The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 28, 1969 · Page 5
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July 28, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
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Monday, July 28, 1969
Page 5
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$24 Billion Rock This is the first moon rock to be photographed in detail in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory at the Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston, Tex., Sunday. Scientists say it is a granular, fine-grained mafic (rich in magnesium and iron) rock and appears to be similar to several igneous rock types found here on earth. The rock was photographed while it was still inside a vacuum chamber. The number at top of picture is the sample number. This rock and others like it brought back from the moon by Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin are the main scientific prizes of the $24-billion Apollo program. HIJACKINGS ON 'CASTRO 1 DAY MIAMI, FLA. (AP) - A polite young man with a knife forced the crew of a Continental Airlines DC-9 to take him to Havana, the plane's pilot said upon arriving here Sunday. It was the thirty-sixth Havana hijack of the year and the second one Saturday - the sixteenth anniversary of the start of Fidel Castro's revolution. "He was polite, didn't talk much and kept his knife out all the way to Havana," said Capt. R. E. Green. Green said the hijacker, a thin Negro in his mid-20s, barged into his cockpit Saturday night as the plane was about to land at Midland, Tex., on a flight that originated in Los Angeles and had stopped at El Paso, Tex. Go to Havana "He said he wanted to go to Havana and that's about all," said Green, of Dallas. The pilot notified authorities and landed at Midland for refueling. Fifty-three passengers and three stewardesses got off the plane at Midland. "He had the cockpit door locked," said Green, "and when he looked out the peephole he said: 'Hey, everybody's gone.'" "Yep, I replied. I didn't know what else to say," Green said. Refused Answers Green said the hijacker refused to answer his repeated questions and kept his knife — with a five-inch blade — iiandy while Green landed for refueling at Mobile, Ala. The plane touched down in Havana at 5:05 a.m., EDT, several hours after a Mexican Airlines plane hijacked earlier in the day has returned to Mexico. "A Cuban policeman came aboard and took the man's knife and led him away," said Green, who was accompanied on the trip by co-pilot Tom Dees of Terrell, Tex. Police at Midland blocked off the airport -runway Saturday night, after Green radioed he was being hijacked. But a Continental official asked that the plane be allowed to take off, they said. ROCKS- Continued jrom Page One tell something about the rock's composition, Dr. King said. It was 2% inches long, about 1% inches wide and a little less than an inch thick. Needed Bath The moon rocks arrived badly in need of a bath. They were coated with black dust that frustrated specialists who took their first look Saturday. The container box was opened inside a vacuum chamber and scientists could peer at them from distances of only one to three feet away. One scientist said he wished he could take soap and water and a hard brush to scrub them up. But the rocks cannot be exposed to water or air until tests are made to see what kinds of ractions might occur. No one has ever dealt with moon rocks before. 3«« Meinei Register Paa* $ ^o«v_MxJ. § -' "**__ REUNION WITH APOLLO WIVES HOUSTON, TEX. (AP) The Apollo 11 astronauts arrived in Houston early Sunday ,o a private reunion with the loved ones who had waited so breathlessly during the eight- day voyage ta the moon. Part of a crowd of 5,000, the families of Neil Armstrong, Edwin A. (Buzz) Aldrin, jr., and Michael Collins waved franti-. cally as the sealed mobile' quarantine facility (M.Q.F.) was unloaded at 1 a.m. from a giant C-141 jet at Ellington Air Force Base near here. The spacemen waved back through a small window in the M.Q.F. Then the wives, wearing red (Joan Aldrin), white (Pat Collins) and blue (Jan Armstrong) dresses, took turns talking on an orange phone to the men inside. Since it was their first face-to- face conversation since two weeks before the moon trip, nobody listened hard to catch their words as the spacemen laughed and grinned as they talked. Something Aldrin said to his wife - mast have been naughty, though, because she put her hand up to her face in embarrassment — but this, too, was private and nobody asked. The astronauts cannot be truly reunited with their families until after another 15 days of quarantine and tests to guard against any deadly moon germs. "I would like to thank all of you friends for coming out at this most unreasonable hour," said Armstrong over the public address system. "Seems like we've been doing things at unreasonable hours for the last several weeks." "Joining Together" "As I look back on the events of the past several days I don't think history has seen men more removed physically from the world than we were,' 1 a t WIREPHOTO (API Wives Welcome Space Heroes America's three moon astronauts (from left) Neil Arniotronp, Kchvin Aldrin and Michael Collins, are greeted by their wives, left to right, Pat Collins, Detect 14 Landslides On Walls oi Lunar Craters "• i The Washington Post HOUSTON, TEX. — Fourteen landslides on the walls of lunar craters have shaken the moon in the past three days. They have given off signals picked up by a set of scisomom- eters left by the lunar astro nauts The signals, automatically transmitted by radio, have been picked up here and interpreted by a team under Dr. Gary Latham, of Lament Geological Observatory. Russia-China War Seen by 75 HONG KONG (AP) - A British expert on Asian affairs says Communist China and the Soviet Union are on "a collision course" that could bring nuclear war by 1975. "Neither seems prepared to make concessions sufficient to appease the other and, unless there is a definite change soon, I would put the chances of all- out war between the two Communist giants at 3 to 1," Dr. Ernest Newman said in an interview with the Hong Kong South China Morning Post. Newman, a former university professor at London's School of Economics, has spent recent years studying and analyzing Asian, particularly Communist Chinese, affairs for semi-official and official British organizations. He is currently touring Asia. ANGUILLATEADER LONDON, ENGLAND (AP) _ Britain has named Willoughby Harry Thompson, 50, as new commissioner for the troubled Carribean island of Anguilla, which broke away from its federation with St. Kills and Nevis. But the experts were cheered when a technician, working from outside the chamber, hoisted a rock toward a porthole for closer inspection under a binocular microscope. Then much of the dust fell off. As examinations continued Sunday, Dr. King said the dust certainly is not powdered graphite, but its composition is still not determined. Different observers described the rocks as looking dark gray to brownish gray, but the lighting in the vacuum chamber is rather poor for establishing color, Dr. King said. , Two core tubes, containing a few inches of moon material dug up vertically, and the panel that captured solar wind particles were being removed to the biological-preparation laboratory. Some tube material will be pulverized for exposure t germ-free mice, one of man) experiments to determin whether the moon harbors mi crobes that could be dangerou to life on earth. Some material was placed ir a small container to expose i to elements in the earth's at mosphere, before the rocks ar taken out of the vacuum. One by one, the rocks ar being placed in small cans sealed under vacuum, for late analysis and ultimate dis tribution in tiny pieces to scien lowan Photographer Terry Slezak of Iowa City, la., became the irst man to touch moon dust with his bare hands when he opened the film cassettes that Astronaut Neil Armstrong had dropped on the moon. Slezak had to go into quarantine with the astronauts at the Manned Spacecraft Center at Houston to avoid spreading any moon germs. ists around the world for full dentification. Second Box A second box with a heavier weight of rocks may be opened n a day or two. No quick judgment could be made as to whether the first •ocks contain any microbes, 'but I can assure you there are no larger forms of life," said Dr. James Menzies, a U.S. Department of Agriculture microbiologist. ABM Aided by Apollo: Laird .Ian Armstrong and Joan Aldrin, after tho sparemcn arrived at Klliiitfton Air Force Huso near the Manned Space Center, Houston, Tex., early Sunday. KKimu-: KFFORT £[ g ' m GirlNamed .\KW HKMII, INDIA (REU- MlSS Illinois TKKS, _ The Indian family.. AUHORA , 1LL . ^v, „ Pctik . pl;inninn program has been re- Du]ci( , Scripture, 20-year-old sponsible for preventing 10.7 \]j ss Elgin, was crowned Miss million births since 1064. Illinois Saturday night. illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMHIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIItlllllllHIIIMi' I • DOWNTOWN • MERLE HAY PLAZA • PARK FAIR § i which fresh new craters are transformed to old. I The seismometers have been ; overheating, but arc still operal- j ing. The most probable cause of I the over-heating, it appears now, i js that the landing craft's ascent j£ WASHINGTON, D.C. (REUTERS) — Defense Secretary Melvin R. Laird indicated Sunday he believed the Apollo 11 moon landing mission helped the administration's fight to win approval of its plan to develop an antiballistic missile system (ABM). Questioned on the CBS television interview progam "Face the Nation" on whether an ABM system would really work, he said the moon mission had convinced many people the U.S. has the technology required. said Aldrin. "At the same time, I don't think history has seen as many people joining together with us in everything we were doing." "It's always nice to come home to Houston, to come back home," said Collins. "Just how nice it is depends on how long we've been gone and how far away from home we've been. In this case, it's superlatively nice to be home." "What do you think of that moon?" Pat Collins asked, and Mike answered, "I just don't know." They did know, of course, because after the M.Q.F. was trucked slowly to the Lunar Re ceiving Laboratory at the Manned Spacecraft Center, the spacemen started gabbing by the hour, feeding hungry tape recorders with tales of their adventure. They launched into seven hours of de-briefing with astronaut chief Donald K. Slayton after sleeping late in their private bedrooms in the Lunar Receiving Laboratory. An official said they were tired from the long trip by ship, truck and airplane from the South Pacific where they splashed down Thursday and were allowed to sleep until noon (Iowa time) Sunday. John McLeaish, a public affairs officer quarantined with the spacemen, said they were "in unusually good spirits" when they arrived in the laboratory. He said the spacemen were "very impressed by the kinds of public interest" in their mission. Beginning "abruptly" on July ene ine exhaust flame charred; 25, the scientists said Sunday, I and degraded the experiments .4 "unusual seismic events" ; heat-protective surfaces^ were recordcdT The crater walls, the scientists believe, have been falling in at the time of highest lunar temperatures — around 250 degrees. It was "high noon" Sunday in the 14-earth- day-long lunar day. The reason for the slides may be differing internal stresses as different parts of crater walls get hotter than others. The seismologists here said they feel they may be observing the initial stages of the process by Public Mails Cards, | i But Child Dies f I GHENT, BELGIUM (AP) - | [Two-year-old Catherine Gillen = died of leukemia Friday night.5 in a Paris hospital surrounded E by an estimated one million ;5 greeting cards and hundreds of = toys. When the father of theiE little Belgian girl had learned she was doomed, he appealed publicly for some comfort for _ her and children from all over = the world responded. I;.O.M. JULY SUMMER DRESSES Values to $28.00 N.Y. Bus Accident Injures 47 Persons WURTSBORO, N.Y. (AP) Forty-seven persons were injured Sunday when a chartered bus rolled onto its side on Interstate 17 near this Catskill Mountain community. 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