The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 23, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PA (IK KlOItl*. THE ttuTtJiitNSOH NfiWS. > '*+ i», ^ ' J , T '«V ' - " MONDAY, StlPffiMgfitt 23, 1518, " Bostonians " Men's High Grade Dress Shoes Classy in looks, workmanship, superior and moderately priced. Dark Brown Kid Combination Last Dark Brown Calfskin English Last Dark Brown Calfskin U. S. Officer Last $ 10.OO Pair Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 NORTH MAIN HAD MOST DANGEROUS OFFICE ON WAR FRONT V= =__: -. - ~, - — == J=£ j SAVE FUEL BY USING i Monarch Weather Strips | mi yiinr homi'. No obligation to ; hhovv you. G. T. BRONLEEWE 120 14th West Phone 523 i Rely On Cuticura For Skin Troubles Air .lrowH.Ui Snui.K. OlBtnmolB *S0. Tuln.rn tt, Snniple MCII frr« of "C«t*ewt», D«pt. X, B^ict." In answering a IMcnsc inriitiiiii lvcrtist'int'iits The News. Lieut. John Sehwinn Sees That Supplies and Munitions Get to the Soldierm. A letter received yesterday from i Lieut, .John M. Scliwlnn by friends in I Hiiti'hlnaon give to many of Ills friends here the first news they hove hud of the former Hutchinson newspaper man for some lime. A letter from Marry C. Williams tells of mcet- ! Ins a I.leiit, Bunnell a member of the j CTtli now the IGulh regiment whoj I liad Just returned from Prance. This , Is the Fame regiment which T.letit. j Srbwlnn Is with. Lieut, llunnell who had spent spent months bnttllng In Prance says, l,t, Schwinn was a fine officer and very popular and was do- Int! dangerous work. Ife Is superintending the bringing up of supplies and munitions of wnr io the front trenches and always exposed to violent shell fire, which Is far worse than the trenches. Their regiment was In for 14 days nl. Chateau Thierry anil xt'ero bndlv shot up. Sept.. 2, 1918. 0cnr friend: Was glad Indeed lo gel your letter, and sorry lo read In the "Stars and Stripes" our American 15. P. paper, of Hie defeat of "our" candidate for gov. ernor. Hut such Is life. I have not seen Henry J, on ally of the four fronts 1 have been on, hut you don't son the Red Cross "gener- Ms" up much farther than dlvi«lon headquarters, not that I am slam- mine Ihe ft. c\ for they are doing pood work, but they don'l belong with Lemon Juice For Freckles Olfl.t Malta beauty letter) at horn* f6f a few cent*, -try Itl Sqtleexo the juice of two lemons Into ft bottle containing three ounces of orchard while,, shake welt, and you tiavo a quarter j>lnt of the best freckle and lan lotion, and complexion beau- tlfler, at very, Very small cost. Your grocer has the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of orchard white for a few cents. this sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, arms and hands each dny and see how freckles and blemishes disappear and how clear, soft and white the skin becomes. Vest tt Is harmless. the fighting troops, and that's What we have been doing most of the time since 1 joined this outfit. I am situated very cosily here in a barn with plenty of new mown hay. There are no Maude Mutters around, however. Most of them live in Paris and 1 have not had my leave yet. There nre a few here who know about Kansas and Hutchinson. One, ASK. FQR antfGET 3 Horlick's The. Original Malted Milk For Infants and Invalids OTHERS are IMITATIONS ICLOTHING BE CONSERVED The Government has commandeered the Country's entire supply of Wool—must have it for our boys "over there." ' This means economy in woolens heretofore unknown. Here is where the Master-Cleaner can perform a real service. Thorough cleansing at proper interyals almost doubles the life and usefulness of any woolen garment. Call the nearest Master Cleaner. He can keep your, new garment new or make your old ones do. Be sure you call a cleaner who'displays the Master Cleaner emkla*. It is your guarantee of master-'iS$roice—ihe service that is the meed of the hour. ;• . ' v - Tkij aJiirtimnrnt is ont of a srrit: bring fulluhri netunuBy «neVr thtavfitv oj this tuiociation, in tkt inure ft of htuer desnmi wUtr jmiliry <amJixionJt. The firm* whose n*mee appear below are Mcutcr Cleaner9. We urge you to give them yeur petronag*. National Association of Dyers and Cleaners FuIIerton Building Saint Louis WERSj Model Steam Laundry , Phone 44 American Steam Laundry Phone 107 Lewis Tailors and Cleaners Phone 1335 pfCHT WRY WRONG RICHT F D Tin. bom* of Hut ScJtftfMi' it M*ta clod* Conservation and Clothes (An Editorial) In order that the government may devote the maximum amount of materials and labor to the production of war essentials, it is important that every individual regulate purchases for his own use according to his needs. , ft , Just how much clothing for instance, one should buy is a matter of personal conscience and decision, but we believe every patriotic American can and will do with less than in normal times. In announcing our Complete Fall Exhibit of Men's Apparel we wish to emphasize the fact tnat the Star's quality clothes are directly in line with practical-conservation. By giving longer service, retaining a dressy appearance until worn out; they undoubtedly are the most economical clothes to buy. Select clothing this fall conscientiously and with discrimination. It is a time to adhere to proven standards. You who have worn Star Clothes know their: high-funk in woolens and workmanship. This seasons exhibit is just as worthy of complete confidence and at our fair prices, offer clothing buyers the opportunity to practice conservation without sacrificing appearance. , a Lieut. Cain of Rt. Worth, Texas knew Mildred Hickman. He visited tho Tecds In Hutchinson. He was killed by u shell in our last big fighl He and I had quite a chat about Hutchlnsou people. You told mo your French was limited to tres Joll. I am getting So I can parte well enough to gclealong. 1 suppose many of the words we are picking up here such as beaucoup, couche, manger, encore, tout-de suite, will become a part ot the language of the United States. Instead of having things don't' quickly we'll want it done "toot sweot" and Instead of eating •we'll "rnonjay" and going to bed, we'll "kooshpy." Instead of much il will be "bokoo" with us. That's the way it Is here now. I have two brothers, over here, but have not had a <;!ianco to see them yet. I keep track of where they are pvetty well. Neither one of thorn has been in Uie line yet,' "no far 113 I know, I must close to get this In the mail. With kindest regards to alt. 1 am, Verv sincerely vnurs. JOH.V u. scmviN.v, 2nd r.ieuL.N. A. 10-3 Int. 3rd Drl. Hdq., American E. P. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA Jesse Langford AUCTIONEER Sept, 24—A. G. Temple, 2 miles east, 1V4 north of Saxman. Sept. 26—C. B. ciark, 12 miles south and 2 miles west of Kayinond. Oct. 1—Mr. Bowman, 2 miles south and 4 miles east of Arlington. Oct. 1ft—J.- H, King, 4 miles north, V4 mile west of Abbyvllle. Oct. 3—Dave E. Bride, 2</j miles^ west of Lyons. Oct. 15—Geo. Raymond, 4 miles west, 1V£ south of Pretty Prairie. Oct. 1C—I. S. Van Ordstrand, 2V£ miles west, 3% south of Haven. Oct. 17—.1. Y. Dovlne, 4 miles north, 1% east ot Nickersoji. •. Fifty head of.whlto face'eteers and 50 head white face heifers', weight 41)0 lbs.; for sale at any corral. Datps can be arranged at any time by calling my office phone,- Nickerson 29 at my expense. • •• Jesse Langford Mlller 't Antltcptlc oil, Known At . Snake Oil Will Po.ltlvely Relieve Pain In Pew Minute*. Try It for Uheumattsm, Neuralgia, Lumbago, sore, stiff and swollen Joints, pal la in the bend, buck and Umbs. corns, bunions, oto. After one application pain usually disappears as if by magic. A new remedy used internally and externally fur Cuuffhs, Colds, 1 Croup. Sore Tluoat, niphthorti. and Tonailltls. This oil is conceded to bo the-most pen- otratinur romedy known. It* prompt mut immediate offuct In ruduelng pain Is duo tu tho fact that It penctrutes to the affected parts at vnoo. As an lltustratlpn, pour ten drops on the thickest niece of Sole leather and It will penetrate this sub- «banco thi -oufh and through In three minutes. .' Accept no substitute, 'fhls crept oil Is golden -nd in. tutor wily, 1 Wvory bottle KuarftnteejilTrStta. W end IJ .M a bottle— or money-refunded at the A.v»> A. pAr Co., ilutoUltweJV KftB*, •'",»- » Put On Ritiht Over The OkTRoof Time has demonstrated wood shingles are not the best roof value. Roof your house with a beautiful, pen manent, fire resisting roof at much lower cost rt 00J Red—Green—Silver Cray Art Craft Roof is put on right over the old roof or direct to the roof boards on new buildings. Costs far less than any other suitable material. Will last as long as the building. Art Craft material is absolutely guaranteed.. Three beautiful patterns in rich, unfading colors—red, green and silver gray. 'Art Craft will give your borne a distinctive appearance and materially add to its value. Ask for complete cost estimate and samplak J. L. WHITE LUMBER CO. -100 Sherman West Phone 65 Administrator's Sale of Real Estate At PUBLIC AUCTION 200 NIntlji Street East, Hutchinson, Kan. Tuesday, September 24, at 2 P. M. A well built modern 5-roouj.;,cottage, lot f|jkJ40. ; This is one; of >the most desirabk'resideuce.iiiithe^| r }!;|,':' Terms—gS^OO cash on <J:»te'#f liajgqce'ii't>7; p§£ cent interest for one year.; 4 p>r*(cfint' ^i^yftiVfpir^ca^ paid on balance date of sale. [ ' ,: This property will be open for inspection on date of, sale. AUSTIN ANDREWS, Auctioneer. Phone 1019 A. C. HOAGLAND, Administrator ADVANCE SALE BEGINS. Personal Solicitation Begins for Russe Ballet Dancers. The first five days of next week tlje members of the pothers club wljl begin, a pereopal solicitation for the actio of, tlokets for their* attraction the Bavloy-Ouxatnsky K UBBO ballot and the Little Symphony orchestra directed by George Barrcre. After th,e»e five days there ivtH be no wore tioket BcUtug 'until a few days befqre the attraction pomes pir October SJi at Cenrention bait. The ladles are baking tht# weans to raise nwj Jo HiPPPM tho Day N.Hr-' ALFALFA SEED I'or fall Planting Wi50 to $12,0P per Bushel Ail central Kansas grovfn. y!oa-> irrieated—write for samples, YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson. Kans. sery, which is fast reaching comple. uon,.. Why Work in tho dark wheo-thi». is a Lailey Light and Power-'plaittno |/be had? Ask Tom MaJoH^pegiFSulc'k

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