The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 23, 1948 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, July 23, 1948
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T»e New*. Fre*ertek, Mi. FrMay. J»ly S3. 1»4S THE NEWS ......... 'ifcMMd »t tb« pent ottc iefc. M*- ·· ««co»l-rf«» »a» Dorothy Dix Says: Dear Dorothy Dix: We are a mid- . die-aged couple,who have worked' i long and hard in qfder to provide i IB | for and educate our four children. I j Now they are married and have i families of their own. But here is our problem: We-still work bard all week and have only our week ends to do the Washington Davftook */ Huge Inflation Bill Amissed In Two Years Since Demise Of Of A By TK1S COFFIN Washington. July '-3--President Trumifi has a i;CK 'A dynaa^ite FRIDAY. JPLY 23 i Bride-to-be Given j Xx»v«tUviI!e Couple ! Surprise Kitchen Showtr j Married · Years , Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Orrison en( Mr. and Mrs. Levin Brown, of rtertumed last Friday evening at j Lovettsville. Va.. celebrated their . their home. Lee Place, at a surprise j golden wedding anniversary at ' kitchen shower ar.ct lawn party in j the;r home July ~. They were honor of Miss Katherine Srtyder. I married July 1. 1898, by Rev. J. Mist Snyder. daughter of Mrs. Hel- \ R- Feltner in the home of the e n R. Abrecht. North Market street.' bride's parents, the late Mr. ar.d -.viil be married this summer to Mrs - G. C. Fleming. They are par- children. 10 of whom Bombers To Berlin ,,_ , , take modest pleasures we would Announced as part of a *oaf- en j Oy ^ muc h. we find ourselves ranfe training p r o g r a m , two, j^^g baby sitters most of the groups of B-29 bombers have ar- tin)e We Rave e ; ght grandchildren rived in England from the United who range in age from tix montlis States. Each group is made up ot to twelve years, and we are expect- tbree squadrons of 10 planes each, ed to take care of them whenever .,, - n their parents want to have a fiiiig '"'w'lH'-iple the B-C9 strength It is "hard for u= evtu to attend " ~_ »'^»anv is church, because the little ones have in Europe. One group »·"**« be ^^ ^ ^^ aftw based in Germany. Approximate^ ; ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ 1.500 men are mvo.vea in .-.s th?v ^ aKvavs v, e j CO mc. but we latest air maneuver. Whetner , vould enjoy being left alone once atomic bombs are in easy reac- is - m a WR ;j e | s ,h ere any way to unknown, solve this problem without hurting News of the mass flight of the anyone' B-29s to England was first released GRANDMA AND GRANDPA «r th» Un-ted States embassy in " £*£= S consisted of the barest ANSWER: It appears that Grand- Ljouuin*. · D___ ' ma and Granapa have raised a new announcement. But with tne Ber- .^ .^ dom ^ t|c We ^ . M , ich lin situation heaamg for a show- , he youn( , er generation do not seem down, it is not believed the B-~ s abj ^ . Q cQpe For Jne present K e n _ will tarry long in England. eration of young parents are sold The "United States has been on on the o j d jheory that Grandma and the defensive in Berlin ever since Grandpa never want to KO any- the present set-up was installed at . where, or have any f u n . or do any- the end of the war. There is every · thing more exciting than takinK indication that this country soon care of the younssters when they will be oa the offensive. want to go on a bat. Hope that Russia can be induced EnU{ , ed To Resi to mend its ways by diplomatic Bul a , ui Grandma and Giandpa pressure has been abandoned and n a v e Become n-odernized and they the Berlin situation now is in the ho j d a deferent view on this sub- hands of. the military. It has been ; j ect They think that they have most humiliating to see American done their duty in baby sitting and forces pushed around by the Reds. . diapering one generation of chil- but blame for the present situation . dren and that they are entitled to rests on those, in high position, a little rest and diversion them- who liked "Old Joe" and regarded sel * es Russia as a democratic country To this column oome hundreds *xm-» ·* o j letters from grandparents who whose intentions were of the bes.. · little things we would like to do.' readv , 0 ;tj;i .. to the ».u!K of Con- Mr." FrancYs~Robem. of Hagerstown.' ente of 13 and have missed doing a great part . u ls the bM the Anwricaa A j schenje f ink and w are living, of our married life But instead of beiiig able to go on little trips and public has paid for inflation--forty was earned out in the decorations A son-in-law and daughter. Mr. Know America Today's Anniversaries 1816--Charlotte Cushman. famous actress, genius, dominating stage figure, and one of the, vest women oi her generation, iiora -J\ Boston. Died there," Feb. 17. 1876. 1834--James Gibbons, Baltimore Catholic archbishop - Cardinal, promoter of tolerance, among the foremost citizens his day. bornl in Baltimore. Died March 24, 1921. ! 1356--Arthur Bird, eminent coin- j poser, born Cambridge, Mass, i Died Dec. 22. 1923 Side Glances billion dollars z was thrown out i the summer of Some of the other K«o»*my statistics prepared for the White House year since OPA W ith gifts arranged under a May ? nd Mrs Frank Rocco. of Wash- 1377 -- Montague M. Glass, creator: Invited guests included Mr. and 7iS. Garland Feaga. Mr. and w , n: Mrs Burton Cannon. Jr.. Mr. and 5' e ' - . - , Mrs Herman Orrison, Mr. and Mrs. decorations was a large pirthcay planned the celebration h was a surprise xo the cou- Among the refreshments ?nd of "Potash and Perlmutter." widely known its day. bonv in j England Died at Westport, Conn.. f Feb. 3, 1934. by" experts. IP. the Bureau'of Labor Wtiliam S. Lambdin.' Jr \ Mr. and f a . ke ". ' Vr .f: N H . Fravel enter- 1373--Simeon Strunsk. X. Y. Times! Statistics Commerce and Agricu!- Mrs. Meredith Mackley. Mr. and ture Departments and th- Council of Econo!*t:c Ao\:-ers ar«.- G-jods cost '.'M per cent .'::or«- this!!}; tha:: y-a:^ ayo sn the second quarter llrs. Charles Rumpf. Mrs. Emma \Vhujr.ore. Mrs lielen R Abrecht. M-5,i Agne Little. Miss Betty Mc- Pnces Kiuiiny. Mi^ Delores Van Fossen. jear Mivs Ruth Roberts, Miss Loretta s-hot up the sharpen M.-ice the per- Orrsson. Mr Francis Roberts. Mr. iod jut after the lid v. a 5 S:ftr-d in Holmes Fout. Mr. Hubert Kaempf. tor.^u.'r.t-r- n thii M-Ji 1946 The Aniei «c.n: $i77.uOUU0OOrJ in thii .M.-J: i M-Cond quarter o;i a: ar.iiua" rate 1 and received pure ^.-wii and ierv- sccs for which tncy p^id S1'.JO:/JO- OOO.OOO on a yt-arsy faj-»i »:i the sarsie period livo jta;-s a'4* L':.".K the pc-ii!,d 1933 to 1939 to represent 2)0 on the !!:dex. re'..:l food prices in J-^ne. l'Jl~ were i5t. as compared to ^!1 ior July. 1948 Clothing went up from IGt) to 197 in the index, and rent from iuii to 116. The gi-nera! co^t tit 5:vmg :ose from 139 to !7«i on t.*!iN ^caie These same report·» auv:-ed the President tliat one-fourth of American fairsili-s are not :avi!)^ a cent ar.d Mr WiUiam Abrecht. \Virnrr Roast Is Hfid At IVoodiboro Mrs Earl Hawkins of Woodsboro \\-3f hostess to htr class friends and their families with a wiener roasi in her back yard. An enjoyable time was spent by roasting v.-ieners and marshma'lo'.vs. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hawkini__Mr. and Mrs. Wilton There i 1 -" rs in their own t -- . Gee to their selS-sh children, but 1.000 A.tteticl^l Manor ! they don't know what to do about Picnic On Wednesday : it because they lack the nerve to ,. «,, ] say to their sons and daughters: .. i "Keep your kids at home. They are The annual CarroUton Manor vouf . b .. picnic was »»eW Wetoesday f r o m . Hw .' a| , ^ four o'clock until imdnight in the ; fcnows _ ^^ ^.^ ^ ^ ^ ^ woods on the Manor ur J. r marr i e d children really bclicvTM Thorning. rector of St. ^osepn s Grandma and church, estimated the crowd for the . Grandpa - a Rr * at trcat u . hcn thcy entire day to be about 1.000. A ] t h c j r of[ . j complete hrt of «»^ tro TM "" i a day whooping and yelling and _« * ss * S j ·n' aS Thorn : ng e'xpress- "ghtinf; and banging up the fur"appreciation for the coop-1 niture and raising ceneral pande- eration given by this group. The: momum. Maybe Grandma and proceeds of the picnic will go to ! Grandpa eventually will ge enough beneBt the three churches. St. i intestinal fortitude to rebel against Joseph's on CarroUton Manor. St. \ the attnck of the infantry and will lenatius Loyola Urbana. and St., lock their doors and flee on Sun- James. Point of Rocks. ; da - vs at *east to some place where Dinner was served in the pa- : they can say their prayers in peace, vilion. Dancing and games fea- j Degr ,, th Dix M husband tared the activities of the daj., rc{uses . Q t a k ' mc , Q danc bc . Music was provided by the Swing- | ^^ he .^ ^^ ^^ -^^ ^ ·J iislo ^a·.·l!l The br:iin-tru- smoke-filled .-.eb^n the difference of here and there, but they agree that the second half of !f'-58 i-. packe.l full of mfiati«:i fever There is nothing in sight to haul dov.-u retail price;;. :nile..s biisi.'iess and i:;du'-try get together and pledge themselves "cros my heart and hope to die" on a nitlci recession. This would mean that independent smaK business v.-ith t biv; inventory v. ould K' to the v. all. . The bad omen.v mw are the new round of wage and price increases. ' particularly in s.tcc! Out of the smoke and steam that followed President Truman's Stitely. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Measell. ?.!r. and Mrs. Robert Shriner. Mrs. Elizabeth Hahn. Mrs. Virginia Boiler, Mrs. Louise Kline. Mrs. Edith Cramer. Mrs Martha Burrier. Mrs. Miriam Bovvers; Misses Pauline Boiler. Betty Stitely. Dolores and N'ancy Hahn. R u t h Boiler, liurbaia and Mary Alice Cramer. Miriam and Marion Artamicha Hawkins Key Kline. Nancy Lou Burner. Donna Measell: Messrs, hnu^ie over Deibert '.Vard. Billy Stitely. Dary! fev millions Hawkins. Eddie Boiler. Jimmy Cramer. Robert Measell. Richard and Dale Kline. Rev. Raymond C. Myers. Adrian Shriner. a!:.rii!::it; increase tained with several readings and sonss. Those present v. ere Mr. and Mrs. Levin Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Graham. Miss Belva Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rocco and · sons. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pruesser. · Mr. and Mrs. Kermit James and ' sons. Misses Sara and Charlotte Brown. . Rev. and Mrs. N. H Frave!. Mr. and Mrs-. Alvin Fleming. Mr?. Chirles Riley. Mr and Mrs. Renice Brown. Mrs. Selby Brown. Mrs. Maxine Brmvn. Mrs Helen George nnd Rov Lee. Mr Leo!a Mvers. Mrs. Charles Stevens. Mi»s Caih- · erine Stevens. Mr ar.d Mrs R. D. · George. Mr and Mrs J. D. Keister. , Mr. and Mrs Chester Frvc. Mr. ^od Mrs. Clark Frye. V.'aooSe Frye. Mr. and Mrs. Me!vin Cnmohe- and familv, Mr. and Mrs. George . Grubb. Mr. and Mr=. A. \V Brown, i Mrs. John Stone. Mrs Ftta Graham. Mr and Mrs H C. Filler. Misses Ocal and Lakie Wright. ' Wm. Newton. Mr. and Mrs Raymond Solder. Mr and Mrs Henry Lakin. Mr aini Mr^ Cho-ster Brown. Mr. and Mr* Rovd Shaff . · and family. Mr. and ?Ir?. Ernest : Hahn. The couple received many beau. tiful gifts. editorial writer, essayist, humor- j ist and author, born in Russia. I Died Feb. 5. 1943 . | 1881--Johnny Evers. famed second ; baseman of his day. born in Troy, i N. Y. Died in Albany. X Y., i March 28. 1947. | Today In History -1829--William A. Burt of Michigan. \ granted patent for his "The Typo- i grapher." ancestor of the modern ! typewriter. » 1851--Western Minnesota bought : from the Indians. 1886--Historic Steve Brody jump ; from Brooklyn Bridge--believed j now to have been a hoax and a dummy used. ' 1892--Russia's Czar thanks Amer; ica for its famine aid relief ' 1922--United Slates asks Britain ] permission to search English | ships suspected ot rum running. ; "You'd better cut off the boy friend and answer the boss's buzzer-- outiide the three-mile limit--and we've spoiled him by taking: letters whenever he feels like dictating!" is refused. " · 193"--Kidnapping of Oklahoma oil man. Charles F. Urschel. 1934--Government buys and ships , cattle to alleviate the drought in I the West. ; 1943--American forces take Paler- ! Today In Washington Mistake To Talk Of Trying To Force Armored Train Through Russian Blockade Bv DAVID LAWRENCE Guest of Honor At Linen Shower Mrs. Virginia LeGore. whose marriage to Vincent Devereaux. of Frederick, will take place on Au- gu=t S. was the guest of honor at Zonta Club Picn:cs At Old Braddock Frederick Zonlians were guests on Monday evening at a picnic supper of Miss Helen Smith at her home in Old Braddoch. Miss Edith L. Strock. a member mo, capita! of Sicily. ] 1944--Americans =»nd Allies fight · the Xazis in the streets of Pisa. '^ "Washington. July 23--The worst j done a lot of mischief already. It Italy j thing that could happen in the i is amazing that so many days can 145---Some 80.000 Germans arrest- i oresent crisis in U. b.-R'.issian r;-jpass without a realization of high ed in an almost house-to-house- {lations is for the Impression to de- ! officials of the American govern- search in the American Occupa- · velop that President Truman and I ment that the armored-train idea tion Zone in Germany. 1 his administration might, through · not only is inconsistent with 1946--33 billion terminal leave pay | incompetence or mistaken zeal. . American tradition but I make for the Russians exactly the bill passed by L'. S. Senate. j foment a war. ° f h o C ,r T lh u r " MrS " Charles Kecf ' : painted by Miss Smith of er. 210 Washington street, on Friday evening by Mrs. John Billy and Mrs. W. W. Corbin. -hostesses. Those present were Mcs. Jane ,,,,_ 5on, tcred spires of rrederick and the Zonta insignia. The presentation was made by Mrs. Mary IV. Hodg. announcement of a special tension. N'orford. Mrs. Floyd Spalding. Mrs. is a prediction among men close to Luther Murray. Mrs. Frances Van , the throne m the Republican Party · Fossen. Mrs. Catherine Grove. Mrs. .. . that Governor Thomas Dewey will Raymond Str'ne mic controls. f i . y fol- , -VTr« rhnricc w A shor * business meeting was~ con- Jirs. unaries w - ducted : dent, at Scott. Mrs. Clifford Alban. low the line taken by two fellow Mrs. William Huyett. and Mrs. Earl ! ^ p ° nsor {he . P la yground go out on windy days be- Committees for the picnic next year ! will be organized at the forthcom- ! ---·'- ···-· "·"·- -"s--- "'"- --»«=- ing meeting of the Sodality and the I*"** and someone will see my legs. Holv Name Society to be held on j Hevdoe « not wa " { TM5 t{ ° SI TM le »» August 26 at the home of Mr. and j P"bl«c because he thinks it shows ft. * _ , · «· T-_I i l am trettintr friendlv \i-ith «:nmi» to put on the controls whenever Mist Hahn Entertained i Catherine Lone. he deemed them necessary. In this .\t Surprise Shower | Thc clu will meet at the Fran- way, the conservatives in Congress ' j.iiss Emmajane Hahn. of "Walk- ; eis Scott Key hotel. Monday at 6.30 would avoid any direct rcsponsi- crsville. was the guest of honor at a j P- nl . bility for tonlrols. i surprise shower on Friday evening! · given by Mrs. George Gorsuch. Mrs. ! Mrs - Martha E. Flanagan. 11 West years ago Mrs Ivan Standoff. Urbana. 1 am getting friendly with some . . There were a number of visi- j man_ I can't raise my hand to my tors from adjoining counties. Wash- head to fix my hair because he ington. Baltimore, and Virginia S thinks I am waving to some guy present for the day's festivities. i Is there any cure for such jeal- MARKET PRICES Wheat, bu ......................... Barley, bu. ............................... S Corn. bbL ................................... 511.30 Fifty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News. July 23. 1838. ; ousy? I am a decent woman who : har never done a wrong thing in S 2.14 ; my life. ANXIOUS State for Political Affairs and was j known as "the great temporizer " ' The story is told that when Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull sent ; one of his characteristically p'-ain and, bluntly-worded notes to Arm- · · our in Argentine, he didn't have. · the heart to deliver it to the Air- : * n vrTMsh=rt H n m » *° f $- a ^ M w «^ I son of Mr. and Mrs. v\. Sna- I of the club, who is leaving July 30 1347--Russia rejects American pro- j The pointed " comment from \ case internally they might need to for California for permanent repi-' posal for an 11 -nation preliminary j Messrs. Dewey and Stassen, warn-: solidify their own public opinion. rf^.,TM ,..-,, .,,-: :__ . discussion on a Jap peace treaty, j ing that the slightest degree o f - The Russians, to be sure, are try- At Lake Success. Unit»d States i "mismanagement" by the U. S. i n ; ing to harass the Americans in charges Bulgaria. A!" roia and \ the Berlin area might bring "grave j Berlin, and the more they exhibit Yugoslavia with menacing peace. '. consequences." is unquestionably ' their pressure the more the whole : i the result of a political fear that. world will recognize the nature of . Today's Birthdays i W ar may be precipitated during a i the steps being taken by the Rus- Mrs. Louise H Grove was wel- '· Thomas H. MacDonald. Coramis- j campaign year as a means to in- ; sians to get the Americans to- with- comedI into membership of the ciub. ' sioner of the Public Roads Admin- j fluence the election. jdraw. The situation caUs for istration, Washington, born'in Lead-j The T r u m a n administration -patience as the Russians make the ville. Colo.. 67 years ago. | wisely put out a statement through · record. Ben Hibbs. editor of the Satur- j Secretary Marshall to the effect '· To withdraw from Berlin would day Evening Post, born Fortana. | that every diplomatic resource j not be a dishonorable act for TJ. S. Kans.. 47 years ago. I would he utilized to avoid war. Un- ! forces if it were accompanied by a decision of the allies insisting i that the Russians and all other i forces likewise withdraw from ; Germany at the same time. ^ I The dispute over the right to ago. i ing that an armored column or i supply the Berlin area is not suf- Ambassa-j train would be sent into the block: ficiently important in itself to be dor~to the* Dominican Republic I aded area and the Russians would ; worth risking a war. The fact is bo-n in West Hofacken N J.. 56 : be challenged to halt such a train , that President Truman and his ad' or column. '. visers made a colossal blunder st| Immediately the Russians have ! Potsdam---as Governor Dewey and ·:nted out explicit agree- the corridor record of somewhat ... . . ~ T . -- . uc responsible for such an unwise ' ruzzy--ana again it isn t worth a in Caiais. Maine OD years ago j su?eestion and it ; s sur p risin g that i war to try to cover up a bad piece Daniel \V. Bell, ot Washington. , neither President Truman nor Sec-! of diplomacy or negotiation on our Cumberland: Mr. and Mrs. G. Flanagan and Janei and der Baker, of New Windsor. i Bernard. Woods £ , , T , _ _ , Mrs J ' Tyson Lcc and , Sherman E. · Jr.. and Pats . Edward and Barbara. Thurmont: j ANSWER: No. because such jeal- i ousy is the outpouring of the vile j thoughts that fill your husband's : mind all the time. He cannot even | imagine a decent woman. Such a | man is pitiful, not only because he · tortures you with his insults, but iy trying to drag you down to his dominion- ^ovcT^t." inst^: he i ? ockwe » T - race ' jeft Wednesday : JJ- "^^ ^ Sweeney Wash- of - -- - - ·« join Mr, Lee. who has been at ; mgton. Mr. ana Mrs. Felix T Flan- Dix: There are two can mstTry _ Onc can provide w - Jh fod ^ ojhcr ^ 1 Jamison and occupied by Mr. George Wilson as a genera! merchandise store in Walk- £. ersville. together with all con- ; men tents. Messrs. Graham Johnson me and George Wilson, m a «empt- - v - de mp n)t on]v ing to enter the blawns building. u . jth were knocked down by an ex- ^.^ plosion of gasoline but unhurt. ^. AS CAR NO. 11 OF THE FREDER- than ' ICK and Middletown Electric , Raibroad was returning to this , city, the conductor noticed a small child playing on the track ANSWER: Well, if you can't dc- near Webster's hill. He stopped c i(j e between the t\vo. it seem? to the car and removed the child me tha . Ihe best bel IS the gen j] c . from the track. man with the mink coats and jcr- THERE WAS MUSIC GALORE IN vants. But why marry either one Frederick today. The Yellow v .-'nen you are in love with neither' Springs band discoursed some Marriage without love and a real selections at the Square Corner companionship is a dreary business while waiting for the electric , Released Oy The Bell Syndicate. Ir.c translated it down to a diplomatic double-talk that would not hurt the ' feelings of Juan Porin. As Assistant Secretary of State. Armour would come . in with a . pleasant and gracious word or two ' when the huddles boiled up with' anger This ab!o career diplomat just didn't like trouble. Swan's Island. Me., since last week. . a *an and Felix. Jr.. The family will spend the remain- \ Mary A. Flanagan. Frederick- Ada- der of the summer at ttieir home : belle Flanagan. Washington. Mrs. there ' Flanagan was the the recipient of many gifts and flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Mullican. TMt;^ S ' ^^..ulF 12 ^ 3 -!!^ Today's Horoscope of the month begii apparent todav and the native is Pa"isan poiiut Woodsboro: -,--,,'.^,- ,.-;iif,,i ,r,^ ^=^;^r w;*h ! act. To send an begins to iy and it willful and daring. With 525 North Market street, have re- i Picnic Held To Honor turned to their home following a ; Dauehter-In-Law vacation at Virginia .Beach where : Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Stottlemver The La;i l a s t Mile The Con- !ilcy xvcre re g' ster ed at the Cava- j entertained on Sunday evening at !icr Hotel. '. their home. Wolfsville. at a picnic i in honor of their daushter-in-lavv- visited several Mr and Mrs Charles Cramer. M rs. Charles Stottlemver past week and the intuitive judgment which goes with this degree. ! it is a very strong position and leads to success. Take care to people asked- to go to war. it is to be i tion of a conference has been re-,- =t portion ' hoped that the case will be so i Jetted by the Russians, who. how-" itself c!ear that it will' not smell of! ever, want to confer. The situa- partisan politics or a provocative t tion. therefore, calls for an im- armored train , mediate conference anyway and into the Berlin area is to ask for . for an attempt at an agreement on The issue has not yet become | a general withdrawal. The prob- 5 one of asserting rights. i lem of enforcing such agreements "The over-ail problem oi 'nhdihg I as exisi--and which' the allies *"'" j a basis for agreement with Russia ' claim have been broken--is one i concerns not merelv the Berlin : for the United Nations to resolve the impetuousness so that .he emo- , 3rea but al] of Gerltlanv xjjg : on the theory that the present sit- tions may not run away with the j question of what reason - ' has in Berlin is one scrx . anls j don - t i{h o t h _ ma ,, IN LO \- E pressmen trooping back Into town still have vivid memories of that Ions, hard night when the 80th Congress was supposed to have been put to rest. In the House, n " tribunal to decide points of including the Grar.a Can; Walkersvillc. sre receiving con- Stottlemver is a native of Czecho- rified Forest. Painted Desert. interest- : through the legal processes of the tions gro yon. Pet- i United Nations. It is unthinkable II but. if »roT-f ?anr? ' fh-af ii«* TTnifoH 5^fat«c tfnv(»mmfnf. ' thf* U. N- sratulations uoon the birth of an ; Slovakia and arrived in Xew York like the croakinc of roa. c .«*'^ ound ; ! hr ?^ o . un . ce « au ? htc f- i July 10 with her son. Harold. arose from the huge chamber. It was a confused arena, men walking aimlessly up and down the aisles. s.'.e attending were: Mr. and Mr A Hart Etchison arid Miss '""· Asa . Har s h TM n a "d son. Mr. Yellowstone National Park. rights America ; uation constitutes a threat to world le for a higher ! neace. It was not intended that the, obviously {U. N. charter would examine aues- rowing out of World War war is on the horizon, the U. N. can step in. Until that step has been taken. h ...,..i-.,uui.u. ...jt-c-uu..!.!: uiu s .i«.-j. ; j U | V 10 w j t h her SOT , Harold to Judy Ann. July 14 at the Frederick , join her hus band. Mr Stottlemver Memorial Hospital Both mother mct his ^ Vlfe whi]e vcrv -. nff vi -, and daughter are getting along' the armv ; n Eurore car to go to the r armers picnic at Braddock Heights The Frederick Select Orchestra left for Ladiesburg to attend a picnic there. rj · I-/JlfO/l Union Bridge--Mi?? A n r: : c _ ,, , _ TT --,. Smith who had been on vacation. SOME FINE LOOKING PtACH^S part of which time was spor . ; m at 40 cents a basket, were oiler- Baltimore, returned to her position ed for sale on market toaay. a . tne Hvman Israel s . ore ' Vegetation has improved tremen- --H a r r v Weltv. Tanevtown. dously since the recent rains. spem last weck irs Union B-J^SC GENERAL PROSPECTS OF WO- w ;th his grandparents. 5r. sr.v MAN'S College for the com.r.g MS . Schrj- sciiool year are the best in his- --Richard Stuiiz has enlisted i-. tory. President Apple reports the U S. Navy for three years ar.d following an extended canvass- ] e ft Tuesday to begin his iraiiir.-.; ing tour. A number Of import- a t the Great Lakes Naval Tra:ntnc ant additions to the faculty are Station. Ill, Richard is the on of Mr. and Mrs Ear', StuHi. of Union Bridce He was Graduated from the Eimer Wo'.fe High School in 1947 --M i s s Anns Bc.le Mackley. Baltimore, is spending: SOTT.C time near Union Bridge with her parents. Mr. ar.d Mrs. William Mackley. --Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Menchey. Kanover. Pa. visited sn Union Bridge recently \\it~n friend*. in and out of the s'.Mn.cine doors Speakers shouted vainly tr cover up the noise of the background conversations The presiding officer pounded vainly for order -- there would be a brief pause -- then the creaking sound louder than ever. In StaHi.iry Hal!, a tanned lobbyist walked arm-;n-nrrn wsth a key Congressman. Three Senators dragged wear.iy from a conference committee. shook their he.'.cs disconsolately to reporters. Still deadlocked! . . I-i a httle room on" the Senate gallery, there was the t i n k l e of ice in glaj-ses and the hearty j^us'^.tcr of Srr.ato-rs In the cloakroom Senator M i l ' i k i n tried to catch a few wink* with a:i ire-bns o:~. his hcr.d Down on t n e floor Artir.i; Var.dcrsbrrE arpii- ed ;:npr.t;cn:.- v. :th n cU-rk The Eiirabeth Etchison, East Church · j-treei. and Mrs. A. Talbott Brice and children, of Jefferson, spent ^cvcral days this week in New York York city. Thev ?ccompa- nicd Mr Edward K. Etchison to New York from where he sailed for EuroDC on Wedr.esdav. Mrs nnd ter. Lowell and dauch- Miss Alma Stottlemver. Mr. and I that the United States governmen · would resort to a show of force, or : an assertion of rights, or a chal- , all talk of war should be decried Mr. and ?.Irs. Marshall Wesley. I ] eri g e until all courses of diplo- and those American officials who of Detroit, Mich., have returned j ma c\- and the · use of United Na- ; inspire news dispatches about home after spending their vacation i *- orls tribunals have been exhaust- armored trains ought to be warned with Mrs. Wesley's parents. Mr. , grj ' to avoid that kind of mischievous and Mrs. A. L. Phillips. Brunswick. , Tjj e publicity for the idea of conversation with the press. : sending in an armored train has Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Knapp. Westminster, left Thursday for Mil- ] (Reproduction Rights Reservedi and Mrs. John tCline and Haxishter waukec. Wis. .o attend an in- Be'ty Mae. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow surarce convention. During their Kline and family, anri M-_ Weddings family. Mrs. Austin 7«Typrs and family. Mrs John I Sullivan. East Second street, had as her house guest this past week her cousin. Mrs. Fd- ward .1 McCail. of Baltimore Mr. an-i Mrs Alexander A. Arris an^ jon. Danny, have returned to their home on Carro'.l Parkwav after a motor trip to Ch : - ca.i. absence from home, their children. Bo?;ie nnd Grs^o-y. will visit their Grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Nicodernu?. Brunswick. Bob toonut s. of Brunswick. the Baltimore News- I has returned home after spending · i a week with Miss Mary Jane --Fox ; Hamilton. BrX3P.s?.-ick. Miss Dorothy A. Fox. daughter of --Little Miss Carol Ana McDon- Mr and Mrs Howard Fox. Union aid of Frederick spent Monday · Bridge, and Melvin L. Yingling. son Past xvitn ner grandparents Mr. ·of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Yingling. and irs - Veraon McDonald. car " near Pleasant Valley, were married i --Mr. and Mrs. Austin Burchie On ihursday evening. July 15. T . re News- ; Sundav af{ emoon at the home of ; a nd family. Mrs. William «.abrick, T i . . Duiuth. M-.nn . ari Su- Post, len Monday tor a two-week ;. _- ^jominsstar ilar-=ton ' Sr,. of Bucksystown and Mr. and vacation to Sun Valley. Idaho, with : " ' " * " ~ -- - - - - - - - - other members of the press. Colt lootbali players and lagers. perior and Sc-!on Springs. Wis. and William J Dunn, pre:c;r:=: being, made. Twenty Years Ago Locsl Items From The Columns Of The News, July 23. 192S. voice I \.od t.:o\\ i '.. on a", o'd p"'icr-;r. : h ccr awakened the ca" Baldv. :n. - :: x c voices o~c ·:" the t% ": T.i^ I-T'S c a rec»*r.i Bi'^ Lan- ":cs \\:th the social group of the Women's Auxiliary of Bracidock Keig'nts v. ere cuest5 of Mrs. Bruce Hems- burs The evening \vns spent in Mrs Rc~T=biirg"s antique ar.d gift p arrn vv shop \\hcre she entcrtsinec the grv:p w'th int^restir.c facts and his- tr,rio t)f -y.^r.y ol" her ciirio-s Later ir :'n evonirc refi-c.^hn^eiits v.ere scr-. cd Mr Houston. Texas. announce the birth of a daughter, named Kath- Momingstar. rin" ceremonv was per- ^ !rs - J °hn Kabnck and daughter formed by Rev. Mr. MomJngstsr. , P at S5' of _Adamstown visited on aitemoon with Mr. and cousin of the bride. The bride was. Scholars believe the Japanese attired in an aqua street-length erine Elizabeth, their third child, in the island of Kyushu came ' dress with white accessories and June 21 Mr. Dunn is a son of Mrs. possess.on oi the Chinese written , wore a corsage of pink carnations Jr.. and"' i^dwin Lundgren. Linganore Hills a previous ase characters centuries b..-th of Christ. before BUILDING OPERATIONS IN Frederick for the fiscal year ending June 18 amounted to S31S.G15. according to estimates given the city engineer for permits. RUMORS THAT SMALLPOX HAD - made its appearance at Cascade, where is located Camp Ritchie, i the training site for the Maryland ' National Guard, were emphatic- ' a :roosc cat; Tho !-r«-t t'p-r.c -.--. the rr.orr.-.r.e-- r.f'.cr t!-.e aT!-r.-cht session -- Robert Tat't i\?'kcd .-. chipper as a cricket -.r- a w h i t e \\: G".. be ?:- --.,,·!.» i « t f i i i envy .Copyn;!it. (All time DST) PreciDitation for 24 hours ending ally denied by Guard officers. at 8 a m lodav _ 08 o{ an inch Tlie three loca. units of Oie p r e c jpitation. July to date Guard. leave for camp later this j ncncs week. 2.08 r i n TO MFFT Baitinioic. .',/i\ J ; '· -- F oSicer-; of tho J9»h ln;ar.try -.on. \ \ r i c h -AO^ for r. r." \stationed at F.r r^eet here this union L-.. Co! C O U N T Y SUPERINTENDENT Palzner announced a list of 65 city inches. Normal July precipitation. 3 97 inches: actual. July. 1947 -- 136 Hsr.r;, R of Tov, on said about I I Go -,vii ! . "or a ic- K' M.ii-.'- Mr snd Mr? Oscar M. Summers. Mr James H. Summers. Monrovia. a-.ri Mr and Mr-: GcorRc M Fisher. Mirid.cto-.Mi. Rt 27. have returned to their home filer motonne to T".*ci:rabsa. Mo . to visit Mr. S«n- rrer's son-in-law and dauchter, Xr. r-nd Mrs. Csri Schiesiriger and fam- '··' Mr and ?»Irs. A r t h u r L I-awson ":i\e returned to their home ~t C^h::iib;3. S C. after spending t-,\o v. eek= with Mr. Lawson's parents Mr and Mrs Ivan T. Lsivson ?.t ' The Hedges." ijanisville Mr a-.d Mrs Arthur Lawson u-ere recently named at the Methodist narsonnge at Browningsville. by Rev. Don E Gn^.n. Their attpnd- Miss Sussn S Hughe? ar.d younger brother A'ton E Jr . ch: irer of Mr and Mrs A'ton E. Hughes. SaV.sbyry. are speni;n~; several weeks their grand mother. Mrs. D. Murray StaufTer. Pearl. Ensased Their attendants Greene Arnold. were Mrs. William Kabrick. family. --Master Ross Mills, son of Mr. Gloria ' an * Mrs. Ross Mills. Sr.. had the Mr ar.d Mrs Harry C Zimmerman. Bracciock .ieichts are today observing their silver \\ ending an- r.iversary. Miss Margaret Stup. 312 Park Avenue, anci ^Trs Hobert ?! Zim- rrerniin 233 Dili Avenue, recently viMted Miss Vivi.m Tuimore in Pott^v-.lle. Pa Rev ar.d Mrs Richard H. Mil- '.er. Union Br.cige. are receiving congratulations on the birth of a son a: the York. Pa . hospital on Sunday. July IS. Messers C. A I. Cooper. Mrs Fo\\ler and Glenn Ruth Khne Fow- and county teachers vho are at- Excess in 1948 precipitation to tending summer courses at vari- July 1--5.41 inches, ous colleges and universities. j High temperature yesterday--92 THE JAPANESE BEETLE HAS ' High temperature year ago--33 appeared in Maryland, Sute j Low temperature last night--67 lander? served :n the uu'r- a n t ? were Tr pr.d Mrs Edwin ing the war A regimental assooa- t-'i"«triicx:m, Mt. Airy, cousins of the ler. Virginia Cooper and son. Donald. Brunswick, returned last week from a six-day motor t r i p through se\en states, in which the party traveled 2004 miles. tion i? to be formed ciurme the three-day meeting v. iiieh opens to- the bride's parerv's. Tne couple left --Miss Joan Eyler of Graceham Monday rnomine for a motor trip is speeding this week with her parts' brother and sister-in-law Mr. and . Mrs. Albert Eyler. Jr. --Mr. and Mrs. George Castl through Virginia ar.d other of the Sotuh. Following their trip they will re- · turn to Union Bridge to their new- and son Bobby of Brunswick Mr. iv-furnished apartment, the former and Mrs. Earn Fox and son Wayne Berkley Bowman home. · a n d Miss Hosalee Jewel of Fred, erick visited on Sunday with Mr. ' ana Mrs. C. E. Jewel. | · --Miss Betty Newman has re- ' - turned to her home near Middle: · Lime Kiln-Mr. William Ka- ' to .^ n , a f t e r spending 'some time . brick. Jr . who had the misfortune ^ v . :t " he , r f; ster aijd brother-in-law ' · to be hit in the head by a fcllin? - %lr ' , 3Tr ' d ^fs. Paul Green. ; block while at work at Camp De- T ] r ' a " d Mrs " George Bowers I ' trick last week has returned" back and Daughter Judy of Bruns^vick (j to work much improved. £ ? e . ni ,. Mon ? a l evening with M " Lime Kiln Forester Besley said, but County County Agent Shoemaker reported no sign of tht insect in thii county. Low temperature a year ago--48 Condition r;l rivers: Monncacy Paint-'s p a m p h 1 et . "Common Sense." v. a* credited in 1776 w i t h c r y s t a l l i n e .'·ontimcnt Jeanne Abbott arrived from M i a m i . Flj . last week for a visit v, 4th her grandparents. Mr and Mrs. Will' Main. Union Bridge. Her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miss Eva Pauline Pearl Mr. ar.d Mrs. James C. --Mrs. Luther Feaga and Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Feaga of Frederick ; spent a day last week at Hershev, ;Pa. --Mrs. Thomas DeGrange. Mr. I and Mrs. Earl Mulleneaux. Mr. and j Mrs. Lacy DeGrange and Mrs. ; Lacy DeGrange's parents. Mr. and j Mrs. James Watkins of Graham. N. Pearl, i C.. and Mrs. Susie Funk and son C. E. Jcwei. little Miss -- spend a while ! here with her grandparents Mr. t --Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Koontz and daughter Donna visited relatives near Hagerstown on Sundav j past " I Mr. and Mrs. S E Burkittsviile. and Mr. Germany, students of literature Lander, announce the coming mar- Julius spent Sunday evening with | declare, was the last imoo b» t of nage of their daughter. Eva Paul- , Mr. and Mrs. I-or.-8rd DeGrange { part of' western Europe to achiev* Junction where , literary repute--primarily due Crone. and Mrs. ine. to David R. Stoner. Jr.. son of ! near Frederick muddy at Euckeyplown Dam; Poto- m favor of independence for Bn- arc p l a n n i n g to be in Union : Ralr-h Sicler. Mtddlctown. r e i u r n - Mr. and Mrs David R. Stoner. near j they attended a birthday party in their isolation from Roman and ' 1 nuc clear at Knoxville. I tai;i s colonies m North America. | August. . . . oman an also during the rr.onth of ! o.-l last \veck from ., motor i n n Johnsville. The wedding will take j honor of Floydie Lee DeGran.ce. ' G a l l i c culture and parMv to con' ' ' t o California. On their tour, they , place during the summer j -- Miss Mary Elizabeth Walhck ' slant warfare withia their land. NEWSPAPER! ^WSPAPER!

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