Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 12, 1966 · Page 18
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 18

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1966
Page 18
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At, Ttittff, lift tt 19* of Mankind Chiang Kfl tcuHcs ovtr « \»W Cm you not tit that • country million ptoplt, ,. eaufMrt 6t tvbjugoi •—Chinno 1 b? Dm Ookfty and John LOIN Nanking, !9S7-» Japanese Truopt « \3rt-ater Hart A*ia" Xai-thefc 8tm Yit-itn, inoKd by Rtmii that It had tu» luttvmive intentions, agreed to a formal alliance in 1923. Chineae CotnmunisU, who had founded their party in 1921, were ordered by the Kremlin to join the KuominUng. Sun tent hit young chlef-of-staff, Chiang Xai-ihek. to Moicow to rtudy the Red Army. Sun died in 1925, hii dream of a renewed, reunited China unrealited. In 1926, Chiang launched hii auwesiful Northern Expedition igainit the warlordt. Then, alarmed at the trowing influence of the Communists, he took the decisive step of his career. In April 1927, Mi troops seised the Red stronghold of Shanghai, instituting a reign of terror. Chiang, now virtual dictator, purged the Reds from the party and the major cities. Among the hard-presied Communists, the voice of one man began to carry weight, Contrary to Stalin's work through the industrial proletariat, which did not exist in China, Mao Tse-tung began organising the peasants in south China, redistributing the land and building bases for a guerrilla army, In 1931, the Chinese Soviet Republic was pro* claimed in Kiangsl province, with Mao as head. Also in 1931, Japan began forging its "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere 7 ' by Invading Manchuria. China could do little more than appeal to the ineffectual League of Nations. But to Chiang, the Japanese were "a disease of the skin" who could wait; the real enemy was the Communists—a "disease of the heart"—whom he continued to smite. In 1933. he launched a major campaign •gainst Kiangsi. About 80,000 Red troops broke out to begin the 6,000-mile "Long March" to Yenan in the northwest. Only 20,* 000 of them finished it. A real sense of nationalism was beginning to infect the Chinese, Increasing impatience at Chiang's appeasement of the Japanese "dwarfs" and of his civil war against the Communists culminated in the "Sian incident" in 1936. Chiang was abducted by his own generals and released on his verbal promise to form a united front with the Communists. The Nationalist-Communist alliance was short-lived, however. When war with Japan came the next year, both sides fought each other as much as the invader. • Into this situation came the Americans with a war to win and billions to do it, and full of illusions about China, communism and peace. i NEXT: FaU ef the Kaesaktaag SPENCER girdles ft bras. Also medical supports. Mrs. B. M. Temple, 312 W. 7th, 763-5110 • Competition *.• H«**> •*"--" B , Of Latin Citrus Seen TALLAHASSEE, Fla, (UPI) Commissioner of Agriculture, Doyle Conner said Wednesday Latin American citrus may become more competitive with Florida's products in the world market when growers learn to control insects and disease. Conner, who recently returned from a tour of five Central and South American nations, said some of the countries hadn't learned to control citrus disease and insects yet. He said Venezuela, for instance, had trouble with the fruit fly. t But he said when the nations learned to control the pests and disease!, their citrus production would "be more of a factor in the world market." t, ' Conner told the group hii own visit to Latin America was designed to find new markets for Florida agriculture products. He laid one of the only ways American industry and agriculture could compete with lower labor costs in other countries was in "unique foods. processing of He said, for instance, as mechanical refrigeration becomes more available in Latin America, there will be a bigger demand for frozen citrus concentrate for Florida, The Latin American visitors last week attended the annual beef cattle short course held at "Gainesville. Professor Carlos r^lMftrrufo said in the future more r cattlemen from his area of ^Mexico would come to Florida —to take advantage of the course. George Raft Looks Back On Long Celluloid Life By ROBERT MUSEL United Press International LONDON (UPI) -A man who has spent millions on f a s women and slow horses general ly looks back on the fade? petals of the primrose path anc vows how different it would al be if he had his life to live al over again. George Raft is an exception Fragrant in his memory are the beautiful fillies, feminin and equine, who have romped through half a century of a career that was sometimes up and sometimes down but neve dull. There was one—no names please, said George—who cos him $485,000. "I was in love," he said "and I couldn't marry her (he has been separated from hi wife for many years) and wha else could I do? But then always gave the women I loved everything they wanted. "Regrets? Not me. I Jus wish I could double the life 1 ed—except that the second ime around I would look a business papers before signing them." Directs Gaming House Raft has taken root in London as director of George Raft's Colony Club on Berkeley Square, one of the lush gaming establishments which have done so much to brighten the outward image of gray old Condon. He acts as a rnagnei 'or the plunges, big and small of show business and the people who remember him if not his films. They were like that-the - iogood rwe've sealed It twice! great personalities of the movies of memorable his time; than the more dated charades that filled up the lat hours of television. And George is still instantly recognizable although the patent leathe black hair is now gray, the midriff slightly thickened. Fo his face has changed little considering he is past th biblical threescore and ten. There was a big game unde way at the baccarat table. A famous film director had 150 sterling ($4,200) riding on a turn of the cards and even bigger bets were showering down. Raft benevolently move< through the room nodding constantly to friends am musing at the strange turn o fate which is finally giving him a chance to be an actor long after he stopped being a star New Discovery "They seem to have discov ered me again," he said. got a stack of scripts in I've my apartment. Columbia Broadcast ing has signed me for one of the color TV specials they're shooting here called 'Hippod rome.' It's the summer replace ment for the Red Skelton hour ['m going to dance the tango— the same tango I did with Carole Lombard in 'Bolero' in 1932. Imagine that! "That was the year I was the highest paid star in Hollywood, . Legal Publication April 21. 28. May S. 12. 1966 IN THE DISTRICT ruFRT OF THE PETITION ) OF MRS. MATTIE ) WIGGINS TO ADOPT ) No. 187 MARSHALL LEE NEY,> minor > _, NOTICE OF HEARING STATE OF NEW MEXICO TO: George Nicholas Ney Address Unknown * r * hereb y notified that Mrs. Vfattle Wiggins has commenced an action n the District Court of Curry cmintv k "i Mexico, on the 29lh day of October >. to adopt Marshall I,ee Ney. ss will more fully appear from the petition on file n Ih* office of the nerk of laid Court You art further notified that on the 5th day of June 19ofi. at the hour of <>:00 o'clock A. M. In the courthouse novii, furry County. New Mexico. he Court will hear the facts and deter- nine whether the consent of George Nichoas Ney, should be required or dispensed •ith In this cause. You are further notified that unless ou enter your appearance In this pro- eedlng and appear In court at the time. lace and date specified, the consent of Jeorge Nicholas Key will be dispensed with and waived. Petitioner's address is 13 Cameo St.. Clovis. New Mexico WITNESS th» Honorable De« Blvthe. Jistrlct Judge of the Ninth Judicial District and th* Seal of this Court on thli 19th day of April 1966. s/ Lilyan Anthonv District Court Clerk 5 £ A L) Ml May 12. 18, 3(. June 2. 1966 __ XOTIf E OF Sl'IT THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO to Raymond Fred Mardls, Mary E. Mardis. Dvan f. Shilling. Merle E. Shilling, and Ed 'aliendo. Trustee In Bankruptcy for the Bankrupt Estates of Dean Malhiaa Shilling and Merle Evelyn Shilling. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action entitled Southwestern Life Insurance Company, plaintiff. verw« Raymond ,r*.l M * r<u *' * «'•• d«'*n««nta, No. IT«L )lstrict Court of Curry County, New Mex- co. U pending, wherein each of you U named as § defendant, the general object of which it (o secure judgment on a pro- mlatory note executed by Raymond Fred M«rdU and Mary E. MardJs to plaintiff, tad to tonclote a certain mortgage deed xecuted. by »*id •*T J —'lati to plaintiff August 23. use. filed tor record on August ». 1»8 in Book US. pa«e M. lortfage Records of Curry County. New (•MOO. covering the real eatate described In toe cwaptaint md *ltu*Ud in the City 'CSoyl*. Curry County. Jfcw Mexico. —' " *nd sold by 4 saeciij matter by the court. fAdte apply thf wid «oU ajxJ mortgage, «nd ail oo»u H^** -fttw JMkl&f ftrnl Co itau* Micb And U .Q( tb$ ilf^ntttntf fmiD cl&Uiiioc Any to MM maun* .Uataf you en- JKftU* 4ypttM$lMM io Uk) QftUftC OQ wf , to Uvt court tar the to tb# ffliffiplninT 4o4 »»>•««: tbal adtef lu will *» the Biwk 8ufl4U«, CtoHi. New Mexico, fv BlJdnia. ** $200,000 a picture. Nowadays they'1'1 pay a million dollars to someone like Julie Andrews but considering what money wiU buy and higher taxes I guess I had the best of the comparison. Have you been to Paris lately? They'v'e got my name up in lights as guest star in a film with Jean Cabin, 'Riffifi in Paris.' " George said he now reads business papers before signing them because he attributes his widely publicized income tax Legal Publication LEOAI. •«,— •— May 12, 19, 26, June 2, 1966 NOTICE OK KINAI, IlKARIVn In the Matter of the Estate ot Barak Prude, deceased, No. 3110 In Ihe Probate Court or Curry County. N. M. The State of New Mexico to S. B. Godwin, Sr.. Claude Godwin, Walter T. Godwin, all unknown heirs, devisees and legatees of Barak Prude, deceased, anil all unknown persons claiming any lien upon or right, title or Interest in or to her estate, GREETINGS: You are hereby notified that the Administrator With the Will Annexed of the in .f •-• °L Barak P"" 1 * 1 ' deceased, has filed his Final Report and Account in above styled and numbered matter, and the 24th day of June. A.D. at the office of the Probate Judge of , U Ti, y f" ount - v ; N - M- tn Clovis, N.M., at the hour of ten o'clock A.M. has been appointed by the court as the day. time and place for the hearing of objections *" salrt Final Report ami Account, the to , settlement thereof, and for a hearine and t "h l0n °' th " helrsht " of "'H- ™ ,° m V npr8n| l' "f her estate? the h rM P <>rllv ' fialmant there- »t.r f t( \<"!"', thi>reln ' ""d 'h' 1 mrson or persons >»n ^iL 1 ' 1 th u (l , lstr "»"i«n thereof; that «f.M,. nne Si. Estate; and that Smith, Smith . Th * r P u Ai e (SEAL) proving documents. He is grateful for the generosity of Frank Sinatra and others like Lucille Ball and Bob Hope who offered help when jail threatened. Money Disappear* Where did the money go? "I owned racehorses. Need I say more. I had lots of guys *] d tap me. One of them died owning 'me $25,000. I liked expensive clothes and pretty girls. I put on boxing shows for.ilsSl . their objections; Tharp. Clovis. N. M., Is strator with the Will Annexed , N.M., are attorney, for ' s/ ANUE'LINE STANT.EY Clerk of the Probate Court, Purry County. Nesv Mexico May 12. 19. 28, Jun* 8, ]<*M NOTIOE OP SALE Notice !., hereby given that the tinder- •Igned Special Master has been appointed I?.**" . at P ubllc auction to the highest 1 estate, to-wit; Lot 1 In Block 24 of the Waverly Heights Addition to the City of Clovis, New Mexico "Still I've been pretty lucky for a kid from New York's West Side with no education. I started as a dancer, you know. Not a great dancer but a good Jtiesser. Obdullo Martinez, Carl Shores, Jt. C. Brownley, dba Mortgaged Property Recovery Bureau, The City of Clovis, The jnlted States of America, Houston Lumber Co. and The Unknown Heirs of Abelino Sanchez are defendants. NOW THEREFORE, notice Is hereby asked me tangO to do on • 'Hippod rome.' When the band strikes up 'La Cumparsita' I'll be thinking of me and Lombard. All those years ago. And Raft is still dancing." Note: The famous film producer lost his $4,200 bet and dropped a total of $50,000. leaal Publication •etal 818 April 21. 28. May R. 12. 1966 SUMMONS AMI NOTICE OF SCTT IT ATE OF NEW MEXICO TO: James Dee Osborn.Beulah M, Osborn and Patricia D. Mager. •gainst whom constructive service You. and each of you, are hereby notl- led that there has been filed in the Uis- rlct Court of Curry County, State of 'ew Mexico, a certain cause of action •herein Lawrence Savings Bank, a corporation, Is Plaintiff, and you, and each f you, are Defendants, the same being Cause No. 17353 on the ClvD Docket of said Court. The object and purpose of said suit Is o foreclose that certain mortgage owned and held by Plaintiff securing payment of note in the principal sum of $8.90000 xecuted by Jame« Dee Osborn and Beulah I. Osborn In favor of New Mexico Sav- igs t Loan Association, which mortgage as recorded In Bool; 133 at page 3.« ' Mortgage Records of Curry County. ' Mexico, on March SI. 1961, and Is ow owned and held by Plaintiff. The real estate covered by said mortgage Is (ituated in Curry County, 'ew Mexico, and Is more particularly described as follows, to-wit: Lot U. Block 3, Rode* Addition to the City of Clovis. New Mexico, as shown by the recorded plat thereof. You, «nd each of you. are further notl- ed that unless you enter your appearance jr plead herein on or before the 13 day of June ias£. Plaintiff will make application to the Court for a judgment by default, and judgment by default will be endered against you, tod each of you. as prayed for in said Complaint The names o( the attorney* for Plaintiff Sooauer 4 sue. wtoM P°«' Office th* teal of County, New my District Court Mexico, oo tne 20 day o/ District Court Clerk , . pursuant to appointment will on June 7, 1966, »| ,,,c ,iour of ten o'clock A.M. at the front 1 Cl M '"' C ^'- rry . Cou n.'y Court House described costs of suit, and otherwise as may be directed by the Court. DATED May U, i<Kg. RUKI'S FREEMAN Special Master April 21, 28, May 5. 12, 1966 NOTICB OF KAI.E NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on April 20. 19b6, in cause numbered 17,269 m the District Court of Curry County. New Mexico, styled Federal National Mortgage Association, a Corporation, plaintiff vs. Charles C. Morrison and Mittie i. Morrison, his wife. Benito U. Chavez and Annie Chavez, his wife, Town & Country Ri-al Estate, Inc , Fred E. Burch. and the City of Clovis, New Mexico, defendants, a judgment was rendered in favur of plaintiff in the »um of $10,467.87 with 10% per annum additional on said sum from date of sale until paid, and for all costs Including court costs and expense! of nale; that the nature (if said action is to recover on a promissory note and to foreclose a real estate mortgage executed by the defendants. Charles C. Morrison and Mlttle E. Morrison, his wife, as security for said nute; and In said action it was ordered and decreed that said real estate mortgage be foreclosed and the real estate hereinafter described and all the improvements thereon be sold to satisfy said judgment. NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby jlven that the undersigned, Harry L. fatton of Clovis. New Mexico, as Special Master, on the 22nd day of June. 1936, at he hour of 10:00 o'clock a. m. at the 'ront door of the Curry County Court House, Clovis. New Mexico, will offer for e and sell at public vendue to the ilghett bidder for cash the following real estate and Improvements, to-wit: JLOT FIFTEEN (15) IN BLOCK FOt'R (4i OF THE BELLA VISTA ADDITION TO THE CITY OF CLOVIS. NEW MEXICO. Said sale thereby being made to satisfy said judgment, costs of suit and expenses of sal* in the order of priority as act furtij in the judgment ol thU cause. Harry L. Patton Special Master ,«» s* * »3» i S$%! NEWS-JOURNAL CLASSIFIED SECTION (Plus Sale! TAX) 199 l.7» 598 7.18 ,1 11 19 14 838 10.77 1137 13.17 14.36 15 M 16.7S ClARf) Of TIIAJfKS . 2.51 3.13 8.78 4.39 8.09 S.M «27 6.90 7.59 8.JS *.7g * 1.88 1.92 9.05 9.28 2.51 2.74 2.96 3.19 Figure Approximately 8 word* per line. fen line minimum Ji.eo. I2c tot each additional tin*. Above rotei are cash rate! ind apply It paid within leven days of final Insertion. All Want Adi cancelatlorw or correctlonl must M ordered by 3:30 p.m., th* day before II appear* in trie paper. 11:00 noon Saturday for Sunday A Monday. TtIK PUBLISHER ..jefvef the right to reject or correct any Want Ad to meet tne «t»ndnfd» of hlgl; morality and the ClovW News-.Iouranl will not knowftiRly accept any fraudulent an- PLEASE CIIRCH' Your Want id on the first day. The Newt- Journal If responsible for mistakes only on the flrM dav. If any mistakes not the nult Of the arivertlvr, lessens the ef- enlivened of the Want Ad., one extra nuertlon will be given at no extra charge. V lure to write a good Ad and to order 'our ad for teven dmes. Vou may cancel 'our ad any time and pay only for the number of d«y« It appears ln_the_paper. KOTICB TO RKAIIEIW The ClovU News-Journal will not knowingly run questionable advertising of any kind. However, It Is not always possible to establish the legitimacy of tome advertising offer* without direct Inquiry. We therefore urge you the reader to make thorough Inquiry before sending cash deposits or making an Investment un any advertised offer., SPECIAL NOTICES AI.COIIOMCS ANONYMOUS h, 783-07IW, 783-7054 or 7B3-D824 Write nnx 244, Clnvls LOST & FOUND 10 LOST: IX vicinity flldillnir anil East Mnnnnft—Siamese Cat named Peter. Call 3-44IIH or 3-IM97. HKWAKII. F,OST! Brlndle Boston Terrier, mule, lit Ibs., and answers to Dnnillp. Has no l.l>. Ph. 7B3-fl2ao or Mrs. Hem Collins— Farkvlew School. BUSINESS SERVICE 11 MOIIII.I: no.MR iM Tall W. II. Stephens — 22IH W. 1th Tffil-!M!KI or WM2IH BOB RODC.ERS nilrhinc Service, Trench- Ing back hoe. dump truck, prnder service. No Job too large or too email. Will do them all. Free estimate. 1320 Oklahoma. Portales. 3K.i-SflT9 or .l'S-8917. HAVE TRAILER. WILL TRAVEL. LAWN MOWING C A I, L 7 n 3 •»:t n s MOVED FROM 220'^ Hull to 515 W. Grand. All business appreciated. Joe's Shoe Shop BII.I/S 11ENTAI. SERVICE Wo rent A lot 'if Things IKI-SOAO 2217 W. 7th. BACK IIOK work, ditches, basements, cesspools, slush piti, trees due up. shel ten Horaco May, 762-0109. 1103 E. 4th GALL DR. FIX IT: He'll fix that door moldlnc or mdd • room. 014 Pill John llcAntland 762-0184 WRINGER TYPE Maytag Wuher* Starting it $169.96 G*mW«t 504 Mltchttt CtHLMflAN BO FT WATER 8EKVIOR. Tullr Kllerd ISO-Mil, Portalei. WANTED: Lawn Mowing, Tree Work Dirt Hauling. Ditch Digging. New Lnwns •Fixed & Seeded - Free Estimate. Raymond Hall PH 7R3-8282. PAMIRS 20 LARGE or small, If if* supposed to got cold, we'll fix 1L Star Refrigeration. IRRIGATION SALE: Model "31" Ft. Worth Spud- der. new engine. Ideal for water wells, would trade for combine. Phone OR 43117, Abilene, Texas or 447-2517, Pecos, Texas. BABY SITTING WTU, DO HABY-SITTINf! In my home. Fenced bark vnrd. Hot lunrhrs. 76.1-"1231 NfiE'S ('HIM.) CARE now in nw location.. \vl,ere pver> thing I* built with your nhlltl In mind. 1-112 Rpld--7RS-ri377. HELP WANTED 38 METROPOLITAN MFK INsrilANVK fO. Is expanding It's union force In rhe C'ln- vls arpn. Sdprtion tost will determine your qtinlific/itions. Only top flight mo'i with good pilnralional l>nci<^roun(l and pood past \\ork j-ccord wMI In 1 considered. An equal fipiiortunMy employer Kor appoittlon-lit. c;ill Crfil IV (JITIMI. fluency mara^cr. at Mclrojxtliinn Lift 1 Ins. (••>.. ISO! W. 21st, Clovis, X. M. I'll. 7(i.1-."iW2. JRIVKK-SAI.F.SMAX. for Hovoraco route. Refeivnces nrcdcd I' (V Ho\ In7.\ Cluvls, N. U. 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Cri'wel & Needle Point. Sheldon & Tierra Blanca, 3208 N. Shi-ldon UPHOLSTERING 18 CUSTOM WORK done and free estimates Also reupholMcrvd couches and chairs for sale. Duncan's L'pholstery Shop 1004 W. 7th, 7til'-0»9? Needed Immediately Men to train in the field of Data Processing, Computer Programming and drafting. Must be willing to work while in training. Up to $2.50 per hour. For interview call: MR. HILL 7fi-;.lll)l Kxti-nsiim 'M3 BUILDING MATERIALS 19-A JOHNSON'S Lumber, KOUOII Vi:i.Ul\V PINK, log cabin siding, sheetrock, particle board, rebar. Cash prices means NAVIMiS to you. Wholesale £ Itetall. New Location. lltot \V. 7th. lUllOING MAICHIU C& B LUMBER CO. lA'HBOCK, TKXAS FLINTROCK GYPSUM WAUBOARD Special—2 weeks only. \Ve are overstocked. 4x8'4 No. 1 KHA A|>p. Cl 25 Each ^lt*%» PRIMED HARDBOARO SIDING r,*r $18,95 GYPSUM WAUBOARD No. 1 2n<ls 74c $1.09 Every Piece Gyprum Board Guaranteed or Money Bark FLINTKOTi iOOFING IS VKAJt BONU 238 • Lb. 16-Lb. Felt 90-Lb. Boiled Roofing 250 T Lock 6V Creosote Posts, very straight 01Mi« AJ| U 8207 Clovi* Ed. 763-3244 IUWOCK, TEXAS $5.99 $1.95 $3.45 $7,49 76c I'repurv for one of the Rood ofl'ii 1 " positions wliir-h arc always available to BENSON liKAJMIA'lKS in private industry or t.ivil SiTvicT. APPROVED FOII VETERANS UNDER THE GI BILL REGISTER. NOW Pimm* "(i'j-olll and iirrunur for an interview •>! On- Sclnml OH'iee. BENSON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE 316 West Grand Avenue Needed Immediately Women to train for Key Punch Data Processing and Computer Programming. Must be willing to work while in training. Up to $2.50 per hour. For interview call: MR. HILL 7G3.1I91 Extension 'MS FOR SALE: 16' Evlnruclo Ivmt A trailer will- HO hp electric evinnule motor. Loaded with extra. Hern on water one time. Priced to sell. Call flS.v.ilUO after 7:HO p. m. nr before 8:00 n. m. 12 GOOD USED BOATS $395 up Complete Rigs Boat Shop 201JE._ 1st 763-6443 WCELLANEOUS 53 We Rent Sanders A Buffers House or Color lloTi Main 763-5593 Mr, HONDA. Klrhy Vacuum (leaner. Singer V,\v. 7,:iK. 1 Ton H.E. Air Conditioner, Water Coolers, Portable TV. Hell's fiun Slinp. 411 W. 7th r.ARAfJE SALE — SATfRDAY, MAY 11. .I.Y.TI Krenhvood Drive, flood [jiun mowers. Maylnc Ironer. T.V.. Round Oak Talile. ri.'J Ford & Mise. Items J-'CHl SAI.K: ICIcctrlc ran KIN Imsslnct. baby enrrlnue, Mvlnu set, twin slrol- li-r. 012 HlnkliN 7(i:i-M3!l. KENEW It'TiS with new Golden Slar Shampoo discovery. Rcnl Electric Sfiam- jn.ior $!.i»i. Kiily Fill nit lire—-3'fl Main. THE CLOTHES LINE At Now Location - Sill llinkle VACUUM CLEANERS 53B REWARD $5.00 REWARD Will he paid to the first person furnish- ItiK Information lending to thn sale of n new Klrliy. Klrhy Sulea. 9(19 \\, I'lalns. 7U2-2I2I, Cl»vl«, X. M. WUSEHOLDTOODSSALE 54 CHESTS New, 4-drawor chest in walnut or white finish. Special $24.95 209-11-13 MAIN PO 3-7121 WITH ITIU.'IIASK "f Bh,c> Lustre, rent Jlit'iinr ('.-upi't Shiirnpoin-r lor only .M pff d.iy. Ciimoh's- Si'-l Mitchell. AI ( Ud.V I'iviry Tin-silny Night \V & •) AIII-HIIII JIM I'ilr < loU",, New Mexico 54A APPLIANCES Id <-ii. It. Chest type frrrziT $12I.!>5 (iuud used u cu. ft. client type freezer r.iHid iiscil dryers $4!l.»5 ( usrd Iron Kilo Iriinc-r $74.tl5 l.uti- Model Iran Kite Iruner .. »I'J«.M lEfliiilll, riTiindltloiii'd, icuaranteud IS iniintlih, purt^, uuU labor un Wett- limliiiusii Autiinmlic Mashers ... $71.!I5 It.-|iossi'» l.alt> Model Westlngliouso Auto. \\U«|IIT i Drier. Take U|i pay- nirnt*. tiuuriiotci'll. (.(Hill usril I li lip. motors $4.!)S MIKI'IIV - EC'tlOUS fi(M MIT( IIKI.I. 76:1-4138 Needed Immediately Men to train for Electronics. Must be willing to work while in training. Up to 2.50 per hour. For interview call: MR. HILL 762-4491 Extension 213 FOR REHOOEUNO % 5Etl THINGS FAST TH8U WANT 408 USED FURNITURE 54B «KM' I'ltic >•'. I'VIII lor I S| I) I I KM II HI'. WE PAY TOP PRICES FOR FURNITURE & APPLIANCES 763-7311 TELEVISIOK 54D WILLIS TV RENTALS & Ki-palr - Rentals by week or month. Week dnys call after S P.M. Sin Hondo, 763-42-IG LESTKR DAVIS TV Repair Used TV'f (or sale or lent Ire-- trial. 122U W. 9UT. 763-3781. GOOD reconditioned Uaed TV's a» low M IJ9.U3. Clovis TV Center, 10th aud C'luvU. MUSICAL GOODS 55 KOJt SALK: Lovi-ly Baby Crund, 5930. Call 7li.l-:!71W. lirHKY! NEED giinciim- to take over small payintn'.s un SPINET PIANO IQ y,nir BUM. .No d»wn pavment. Writ* CicJit ;\liinaniT. '1'RI-STATK Ml'SIC CO., liiiii No. Mi-sa St.. Kl Paso, Texas. uALiTv PIANOS & SERVICE; Stial'.jii aclioul at MJSIC 7u'.',-74.ii BUJ Coimflly xto 105 tiu,t litli. 6000 THINGS TO IAJ BJCH FOOD SEBYICf Buj Irutu u» k wtM' enuuiiB uu iuu/ lo tu I'ttj tur a Iritt-tfr. 1'ti. 7«3-|jjl74. SKK CUSSIflEf ADS

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