Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 20, 1961 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1961
Page 4
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huge Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tfiurtd«y, July 20, 1961 SELL FRESH FARM PRODUCTS; FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, POULTRY AND MEATS WANT AD RATES All Want Ads are payabl* In advance but ad will be accepted over the telephone and accsmoda- tlon accounts allowed with the understanding the account is payabfc when statement li rendered. Number One Three Six On« of Wordi Day • Days Dayi Mo. Up to 15 .05 1.30 2.25 6.50 16 to 20 .85 1.80 2.75 8.00 21 to 25 1.00 2.20 3.20 9.50 26 to 30 1.10 2.40 3.60 11.00 31 to 35 1.30 2.70 4.10 1250 36 to 40 1.50 3.20 5.00 .4.00 41 to 45 1.60 3.40 5.50 15.50 46 to 50 1.80 3.70 6.00 17.00 Initials of one or more letters, group of figures a? house or telephone numbers count as one word. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 Time .... 90c per Inch per day 3 Times .... 75c per inch per day * Times .... 65c per inch per day STANDING CARD ADS $15.00 per Inch per month Rates quoted above are for eo»>- ecutive insertions. Irregular or tklp Aite ads wifl take the one-day rote. All daily classified advertising copy •rill be accepted until 5 p.m. for publication the following day. The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertisements of fered for publication and to re|ect any objectionable advertising lub- mitted. The Hope Star will not be respon- •Ible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST incertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 49A - General Construction SHELL HOMES $1795 _ $3495 or FINISHED HOMES $ 10 Down Please Let Us Furnish You With Estimates HOPE Builders Supply Dial 7-2381 6-22-tf 93 -^Houses, Unfurnished FOR J'lENT: Three bedroom home nn 'Mockingbird Lane. $:if> per moiMn. Phone 7-430H. 7-20-3tc 95* — Apartments, Unfurnished FOR RENT: Unfurnished 4 room duplex npartmenl. Adults. South Main. Phone 7-22S2. 7-in-:Up jBLl'E CHAT for driveways, top ! soil, fill sand, do/ier for yard i leveling. Lavender Construction I Co. Dial 7-3750. 101 - Houses for Sole FOR SALE: Fashion Homes. Nothing down. 101 Dorado model at "Y" South Main and 23rd Streets. Strout Realty. 7-3-lmop 5 ~ Funeral Director* AMBULANCE SERVICE. Burial Association, OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME, Dial 7-6771. M-tt AMBULANCE SERVICE, Oxygen equipped, Two-Way Radio, Burial Association, Herndon - Cornelius Funeral Home, Phone 7-4686. G-28-tf 13- Boats, Motors, Trailers 62 - Barber Service NEW AND MODERN, Perry's Barber Shop at Perry's TJruck Stop, Highway 67 East is now open. Hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Sunday. Delmer Pipkin, barber. 5-26-tf |FOR SALE: I?y owner five room home, nttic fan. garage, plenty of shade. Near grade school and store. 509 S. Spruce. Telephone 7-M-fitp '-2223. 69 - Truck RentaU RENT a new truck for moving furniture, etc. Local or long distance. All furniture pads, dollies and loading equipment furnished. AVIS Rent-A-Truck, at PERRY'S TRUCK STOP, Hwy. 67 East, Dial 7-9974. 3-2-tf 73 - Wanted To Buy FOR SALE: Ifi-ft. Carter Craft Boat with convertible top. Complete with 75 h. p. Evinrude motor and trailer. Telephone 7-3750. 7-14-Gtc 29 ~ Sewing Machines SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and service, repairs on any make machine. Dial 7-6713. 11-SO-tf 34 - Slaughtering Processing RALPH Montgomery Market, cus torn slaughtering. Meat for your deep freeze. We buy cattle and hogs. 11-tf NOTICE Top prices paid for persimmon and gum timber. Contact Saylors, 2 miles north of Hope on Highway 29. 3-9-tf 81 -Female Help Wanted FOR SALE: By owiwr — Attractive two bedroom home on Park Drive. 90x150 ft. lot. Shrubbery and trees. See or call Ferrel .Baker. Business Phone 7-3fiIO, Residence 7-2213. 7-20-fitp 103 - House Trailers FOR SALE: 58 Model, 3fi foot house trailer, air conditioned, central heat, two bedrooms, full bath, completely furnished. Dial 7-4242. 7-1.8-tf FOR RENT: Completely furnished three rooms and bath house trailer, 1012 Diul 7-2307. Foster Avenue. 7-19-Glc NOW AVAILABLE in Ozon & Bengin An opening with Avon Products. Write today while territory is Still open. T District Manager P. O. Box 944 Texarkana, Texas 7-:'U-r,tc CUSTOM Slaughtering, Beef or pork cut and wrapped for your deep freeze. Contact Barry's Grocery, 7-4404. 7-29-tf WE ARE dressing poultry, processing beef and pork, for everyone. Call MOORE BROS. 7-4431. 8-19- tf 46 - Services Offered FOR PASTURE clipping call Larry' Moore, 7-3853. Good tractor, new bush hog and want to work. 5-25-tf 21 - Used Cars FOR SALE: 1950 model Fcrti pickup, rebuilt motor, front end and two new mud grips: good 82 - Male or Female Help Wanted MEN-WOMEN $20 daily. Sell luminous nameplates. Write to Reeves Co., Attleboro, Mass. 6-30-lmop Ftiubus Delivers Q Slight Hint MOUNT NEBRO. Ark. (AP> — Gov. Orval E. Faubus gave the barest hint of his future political plans Wednesday night at the Mount Nebo Chicken Fry. Faubus noted that other speakers had welcomed his presence without the appearance of three or four other candidates in a political campaign. Then he said: "If you could promise me the same next year it might help me make up my mind on a problem I might have to solve." This brought a laugh, for Fan- bus has been widely mentioned as a possible opponent for Sen. Bargains in a Variety of Meats y THE ASSOCIATTD PRESS Supermarkets aixl neighborhood stores figure I here is nothing like beef steaks and roasls to purk up summer appetites. The great variety of beef offcr- ing;-' on the bargain list for t'he weekend include chuck, rib, cube and round steaks ar.<I chuck, rib and round roasts. C!round beef is widely featured, too, for cookouts. An abundance of poultry has driven prices of frying chickens' down, in some seel ions o.f the country as much as 10 cents a pound from a week ago. Fisli specials along the Eastern seaboard and in the Great Lakes region include halibut, shrimp, haddock and w'hitefish. In the East, leg of lamb is a special bargain. New arrivals' are flooding the vegetable markets from growing seel ions in many parts of the country. Best, buys among vegetables include beets, beans, cabbage, bulk carrots, nearby celery, Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, endive, s- carole green onions, radishes, all .ype of nearby lettuce-, parsley, Eastern' potatoes' and watercress. In the good-buy category arc jroccoli, carrots in film bags, California celery, corn, spinach, eggplant, California lettuce, mushrooms, dried onions, field peas, California potatoes, squash, okra. peppers and tomatoes. Best buys among fruits are limes, mangoes, small California oranges, cantaloupes, watermelons and nectarines. Nearby apples, honcydew mel- Big Problems Confront U.S. President WASHINGTON (AP> — 'Pros! dent Kennedy is completin haps the most nerve-tryin six months any new chief executive has encountered since Abraham Lincoln plunged into task of saving the Union years ago. With only a razor-thin mandate from the electorate. Kennedy has been swept in his first half year in office into the vortex of world events he could not control. The Congo . . . Cuba . . . Laos . . Berlin . . . these crises have flashed across the screen Kennedy has met all declarations. But his performance has not always matched his talk. In the Congo, he made it abundantly clear that U.S. forces would be committed to prevent a Soviet takeover. With the aid of the United Nations, this plan worked. In Laos his talk was not backed up with troops. He found that ringing some SEATO allies, when consulted, had little urge to fight. In Cuba there was fiasco and disaster. The American-trained invaders had no air cover and were defeated. Somebody in the administration slipped up, it is not quite clear just who, but Kennedy took all the blame. In Berlin'.' The answer is yet to be supplied. Kennedy rallied the Allies for stiffly worded notes rejecting Soviet Premier Khrushchev's demand that the Allies abandon Berlin. The next move I seems up to Khrushchev. Open talk of the danger of war has caused Kennedy, meanwhile, to start developing plans for rc- PIGGYBACK PREDECESSOR—There may be something-new under the sun, but sometimes it's hard to find it Take piggyback transportation of vehicles, which railroads have concentrated on in recent years. Way back in 1917, Army trucks were moving along Southern Pacific Co. lines in Louisiana in the manner shown m top photo. Below, modeia three-level "auto-pack" permits 15 compact or 12 standard-size autos to be loaded on a flatcar. The 83-foot-long unit has three to four times the capacity of a boxcar. oivs, peaches, plums, apricots i deployment of U.S. armed forces. and blueberries are good buys. Legal Notice IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF W. M. EDWARDS. 94 - Apartments, Furnished FOR RENT: Air conditioned nicely furnished four rooms and bath, adults, no drinking, 801 East Third Street. 6-22-tf FOR RENT: Furnished apartment, 203 High Street, and five room house on High St. 7-3174. 7-13-tf glass and heater: good hunting'FOR RENT: Furnished apartment and fishing rig. S200. Roy Cogle, \ Prescott, Ark. Phone 887-2103. 7-19-6tp 3 rooms and bath. Adults. 1002 East Third St. Phone 7-3184. 7-20-3tc 36A - Food 36A - Food HOME GROWN •^ Revis Elberra Peaches J > Red Tomatoes f-- Purple Hull Peas :'••: White Crowder Peas ^T Butter Beans "-'• Green Corn -> Home Grown CANTALOUPES VT PLENTY OF RED, RIPE HOPE WATERMELONS (Whole or Sliced) RFVIS PEACH SHED DECEASED NOTICE OF HEARING ON EXECUTOR'S PETITION TO SELL REAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that W. H. Etter, Executor of the above styled estate, has filed his petition in said court asking for authority to sell the lands hereinafter described at public sale for the purpose of paying the debts of the estate and also for the purpose of winding-tip said estate and making distribution thereof: 4f)''2 acres in So Far Its Simply a Word Fight By JAMES MARLOW Associated Pr e ss N°ws Ana'yst WASHINGTON (AP) — So far it's just some more conversation between two hard-of-hearing people trying to tell each other what they told each other before. All in a few days the Western Allies, answering Premier Khrushchev's threat to get them out of Berlin, told him he was endangering the peace and a Moscow Radio replied that in doing this they were "abetting forces" trying for war. No hits, no runs, no errors. If this is confusing to anyone it's only because he forgets he was through it all once before as the following series of parallel events the last time and now, will show: On Nov. 25, 1958 Khrushchev demanded the West get out of Berlin. President Eisenhower the Southwest wouldn't hear of it. And on Dec. NO. 1235 Quarter of the Southwest Quarter 31 t" e Western Allies sent and the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 16, Township 11 South, Range 25 West, more particularly described as follows: Begin at a point in the extreme Southwest corner of the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 16, Township 11 South. Range 25 West, and run thence North 1,330 feet; thence East 910 Feet to a stake; thence South 698 feet to a stake: thence East 630 feet to a stake; thence North 278 feet to a stake: thence East 210 feet to a stake; thence j North 42 degrees East 261 feet to a stake; thence in a Southeasterly Hwy. 67 East 2nd Stop Past Overpass Dial 7-4065 7-20-StC 21 - Used Cars 21 - Used Cars MID IRRVALUB 1959 FORD CUSTOM 300 4-door, radio, heater, white tires,, good solid car ................................... $1150 1960 FORD FAIRLANE 2-door, radio, heater, 6 clylinder .. . $1450 1960 FORD GALAXIE 2-door, radio, heater, Fordomatic 1957 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN Station Wagon, Fordomatic, Radio, the Russian a note saying so at some length. On June 3-4, 1961 Khrushchev made the pitch all over again to President Kennedy in Vienna. Kennedy wouldn't hear of it. either. And Tuesday the -Western Allies sent the Russians notes saying so at some length. On ban. 7, 1959 the American State Department put out a pamphlet giving the legal and historical reasons why the Allies were right in insisting on staying in Berlin. In a short time the American State Department will issue a 1961 version of the same pam- direction along Highway No. 4, phlet—called this time a "White 508 feet to a stake located on the West side of said Highway No. 4; thence South 720 feet along the East side of the Cleo Edwards tract and the Rosie Lee Johnson tract to a stake on the south quarter section line of the SE'/4 of the SW>; of Section 16, Township 11 South, Range 25 West; thence West 2.240 feet to the point of beginning, containing 49'-: acres, more or less, in Hempstead County, Arkansas. And, by Order of the Probate Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, returned on the 13th day of June, 1961, said Petition will Paper"—saying just about what th e State Department said in 1959. And not long after the Allies sent their note and the State Department put out its pamphlet ir 1959 the Western foreign minister.' agreed to meet to talk the whole thing over. Now in 1961, after the Allies sent their note and it was an nounced the State Departmen would issue a "White Paper," the Western foreign ministers agrecc i this was announced Tuesday) t meet to talk the whole thing over. Since so far everything that has In the transition of the government from the Eisenhower administration, the new chief executive has evidenced greater determination to regain the initiative from the Communists by cultivation of the neutrals and expanding international economic planning. He has put fresh stress on disarmament and a ban on nuclear testing. But the Kennedy administration has yet to evolve any brand new olicies for dealing with recur- ing crises. The style may have •hanged, but the polices scarcely iffer from those followed by Dwighl D. Eisenhower. Enmeshed in international af- airs, Kennedy has not had the imc nor freedom of action he elt he needed to devote to all f the domestic problems prcss- ng upon him. As a result, major pledges he nade to the American people in he I960 campaign in which he von the presidency by a whisker appear likely to go unfilled, at east in 1961. Unless the signs fail, there will )e no action in this Congress on medical care for the elderly, to linked to Social Security. The chance for enactment of an aid o education bill supplying grants 'or the school construction and :eachcrs' salaries is almost nil. Congress has rejected his do-it- vourself farm program and is vriting one of its own. His request for five-year authority to make ifii.8 billion in development oans to fledgling nations may lave to be compromised. He has had to accept a lower- Ing of U.S. prestige—about which lie talked much in the campaign —because of the fiasco of the Juhan invasion. Ark-State May Lose Rating SOUNDING THE SUN—Old Sol may not know it, but the scientific private eyes are on his trail. These solar radio telescopes, located near Stanford University, Calif., arc synchronized mechanically and electronically to scan the sun's surface with a pencil-thin beam. They operate every second of the day. The impulses bounced back give science its best check on what's happening on the face of the sun. DOROTHY 1D1X Is His an On-Again Off-Again Love? Phone Firm Can Borrow Funds LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Liberty Telephone Co. of Mountain Home today received Public Service Commission permission to borrow $596,000 to improve and expand its system in Baxter, Izard and Stone counties. , , , , , _ , ,. . ,i oiiH-e au lui uvci,) uiiii£ uiui ius be heard by the Judge of said L , js a duplicatc of whal Court at 9o clock A. M. on the h d before it doesn - t d lAth r\' t \' rvf Aiiflnt-t 1QC1 in H-ia ' ' day of August, 1961, in the courtroom of the Hempstead County Courthouse in the City of Hope, Arkansas. All persons interested in this matter and all persons who consider themselves to be heirs of W. M. Edwards, Deceased, are hereby much imagination to suggest there will be some more duplicates. For instance, the Western foreign ministers met with Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Gromvko Votes Against Joining Union LITLE ROCK (AP) - Em, ployes of Arkansas Sign and Neon Co. of Little Rock Wednesday voted 13-G against proposed representation by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The election was supervised by the National Labor Relations Board. „<. istarting M y M 1959 Thc w t and* r , ,° „,. , , . , . warned to be present at such timei° Rffered a Bcr '" pla " . whlt * lhc , and place if they desire to h e| Russian rejccU ' d and he offm ' fl By HELEN WORDEN ERSKINE Dear Helen: Is a widow of 58 an old fool to fall for a man 10 years her junior? At the time we met, he was separated but not divorced from his wife. Their's had been an off-again, on-again marriage, with her walking out .and back. He and I saw quite a bit of one another. Then, for the 'stecnth time she returned so, in fairness to all concerned, we called it a day. Last year he telephoned in great excitement. His wife finally got the divorce Now, he comes to see me several nights a week always bringing candy, flowers or a bottle of wine. One moment he carries the torch, for his ex, the next he never wants to see her again. 1 listen patiently for—I've fallen in love with him, though never, by word, action or look let him know. The difference in our ages haunts me. He tells me how wonderful I've been to listen to his troubles and says he'll never forget me. Do you think he cares at all?" — M. Dear M.: This man is still in a state of shock. From what you say, he sees in you a wailing wall against which to pour out his troubles. Here is a situation which time alone can resolve. Continue the role of understanding friend. Don't force the matter. Incidentally—what were the grounds upon which the wife was graneld a di vorce? As to your first question, when one nears the 50 mark, the difference in years is of little consequence. that slander suit. By doing so, you descend to the level of the scan dalmongers. George Bernarc Shaw's motto, "They say. Wha do they Say? Let them say"! i: a wise one to follow. Rest easy Slander boomerangs! LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Arkan- kansas State Co 11 e g c will seek $1,250,565 from a special session of the legislature this summer for? construction of a new library to prevent possible lost of accreditation. Dr. Carl R. Rcng, Arkansas State president, in a letter to "the itizens of Arkansas." said J.hc iced for a library is imperaivo. The accreditation of Arkansas' econd largest institution of high- r learning is in jeopardy due to his shortcoming," Dr. Reng said n the letter. A special session of the legis- ature will be summoned to split ip the slate's surplus funds for construction needs. Funds for construction at the state's institutions of higher lei. '.> ng were contained in Gov. Orval 3. Faubus' $(>0 million bond proposal which was defeated at the soils June 27. Dr. Reng said the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools (NCA>, which bandies accreditation for Arkansas schools, had declared the need of a new library "imperative." He said he was prepared to j?p before the NCA in March but Raid the agency would "tear me up" if nothing has been done toward starting a new library. The college's present libraiy is in the basement of the administration building. Dr. Reng said he also planned to ask the legislature to provide $3 million for a new adminislra- :ion building. Dear Helen: Ever since I can remember my father has never had a kind word for anyone. He gripes day and night. I am ashamed to bring my school friends home. He wouldn't go to my sister's wedding because he was only her stepfather. My mother has threatened three times to divorce him. She tries her'best jut he calls her every name-you can think of. I can't take it any onger. There's a boy. who ' likes me very much and wants me to marry him. Our only trouble is that we're both so young,' but iometimes I wonder. What do you think? —Helpless Dear Helpless: You shouldn't marry for two reasons; you're till August 5, the foreign ministers of the United States, Britain, France and Russia, having gotten nowhere, decided to quit. Meanwhile there will almost surely be more notes exchanged— and more propaganda—since both More than 5,000 products come from American forests. "so young" and marriage ought not to be considered as an escape. It isn't! There are other and wiser solutions. Your father evidently needs a checkup. Physically and mentally. Hosv about seeing the family doctor? Talk it over -",'ith your mother. Send your problems to Helen Worden Erskine. Be sure to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and address her care of this newspaper. Helpful leaflets available. Write for "Are You Sure It's Love?" OUR ANCESTORS Heater, Air conditioned .................... $1195 HOPE AUTO CO. 220 W. Second Dial 7-2371 $1795 ' learc ' cipher for or against said '• petition. | In Testimoney Whereof, I have I hereunto set my hand and seal of the said Court on this the 14th day of June, 1961. J. D Turnage, Clerk of baid court By: Inez (Jompton 'SEAL' July 20, 27, Aug. 3, 1901 one which the West turned down. sjdes in , his dispute dress lhcm . So, alter meeting from May ll: solvcs in the j r Sunday clothes to in the eyes of Dear Helen: We live in another state and have rented our home to relatives. Friejids write that these people are spreading vicious lies about us, mostly me. I am in favor of filing suit for slander. My husband objects, mainly because of the expense. He says our friend won't believe the lies anyway. Bui il would be worth the J. W. Fulbright. D-Ark.. for jlok their best i everybody. possible candidate for a fifth tmni There may be critical days as governor. ahead—toward the end of the Faubus then assured his li-lcn-! year when Khrushchev's six- ers, his remarks svould be no help | months' deadline for a Berlin set- to those trying to figure out what | tlemenl ends—but meanwhile he will do. "They still don't know j there should be some bewildering what I'm going to do." jgabble-gabble. money to me personally to show this pair up for whal they are; vicious, jealous liars. Should I allow the lies In continue or put a stop to them by letting the world see these wri-lchfs in their true colors? —Mrs. B.C.'. Dear Mrs. B<'.: Justifiable though your anger is—and believe me, i .sympathize, don't bring "fit c«r«fuk Otvld, «r you'll hurt somebody with that •omedawl"

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