The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 2, 1932 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1932
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY NEWS, FMDEBICK, KD., THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1932, Gambles Throw ** «eev.r» £» tcoriA from Ttrtsttr.rd Je~ry CcJ*.s :»« Scxcy Wet,'* fty !!te «'« «* t«x-trd CPI Sv c the: ft i m that She ta s «·«"-.«£ Jrrry. c t-p r»* ess? £r::tt» ' · rct .ci 1*EERE w * b.e for Chapter 4 ON THE AIR TRAIL nas an iizseJiatc scraps tie pbolosr«pts or ^te lerier. Reporters for te af:ernoon pipers cashed csao'.y for :he door. intent upoa catchics the.r cert exliuoas. Tae men from the isors taj cia-'.ses wtre co-e 'e.surely. most oJ tcez stopp.cs 'o read t2e l«;:er belore leaves :i:e reception roos. It was as Joi'.ows M »t.^cs-. - ** f · ! *i under his breati and Joe," ho exclaimed, "do f°*M that tb»r ba*e demand*** %OQ apiece as a 'board bill* aaJ :e no promise to release ttosip, e wfeea they Save picied up tijaeyT" "Hr K:" replied the other. -Lool me M though tisey might co::eeg.0oo s mouth, or a «e«X mayb^jf go tonj a^ they caa keep » t h e way o ; .jj e , the Sr^ taoughtJully. "i* that it's a O 0 f a good story It'i a brand racket is itidaapinj-" ' It :?.-e«d Joe. "What's more. I £02: f t »j e HHCKS p:»ce hag brokes jj y juess !» Eliat tnere": more k!J=*p'ns» to coze " .er of b:i d Shortly « c r e'.gb: :h.rtr on jerry Calbouo the walcsst p^:oJe^ biplane, skipped t i, 9 sudden death that i-jrited n , git.tenine arc of :be wh!r!!5 £!ck acd listened to t he pjlsat- of tae Thea. c:am- her:ns into retr cockpit. h« Tomorrow f Menu. U^e eieaien; Is more chificult to . settle arbitrarily because many ""g*' BREAKFAST--Halres of grape fruit, i jucfa as atmosphere, condition of in- i cereal, cream. popov«r$. milk, coffee j gredieGts and mster-ai; used la tin: j L U N C H E O N--Asparagus cream | choking 'itens^s enter into tiu phase' salad, toasted cbeese sandwiches spice , ft iirf"- Hoae%er. mosi tecipe j cup caifc. millc tea. i gi*e tne 'ime *v.iun - :««· sunutes and' DINNER--Sa'mon loaf, potatoes au | «.th tii-s tae cooi must use her OT.TJ gratin. ne» beets, g-nger saJad. straw- , j berry Huff, sponge cake, milk, coffee. j Shoe productioa ttas increased more! than 50 per cent in tne past 13 years i It's ?Ta^ng oo» soon accuracy be- · comes a tiablt Occ* this haoit ss es- , d. :'.s tery tajy to ha\e perfect; etery time ! i^'.est Sa ativertisirLg pavs BEAD THE STOBV. THEN COLOR THE PfCTCRE i T.i» C'~8 to .a to T-at hii a tin can t:ed tail barbed loud »r.d tried i'.: T.ri.« for renvr.- e- r:soed aappv Eaaory. a r»adr strap l3 , o ,'., ho »a« they re no 1 , big enough for us. but for ' ·he «"»"! taej're fine j ' No* :nat »e all nave looted around, j .«', s Sr.d a coo! spot. or. the ground and taxe a I:tt sixxsat That s lust a br«- · # * * · Yo- mean :t j a lazy bunch sa:d I Scouty Please stay »:th tne ouncn and dor.': be sneaking little naps We ( mint :o is* more s.-ghts I I Or course there's nothing more rigr.t j n-^re bj; other strange towns may t* · 1 rea' If we »ere judged by jou. »e'(5 a.: bo lazj' T^ijniites." \ J.rst tlien a -.oice said. ' Hi. ho. hoys' j ' .r.s -«U! w s».p " Sxca« me t! I maie much noise, but j ·* * ·» ' i j.^; heard sosiebody say you'd lie ' The Tinies foi.o«ecl here ana tner« :o travel "round ; and D-ncv said. · S3.-- tha a rare The i -That's ftne' I have a rocket here · :sn car.i that come to t!:-5 p'ace r.a-.t ar-( j ,, w _;; iaxe y o j j ar or near. Just j j ::.iu?h: bjt fun .:; store ' C l:ni3 nside and you mil shortly ^hoot · ! 'There :s no "eric '.:.···. :r.jit; "R the ground" , do Thus, ere the-, surt. they all are iTo be continued; i through If 1 cojld :.-.e a :.f« like (Cop'.r:ght 193C SEA Sen'ice. Inc) mat I d ask for no'hin; more j · TV- houres ar-- of carao-iard Gee' ' iT se l:n:»s get set for a strange trip the a nig the t.n can Then Scou; ia:d. Weil, ar trial yoj had ae»: jet ojt of here Go riifnt out t.iro'-!?n '.ne oarrel d-xir Ar.d off th* big dog ran O!' King Sardine- Can sr.ortlv cr.ed 1 Con^e on lad? »a'.£ r.ght b mv side mo I n'lli ta^e jou ro^nd tnis town You .1 a'.: enjo;. tne '.r:p We ha\e *n* i'rangest roo^es* ?j jou a::; s*e »:«-:-. -.oj jet near T'AI;; only ta^e · :.".»· '..TIT snd r-j'h- ' They look as comfv as can oe 'Course :: i\"\'. storj east. ·w» list tte posjess:orj3 be carn-.-d ' A jolting, carfeii'ug rush OF trith b:m in order that you may be the rutted ground, a breath n c assured that we are not perpetrat j room and they were off. cll n g ing a hoai of doubtful bumor. i fast acd banking o\er towar le "Ttse following items were it his east as they cleared the te!es. e res at the end oi tae Qeld.-. | Remember that fiour ts sifted cncc · the b.unt. stra_sht edge of a case ' (before measuring It anould be piled' kr.-fe J orawn across the top. Neier lightly In the cup and the cup tape".' dis ·» mrjt«unng cup into flour. j light:'- ;o f..l the a-r holes, but it To measure oic-half spoonful. di\ide J I should no: be packed d-,vn i .lie -Ahole ipoon length-Rise The sets j j Ali drv bcred:j::.s such .is si:;ar of -spocns whsch cor~-tst. of tablespoon.' I salt mid soda should be sifted to free teaspoon 1-2 teaspoon and 1-4 teas-! j them of lumps Brown sugar should be ' spon arc 'erv convenient ana make for j rr iei b-'fore measuring accuracy If ou are baking you must: To use a meisurin? spoor, f-il it i be sure that the o\en is heated to the j full and !»vl 1' vith a spatula Cup-' cer rr ~' '""-rTature If your oven ^| fills are i«-\c!ed in the same waj The ! not ..quipped with a thermostatsc neat- mRU-ru! is pilod i'oo-.e the top of the I control get a portable oven thermo- spoon or CUD ar.J then a .spatula or i meter to :-ou pockets when he accepted the inn tatius to join our l:ttl« house party. 1 gjM cigarette case 1 sold fountain pen 1 gold pencil I sclu cigarette lighter, not iu tood order 1 gold flask, half S'.led with bathtub gin 5 EUSSL and membership cards to T-arious clubs I certificate Sloe! L t d , :"0 sh. common. 1 bunch keys 2 cigars 1 man's handkerchief ! 1 lady's ditto, embroidered i 1 leather pocketbook contains:-; ouaicess cards, several miscellane ous personal cards and 51S2 32 in cash. ; 1 check book, folding, on New TTnion bank. : 1 photograph, presumed ic ba of Mrs. F. Mallory. ; 6 personal letters. i "In order that your husband's existence may continue to be pleasant j and that Ms health may continue to Te excelleat. we make the foliQTr- iO£ suggestion: "Attend a meeting with the lawyers who represent oar other xnests. After listeaing: paileatly to tiair protests, instruct them to pl*e« $300,000 (1100,000 for each xneat) ia sued vmr.Gr"kc3. one hna- dr»d dollar bills, ia a black hasd- "Instmct them, fartier, to ha-a tKJ* haadbag placed in a whits row- , boat -which, oa next Thursday · morning, at tea o'clock, cast bs j macSored at sea exactly ten inites ' southeast cf tie Mor-ta-jk paist UjJithoase, Impress upon them that. BO boais or ships of any kind must remain ~iti:n eight miles of tia aachored rowboat in ar.y direction. "If no trap is attempted and :f these details are carried oj:, your ' hnsbaad wsil nst s-Ser. If vou ·rade paysen: of his faos-d b, ", tre will ba u-aiile to cor.:.r;t:e to pitaiity." There was ro s.gaatjrc A na.a frccj a me--," Tiar-cr ' tsoir right, as they mounted hi, i and higher into the inverted t ! bo^l of the sky. lay the shlmn. f ing expanse of turquoise Atlan J ocean. , At last, after s:i disheartenin j i i a j s during whica there had bee. ' little or nothing accomplished. the j were on a trail which mlgh' lead them to Nancy VYentwortb and to | act on Tt«e passing of time had j not so'tened. by the slightest de I sree, t!e bitter feeling of defeat j caused by those few disastrous me i meats on the Mcrnck road. On the i contrary. Jerry's longing for a re- 1 turn action had grown with the hours. Xor had the knowledge thai somewhere that wonderful, clear j eyed girl was awaiting rescue adUed ' a n t n i n g to Jerry's peace of mind. In periodic moments of reason. Jerry recognized what a quixotic task he had set for himself and for :ho violent, adventure-lovjag Emory. the poJice. man hunters by trade, Bending every energy in hope of adding some clue to the senders of the insolent ransom letters, how could he acd Emory expect to sue ceed? They had no access to coa fidential information, no standing as officja! investigators. Jjjst two men on their own. the one burning for revenge, the other bored with r^caes and the deep ruts of conventional living. Their chief assets were an intense personal interest »a the chase, the ability, through their 3y:ag. to cover ground rap-J- ly and adequate funds. Cutting across the easterly arm cf Great South bar wi'b fifteen thousand feet beceata tiem. they followed the tiny wh'te thread of saad wiicb separates Moriches and Shinaecock bays frcra fie sea. Tser. saccisa y. Ercory. whc had been waichlns: the rragr'Sceat pan^raT.a as it ua-olled benf.ith f»a!. turred ia t.s seat and p- 3:a ; ?i to the s for Leather-Bound Fit e-Year DIARIES S1.25 GRADUATES NEWLYWEDS TRAVELERS Hand Bags -- Billfold Sets Toilet Sets Ladies" Overnight Cases Fitted and Unfitted Gladstone Bags -- English Kits Buy Your Leather Goods From TAYLOR'S 14 South Market Street YOUR FUR COAT s nld be thoroughly and espertly cleaned before putting a V for the Summer. Dust aad soil destroy, not only thl nstre, but the pelt itself- our Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 QUAKER CITY \ FREDERICK'S OLDEST. BIGGEST AND BEST CLM.NERS AND DYERS Uzht Machine W*rk--Go» and UxJtsmitb J SAFE WOK A SPECIALTY JAMES E. SOLT UGBT WELDING OF A1X METALS WORK I3» BKASS. 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Several styles for your selection. . .. only 49c Tooth Brushes Only o* several Kitchen Scales A. T---- T.--.'-: ar-.ic'e ·jp to 23 Barnards Zinc Stearate . J-OA. and Jc-ry aid E--o- p a\ h tie ana seek \sjlh it t- t*e c'c-ds fa5_rod scc-rc ^ prepared rr e er*. r.^xr KITCHEN KTTCHEX HTVTS FOR BRIDES SISTER - » ; \ K \ Servitt W r i t e - J i N t r -h" :.r.j.hcc proo'-ct. ·-^.at.e -KI-. ·*·,, v^^ -%w n ;f «'.ch ^er«J.^;' to - -s^ ho^s and at r*:?:, ·?-- p-- s ^re 'o c^«c t" .^n tse Standard Mfa5nrtmcnt.t. Tn-cr. %o- ·»- : n-^ec star.aarti -"C 5txc.^s to rs?SL^,*re t^e ^;7pc: *·- '. . c_z*3iy cc.*? ci*p ^r t^ A -: -s a =5- and A -AC e- .x x. penence often cro- ec. asi good resu'.'S -t-^ ter a .ong pcr.-xl -.f ;ts cor_=-^_er. modern ir.e r. c^ are ^ires xi- .-r.r.c rj-, one cf c,p c« f « ke-- - -.a,e a t*o- ^ THINK Wore you SPEND MONEY TRAVELS IN CYCLES, so long as we keep our dollars n '-Jie home cycle they must inevitably come back to usin some measure. 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