The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST «, ftM. NCWS, AUSTRIA BRISTLES WITH GUNS AGAINST REBELS HERE'S AMERICA'S NEWEST TOWN ; SCENE OF GERMANY'S FINAL VON HINDENBURG RITES Fearful of another naz! putsch, similar to the recent uprising In which Chancellor Doitfucc wa« ucMcinated. Austria is bristling with guns, simitar to the one pictured above, and armed troops, Ftght- Ing ha« continued In Carinthia on the Italian and Yugoslavian borders, antf it was reported that another revolt, planned by nazi*. had failed. (Associated Press Photo) village is New Deal, the nation's newest community. It has sprung up at the site of the Fort Peck^dam in Montana. The dam to SeTbuilt across the fAlscouri rlvtr at this'point is a public works project, —d is to be second :n size only to Boulder dam. (Associated Press Phcto) This »huge fortress-like memorial at Tann«nburg, East Prussia, where the army of Field Marsha! Paul von Hir.denburg turned back the Russians in 1914, will be the scene of GermanyVnatjQnaJ funeral for It* late war hero and president. While von Hindenburg in life expressed a desire to be buried near his manor home at Neudeck, the government asked the family to permit the body to be entombed in one of the imposing tcwers of th« memorial. (Associated Press Photo* Oklahoma District Judge County Judge George R. Childers of Antlers Was Bom In Wood County^ Texas, Though Resident Of Oklahoma Mo re Than 2O Years ANTTjSRS. Ok!a.— George R- Cfeilders, for ten years County j Judge of Puahmataha County, is the democratic -nominee for tlie office of District Jtidge. a circuit ! Lhat comprises McCuriain, Choc- ta-w and Fushmalalia counties. Unless some unforeseen circuin- *ta.nces arls« ie •will be the next, district judge as nomination usually is equivalent to an election la } t *? tliis rock-ribbed Democratic area- Final tai>ulatJons sfco-R-ed Cbilders j i bad carried all three counties w?th a lead of 24 50 votes. He polled 11T5S vote* aad bis opponear, Hal | Welch, received S255. Twenty-five | of Pushrjiatab.2. county's 3S pre- t cincts -were carried by th»i nominee. Judge Childers- as fc© is fam.Il larly known in. Antlers, w^ bora in "Wood counry. Texas, £2 years ago. but fce has been, in Oklahoma more than 20 years, coming here from Arkansas. Judge and .Mrs, S CMMers have two sons, WayUtnd j JU1><:; £ and Karx. 'lawyers here- Wayland. the oldest son. nas been a n Texas League Leaders Leading hitters: Bell. Galveston. .359; Morsan^ San Antonio, -35S; Kooks, Talsa., .333; ilc-ses, Gaives- ton, .337. Total Mrs: Ben, Galveston. 167. Soublesi Bell, Galveszon, 40. Triples: Hooks. Tulsa. 17. Hon:e runs: K.. York, Fort TTorth, 25. Runs batted in: Beitencourt, San Antonio. 100. Runs scored: Bell, Galveston. 203. Stolen bases: SheJlev, Beaumont, SO. Most strikeouts: ICennedy. Oklafeoma Ciiy, 125, Most jrames ix-on: Killln, San Antonio, 22. COURTS CO. COURTS (idabeJL Oklal) Automobiles Registered LJoyd Eidison, Plymouth four door sedan; jfc£_ T4 V. LAURA WHEELER FINDS COLOR IN CROSS STITCH IS THE VOGUE K. CHHiI>EKS < Chevrolet master coach; Jo* L--e truck. CROSS-STFTCH ACCESSORIES PATTERN 56O Cross stltcfc in all its variations enjoy 'herself while doing- taem. VAIXJAIVT LOCALS AND PERSONAL NEWS VAXilAXT. Okla~—Sirs. Vivian Crews of Ft. Worth. Texas, Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Van- Ian dingiiatn. A son •was bora July 2S to Mr. and Mrs. ^YV. H. Miller of Okla- noraa City, trie znotner being the former Miss Earlene Kelson of Vaillant. j Sill McFaycen of uDallos visited j O. V. Cecil Sere last ^eek. Beanie Wilson, spent last -week In Oklahoma City, nsTOTL of j Mr. and ^Miss Hlsie Mae Foreman, Ark., visited Mrs. Homer Cog-gins. >Irs, J. D. Srygley, prlinary teaoher here several years, was graduated vritii honors from Socth- j _ ~ __ eastern State Teachers college at i COMMERCE PEOPLE Accident Fails to Quench His Ambition . — Determined to see the Century of Progress exposition, though, he had to •wai* a year, Kenneta Leslie of Bailey iias started for Chicago on the first anniversary of bis first departure for the city, the first trip ending in an automobile accident. jLeslie reached Cnlcasro tnen in an ambulance and remained in a nospital fwo niontiis. Un- ul Koveniber last year, he v.-as walking "writh a cane, but apparently undaunted, by the experience, he boarded a train Thursday. CMcago bound. ! WEES END NEWS FROM COMMERCE COMMERCE. — Miss >Taacy I Smiin Is spending a week Tvitfc rel- I atives In Dallas. ; - - '. J. G. Smith. Sr^. C. "V. Hall, B. C. Tartar, I*. I. Smith and Traiik- Ycung- have returned "from. Austin trh.ere they sp^nz the "Rreek end •working; on their degree Qualifications at the University of .Tesas. | Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Hart nave j returned from, an extended visit, ! in California and other •western. I points. • • ••."•. j Ike Williams of tJie Fair-He com| nuinity north of Cominerce- has j returned from attending- the •ftm-r j era.1 of a brother in Ciiickasha, 1 Oklahoma. { B. F. Bailey feas returned, to j Jefferson. -K-aere- he Is employed** > MARRY IN DALLAS! aSter having spent the week end • here with his family, - ' ; J, K. Sbelton of Atlanta, and - [ TValter Scott of Peeltowr^ Texas, COililERCE. — Miss Coye Bass, j were the week end -s-iiests of assistant dean of women of tne | Charles Scott, a student at the Sast Te3ss State Tea_chers college j local college. Both of the out-of- ar>d director of the girls* dormitory i to-svn yoiin» nien are seniors In tlie of that institxition, and Dr. Ciar- 1 ^L_ & --I- CoIIece at Cc-llege Station- ence Alien, prominent local physi- \ Urs. Clarke Winslow. Jr., is vis- Casper. 1 ciaj> and head of the Allen hos-! itil3 = -riends in Clarksv-nie. of j' pitai of this city, were married in; ilisses Nell Gillis and . j Hard in, L*c-dg;e Mineral he csmpaisn of 1915, and inlS25, i -Pririgs, A.rk; J. E. Beavers, Ford of the lower house of the state j S. B, Welch. no-A-a. member of the j Eruck - Broken BOTV: H. K. Pace, mire the past faro terms :atlon ar-.d the probable ejection of Jud§e Childers -wiU bring- th* zhir<» .AniJers ntan to hold tit* office cf district «u< of tfa!s 17th judicial district since : Jusiice of rfca Supreme Court o£ f : Oklahoma,, defeated G. M, Barrett, also of Hugo. Jad.g-e CbiJders, who a!st> is an ordained minister of the Church of Ciirisit, wneii asked for a state- A, Boren, Ciievrc- pick-up, Garvia: Ben. Tur: last -wreek Mr. and Mrs. Pat Mabrr | T>i lt «bur*' =^e :s among- the raos; popular of nee- > Pattern 55? comes to you with a } Sr5d son of carter and Dr. W. f. ! " " "*" " " die-work today. Pillow tops, scarfs, f transfer pattern of a and footstools are bat a few of the I indies and jfour Durarit at the close of the summer Ter:n, receiving iier bachelor of science dearree. Mr. and Mrs. J. E_ Kubbard and family spent las- ireek in Rosebud. Ark. -»Xrs_ Ar^jj" i ^Jay of ^xa^vortrt spent a fe-w days last -week witb Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Crader. W_ !R- Siepiierisori o Wyo_, former superintend-ent schools here, visited in Idabel witli i Dallas, .August 2, according- to an I ^"^Kv^eH left Saturday for an his family en route to Chicago to | anaoimeerneat mace here. jextended trip throusrh trie nortb. see the world's fair, i Trie brice is the daughter of i an>; l. t as " The - r — r£t -fiestisation Mrs. J. P. Mabry bad as sruests i Jud^e and Mrs. J. X>. Bass of-' 13 Ch:ca.sro. | A. "W, Williams lias g-one to I>en- j Ison -crhere he has accepted a • post-.'. motif 7x? I Mabry of "Walter. Ford truck. Manchester. Texas; W. T. Goad, Chevrolet truck. Greenville. Texas: A. M. Surreli. Plymouth coupe, Broken 3o^; articles chat can be greatly en-f 2 1-2 inches: a color key: direc- j these motifs. They are ', tioas; and yardagre ! ~.n color. & fact *hat ?for Tnaking- a varlery of articles. I Send 10 cents in stamps or coin j .n, preferred"* for this pattern > beca es the -work doubly interesting I S« use of The variety that it lends, i Ccoi FROM VAULIAXT! a'tend^d VT^T at B-=nton ana ET-^rrc" >-e^> "" 1 ceivins her deiree' at the'^oca! ' ^ ! college in the spring ,erzn of l*3l.\?™ Sr^- A1 ^ = ^^ ^^fi^te of Baylor j' °° Iiee ^ Wa °°* and ^ •ell kno^vn in. medical trough our the state. GRus-Il of MadiiL Okla^a. spent the week end here circles j with Dr. and Mrs. G. <W.. Solder- •tateiiood. A remarkable coinc*- meat, said briefly: "I ain soSns» • £>aris Grocer Co., Ford truck. deuce is reflected i« the fact that | to rest up a while, attending to'; * j an Antlers candidate has bet^n ; the duties of countv judge, re- \ Civil Caire* " | euecessful agaias!: a candidate j sume a normal 3;fe * until later I ^ : - -- Moor* vs. Fannie Moore, j from Hugo in each of these cases, j when I shall take up the e*iinpai|m i divorce: II C. Hay vs. Ruth Ray. j The first Antlers rsaan to hold thU i asu j n f (> ~ f^e Xoveniber election." j divorce; TV. F. Owen vs. Heirs of | high office tvas C.- E~ Dudley, who f I Pitrr-an Peter et al determination of defeated Judge Howe of Ku£o in j An-ft-mriT? TT>T--VT>: «i«r-r heirs quieting ilti.?: Equitable Farm 1X3 U These motifs are just the thing- for ito The ?nris Xr 1 the provident -won-ian -who prefers \ l>ept.. S2 Hli^hth to m.alce her gifts at her leisure and ' YorS. X, Y, ; VAlLI-IAXT. Okla.—Mr. a n d | I Mrs. Charles Mayer. Mrs. Mllse I I Christie and Miss Eloise Mayer 1 ! -went to Wichita Falls Friday to j TW TTAGC hi P^erseii i«o Chang: MURDER TRIAJCS SET j IDABEL.—District court is ex- 1 i>ccied to convene here this nionth. I S<*vi?ra.l cases of Interest a-re sched- < uled to be tried, including the cas- j es of A. \V. Andrews ar.d Farej Hudson, char^re-d -wErh rr.urder. Cranford «t a; •who has heen vi«:t:n.g: her mother i {Mr?, C- H. Shaf«r here, has jjone I to Okiahoma City so visit her sis- f ter Mrs. VTsIton Price. vs. Mag-gie Ixsu 1 debt and foreclos- ! MeCa—asn county Building & j Assn. vs. S. S. Ca.IIa.han and | R.ura.1 V. Calls-han. dett and fore-! closure: Ma.r«rva Obe vs. Jim Obe T | divorce: G. "V\". Brazil vs. Wesley! Hudson ct a!, determination of ] ILLING/ j FORT WORTH, (.-?*)—TJi* eighth | ar.r.ual All-Southwestern Golf As] socin.t!on tournament has been with the fifth { Keal Es-tatc Transfers \ Eh'as "Wesley, singrie to I-izzie Baldwin, a tract of land In section 24-5-25. air.t. $25; -W. S, Collier. sr.d Lucy Collier to Jack Archer, Asher. n tract of land in sectJon 2S-5-25, Ann. SI; Pearly Mcl>on- Paul Hervey of Cooper. a-.vard- ! ed the TTnited Daughters of Con- ; federacy scholarship to Washia.s- ton and Lee "University this year, i an outstanding record vrhise ; a student at Paris Junior Ccii-,\ce, i \Vhen he took the Carnejrie Fcun- \ cation tests as & sophomore here, f he made the hijrhest score in three t subjects, second highest in two and • third highest in one, ' After finishing- his first yesr at I Psris Junior Conejte. Mr, Korvey - tfiu^ht schc-o! two years in Delta i Thur»day Nigfat, One rcrformano^ Only PLAZA Peter single | took ?ix courses and More than 20,600 whites left j M-mphis. T«nn.. from IS76 to 1ST3 ] because of yellow fev^r. | J ' of Wampas Baby Stars Girls Th<* Breaks So«x? Pjtris Girl M iffht Ifave —IN — "KISS AND MAKE UP" G«nev»eve Tobm — Ory Grant — Helen Mack The Racy Romance of a Famous Beauty Doctor \V*o Gave Women What They Wanted — Beauty and Love Cool and >I«>n«!j»y and 'TVIURDER in TRINIDAD" A Gonceous Tropical Set. ting for "Midshipman JACK" A robust story of the life "••5 !«,ve «>r s midxhtrtman. LAMAD fc»S.-n"T\. J r^il\ TncMtojr *nd \\<*tw*r*A*j Mfmdnjr *nd Ttnoidiiy . \\ arc. i acres, niort; or section 2-6-2". ATTi*. SCI. Miss Bo 1 !*": Miss **0C; i>?i v w **?^s«, snc ^^«na Sop^r: Welcy Chandl*r an Ktta Moh^jran. Broken 'KH'.Tih Clay Shaver and Morj:ie Fnx. Iclabel; John ton Rn<? Mis? Panoia XVilson, Va.7- lisnt; Clyde Molntyre and Miss j \\ ^r» debating and at as befr.i: a member of -he G!c<? c'-ub nnd th« "Dramatic club. TThilf tcachinsr at Gcvuch. a ru- schcn->I in Dcsta county. Mr. ra« STS •whic'h was one of foi:r irs I^>no Stsr Area -*> aup.'i'y f->r "Presifient Franklin I>. Kr-»^s*- axr^rd for swoatinc !TJ if-"". "!e :n school here last | attend the funeral of Mrs. Mayer's j i mother. | Miss Marjorie Kendall of De- ! ] Queen. Ark., is visiting Mr. and r i Mrs. W. F. Brooks here. \ I Miss Mae Buchanan of Durant j i Mrs, Joe Prince, Mrs. C. W. | i Ward and. Miss Dalene Ward vis- • i tied in Hugo Friday. \ ! John Hamilton anc Miss Paula \ Wilson were married at 1-fa.bel ! | Wednesday. They will make their \ . hon^e on the Ha-milton farm south- j ; west of Valliazit- j Mr. and Mrs, Charles Wright! ' were in Idabel Thursday. j John Paul Scrosgrjns is visiting- f relatives in Cove, Ark. ; i Beiton Cecil of Vatidervoort, \ ' Ark., is visiting here. j * Mr. and Mrs. Carl Turley ar.d i f children, visited in Idabel Friday, j { Ei^in Cooper spent the week• end here while on leave from a , CCC cam p. . } | Cecil Wright of Ft. Sill is visit- f i inj: his parents here. ( Atoka, Antlers and Hugo Bus Line —TIME TABLE— Bos Leaves Hugo For Antlers and Atoka at 9:00 A. M. and 6:3Q P. M. Good connectio*!^ at Atoka for McAlester. Muskogee and Ttilsa, Aivo Tood Connections at Atofc» for Ada, S and Ok!ab,oi«a City. Fares from Ho^c to the following^ to^ss and cities i Hugo to Antlers . . 50c HTE^O to Moskogee $3.65 Hugo to Atoka . . S1.5O Hogo to Ada - . . $2.45 Hago to McAlester $2.40 Hugo to Seminole $3.15 Hugo to Tolsa . . S4.35 Hugo to Shawnee $3.50 I have bcn^bt a uew tns so ask about the new bus and tiie nearer wa~ Save Time and Money and Ride My Bus, B. A. MUNGLE, Operator I OFFICIALS ASKED TO i HASTEN GUV SUPPPLIES main ther< i PICKETS A.RKKSTE3> ! j MIXXEAPOLIS. £5*- — Blever: ; [ more pickets, bringins: to more • I than 100 the total number of ar- ] j rests in the truck drivers strike, i I were nabbed by national guard*- j « men Friday in a recurrence cf cis- 1 orders that nas marked movemeni j of vehicles the last IS days. tO -vvcrrC. j ,.,...., _,_,,,>„ •..,... ,^ _,.,, ... -.^- , >v n;;e :n «c/Jf>o! ne~e !"«* vf-- ' x i» •••—" -..,,.%. v^ >•>...>.. - _ . IS^^Sr^SS^'sri SS:,^. ?,.r«~-V*r«"" !% « -. XIr - " a Mrs - T - <-'• x ^ fl ' or \ m _- *• f ! ,* «,«,„„. sro^n B... | ^V- ^A^';^^^;^ '^ JS^K" -,«„*".Sv" 5 ot ^ i Appreciation For Support Expressed By Judge Martin j COMMF.RCK.—W. T. Roan, 10- j cal county on cot- [ win *r,t«r there "th's" *s^' 'ton reduction, has wired U. S.I Accordina: f Air. ar.d -Urs. jerry rvsiney are i {"parents of a amssrh:--;", bt>rr. Satur- j j day at Doctor's hospita' here. I j Mrs. Kairsi-y is tho farmer Miss | -r. I | Vivian Ardor | K. C. i frc»irs a. r^c^n County Executive' . 5 a . ur< j aT <j ave n , e ST . -'" —.-.. ^.«.^ M *. , ^ k t ^^ vv.v>s Yj : I3S; ZO t r^Jr;^^"^* 7 *^? Conna^y and Sh*pj>ord McJ^more of Paris Jcnior C.vv.-V i"* „.__ Ravburn th<f r ^ OTA cf Mr Hprx , t , v ^ 0 „' ,.„; h.;, >v ,"v. sskinjr that th^y take immediate st*-ps to s*vf thnt local ,sms »i:p;>!5^d with ex^mp:io-r» c are cates s:!n.ninc tasrs as soon as st«rtenr as a ??:•.: rins: the history of th has approached the r^ror. here. OC'Til- The first bale of Commerce cot- j ton was hrox:.cht in July 31 And I Sinned at a local *»tabl!shrs5«at. i l>ut the oxvner has not been able j to rti»pose of it yet du* to th* fact j not arrived from Washington. It :* tJesSrtHl to jwt th* local system funotioninj: as soon as possible, Roan also asked that additional Advancements he ma<1o on the 1S34 cotton reductions }Kvyrrient# at this time, ax many who ar« i>a,r- >Sr in tty prosrvjun ar« fy in nee^l of mor* <»f the payment money at the j»res~ eait time. made ^y Mr. llervey. a :;;n<?5s - jcffjcia! I d City ;s v;s- I race for \V. T. Willis j whose votes* made this splendid j ;e^d possible. I w&nt to express or Atoka is.i niy pro'otind appreciation and to hospital. ! ask their continued cooperation in Mrs, » tc Lyons be host- no A;*ar Society my behalf. I toward rhos? who opposed r»:e. but -, AND NEWS ITEMS « HUGO, Okla.—Mrs. Bert Hor- i & ?r of Baton Rouse, i^a,. visited I ar ' d earnestly request that t**-?v ««e"- I MoRday | 'v>us!y consider thetr persona! »- } .... ..v,,,.. on North Broadway, | :er*sts and ray record as County „ C. Ncwtor.. I--.1 Ar.sley. Carl \ J"<Jgre before casting their vote in f •T.<i ^irr.psor., Pat Henry the- Austxjst Primary. I As the duties of the office are | relatives hero Saturday. |*Kd at the Little Ktver Country | recjyirinj: much of Ttsy time, it will! Miss Mary Ku!a White is visit-j cI^U in .\K-Curu\in county. i b * irr^possible for me to s*« many! her anr.t, Mrs. Amos Vickervf Mis Jack r>o<i<! of Dallas re . j ^ the voters in person durtni: ihe j in here. O. l i.r.*d to her honi* Sunday after • rUT! * off cam T>»'R^- I am. there- i Marie Kr*z!<r of Antlrrs :s!^ v«»:t here with Mrs. W. N. Johns! * or ** l * kln « lhis m **«» of solicit- j Mrs. Haiti* Wilson Dale and Mrs, Limvood Neal. '"I* =; our ** J fP« r *- « I »^ r*^l«ct- j *4. I* you an honest, efficient, and impartJal adnslnJstra- rson of the affairs of t-amar Blanch*. Indian h«r*> Ifft Sxinfiay for th* Indian r**ervatSori at McCurtaJa. accom- by Thoma« Kob«rt Water from fire hose sometimes scatters inriamir.uble! dyst so that ] county. it explodes with dofcdly effect dur-j Respectfully, °« * f !**• __ '._... 1 __>,__ C. A, MA« VACATION TIME !S BUS TLME s>Tiii:Tn*:rt:3ie r-^asure* are only a few hours away by bus. Whether it b* a vreek-end raunt or an extended vuca- t;on, the Dtxir Mo*o- Coaches Trill take you swiftly and con.ifort2.*>:y to r.he vacation ?cene^ And r he ^: board 3, D rre CT your vacut:->n ccmme Moto- Cc-ac'n Bus, when y- Let Ot:r Ac:*:^ He;r You Plan Your Vacation, EXAMPLE OF BARES TO VACATION POINTS: Round Trip Ho: Sprigs, Ark Sela Visra, Ark ....... Eureka bpnn,cs. Ark. Colorado ^prin^s Olo. . Corpus Christ I Texas Nev. Orleans, La Gaherion. Texas Chicaco, ill ...... , Los Angeles. Ca! ....... ". $ 7.50 6.S5 12.70 $13,45 24.05 17.55 15.85 13.50 22.50 4O.05 THE DIXIE MOTOR COACH CORPORATION Phone 110 Hotel G&r*Jtar •1

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