The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 9, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1948
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

*AGE FpUB ^^SLY^EGISTER, HARRISBURG. ILL.. MONDAY. FEBRUARY o, Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Specio/ Discount for Cash-with-Order Minimum Advertisement Accepted-- TWO Lines S ALLEY OOP Stiff Out of Range By V. T. m;.' (1) Notices | (4) For Sale (4) For Solo (Continued) (2) Business Services __ lifc27."lNCII COCO DOOR MATS.|4 ROOM HOUSE, LIGHTS $1.25. Scten Furniture Store. 188-2 acre^ ground kg. othei (5) Wanted - (Continued) TO BUY: USED SINGER SE\Y-' ing machines. Call 45W. Singer i Sewing Center. 187-3\ I ««,in - . M.ZJ. acwii r uimitim own.-. AQQ-* ,^-,^7-Quick M i e price Sewing Center. 187-31 JE TAX SERVICE. R. « A co VIOLIN GROVE NITE $1500.00. , ._ . ,, , T7I ~~l ' /ell, McDowell Grocery.' p,,.,, . ' 180-tf 5-room all modern IIQMSC, new (5 a ) Help Wanted \ 27R-and 595W2. 180--J : .furnace, large good garage, cloyjJ _ ·-- : I N K W MODERN PERFECTION,lo McKinley school, price S6500.W |SnoP FOREMAN FOR A FORD. C K E R SERVICE DAY I " ' . b]c heatcrs with Pvrex glass for quick sale. garage Give experience and qual-1 69, nite phone 214R. Saline J^ Lilted supplv , 8 1 8 8 5 . Hauptmann Real Estate, 323 lficatlon , to Box X YZ. care Daily' To. "Chevrolet Sales »nd .".".: r-,.7. ,, nTM~ IRP.O , West Church St. 18'-* Rnaister. *187-6 THE ACTIVATICN THE VICW UI5 OF ?URS...2UITE FA0ULOU5. HH, gXCELLENCY/ W R E JHotor "Co"""Chevrolet""Sales and y eten Fl ,, mt ure Store. Service." 12/-tf VACUUM CLEANERS ARE OUH only business. 0. R. Buford, City | ·* ."Vy* |, -, fc Co Hall Bldg., Mt. Vcrnon, 111. 13^tti a K j " a "P a P cr ^ COMPLETE LINE OF DU PONT 3^6 OTEVROLET PICKUP. ^ Quality Paints. National Paint I ioy Brotheis. Ledwrd. 1 no. *gv^ 103-tf f f i l ' CAR WASHING Durfee at Saline ,Mot Co. 188 . 2 i(2A) Bus. Opportunities | F(JLL LINE MAYTAG AND OTH- I £ ^ LjLJ AJii Ti iJ «kIA* Jk Jf.4. A A . V * * -*.* ^ *»r -' .»·····* | er washer pans. Service ,on all TOR PRIVATE PARTIES OR makes. Williams Appliance Co., ·-banquets phone County 54F11.1 615 E. Poplar. Pho. 1146W. 123-tf "The Country Club. 103-tf' .(3) For Rent VALENTINE C H O C O L A T E S ' w i a o p e d for mailing at Baiter and Register. EXPERIENCED BODY AND FEN- · der man. permanent position, good working conditions. Harrisburg TM« IVITTJ o nnn Motor Sales, Nash Sales and Serv- 1947 NASH 300, \V1TH 9,000 184 . tf miles; 1940 Nash 4-door sedan, ^ very clean: 1939 F6rd fprdoi^sedan; I VOUXG LADY TQ TRA1N AS salesgirl in ladies' apparel shop, age 20 to 25. High school education. V.'nte in detail to Box S. G in care of The Daily Register. 188-3 V ti ,,* V * ^ « " » - * " v v . -\rif» 1940 Chevrolet coupe: 193fa tiac coupe. Harrisburg Motor Sales, Nash Sales and Service. 1 o-tl 3-PC. WALNUT POSTLK tfta, . SMALL MANUFACTURING room suite. 9-pc walnut dining-1 business __ at home . man , fainilv « nnn i t-,»it« oil A\MM ?oon conoi* ** · *. U A « « ^..»*«... n * AA v...t n Kcltner Ding Store. »""«·· .«..». - r- «rnr)i ' UUSlIiess--»u uvuiv. HIUJA, ii....u.. room suite, all extra O ooa con^i- ( g n assi$t opcrate cut ter machine 1883ltion. Tel 229-R. 124 W. i TABLE TOP GAS STOVE: BREAK- fast set: 2 large linoleums: Flor- 2 FURNISHED ROOMS. Raymond. PORTABLE ELECTRIC SEWING c^cc "heating'sg^: small oil stove 'machines, by the month. Phone I^i a. uran^ci. ^°" v 01 write Singer Sewing Center. K pc T i\ V A T V X T I X F BOX! Harrisburg. Pho.· 45W 183-tf THE Br.S r IN \ ALbN HNb BUX 2 FURNISHED ROOMS; .children. 18 W. Raymond. NO ' Store SI UP to So 00 188-1 D i u 1884 K i NDL1NG . 5 KM. NICELY F U R N I S HE D I Call City Coal Yard, Tel. 55R1. house. Simpson'* Gaiage, U. ___ __ ___ j Kc. 45, Muddy. 188-3 GCOD 3 . RM HOUSE. PRICED ' t fws O By Illinois Medical Society to sell. Inquue 509 W. Locust. I 187-2 I ; BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS, COL-! t umnar pads, ledger sheets, filing | equipment, filing cases, indexes,' and assemble, spare or full time. S200 for machine. Write Box CAB. of The Daily Hi SALESMAN FOR LOCAL 7-UP route: must be between 21 and 28 M's an d with selling experience Apply at Saline Hotel between 6 and 9 p m. Call for Aven Wright -188-3 (6) Employment Wonted .$50 AND S20 BILL ROLLED UP with ke\s. lost near Saline Motor ICc. Ret" to Kenneth Dunn at Sa-| · line Motor Co. -"188-1 Prevent Whooping Cough Whooping cough is a dan^e disease. It i- contagious. P bCtiivCi persons of ail ages der live yeais of susceptible, but in the fust year of life and 11 (he very -eld, il i» pointed out i z m a HEALTH TALK iSoued b% " ecjummenc, luiiig cases, inueAca, i ^ja»«^i »..i'i.y.--· ^s*- *~**~---^^j \ -- mde\ cards. Harrisburg Prmteis, r ·'_ t h en vou can sell your v a c - i f O ) MlSCella 22 S. Vine St. Phone 1180W. mim sweeper with a Register, ' neous W A N T E D - PASSENGERS TO gan. Leaving Thursday. Pho 188-3 H W RIEGEL HOME. GA-j 111 7 looms, bath, lhi .-.,:«io ^o/^j-is^-- Authorities- bche\e tnal wnoop-, ing cough is caused b% a ^enn 1 called hemophiius peitussis is found almost a U a v s "ifVUf'JUST RECEIVED A LIMITED supply of New Perfection modern '·m-,- i-.wTrvpmT?T ci7RTTRRAi portable heaters with pyrex glass E i 19 '' H o nnnPS«= Phone 3? ! fowl*, also New Perfection kero- **· 'cariyall. 9.000 miles, fnone oi, i "" ,' _ .. _ t _ _ *_,,!. i--.«,.^ c^t^r It Pays to Read Daily Register'Advertisements IMPORTANT CALL MEETBNG of County Legion, and VFW Members HARRISBURG CITY HALL Tuesday, 7:30 p. m. ADMITTAXCi: BV MKMBEnSIIH' CARD Chester Thorr.beuy ' Lodii, 15. Aio -188-3 t ! GOOD LUMP COAL, $6 TON DE- 1875l scne hot uater tan ^ c heaters, i Furniture Store. ____ . VUJVJJJ JjVJ-TJLt V^W^IJJ, V 4-ROOM SCMI-MODERN HOME. { livere( j. Tel. 1168W2. Small down payment, balance like I, i42-t£ jn,iiiv^.."i.o t ^ i t «^^.^ r ' omaU down pavmeni, caiance i i h u i ^ -- r.d almost a l A a v s tl me ' Inquire" 1009- S. Ledford. N V Iuf£ FLORENCE TABLE-TOP ^JI^The «?id perS-.' -- ^ ! ^F"* ^ ^ ^ *' R lSS _ -1_ _ -- 1A 4 r, r-rwi -f f\ i \. t l r t / \ T ^ n ^ J .. -- .. I » t»I t ·, * ** S C" 5 r t~ 3' ti **~ E" tT g 2- u_ ' a- 5C 5- S- 5" Inroat fied in the medical* term foi , (10) Instruction v hoopinj CQAL A N D L-cksoa ice ^ Coal, Tel. WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM Continued Control reliable men who would like to train in spare time to overhaul and Qf Scarce | THE BETTER TO SEE THEM. Customeis at New York's Shera- tor. Hotel lounge don't ha\e any trouble spotting a waitress in a iciov.d Not since the have been wearing these new transparent m'.on net outfits Waitresses Mary Bender, left, of Anderson, Ind., aiul Maigic- McPherson. of Greenville. S. C., model the "uniforms" FOR J K S S D E JOBS Producing B u i l d i n g Mcienals Semi-Skillcd and General Labor Work -x JOBS ARE PERMANENT Employer w i l l a^ist in locating housing for hinifle men. Company representati\ e \\ill intovviow and hire all day. *Moncla\ . February )l!u through Wednesday, February l l t h , at the Illinois State Employment Service 155 X. ^lain Street. Ilarrisburg, 111. FRYERS AND BAKING HENS. Sucai Cicek Prrduce 133-- mc'st Phone 1180W * 188-10 Iween seven ar.d iiftcon c.^. b a exposuie it usuaih begins an ordmarv cold ai.d Uii^ s larity is responsible J.QI tPO client failure lo iccognue disease in its Carhei stages phtient ma\ ha\e a sii-,.it t«. lunmng ".''ose a.iJ a coUt t:ia. \elops into a Jight c.i. to _ The cough deepens until Uie v/hoop occurs Ih.s is P ii.iake ol breath iollo\\:n tended · spasnjb are face becomes . the veins ol the face a .a tK.J \ RM 'FACTS. A FARM RECORD swell, and the e\ea v.a ^- jni- - bcdv \iolent in may be several montnb stifciigth is ful! regained There are drugs thai can ie duce the severity of tne spells, which are hkly to ia^t minute or more, out these dugs must be given onlj imdei the c u c - ful supervision ot «. doctor. Sometimes the clnlJ vvith me disease never j install Refrigeration and Air wuu- , . , DELIVERY TED ditionmg equipment Should be UfgeO Tel. 1143R2. , mechanieallv inclined Wall _not ^ vsmxGTOX Feb Will not tji^^. »**»-*.·*·-**"·»-*·"·." -- -*177-12{interfere with your present worK. I .. , T_ * * ! * . _ In.** l F 1 oT7nf"oimatio*n'"abour"thi5 lov. Pi evident Truman toda\ asked NEW 400 £ OF 1P1O1 I l l U t l v i i t l U U U L L l i l O i v * » ^ . ^ . w . « ^ . . » - - , , - -^ - ! CA.P BROODER, cost UainintJ. write at once, giung Congiess for "prompt action to , V^r\i. jjAfc^^\^*^^-» \,w v _ . ,, _ ! _ _ « . t ^ * - w ^ i t » M i » r v nrtnt» nlc m Ar /^nrtain tun. ! ,,., - ---- ·" ' j iV M \ V ~zUU V T^A JJ»AV^/\i^ A ^ A V ·} \f\J-^\, v » - * * » » * » m ^ « » - - - - - - -- ~ - - ^ j . -- - 193G CHEVROLET 2 DOOR. NOR- 'feeders, drinking fountains Mrs. j name, addre^. age, and our woir,- " n /' m ^.^" t ^ 1 -; t ^ carce iran Gibbons, south Gaskms City, jifula Cannon, 629 S. McKinley. | ,ng hours. Utilities Inst, in care , tcnals that are still scatce. "185-- Ur.,i OAO\V.I -188-2 of Thi I J_.Ulu \^*^*»»»v»» 18o-- i T e j 242 W-l. of The Daih Register. ma-1 i =1882 The present controls expire! - -Feb - 29 - ' OFiICL EQUIPMENT AND SUP-! PULLETS INQUIRE 226 S. I "" ELECTRONICS--RADIO ' The extension requested by the } nLcs Hanisburg Printers. 23 S.i^i, TeL 1297R-1 ^187-2 ' START NOW ON YOUR CAREER President -,ould permit the gov-. * _, -¥-*· i i omir ^ T O Q i n * I "**- - ^* 3-~ ,, _«J Ti j-v^»f *»^\r\i/*c ^»»»v* v^^rtTi t trt ^rvntniiTr* Tf\ f* rtnt i*r\l In Radio and Electronics. School G I. Approved SMAL CLASSES Laboratory Work Included Write today for ii " ernment to continue to control ! the distiibution, use, export and import of tins, fats and oils. rice, antimony cinchona bark, quinine and qiimsdme. and nitrogen fer-1 tilizer. ' » ilr. Tiunian said he did not be- j lieve ' that the Congress w ishes 184-12! LOUISVILLE RADIO SCHOOL 413 W. Jefferson Street Louisville. Kentucky^ .,,_ o *186-- ^0 faring about the confusion both -- ~~-- at home and abroad which would PAY JOBS OFFERED resu i t from the eX pi ra tion of 1 auto bodv-fender men in t hese powers at this time." -want ads." Put ,n a lew hours weekly learning welding, painting, metal work. etc. Chance TP ^ ,,50/SKGI^ ACnON | ^ e fo ?g^ form ation Auto- juii" ;,,._,, :,, f^rei r\f Tnp ST LIVESTOCK LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- Fcb. 9 -- (CP)~(USDA)-- I- discs, 12, 15, 18, or . .Deere. I. H. C., Roderick Lean,! new type David Bradley, Massey Harris" or Minneapolis Moline. R. Borg, BiggsvUle.^, Pols Reveals 70 painuuy. mciui um. -.-. ^..--.-for high wa^es or your own busi- p er Cent of Britons ««^£- ·vrnt^ and Civilians, i ,, . . -, lation Auto-.priersdly to U. S. care of The' TO BUY USED CAR. GOOD condition, reasonable. Tel. Baker,, 1065W. 187-3! yp- v--: *; and throat I Hogs 18.500: salable 17.000. larg- Thus the disease i*nav go unre-J cst since Jan 2. 1946 when receipts cc^mzed and be sp^ad to OMUI J icached 17.639 head. Market un- children through nc, s c and uroat compared with average Fn- dischar"es spread bv a co.,4h or, day. ISO los. up $2 to S3 lower: [Ccttle HOQ sneeze or on dishes used ir. ihe i.ghter weights fiom S225 to S3.«o . ' ? ^ticnt lower, sews. S4 off Bulk of good I PriCCS Decline It is ansporlant to pre-.crt the and choice 180 to 240 l b s . S 2 . 3 j disease IfroV occunng. .rd tn., ^82350:^^. ^..O.^owe^since, (Continued from page one) 2 ! LONDON, Feb 9.--(U P)--A pub-. ~ i lie opinion poll by the Daily E.\- pres^ said today that 70 per cent | of Bntons were friendfy to the | j United States i | Five per cent said they were j unfriendly. 21 per cent were i n 1 j different and four per cent didn't i know. j i Forty-four per cent said they, Til Feb 9 1 thought Britain has done more for I auditors office re-'the United States than the United j !«M ·«£,*-*« -SB?: i gfaJSLftr^.Sfrwr j .^^fS dSl J?n°u^. ! Sovcntcon p=r ccn, s a ,d Africa S4,429 Soldiers' Bonus Checks issued in January 5 lo S!7 ' m a n said retail price cuts " CaU!o fi 900. viable 6.500: calves jnilely" were the result of i V sitv of Illinois and postwar build- 13St . * . ,, . _ . . . _ _ « . 1.f4r*A -»* C 1 .t _ gT LCUIS . Fcb 3 _a n_ Mrs were listed at $14,- GIVE HER LANE '21 v v a s ; w h o seized her .^s she ch.nbcd ;hc sale level." the spokesman said -CoM; iroti Lcin-i co-i'r^elcc'. or - c ,^ l!r !cvcni lo .cr Heifers ar.d; The chajn reduced all beef The in-nimizina the toriditio.i if it doc^ r ,::\co vcajlui-i. MOV. with a few ! cu ts construe-' north raH of Kadi, Br:d?c over ...ivays and the Mis^ssmpi iivcr and .5ul!od' licensing her to safc!. " "ons. ' police said she Lad bcc-i treated stale aLso paid out $5,-'at city hospital here for a irrv- from six to 12 cents Iwof inc siaic auo j»«iu vu«. -'.- «»· ·"»- , - · . . , , p?l 307.996 in old age pensions, si.-,ous condition ar.d released -n her ,« on 851 338 for aid to dependent husband s care. He r.vd *ne had ' S fou? chldVcn and $287.830 under the been ill for several ,car .,, from 2 lo 3 nor,h- oi a plain pcrtu-i- VP.C..H- »n t drtn over G montns, 01 ^ · a diphtheria tox'-'in ::· -1 I-'-'' - \sccinc combint.5 for v^ m i d:cn over t» mo-.ths c. .. "booster" injccnons. Don't Iflkc charcc*. '.-: · child's health Sec t.) ' m munized ( ' ! '",'° -" " , '7·'? v cV-7, markets oontinuc to drop, there ^J^.ixru.^^^-jff^^ssr?^^^*^*?' r"'""uA : =r,',,;"i' TO: '''"TM l -T"C »hoic pncc'siraciWi, Fatal Stabbing 1 ^ " l l ' T *' ** * " " .1 1.3 -.^TM A ^l«v^«v« *f iVirt ^l_f1AI^_ ^^ * I c A ^^.-- i j * 4 ^ ···i*y*v. | - » « » - * - ^^,_ ,- -- _ · should come down if the whole- T r t Q I a f- ·»!« 'i-nn/1 nnnlinilP*: " ho 5i.*ild. · · * » · »« sale trend continues. he STud. fl.«ociat5on services for William prominent retired business man of Eldorado wlio died at his home in Eldorado Saturday morning, will be held 'on Tuesday at 2 p. m. in the chapel of the Eldorado funeral home where the body now lies in state Elder T. Leo Dodd will conduct /o .o JO MARION. Ill-, Feb. 9--T?i-- the sen-ice and burial will be in Bc//cvi//e Woman Electrocuted in Bathtub BELLEVILLE. Fcb \o»n., . Most rcl3n IO^KJ ** -.-v^«*-»«-"- ^]y\ivivj-\, in.* *v.*^. »' ' · mv ^~- --·-·-' --'.l ( i \ cnv,.^ncn^ j.po^cj.mcn seemed lo think the Selection of a jury got under vv.iy \volf Creek ccrr.ctcry. *. _.. l O ^ 4 * ./-*i'. rc ,.,,] m arkdowns resulted from a i^ av 3n the murder trial of 30- · . l i m e UK* spring-. R0ncra ] markcl decline during the \ ca r"-old Jewell Barnes of Hernn.' Drives Them i v . * 2 . \ount; loin p . isl mont j 1 rather lhan from Ihc ihnr^cd with the fatal slabbing ANDOVER. Mas«-- (LV» --An n^n Jurko.v*. , pet iacular break in grain prices of n.jcarold P.u«a«ll Tim Porter ardent golfer. Dr. Claude M. Fuess. Thursday, Fnday and Sntur- , n n t" av rm quarrel in Hcrnn 1.1*1 G2. biographer of the lair Prcsi- No. 2517. Modem ^n in wheat- color matched Ma- hocanv. Ha* Lane's auromatic "IHE ONE AKD ONS.Y" iOVE-GIF7 Thrill jour sweetheart w i t h the sweetest Valentine in all the world . . : a Lane Hopt-' Chest! It's the dearest «jy to s.n): "I love only ou." Remember. Lane i}. :hc u orM~\\ ilh all of Unc'" exclusive patented feature- Choose now. from the nianv e\tiiini; styles--in ail tjp«.« of woods--the one perl«.«.t chcsjfor}our"or.candonlv. LIBERAL TERMS! Buy now on Our'Convcnien! NO 2110 Co-n- Payment Plan. FREE! Moih insurance policy wiih each H J I * 1.ant' . rj:cn:c(I au;o- matictrji). wan 2o. l . ^ i n pistons 1 50, old dent Cooiidiic. is cmUcd with , Experts in other section-; of Authorities said Barnes ha; .id- four holcs-inone. Ihc country said, however, lhat it jmtk-d Ihc slabbinj;. xivin^, "I unsCuieu. miniii ini-*« iwrt CIT Ihrec v\eok; i,.,,j i« ,i/, ,1" «o \v. mHi^i^d *S?U"« I "LUM J. Rausch · · 7» 3 'n cent A 4 » 1-2. standards. *$£ blfn^hc^wct hands «* ft«»TMl ucc, ? ls 43. d,rl,es; a short circuit in *he ncalcr. -»J, ci.ccks oJ. _ or three weeks had lo 3o , t " He vvss indiclcd ^ cw Cngland F^rcMs full effect of the sharp .-,Hor a coroner's jur* reconv First state ^orcsi m :^ew- England 1.. ^H,,M; ft -nc m \\Ark ni{n( j c ^ -, na t he he held'for t^rand vrss provided Jor by lesisb'.jon o! ' jur' investigation. the Connecticut general assembly. j _^ . pirst purchase was made in I03, ] ·Hie Daily Kcgistei, 20c a WCCK \ The Daily Register, 20c a week, j JJ^and, 'ac^red for ^m^ * j iiiy carrier boy. t y carrier bo»* ' | fiancr. 52'.760 lb? r^,^- (v.hiics *r.'\ 5 TOADS mi\ tommodity reduction*; to work ' , , K'?r?72 fuses. sle:«dv. o^(ra^ ihcir v\ay"down lo the housewife's ~.(, A pc i cent A 4i 1'i. extra-. level. WALK UP A FLIGHT AND SAVE "LUXURY FOR YOUR HOME AT ECONOMY PRICKS" Seten Furniture OVER WOOUVORTirS J SP4PFR1

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