The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 6, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
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Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 6
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sac 'THE PAWS NEWS. X AUGUST* IGERS AND YANKEES GET GOOD PITCHING Others In Loop Face Hard Task Rivals Turn In Near-Perfect Baseball Against Tall-Ender* ^ BY HTJGH S. FULLKKTON, JK. Aaesodated Prcs* Sport* Writer Casual observer of tfce American league race might vvoncer JIO-HT any rival could keep either the Detroit Tigers or the Xew York Tankees iron winning the pennant. - Kacins along only a gatn« apart these rival cl^bs have turned in some feats of near-perfect base- bail in the past fevr days against tail-end opposition. Detroit wai- loped tk fi "*Vhite Sox 7 to 0 Sunday to climax a six-game whi- Tiinsr streak which sa-w them register three shutouts and score 37 nsus in three games against Chicago. and the Yssks cained a 3-1 triumpli over the Athletics. I^efty Vernon Gom^z who pitched a three-hit s^n^e 'tis liisi time out. Save the A's only one blow, a rather flaky double by Jimniie Koxx. Tony I-azzeri sniacked a iioraer in the seventh anc Lou Oehrig- found Alton Ben tor: for his 3€±a 'Circuit swat of the year in tise eighth. The league ieadia^: C«iai:Ls Stas^d another splurge in the Nat- tiona.1 league to increase their margin -to Th-ree games over the .Cubs, vriih le^clng -id. \\"hile thv Giants \T-re ROOSEVELT INSPECTS U. S. TROOPS IN HAWAII, SEES FAMED VOLCANO tlie PhUlsei-", ~ to -.r, ->•; elev'5 liits, Jncltsding a hc-n:er. by Mar ; - aser BIH Terry, and Mel Otfs 2?th circuit swat, the Re-ds iield Chi- ca^u t-o an even break in a douc-Ie- lieader. Ps-til I>erriztc:cr. noted as a "ijard luck" hurler astonished _ a With .'four hits in th.-:' opener to ^"in 4 to 0. Chicago ranis back ^. itn a. 4 TO 3 iriumph -'-hen an early siAta-ck carried L-on ^Varrseke ^' Pittsburgh stagred an uprislar thai liid •Dair-ful results to an- •otlier, "pennant hepelcl. thc^ St. Ixjiiis -Carcinals- and pL-'j-na'Ed me club around in both Sames of a c'-ubieheader. A flock of double* '-rs the se-.e-ntV. ar.d I^arrj French's relief lii.Tisir? won the operstr i? to -. vnth Paul L>ean oir tixe losins end. wh-Se. the Sues continued teirtirsi; against Toi:r xaore 'pitsrh-ers !•-• *^.ke tno seconu clEish 7 to 2 behind ^"aite Koyx. Olcvelcrsd's IndJass. third p'acr ciub of the juiiic-r circuit, took .1 l?SLl Trosky's ^3rd Iiuiner as the d-eciding' bio?.. V/ash'-nr-rn aa*3 .Senators takin? t.;i» or-^-er --* Di =- Net Stars \Burns Says He Wants No Are Gathered Money JfLaRue Beats Him rT*»<»t At T <-ir»iTvrn%rl - Trvtir*- . _ Meet At Lonsr^oodi Tour- i*ev Dra^s Best Field For Year? Bill;-' Burns, reformed ex-bad boy of the mat who faces Freacby LaRue. the gome** tough, bad man. here Tuesday night in the main event of the wrestling program i-t Paris Aihleiic club, has advised ^ pletor The Locs'.vood Bo^I and [ ^7Veai" ,>i;rr«i.Ei*r;i v.-i!I have one of the ! •:-si jjelcls in year,-, Daring the ; -51 T>V.- s^wisons the .Davis cup | ave robbed the Brookiine tour- ; ars:eni <jf much cf ii.& brilliance. I The start of the tearjt play TV til ! •«i delayed until the- arrival c* | rise AUesday night I tios't "want a.n~ money. ' Sums Indicatirs.s: he would be Willing: to give his end of the p-urs-e to charity if he fails to tie Prencn- Canadiari. They •will -wrestle xvro out cf three falls with a -wo hour time limit in the hea-SHner THies- break Tfrith" a ~-~ tr!*^-n ' : :The Boston Bra- e? sn Jvn. also d-vided gan^es. '-worr' th*> first ~-~ vci^ .iers: 'tvo advar;u?r- of :^n 'lies .'.'S-Iallon to src-re T^r any w>, ," I-..- ?-. NOTTCF. Two "Qs'ie*'' s^rnfc- bcionginr to the nolice ccp—'-*:rr;er.; 'or U5C near Somes •wh-ere 'here *.?= 5:-/'kr-ess r.av-; Jy needed ai zsresert anc a- •orse w-h-f kn*.,-^s -.--here -.?:=--- mar . _i=. requested to comrriu Sore Bleeding Gums ' :-On*y on-s bottje L-eio's Pyorrivea 'oriel'' " No m stier ho-*.- bad roar :cas£. g£t a' bottle, use as Cifecte-d. •and tf.. yo*2 s_r€: no; satisfied druggists win return yo-_?r rrscn»y. Pa.;- aee 'Crss Store,—Adv. ap Gearameed ROYAL BEAUTY SHOP Tri. €€ J. L BALL & CO. f"ir>t National Bank Colonial Cleaners Now Located At 3 North M*Ja Street Prices &- ....... *5c op 5<«c ap All Worfe Guaranteed •Call 3«^> For I>~?iverr £erv;r~ Hubert Evans Formerly .With FRED GREGER CAFE IA %ow JjOCttlcd At isi-a.r<5 ~ho have seer. irluc in action knu'v :? wi<i take gre;-;t dea* more than talk to r. the shoulders of the French- s.n on -he mat ftt~Ic<? in f?ro .•ur=. A? a. matter of f^c?. they Toy s==dir-£- ? ~o" the bo"?.'! com- '•-'—"^ ••«;--'•-»•. *•• • ----- -.-.«..! —*..j. „-.:-;_„ "^.,.,"." ., - -T-^-^S.,- . n-^...,, : T -Mrjs a r>P ro-.r euip.g m07v.-ionoirs en's draw ^r&j heacec ~--v Sarah' ------ -J^> •&• ••-• ""•-' x " T -_-,- ^_ -, -•:•-.=, -i-s-^r^-., • •*" ?-" -"^ *£.;;« T -«> JV?3t 1-a.Rue then i .,'.,\"^~.',.^' f ' c . ~ J '"~ " ""'-' "" I s->rn^ r.hartty := :n cec-u position IT a^ ~r> — re£"jh of his harG work ~hri n^ij-- co^r;*?s tactx hers s_f- r a prolorii^ed a/DseriC 1 ? *o face ev'-r faJ^s to Keep his man ' ,-s a.n e3CT?er'en-7e^2 wrestler ^vho ; r-<r=5 and hc-'ar to' use therrt and is \ at any Tirse. His favorite hold is. Tuesday nis'ht employes of the ! Arthur Cad^e: store -prlil be ajdmlt- Armour Win Is Feature Golf Takes Lead In Happenings In fr-?r J"ert"ev o^er; ^-;th 2*5- IlIO r^Z^---.N' C'S. ?'*, C. Sobb*-" • , , . . - ,_ * ' TT« -^t ^T ^ • * ~ f~~*~i 'Z- T.-t,-^tr •*•*-* 1 s , f 4 -* ^> V^2.r^" _=ne.« snc-dt..- s. €-. ic--ei^-" : ' --•->-••---•- ••• • «•- --•• -• -' < _^ ,..,_„, ; v, j.;; b'- 5.,drnit'.«=-S for 10 cents, i r.<* r-d Major Leaders AMERICAN LEAGUE Pa.-,vtuck^:. R. r.— R'-i^-f-r? lia.'MiF har,d;>~2p 5::-^^ '..o C. '*'.. X BOX-TON" I,ANr>I George R«i«" E! 124: Trciky, Indianc, '^. '• rt-'-h — COMMERCE M>"E TO BE IN TOURNAMENT mar.. .«*^ Cfi.^^***^*-* ' j ^^ff^' ft *?.*? ,±*Z.-*J * S. *- - " pklah w.a ^o.ff!«*i6 :r. ^harg-e o* a ; "' ^'^TfONAt, I!EA«I:E D*.J£t.St O i 2 ; i i..O^2 J"Ti£ JTift rjt* ?, fi^r't A, luI^iiSSTL. | *>». * * „ *- •«•- *T"^ f •*»>• ^* is ^* r '* S€ 7 " ^* H. u n s—O t *., C tart*, £ 5 . T c r r;.'. C;'<-. -,'f. ST., t.n«-;r f:r>* gnr«*> bc-sr.g »*h*^jJ«'d j , •• ^ . *_"/>;•*,nt. Cardinal*. ar;3 Eer- Viir.ers vt.i; r *.',-•?;>•*• ?: T>C- «n ea-*h j " H;t«.—Terry. Oiafit?.' 14*. P. arc: have ait «?xperis*s psl£ - «'h!I« !-»var:*r. Pirates, 247. ;*.k:r.g part, -n The ^verr*. After T-^* | I>r..tjbiee.—Va.ujrhar:. Pirates an<£ TTi£.tch »» Mad:3- is c-omp»et<r<4 the i F H«rrman. Cub*, 31. Corrrmerce tsine plans to take CT» 'i Tr;-..iet p . Pirat*«, 79, th*r Antler*. Mafck^ec ».nd Shaw- : \- a , jr h £r ! and P.. Wan«r. Pirate*.' ne? tesmc in a. series of araiyj-TT. ;Co;I: : rs and iled^ick. •Ca.rdir.aic, ?. ! Home run*—Otr. Giante. *&: Her- TC» \VATCn j^-rr. Braves, *5. I ??to5*n ^ae**—Martin. Car<JsnaI*i. rsuar b« pa:d on orjjT; Bai"t-il, ,PhiU*«#. and Cu5'!er. bffor« A.agust 16 in or<3e.r to secure jC«l>f.. 12. Con He Stop Burns' Streak? Missions In 9-0 Victory Score Eight In First Inning And Then Coast to Win By BttGU X-rARiaa-l Associmted Press Sports VTriter A first inninjr orgy in -which tb.ey scored ct-pht runs it «a*y for th« l*asTi« l*adini: San Antonio Missions to b«a.t Houston. Sunday. 9 to Ol After their iscorinsr rampage the - Missions settled back ajid Tvatched Hal TViltse. southpaw veteran, tehitewash the Buffs in the first same of a three-same «eries- Wiltse. coasting: in -with hiss bis lead, limited the sixth place Buffaloes to seven hits. "Wiltse's triple, his only hit, drove across three runs- Th« Missions collected 22 hits off the combined hurlins of Mike" Cvengros. Cotton Pippen and Geors© Payne. The second place Galveston Buccaneers and third place Beaumont Exporters -were kind enough to each other to split a doubleheader. Galveston -won the first. 3 to ±. behind the seven-hit pitching of Gumbert -who gained the decision after ten innings of hard pitchitis: against Judge Schulz and Vic Frasier. It was appreciation day for TJncle K/abe Stuart. Beau- inont owner, ajid to prevent spoiling the "occasion the Exporters won the second' tilt, 4 to S- !Larkin and Frasier combined to hold CJalves- ton to five hits In the nishtcap. Kudy Tork. fence clouting a-Igrht- fielder of the Fort "Worth Cats, hit his twenty-sixth, home run of the season but it -nrasn't enough to prevent the Cats from taking a. S to 2 licking by Tuisa. Tom Davis stopped . the Cats with four hits against thirteen allowed by Choe Chee Perez. Meyer Choren and Johnny Berger each batted in three runs for Tulsa. Slveeter Newsome. Tuisa shortstop, collected three hits aud scored as many times. With the score tied 4 to 4 in the \ tenth inning. Centerfielder Sloan ! of tbe Oklahoma. City- Indians lost i a lazy fly ball in the sun. allowed it to fall saf e arid ZteUlas beat the In| (ii^TJS. 5 to 4. Joe Vance scored i from first on the "assist" by Old ! SoJ. FIGHTS Last Night By Th* Associated MARSEILLES. France.—Marcel Thil. 160. outpointed Klnaldi M*r- oni. 167. Italy <1Q). .Kid Francis, IIS. Marseilles, outpointed Spider Pladaer, 11S Locals Nose Out Cooper Nine 7 to 6 Perry Speairs Pitches and Bats Logsdoirs Battlers To Vicforv TEXAS X>allas 5, Oklahoma City 4 T ten ininss. San Antonio 3. Houston 0. Galvesion 3-3. Beaumont i-4, :r5^ game, ten innings- Tulsa 6. Fort Worth 1. AMERICAN X.EAGCK \Va-shington 2-3. Boston 1-7. New Tork 3, Philadelphia 1. Detroit 7. Chicago 0. 5. St. I>ouis 2, 5hoAn here is F rent-by I-aRu?. --ai fans -worsdtr if LARue -^-iii end! tough French-Canadian heavy- his series of victories when they •^-eirh:. wrestisr xrho opposes BKi'" • clash ' Ttzesday night. By Tray of Burns In the main event of M&n- jhoi^iiig h.3"W he feels about it, a=-°r Fred Gre^er's weekly ivres*- Bums ha-s iraid if he fails to beat sic~ ~~r.o-~ T'jes^cay rsight a* Parn? T^aR-ae he doe»n't -?ra.nt any money. Athletic club. Burns ha.s not b*?*- >o it would appear local fans are •defeated in any of his match« :n for an action-jammed tnain si-nee he retumed to Paris ar.d lo- rvent Tuesday night- Creamery Is Winner Again day defeats^ the Par-T«i O'i Company 13-5. ;n H crr;- on ihe South Thirty- repiace*"2 -he Southerlartd supply teairt- RenfrQ T _ Creamery pitchtr -a - h:f- r.ins's played anC kept -us h:- heavy -work vrft'n the siick, ac- triple i-n tbr*H; offir?s5 trip.i». "Whst- iock hit t-^o trij»1«r* &r : <3 a. do-Jt;-. yr^TTis of the Batteries for th* Par-Tc-x Flashes Of Life XATIOXAI> XtEAGUE Boston 7-3, Brooklyn 4-3. Cincinnati 4-1, Chicago 0-.4 New Tork 1, Philadelphia. 4. Pittsburgh 5-T. St. L-oxsis 4-2, WEST DIXIE IJEAGTHE: Henderson 3. Jacksonville 2. ten 5. Tyler 2. :n 15-7. Palestine 14-10. By the As«ociat»<5 Frees SO" J3TjAMEI> FOR FIREWORKS .Veb.—;V»"hJIe- ilie th*r- I-'auLs«n farr.i havj an out-of-s«a^on X'Src -^v o r 1%^ <ii&5^t^y ^tiQc3.y. '-•d in a shi*.ck or. the t«rm. where j they " had '^e-cr. atorei by an i EAST BDCtE Greenwood S-3, Clarksda.!* 0-1. GrecnvlHft 2, JacksoR G- SI Borado 12. Pise Bluff §- TEXAS UEAGTTE Teant— W, Sar* Antonio Galvsston . Beaumont . Tuisa. . , Houston Fort "Worth .ss .69 .54 .52 46 52 55 55 5S 50 S3 Oklahoma City* 46 T Q 6 un*cL*duI*5<J -jerked Pauleen's 6Sth birthday and atiracicd l.yOO motorists to • "mz isc^ns 1 - pa-uia^n bia.rrt?-«S the jr;. ^ did firtrncr*. INVITE, rDABEl* CKOQtI-T TO .\-N\VDARKO TOLR.VLV IDABE'L, Okla- — invitations tc rh* fifth *nr.^ai cro^^et tourna- rr.*r:r to b* he!d ar. IRON B.EAVER. Pa-—iram R. J : .s«.n. of Ch;pp*-A'a to^'Rshi?. rron in hia bread but it was in the ••rrcmg iorrn, he a.Hes'iMS in A S10,- <r50 &z.n\2.z*>, fUit against a. West AMERICAN LEAGUE Team— TF". 1^. f>etrolt ... , ..S5 37 Ne-sv Tork 53 S7 C!cvelar3 < .. . , 55 *5 5* 50 ....... 47 54 St. Louis 4< S3 35 SS Boston Pet. .53S .S4S .522 .509 .496 .474 .4,55 Pet. .537 .520 .554 .515 Perry Speair*. local boy, pitched and batted L.ogsdoc*s Battlers to a 7 to 6 xictory over Cooper here Stinday afternoon. In addition to pitching a *te!lar same Speairs blasted out four hits out of five trips to th'e plate, which included rsvo doubles over the left field wire* a home run and & sinsle. tvhich. is by way of being. a, fair day's -work for any bait player Rex Miller, a recent acquisition to the home club, also lifted one out of the park to help matters alonsr- Opposed to Speairs" on th» mound was jLefty Kirbo. a sensation last year with Uuifo. and with. the exception of the. home run balls throvm to Speairs and Miller, pitched a. creditable ball g^.me. the latter's hoist coirjlrsg- in the ninth and salted the game a-sra,y for the- horce club. In spite of three errors by the local infield, and one by the Cooper dab. it ivas fast and -well played same. la fact one of the best turned in on the local field this season. The croTrd -was rather disappointing. Cooper fajja numbering about as many as local fans. Xjogsdon. manager of the home club, announces that he has signed five new men, •who T^ere t*» report Monday. The next scheduled same ,is -with the Cole Park club of I>aHas. Also plans are beJrn^ -worjced OUT for a, touraa. meiit to be held * a this city, -which if perfected -will see three clubs in Oklahoma, and. fiv.e in this^ section in competition- Van Alstyne. one of <ihe bl£ "winners in the R«-d River Valley le»«Tie. "«^H be Invited to participate, also probably Bonham and other near by to'wns- The probable Oklahoma, entrants TV-ill be Hugo, Antlera and Heavener. ., . •- . ^ - The - bffx s<ror« of Sunday's AB Hugo Takes Third In Row Score 2O-6 Victory Sunday To Take Commanding Lead In Series" HUGO. — Hugo Sand!o> Tiger* trade it three straight and the standing three to on« :when they stamped Aatlets 20 to S on the local lot Sunday afternoon. Antlers started fast in tb~ /first. Calhoun hit over the left field fence a.nd the xiex* two batts-rs hit safely, sending the second run In. W^stbrook relieved Leader, only tq be. greeted by the second As tiers home run off th^ bat of Clark, making four scores -with oniy one away. Ihe next man single! but West brock settled 'down and retired the side and allowed _4ut T ers only three more hits during the- last eight innings of the game- It •K&i a. masterful exhibition of that turned the Aetlers back at every thre-tt. was no* long in juTspmij on Boharjon, tvbc walked tr* *ir--t two TYitn. to face him and ilto-.-e-l Bryan" a. long double which scored It-jih. T.'iv? kept ri^rh-r sfior th*- buc Indian, however, tr i added thrift :i crc In Cne second oc tvro errors, -a. ~acrifire and two KtC;-. Th-^y xrerft i-v«- j«t-ded after *hat. Tliey *ent Bohanon to the showers 5n tli* third when leader smashed on* of Bo's fast ones over the left -wall with McDonald on. Coleman. -who retired the side, was treated worse, Hugo adding one in the fourth and then going wild with six in ^the sixth and five in the eighth -which added to one they picked lip in the seventh gave them their 20 total. Antlers picked up their last,two when "Westbrook eased up in the ninth. In addition to tVestbrook** pitching, the hitting of Bryant. Grayston. arid Leader featured, tlie latxer hitting safely four times and scoring four runs and driviuj- in four. Score by innings. Antlers ...400 OOO 002— S S 1 H'JgO 232 106 15x—20 IT 2 Bobanon, Coleman and J>arhais3. Benn; leader. "W r estbrook and Brown. Umpires: Pettisrew and Palmer. °' START PROJECT AT GOODLAND MONDAY Cooper Clark. 2b. .. Barn&s ss - - If , Klrbo p. -~ - Btedsoe 3rd Pounds rf Total Paris Kouche 2nd James rf Bailey 3nJ " Burks rf-2nd. . -. Beli if Miller cf ~. "Ray c Tots! Score by Cooper HUGO. Okla- —O- C- Biard. hi charge .of Cfeocta.w county FBRA I -work Saturday aanouncsd a sur- I vey is bein^ KJad« for tlte JIS.OOO aiuphitheatre and athletic hall j project at Goodlatid Indian scboo?, J actual tvork beginrtinif Monday- j Probably as rnany as 33 or 45 men I from the FBRA rofls «'ili find em- j ployrnent. -•. j Another project. a. hospitaii j bsildizzg for tiie scliool, may b*. at" j separate project •* % 1tb only Indians c th 35 S S AB H R 0 2 O 4 2 . 4 . 1 , - 3 1 ^ C 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 3 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 TEMPI*:, Tex., fcP}.—Th* battl* for.lsfe by !itx!«; Eva Xadine. <?ae- poutsd daughter of Mr. Lew Lock* ot-Xarrelton, phyyfcJans Saturday a* t li * T watched the tiny infant ia Jier. qtiartc 35 11 i£ 031 001—S OGO 035 09!—7 Runs batted In—Speair* 5. F«r- ^ 2, Bailey 1. Miler I. Clark 2. Hardv 3, Bledso* 1- ~ base hit*. 1. Baiiey 1. Sp«*irs 2. 1 Harlot 1. Bledso* 1, Hardy _^_ razus —Miller, Hardy. Base'on b»llB. Speairs. 2. Klrbo 3 L«£t on "base*. Cooper 4. Pari* 12. Struclc out b-r Spexir* S. 3Clrbo 11. pitcher. Klrbo. Umpires aji<3, I^gLnders. Time of SPECIAL THIS WEEK Oil Permanent* $2.25 Other Perrnaacats. . . , $3-ftO *p Ware S«t . ' l»c ELITE BEAIJIT SHOP Evelyn. Soa-vers, Roosevelt Forecast* DeTelopmetit into a mor* b«avl»y poptslatrd tartnir c^teap electric power from great dais* snch a* th* *ror«rn- ment is boiWinic "*»« pr^ictc^! by Roosevelt in an s<3<!r«rss Chicago XATTONAl, Tork Chicasro S:. Lonl* He says he v-a« :r>iure?S ! ;;>; teeth eortneet*!*! with a.. • hunk of iron tn brea.<J he par• f:a*ed fron» th*s firm. Brooklyn 6^ 55 S2 4S 43 . . 43 , 35 SS 10 43 sr SI S7 «<> <5S Pet. .525 .60S .574 .500 .455 .43A .417 .3*7 r^e^ertt*. PJay«r» art «xp-*ct*'i frorn Tex^f-, Arkansar. 5*;«sour &nd Kansas. F-;ltefr> sraHona of sraeoflne ^r» TO be sr:v<r:n the r.* v a.rr! ccrn:inij th" ^:reai-»ss:t distance: 10 3*7! one tc tri ?-.<•:*?, %r?<J five g»2'!ons to the tbsr--}. Th*r* ^'JH bfr fo'jr ca*h pr ;-->-•>, S;x court* SLT*:; to be AX L-SAPPRECIATIVE GCE&T j EAST BEU-EVILI-E. Ont- — Police j Team— *ve \ViIIiaro Bryan. 21. free (**'"• B5off 9<ig'jrt^ ijursfJay nigh*. lie left f morning. Police not««l s ew comb jr, th*ir m{string. Th*y found *he and »h« cornb in hta SKMS- They «rs.v<; him » lecture? COLORADO SPRINGS, Cole-., '^f •—Harry E. Strasburger of Coffey- *.'sii*, ICatn., dei<feat««i JacJc M.aiioy of Tu3«a., Oki*.. one up, and M. L, Ma**injrJH. Fcrt- Worth, T^as. de- ffe3t*?<5 Morris Ru*««Jj of Den ton, T<sas«, 7 and 6 5ft 13"*ft »cmi -final rcon<S of the fourteenth Booth rsach for a. cte- ?r. The IJafhtwr f<»«jn<! it on I &ryo.n. T.h«y ea.!4. to^«th<»r with 13 j «na*t*r k*ye. So th«y h*?ld him I for«a. B*forc 10.009 ch**>rJnjr person* who arath*r<jd »t Co«!c« t>air. »tt«. center of * ?S3.QOQ.OC(> ^srat^r and r proj«*ct fo»t»r*<! by th* ifov- T T the cbt«5f exssc-Jtlve xa!<5 l>j<?«e f*<J*»r8* tsndertakJnsrs concerned not only tb« *i»t«* dlr«>ctly tnvolv»«1 but also th« nation a« a R. T«x.. (^Pv. — Mrs. . «3. •ara^ Btaobea to <3«?artj wi »t?*r mad** bp<Js in b^r hom*> hrr« Saturday. EHlston. «* y«ar» old and a rftt1r«d farmer. Is »**r d^atft in a hospttal, also •offering from kn!f«* wounds. million waw R. R. walnut* wrJH jwoducc *n **tim*t«r«3 wire* In th* 45*0^0 tons, thin ;<ear wjth « mar- Church, bows of B«*l«sKtreet, 'krt value of about |3,ooo,*JOy, } If Your Toes Itch Ton are probably suffering ATHLETE'S FOOT. Thi* iji a form of r1n«rworm that U« <J«<sp!y Imbedded in th« inner lay- em of the jk!n. cauxlnc bUsters that spread th« w h * n op«nc«3 by scratching BROWN'S IXJTION trtU Ktop the !tchJn« Instantly and h«aJ «.jjy ca*« of ATHX.ETETS FOOT within fwirt^flsn d*ys or your money will b«t refunded. Mo bandfliico 1* tuso «SBMtry »ft*r u«!n«r BROWN'S LOTION. * «<Jc and 11,89 per bottle J wt R«cehred Mtrtt The»«? Eoares ar* trosa I to i years o!d aa3 weljrh froa* 1,4MMJ' to 1.403 potrnds. S*» at Claude Terrdr* Hone tod Mul* ?forth of Coisrt Bcavi»-Jone» Seed Co, 32 North Mate Just Received MILLER S DOG FOODS in<lus<n) NEWS i

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