The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 6, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 6, 1934
Page 4
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THE PAWS NEWS, The Paris Evening News TUB OLSXEK HOK3O FAiUS. JTKXAS Established Jnl* to. l£«9 THE NORTH TEXAS PCBJLlSBCDfG OOMPAA* Catered as SecosxS Class Mail Matter at tfa« Po*tat Paris, Texaa, under Act ot Daily Except Saturday and Sunday New York Day by Day BY O. O. MclNTYRE The "fimkl Soul SUBSCRIPTION RATE* (Including Sus±ay») By M3?X One Tear ....................... - f 5.00 By Mail. Six Month* .... ................. $2.60 Delivared By Carrier .............. itc Per Week By Mail. One Month A.BJ *rro»*on« r*n*«ao« epos ra« eb»r»et«r. •r .rwpotatttw ol *ns t»'i>»ian»l- iJrra or corporaitoa vfeteb tto* e»SBinii» of TS*« S«w» to t&* «rt*ntioo ot th* Cny *Db#crtb*r* •t-bo tnske comj>!».ist beror* < p. h*»* their E»p«r» wai to tk*T» from t&e tJ yoe do oot «« year p*p* It rfeer* to no complaint Si !» E>re*rtr«i*<5 ci*t tb» N EW YOBK, Aug. 6.—In the manner of Ar- j nold Bennett's journal: 1 heard a typical Arthur Somers Roche story today. All winter in Palm Beach he fretted over a nostalgic hanker for a summer residence he once occupied near Darien. Ct. Hej jkept the telegraph and teie-.j H phone wires singing to lease it, ] A few weeks ago he came j rfcasi,. hurried by motor to his; ^arcadia, spent one night there \ land, next morning moved bag | Und baggage to a New York | |hotel. Several years ago hej ilariieled for a villa in Nor-j piandy, carried over a staff of I fservants and came back on the j same boat. Another time it was: California. j Hattie Bell Johnston, packing away books [ against saillne: for Tasmania, noticed one in a \ Hunter For Governor She reraembered at bridge one evening he left • to look over b,er library. ; ! At G's a visitor from Palo Alto said it was j ! costing Herbert Hoover Si .500 to answer per- j ^ ma^l- And there was Dalaver about the : - . V OTERS in Texas who align tnemseives wim ; Amerieail ehv ffiost un ii ke the rest. Many said j for St. Joseph, ' in most I may oe to be filled the next TWO years. Silly spectacle—the silk-stockinged radi- j Two well-known men are left as candi- { C£ j Corliss Lament getting himself arrested, j dates for governor and the voters are to ex- j ^\L and I went to the park in the vast heat, i press Their choice between these men in the j Evervwhere ^e^ ^th hose and the sound of j problems ever put before a Texas governor. He should therefore be a man competent to j Father -Joe O "Conner is a handsome young * grasp the details of important measures, big f Driest from a Jersey parish who has written j enough, menially and with moral courage i rngjnv popular nines. Last evening we heard j enonsli t sough to seek the solution to these problems j him" play" his *-By a Waterfall/' one of rny j rimo-ai regard to the effect Ms decision may i favorites. This man of the cloth lias ranch. ( liave on his political fa tare. j spirited table talk and is also an excellent | Such a mas, in the belief of The News, Hisiener. part of ?. priest's training. 1 presume, j is Tom Hunter, and without attempting to tell ; He appears to know all the actors of the_day any voter how he should east ins ballot, with- j and. we aired a mutual fondness c any voter for supporting I om [ Goldberg. Donent. The Ne^rs believes it is! Knbe- for Rnbe i Xo one hears aught but praise for j out cnneisi Hunter's oppo: doing- Texas a service by supporting Tom j • [ Hauler for governor and asks consideration j After much slogging. 31. and I decided of feis record as a citizen, his proposed actions ; on. some economies this morning and wound if elected governor, and this without any pur- j-nt? in a fit of gigsrles. The ^Mark Twams once pose or desire to belittle his opponent or deny | began a fine-combing of accounts, deciding the-ablHtv and consideration to which his sup- '• the only thing they could give up were Harp- , porters assert he is entitled- j* r * s Magazine and monograms for snest i«->we;s. f Texas cannot or should not have TWO i I don't suppose any pair sit 50 stiffly in public governors. That has been tried with, im satis- | as Lillian Gish and George Jean Nathan- Or factory results. Choice must be made of one, \ attract more aitention. and having msde its choice The News "will j from time to time inform the people why itj A man in Seattle writes he <iid not read ase o i frequent men lon ..believes Tom Hunter is the man that iexasjme for years bee needs at this time. Full irablicity will be given I of COST?, Then his vri£> bougbt s Ser»ttie and he to any legitimate matter presented by the ; is acutely dog--™i~ded. That ;s_ 6ec-:dealy nand- Gtiier candidate, for The News is a newspaper .- some. I worked from 12 TO T in the evening first and not an organ at any time. It acvo-'and ~P —ent to a rackety-kax cafe called Leon cates the election of Tom Hunter as it would \ and Eddie's but a fidgety uproar and we aid and does advocate other things for the good of i not stay. And wound up at the Colony, always the state, and believes his election would nave \ honorable —::h excellent restraint. A Eienard that effect. Decision I Barthelrness looking fellow there. Also Rae 1 and Edgar E'wyn and Katherine Hepburn i vis-a-vis with some one. I had baked meat pie I with a sherbet. D ECISION on the issuance of bonds for re- t>arrs o •spill be interest to Paris than has been presented in day. Perhaps the minds of the people Have been occupied with other matters, but cer- o znanv a , 1= WWo ! his coming- to America, for years oeeause ; & ses T)"-OD;£. j^ovei"- n;™nt. TOTTjeci DUT star lit* _.~_ ; r -Hnz op across tne street r-h. tain ii is that tnere nas seen so oiner matter ?- -**--_•••? »- — - ; --- — —- • - . -,- ' rJ ~ ^-"• f -•n'.-'Tio — <rr-.s.'r>T '^^r- /"TPX"<; important enough to displace this proposition j ^ i * M ~?.~ "H^^^l """ V* "" from, their consideration or to be used as an ) f^ S;!j "-- - - J =•»*!-c**. -_- fee nosDitSj "wnere excuse for not easting- a vote for or against it. iays. He date-lined A roa rains' ]er remindft:: of Bert. Lahr I told us he had cleared a dollar for tbe dav and There was a time ^ben the voting- of D-onos \ •was almost a routine affair. The demand for ] a " a rv7r j^----s:ru ^e .*as. public "works "eras insistent, the need fairly ' bonds for almost any purpose and in anj amount. Paris was no exception to this rule ; ^^ and practically every public improvement we \ "^^^ was obtained by the is- j era - - . , , T 7 ae "f,o.o-rt la way. Ar:<i tainea to to vote ; ^ STT-C- t *"-£ S -Jack ilohby peeked into the car at & traf- ar>d hallooed. He and Tippy Gray are use e- Ai z COI5ie ° piiops p: men. na enjoy toaa> e and sale of bonds. Paris ba fortunate, too. in that she has recei ^- — .^ full value of the money obtained from other j~ bond issues, and unlike some cities has not!; seen it wasted, -eavins- the debt unpaid and f" the improvenients uncompleted. I * Within the ja-^t yesr the attitude of many j people .has changed toward the voting of • bor-ds. IT> th* deaths of the degression that^ 0 ' * " $ f\"*~* c, followed the sc-caT-ed jrold^n era under Cool-;."**"" •e, inarsv p^nr;> de^lar^-d thev would never i „ , * ^ • -was at tee i j ftr-nsyi'-ar,;a a - when T'sIIc-d r;e had checked for he's trx- rno^t informed mar >ok-shop we bougrbt sev- -bye, 3Ir.Cliips T ' to send Harry Bannister a while iand heard that L-re 0-wel] has recovered. To- ;h* I di.rcuss*d with M. the sanity and risrht ^^^"G^e^s o*- mf"*n T"*^^ **ri^^ fioTTj^ ^./> t^utt^r* ^.j _-, -. TT-..-. r _. . i fc- ^^r^^..^ T' ^. ^ 7*,.. craiC^eris. ine ^^^0^^. iova; ^.ri^.iQ.s A na*e <t.*v C *&?'! T- •"r'ST*^!'*? JS."^C <Svt:'JL» >;&.» \iliC* 5. for another br.rd. H;.;: some have chang-' their minds. >^vf-rg" citie?; and counties in Texas have rr-cer.tlv authorix^d bond issues '-, came rrom the beautiful Music Hall out. Cinema presentations are too ted:- )ne-third couid be cut from all. A note Hanri^n Swaffer, fiery London critic, he id must see use. But out. I regretted ?iri 7 IrT^r-tTy *»•: for public improvf-meMs. s:.:ch as roads, schools j I fleet str* H:= barid-rft:nj ^ supplies, arc s:mi;ar settersents w«ek tbe to-srn <~-f IGK^:. Oklabonja. one of our • >rs, voted almoj-t four to one for a bond ; of $30.000 :.o iri:]>rov^ th-elr water system. | making- tbe ropr-ly V.^-TTer 2nd estesding its | se-rviee. The eiiiz«is of that Oklahoma city j *r€ it3 no better condition tbar; are those of ; Paris, and they realized the need and met that i need in the proper spirit. Pans day vrel] do j the same thing with her present problem. j grraph^r's sv.'insr and half block i imo^ half a letters. »*>ni l » «J i »1*. CHRISTMAS COMES :u:::. "You mustn't be troubled for , -. rnoTEent about E-nyihing so futile. | The sort of Ch.ristmas tnat Mar- 1 I won't do anything-. cross my slia fo-^inc in tbe Powers* house j >.<=•.in. to trouble you in any -way!" was one she tag never suspected | *"I kno^tT tiiat.'" ne said: and he cctilci be -witn adults: ctsintislC'r.«-<i j :*ariied band to grip hers and folk Tt-ho must Icno^c- there ~as no 1 nard. She had been splendid abont Santa Claus of any kind. c---erytbing: tactful, gentle, patient The murmur of tissue ^vas ble=d- ec rfrii per- not for "his His mother srnil- the ;hions. i >:ie«p!~ and it -aras plain to see novr. ill", tfssv listl s-?€ L m6<J Little remote: she reasoned that 1 :en^ *he '• ~^?y bad be<?n made to seern so by ritii human -rs->ii5pers: Mrs. j "You're quite a ] rs ^as, cbvio-aslv, plannin- I ?on." he said and many grfts tor her. Marsha realiz- i mother's benefit ed -when she found Mrs. lowers •.*?£ ors thein: they eld care riiding 1 mysteries behisd or closing 1 tat-Ie cr -Jess a; her approach, looking too infti tileiy snUeiess ar.d irnoc waile. i lheir Va-«ha beea-n to wc-sd-er TV ha: | It scored persistently, deligrht- «be ^!d aive Bob's mother tr,a: | -a«r- during: the days that prefac- •w-ou'd make Bob's mother very i ed Cferist3oa.s. Full days tha^ -scere hapTDy. The matter demanded nrjrh ! ?ently sloped toward the close ot -vo-^v- 1 ^a-ch afternoon -when Marsha -with —*--°*-'- ^ ^ | ^frs. Po-svers, waited Bob's return, _"...„" , Ke ^^as hurried b~ ^ettlns 1 ready 'K-'^ 'i 'or his start for Mexico -which -was RED RIVER VOTE CANVASS IS MADE Only dian^res isi Standing Sbovra PRESS COMMENTS What Other Xtwtpapen HAT* To Jaj Xe%*ail The primary election is over and everybody should toft satisfied, whether he got his choice or not. Nothing but majority rule is de- very doubtful If th«y will again prove a. factor in state poll* made before th« State Convention for the unseating of Mr. mocratic, StiH. there may be a little siin£r to defeat, bur in a short time it will pass and normal conditions will prevail and as soon &s j u *"day, the new crowd begins to rule we shall be delighted to point out their mistakes. as National Executive Committeeman as a. result of the defeat ot his candidate for governor 8ai- * . Farmersville Tiroes: Charley McDonald, th© crown prince of the House of Ferguson, failed to gret in the run-off—and now he is undecided as to whom he will support. He is asking his supporters to dictate his choice in the run-off. Mr. Ferguson says»he "want* to hear the candidates argue awhile before he picks a winner. Neither Mr. Ferguson nor Mr. McDonald should-take themselves too seriously in this matter—for -we believe there will be a very few who supported Mr, McDonald who will depend ors Broken Bow (Old*) News: Most observer* believ* that recovery will come slowly, and that there is little fear that any »*- vere set-backs to the progress already made will occur. It thmt ix true, there is one investment Use far-sighted citizen can make that win brins him "dividends" — «. modern home. It will give hj» family something that cannot b* adequately measured in dollar* and cents—a higher standard of living. And, through the act of building it, he will stimulate recovery- No dollar we spend do*a more to provide employment and to stimulate industry than, tae construction dollar. Prices are either Ferguson or McDonald as! r *slasr. and strong forces, backed to their choice between Allrod and b >' government Itself, are attempt- Hunter. l>eport Times: The Texas Centennial in 1936 \ offers the srreatest opportunity j ever presented tae people of this.j State. It is at once an opportunity j to honor the heroic founders of the common-wealth and attract to the State millions of visitors. Undoubtedly irsany thousands of those will return to make their permanent homes, assist In the development of the State and join i to accelerate their rate ' of climb. Build now. repair now—and "get in on the ground floor.** The Dy's Dial AJl fcoars Central Standard Tioae. P.M. — 6:00 CBS Kate Smith. songs; XBC L,eoriard Keller's "Orchestr*. 5:30 CSS Raffles, Amateur those -who are liere In ^.rryincr j Cracksman; XBC EnsembJ« Syrn- it forward to another hunSrecl i years of srlorious t { 7:00 CBS Evan Evans, son**; —: I NBC Greater Minstrels. Bonham Favorite: j 7 : is CBS Roy Helton^ month asro we received a cir- | 7 :3 0 CBS Jules AlbertFs Orches- cular ask:na: that we urfte th-* far- j tra: NBC Donald Novis' Hous* mers to i'arst fall feed crops, btit ; Party: Joe Cook, comedian, •we forgot to do \t. Now what j S : QQ CBS XVayne King's Orches- would happen to us if we had of- j lra: XBC National Mtisical Carnp- lered any such advice? We are j S:30 CBS SIngin' Sam; NBC leaving it to TTashiTvpton now to j Deini-Ta«?<* Revue, advise the farmers what and when 5-45 XBC Deniocratie-Republl- and how to plant, because Wash- can Series. ingrton is going to pay the bills and j 9; 00 CBS Fats 'Waller, songs; Tre aren't, | XBC Frank Buck, adventures. i 9:15 CBS Gleim Gray's -Orch«s- Camby Rustier: | tra: NBC Gene and Glean, com- A candidate who fall* to run on j edy. his own melts, and assails fhe de- j 5 ; 3g <^BS Gray's Orchestra: NBC merits of his opponent. Is usually : jack Denny's Orchestra. .. f defeated in his race, ana shouM J 9:45 CBS Jan Garber's Orcbes- be. The voters -want a candidate j tra, to bav e something constrtrctive In | 10:00 CBS Blue Monday Jaiabo- his platform. It is niuch easier to ; ree; XBC Sammy Watklnaf Or- critiae and tear down tlsa-n it Is | cbestrak. to rebuild and recor.str-act. - | 10:30 CBS Enoch T,I?rhfs Cy- j cbcfttra.: NBC Roger TTolfe Kahn'» County Kcho: j Orchestra, Joe B&lleV didn't sulk after >.Is | io:45 CBS Leon Belasco's Or- defeat for the senate but StnTne<51- | chestra. ately wired his con«rratu!at!ons to | li :00 CBS Jack Rxreseirs Or- his victorious opponent in tho j chestra: NBC Clyde Ideas' Orrace. This is. characteristic of | chestra. n of hisrhest type. J^e ACOfBiJt CEfS Bailey, like his illustrious father, cares nothing for office except *«->r the service he mip*t be able to reTi3er' 13>e people,"IjeTi^re; lt^"'"f Two Races for Justice of Peace no pc _ sonal c j-asrrin or disappointment Irs defeat, CLARKS^ILJ^E. canvass of returns primary election is — Official in the July Red Ri%-er county, completed Saturday nisrht. sho -,- ed no Detroit ? The Texas Centennial !n 193ii will be our bier birthday party arsd every Texas citizen contribut*' j KRI-X*. KMOX. V Bit IT. STATIONS aHa ,• ......... , ------. "Worth ........... COMMERCE TO FOR>r TOM HCXTKR CHUB uge in the standing their best to this ^\~: event. RccS One £ay she re^isinbered had always deemec ^h e B ' "that s'n&sdy strezch!" It seemed a. time to her tvh*ri I lied 'un'us'ually •well, through e-- : ~ ; ar.d -vishes. and that :ntens:f:ca--l-;:': ; o2 insincerity was forced by i surprint seem a " Fire-cr. | no-*-. t I- %vas iristead, a hanpy—an ab- j ^Lirtily happy—and an esc;t:ng V.T.-- \ of hurried days, ^•orr.etirnfc' ^,'-:-- ; even forgot that her':-:! j with Bob vt-as nieas-ured *-* '"-beat : :o be made on the >i December. of cosrs^y and district candidates. from the unofficial returns but River coxintv should or^^inrze to help gather historical data for thv precinct races were affected. In precinct 7. Joe Sivley had j Honey Grove SUma.l-Cfti/,en: As a result of last ~ been siveu the office of justice o* the peace, but th« official count showed W. H_ Pitxman has a rr.a.- Satar<Jay*s election 5s seenxs tfca* Fer^msonfpni ?r. Texas is ersdet!. and due to the a?re of James E. Fe-r?ruson it !s COMMERCE — FHends of Tom •Pur-tfr have i?«tied invitaric-ri to his supporters to meet at S o'clock on the evening of Tnesday. Atig- a.r«t T to form nor club. W". F. Carr. J- T. .Ash-worth and X-. Tf- Rs:tland ar* sponsoring: th« organization. jority over the 14 candidates! •whose names -were written in as no one had filed for this office. In precinct 5. unofficial returns had gives R- C. Bo-wlan. a plurality of three votes for justice of the [ peace, brtt the official coiint r»Ia.c- jed John Davis in the run off. as | he was sho^wTJ to have rwelve ! raore votes than the unofficial ftg- Lires gave. Only one office in the county. of his nsotner s r;*?;i place in the hons* se-emed rr.anent, so solid; she was tirel" a-t home. on the afternoon r-f Thct he papers had blared SHOPPING BATS BE- [ FORE CHRISTMAS." | Trie day had been particularly j >>eact:fal for Marsha. Mr??. PaTver* | Only one office in \ had felt no pain: It ha*? ^no-^-er! I that of schoo! superintender.r. ^cill I -with dramatic fervor: Bob ba.'? | so i"*o the runoff. Roger Swann : Booked at her o*t»n during- the \ and John Felta being the two I itmcfieOT; hour sn<5 once he had ! high men, ] smHed "almost in the oM -waT." i~ I And Hannah h*^ sa!d to her . MAN INJURED BY TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Low Solution of Yesttrday'* ve no fdca, forgive me •jzn &*'-G to Mrr. Po-nrers, if he s^7**inc' 'T. ho'f lolngr h«r to have of u*. The soyn<5 j 'o'kingr. 5frs. Powers. The ccok xx.i£ to trie irATTTvr* JrAULJL>Vr j .« jii^ last nlarht. she said. *W» 1 "" ! couldn't love h^r more If sh*"<! hen intensity that hushed her brea .. . jug and that made her close hor } Of course It codd no* last: sober i ZT>AB!£I>. Ok!a.. — Joe Groorr-.s| ;=. of the An^erica community. TV ho 1 ^ waa injured V.*e«5ne5<iay afternoon | "~ •when the limb o* a fallinsr troe struck him in the back, has b-» taken to the veterans hospital a.t "If It could iastl" &he tho-j;---: [ £, v - 1T1S-*... i—i-Gj» fc-ij- *> ,f t -^ *». »s .. ».* i- -. —. e<i: she began to think, "Ma,k*:-—it j last"." s \Vhich -st-as probably a foolish petition to something- that <i:ti riot j . hear, she reasonec, y<>t it rinsisp through her 7r:rv<2 w:tn ar. , ^ t|s C;s a j way? _. shA ^.^ 3Rrt E j lai "h'e'd die for you!" An<5 this from Hannah. xi«sally j The accident occurred on aine*J. silent! | river about Jour irsile* east - je's corafne!" sa!<5 >.tr?, Pow- ! Al«a. and Grooms -era* taken h'-oTjar'h with her. and th<is h,«fr ! '-^« that afternoon. She wa« knit- | "SV'nthrop. Ark.. for emerg«- -hanre for real iffe wa-s ^or-e. I.-ut = tin;? by firellicht. Msirsha ^as on a >v*r ar.<l over: over rin'i ^v«jr: J T <?"5s- srtoo! at her fe*>t. Marsha tum- •^r a * K ,. ;» last! Picas* make—t: j ' i1 ^ her face toward the door. She as -"' " i ^vishe<! her heart <J{d no* have t<> . „ i ~n*&t in thst silly. eTc!t«<5 manner S C' treatm*n: before bemff brou here, for farther tnerfical aid. hat E-r.h In the News 1 3 Years Ago ar.s:ously. Ba*«I Mr* 1 . for you to •hreat <yf it* **T don't think "atn. He TTIUS "T*a. T><rar. hut •ar—my ball aarain. of trouble From /te filet *t The Paris Morn ing News thirteen years myo r *•••!. Bob -was: 'o * strained. t-;r";i. aw. poor B "Oh. rso* T lo ing rfc»r than r- JT' Thor<**5 noth- to f"<?T •a?5« l ft;jl, !« l*,VRKirR WINS SOUTHAMPTON. L. I,. 5yp,— Ciima.xIn3T * brilliant consebark, Franki* Parker. IS-yf-a.r-oi'i Spring ILake, N. J.. boy. conqu-fer^d B^sy Grant t>f Atlanta, Ga.. Sn straight s^ts her* Saturday to ann^x th^ jflnjflea latirfl* In the final roun?I of the M«*a«3ow club*« forty-fourth annual invitation t^snl* ir»*nt. rs^n* I'm ~~ zuar, should marrv tbe p iJza," say-s a Northwestern rather unnccessariiv, we ihink. Times-Dispatch. SATITEDAY, AUGUST 6, 1921 Jobs Anderson, sepro. ^ho T .v&s graved ? use his vrife att^n^ied the hc'y roller •: g^nf r.ever '<l by you are li "s beyond as: If iae people would four billioc. everybody would prosper; If t. l ;e Oovernmeut spt-nds v foyr billion, everybody is poorer,—-Atlantic City Union. true philosopher is one who loses no over <wn<!itions that wouldn't affect g-Ir! -crho !m«6*riings. went to tbe church with a fihotj U^rversiry land trith one sbo: TB-ound'rd four persoss. ! Mrs. Sosarj Dickey, v,-Iff- of Captain J. "VV. j Dickey, died at tbe family home in Roxton, i She was a native of Missouri, and casrse to Texas IB IS6S- J. A. McGill returned from a trip over Europe,, following- bin attendance s& a ei^egrate at the Edinburgh Eotary convention. Oscar Danagan sold a carload of 400 bushels of pears from fcjs orchard to W. M. j*-t yo-j a si' teach ycu "r;o*-v i» a matter of : . ar,<5 to 5t Marsha. .-!n<5 a arlJsrJit mo-tJon that took b^r the wO'man who call*^ her. "My him If h«- hadn't read about . tfcem..—Los j Brown of Yoakiisi wbo fefid them shipped learn:*' Bob kn«ew that bis cotsdn •a-»Th many of h*r COTI tcouW hav« haa TO *oppr«ss« a rising- *rnJJ<? over thJa. Bar Marsha not amxi*t<!; »h*" laM h<»r hand <m hi» mother"* hand; «h* »at<5 a. full rather tr<»malo«^ "1>ariSng::'* 8h« said next. "If*—-v«ry dear of yon to car*—" "I can't hav« you jrrcwinjr J"." "J won't! I pr*rnf*« you! Fm tb-* «h« Bob ft hurt: b in th* Tnak« It BFETV FAIT \TTNS CHICAGO, f^i—B;»n Fatt. ra<r- fn«r un4er the colors of W. C. Stroub*. of Cor»1c»n«., T«x«.*,- cap- t«r*^l ifee «*con<3 running- of the JTaha C, Sch*ak Memorial handicap at Hawthorn* fi*ttjr<I«y Jn * tJjrilllTTjr f!ai*h by * no** from X#w !>**}. which c»tried th« 9\ik* of j:. W. ParrlJih, banker of Today'* Amusements KISS AND MAKE UP ToWri O»ry Grnnt and t.h«? Baby Star* of lOS-f AT THE PLAZA MURDER IN TRINIDAD Anjref Actual *cer,<8« of KUiins: AT THE LAMAR AT THE GRAND AiRJAjL^ElBfe siAJU|AiD}S' 10. narn* U. PUy thir 17. By way !?. KJna or bisc-ait iL Bom :-t Poor 3*. Silkworm IS- End of a monk «*. Knock 4?. Shatter SO. Art of *B<5 for «r«j cr«w for ;7. Pi«rc« wrtth «. Ktusj-p stick <0, S* in «TOT «!. Grate* «i With fuJl Tore* <3 Etnd rishUy 4*. CUy Sn N«v»<l». 4S, 51. Couc5i!«J* 52, Oustic alkx- Mn* -43 -44 3 -4 33 i 2o 28 35" 3o 3f

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