in dining room. Fresh light colors! Eve Wood 799-4321 nights & Sundays 795-6170 EXCELLENT BUY IN MELONIE Walk to school & parlj. Enjoy this 3 bedroom brick home with formal living & dining, plus den. Priced in low 30's - 510,000 equity - payments S280.00. Ready to move into- call Jane to see this one! Jane Covert 799-4321 nights & Sundays 795-9492 EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA Extra is what you get in this 3 bedroom, basement home because the builder built it for himself. Beautiful colors, built on cul-de-sac, wet bar in basement, all the extras! Ken* Rabon 799-4321 nights & Sundays 795-8592 S6600 EQUITY BUY Will put you in this lovely home near the new school. Just right fireplace, exjra pretty carpet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Payments $211,00 per month on low interest loan balance, _ . Barbara Wilson 799-4321 nights* Sundays 792-1224 FOUR SCHOOLS The kids can walk. Haynes, Evans, Christ the King, and Monterey. Everything is new and bright. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, middle 30's. To see call 799-4321 Linda TippsWalden nights & Sundays 792-8256 EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY BROWNIE BROWNLEE—SALES MANAGER HAROLD CHAPMAN & RAY CHAPMAN OFENJA' THMINfi ' 1 ' <1 " r * n purchase a home in the clly -JL- RHIUn UUITnn^J you arc moving lo even hrfnre your UUIIlu home in l.ubbock is sold Call us lor VA lynTUCfi i ID AflUIMtK 84. Houses OWN SHI must i.Ml — Townhouse, two bedroom, Hi baths. £!3l-mo. Include? poo!, Uwn care. Low entilty 52100. 7>4 FHA. 5702 38tll. 7H7-S266. RtalEtt«t«tar&ii* 84. Houses THREE bedroom. '.! bath double i!a- rase. Isolate MBR Cathedral cell- ing. Al. elec-ltlc. BulU-ins. fi'O'J ITC- mont. $27,500, 197-1734 or 763-3677. OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 3710 69th STREET 4 BEDROOM, MEUONIE PARK, ISOLATED SUNKEK MASTER BEDROOM, BEAUTIFUL DRAPES AND LAHDSCAPIKG, BEST LOCATION IV, LOAN. DECORATED WITH BEAUTIFUL ANTIQUE FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES FROM DENtSON'S AHTIOUE SHOP. MO* 3«th STREET. H.G. DENISON CONTRACTOR CHOICE BUILDING SITES 795-1794 ROBERSON REALTORS 3m.34th.Ofrict Phent 79S-0661-MIS 3BR-2»»lh 3 RENTALS ONE LOT 2400 blk. All furnished, separate meters on each. Small down- assume loan. Good cash flow, quick pav-cul. JBR-NE We have 2 houses, low payments on each. Small down-assume loan-Check our prlces- 4BR-CORNERLOT Over 1500 sq. feet-il2.000, has good possibilities. Soulhol Lub- bockHigh. JMary Reynolds 744-JW Louis* Dickey Sanders-,.HJ-?S«1 e P>.h»rton 799-3731 Built-in cooldnj. dilhwashec Brick, fenced, covered patio Kit- Den combination, bar low in- leresl, equily-sU'mo. ONEACRE Fall-out shelter-waterwell MP- lie tankcarport, barns, storage. Driveway, Irees, shrubs- Hear grade school, garage- Owner will carry Jnd-assume $72 mo, WELIKETOMAKETRADES S.E.Richerson ............... f9J-HMu L.D. Cas«v ..... ................ 787-4H7'- PRE-OWNED HOMES 11019ih-^ Rr. ? H. dbl. gar., liv-dcn, KP, like new, under fM.OfXl. 7> t loan. 4S07 9ih-4 Hr-camcroom. Immaculate-unusual, landscaping, circle drive. <3USth-!X>oos<(. (t .beautiful living arcs, very sharp, many e«irj.v .st:u ITith-Liv. room, formal dmmB.rten. Kp.,dbl. gar. Latsol new carpet. 53IR 19ih iUr. brick. Rood location. Owner will carry some paper, 2107 Ulh- Income proporty. front rents tor J85; rear ^50. Occuoicd. H14 .Nashville ,\%c. 4 Br, formal dininc. den, KP, completely redecorated. :«17 7IIK PI-3 Hr. 3 B.. bcaulilulyards, ll)any trees. 5 dole pulling gr. NKW HOMES SI07 Krno\ha-4 Br. 2'i Bath, large kitchen.diningarea.llv-den, ?45.SOO. •7lli9Tuprk»-l Hr. 2 Rain. dhl. gar. liv-den. KP. brick, lots of cabinels. 7UI1 Tnprka-j Hr. 2 Bath brick, liv-den. KP Dbl. garage, good location. 7W.i Memphis AIT. New rluplex. S275 each side. Leased.Sjle PR »9.MO. ill I Kii'iiniuniM Hr. I Hjlii, liv-tlcn. KP. Corner. Side entrance,: car jar. CHOOSE YOUR COLORS AND APPLIANCES W'IIKIli: NOT ALRKADV INSTALLED COl'NT/1 V PLACE TOW.VHOfSES, Z3RUA SLIDE. ISJ.OOO UP OPES 3-6 WEKK-DAVS • l-« SUNDAY K, B, tlainrr Lillian Mallet ,.., Prltnn Iticherson 79J.6IJ7 7)5-8163 79S-7lll'j L^onartt ilrcutl .................. 7!>7-l W Jcrfy AVer .............. , .......... 799-lojj 6701 INDIANA 792-4881 PAT GARRETT REALTORS l» 795-0611 38333^h H" 1 *"" Jinit Cntnty 7T?-47J7l ErntslMn Ktlly 795-9744 , Gladys Abtrntthy 7»5-l55« P«55y Dunlip 7fS-«f <2 " LolsFollis 7lf-«<44 • David lnc« 7K-«7I! . Paula Davll 7f5-4 LronSamutll, Slj.Mgr, 7»5-114l OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-4 ^ 470J 76th ^ Large Den living combinalion, Isolated Master Bedroom, I Large utility, many Built-ins, ^.three bedroom, J Baths, 'cathedral ceiling In Den. -5% Down-138,500.00 OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-« 7402 Salem Three bedroom, two Balh, Den ^Living combination. Beautiful dining area, B u J11 In ^bookshelves, cathedral celling in Den. plenty of storage. -5% down-137,800.00. OWNER WILL HELP FINANCE Auslin Stone exterior, Beautifully Landscaped, Three bedrooms c arptled. Nice pal io — S15.MO.OO OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 2-i 321441H Near Monterey — four large ^ bedrooms, three baths. Huge ^ Patio with wet bar, cxcenslvt T drapei. Study could be uied 41 ^ ti'th bedroom. Corner lot - ' JSJ.BOO.OO. , NEWFHA- VAHOUSES , Three Bedrooms, two baths, den living, fireplace, Double" Garage, Relg. Air, Quality con-' struclion; Call one of our, salesmen lor appointment lo see these homes. TWO STORY-NEAR TECH BricV, Six bedrooms, two baths, paneling throughout, ac- couslical ceiling, apartmenl in , rear — HO.OOO.OO Inl»r-Communitv Rdoolien, inc. Lubbock Excfusiv;««nlativ« tAAAAAAA Molorir; Park — Spanish, Huge Den, Three Bedroom, two baths, Electrical Garage Door ooencrs.playroom, S16,9SO.OO. SOLD 3060 34th-792 2193' But W* H*ve Otttcrt Christine Hilton 19T-2U5 GmeXMiiN 795-2313 ItiiJUeitniler 762-UIO Hot Citlijrn 792-3113 loniOliytr 795-4N7 • B'J!/. Coromircia) 755-JOH O.W. Itwttr firm J Riitrt 799-2<J7 FILL'ER UP Four bedrooms will hold !o!s ol Kids... large yard ... covered palio ... 2 I baths, one with sunken luh ... sunny kilchen on Ihi front ... master, bedroom isolatee ... great schools. Parsons, Alkins & Monterey ... lei us show you this rne. SEARCH NOMORE..,l33,W.W It's all here, 3 bedrooms, two bains, spacious kitchen wilh self- cleaning oven, separate formal dining room ... large Iviing-den riicniy ol slorage space ... tasielully decorated. Evans, Stewart i Coronado, Hurry, II won'l last long. k EASY LIVING This family home lias a formal living t dining room wilh "huge" den- play room ... 3 roomy bedrooms t 1 bathl. You'll love Ihe easy living and greal school location ...Maedgen, Wilson! Monterey us lor details & price. THETAJ MAHAL We don't have this available ... yet ... but we do have » heaulilul 2 bedroom, 2'.'i balh lown house wilh all Ihe "plush" ot the Tai Mahal, You'll like me convenience and privacy ... all Ihe extras... at a special price ... don't wait on the Tai Mahal... see Ihis now! EHVIABLYDIFF6RENT and in the Rush area ... lf,is home will grow with you ... 3 bedroom ... isolated master ... could be four aedroom ... formal living room ... formal dining room ... breakfast room ... garage on back wilh paved alley ... call us about the tax credit available on Ihis new home. THE REALTORS 4S01 AVE. O 744- MM ECONOMICAL — SOUTHWEST A small down paymenf will let you own this lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in Southwest Lubbock. Double car garage, all brick. Only S25,950.00 EXCLUSIVE 188 G.I. Completely redecorated two bedroom home In South Lubbock. Storage house in back yard. Perfect for the economy minded young couple. EXCLUSIVE 184 MYRTLE SLATON ADDITION Relax and enjoy life In one of the finer established areas ot Lubbock. Four bedrooms, three baths, refrigerated air, fireplace in master bedroom. Only S34,950.00. EXCLUSIVE 177 INCOME-INCOME Invest your money and watch it grow! This 2 bedroom house has two rental units behind it. Total income $295.00 monthly. Hurry! EXCLUSIVE 176 LOW, LOW EQUITY Only 41,950.00 buys 1he equity on this 3 bedroom home In South Lubbock. EXCLUS IV E17S Pdjllis Bates 739-7122 Normind Gibson 799-5129 Tom SUM 744-981J Nelson Pierce 7M-M57 Gerry DeUritniert 799-7426 MicUsborne 747-1100 r»'«. rsn»JC P^ REL®

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