The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 18, 1965 · Page 51
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 51

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1965
Page 51
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cial, and Matthew J. Connelly, President Truman's appointment secretary, for tax conspiracy. Later he began the investigation which' disclosed that Sherman Adams, No. 1 assistant to President Eisenhower, had accepted expensive gifts from industrialist Bernard Goldfine. "Oh, there are just as many scoundrels in both parties," Williams says. "Men who are inclined to be crooked switch their party or religion to fit the occasion." DMpita voluminous detective weric, Williams is an effective legislator. Many Senators and Congressmen miss up to 45 percent of their roll calls to maintain outside employment. Williams answered 96 percent of the roll calls in 1963. "Congress should be a full-time job," he argues. Williams didn't seriously consider the Senate until he was 42., He was born the ninth of 11 children on a farm near Frankford, Del. (population 610). When he was 20, he married Elsie Steele, a telephone operator, moved into a modest white- frame house, where they still live, and opened a feed store in nearby Millsboro (population 450). Until he entered the 1946 U.S. Senate race against a Democratic incumbent deemed unbeatable, Williams' only public office had been as town councilman. Senator Williams immediately discovered a major scandal: a tax collector in Delaware had embezzled Williams' income-tax check. Subsequently he learned of similar frauds, which he quietly but meticulously investigated for three years. "The Internal Revenue Service seemed indifferent about straightening things out," Williams recalls, "but I knew a serious crime had been committed and that I'd be part of the crime if I didn't expose it." in 19S^ Wiiliams disclosed the largest tax-fixing ring in U.S. history. "It's set up so crooks get more in bribes than the Government receives," the Senator said. He cited numerous cases like that of an Indianapolis brewery which had settled a $636,000 tax bill for $4,500, then received a $35,000 refund from the Government. Altogether, Williams' investigation resulted in 125conviction8—including five high-ranking tax officers—and 681 dismissals or resignations. Moreover, Williams renfiedied the tax problem at its origin. In case of dis­ crepancies, the I.R.S. investigated itself. The Senator forced a change to allow the Justice Department to inspect the tax bureau. . Williams doesn't accept political whitewashes. He revealed that a politician in St. Louis received $1,000 monthly for helping a company get a $565,000 Government loan previously refused. A grand jury cleared the man. "Now wait a minute," Williams insisted. There was a new hearing, new evidence was produced that had been withheld, and the man was proven guilty. Afterwards, Williams disclosed that 365-pound "Big Bill" Lias, whom the F.B.I, called a top mobster and ex-bootlegger, owed $2,230,744 in back income taxes and wouldn't pay even $500 although he had $700,000 in a bank account. When the Senator was told the case had been "solved," he opposed permitting Lias to pay only 25 percent of his original debt and escape penalties for 30 years of fraud. When Williams finished investigating Lias, the Treasury Department had the $2.4 million Lias owed. Williams also shows a strong distaste for Congressmen's loose spending. On Feb. 6, 1963, he delivered the only derogatory speech against a Congressman in the history of the Senate: "The Administration has been shoveling the taxpayers' money out to Congressman Adam Clayton Powell . . . and to authorize placing $250,000 from the Federal treasury at Powell's disposal, under the guise that it would help combat the juvenile-delinquency problem, is an insult. Powell could well be recognized as an authority on adult delinquency." Why does Williams continue his one- man war so vigorously? '-We're a legislative body," he says, "but we're not a class above the law." Some rivals seem to appreciate Williams' integrity. When his opponent in the 1958 campaign heard that the Senator would address a Shrine Club, he drove Williams to the dinner and introduced him to jthe audience. Last November, despite a Democratic landslide, Senator Williams defeated the same opponent, Elbert Carvel. The campaign was so clean, however, that they have remained good ^friends. • Family Weekly, July 18,1965 15 FOOT ODOR? New aerosol spray instantly stops embarrassing foot odor 24 hours! Medical scientiats have developed a new aerosol spray that instantly stops embarrassing foot odor up to 24 it cools and dries hot, sweaty feet. It's new Mennen Foot Deodorant with triple-action effectiveness: 1. 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