The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 23, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, July 23, 1948
Page 2
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UN Slandered By State Dept., Official Says Married In Grace Evangelical And Reformed Church Lake Success. July 22 United Nations secretariat declared today minor State Department officials bad slandered U. N. work- en and damaged their morale. This was the U. N. answer to charges before a Congressional subcommittee by officials of the State Department's visa section that the U. N. is being used as a ·creea for subversive agents. 1 The answer was given by Victor j Hoo, acting Secretary-General, at · a news conference. Hoo said U. N. j employes had received the charges with a "great shock" and are "most indignant." 1 Hoo said the prestige of the U.; N. has been insured by the charges, even though they have been dis- j avowed by Secretary Marshall- , ' He added it is only natural that ( they would affect the morale and, efficiency of the Secretariat. I The staff committee of the Un-', ited Nations, representing t h e ; workers, unanimously approved a I resolution at a special meeting; backing the U- N. administration J in whatever steps it might take to J Third PartlCS Usually As Others Adopt Their Planks The News. Frederick, Md., Friday. July 23, 194f Doctor Says: IIIAV FEVER VICTIMS FIND VARIED DEGREES OF RELIEF IN TRAVEL By EDWIN P. JORDAN. M.D. Written for NEA Service _ _ _ Many people w ho suffer from rag- is any danger "of a "Stop Henry ' a large part of the Wallace follow"- weed hay fe\er plan their vacations during late Augus-t and earjy Sep- By FETE* EDSON [direct b.ds. foi the Northern big NEA Washington Correspondent I city Negro vote The De-iiocratic Washington. July 2 3 -- N E A -- ' plank calling for repeal of the Taft- What comes out of the T»^rd Party Hartle\ law 11 a bid foi the union convention at Philadelphia will be labor \ote Lcit w i n e usvon labor worth watching Not that there , and the racial iu;nori'.:e« make up I Painters Made ;HumanTorches j Philadelphia, July 22 (/f)--Two , painters were turned into "ball* of f:re' today and. hurled 45 feet from a pole carrying the mala power Wallace" or a "Stop Glen Taylor' ing .movement developing. The ticket 1 The th.rd Parl\ platform planks tember witti the idea of getting ( o f the agriculturist and the guitar on foreign policy are apt to be a away from the source of ' player--or is it a banjo"*--is sure queer co-sfu^or Wallace rallv- trouble liiie of the Pennsylvania i They were unanimously to win. even more than Dewey d:d. ! The things worth listening to 1 will be the voices of protest--what J e u b the delegates and the w itnesses before the third party's platform committee will be crying about. Third parties aren't anything novel, although Henry Wallace s movement is treated like s-ome- I thing brand new There have been half a dozen third parties since the Civil War Their histories have been remarkably the same All were born out of protest over existing conditions. All were started by theorists or reformers ; They made their complaints heard Then the th.ngs they were shout- ing cry is ' Peace" But h:^ appeal Some places on this continent is to the pac f,s,t, w h o are opposing have no ragweed or so little that ur-ivorsal :«i:.tar\ ua-m"-:. the the trouble i* greatly lessened who !·· t like lruman' There i*. practically no ragweed in t More than 11,000 volts paucd .neir through tae mea( Lawrence Boka- feg.o. 37 Philadelphia, and Joseph Pale^e. 27 of Ca*nden. N. J. Their boates were covered with deep buri* Both are employed by the John record o.i Pale^i. e and the Coin- the P«cs!:c northwest and north- Cre'scos Painting"Co. which h«ld inunisu wh,Kio:i: : ke the p-e*e«it era California and very little in a contract for" painting poles near bi-part'sai» pw..c o-i Soviet Ku^^ a southern California. Arizona and the railroad b 15th street yard. Ma\ Mill wi"* l-i.-rrtoi xew M«*\ico The Rocky Moun- Bokafeg-o was working near the b MJI% M a \ . C!O Muiray charcod r.-:\ P:e-.dent Ph:l 'sat the L' S \ a ^ d recth re- riting lam-- thetn»e!\C! have little rag- top of a pole when Palese, fore- weed, though lajiweed siows well man of the cre.v and other paint- in the plains JUM e«vt of the n'oun- er. saw hi:n topole across a girder. Hiltner-Roelke Studio {·ipp dac wave U. S Mr. and Mrs. A. Carl Hershfeld vindicate the reputation and in- were married June 25 at the Grace tegrity of the Secretariat. j Evangelical and Reformed church Hoo read this resolution at the The ceremony was performed by news conference and said he en-' the pastor. RevrBr R. E Wiihelm. dorsed it. Before her marriage Mrs Hersi- The resolution repeated the oath ' feld was Miss Betty Jane Roberts. it said every U. N. worker must' daughter of Mr and take before commencing duty. " rice Roberts. 3Iag Mrs. Carol Herihfelc. of :he v.edaing party mjnmore. usher: Thomas L. Zimmers Parties. ing for were absorbed or adapted p a ,* v other of the major Tnen 'tngton, best man; Paul Botzler. Bal- . b - v one or the other of the major '^.' · , m , r ~ _ ,, i nartioc Tn»r t^e third parties ".: t" :-hort 1 :^ n F:igit"h !o the Ato-covv. the Third the ountry n the t \ \ o o'der grourd A f f r fas;e:j:»s the chair to one Northern M.n.iesota and upper e ^ 3'^ ^nte^ ^ ^ ^:^" s !r* ^. ra * wec ° tj " «TMu,d !0 sed ^0^ end to . ... the front row from left to r.jjhi are man. J r , cousin of bride. Fred- Miss Laura Dean Mathcion a n d ' erick. usher, second row left to Miss tonie Mathescn. cou^n;*: cr~nght, the bride. Ahosk-e. X C . brides-, usher: died. The Pale^e and he pu!!ed the chair to place the Greenback party of the Actual'/, pol tioal se.d«»r: are now far lesv afraid of the Third .he w ere Ralph Baylor, Baltimore. 1870's was built around bankrupt Party movement than Mrs Paul" Botzler. Balti-I farmery \vho wanted monetary re- se v«.-ral month-; ago At th..t time, which are known to be free of ground head: first. farther MHith Many vicuna of fever get a E reat deal of relief m h , nl aid . ranagc ,j to the^e areas, though when a strong s'.rsi-Ven pa-nier in it wind i» blowing from the south " A binid.niT f'la-ii followed and thev often have trouble 5 h e me-i 0:1 i'ie Rround saw Boka- With the exception of the areas f e gio aid Faie^e hurled to the 143,000 Admitted Washington, July 22 (P;--More i than 143.000 persons have been * admitted to the United States under diplomatic status in the last H. years. This estimate, from the files of the Immigration Service, was laid today before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee studying possible subversive activities by foreign - agents. I The Immigration Service said! 16,517 persons were admitted to \ the U. S. under diplomatic status i during the year which ended June ,30. 1947. Robert C. Alexander, assistant chief of the State Department's visa section. vho testified last week that Communist employes of j the United Nations are undermin- j ing U. S. security, was on the j stand again today. He testified that he regards any* alien Communist Party member ] as potentially dangerous to the country.' but questions whether Communist employes in the U. N. ^ can be kept out. Asked how subversive foreign agents could be dealt with, he said, "We can only wait" until they are caught m an illegal act. Secretary of State Marshall said yesterday that he doesn't know of a single case in which a foreigner came to this country for the U. X. and has threatened American security in any way. ttv Jane Roberts, maids: Mis;, Louise Rober"=. sitter more, bridesmaid. W. Maurice Rob- " l' ef - The party reached Its peak there wa-. some prot-pe*.: that the ragweed pollen or have very »m.tll -- tnd Sirs. W. Mau-. of the bride Frederick, .-.aid o f ' erts. father of bride. Miss Virginia' 1 0 188 °- when its platform called Wallace movement wa* supported amounts in the air the an-ou'it of t nolia avenue. Mr ! honor, the bride end grooir. George'Bowers. Frederick, bridesmaid. ' f o r women s suffrage and federal by 10 per cent e? :he 30 000 000 vot- relief which h3v fever sufterers cet L Hershfeld is the son of Mr and ] Xessbaum. cou- ::* of grooi«. V.'ash- / Richard Aler. Baltimore, usher Were Recently- Wed Here Mexico Decides To Cheapen The Peso Mexico City, July 22 (JP)--Mexico decided today to cheapen the peso She has lost a long fight to keep it at 4.85 to the U. S. dollar where it has been pegged since 1940 The new exchange rate will be Mr. and Mrs. William L. Young- Court News income taxes Both were adopted crs expected to , in Woodrow Wilson's time. The vea r. But new estimate* put Populist Party of the 1890's ad- following at about 5 per vocated. among other things, the ?.500 000 votes, That s Mil! enough establishment of government crop to s\\ni^ the elect,0:1 Marriage Licenses loans. They were realized by the But. 'as of J u l v 1. the Third LeRoy Hmebaugh. 39. widower. AAA and the CCC of the New Party' had been certified on the Cumberland, and Sara L Ward, i Deal. , ballot m only eight -states- It has 33. widow. Springfield. W. Va. « The Bull Moose Partyr which fc eel) barred in three and is awai;- John I. Rowland. 24. Kingston. ' S ave Theodore Roosevelt over ' , :1S certification in six more. Wal- X Y. .a^ Jean L. Collard. 20. '. 4.000.000 votes m 1912. the] Social- ; i ace and Taylor mav not be on the Warren. Pa. i lst Party, which gave Eugene V. . ballot in half the states, although waham Thomas Presgraves. 31. ? eb ! a mlllion Y_o*-es «n 1920. and at the Th rd Party convention in W° Va' · \v. a. Property Deeded Marshall Bartgis to Bartgis and wife, county, $10. vo . es n 19 , 4 a ,, star . ed rcforms de!c ,. atc; a ., d onp a , tcn ., te f o r i which were adopted by the Demo- ' eac h of the 331 U S electoral get Lufs Stuff to the poli.s this from resort* is variable Some peo- WKLL. ANYHOW pie get almost complete relief · With joyous mien the public cent, or SO me are partialK relieved, and waits the process, of election, as others seem to have just about as narmonv in all the states assures much trouble as at home the best -.election According to pollen studies cities Wha''-; that- You're speaking of with no ragweed in the air or very a d«-eam, or are you merely small amounts, include Sacramento. w s^hm"* Miami. Reno. Portland (Oregon''. ' TI:e P atn of wisdom it would Seattle. Spokane. Prince Albert , secm includes some competition! (Saskatchewan^, and Mexico City. [ X A. LUFBURROW. !^ r: ^: ai r ^! s ° m ^:°T ' STALKY PARK CARNIVAL A carnival with all the features Park 48 states sucn places a Mackinac Inland. · Marquette and Charlevoix in Mich- i ...."M 5g Tn Beth n eh ^ H BrCt r *'^!«^T."^i« 1 S"t^ 0 H^i'Si and Dixville Notch m New- Hamp- « civic Association. The oroerVm Richard | cratic Party of the 1930's. · xote's. "That's 7o~ f,*H up the"hall "hire. Canipobello Mand in New ! f^turef ponv'rkies btaKo^ 8 TM 11 ! and make it look like a big show. ; Brunswick. Canada: Mmak: LodRC | Dow , a ,-j,^: for ch ', ldrc r; ' ._ and Port Arthur. Ontario, and Mur- j ACTRESS SEEKS DIVORCE Wallace's Ideas Included Domestic policies that the Wai- !' lace party spellbinders have been 'st'IT FOR nv.lAGFS ray Hay. yueoec. , awav There are *ome other no«-ri^ .complaining about thus far in their ' Suit for Sl.OOO damages was en- : . . . j b .i, t i cs ^ Ques i io n i, ke . ,,,.« J,oui d Susan Peters, who is paralyzed from I* a TMP al S n include civil ,rights, high tered in C-cuit Court here Thurst Note- Dr Jordan Is unable to require 'thorough medical investi- ths waist down as a result of a ! P rsces - «ousmg. tae lat'-rlartley d a y f o r Eric Reisfield. 9905 Lorain | answer individual questions from gaiion. hunt-'n" accident three vears ago. i aC T; - ~ , avenue. Silver naming '· readers However, each day he will ; has sued for divorce from film pro- i ^- 1S noteworthy that both Demo- George William Horman and ans wer one of the most frequently d^SchardHS.n?necliLgc :c ? tl fJ ind Re P uollca " Platforms. , Cha-le, Thomas Hammond. Buck-J asked questions in this column. · aucermcnaraw. inecnarge !adopted receatl _ x . at Philadelphia. · cyitown. as defendants i _.,,_ ,,;.,,_.,,, vo «. rie include civil rights planks, with Through Attorneys W. Jerome ' T H E DOCTOR ANSWERS: is extreme cruelty. The plucky actress, who resum- the GOP being much more specific. ' Offu'tV"and 'james"~R iuiller "the ! QUESTION: What can cause the' I her career despite her infirmity. The Democratic platform also call- ' plaintiff says a truck owned by | l e f t foot to swell up? suit yesterday. She asked ed for repeal of the Taft-Hartley Horman and druen by Hammond.! ANSWER- The most probable ed filed custody and support of their adopt- . act. increased minimum beea agreed upon. | To the extent that the coming j Iviiss Peters. 27. and Quine. 28. ' special session of Congress takes j wage near Gaithersburg last October 28 ! cause would be interference with , - L -'--'-'-- ' L ' I the l e f t , a clot in speed too great. ! one of tnc blood vessels or to prcs- operatin IMrs Rose Cnm. gr Miss Flossie '· sure on the veins carrying blood Route and formed in the Ex-angelical Lutheran parsonage by tae pastor, Rex-. Dr. W. V. Garrett. ENLISTS IN NAVY I NAMED CHAIR5LAN* .' Sahsbury. July 22--S Denmead ! Kolb. Salisbury realtor, and native be to cut down the third party to the Thousand Islands and Otta- i vote. The civil rights planks are ; wa. Canada ITS ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST St. Joseph ASPIRIN WORLDS LARGEST S6UER AT I0 CASE MACHINERY Rubber-tired Wagons BUSH BOG DISK HARROWS Tractor Plows SAM MUL1CEY ELEVATORS An Length From 24' to 48' BAKER'S 232 West Patrick St. Phone 14ZS , that of Lieut. George Toad. USN,' O f Frederick, has been named nat- i lorial chairman of the committee on Constitution Day observance of , Earl D. Underwood. Chief Quart- of Bainbrlage. Md. ermaster, USX. recruiter-ip-charge To(id had been m i ssing smce 01 the branch Kavy recruiting sub- iloadav momma, v.hen a 20-foot the National Society of the Sons station in Frederick, announced ^,^0^ in , vhic - n he had left Cam . of the American Revolution todav the enlistments of Kenneth br ; dc ,~ z r V -v r.srnvp^d His appointment was by Charles ,,,.,-. ^ _ , ,«- ^r--_ - i. oricge, t c. v-as asscoverea ,, c -__i or _ ___,.,j.,-*..,..-^-..! ,,? *v,» B. Shaler, president-general of the set after consultation with the in- "Wesley Dawson. of 127 West South beacne ' d and p ii o tiess 011 Haven .. , ,, - t - ternational monetary fund. The f reet - Frederick, ana of Robert Beach m Math l v . s countv national orgamzation Bank of Mexico eff«--K-P -hJ* Leo Layman of Walkersiille, for - . ! Mr Kolb was president of the TMTM- a - Iexi ?' ,, ^ ^ - three vears in the Naw Thev The cour: °- ^auiry, appointed Maryland Society of the Sons of morning, stopped all buying ana i ^_ ^J? ^,i rf .TM^ *« -1. Na val yesterday by Fifth Xaval District the American Revolution last year. ~ ~--rr-- -- --.--a --" have been transferred to ·*-- A'aval -"^""ay °i r u m -savai jjisinc.. the American devolution last year. I S^rSlf 1 ptCUrreBCle£ m ^ I Training Center. Great Lakes, HI., commandant Rear Admiral Ams- Mr Kolb said he was asking uie new rate is; .et. , fcr recruit tra j a j ng w orth. said identity had been estab- the governors of all states to pro- Announcing this action. Secre- training . , . tm nf ~ ~, ,, ,, _ , . . Layman, who is 18 years old h *ed ' beyona a aoubt. ^Z-l *^"yHanion Beteta and a g r a d u a t e o f Walkersviile caUed it a drastic step torced by ffi h Sc £ col wiu 4o a veoman "hl r"7^T»r*5tT .-*rtr*r*rmt** c-ii- i-*-**Zn-n I ** _ ^ " , T claim Constitution Day on Sept. 17. stuatlon .. , , , ., ,, . J service school jJa T .vson T a graduate tfarough which the world is pass- i of Frederick__High School. wiU go ln f' . i to a electrician's service school Mexico is an exporter and hopes I llpon comuletion of recruit train- to increase her sales abroad. A ' lng . both "having enlis'.ed under cheapened peso will help her to the Naw's high school graduate compete in the new v.-orid nisrket. training orogram More pesos for the dollar also | ^ . jinay attract more U. S tourists--if j BODY IDENTIFIED "the government can iceep prices at! Norfolk. Va . July 22 -Vp;--A their present levels. Postwar tour- ' Naval board of inquiry late today ists have complained that prices identified a body found floating here are too high. Many trospect- ! in Chesapeake Bay yesterday as ive travelers have stayed away i So far Mexico has succeeded only I ____^^_______________ in slowing down not stopping, the i rise in the cost of living. RAILROAD NETS 9 MILLION New York, July 22 inP;--The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad realized -»a net income of about S9.000.000 "'for the first six months of this year. President R. B. White report- j ed yesterday. ! Gross o p e r a t i n g revenues amounted to approximate!} SI92,- 900,000. an increase of more than ' $18.500,000 over the sazne 1947 j period. Operating expenses and j taxes were higher. however,' "White said, ani net income was ] only sonse 33,900,000 above last, 3 ear. Baltimore's All-Steel Streamliner S. S. BAY BELLE EETTE2TON cruises, Jvna 73 Sspi- 1 2. leave (efts. 9:3O A. M. *--·*·_ 7:1 5 P.M. (No crmie Jjnel9) Week- «!eyl, SI; Sotwioys, hoIidcyl.SI .25, fed. tram, tax L-jtL MOONLIGHTS nightly throsgh Sept. 12. Lecve 8.3O. Bade 11 3O. D=7iang. T^r»$ hid. An Scheiblei on Doyiight rone. WILSON LINE Ktr I. UjM SL, iolrt. Mi, Kca 3517 FARMERS AGREE IT'S THE TRACTOR FO*R FASTER FARMING Enjoy Yourself During This Hot Weather WITH A Cool Beverage We have fiiball sets with tray for two, four, six and eight people. Priced S 3.50 and up eutbet a oie KEY HOTEL BLDG. CHANGE IN SCHEDULE of Local Service Tes, Ford Tractor owners say they are getting more work done . . . and more easily . . . than ever before. Triple-Quick Attaching of implements. Hydraulic Touch Control. Improved brakes and steering. These, and many other. Ford advantages help you make fanning go faster. See us for a demonstration of the new Ford Tractor and Dearborn Implements, and for parts and service for all Ford Tractors. FREDERICK and BRADDOCR HEIGHTS FREDERICK and MYERSVIELE and. bttttrern I FARM EQUIPMENT I THE FREDERICK MOTOR CO. FORD FARMING HEADQUARTERS FREDERICK, MARYLAND FREDERICK and RIMER'S STATION Effective MONDAY: AUGUST 2, im Consult your local agent or driver for details The Potomac Edison Co. SEW and SAVE For jMakintj liittle ttuilt/vts Into M!caut£/ul \\iir tiro bus COTTON PRINTS Regularly 49c NOW · Delicate Florals · Slimming Stripes · Perky Polka Dots Superior f*brics to serve you steadily for many seasons. This extra wear means savings . .. extra ease on- your budget. Gay prints for housecoats, aprons, pajamas, dresses and children's clothes. Beautifully dyed colors. 36 inches. WEEK-END SPECIAL Slipcover and Drapery Material VALUES TO 1.19 Loxely printed drapery fabrics to beautify your home. Ideal for drapes or slip covers. Select them at Sears and yoall save! Distinctive 35" cotton cretonne, plaid- monks cloth and diagonal -weave fabrics in floral, stripe and solid colors. 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