The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 9, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 5
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARR1SBURG, ILL.. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1948 mm NKW UECIPB SALAD DRESSING Guaranteed Fresh At Your Grocer Distributed By WHOLESALE FOODS 330 Ford Avenue Harrisburg, Illinois RED RYDER Acrobatics By Fred Harmon WHILE RP RYDER* TO55E LEAVE* TONWA Rl^XsO'5 STORE, mtuE FREES HIS fEET A^D- f /AE 5l(5N:AL LIKE OLD . THREE SHORT PUFF, THREE PUFF, THREE 5HORTPUFF/ FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HEY/ LOOK At 1HAT SMOKE FROfl THE CrWNEt OK) HER STORE." Illinois Plays at Iowa He's a Student ' THAT COY YOU'RE (THAT'S TME GUY/ TALKING ABOUT | CUSTOM -8UIU* COULD ONLY £ ELL JOMMSOM-- THIN AND ABOUT FEET'TALL/ HE'S A TRAWSrEK." . FROM MILFQRpHKjM/ BY MATURE FOZ A BASKETBALL CENTER/ we Xieeo HIM ON THE TEAM , BUT HE SAYS SPORTS ARE , CHILDISH/ BOSWEIL IS A FWe STUDENT, BUT HE DOES A BIT TOO SERIOUSLY- I'LL. SPEAK To THOS. D. GREGG GrjdjJtf and Rf.lUerfd Optcnjtrist Second Floor Gregg Bldg. P-K-tj /2W or 265R (or Appointment ( * L/IL ABNER AMD 1M SURE SHAKESPEARE WOULONY HAVE V/AMTeD YOU T HAVE A STROM O IN A WEAK Centralia Will Play Conference Game Here Friday The Ilarrisburg Bull Dogs this week will wind up their Sv/uth Six conference basketball play, meet. . , l i n g the league leaders, thc Cen- By Merrill Blosser tralia Orphans, in the annual Pow Wow game here Friday night. The local cagers have split even with every conference foe except Cenlralia, and will gel their opportunity to divide the two games '·" | this week. Centralia owns an ear- j lier win in a game played in the - Marion county metropolis. 66-57 Tilt to CHICAGO, Fob. 9--W.KU-The' Big Nine's three basketball leaders, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan, were in the top spot today because they were able to win on foreign courts. Of the 3OBig Nine games played this year, only six have been won by the visiting teams, and the first three clubs have accounted for all of these. Wisconsin, which defeated Indiana at Bloomington and North- who scored 17 counters, 1 . mates to the foreign floor triumph. '-\\ Iowa switched to a stiff dcfciv , sive game against Purdue, and - woii, 41 to 33. · The Hawks, too were pressed early in the game- but won handily in the final period. Murray 'Wicr, Iowa's stnr shot maker, connected for ortly. five points, however, and dropped' out of first place in the league scoring race. Mclntyrc Scores 27 Points western at the Chicago stadium, I Jim Mclntyrc, Minnesota's con- was in first place with a half game j ter, pounded in 27 points against lead over Iowa only- because the' Ohio State to lead his club to a Badgers have played more games, j 68 to 53 victory; yet he was out- The Ilawkeyes, who trimmed i scored by the Buckeyes' forward Ohio Slate at Columbus and Purdue I Dick Sahnittker who netted 31. at Lafayetle, held Ihe some edge | Mclntyre look over Ihe league in-' over Michigan for the same reason. I dividual scoring lead with 155 . «·-. ........,-,«..»«. ...- ,,,,.... last Fridav ni»ht the Bull Do«s |Thc Wolverines to hold their ad- l,JSl l l i u a j r ni e ni me Lu\\ uo ? S .,.....,,,, ,,.: nnnr Wisconsin at Mad. knocked off "th'e second place Mt. Vcrnon Rams with ease. 53 to 44. and Saturday evening they journeyed lo McLeansboro and won a non-conference lilt from Coach Carl Nation's Foxes, 58 to 41. vantage, tripped Wisconsin at Madison and bounced Illinois at Cham-. counters while Schnittker was third with 121. paign. Indiana rallied to tie Miami of I Ohio in a non-conference game at 48 to 48 at the end of the reg- Illinois at Iowa Tonight ,..» *.,, *^ »,, --. v..~ -- -- --- --,, Tonight only one of the leaders. Cation playing time. In the over- _ _ . , « ( * · MM. n. 4 1« n T l n A n * A * * * « tmtf* \\ff\rl nvtir\\1 T f\ Equal Rights M O N U M E N T S AND M A R K E R S OF EVERLASTING BEAUTY AND MEMORY ADAMS MONUMENT CO. 202 East Poplar Phone 118CR Thurmond Adams, Prop. Complete Stock of Washer and Radio Parts Prwrpt Service On Repairs Robson Radio Electric Service 206 E. Pcplar Phoi* 174R1 9/-|NTHE LATEST'FEARLESS ' fOSDlCK" STRIP, 3CCO INSO- CEMT PEOPLE ARE MAG-f '·£ CDS VIED IN ThEIR CWM COMMUNITY CENTER--AND THE STCSY U f HAS JUST STAFlTED. r . r i ONLY A MOROM ^^OULD BE INTERESTED IN SUCH SORDID HORROR/'.'"-- I'VE GOT TO ASK GOOCH HOW IT ALL ENDS/I^ I CAKfT SLEER \vOMDERING ABOUT IT/7 HOW DOES THIS BUOOtfY "FEARLESS FOSDlCK" STORY END, GOOCH ?-»T'S DRIVING MC* ~- -^ YOU MAY BE MY BOSS-BUTT VOU'J-L HAVE TO WAIT, AND nv!D OUT, JUST LIKE AMY OTHER STUPID "-EARLESS FOSDICK" X A fiend to Man L U I 1 1 K I H UH1J U I I V VL U J C IKHUKIO, ' -- 1 J =. , V _.. .. ._.ra. plays a league game, with time, the Hoosicrs walked away to The Bull Dogs had control of'Illinois traveling to the Hawkeye! triumpn si to 48, holding their the "amr all the way. and onlv floor. In otner conference con-' rivals without a point. inc. B ame an inc. N J J . anu oniv , ^^^ ^^ ^ Minnesota I The Big Nine standing. Pet. .750 .714 .667 .571 .500 .500 .333 .286 .143 midway in the third quarter, when 1 Lee got hoi for three consecutive ' baskets, did the Green and White By Al Capp | show any scoring punch. j Coach Ralph Davison relied upon 1 his lirst five of Vinson. Brown, ' Cummins. Jones and Catlin during I the entire first half. Early in the quarter VanderPluym went Iowa, 1 J U U 1 . I l l U U i J l t U J U C i t l l W * - U I I - ~ ": » « · i 1 tests Purdue travels to Minnesota \ rh c Big Nine standings: while Ohio State plays at North-1 Team western. Wisconsin entertains Mich- Wisconsin igan State in the final -scrap of j Iowa the evening. Badgers, Iowa and the Wolverines , Purdue have each showed ability to win , Minnesota away from home one of them would Indiana 1 Michigan that because the i Illinois LIU! Cl l]Ucii l^I V d i l U U l i J U V I I I \\ U I 1 L | « » « . ? A t V I l l J l w i l l v - V l l ^ \J^ .,..«.11 . . « ,, - * . * » » u i u » . u i in for Catlin and when Jones made come up with the league title, j Ohio State i his fourth personal foul midway in Wisconsin has three of its remain- Northwestern ! this period. Catlin went back in ing four games on a foreign floor and VanderPluym stayed m thc while Iowa has to travel to only . «. , ,, ame i t w o opponents' courts.. Michigan | LSQCsSfig \V 6 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 The second five, composed of Pavelonis. Cline, Bobka. Kibler and , Hensley, saw action the last two minutes of play. faces two of its six remaining rivals away from home. Thus the Badgers still have the toughest prospects. , in the Big Nine * j' 1 r ,,,.^v.- ^ .--... ,--= . - - - . - , CHICAGO, Feb. 9.--U.B--The , The Bull Dogs were hitting well j Michigan Beats Illinois . Big Nine's ten leading scorers: ' Saturday night, and they should | \\-j^ C onsin had to come from be- i Player and Team G TP Avg ! have been, because they were work-1 hind repea t c dlv to down a determ- Mclntyrc, Minnesota 6 155 25.8 1 h basket for 7 143 20.4 nave Been, uecauu uiej "--ic- wuin.-1 b j n( j re p ea t c rjiy to down a aeterm- Jiciiuyii;, i ing the ball under the basket for j ; ned N 0r thwesrern team Saturday.; Wier. Iowa most of their shots. Only baskets QQ ^ 0 g2. The Wildcats led at the I Sehniltker, I'M V OU~ BOSS-^ND ! .-!AVE SC^Sl RIGHTS.'/ I HATEYCoR 6W "FEA^-ESS FOS3 ,CK" STRIP- jT IT'S BECOXHL AM OBSESSION WiTM ME I'VE. GOT TO KNOW V.V.AT -A^^EWS IN THE HMD.'"'' Fuller Brushes Phone 678 -AND, NOW-WHERE WAS I-? l-^ Ir MY READERS HAVE BEeM SCKENED BY WHAT'S AJ-RAOY _ HAPPENED-WHAT'S COMING PM * r most of their shots. Only baskets from out on the floor were Brown's i smooth one-handed shots. ] The local aggregation also did , ?ome nice rebounding, especially Catlin under the opposition's basket. After Preston sank a field goal to give McLeansbora a two point 1 lead at the outset, Harrisburg ^started clicking and ran the score i up to 7 to 2. Then the two teams half 35 to 31. but Wisconsin ral-1 Cook, Wisconsin lied'behind Bobby Cook to triumph j Eddleman, Illinois - 7 in the final five minutes. Cook; Sticklen, N'wcstern i tallied 18 points for Wisconsin i Rehfeldt, Wisconsin 8 'while Bill Sticklen and Tom Worth- j Ritter, Indiana 6 in°ton each netted 14 for N'orth-' Axr.css, Purdue western. 7 143 r, Ohio State 7 121 111 101 95 83 79 74 74 1 Harrison, Michigan 20.4 17.3 13.9 14.4 13.6 10.4 13.1 12.3 12.3 Michigan overcame Illinois, 66 to j 57 despite Dwight Eddleman's 26' Tile setting was introduced to points ihe highest total registered, Aorlhern Europe in the 9ih cen- bv an Illim player in one game I tury when Charlemagne brought' w . **" r ... , * . __ _,,_ ' T j - i : * _ ~ ^»4:^4-r. r«*/\m TJoimnn** in up to 7 Co 2. Then the two teams bv an ' ^ nini p i ayer i n one game i tury when Charlemagne Drougnt played on more or less even terms , . / ; f Tne Wolverines were | Italian artists from Ravenna to the remainder of the period, which i force ^ to "thc utmost midway thru! nave his cathedral at Aix-la- cnded with Harrisburg leading, 14 u. ,. _, h n l f hut Don Macintosh,' Chapelle. Over The Fashion Palace INCOME ?AX SERVICE ST. MORITZ. Feb. Am-rica's voun« 01\mpic ' · ' competition began, it was not an ;even bet that one first place would be awarded to a U. S. com- Ipetitor.^ · j 1 'Ttie TJimbCT'Onc hero was Dick j .Button of Englewood, N. J., j whose flawless figure skating ; made him the standout personality of the games. Button, giving j · America its first gold medal, moved on to Davos where he was an oxerwhclming favorite to repeat " in- the world ' IN TEE C-k^-I-. \|IAr|f "r wilj By OSCAR FRALEY NEW YpRK. Feb. 9--CD- Joe DiMaggio piled up a nice lot -i6f cordwood for the Hot Stove stars P IOilSi "i^- . . 'League today with the assertion imoveiTon Yodav. looking cither The other American winners , that Rex Barney, the Dodgers' for new conouests or the quick- were, the "Sweetheart of the Skis, « 0 maha Express," can slip a I . .". .. .;,,* !,,,.,,,, ofior ov- 1 It e Gretchen Eraser of Van- ha«Ph.-»ll nsst a l state ended with Harrisburg leadin to 9. TWO field goals and a free shot was the total McLeansboro scoring the second quarter. Harrisburg, meanv.-hile, poured the ball through ( i the hoop with regularity and added , 14 more poicts to its total to lead, j 28 to 14, at halftime. At the end, 1 of the third period Harrisburg led, j 1 4 0 l o 25. . , i i Bro--sn was high scorer with I / points. He was closely followed J i b v Cummins of Ilarrisburg and i Lee of McLeansboro. who had 16 ' The Bull Pups defeated the McLeansboro freshman - sophomore team. 43 to 27. in a preliminary contest. Box score of thejcature game: 111:. Feb. 9 -- j Harrisburg Illinois ciubs' Vinson southe.rn h a l f , Brown Cummins iUl*-CU VU tin- M H H V ^ V * . . . - ^ . - -- ^ the first half, but Don Macintosh. Cnapelle. nr\v rrmmip^!^ Or II1C OUIC'K- » » i ; i t i " v . k/»».--v..%.«-. -----, i vmaiia. JCJAUIC.IS, tan siif u i , . I en wav S get home, after ex- little Gretchen Eraser of Van- j baseball ^ a batter cvcry bit' closer o the op in iff expectations for a nation couver. Wash, who won the wo-' fast at " Rapi in.-, ^.i.iv...v-v --,««·. c l n l n m nffninst TYIOrft CX- ITI.^ -\7««1-«» Keaster Rug Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone S59R Ilarrisburg Kirbv Vacuum Cleaner Dealer "T A firfllf*!^ OVCIV OIL v**v^*jv,i v*^ »«.·-- » -- t - -- -- iwiv the snow about as soon as four-man bobsled team headed by bc from which his long stanks , places. * 1D1C1 ?t fnlls Francis Tyler of Lake Placid,-N. protruded patiently until they; Pushing their I ' IUS - · . _ Y T-n^nVioH cfn^Hntrnrl fppt f-amfi H D , W a t l k e 2 ; Sweden won the bi" show in IViU ^ / l l . l d l L l U I I L l i V A l V J 1 *. M ' J i ' A m . ^ » . . -- -- ~ ,, - , .reacned stockinged "feet, came up ,Waukegan. which moved -- r , h ..nnffiH.l "ea'm'shndin-s'with Canada Wins-Two j with this heresy as he impatiently j ninth to . fifth: West Rockford,:* 1 no UllOIilCicii tt, Jill*vii ii^.o » » * v * » -ta-«. i * . i n»i* *j- ^i vi K · T}.«-»rtl_-rtr»tM»i I in cr»V- i £ noSts while Switzerland was Canada also won two champion-1 awaited a return to Florida f o r , 10th to sixth _r__?"i :;.;,t, T? .n,i «i,n TinitPH ch;TM Rnrhnm Ann Scott, the in- spring training. _ _. entn t o _ f o u i 6 8 5 3 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 1 6 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 12 17 16 6 2 1 4 0 0 0 0 Begin with 0 1 2 4 4 ' 0 ! 0 1 1 0 0 VEXETIAX B 11 * 55 S Exclusive H e a t i n g M a p l e hearing*, for fiicnt operation. Enclosed head nicinlicr. No Nalanccr, ncc.lni. AuloiBJtic cord lock. 1-t fctasnUrd cul'-r-. BUNDS Add beauty and glamour to your home ! Order "Pella" Venetians with Nylon Cord. FREE ESTIMATE Call 193W REPAIR SERVICE 14 Years of Experience. Your old blinds can be cleaned and reiapsd. They will look like new again. second Stales btaics COLLECTIONS ?!«e thss* past du- acaxnts, notes and bad cicVs with us. \Vt eollett from anyone, ary- »ift, any time. No collection, no charge! M. D. Xesler Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 a team vounSe cd to ce ride and the fresh air. storm-provokng event n wc s wec , Campbcn Th" athletes who elected lo the teams first competed on a jthe snow and ice encrusted ledg- I0t h. Pans, humbled b ' Kobin- , ^ j remam in Europe were the speed non-Olympic basis, then later were es and said: s? n in the Astern 1 .noistourne , MauldinC skaters, six of whom went to Nor- - given official status except for i That «nt the only wjon |finai ± fell from ifth to llth. MOTSINGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance 17 li S. MAIN ST. Phone G55R J. E. "Pete" R«e with 77 and the United ships. Barbara Ann Scott, the in- third with 73 1-4. That was comparable ballerina on ice lit- iniia \NHiJ lo i ,,..!,:.. ,,.oi«, n ,i f« waltzed the" women's spring training. Jenth to fourth. It may sound odd that a ball'llth to eighth, player is anxious to get back to t £ as t Rockford. downed by La T o»ls for h- waltze to e womens as . nlv composed of figure skating title and the Royal the Jong grind but thats DiMag. salie-Peru Friday, ni who 'had been expect- Canadian Air Force hockey team Puljing the old i brown robe tight- f irst ,Joss of thc s ^. s the long trek for t h e , xvon the championship in aut him he ointed out the - v i n TMe , , ght in the ir s ^. so » TMest , ' Hamilton , that er about him he pointed out the fast-improving i Prcs ton nice ride and the fresh air. storm-provoking event in which window of his mid-town suite ! at lhis wec k umbled from f u r t h . t o " - IS S I X vi. » J iv*'* ·» ^i**. w * ^ v ^ » i;,i»v,i i \^i.*»v-**«« «^»TM. »«-·*· _ . - _ _ r -- wav "for a scries of meets there, the U. S. team from the Amateur the figure skaters, who moved on Hockey Association. to the world championships bc- j -ginning later this wce!3 at Davos, i Plenty of Room Switzerland, and a scattering of ; The Amazon river contains 30.000 JL A l « A b **JI* \, \,1*\* v***^ T ^^. -- « * « · - . . I i H l r f J ^ , X V I I i i \ / » l » » » * V . either. I have to get back to j galcni Beats Bcnton j r« tc v cv get a rest from these winter ban- j eo] i insv iii c . O ne of the two un- j £" ' n : onMc " ,1 _ ^ _ - . i ,.,, « U n i;c VinlH thf AJ^J" 1 . quets. And, it is during these pling matches '" ---^-~ 25 8 58 JFL-nsboro (41) FG FT TP 3 1 7 6 4 16 1 1 3 5 1 11 2 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 i Link hibitions. can river from thc Andes to the i anvbodv is Tli^cc Gold Mcuals ; Atl a nl ic is 3.900 miles long. It has j "Barnev" certainly" was when I For thc first time in thc his- 12 tributaries, each 1,000 or more j] 00 j * " - - _ r 4 i-«. ...,*-» 4 y-.t* rfiiTirtc A moT'IfJl ·. ^ _^ -- i rt i beaten teams on thc list, held the ·??" -lead with a 56- to 43 win over i*iBelleville Friday. Pckm downed' ouicia i s: jvuuic-... -':Streator and Pcoria Manual since and Brown O f Springcrton 13 PF 3 2! 1 3 4 · 0 0 0 901 S. Land Venetian Blind Sales-and Service Karrisburg, 111. formerly with Clifford Slricklin Phone 193W Totals Ofiicials: 17 7 41 14 Kilbreath of Energy tory of Jhc winter games. America won three gold medals. Before ]ookcd a £ him in thc scrie s." Joe ns cv d d the previous w Spins Canton and i DR. D. A. LEHMAN EYE, EAR, NOSE. THROAT Glasses Fitted 203 Xorth Vine Street Suite 4--Harrisburg Hospital GOODRICH TIRES Passenger. Truck, Tractor HARRISBURG TIRE BATTERY 205 E. Poplar Terms 174R1 Insurance Harker Miley INSURANCE AGENCY SALINE COUNTY CREDIT BUREAU CREDIT REPORTS ,, INVESTIGATIONS COLLECTION SERVICE Building phone 67S Team [pondered. "AndMel me tell you, ]^^ saiem"flashed its now- lif that young man ever starts to j . 6g ( -r- romo ovcr Bcnton. ifind the plate you're going-· to cr IR a uo I hear 'plenty about him." j Tanned ^ind fit after fishing in | Florida. DiMaggio is looking forward to a good year and thc hawk-faced Yankee outfielder isn't giving those loaded Boston Red Sox any the belter of it until the !last putoul in October. "They'll be plenty tough but | so will we." Joltin' Joe predicted. j-Jack Kramer and Ellis Kinder I undoubtedly will help their pilch- ',ing and I understand that Tex Hughson and Mickey Harris both |may have recovered from sore Rockford Rockford KocKloia Won 17 16 21 17 ]?. 15 15 20 14 17 21 )6 19 Basketball Scores" By United Press j · Lawrcnccvillc 58. South Shore 1 , of Chicago 46. , Salem 68. Bcnton 3. West Frankfort 43. Paducah. "Mattobn 58. Vandalia 55. Robinson 43. Paris 37. Molinc 51 Dccatur oO. Named Instructor, Assistant to Dean Of Men at SiU Tonifre 6 p. m. -- Tuesday 6 p. m.. Cartoon Novelty Reel Tonstc 6 p. m. Five or Jen dollars a month there end the o:hcr place amounts to ( a Jidy sum.each month... and con, keep a person in hot water. We'II^ gladly loan you thc cash to pay yoor^ scattered bills. Then you'll have only, one small payment to make...-willj save timc,!roub!c and money... cadi^ rrtonlh. Why_not today? UP TO 20 MONTHS TO REPAY t h c and jthe .Tan. 13. defeat i f l i c t e d on them by s s t a nl on thc defending .t.te champions .ssi.ncd to SEE John B. Owen, J. P. ''iS. Main Phone 655W Slate, or Drivers' License, , Deeds or Mortgages. INCOME TAX f ^s f ,- -.--. v ..- "\ '-"·.:?· rHgSM«#*J ·.//:.- · , -, - - " · - ,---^i^.W:?t vt a ti\/ii IVA a o|"*iui »i«j*-»,T --., jhis future status is a my^tcn-. ] "But if Charley is all righl I I believe we can match the Sox in 'power," -Joe figured. Ziggy Czarobski Signs with Rockets , CHICAGO, Feb. S-fr'-ThelSlU BgOTS DgKalb Chicago RockcLs of the All-Amcr- ^, -- --» lica professional fool ball confcr- jcncc today announced 1hc sign-. ling of Zygmunl (Zi«a.v Czarob-. ski, former Xolre sily tackle, lo a »-,..--- -- , tract. tpmns of_ the Tho^Maroons came from j Bischoff", who completed last period to de- .master of science in education dc- 1C finals. 43 to 37. grcc here at Southern in 194b. s and work" in the Veterans Guidance » Cortcr In September he went to £"c rnnersity 1o study on his doctoral .degree in icrson- nel v^ork: bo also held a gradu- n1o $.«istan1htp there. Ho viU be encaged in counscl- News of ^ the Day ..· Tuesday 2 p. m. -- Wednesday 6 p. m. 12c and 35c l t * - » n v - «·£-.·· ; r^/N-V-TN ^ T T."" I l l 1"rfll M-- HO \ ^ n i »»" V i » ~ , « * j s * - M « i « *»-*-- Z ffi SSvS: '^^^^^^'^^^ S^fKcan 'of Men woACar jniors" of the Illinois Intcrcollcg- J!ai ;; hal L^-.!!'V°'V,i5Ht'° dean of Ground Floor, jto reveal the salary. t' . i '.!

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