The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 5, 1951 · Page 18
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 18

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 5, 1951
Page 18
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SECOND SECTION Iteto* PACK KINK Fre in..., \e«..nesuay, December 5, 1951 YThe Nation |B' JAMES MARLOW 1 WASHINGTON. Dec 5 i/Pi-- Each lyear brings forth its own fresh crop lof sensations-- so no one can pre- Idict what lies ahead-- but from I what we know about it already Il952 ought to be a pretty interest- ling year. , That cuts two ways, overseas and Ihere at home, with practically I everybody better able to understand I what goes on here than in foreign Ifc flairs with high level planning land secret information. Overseas there'll be Korea, of course. War or peace there next I year? That's too tough. No one is I even guessing. And then there are I the Russians. They never stop be- I ing a problem. And they won't stop I in 1952. War with them? People around here don't seem to think so Some kind of peace with them? That I seems too much to hope for. What The answer brings us right Poack home. i We'll still have the defense program. It'll make things tighter and scarcer next year. Defense production officials talked about that Sun! day . j . But if it was just doing without more things, there would't be much of a problem The problem is: What price defense program? Just around the first of the year we could have f steel strike al- tithough that seems unlikely. If one Should be called, the President is sure to act to avert it since it would cripple defene production. But the steelworkers are asking for more money. If they get all they want, and the steel companies are allowed to raise their prices to pay for the raise, up goes inflation some more. There'll probably be more inflation anyway, steel strike or no steel strike, with prices edging up a little here and there, but steadily, as goods disappear a bit, leaving more people with more money to spend somewhere. Of course, their spending ability has been cut down a bit by the recent tax increase, which will hit them with full force next year. And who knows but that Congress may find it necessary to boost taxes further in 1952? Looking at it this minute another tax raise seems a little unlikely Next year is an election year and the politicians in Congress-- the l^voter have to decide on one third ' of the 96 Senate seats and all 435 House seats -- aren't likelv to anger anyone by kiting taxes again Which brings up the unpleasant business of politics or pleasant, depending on how you view it. Scandal in the government seems certain to get a lot of space in the papers in 1952, and to become one ot the main items in the presidential campaign which, as the Republicans and Democrats hold their nominating conventions in Chicago next summer, should mount in intensity. At the moment everyone knows that Senator Taft and Governor Warren, of California want the Republican nomination but no one is quite sure what's going to happen in that convention if General Eisenhower consents to run. And everybody seems to know less of what's going to happen in the Democratic convention Mnce President Truman hasn't yet said whether he'll be a candidate to succeed himself and some Democrats piobably still fell they may get Eisenhower on their ticket if Mr. Truman won't run. Junior Woman's Club Is Told About Iran It is a common sight in Iran to see a camel caravan walking along highways traveled by the most modern cars, Mrs. Frank Reil told members of the Junior Women's Club at their meeting on Monday at the All Saints Parish Hall. Mrs. Reil, who came to trie U. S. m 1946, gave many interesting views on education, agticulture, religion and customs of the Iranian people. She had on display native woik in, hammered silver, gold, paintings done on ivory and handwork. The club held its meeting with members of the Frederick Civic Club. Mrs. Garl Sunday is president of the Civic Club Amid a setting of candlelight and fall flowers, Mrs W. Edward Messick, piesident of the Junior Woman's Club, initiated ten new members into the organization. As sisting in the ceiemony were Miss Caroline Daniel, vice-president Miss Aphrodite Vaciliou and Mrs C. E. Schildknecht. Senior Club Advisor. Those initiated were Mrs. Robert Gai'iett. Mrs. Herbert S. Hahn, Jr., Mrs. Austin Sherald ; Mrs. Walter E. Sherald, Miss Geraldine Boiler, Mrs. Joyce Gregory Mrs. Robert Klein. Mrs. N. Donovan Reifsnider, Mrs. Franklin J Krantz and Mrs. Betty Irish. Mrs. Schildknecht reported on the board meetin" '··' * Emeison Hotel in Baltimore. Each person present \\ as -groups according to the member ship of her club. These gioups helc an open foium to help non on? problems occumng in the various clubs. They were told that to hold the members' interest there must be a good progiam and three way ' to accomplish this is to plan in ad vance, cany odt tne progiam in full and use care in selecting participants The annual Christmas paity u be held on Decembei 17 at the Parish hall At this time gifts and food will be biought to present to FREE! FREE! FREE! Now You Can Get Thai ABSOLUTELY fttEE with each Kelvinator Electric Rangrc or Kelvinator Freezer purchased before December 28, 1951. LIBERAL TRADE-IN CONVENIENT TERMS FISHER'S APPLIANCES Phone 151 "Kitchen Specialists" 13 E. Patrick St. for the things you want or need... even if you.want jusf a few Dollars, simply come to us for a Loan. Especially FAST SERVICE during this month. Lr ». ·.T-".^.-..,-.,, Loans up to $1500 GENERAL ACCEPTANCE CORPORATION 244 No. Market, at Third Telephone Frederick 2791 REUPHOLSTER Sofa Chair NOW AT GREATEST SAVINGS EVER, HOFFMANN'S FAMOUS 14 Point reupholstery will transform your worn sofa and chairs into furniture show pieces. Have your furniture stripped right down to the frame and rebuilt step by step in our own factory with the materials, skill and painstaking care that has made HOFFMANN'S custom- built furniture rated among the finest in the country. COMPARE THE "QUALITY EXTRAS" 'OF HOFFMANN'S 14 POINT SERVICE Full 12 coil spring base construction of finely tempered steel, all hand tied 10 ways with finest imported Italian twine, India base webbing assures you of durability previously considered impossible. All spring edges finished with double roll spring edge instead of usual single one. All outside coverings completely hand-sewn. Every cushion made with the "Miracle" New-0-Tcx: unit. Frame entirely hand rubbed and polished. \\\ work carries a 3-year guarantee. 10-DAY DELIVERY H O F F M A N N UPHOLSTERERS-- INTERIOR DECORATORS FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN IN YOUR OWN HOME (511 N. Market St. Phone 2311-W TO BE FREED?--Reports from Belgrade. Yugoslavia, indicate that Catholic Archbishop Aloysius Stepinae, above, may soon be released from prison by Marshal Tito after serving ftve years of a 16-year sentence. Stepinae was convicted in a widely publicized trial in 1946 on charges of alleged "collaboration with the Nazis." His conviction has been soundly denounced by Catholic dignitaries in this country and elsewhere. lows Is because we know too little to enable us to make a just judgment. We are accustomed to believe that people raised in so-called "privileged homes" are destined to be the leaders of their day. As n matter of fact, this .seldom happens. The leadership of this and of every other country is constantly being recruited from sources to which we would never no of our own accord to seek great leaders. All over the world there are people holding hitfh position today who aiosc Irom the humblest of circumstances. The lily still continues to grow out of black mud. Knowledge of this shoud have a salutary effect both on those who come from privileged surroundings and those who come from underprivileged The privileged folk had better reali/e that the way to success will be narrow and tortuous for them just as it is' for everybody SO FAST..PURE..DEPENDABLE St. Joseph ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT I0 else. The underprivileged should realise that no handicap can hold back a person from the highest position in the world, if he 1ms qualities which humanity can use. (Copyright B«bMn Newspnuor Synil.) Gels Life Term For * Girl FriendV Murder WESTM1NSTKR. Dec. 4 ^'i-,A 27-j ear-old Negro pleaded Ruilty today to first dcKiee murder in the fatal shooting of his girl friend. To rsliivi distress rub on comlortinz. and wm (sentenced to Hfr imprisonment Francis Thomas, 27. of Brlnklow. was given n lllc sentence by Judge James K Boylan. Jr. in Circuit Court here Thomas was accused of the pistol staying of Florence Mn« Powell. 13, n«nr Cooksvllle, Howard County, last September 3. Testimony token after Thomas enteied his guilty plea Indicated he .shot the girl twice iti his car. and Jiree times after she fell out wns giv#n M th« siotiv* for the slaying. Thomas was removed to th* Maryland State Penitentiary hn- rnediatclv after the trial by Howard County Sheriff W. Harvey Hill. a needy family in Frederick county by 'the club. Mrs. Howard R. Cole "is in rhaige of the arrangements for the party. The business meeting was then | adjourned and members of the j vic Club served refreshments, i The next regular meeting will be held on Jan. 28. Strength For Today By Earl L. Douglass BE CAREFUL, OF YOUR APPRAISALS The bottom of a lily pond is usually covered with thick blpck mud. Surely out of this nothing beautiful could ever grow Yet the lily in all its beauty grows out of these apparently unpromising conditions. One reason why we are instructed in the Bible never to judge our fel- LOVELY ESTATE AT HALF PR1CI Between Fred'k. Tanevtown. l' s acres,. Lovely home, 7 rms., elcc., bath, oil (h.w.) heat, modern unit kitchen, grand reception hall open stairway, pretty natural woodwork, nice porches, lawn 2-story barn, poultry houses, garace. All bldgs. In excellent shape. Sacrificed for immediate sale. ?15,800. HOUS.C alone could not be built to-day for twice that amount. Inspection by appointment with Agent--R. L. ZENTZ, STROUT REALTY, Taneylown, Md. Phone 4471. 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Gleaming chrome finish is eoiy to Cool Bakelile handle. On display in colorful box ot ovr Houiewar counter. nn ii eoiy ro cieocu · On iTk sr $9-69 Only T / M DOUBLE BOILER--Never a more practical item--useful in 4 ways Open sauce pan. covered sauce pan simmer pan, and casserole. Heavily chrome platod--cleans and stays clean. $4.98. BROILKR -- Food's i a s f o bettor, icr and m i n e lender when ^Killed in lhi«. Deluxe Table Model. Quit-It honling eloment.s o m p l e l o l y g u n i a n t o o d and convenient henl indicator on top. Inv p i t lirl foi a hot plnte for warning foods or m a k i i i K coffee S12.!)R, F R Y I N G PANS--Everyone has B trying pan--hut 1his is .so much better. "Speedy-clean pans clean in n jiffy and .stay KleamiriR after years of use Strong steel t h a t dtaw.s and holds heat Smart cool B a k e l i l e handles $1.3!)-$1.79. 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Cake Turner 79c Strainer Spoon 79c 2-tinpd Fork 79c Solid Ladle $1.19 B anting Spoon 79c Spoon 79c Handy Storaffp Rack 59c New deiign, top-of^tove, one burner oven--perfect for baking potato*! end countleu everyday warm* ing and baking ne«h. $9. u HANDSOME, GLEAMING K«»ps eafcet, pies, rolls, pastry fresh, moil* and Sargft lamily-iiif cot«J high. 819* sparkling, chromt cover . . . fid 12Vs" d i o m e f e r m«rfo//p'on-rfeJign glaa plot*. Use p'erfe ot serving p i e c e . A beautiful gift at · IOVV pric*. biscuit* and tatty. Heidi up t» SW snugly ever. $2-98 SPAPFRf

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