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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 4, 1930
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ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 4, 1930 12 Pages : „, , .,„,.„,, y^i, Number ir . r _ i .. nrnr, ji URY DISAGREES IN LIQUOR CASE ORS FIND VERTISING EMBARRASSING *• • /' flection Ag e n c y [Lilts Accounts on Dodger. > btors In Koesuth who ' fall to Ills are finding: the activities Pioneer Service Co., Inc., of Ira City, Increasingly embarrass- anized two or three years ago, i company now operates over a territory and besides afford' means > of collecting many bad jounts serves to warn business of persons againut whom bills i outstanding. Merchants and others who find jt patrons who have Incurred bills • no attention to statements list i accounts, with the company, lch notifies the debtors and in of continued non-payment ad- rttees the accounts .publicly for b. I Dodgers Advertise Accounts. JlBually, the advertisements appear (newspapers, but the • Algona pa- have for many years declined |h advertising, hence the corn- resorted here last week to ad- tlsing by means of dodgers a mber of accounts claimed from uth persons. These dodgers, carried a l!«t of some 25 per- with amounts claimed, were Irlbuted In stores. They offered i listed accounts for sale, lesldes making a direct effort to lect or sell listed accounts, the Bpany sends to all patrons a list of all accounts against uth persons which have been Wlth.it. This. advises every icislber of persons listed in the reports. The October ro- 'fbr example, listed approxi- |teIy'"'llGO accounts claimed un- in t?iis county. In all cases last known address, and uht claimed appear. Accounts by Towns, ^following table shows the >r of accounts listed by Kos- postof flees: ona - 3GB 47 Assessors Must Fill Out Data Sheets Good Citizenship - Front! w CHRISTMAS WILL BE SOLD BY YEAH 56 23 1 9 . 33 . 48 . 20 . 33 . 4 ard Rook ,Verne on .Benedict 3 City 88 ka - 61 *ley . r—- 2 9 hlttemore — 48 «sides this lUit of persona who I live in Kossuth there is a list | more than 300 persons who Ined debts'when • they lived- here failed to pay them when they red elsewhere. These debtors are |att«red among exactly 100 towns , and there are, a few bei in other states. Reports Tighten Credit. |The monthly reports list accounts 1 within the month. Where ac- funts are in dispute the fact is In- ited. The names of '53 Kossuth former Kossuth persons whose ent postoffices ore wanted ap- |BuBinees men who sit down _ to these monthly reports find extremely Interesting and in- ative. On 'every page appeal- names of many'people they A hew method of selling Christmas seals is being tried out In Kossuth this year. In previous years school children have made a house to house canvass, but returns have been small. This year a letter enclosing a "Christmas Seal bond' 1 or a stated amount of Christmas Seals is being sent direct by. mall to prospects on the Christmas Seal list, and the recipients are asked to forward the amount called for to the committee It will not be necessary to keep al! the seals, but it Is hoped that the majority of the recipients will do so..; . • • Of the money thus collected one half will remain in the county to be expended in the fight against tuber cu'.osls. Only ID percent will go ou of Iowa, 45 per cent being uesd in state work. Algeria's contribution last yea permitted only $7'2 for expenditure here. 1 Of 17 underprivileged ehlldrer 10 per cent pr more: underweigh and good prospects for tuberculosis only seven could receive aid. Thi was done by furnishing two qya'rt of milk, which is the big tubercu losls "medicine," to the seven Throughout the county contribution were relatively as lo\v as they wer here. The work .that could be don was thus small to what might hav ounty Savings Plans Dividend "'A 10 "per cent dividend will be aid by. the County Savings bank ecelvershlp before Christmas if the iiecks can be made out and the ecessary court order secured In me. It will be a couple of weeks et, it is estimated, before the hecks will be ready.,' This dividend vill release $137,500 which has been led up ever since the" bank closed, t will be the fourth ten per cent livldend. " . Naturally such information | available. been accomplished if funds had bee: business men cautious about fitenaingr credit, to such persons. large number of business men the county are subscrib- the Pioneer service. J. A. ivnell, Algona, is the company's >ty representative, but he Is erned on)y with selling the ser- and has* nothing to do with collection end of the business. IIDELY TRAVELED SPEAKER TO GIVE 2JLECTURES HERE [A. EJ, j»artrWfife,t Ctucago trave- and lecturer, will speak at the [ounty teachers • institute tomorrow "'" and agjjjg at the Methodist h next Sunday evening. He 1 three lectures,; Hawaii, Paradise • the Pacific; 1 'Alaska and the Pw 11 Northwestj snd Playgrounds of 'erica—the"y?Hwstone park, the '»d Canyon, the Yosemite Valana the'Qrla^ier and other na"il parks, *|}is lectures are il- atea w ith BJ^Won pictures and Piotur^ n< $rofti cplpred elides, This year's campaign opened las Thursday and continues till Christ mas. Letters and seals are being mailed as rapidly as possible. Sir letter stresses that to buy "healtl seals," as they are sometimes callec should be ,an opportunity, not ar obligation. Tuberculosis is n6t th only disease fought from fund thus raised, where funds are suffi dent for combatting other diseases The Iowa Tuberculpsis Assocla titin, which heads the state drive, re ports ten active cases of tuberculos: in Kossuth county at this time There ar u 2450 school children the county with physical defect which can be remedied, LEDYARO COLLEGIA WEDS SIOUX OITY6IRINOV I,u Verne, .Dec. 2 - ? ard , 8lu1 ^ nounce the marriage of Milton <?*-„ Spirit ' has Utute, w*aWng thts week jtp P the third time. ten times at , Chicago Art operated a «r the Hynes Tax Sale Weld. . . active bidders at th There were WEATHER HERE IN ALGONIAN CAUGHT IN CALIFORNIA WINDSTORM County Recorder Laura Paine got home Tuesday from Pasadena Calif., where she had spent three weeks with her son Raymond and hits family. Raymond, who went to 'allfornla five years ago, has beer selling life insurance, and now has his own office, being in the business for himself. Mrs.'Paine was;in a windstorm Which was reported, in the daily papers. A terrific wind blew down trees and blew the roof off house; near where Raymond lives. The etorm commenced at 11 o'clock a night and lasted till about the same hour the next night. A similar windstorm occurred seven years ago Otherwise the. weather was good al the while Mrs. Paine was there though a'little chilly. Mrs, Paine called on a few forme: Algonians, among them Mr. and Mrs. Theo Hutchison and the L. R Morrisons. Raymond and Mrs. Pain< have a 3-year-old daughter, Sally This Is Mre., Paine's only grand daughter, and It was the first time the elder Mrs.. Paine had seen the baby, Her other two grandchildren are grandsons, the sons of Mr. an<" Mrs. Roland Paine, Detroit. Mrs. Raymond Paine was for merly Catherine Buck, who one taught in the high school here, Mrs. Paine drove her Ford coup< home from Ames. 'Her dauglite Marie, student at the State college had used It while she was away. HOME OF MRS. OTTO KUNZ, WESLEY. DAMUED BY FIRE NOSNMIStEFT Temperatures for November rang- d from a high of 70 on the 10th to low of one degree above zero on he 26th arid 2Sth, There was a. minor cold snap -on the 5th and 6th vhen the mercury got as low as 17, ut from then till the 20th the tem- jerature was spring-like, and con- ilstently stayed up to the 60's. Prom he 20th to the 25th there was a gradual sinking, and on the 25th a cold northwest wind brought snow and sent the mercury tumbling to one above. From last week Wednesday morning till Saturday the temperature did not rise above freez- i)g, though the sun melted some of the snow, which Is now all gone. Rain was registered on the. 16th, .81; 19th, .53; and 20th, .69, Snow last week Tuesday and Wednesday totaled a half an inch. Temperatures for the month are: High Low 2 _At 4:50 Saturday siren announced fire at Mrs. Ann (Otto) Kunz's, I was caused by an overheated fur and resulted in damage o fully' covered by insurance Wesley, Dec, lijorning, the pace ' . The basement, the living and din •ink rooms, and some of the upstair rooms were damaged. Chemical fir estinfuishers were used The house was' rendered uninhabitable, th electric wires burned, etc., so Mrs and her children are-siaym with her mother, Mrs but the taxes against most £ jiatern. County Legion Elects Nov. 26 -Andrews PPS , f* . ' _i_ .. . 428 was host to the County fcegio It the :Klel»peter ball laet Thursda evening. At a business Beting of e. fleers were elected: H. A. French, NEW TAX BOARD SEEKS DETAILS ON VALUATIONS Object is to Equalize Assessments Thruout Iowa. Members of the board of supervisors, County Auditor Bertha K .Johnson, and- Assessors A. J. Seller, Irvington, Henry. Nelson, Wesley, L. A. Johnson, Sherman, Wash Harris, Whlttemore, Andrew Klbert, Lotts Creek, W. .T. Bourne, Union, E. H. Beardsley, Algona, and Mrs. Claire Erickson, Swea City, attended a meeting at Mason City Friday called by the new state board of review to consider new methods of assessing required by the tax board. A similar meeting for Kossuth assessors is to be held sometime this month or early next month. The new system is much more intricate and systematic than any heretofore used, and instruction In procedure and the keeping of records is believed vitally necessary to each assessor. Farm I)utu Itaqnircd. Among the Innovations are two sets of real estate data sheets to be filled out by the assessor. One Is for platted -town property, the other for farms. Both delve deeply into value-giving features. The farm data sheet calls for the owner's name and a description of the farm. Then separate headings report nearness to market, roads, schools, average value of neighboring farms, character of land, and drainage. Crops raised In 1930 will also be- required, number of acres, kind and I value of'lands at so many dollars an Hew Christmas Decorations Make Dazzling Line of Color acre. Farming land must be classified .as cultivated, meadow,.pasture. November 1 ^..-..55 November 2 — 55 November 3 58 November 4 —59 November 5 :—..43 November 6 ...' 34 November 7 , 55 November 8 --65 November 9 66 November 10 — 70 November 11 —61 November 12 —,-58 November 13 :.69 November 14 —60 November 15 —-—•——65 November 16 _ii._—69 November 17 —_--.;——56 November IS ^ ,v——-59 November 19 69 November 20 - 62 November 21 —,——.—46 November 22 ———-.,-,46 November 23 ———,--—44 November 24 ,1-: 33 November, 25 „*——:.—37 November 26 ——•— T ---,21 November 27 --,,---—,,,—17 November 28 —,—-,^-18 November 29 :_.——„87 November 30 ————:,-',-43 26 33 25 35 19 17 24 37 38 39 42 34 . 38 47 55 33 37 34 48 42 29 30 31 17 16 I fi- Titonka, opunty commander; Walsh, Titwjsa- adjutant apd nance officer! A banquet was held, beginning at 19 o'clock 3 INDICTMENTS RETURNED BY NOVEMBER 6RAND JURY Three indictments wei'e returned by the grand jury last weekWednes- day afternoon. Ross Oesterrelcher, whose trial is reported elsewhere, was indicted for iUegal possession of liquor. The grand jury dismissed a case charging Oesterreicher with attempting to bribe an officer. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swart?, both of Lakpta, were Indicted on charges of gtving false,predjt statements to a baak }n an Attempt to obtain a loan. GlIclirM Two to One, Official, election returns In ]tne Tenth distrfcl show that Senator -F. C. "Gilchrfat, 1 Laurens, received 34,911 votes fop congress, while his Democratic"opponent a Mr. Ander^on, o,f .Webster county, received 17,540 Jv9tjS and one Moen, Hide- pendent, f«K»|ved 371. Senator G»chi1st thus Jacked only 1000 votes of twl.ce th.e number of both upland, bottomj swampj timber, bi;ush, wasteland,"and;i-alkali and peat soils. The dollar-value of separated acreages added toge'ther will give the full and true value of the land. Improvements Culled For. Under "Improvements" questions are asked about fences,, wells, water shortages, if any, and water supply. A full description of each building, with its estimated cost and depreciation, together with present full value in dollars, is required. .The farmer gives the age and.size of home, condition, construction, basement details, roof construction, and heating arrangements. The cost of the building la to be estimated, and after 'discount for depreciation the remainder will be eet down as present value. In addition all machinery permanently .attached to the real estate must be catalogued. The values' of lands and Improvements will be totaled to ascertain final true value of the farm as a whole. ;' On the reverse side of the 'data sheet is a plat,: on 'which the boundaries of the farm must be indicated. It is estimated that it will re-. quire an average of a half hour or more to answer all of the questions on the sheet. * Also tot Town tots. The data sheet for town and city appraisement is similar except that lands In acreage and crops are not considered. Description, of buildings is, however, much more complete. The heading calls . for ownership details, size in frontage, and value of land. Type of building ,ia then asked for, with age and size.- Construction details, including roof and heating arrangements, are required. The condition of the building ie estimated as good, fair, or poor. Improvement questions coyer water, sewer, gas, electricity, sprinklers, plate glass, stonertrimmed front, additions, porches, etc., with similar descriptions of garage, barn, and other outbuildings. i ' As in the case of farm data sheet*, the "value of land,, 5 plus value pf buildings, will give 'the true and full value of the' property. - On the back of this sheet also appears a pla.t on Which the outlines of the lot are to be drawn. A new scheme of Christmas decorations has been carried out this year on State street by the Algona Community club. Instead of Christmas trees at intervals along the sidewalk, .streamers of evergreen boughs bearing colored lights have been strung up'three to a block. The ends of the streamers are fastened to electroliers on each side of the street, and they curve upwards to a wire strung from buildings on each side. The tops of the streamers ru n straight for a few feet, and from the center hang evergreen wreaths with lights in their circumference. Hanging In the center of the wreath Is a red streamer. One of the streamers was installed and lighted Saturday night, and It. made an impressive showing. Now, with all the -streamers up and lit, the sight is beautiful at night. Colored lights twinkle down the street from" a dozen streamers and one standing at either end gets the impression of a long vista of beautiful color. The old evergreen tree at the-corner of the courthouse square is to be decorated with three times as many lights as ever before. It will present a solid mass of color at night. Above the Christmas streamers are also the brilliant streamers installed for the Diamond jubilee. These will "also be lit every night during the Christmas season. These lights liave often drawn comment from strangers, who have remarked on the brlliance and beauty of the strands, which gleam after night like, strings of diamonds. The committee in charge of the lighting sclieme consists of City Supt. Jos. Kelly, chairman, Mrs. N C. Rice, Mrs. H. E. Sorstedt, Aug ust Huenhold, Glen McMurray, A, D. Adams, and J. S. Auner. The business men have followed the example set by the club In the! •store decorations. Holiday merchap dise is now on display everywhere Algona has been noted in'the pas VOTE ONI] OFF OSS IED 6-6 i UESTION 1SSESSIOI as an excellent Christmas shopping town, and Increasing business a Christmas time/during recent year has led merchants to lay in large and more varied stocks for this season; ' A E •*»-• ell PARTRIDGE, world trav- eller, who will speak at the county teacher's institute tomorrow afternoon and at the Methodist church next Sunday night, illustrating his remarks with colored slides and motion pictures. Comedy Next Sunday Night at Academy Next Sunday evening at 8 o'clock "Sonny Jane," comedy "mirth- NEW EMMETSBURG HIGH SCHOOL IS DEDICATED Supt. and Mrs. J. P. Overmyer, Dora Carson, and Ruth Renaud, local teachers, attended dedicatory exercises for. the Emmetsburg high school's new building Tueeday evening. The Hon. T. S. Stevens, associate justice of Hie Iowa supreme court, was the main speaker. . Doctor Thiele, president of the school board, presented the building to the city, and W. I. Brartagan, editor of the Democrat, accepted on behalf of the community. Clara Wallace, inspector for the state Normal Training department, brought ..greetings for-the state department of public education. The building was erecte"d at a cost of ?140,000, 'The old building was considerably damaged by fire this fall, so high school and grade students had to be housed in'the new building before its completion. It is expected that the old building will have been repaired by Christmas, and it will then be used to house the grade l pupils. quake", in, three .acts/ will be staged by .the high school students of St. Cecelia's '.,, academy ; -. : a.t,;t.he_. academy auditorium. ''This "play presents " a wealth of uproarious comedy, ah intensely interesting , plot, vividly- drawn- arid well-contrasted characters, an unusual L amount'of action, and a climax of tremendous force and power. , , „• •' The plot centers about Sonny Jane," a. girl interested in newspaper work. Her newspaper office in Middleton has been closed by "the influence of Messrs. Mitchell and 81 reck, whose ire she aroueed. These two men come to Orchard Center, • scene of: the play, with; the intention of starting Ruby Wade in the^newspaper business, but , th4y ?mlstake Sonny for^ Ruby. .. •'•• •'/ • : Sonny keeps up the, deception till Ruby /appears. -Then the- fun;::.begins! The outcome .is most interesting. The cast has been well chosen, and a full evening's enter, talnment:it) promised, >; : Oesterreichor Must Face New Jurors. After deliberating from 5 P. in. till after midnight a jury In district court early yesterday morning' reported that It was unable to reach" a decision on whether ^ Ross Oesterreicher, Titonka, was guilty otE? •Illegal 'possession of liquor. The- jury had asked for additional Instructions, but Judge Lovrlen point-. ed out that the Instructions he had: given were as clear and concise asv they could be made. The jury consisted of Mrs. ». pJ Smith, John .Capeslus, Andrew -God- fredsori, L. C. Hanson, K. J. Hodges, and W. T. John, Algona; Geoi. C. Allen and Henry Scheppman,, Burt; Harry Hobson, Lone Rock; Thos. Nielson, Fenton; Maurice Pike, Atmstrong; and John Zeltee Jr-., Bode. Jury Evenly Divided. The last ballot before the jury was dismissed was divided evenlyi Most of the balloting was divided. though on-,the first ballot and »t other times during the night Ifc stood '5-7 In favor of Oesterrelcher. The main bone of contention^ to. the jury room was over interpretation of the word possession an* whether Oesterreicher had actual possession. Some of the jury members contended that unless he haift the liquor i n his hands he did nofc have possession. Judge Lovrien's Instructional touched on this point, saying- thafcj auctual possession can be construe?- tive as well as manual. 'He defined. constructive possession in the- lowing sentence: "Constructive session Is the keeping or control' over; personal property with out t** physical manual possession." \ Arrested on a Jane Midnight. -,- Oesterrelcher was arrested ffnt- midnight last June 'at Titonka tgr Sheriff Hovey and Marsha! WaltOT Steward? of Burt. His car' standing In an alley, and when officers came up he was JURY HEARING DAMAGE SUIT BROUGHT BY SWEA CITYAH A jury was drawn in district court yesterday to try an automobile damage case brought by Virgil Blomster against Gus and Sam Larson, All parties are from Swea City.. Mr, Blomster asked $400 for damages suffered in an automobile collision last summer. Jurors drawn .yeetev- day morning were J. H, Fra^er, L C. Hanson, Mrs, Conrad Herman W, T. John, A. E. Kresensky, Mrs Mary Nelson, and Mrs, D. P. Smith all of Algona;-Ernest Leudtke, Lone Rock; Thos, Neilson, Fenton; Henry Scheppman, Burt; John Voss, Lu Verne; and Mrs, Edna Weisbrod, Fenton. beside posts piled on end agalnj* lumberyard, fence only a, ' TEACHERS'INSTITUTE AT BRYANT TOMORROW A one day county teachers' institute will be held tomorrow at the high school building.' Heretofore there has , been a two-day t institute. The program will consist mostly of lectures. Dr. Julius Borass, of Northfleld, Minn'., will speak both morning and afternoon. Dr. A, % E. Bennett, Pes Moines, is also scheduled for two lectures, Tomorrow morning; W, R,' Quarton, Algona, will discuss the value of citizenship training and the relay tion of education to the crime wave which seems to be eweepihg the country. What responsibility rests on the schools and how. they fall Will be taken up from the standpoint of a lawyer and a former judge of the district court. As an entertainment feature the last number of the program will be an illustrated travel lecture by A, E. Cartridge, Chicago. To Honor Loyrlen. The county bar will give a dinner tonight at the Algona hotel in honi or of Judge F, C, Lovrien, who Is to retire from the bench January t> The event will take place at 7 o'clock. Godfrey Home and Barn Yard Ills car. As ..the officers approached terreicher got t o his feet and beside his car. The, officers : tigated and beside the' posts ti two:gallon cans of alcohol, which .was full, the other partly Mi. In' Oesterreicher's >pocket an empty half;pint bottle was found. /He wmm arrestftj, and both Mr. Hovey Mr. Steward testified that he a tentative offer of a bribe for lease. He had a little more $100 on his person at the time. Oesterreicher denied all pointy of the testimony," as: ness for himself. He said:be noticed the cans of alcohol the .posts, and was just as the officers'came up, denied possession or previous fcnBH> ledge that the cans'were there. -' Said He Was Calling W GhrLj , - Oesterreicher further/ testUM: that he had left his car in" the alley nwny times while was calling on Mary Ann who, on her part testified that h* had called on her that night »njL that v she expected him back. had taken her to Forest City in late afternoon, Mie said, to .Titonka at 7 o'clock, and he then gone home, returning- and leaving her again'at 10 o'c|o^%.. to get a lunch. Miss Meyers roo^p in the back part of an office buttfe^ ins. y „ y4? , Oesterreicher said he j remained Mft town, talking with friends at a caff till midnight, when he' returned. h»> the alley, as he and Miss were to attend a dance at the kuk pavilion, The empty bottle was carrying, he explained, was be used for distilled water f« battery. He had planned to the bottle filled that evening, had neglected to do's"?. -He..iU»»a,. offering monev to the. officers, """ ' said he. did ask whether there some way, to get the .. . off. He did, npt want to iwg*3 news appear soon after the 4*»t|| 1; ' his mother, he explained., Count-.- Attorney " yesterday t morning that he ? : to bring the case'Ujp log . "' thp next term pf , Among witnesses were " " ~ John E. BW1?, William D. ~ IQ Cejr YEAROUS HELD

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