The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 9, 1959 · Page 10
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 10

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 9, 1959
Page 10
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Manned Balloon^se Your Own Judgment Over th« telephon* or tn perMm, Patrolman Schroedcr hears all sorts of excuses from motorists who have been ticketed . . . but, in the end, he usually wears a broad grin after collecting a fine and issuing a receipt. Journnl-Tlmcii PholoB Lands in Iowa on Changing Oil in Car DETROIT —(/?>)— You can . ,^ .get a lot of expert advice on MINNEAPOLIS - (/P) - A^^^^ ^^^^^ ^,hange the oil in manned Navy balloon that was | your car. supposed to stay over South Dakota blew off course Friday, almost came down in a Minnesota hogpen and finally made a smooth landing in a cornfield near Milford, Iowa. Neither of the two aboard was injured and the pilot pronounced the flight successful. "We think we got what we went after," said Cmdr. Malcolm Ross, a veteran Navy bal- In fact, the more experts you talk to, the more advice you'll get. And it probably will add up to thiS: Within reason, use your own judgment. There is the school that says flatly the oil in the engine of an automobile should be changed every 1,000 miles. The owner's handbook for some 1959 models says every 5,000 miles, or three months under normal conditions. service stations stick loonist. His companion wasj^jth the 1,000-mile recommen- Robert Cooper, a University of Colorado astronomer. dation unless they sell one of the brands of bi! that specifi- Purpose of the flight was tojcally claims 2,000 miles. photograph and measure variations in the sky's brightness. The Navy launched the big An Old Argument The argument is almost as! , , . . , iOld as the auto industry. One plastic bag and open gondola the disagreement is near Rapid City, S. D., earlyi.^^^^ ^^^^ frequently now is hnday. It was to come downU^^ car-mai:ers gradually 12 hours later near Aberdeen 1^,^^ lengthening their recom- S. D., a distance of about 250,^^.^^^^ p^^i^^ between chang- ;es. This has hurt the sale of Instead the flight lasted butimo^or oil. nine hours and covered 410 oil lasts. Cold weather, dusty roads, start and stop driving ail shorten the life of the oil, because it is under these conditions that the oil becomes contaminated v/ith water, dirt and various oxides that harm an engine. There was a time when a driver could look at the dipstick which shows his oil level and tell whether his oil looked clean. Today he can get fooled because some of the additives in good oil cause it to look gray. When these desirable additives quit working, the oil clears up. Both the auto industry and the oil industry are tending to accept the use of time, rather than miles, in suggesting oil changes. The American Petroleum Institute wants to make it ;?0 days in winter, 60 days in summer but in no case more than 2,000 miles. Automotive manufacturers still favor longer periods. miles. Strong winds pushed the balloon eastward at about 60 miles per hour. Alibis Told to Cop (Continued from Page 1) of the counter. He investigated and found the woman's two children standing bewildered and afraid. The policeman caught up with the woman and she returned to the station, blushing and not talking so much, to collect her children. A few days later, a man livid with rage stormed up to the counter and wanted to know "What in hell is the matter with those idiots in Madison?" The "idiots" turned out to be the workers in the Motor Vehicle Department who had sent him two metal insert tags for his license plates making them good for another year. "I've never seen anything like this in my life," the man roared. "Imagine, sending 1909 tags!" ^ . The "09" tags were acceptedi» ind Policeman's Body the man when Schroeder Nikita Sends Note to Nixon MOSCOW — i/P) ~ Premier ing fine is $.3," Schroedcr laughingly explains. Now and then Schroeder| Khrushchev has sent a mes lakes a verbal beating from an,sage to Vice President Nixon irate citizen who has parked his auto in front of his own driveway to prevent other motorists from doing the same thing. "The law's the law; you can't park in front of a drive- Way," the policeman explains as he writes out a receipt for the fine. The harried policeman believes men paying their tickets swear more than their female counterparts, although women are more quick to temper. Nevertheless, Schroeder says he likes his job. "I guess the suspense keeps me going—1 never know when I'm going to hear a new excuse." Find Severed Artery Caused 'Mummy' Death The trade paper Automotive News, in a full-scale survey of the situation, found that service departments of new car "Man, it sure was rough up dealers usually urge an oil there," said Ross. | change every 2,000 or 2,500 Near Fairmont, Minn., Ross miles dcspile factory recom- I tried to bring it down. imcndations. "But we were right over a The oil you use rarely wears pig sty," he said. "We threw out regardless of the mileage, iout some ballast and bounced Bui this isn't true with the : up again. SARASOTA, Fla.—(/P»- A an autopsy showed Saturday, expressing a Soviet desire forisevercd artery in the neck was! SteiTens was found bound by turned them right-side-up and they read: "60." One motorist paid a $15 fine with 1.500 pennies. Schroeder was about to tell the man to get the pennies changed into bills, but relented when the man explained he'd been forced to take the money from his child's piggy-bank because he'd worked a short week at his job. Then there are the motorists who laugh ind boast that they're paying for the first ticket they ever received. "I never say anything, even though I recognize them from the year before when they paid for their 'first' ticket." says Schroeder smiling. "Of course, these people aren't as bad as my repeat eustomeri," sayi Schroeder who telle of one man who paid more tiian $500 in parking •nd speeding tickets last year Occasionally, mothers blame their children for their parking tickets, "Why I distinctly remember giving my Johnnie the 5c to put in the meter-^wait •till I get him!" Schroeder wonders how many youngsters have been spanked because they bought a nickle candy bar instead of using the money to put in a meter. Some Are Grateful Some people seem almost grateful to have received a $1 parking ticket. "Usually they're from Milwaukee, where a park- friendship with the United States. The official news agency Tass said the message was in reply to one from Nixon thanking Khrushchev for hospitality during his recent visit to the Soviet Union. In a reference to his forthcoming meetings with President Eisenhower, Khrushchev told Nixon: "I hope that further exchanges of visits by the lop leaders of our two countries will be even more fruitful as regards the elimination of international frictions and the resolute consolidation of peace, in the interests of a nations." After Street Cove-In PHILADELPHIA — (/P» — Rescue workers Saturday foundiCamel Hobble BeCOHieS the body of a Philadelphia policeman who disappeared in a street cave-in a week ago. The body of patrolman Joseph Reiss was found at the bottom of a 40 -foot pit at the intersection of 5th and Clearfield streets. Arabian Haberdashery MANAMA, Bahrein — Arabs in the Sheikdom of Bahrein, 20 miles off the coast of Arabia, wear small skull cap.s hidden by a head cloth held in place by a wool ring. the cause of death of Chnndlcr and gagged on the floor in a Stcffcns, Sarasota's 22-year-,bedroom of his father's house old "mummy" murder victim,|l''riday. His throat had been slashed and his head taped like that of a mummy. Lt. Arthur .lohnson of the police detective bureau said a number of persons had been questioned but there are no major suspects. Police Chief Robert M. Wil- Physician, 75, Dies; Led Fight on Syphilis CANTON, Mass. —(/P)— Dr. William Augustus Hinton, 75, world renowned leader in the fight against syphilis, died Saturday. He developed the universally known Hinton test for detection of the disease and collaborated with Dr. John A. V. D a V i e s in developing the Davies-Hinton test of spinal fluid for detection of syphilis. Dr. Hinton became the first Negro to hold a profes.sorship at Harvard University when he was appointed clinical professor of bacteriology and im munology in 1949. Milwaukeeans Form Development Group MILWAUKEE — i/P) — Formation of a Milwaukee Development Group that will underwrite $1,900,000 annually if necc.s.sary to help solve Milwaukee's pressing urban re -j " ~ newal problems was announced A iic r\L£- • i Saturday night. ^^^""^^ ^'S- OHlClol Nineteen business firms haveOf Big Embezzlement agreed to put up ,$100,000 a; PARIS —1/4')— A senior of-i things put in it—the additives —to reduce wear and acidity, prevent corrosion, oxidation or sludge. Additives Break Down Almost every motor oil on the market has from four to eight of these additives and they break down with use. The way a car is used has much to do with how long the THE JOHN MARSHALL Registration Closes: Beginning Law Classes (oU. & eve.J Sept. 14 I s Ilk ' LAW Lawyers IniHtufc SCHOOL Courses Begin Sept. 21 For Catalog address 315 riymouth Court, Chlcafo 4. Ill WA i-.-.H'!8 South from .Inrknon between Stutc-Dcarliorii CANCER DEATH RATE NEW YORK — Cancer specialists estimate that about one of every six Americans now living will die of cancer; in 1945 the ratio was one in eight. Get More...Pay Less for Car Financing N.A. THOMAS CO. 1600 Durand Av«. ^vry Typm •nd Six* of CABINET SINK New or used cars can be financed at low FIKST NATIONAL rates that can save yoii up to $175 on interest ciiargcs. Monthly pay- mcnts inctiide insurance (iirough your own agent, if desired, while our optional Protected Payment Plan, costing only a few pennies a month, pays your installments after HO days in case of disability or death. No other financing plan offers so much in both savings and protection. rmsT BANK imrtint YM M to SERVICE, CONVENIENCE AND SECURITY the" the program, according to Ed-'^°' was charged with fraudulent of funds Saturday as French authorities in- 1 vestigatcd an alleged embezzlement of more than 500 mil- son said detectives found nol underwrite,ficial of the American Express! murder weapon, no motive and!' ^ • i no clues. Steffens had been dead several hours when his wife, Betty, 20, found his body. The couple separated two weeks ago and Mrs. Steffens filed for divorce but later her father, L. T. Thompson, told police tlicy had become reconciled and went out together Thursday night. They have two small children. mund Fitzgerald, one of leaders of the movement. Fitzgerald said the Develop ment Group is the result of;lion francs (about $1 million) work by a five man steering of the firm's money, committee to bring the finan-j Named by a French magis- cial strength and business-trate was Martin Allen, 33, of knowhow of Milwaukee intoj Philadelphia. He was described play in fighting downtown de-. cay and blight elsewhere in the city. as the company's chief cashier. Charged with complicity was Renato Grassi, 36. Milan, Italy. V w V V M ^ ^ ^ ^ OPEN FRI. and MON. — 9 to 9! DAILY — 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. EASIEST TERMS IN TOWN Buy Here—Poy Here—No Finonce Company to Deal With—Do Ail Butineit Directly With Us. 709 CENTER ST. FREE PARKING Behind Our Store • Entrance at 724 Grand Ave. FREE DELIVERY

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